Heathrow Airport Guide, Amenities & Layover Tips

Whether you’re spending a few hours in transit, staying overnight, or simply breezing through, our London Heathrow Airport(LHR) Guide is the perfect starting point for organizing your time at the airport. This guide aims to equip you with knowledge about the various services and amenities available to you inside Heathrow.

Learn about the airport’s lounges , showers, smoking areas, WiFi and mobile charging to keep you connected, practical information on lockers for storing your belongings, options for 24-hour dining to satiate any time zone-induced cravings, and a list of nearby hotels for a comfortable stay. Plus, we’ve included extras on shopping, entertainment, and other conveniences to make your layover or brief visit as enjoyable as possible.

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London Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest air hubs in the world! Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time flier, navigating Heathrow can be daunting due to its sheer size and bustling activity. Here’s a detailed expert guide to help you understand and navigate the airport efficiently:

Understanding the Layout

Heathrow Airport consists of four active terminals: T2, T3, T4, and T5. Each terminal serves different airlines and destinations:

  • Terminal 2 (T2) – known as The Queen’s Terminal, is mainly used by Star Alliance airlines.
  • Terminal 3 (T3) – primarily hosts Oneworld carriers and some long-haul flights.
  • Terminal 4 (T4) – mostly serves SkyTeam airlines and some other non-affiliated carriers.
  • Terminal 5 (T5) – exclusively used by British Airways and Iberia.

These terminals are interconnected by the Heathrow Express and London Underground services, which are free to use between terminals. It’s advisable to check which terminal your flight departs from or arrives at to plan your journey properly.

  • Free Train Services: The Heathrow Express and local tube services offer the quickest way between terminals. The journey takes approximately 3-5 minutes.
  • Bus Services: Free shuttle buses also run between terminals, particularly useful when the train services are not operating.

Airport Services and Amenities

  • 24-Hour Facilities: Each terminal has a variety of 24-hour facilities including cafes, restaurants, and convenience stores. For uninterrupted service, Terminal 5 has a 24-hour Costa Coffee and WHSmith.
  • WiFi: Unlimited free WiFi is available throughout all terminals. To connect, select the Heathrow Wi-Fi network and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Lounges: Lounges are available in all terminals, some of which include showers and rest areas. Even if you’re flying economy, you can access these lounges for a fee. Terminal 3 has a No1 Lounge, noted for its runway views and spa services.
  • Shopping and Dining: Each terminal has a distinct range of shops and restaurants. Terminal 5 boasts a Harrods and Terminal 2 has a John Lewis, providing a high-end shopping experience.

Tips for Ease of Travel

  1. Arrive Early: Given the airport’s size and security measures, it’s advisable to arrive at least 3 hours before your flight.
  2. Download the Heathrow App: The app includes maps, store and facility listings, and real-time flight updates.
  3. Prepare for Security: Keep liquids and electronics easily accessible for screening. Heathrow offers Fast Track security lanes in each terminal for a fee, which can save time.
  4. Navigating with Luggage: If you have a layover or need assistance with your luggage, luggage trolleys are available and free to use across the airport. For more assistance, consider booking the Porter service.

Specific Tips Based on Terminal

  • Terminal 2: It’s a hub for art installations and offers a quieter ambiance. The Terminal 2B satellite offers additional seating and quieter zones ideal for long layovers.
  • Terminal 3: This terminal can get quite busy; the area near Gate 25 is recommended for less crowded seating.
  • Terminal 4: For a peaceful break, the area near Gate 15 offers serene views of the aircraft and less foot traffic.
  • Terminal 5: This terminal is large, so if you have a tight connection, consider using the shuttle services to quickly move between sections A, B, and C.

On Arrival

Upon arrival, if you’re continuing your journey via London, the Heathrow Express provides rapid train services to Central London, or you can opt for the Underground’s Piccadilly Line for a cost-effective route.

Following this guide will help ensure a smoother, more enjoyable travel experience through London Heathrow Airport. Whether you’re departing, arriving, or transiting, knowing what to expect and where to go can significantly ease your journey. Safe travels!

Catching some Zs at Heathrow Airport’s Terminals:

When traveling through London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and needing a place to rest or sleep, various locations offer different levels of comfort and quiet. Here’s a summary of the best sleep locations across Heathrow’s terminals, tailored to suit different traveler needs:

  • Terminal 2:

    • Arrivals Level near Baggage Reclaim: Features several padded benches without armrests. This spot is relatively quiet and suitable for travelers who prefer a quieter, less crowded space.
    • Near Gate A18: Offers a secluded area with comfortable, long benches. It’s a prime spot for passengers looking for uninterrupted sleep without the disturbances of frequent foot traffic.
  • Terminal 3:

    • Departure Lounge: Equipped with long, padded benches, ideal for laying down. It’s particularly useful for passengers who want to stay near their departure gates.
    • Quiet Zone near Gate 7: Specifically designed for resting, this area has soft lighting and minimal noise, perfect for travelers needing to catch up on sleep during long layovers.
  • Terminal 4:

    • Near Gate 15: A less frequented area with padded benches and a peaceful atmosphere, suitable for those who need a good stretch and sleep away from the bustling airport environment.
    • Heathrow Rest and Relaxation Lounges: Though these require a fee, they offer comfortable sleeping pods and reclining chairs, providing a more private and luxurious resting experience.
  • Terminal 5:

    • Near Gates A7 and A10: Offers a range of armrest-free seating options, conducive to laying down. The area is generally quieter at night, making it ideal for overnight sleepers.
    • B Gates Quiet Lounge: This lounge area is designed for tranquility and comfort, featuring dim lighting and less foot traffic, perfect for passengers looking for a peaceful rest area away from the main terminal hustle.

Each location offers different amenities and levels of comfort, allowing travelers to choose based on their specific needs, whether it’s proximity to gates, desire for seclusion, or the need for a more luxurious rest experience during their journey.

Food & Drinks:

  1. 24-Hour Cafes: If you find yourself hungry or in need of a late-night coffee:
    • Terminal 2: Caffè Nero in Arrivals
    • Terminal 3: Caffé Nero in Arrivals
    • Terminal 4: Caffè Nero at Check-in and Costa Coffee in Arrivals
    • Terminal 5: Costa Coffee in Arrivals

Luggage Storage & Lockers: 2. Storage Facilities:

Excess Baggage Company offers several options:

  • Rates: £7.50 for up to 3 hours, £15 for 3-24 hours, £22.50 for 24-48 hours, £30 for 48-72 hours, and £7.50 for every additional 24 hours beyond 72 hours.
  • Locations:
    • Terminal 2: Zones A and C at Check-in, and B Gates
    • Terminal 3: Arrivals and Zone E at Check-in
    • Terminal 4: Check-in and Arrivals
    • Terminal 5: Zones B and F at Check-in, and Arrivals

Mobile Charging/Charging Stations:

Free Power Pole charging stations are available across all terminals, before and after security. They are compatible with UK and European plugs, as well as USB cables.

Showers/Shower Facilities:

Refresh yourself at these locations:

  • Terminal 2: Plaza Premium Lounges, United Club
  • Terminal 3: Club Aspire, the No. 1 Heathrow Lounge, Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge, and the Regus Express Lounge
  • Terminal 4: Plaza Premium Lounges, SkyTeam Lounge, The House Lounge
  • Terminal 5: The Aspire Lounge & Spa

WiFi / Internet: 5. Connectivity:

Free unlimited WiFi is available throughout the airport. Connect to the “Heathrow Wi-Fi” network. There are also free internet kiosks at:

  • Terminal 2: Level 5, Check-in Zones A/B and C/D
  • Terminal 3: Level 0, Check-in Zones A and F
  • Terminal 4: Level 2, Check-in A
  • Terminal 5: Level 0, Arrivals and Level 3, Check-in Zones G and D

Spa Services/Relaxation:

Visit the Be Relax Spa in Terminal 5, airside near Gate 35. Open daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Smoking Areas: 7. Designated Smoking Zone:

There is a smoking area outside Terminal 2, near Gate A1, which is an outdoor cage with a roof.

Essential Tips to Survive Heathrow Airport Layover:

These tips should help you make the most of your time at Heathrow Airport, whether you’re starting a journey, making a connection, or just passing through.

Tip #1: Bring a Portable Charger Heathrow Airport has limited charging ports available, particularly in Terminal 3 and Terminal 5. It’s wise to bring a portable charger and ensure your devices are fully charged before arriving to avoid inconvenience.

Tip #2: Find Quiet Zones for Rest For a quieter environment conducive to resting or sleeping, seek out the designated quiet zones at Heathrow. You can find these areas in Terminal 5 near the gates A1-A7, where the lighting is typically dimmer and seating more comfortable for relaxation.

Tip #3: Look for Padded Seating Without Armrests For more comfortable sleeping options, find padded seating areas without armrests. These can often be found in Terminal 3 near Gate 7, where several armrest-free benches are usually available for a more comfortable rest.

Tip #4: Opt for Landside for More Amenities Staying landside at Heathrow often offers more amenities compared to airside. Landside areas generally have more shops, restaurants, and access to free Wi-Fi zones, making it a more comfortable wait, especially in Terminals 2 and 4.

Tip #5: Utilize Lounge Access for Maximum Comfort If you have lounge access through your airline or a credit card benefit, take advantage of it. Lounges at Heathrow provide not just more comfortable seating and quieter environments, but also offer amenities like food, drinks, showers, and sometimes private sleeping pods.

Tip #6: Choose Resting Spots Near Restrooms When choosing a spot to rest, consider proximity to restrooms for convenience. Good options include the seating areas near the restrooms in Terminal 2, where facilities are generally clean and well-maintained.

Tip #7: Secure Your Belongings Carefully To ensure your belongings are secure while you rest, consider using luggage locks and keep your items close to you. For added security, using a sleep sack or similar security item can help secure your luggage to your sleeping area, especially in busier terminals like Terminal 5.

Tip #8: Familiarize Yourself with Transport Schedules Understanding Heathrow’s transport schedules, such as the Heathrow Express and local buses, is crucial, particularly if you’re departing early in the morning or late at night. Check schedules upon arrival and plan accordingly to avoid missing your flight.

Tip #9: Prepare for Varying Temperatures Due to the large size of Heathrow and varying air conditioning settings, temperatures can differ significantly between different areas of the airport. Dress in layers to easily adjust to these changes, particularly if moving between terminals or different sections within a terminal.

Tip #10: Have a Backup Plan for Your Rest Area Airport areas might be closed off for cleaning or due to other issues without prior notice. Always have a second choice in mind for where to rest in case your initial spot, such as the popular resting areas in Terminal 3 near the entertainment lounges, becomes unavailable.

Tip #11: Stay Informed with Flight Updates Heathrow is known for frequent changes in gate assignments. Keep yourself updated by regularly checking the airport monitors or using the Heathrow Airport mobile app to track your flight details to avoid last-minute rushes.image of heathrow mobile app

Tip #12: Access Free Wi-Fi Efficiently Heathrow offers free Wi-Fi, but it may require reconnecting after certain intervals. To stay continuously connected, especially if you need to work or communicate, plan for periodic logins or consider purchasing a premium Wi-Fi plan for uninterrupted access.

Tip #13: Explore Duty-Free Shopping for Last-Minute Gifts Heathrow’s duty-free shops in Terminals 3 and 5 are extensive and offer a range of products from luxury goods to local souvenirs. If you’re looking for last-minute gifts, exploring these areas can provide you with plenty of options.

Tip #14: Use Water Refill Stations to Stay Hydrated Heathrow has water refill stations located throughout the airport. Bring an empty reusable bottle to take advantage of these stations, particularly in Terminal 2 and Terminal 5, helping you stay hydrated and save money on bottled water.

Tip #15: Enjoy a Quiet Moment in the Meditation and Prayer Rooms For a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle, Heathrow provides meditation and prayer rooms. These can be found in each terminal and offer a peaceful environment for reflection or prayer.

Tip #16: Take Advantage of Early Bag Check-In To avoid carrying your luggage around, especially during long layovers, use the early bag check-in services available. This can make your wait more comfortable and secure, allowing you to explore the airport more freely.

Tip #17: Find Kid-Friendly Areas if Traveling with Family Traveling with kids? Heathrow offers designated play areas and family-friendly facilities, including diaper changing rooms and interactive installations, located in Terminal 3 and Terminal 5.

Tip #18: Indulge in a Quick Massage or Spa Service For a bit of relaxation, some terminals at Heathrow offer quick massage services or even full-service spas. This can be a great way to unwind and refresh before your flight.

Tip #19: Be Aware of Smoking Restrictions Heathrow is a non-smoking airport, with designated smoking areas located outside the terminals. Familiarize yourself with these locations if you’re a smoker to avoid a long walk back through security.

Tip #20: Locate the Best Coffee Spots For coffee lovers, Heathrow houses several high-quality coffee shops. Terminals 2 and 5 have particularly good options, providing both quick service and comfortable seating areas.

Tip #21: Prepare for Security Checks Heathrow’s security is stringent. Prepare by packing liquids correctly, removing electronics from your bag, and wearing easily removable shoes to expedite the security screening process.

Tip #22: Opt for the Free Inter-Terminal Transfers Navigating between terminals? Use the free inter-terminal transfer services, which include buses and the Heathrow Express, to save time and avoid confusion.

Tip #23: Check Out Art Installations and Exhibits For culture enthusiasts, Heathrow often features temporary art installations and exhibits. These can provide an engaging diversion, particularly in Terminal 5.

Tip #24: Use Mobile Boarding Passes To speed up your check-in and boarding process, use mobile boarding passes available through most airlines operating at Heathrow. This also reduces the risk of losing your boarding pass.

Tip #25: Remember the Left Luggage Facilities If you need to leave the airport for a while or just want to lighten your load, Heathrow offers left luggage services where you can safely store your bags for a fee. This is particularly useful if you have a long layover or an early hotel checkout.

Tip #26: Power Nap in the Rest Zones For a power nap between flights, head to the designated rest zones in Terminal 5, where you can find comfortable reclining chairs. These spots are ideal for travelers who need a quick refresh without the need for a hotel.

Tip #27: Utilize Fast Track to Save Time If you’re in a hurry or prefer to minimize waiting times, consider purchasing a Fast Track pass. This service is highly praised in reviews and allows you quicker access through security and sometimes even boarding processes, available in multiple terminals.

Tip #28: Enjoy Gourmet Dining Experience gourmet dining at Heathrow’s acclaimed restaurants located in Terminal 5. Options range from fine British cuisine to international dishes, ideal for travelers wanting a sit-down meal before their flight.

Tip #29: Capture the Scenic Runway Views For aviation enthusiasts or those who just enjoy a good view, certain lounges and waiting areas in Terminal 3 offer fantastic views of the runway. Spend some time plane-spotting while waiting for your flight.

Tip #30: Benefit from Currency Exchange Services Plan ahead if you need to exchange currency by using one of the several exchange services available throughout the airport. Terminal 2 offers competitive rates according to some reviews, making it a good spot to get local currency before you travel or after you arrive.

Tip #31: Shop at Boutique Retailers Beyond the typical duty-free shops, Heathrow houses boutique retailers offering exclusive products that can be found in the shopping areas of Terminal 3. These shops provide unique gifts and luxury items not typically available elsewhere.

Tip #32: Engage with Interactive Displays Keep children entertained with interactive displays and technology-based activities found in Terminal 2. These installations are designed to engage young travelers and provide a fun distraction during wait times.

Tip #33: Stay Connected with Charging Stations Ensure your devices are fully charged by using the charging stations scattered around the terminals. Terminal 5 is noted for having ample charging spots, including USB ports and wireless charging pads.

Tip #34: Experience the Outdoor Terraces If you need some fresh air or a smoke break, Terminal 4 offers access to outdoor terraces. These spaces provide a refreshing break from the indoor airport environment and are equipped with comfortable seating.

Tip #35: Discover Local Delicacies Sample British delicacies at specialty food shops located in Terminal 3. These stores offer traditional British foods like shortbread, tea, and jams, perfect for a last-minute souvenir or snack.

Tip #36: Use the Personal Shopping Service For a more tailored shopping experience, take advantage of the personal shopping service available in Terminal 5. This complimentary service helps you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s fashion, gifts, or electronics.

Tip #37: Watch for Occasional Live Music Occasionally, Heathrow features live music performances in the terminals, adding an enjoyable ambiance to your travel experience. These performances are typically located in the central areas of Terminal 5.

Tip #38: Check Out Book Swaps For book lovers, some lounges and waiting areas in Terminal 2 offer book swap shelves. This is a perfect way to pick up a new read for your flight and leave behind books you’ve finished.

Tip #39: Enjoy the Luxury Lounges Upgrade your waiting time by accessing one of the luxury lounges available in Terminal 5. These lounges offer comfortable seating, premium food and beverages, and tranquil environments.

Tip #40: Prepare for Weather Changes Given London’s unpredictable weather, it’s wise to carry an umbrella or raincoat when you land or before your departure. Some shops within the terminals sell these items if you need to purchase one last-minute.

Additional Facts about Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport Map
  • IATA Airport code: LHR
  • Location: Located 15 miles west of London, in Hounslow.
  • Airport website:https://www.heathrow.com/
    • Flight tracker: Keep tabs on arrivals here and departures here.
    • Airport map: Explore terminal and transit maps here.
    • Airport phone number: +44 20 7360 1250
  • Global Ranking: #1 in international connections; Second-busiest in passenger traffic after Dubai(2023 figures) with 58 million passengers;
  • Location: 14 miles (23 km) west of Central London
  • Hub for: British Airways, DHL Aviation and Virgin Atlantic
  • Address: Hounslow TW6 1QG, UK
  • Map: Google Maps Location

Leaving Heathrow Airport During Layover:

Here’s how you can handle a layover at Heathrow Airport, depending on your passport and layover duration:

  • Leaving the Airport:

    • You can leave Heathrow during a layover if you have a passport from the EU, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Japan, Israel, or the Maldives.

    • Passports from many Asian and African countries may require a visa; check visa requirements to avoid legal issues.

  • Passport Control:

    • Allow approximately one hour to clear passport control after landing, although it might be quicker.

  • Travel to London:

    • Once through passport control, take the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station, which connects you to the London Underground (the Tube), allowing access to various parts of London.

  • Return to Heathrow:

    • Allow about one hour for the journey back to Heathrow to ensure you’re on time for your connecting flight.

  • Advice Based on Layover Duration:

    • If your layover is under 4 hours, it’s advisable to stay within the airport.

    • If your layover is 5 hours or more, consider taking a quick trip to explore London before your next flight.

Explore this Guide on Navigating Airports, Step by Step.

Heathrow Airport Hours:

  • Heathrow Airport Hours: Operates 24/7 but flight operations are limited at night due to noise regulations, typically from 10:50 PM to 4:30 AM.
  • Facilities’ Operating Hours: Most shops and restaurants close late at night and reopen early in the morning. Check individual facility hours if traveling during these times.
  • Limited Night Services: Lounges and other services may have reduced hours overnight. It’s recommended to verify the availability of specific amenities during late-night layovers or early departures.
  • Airport Accessibility: LHR remains open at night with no scheduled flights between 10:50 PM and 6 AM. Essential services like security and customs operate but may be limited. Departure gates begin opening at 4:45 AM.

Guide on Heathrow Airport Transport Options

Navigating from Heathrow to various parts of London and beyond can seem daunting for a first-time traveler, but a variety of transportation options tailored to different needs and budgets can simplify the journey. Here’s how to choose the best mode of transport based on your priorities:

If Your Layover is Short and Need to Be Back to LHR Quickly:

  • Use the Heathrow Express Train if you’re heading to central London and time is of the essence. This service is the quickest way to reach London Paddington, with a 15-minute non-stop journey from Terminals 2 & 3. Opt for this if you’re looking to minimize travel time, despite it being the pricier option. It’s ideal for those without budget constraints or those in a hurry.
  • Avoid the Tube during peak hours if you’re carrying lots of luggage or require step-free access, as it can be crowded and not all stations have lifts.

If Cost Is a Concern:

  • The Tube (Piccadilly line) offers the most budget-friendly option for reaching central London, particularly if you’re traveling light and don’t mind a longer journey time. It’s also a good choice for accessing west London.
  • The Elizabeth line is a middle-ground option in terms of both price and speed, useful if you need to make stops at intermediate local stations in West London.

If You’re Seeking Convenience:

  • Taxi/Uber services provide door-to-door convenience from Heathrow to your final destination in London, ideal for those with a lot of luggage, families, or anyone looking for a hassle-free journey. They offer flexibility but can be more expensive, especially during peak traffic times.

If You’re Traveling to Specific Destinations:

  • South Western Railway is your go-to if you’re heading towards south London or the west London suburbs like Richmond or Windsor. Connect via bus to Feltham station for a straightforward rail link.
  • National Express Coaches are perfect for direct trips to London Victoria Coach Station without the stops required by rail services. This is particularly handy for connections to other parts of the UK or for those staying near Victoria.

For Late-Night or Local Travel:

  • Local buses are available for regional destinations around west London. They’re economical and efficient for shorter journeys.
  • The N9 night bus operates to central London when the Tube and Heathrow Express services have stopped running, providing a reliable late-night option.

Sleep Pods + Free Sleep at Heathrow:

Heathrow Airport (LHR) scores above average in terms of accommodation options for airport sleepers, with conditions, sleep pods, rest areas and other sleep-friendly facilities varying across its terminals.

While the busy nature of the airport during daytime hours might deter some from getting good sleep, the environment does become more conducive to rest as evening approaches.

The two sleep pods solutions by Aerotel and Yotel offer soundproofed rooms within the terminals and are accessible with hourly booking options. YotelAir is in T4 while Aerotel pods arein T3. British Airway’s sleep pods in Terminal 5 have been closed permanently.

For those planning an overnight stay without paying, it’s essential to be aware of the differences in sleeping arrangements and amenities across the terminals.

Terminal 2 (T2) stands out for its abundance of sleep-friendly seating, catering to travelers looking for a spot to catch some rest. Despite this, the terminal lacks areas that are both private and dimly lit, suggesting that bringing an eye mask could significantly improve your chance of uninterrupted sleep. This aligns with the general experience across airports, where lighting is kept on for security reasons, making an eye mask a valuable accessory for sensitive sleepers.

Terminal 3 (T3) offers designated rest zones equipped with sofas and lounges, providing a more comfortable resting experience. However, reports indicate that security personnel may organize overnight guests into a centralized area. This could be part of the airport’s safety and management strategy, ensuring that all passengers are accounted for and easily accessible in case of an emergency or for early morning flight checks.

Terminal 4 (T4) presents the best options for sleeping landside, with suggestions that airside sections may not be accessible overnight. This could necessitate planning to ensure you’re on the correct side of security for your sleeping arrangements, especially if your flight is departing early the next morning.

Terminal 5 (T5) is notable for its loungers and a ‘quiet zone,’ which can be found by following the appropriate signage. This area is particularly designed for travelers seeking a quieter and more comfortable space to rest, away from the general hustle and bustle of the airport terminals.

For those attempting to sleep landside, particularly non-EU residents, there’s a possibility of being directed to T3. This could be part of Heathrow’s broader policy to manage overnight stays more effectively, centralizing where passengers rest for operational reasons.

In summary, while Heathrow Airport provides various options for overnight stays, the experience can differ significantly depending on the terminal. Being prepared with personal comfort items like eye masks, and understanding the specific protocols of each terminal, can enhance the overnight experience. Whether it’s T2’s sleep-friendly seating, T3’s rest zones, T4’s landside options, or T5’s quiet zone, Heathrow strives to accommodate the needs of overnight travelers, albeit with some operational nuances to navigate.

There are also several hotels with free shuttles you can opt to sleep and get even more comfortable sleep.

Showers in Heathrow Airport:

Heathrow Airport does not offer public shower facilities, and accessing showers requires payment or membership to various lounges.

A popular choice among travelers located in all terminals except Terminal 3 is the Plaza Premium Lounge, where you can enjoy 2-hour access to the lounge for £40 and pay additional £20 to use shower facilities. For travelers without airline status, paying for entry to one of the Plaza Premium Lounges within the terminal is the most convenient option for accessing showers.

Below are all the lounges that provide shower facilities at Heathrow;

Terminal 2/2A/2B:

  1. Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – Location: Terminal 2B, Airside. Showers available. Access: Purchase at the time of your online check-in or through lounge membership programs.
  2. Plaza Premium Lounge – Location: Terminal 2A, Airside, Level 4. Showers available. Access: Pay 40 Pounds to access and 20 Pounds for showers at the Door or access through lounge membership programs.
  3. United Club – Location: Terminal 2, Airside, opposite Gate B46. Showers available. Access: Pay at the Door with proof of United Airlines ticket or United Club Membership.

Terminal 3:

  1. American Airlines Admirals Club – Location: Airside on the Departure level, Lounge area H. Showers available. Access: Pay at the Door with proof of American Airlines ticket or through lounge membership programs.
  2. Centurion Lounge – Location: Airside, Level 2, Area A. Showers available. Access: American Express® Card Members or through lounge membership programs.
  3. Club Aspire – Location: near Gate 9. Showers available. Access: Prepaid lounge pass or through lounge membership programs.
  4. No. 1 Heathrow Lounge – Location: Airside, near gates 13-22. Showers available. Access: Pay at the Door, Prepaid lounge pass, or through lounge membership programs.

Terminal 4:

  1. Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 4) – Location: Airside, 1st Floor, near Gate 1. Showers available. Access: Pay at the Door or through lounge membership programs.
  2. Blush Lounge by Plaza Premium Group (Terminal 4) – Location: Terminal 4, Departures Area, near Gate 2. Showers available. Access: Pay at the Door or through lounge membership programs.

Terminal 5/5A:

  1. Aspire Lounge & Spa at LHR T5 – Location: Airside, near Gate A18. Showers available. Access: Pay at the Door or through lounge membership programs.
  2. Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 5A) – Location: Airside, Level 2, next to Gate A7. Showers available. Access: Pay at the Door.
  3. Club Aspire – Location: Airside, Level 2, near Gate A18. Showers available. Access: Pay at the Door or Prepaid lounge pass.

Parking at Heathrow Airport

When planning your visit to Heathrow, parking is an essential detail to consider. Whether you’re dropping off, picking up, or planning a longer stay, Heathrow offers a variety of parking options tailored to your need:

  • Terminal Drop-off: A quick drop-off outside the terminals incurs a £5 charge per vehicle. This convenience allows for smooth passenger departures right at the terminal entrances. For more details, click here.
  • Passenger Pick-Up: For those picking up passengers, Heathrow suggests using the Long Stay or Short Stay car parks. Short Stay pick-up parking rates begin at £7.50 up to 29 minutes, with options for longer waits. It’s worth noting Uber and other ride-share services organize pick-ups from these Short Stay car parks as well.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: The most economical parking option at Heathrow is the Long Stay car parks, where the first 30 minutes are free. Prices for stays up to 2 hours start from £9.40. Blue badge holders benefit from 2 hours of complimentary parking.
  • Daily and Long-Term Parking: For longer visits or trips, Long Stay Parking offers a daily rate starting at £39.50. For those looking for closer access to the terminals or premium services like Valet or Meet & Greet, rates begin at £133.90. Advance online booking is recommended to secure lower rates. Get all details on long stay parking here.
  • Additional Services: Heathrow doesn’t miss a beat with special services such as motorcycle parking and Heathrow Business Parking for short business trips, providing the right option for every traveler. If you own an electric vehicle(EV), Heathrow is trialing E-GAP, a mobile EV charging service in Long Stay car parks, although it’s advisable to charge vehicles ahead of arrival due to a lack of EV charging facilities in Short Stay car parks.
  • Booking: Pre-booking parking online via Heathrow’s website is strongly recommended to secure the best rates, including special parking services like valet and Meet & Greet. Heathrow also collaborates with nearby hotels to offer Hotel & Parking packages, convenient for travelers requiring an overnight stay. Dedicated parking for motorcycles and bicycles is available, ensuring every type of traveler and their mode of transport is accommodated.
  • Getting Here from Central London: Take exit 4 off the M4 or exit 15 off the M25 to get to Heathrow Terminals 2 and 3. Use exit 14 on the M25 or exit 4b on the M4 and then the M25 south to junction 14 to get to Terminal 4, . Terminal 5 is accessible through the same exits as Terminal 4, via exit 14 on the M25 or exit 4b on the M4 followed by the M25 south to junction 14.

Heathrow Airport Lounges:

Terminal 2/2A Lounges:

  • Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge (Terminal 2B, Airside): Offers showers, accessible via online purchase or lounge memberships.
  • Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 2A, Airside, Level 4): Showers and private rest suites available. Access through payment or memberships. Book here
  • United Club (Opposite Gate B46, Airside): Provides shower facilities for travelers. Access for United Airlines passengers or club members.
  • Lufthansa Business Lounge: Exclusive for Lufthansa passengers, after Passport Control and Security Checkpoint, enhancing passenger experience with additional services.

Terminal 3 Lounges:

  • American Airlines Admirals Club (Departure level, Lounge area H, Airside): Features showers for travelers. Access at the door for ticket holders or via memberships.
  • Centurion Lounge (Level 2, Area A, Airside): Luxurious space with showers, exclusive for American Express® Card Members. Open 5:30AM – 9:00PM.
  • Club Aspire (Near Gate 9): Showers available, access through a prepaid pass or memberships. Prices from £34.99 per person. Book here
  • No. 1 Heathrow Lounge (Near Gates 13-22): Offers showers and formerly private rooms. Access via prepaid pass or memberships. Price:£34 per person. Book here.
  • Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge: (Ground Floor, Arrivals, next to bus stops) Currently closed but offered showers with pay-at-the-door access.

Terminal 4 Lounges:

  • Blush Lounge by Plaza Premium Group (Departures Area, Near Gate 2): Showers and comfort for travelers, accessible through payment. Operating hours 7:00AM to 10:30PM.
  • Plaza Premium Lounge (1st Floor, Near Gate 1): Offers shower facilities and private rest suites, with entrance fees or memberships.

Terminal 5/5A Lounges:

  • Aspire Lounge & Spa at LHR T5 and Plaza Premium Lounge: Both airside, offering shower facilities for a fee.
  • Club Aspire (Terminal 5A, Airside): Quiet space to relax, operating 5:00AM – 9:00PM. Accessible via pay-at-the-door or a prepaid lounge pass.

Hotels at/near Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport is surrounded by a variety of accommodation options to suit the needs of transit passengers and travelers.

  • The Hilton London Heathrow Airport, directly connected to Terminal 4 via a covered walkway, offers the ultimate convenience and comfort for those looking to rest between flights.
  • For a budget-friendly yet comfortable stay, the Premier Inn Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 provides a great value option, also with easy access to Terminal 4.
  • The Sofitel London Heathrow, linked to Terminal 5 via a walkway, adds a touch of luxury with its sophisticated rooms and amenities.
  • Additionally, the YOTELAIR London Heathrow, located inside Terminal 4, offers unique cabin-style sleeping pods for a few hours of rest or overnight stay, catering to travelers seeking efficiency and innovation. These hotels, with their range of prices and proximity to the terminals, make staying near Heathrow Airport a convenient choice for travelers. Unfortunately, the GoSleep Pods that were available in British Airways Lounges have been permanently removed. Read more about pods and sleep options in our Heathrow Sleep Guide

Check out our guide with list of 13 hotels near Heathrow with shuttle services.

Smoking at Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3,4 and 5

Can I smoke at Heathrow Airport?

The simple answer is no, you can’t smoke inside the airport or any of its terminals. Heathrow is a smoke-free environment and has been since 2007. On Heathrow’s website, it indicates that Heathrow is a smoke-free zone in line with British law on smoking in enclosed public spaces.

E-cigarette vs traditional cigarettes

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat a liquid to produce an aeros. The E-liquid typically contains nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, and flavorings.

As of 2019, the use of e-cigarettes is still evolving and their long-term health effects are not yet known. However, they are generally considered to be safer than traditional cigarettes.

Heathrow has banned the traditional cigarette as shown in the notice below;

It has also banned e-cigarettes:

Here is a list of all airline contacts that you can reach out to inquire.

Smoking at Heathrow Policy:

The smoking ban went into effect in England on July 1, 2007 at 6am. This includes public places and workplaces that are mostly or completely enclosed, as well as public transport and most work vehicles and company cars.

Below is a screenshot of the law passed by UK Parliament:

Snapshot showing UK legislation on smoking in public including in airports such as Heathrow
Snapshot showing UK legislation on smoking in public

Read the entire law on smoking in public places here.

places that must be smoke-free in the UK

So, no smoking at Heathrow at all?

Yes. Smoking is not permitted inside any of the Heathrow terminals but there is a caveat. Smoke-free areas includes all indoor areas, such as restaurants and cafes.

There are some designated smoking areas at Heathrow, but they’re all outside the airport terminals.

These are typically located near the entrance/exit.

Does heathrow have smoking area?

walking through Heathrow’s Terminal 5, you’ll see signs for the ‘Designated Smoking Area’. It’s located near Gate A23 on the first floor of the main concourse.

Here’s a map to help you find it:

Map of Terminal 2 smoke location
Map of Terminal 2 smoke location

The A23 Gate at Terminal 2 is close to the outside baggage as shown in the image above

Where are the smoking areas at Heathrow?

If you’re looking for a place to have a cigarette at Heathrow, your best bet is to head toward one of the following smoking areas:

Can you smoke at Terminal 1 Heathrow airport?

No, there is no designated smoking area at or near Terminal 1. It is regarded as a smoke-free terminal and you’ll need to take a light train from Terminal 1 to any smoke-allowed terminal such as T4. The journey would only take about a minute.

Can you smoke at Terminal 2 Heathrow airport?

Yes, there is a designated smoking area at Terminal 2. The smoking terrace is located on Level 2 of the main building, near Gate A1. As of October 2022, users have indicated that this smoking spot is open. 

The smoking section at Terminal 2 is after security and is outside as required by UK smoking laws. One smoker said that the location has decent seating, is well-protected from the weather, and, perhaps most significantly, has outdoor heaters/ Heaters. 

Smoking area at Terminal 3 Heathrow:

As of 2022, the smoking area at Heathrow Terminal 3 transit area is no longer available. It has been closed and Terminal 3 is now one of the smoke-free terminals. It used to have a smoking spot but after the change in regulation limiting the smoking areas in the airport, this particular terminal is now smoke-free.

One user asked staff whether the Terminal 3 smoke zone was open and was told it is not. So, don’t go asking. You’re out of luck. 

If you are in this terminal, your best bet is to go to Terminal 2 or 4 using light rail transit.

Can you smoke at Terminal 4 Heathrow Airport?

Yes, smoking is allowed at Terminal 4 of Heathrow Airport. The designated smoking area is located past security. To get there, turn left after security and follow the corridor between Burberry and the restaurant.

As of October 2022, the smoking terrace at T4 is still open and smokers have reported that it has plenty of seating.

Smoking at Heathrow Terminal 5:

No, you can no longer finds what one user said about the change:

I used to smoke at T5 all the time but they recently closed the smoking area. You can’t even find an ashtray anywhere. I think they did this because there’s a new smoking policy at Heathrow where you can only smoke in designated areas that are outside


Why do airports not allow smoking?

Smoking inside airport terminals is not allowed because it’s a fire hazard. It’s also disruptive to other travelers and creates an unpleasant environment.

Can I vape at Heathrow airport?

Yes, if your airline permits, you may vape at Heathrow Airport. Passengers are not allowed to use electronic cigarettes within the airport boundaries, according to Heathrow’s website. If you’re planning on carrying cigarettes in your hand luggage, check with your airline first to be sure they’re allowed on board.

Can I bring my own e-cigarette to Heathrow?

Yes, you can bring your own e-cigarette to Heathrow as long as it’s for personal use. You cannot sell or distribute e-cigarettes at the airport.

You are not allowed to smoke inside the airport terminals, but there are designated smoking areas outside.

Do I have to go through security again if I leave the smoking area?

No, you do not have to go through security again if you leave the smoking area.

Can I buy cigarettes at Heathrow airport?

Yes, you can buy cigarettes at Heathrow airport. There are a few shops that sell cigarettes, including WHSmith and Boots.

Do I need my passport to buy cigarettes at Heathrow?

No, you do not need your passport to buy cigarettes at Heathrow. However, you may need to show ID if you look under 18 years old.

Do I have to pay duty on cigarettes bought at Heathrow?

No, you do not have to pay duty on cigarettes bought at Heathrow. However, you may have to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) depending on the country you’re travelling to.

I’m under 18, can I buy cigarettes at Heathrow?

No, it is illegal to sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18 in the UK.

What are the smoking regulations at Heathrow?

The smoking regulations at Heathrow state that you cannot smoke inside the airport terminals. However, there are designated smoking areas outside.

Can I smoke in my hotel room at Heathrow?

No, you cannot smoke in your hotel room at Heathrow. All hotels at Heathrow are non-smoking. You can check out restaurants at Heathrow Airport here

You can also check out other airport smoking guides for Detroit, JFK, LAX, and Atlanta Airports.

Other LHR Airport Amenities:


Security at Heathrow Airport is robust, featuring uniformed police officers stationed at all times. One traveler mentioned, “… police patrol every area at night, like a laser.”

Since not all waiting areas are designated for sleeping, police may inconvenience passengers by requesting their boarding passes to validate their presence in the airside area or asking them to relocate from areas not designated for sleeping.

Some dissatisfied travelers left reviews stating, “Security forced me to leave” or “Security requested to see my ticket for verification of access” or reported instances of “Armed Police conducting ID checks.” Additionally, one individual recounted being awakened by armed police around 1 am, asking for ticket verification.

You should, however take safety tips knowing that airport is a public place. Some tips to keep yourself and your luggage safe include;

  • Keep your valuables with you at all times and don’t leave your luggage unattended at any time. Don’t leave your stuff and go to the bathroom.
  • Use a lock or a security cable for your luggage
  • Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to airport staff or authorities immediately.
  • For solo travelers, staying near others or in view of security can enhance your sense of safety and prevent potential theft.
  • Hide your valuables and consider using a padlock or placing your bag against a wall to secure zippers and pockets, as there have been instances of travelers losing their belongings while asleep.
  • If you ever feel unsafe, remain vigilant and consume caffeinated drinks to stay awake, remembering that you can always rest during your flight for a safer airport experience.


Terminal 2: Known for its culinary variety, Terminal 2 boasts options like The Gorgeous Kitchen, which offers a sophisticated dining experience with a focus on fresh, gourmet dishes. For those in a rush, Pret A Manger provides healthy, organic grab-and-go options. Additionally, Wagamama serves up its popular pan-Asian cuisine, perfect for travelers looking for a hearty meal before their flight.

Terminal 3: This terminal features Oriel French Restaurant and Bar, offering classic French dishes in a relaxed setting. For travelers craving something spicy, Curry Kitchen serves a variety of Indian dishes. Meanwhile, The Flying Chariot, a Wetherspoon pub, offers a wide range of British pub favorites along with vegetarian and vegan options.

Terminal 4: Dining options include Comptoir Libanais for a taste of Middle Eastern cuisine, from meze platters to tagines. Carluccio’s offers Italian classics, making it a great spot for pasta and espresso. For a quick bite, Pret A Manger again features with its range of sandwiches, salads, and soups.

Terminal 5: Features Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, where travelers can enjoy fine dining or grab a ‘picnic’ to take on their flight. Wagamama offers its signature Asian-inspired dishes, a hit among travelers seeking flavor and speed. Giraffe presents a global menu with dishes from across the world, perfect for families and individuals looking for variety.

Overnight food options:

At Heathrow Airport, around-the-clock dining options are limited, but travelers can find 24-hour service at select venues, ensuring they’re never left hungry, regardless of their flight schedule. In Terminal 2 and Terminal 5, Caffè Nero offers travelers a cozy spot for coffee, pastries, and light meals at any hour.

Similarly, Pret A Manger, known for its organic coffee and natural food, operates 24/7 in Terminal 3, providing wholesome grab-and-go options. These establishments are lifesavers for passengers arriving late at night or departing in the early hours, offering a welcoming space to relax and refuel at any time.

Storage Lockers:

Heathrow Airport does not directly offer luggage storage services but has contracted a third-party service-provider called Excess Baggage Company to offer luggage storage and locker services with pricing per item as follows: £7.50 for up to 3 hours, £15.00 for 3-24 hours, £22.50 for 24-48 hours, and £30.00 for 48-72 hours, with a subsequent charge of £7.50 for every additional 24 hours.

Locations include Check-in Zone A and C as well as B Gates in Terminal 2; Arrivals and Check-in Zone E in Terminal 3; Check-in and Arrivals in Terminal 4, and Zones B and F in Check-in, along with Arrivals in Terminal 5.

All the 10 storage locations are open daily from 05:00 AM to 9:00 PM and can reach them on +44 (0)20 8759 3344 and can get more details on Heathrow’s website here.


Numerous charging stations are situated throughout the waiting areas within the terminals, particularly in the airside section. A flyer specifically notes that the designated rest zones in T5 near Gate A11 are furnished with a modest side table and power outlets. Additionally, Free Power Pole charging stations are accessible both before and after security in all terminals.

Use these stations to recharge your electronic devices; they are compatible with UK and European plugs, as well as USB cables. The image below displays one of the plugs: among the outlets, the middle and the one to the east are compatible with US plugs. The first one on the west accommodates UK, European, and most global plug types. You’ll find all these types across all terminals.

outlet at Heathrow suitable for UK, Eu and USA plugs


During your layover, you can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access available both before and after security checkpoints. Simply select “_Heathrow Wi-Fi” on your device and follow the provided instructions to register. There is no time limit on the use of Wi-Fi, allowing travelers to stay connected throughout their time at the airport.Free computer desks with broadband access are conveniently provided in every terminal. Current locations include:

  • Terminal 2, Level 5, Check-in Zones A/B and C/D
  • Terminal 3, Level 0, Check-in Zones A and F
  • Terminal 4, Level 2, Check-in A
  • Terminal 5, Level 0, Arrivals and Level 3, Check-in Zones G and D.

If your layover is long and bored with being online, check out these 18 things to do in London’s Heathrow.

Children’s Play Areas

Heathrow Airport provides vibrant and engaging “Stay & Play” areas, designed to entertain children up to the age of nine years. These dedicated areas are situated across various terminals, ensuring that young travelers can enjoy fun-filled activities before their flights.

  • Terminal 2A (T2A): Located airside in the Departures lounge near Gate 16, the play area is available from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Terminal 2B (T2B): This area is also airside, near Gate 46, though the hours of operation are currently unspecified.
  • Terminal 3 (T3): Found airside in the Departures lounge, the children’s play area operates from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Terminal 4 (T4): Situated airside near Gates 1A, the availability hours for this play area remain to be confirmed.
  • Terminal 5A (T5A): Located airside near Gate A2, it welcomes young guests from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

SIM Cards & Mobile Phone Rentals

For travelers looking to avoid international roaming charges and capitalize on local rates, Heathrow Airport offers a convenient solution through SIM Local. Rental phones are also available in the Arrivals area.

SIM Local Locations:

  • Terminal 2: Baggage Claim; Arrivals; Gates B
  • Terminal 3: Arrivals, Ground Floor (2); Baggage Claim
  • Terminal 4: Arrivals (2); Departures Area
  • Terminal 5: Arrivals, Ground Floor (2).

Prayer Facilities

St. George’s Chapel

Located approximately 200 meters from Heathrow’s Central Bus Station, St. George’s Chapel offers a serene environment for reflection and worship. Mass ceremonies are conducted on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 12:30 PM. While the chapel itself is not open for unscheduled visits, the adjacent Memorial Garden provides a space for individual prayer and contemplation at any time.

Multifaith Prayer Rooms

Heathrow Airport accommodates the spiritual needs of all travelers through its multifaith prayer rooms available across all terminals. These spaces are designed to offer passengers a place for solitude, prayer, and reflection, regardless of their religious affiliation.

  • Terminal 2: Departures, Airside, near Gate A21 and B34.
  • Terminal 3: Departures, Airside, near Gate 24; Arrival Hall, Level 1.
  • Terminal 4: Mezzanine, Landside; Departures, Airside, near Gates 3 and 4.
  • Terminal 5: Check-in, Landside, Zone A; Departures, Airside, near Gate A8; T5B, Airside, near Gate B34; T5C, Airside, near Gate C52.

Financial Services

ATM Locations at Heathrow Airport

For the convenience of travellers, Heathrow Airport provides numerous ATM locations across its terminals. Here is a list of all available ATMs and their operating hours:

Terminal 2

  • Departures: +44 (0)20 8976 7623 | Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Baggage Reclaim: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Arrivals: | Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Gate A16: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Check-In: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Gate B35: +44 (0)845 872 7627 | Mo-Su 05:00-22:00

Terminal 3

  • Arrivals: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Check-In: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Baggage Reclaim: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Departures: Multiple Locations | Mo-Su 05:00-22:00

Terminal 4

  • Gate 7: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Arrivals: Multiple Locations | Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Gate 21: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Check-In: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00

Terminal 5

  • Arrivals: | +44 (0)845 872 7627 | Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Departures: Multiple Locations | Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Gate A14: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Gate A11: Mo-Su 05:00-22:00
  • Check-In: Multiple Locations | Mo-Su 05:00-22:00

Currency Exchange

Travelex provides currency exchange services across all terminals. To expedite your transaction, the airport recommends utilizing their online order and pick-up service. In total, there are 29 Travelex locations available, both landside and airside, offering flexibility and convenience to travelers. Operating hours for these services vary, but most are open from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Shopping Directory at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport offers a diverse range of shops across its terminals, catering to the needs and preferences of every traveler. Below is a cohesive list of shops available, categorised by their offerings.

Fashion and Accessories

  • Accessorize (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Aspinal of London (T2, T5) – Collection Point
  • Boggi Milano (T2, T5) – Collection Point
  • Boss (T2, T5)
  • Bottega Veneta (T2, T4, T5)
  • Burberry (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Bulgari (T3, T4, T5)
  • Chanel (T3, T5)
  • Collection (T5)
  • Dior (T2, T3, T5)
  • Gucci (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Harrods (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Hermes (T3, T5)
  • JD Sports (T2, T5)
  • Kurt Geiger (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Louis Vuitton (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Moncler (T3)
  • Orlebar Brown (T5)
  • Paul Smith (T2, T3, T5)
  • Prada (T5)
  • Reiss (T5)
  • Saint Laurent (T2, T4)
  • Smythson (T4, T5)
  • Sunglass Hut (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Superdry (T3)
  • Ted Baker (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Valentino (T4)

Bags and Luggage

  • Accessorize (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Aspinal of London (T2, T5)
  • Bottega Veneta (T2, T4, T5)
  • Case (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Excess Baggage Company (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Fendi (T3, T4)
  • Gucci (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Mulberry (T2)
  • Prada (T5)
  • Smythson (T4, T5)
  • Ted Baker (T2, T3, T4, T5)

Jewellery and Watches

  • Accessorize (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Bulgari (T3, T4, T5)
  • Cartier (T3, T4, T5)
  • Chanel (T3, T5)
  • Dior (T2, T3, T5)
  • Hublot (T4)
  • Louis Vuitton (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Rolex (T2, T5)
  • Tiffany & Co (T2, T3, T5)
  • Watches of Switzerland (T3, T4, T5)

Beauty and Fragrance

  • Be Relax (T5)
  • Boots (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Candles & Oud (T2, T5) – Collection Point
  • Chanel (T3, T5)
  • Hermes (T3, T5)
  • Jo Malone (T3, T4)
  • M·A·C Cosmetics (T3)
  • Rituals (T2, T5) – Collection Point
  • Tom Ford (T4)
  • World Duty Free (T2, T3, T4, T5)

Food and Drink

  • Caviar House and Prunier (T4, T5)
  • Fortnum & Mason (T2, T5) – Collection Point
  • Glenmorangie (T2)
  • Harrods (T2, T3, T4, T5)
  • Ladurée (T3, T4)
  • M&S Simply Food (T2, T3, T5)
  • The Macallan (T5)
  • World of Whiskies (T3, T4, T5)

This comprehensive shopping directory will ensure travelers can easily find the stores that cater to their needs, enhancing their overall experience at Heathrow Airport.

Shops Before Security

Beauty and Fragrance, Travel Essentials, Health and Wellbeing

  • Boots (T2, T3, T4, T5)

Bags and Luggage

  • Case (T2, T3, T4, T5)

Travel Essentials, Bags and Luggage

  • Excess Baggage Company (T2, T3, T4, T5)

Kids and Toys, Gifts and Souvenirs

  • Glorious Britain (T3, T4, T5)

Technology and Gadgets, Services

  • Sim Local (T2, T3, T4, T5)


  • Travelex (T2, T3, T4, T5)

Books Magazines and News, Travel Essentials, Health and Wellbeing

  • WHSmith (T2, T3, T4, T5)

Drinking Water:

The airport is equipped with more than 100 water fountains, located both before and after security, allowing you to easily refill your water bottles. Save some cash by not buyding expensive bottled water and opting for free water that you can refill in any of the fountains mostly located near bathrooms areas in all terminals.

Misc LHR Info to Know:

Heathrow airport website homepage

Heathrow Airport Management

Heathrow Airport is headed by a Chief Operating Officer Chris Garton who was appointed in April 2018. He has a first class degree in engineering from London’s Imperial college. Having played equivalent roles at Dubai Airport and held several engineering positions in change management at Gatwick Airport, Ineos and ICI makes him suitable for the position.

Heathrow Airport Owner

Being the main hub of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, Heathrow Airport is owned by British Airports Authority limited and an international group led by the Spanish Ferrovial Group.

Heathrow airport logo

Heathrow Airport New Runway

Change is inevitable as they say and Heathrow airport dances with the tune, in January 2018 Heathrow unveiled a 300 meters’ new runway for cost reduction from £16.8 billion to £14.3 billion.

Heathrow Airport Map/Layout

Heathrow airport layout map


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