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With the growing number of passengers in airports today, the available space to rest seems to shrink by the day.

Expanding airports requires substantial investments that may not always be feasible. Benches, once a common sight for weary travelers to rest upon, have now become precious commodities. Airports have made it increasingly difficult for people to lie down by installing armrest chairs to meet the increasing demand for spaces to sit.

Luckily, innovative airport sleep technologies are emerging across the globe!

Layover Naps Just Got Easier!

Airport ZZZ is your go-to source for the latest snooze tech innovations at airports around the world. Get the latest info and updated guides on innovative sleep technologies installed in different airports so you can catch some z’s like a pro, here in the US or beyond! ✈️💤

Opportune Time for Airport Sleep Tech!

Limited airport spaces call for private entities to introduce innovative rest technologies to make layovers more comfortable with rest areas.

Extensive data supports the positive impact of quick naps and how it’s good for productivity and overall well-being.

While there is a clear rationale for establishing these sleep technologies, the multitude of competing interests has posed challenges in the roll-out of these technologies.

Despite the challenges, more than 30 airports have now installed the latest sleep technologies on a flexible pay-per-use basis. Read about airports with sleep pods.

Unlike traditional airports, these innovative sleep facilities in airports can fit the schedules of most travelers with day-use options as well as overnight sleep packages.

To serve as a comprehensive resource for travelers during layovers, we offer a range of guides in addition to information on airport sleep facilities. Our coverage extends to airport amenities, including designated smoking areas, airport food, parking facilities, airport lounges, and enjoyable activities to make the most of your layover. This blog is for anyone wondering if you can sleep at the airport.

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An image of MetroNaps Sleeping Pod
Image of sleep pod bed in Bangkok Airport
An image of an airport sleeping pod in Bangkok Airport
GoSleep airport sleeping pod

Innovative Airport Sleep Technologies Are Here!

In airports worldwide, you can now discover highly innovative sleep solutions that combine technology with cutting-edge sleep aids.

From sleek sleeping pods and cozy sleep suites to tech-enhanced nap desks and convenient airport hotels, the range of sleep options is expanding, providing more choices for weary travelers seeking restful rejuvenation.

Read about all the 7 key sleep innovations used in airports here.

We’re Spreading the Good News on Airport Sleep Innovations

This blog is about creating awareness of these technologies and providing helpful guidance on the slow rollout of these innovative sleep facilities in different airports here in the US and abroad.

Get informed about which technologies are available in different airports, their pricing, locations, how to book, and more.

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