Mexico City Airport Guide

As you wait for your flight at Mexico City Airport, knowing the available amenities can turn your layover from a dull wait into an enjoyable experience, potentially even allowing for a relaxing “sleepcation.”

This Mexico City Airport Guide has details to allow you to navigate both terminals and learn about sleep options, shower options, WiFi, luggage storage, lounges, inter-terminal transportation, pharmacy, ATM, baby changing rooms, and more.

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Mexico City Airport Guide – Know this Before you Go:

When planning a trip that includes flying to Mexico City’s Benito Juarez Airport, there are several key things fliers should be aware of to ensure a smooth travel experience:

  • Know the Airport’s Basics: Mexico City Airport (MEX) comprises two terminals: Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). T2 is the newer of the two and is dedicated primarily to AeroMexico flights. The terminals are approximately 3 km apart and are connected by a free train and a paid bus service.

Below is a more clear map

Map of mexico city Airport with gates
A map of Mexico City Airport with Gates. Image Credit: More maps below.
  • Research Transportation Options in Advance: Familiarize yourself with transportation choices from the airport, including Uber, authorized taxis, and public transportation. Knowing the pros and cons of each can save time and hassle upon arrival.
  • Be Prepared for Busy Terminals: Benito Juarez Airport is known for its busy terminals, especially during peak travel times. Allow for ample time to navigate check-ins, security checks, and gate locations.
  • Understand Currency Exchange Rates: Carrying local currency is essential for covering immediate costs such as transport or snacks. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the prevailing exchange rates and identify secure locations for changing your money. Normally, $1 equates to 17 Mexican Pesos, but the rate can differ when purchasing Pesos, with rates possibly reaching $8 for 100 Mexican Pesos, which translates to a 12.5 exchange rate to USD.
  • Learn Basic Spanish Phrases: While many in the tourism and transportation sectors speak English, knowing basic Spanish phrases can enhance your navigation through the airport and overall experience in Mexico City.
    • Phrases such as “¿Dónde está el baño?” (Where is the bathroom?), “¿Cuánto cuesta un taxi al centro de la ciudad?” (How much is a taxi to the city center?), and “¿Dónde puedo encontrar un cajero automático?” (Where can I find an ATM?) are invaluable.
    • For those wishing to exchange currency or inquire about flight details, knowing how to ask “¿Dónde puedo cambiar dinero?” (Where can I exchange money?) and “¿Cuál es la puerta de embarque para el vuelo a [destination]?” (What is the boarding gate for the flight to [destination]?) can immensely improve the airport experience,

Here’s a detailed guide to help new fliers navigate the airport efficiently and make the most of their layover.

Guide to Mexico City Airport with 25 Tips

#1. Terminals are far apart, verify you’re in the right MEX terminal:

This MEX Airport map shows you that the terminals are far apart.

Since the terminals are far apart, you need to make sure you are in the right terminal so you can transfer on time if you need to.

Again, Terminal 1 handles most international flights (United, Air Canada, Lufthansa, American, KLM), while Terminal 2 is primarily for Delta Airlines and Aeromexico.

Terminal 1 (T1) at Mexico City Airport is the older terminal, offering extensive amenities, including numerous 24-hour dining options, extensive shopping, and 9 lounges.

The ground floor is for arrivals, baggage claim, public transportation, and car rentals. The upper level has check-in counters, security, and dining options.

Terminal 2 (T2) is newer and primarily serves AeroMexico flights, featuring modern facilities, 4 lounges, and a range of convenient amenities.

#2: Travel light for free & easy terminal transfer:

Utilize the free Aerotren (airtrain) shuttle service between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 for easy transfer. This is especially useful if you need to access different amenities or hotel accommodations in either terminal.

You will need a printed boarding pass to use the free inter-terminal train and must be carrying only carry-on luggage. If you have heavy luggage to be checked in, use the paid bus service.

Where to board:

The inter-terminal train boarding zones are located at Terminal 1 in Hall D near the Pilot Bridge and at Terminal 2 in the National Departure area near Hall M. The train operates from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with a travel time of under 5 minutes between terminals.

#3. Have cash to pay for bus transfer if carrying luggage

If you have luggage, use the 24-hour “Transportacion entre Terminales” bus service. It accommodates oversized or extra luggage and is available to all passengers. Boarding zones are at Terminal 1, Door 6, and Terminal 2, Gate 4. Read more on the this website.

What you’ll pay:

The fare is $16.00 per person for trips between Terminals 1 and 2, and $6.00 per person for trips from Terminal 1 to Customs and Terminal 2 to Hangares subway station, payable directly to the operator.

#4: Avoid paid lounges for showering – IzZzleep is your best option:

If you want to freshen up with a shower, note that this airport doesn’t provide public shower facilities. You’ll have to pay for shower services.

Many passengers highly recommend the izZzleep capsule hotel located in both terminals(Terminals 1 and 2). Read more about izZzleep Capsule Hotel amenities and pricing in our MEX Airport Sleep Guide

Lounges do not guarantee availability

While 4 lounges including Grand Lounge Elite, Lounge 19, Terrazza by the Grand Lounge Elite, and Aeromexico Premier Class International Lounge, none of them guarantee availability.

Showers at the Aeromexico Premier Class International Lounge, for example, are available only if you register at reception upon arrival and are placed on a waiting list. Availability is not guaranteed, and guests may encounter inconsistent information from the staff.

#5. For the best free sleep amenities, T1 has the best spots:

Terminal 1 at Mexico City Airport is recommended for the best sleep amenities, including armrest-free chairs and quieter spaces. Fliers often suggest this terminal because it offers several comfortable spots, such as the area near Gate 31 with seats lacking armrests and the third level, which is quieter and less crowded, providing a more restful environment for travelers.

Another great area is the space near Gate 19 in Terminal 1, which is known for having benches suitable for lying down. This area provides a more comfortable option for travelers looking to rest during their layover.

If you prefer quieter spots or warmer spots, check out this Guide with a List of all the Ideal Places to Sleep at Mexico City Airport.

#6. Book izZzleep Capsule Hotel inside MEX’s T1 and T2 early

The izZzleep capsule hotel in Terminal 1 and 2 offers an affordable resting option with amenities like free Wi-Fi, lockers, and bathrooms. It’s a good choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for a private and secure place to rest.

Images of stacked pods at MEX's Terminal 1 by Izzzleep
Images of stacked pods at MEX’s Terminal 1 by Izzzleep

If you don’t mind paying, consider the izZzleep Capsule Hotel in both terminals. This hotel is recommended because it offers private, secure sleeping pods with amenities like free Wi-Fi, lockers, and showers, providing a comfortable and restful environment for travelers.

Standard Single Pod at MEX's IzZzleep.
Standard Single Pod at MEX’s IzZzleep. Read more

It is an affordable option that ensures privacy and convenience, making it ideal for both short naps and longer rest periods during layovers.

#7: Consider these hotels so you are close to the airport:

If none of the sleep options above do not impress you or do not meet your needs, there are plenty of hotels(inside and near the airport) that you can book and still be a few minutes away from the terminals.

Consider hotels connected via walkways, such as Camino Real, Courtyard Marriott, and Hilton. For budget options, Hostel Mexico DF Airport offers affordable dormitories and private rooms.

Book Hotel NH Collection for Luxury:

Opt for Hilton for Convenience.

  • The Hilton Mexico City Airport, located in Terminal 1 near Gate 8, provides a free shuttle to Terminal 2 and a range of services, ensuring a comfortable stay without leaving the airport.

For accessing hotels like the NH Collection in Terminal 2, use the elevators from the International Arrivals Area, ensuring a hassle-free transition from flight to hotel.

#8: Utilize Chili’s and Starbucks for Resting and their Amenities

Chili’s T1 is open 24/7 and is located near the international departures area around the Interjet counter.

They offer a comfortable environment with free Wi-Fi and power outlets, making it a great spot for a layover. Spending a small amount on food or drinks allows you to stay and rest comfortably. Check out more info from our Guide to Sleeping in Mexico City Airport.

The second-floor Starbucks near Puerta 3 in Terminal 2 offers comfortable couches and free Wi-Fi. It’s a good spot to rest and charge your devices without having to spend much.

#9. Avoid Currency Exchanges Inside Mexico City Airport:

Avoid exchanging large sums of currency at the airport, as the exchange rates are often unfavorable. Instead, exchange a small amount for immediate needs, such as transportation or small purchases.

For better rates, use ATMs like Santander inside the airport, and make sure to decline the conversion option offered by the ATM to get a rate closer to the market value.

Additionally, check with your home bank before departure to see if they offer competitive exchange rates or the option to order foreign currency in advance, which can save you money and ensure you have pesos ready upon arrival.

#10. Avoid high data roaming charges by getting a local Mexican sim:

Avoid paying for high data roaming fees by getting a local SIM card to stay connected. You can purchase a local SIM card at Oxxo or via the Airalo app for easy connectivity. Check out Tripadvisor reviews of Oxxo here

If you don’t want a DIY sim solution, several cell phone providers offer SIM cards in both terminals – both upper and lower levels.

#11. Avoid these 3 common scams:

Travelers navigating through the complex landscape of CDMX airport have reported various instances of scams targeting both seasoned and inexperienced fliers alike.

  • Taxi Services: One such scam involves unofficial taxi services. Unsuspecting passengers are often approached by individuals claiming to offer a quicker, more direct route to their destination, only to be charged exorbitant fees upon arrival.
    • Tip: Always opt for official taxi services available inside the airport. Also, look for the designated taxi stands and ask for the fare upfront.
  • Currency Exchange: Similarly, there are tales of currency exchange booths offering rates that are significantly lower than the official exchange, capitalizing on travelers’ unfamiliarity with the current currency value.
    • Tip: For safer transactions, use ATMs or exchange currency at verified bank branches within the airport.
  • Sim Cards: Another common pitfall mentioned by fliers involves the sale of SIM cards that promise extensive coverage and data packages at seemingly reasonable prices, yet fail to deliver the advertised service once activated. These accounts serve as cautionary tales, urging fliers to remain vigilant and conduct due diligence while navigating the amenities and services at CDMX airport.
    • Tip: Use recommended Sim card vendors recommended above.

#12: There are limited seats in T1, get to restaurants and food courts early for good seats.

Terminal 1 landside has very limited seating options. For a more comfortable experience, head to the food court or find a spot on the third level, which is quieter and less crowded.

After midnight, check-in to the gates area in Terminal 1, especially near Gate B, where there are more seating options and protection from cold drafts, making it a more comfortable spot to rest.

The food court in Terminal 1, especially near Puerta 8, offers 24-hour dining options and some seating. It’s a common choice for overnight stays, though the lights and noise levels can be high.

#13: Prepare for chilly and noisy nights:

The airport can get very cold at night, especially near the automatic doors in the main lobby. Bring a blanket, sleeping bag, or wear multiple layers to stay warm during your wait or overnight stay.

For a quieter resting place, consider the third level of Terminal 1, accessible via the escalator opposite the food court. It’s less crowded and offers more privacy, though it lacks security presence.

#14: No water fountains, stay hydrated by buying bottled water

Since there are no water fountains available, it’s advisable to purchase bottled water. Some establishments, like Starbucks, may provide free hot water, which can be useful for making instant beverages or meals.

#15. You can now obtain Mexican visa online:

Mexican immigration is taking strides toward modernization! The Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) has made a significant change by discontinuing the use of paper copies for the Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM).

This crucial form, which registers foreign nationals entering Mexico, has transitioned to a fully digital format. You can fill the immigration form online here.

You must now complete the FMM process online, streamlining your entry into Mexico and making your travel preparations more efficient.

#16. Consider using the lounges if you have access or can pay one-day pass:

For a more comfortable layover, consider obtaining a day pass for certain lounges. One such lounge is The Lounge Mexico by Global Lounge Network, located in Terminal 1.

Access to this oasis of tranquility comes for $40, payable upon entry. Positioned airside, adjacent to Gate 31, this lounge offers the convenience of 24-hour access. Visitors can gain entry by paying at the door, through a prepaid lounge pass, or via lounge membership programs, ensuring a serene and relaxing wait. You can purchase the day pass here. The other T1 Lounge is the VIPort Lounge for $36

Below are the other 3 best lounges based on customer reviews:

Amex’s Centurion Lounge – no day pass

Among the most praised is the American Express Centurion Lounge, heralded for its exclusive ambiance, array of delectable dining options, and the serene spa services that offer a tranquil escape from the bustling airport environment.

Learn more about Centurion Lounges here

AeroMexico Salon Premier – $43

Equally lauded is the Aeromexico Salon Premier, celebrated for its spacious setting, gourmet food selections, and panoramic views of the runway it provides, allowing guests to relax while watching planes take off and land.

Location: Aeromexico Salon Premier (International) – Located in Terminal 2, Airside at the International Departures area on the Mezzanine Level. It is open from 5:00 AM until midnight.

Aeromexico Salon Premier (Domestic) – Situated in Terminal 2, Airside, specifically in the Domestic Departures section. After passing through security, it can be found on the left side, also on the Mezzanine Level, operating from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

You can purchase it on here

Grand lounge Elite

Additionally, the Grand Lounge Elite receives accolades for its unmatched privacy, luxurious amenities, and attentive service, ensuring a restful and refined waiting experience for its visitors. These lounges stand out not just for their physical attributes but for their ability to provide a seamless and comfortable pre-flight experience, catering to the needs and desires of international travelers seeking respite and exclusivity. Here are Mexico City Airport Lounges you can get with a day pass.

#17. MetroBus and Subway are your best options to get you downtown:

For new flyers navigating from Mexico City’s Benito Juarez Airport to downtown, the Metrobus and subway systems present an affordable and efficient option.

Start your journey by walking 200 meters to the Terminal Aérea Station, then hop on Line 5 to Pantitlán. Here, you’ll need to switch to Line 1 heading towards Observatorio, disembarking at Pino Suárez for the downtown area.

While this route is cost-effective, be mindful of potential overcrowding during peak travel times and the initial learning curve in navigating the subway lines.

If convenience and comfort are your priority, consider using taxis or ride-sharing services.

These options offer direct routes to your destination and are available 24/7, though they do come at a higher price point. This choice between public transportation and personal rides highlights the balance between budget-friendly travel and the ease of reaching your destination.

#18. Take these precautions if you have to use Uber or an authorized taxi

If you prefer comfort and convenience and want to avoid overcrowding in the Metrobus and subway system, consider getting Uber or Taxi services.

Uber is the best option as you will know the fare beforehand but you need access to data to book it using the Uber app. If you do not have data and have to rely on Taxis at the airport. Below are two precautions to take:

  • Use authorized taxi stands inside the airport for safe transportation.
  • To avoid issues with fare inconsistency, make sure you agree on a price before departing to avoid any unexpected charges and pay for the fare right at the kiosk. No money is paid to the drivers except the tips

Regardless of which option you take, make sure you communicate your pickup spot to Uber drivers by specifying the gate number.

Where to find authorized taxi service

To ensure you get an authorized taxi from Mexico City Airport, follow these steps. Authorized taxi service counters, including Sitio 300 and Yellow Taxi among others, are located inside the airport, mainly as you exit the Immigration/Customs/Luggage hall.

Look for signs above the counters, choose a service like “Sitio 300”, and ask for a “sedan” if preferred. You will prepay for your taxi ride at these booths, with prices fixed by zone, ensuring a safe and secure transport.

image of Sitio 300 - authorized taxi kiosk in mexico city airport

It’s crucial not to accept transportation offers from individuals outside the official kiosks to avoid scams.

Remember, no money should exchange hands directly with the driver; everything should be prepaid at the kiosks, with only tips being an exception.

Alongside is an image of the sitio 300 Kiosks at MEX.

#19: Use Infinitum Movil for Wi-Fi

The Infinitum Movil network is available throughout the airport and can be accessed by purchasing a code from some restaurants. This is often more reliable than the airport’s own Wi-Fi service.

This service has been available since 2020 courtesy of Mexico City Council as announced by the mayor. When it was launched, its expected speed was 3.5 mbps which is considerably slow and the network name was reported to be “Gratis_CDMX_Avenida”

#20: Be Wary of Overpriced Food, Go Local.

Food prices at the airport can be high. Look for smaller, less prominent eateries or bars that may offer more affordable options compared to major restaurant chains.

Notably, local food courts dotted around the terminals offer an eclectic mix of cuisines at prices more palatable to those on a budget. These food courts, strategically located near the departure and arrival gates, provide a variety of options ranging from traditional Mexican fare to international fast food, ensuring that all tastes are catered to.

#21: Ambient conditions require preparation and research.

The airport can get very cold at night, especially near the automatic doors in the main lobby. Bring a blanket, sleeping bag, or wear multiple layers to stay warm during your wait or overnight stay.

For a quieter resting place, consider the third level of Terminal 1, accessible via the escalator opposite the food court. It’s less crowded and offers more privacy, though it lacks security presence.

#22: Avoid Sleeping Near Entrances

Avoid resting near the entrances of the terminals, as automatic doors frequently open, letting in cold drafts. Opt for spots further inside the terminal or near the gates for a more comfortable experience. Here are the best places to sleep in Mexico City Airport.

#23: Utilize Security Monitored Planters as safe sleeping spot:

In Terminal 2, the security area near the international departure gates has large planters and carpeted floors, providing a hidden spot for a few hours of sleep. This area is generally monitored by security, adding a layer of safety.

#24: Use MEX Airport Maps and App for Easy Navigation

Frequent flyers stress the benefit of understanding Benito Juarez Airport’s layout and having terminal maps beforehand to ease navigation and avoid missing flights due to its vast size and possible terminal changes.

Many advise downloading the airport map onto mobile devices or reviewing it online before arrival. While the airport offers wayfinding signs, they can be daunting for newcomers, making a personal map essential. Here is the highly-rated MEX Airport app.

A complimentary shuttle service links the terminals, but checking its timetable in advance is recommended for smooth transfers. Preparation and familiarity with the airport’s structure are essential for a hassle-free experience.

Interestingly, one of the most useful Mexico City Airport maps available was created by All Nippon Airways, a Japanese airline operating flights to MEX. You can see the maps from its webpage here or scroll below;

#25: Prepare for Bright Lighting

Tip #38: The airport lighting can be quite bright, especially in seating areas. Carry an eye mask if you plan to rest, to block out the light and ensure a more comfortable experience. These MZOO Sleep Eye Masks are the best options available.

Guide to MEX Airport Amenities to Take Advantage of:

5 Shower Options:

If you want to shower at Mexico City Airport, you have 5 options: 4 paid lounges and 1 capsule hotel. The lounges are Grand Lounge Elite, Lounge 19, Terrazza by the Grand Lounge Elite, and Aeromexico Salon Premier. izZzleep Capsule Hotel also has shower facilities. Note that we recommend izZzleep for showers.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1: Grand Lounge Elite (near Gate H), Lounge 19 (Ground Level, Gate 19), Terrazza by the Grand Lounge Elite (near Gate 19).
    • Terminal 2: Aeromexico Salon Premier (National and International Departures).

Medical Services and Pharmacies

Medical Services are available in Terminal 2, Upper Level, operating from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday, and from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday.

Multiple pharmacies are available throughout the airport, offering 24-hour access for your pharmaceutical needs.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1:
      • Lower Level: Farmacia Benavides (x2), Farmacia International.
      • Upper Level: Farmacia Benavides (x2), No Aplica.
    • Terminal 2:
      • Upper Level: Farmacia Benavides (x2).
      • Lower Level: Farmacia Benavides (x2).


Tip: Lockers are available 24 hours a day, providing a secure place to store your belongings at a rate of 250 MXN per locker.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1: Mexicana de Lockers (Lower Level, Landside).
    • Terminal 2: Viajes Kokai (Lower Level).


ATMs are accessible 24 hours a day, located throughout the airport, making it easy to withdraw cash whenever needed.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1: Upper and Lower Levels.
    • Terminal 2: Upper and Lower Levels.

Banking Services

Banking services are available throughout both terminals, operating daily on varying schedules:

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1: Upper and Lower levels
    • Terminal 2: Lower Level and Mezzanine
  • Hours:
    • Some banks open as early as 5:00 AM
    • Majority open around 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM
    • Scotiabank in T1, Lower Level is open 24 hours
  • Available Banks:
    • Banamex
    • Banorte
    • BBVA/Bancomer
    • Cibanco
    • HSBC Bank
    • IXE
    • Santander
    • Scotiabank

Smoking Areas

Designated smoking areas are available in the SMK Lounge, providing a place for smokers to relax.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1: SMK Lounge (Airside).
    • Terminal 2: SMK Lounge (Airside).

24-hour food and drink options

A variety of 24-hour food and drink options are available throughout the airport, ensuring you have access to meals and beverages at any time.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1 (Upper Level): 7 Eleven, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s, and more.
    • Terminal 1 (Lower Level): Cinnabon, Oxxo, Restotel, and more.
    • Terminal 2 (Upper Level): 7 Eleven, Krispy Kreme, La Cochinita Pibil, and more.
    • Terminal 2 (Mezzanine): Toks, Wings.
    • Terminal 2 (Lower Level): 7 Eleven, Oxxo.

Airport Lounges

Pay-per-use lounges and lounges accessible via membership or prepaid passes offer comfort, food, and amenities. Some lounges also have shower facilities.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1: American Airlines Admirals Club (Concourse H, Level 2, Gate 19), Avianca Lounge (next to Gate 31), Centurion Lounge (International Departures, Landside, between Gate 8 and F1), Grand Lounge Elite (near Gate H), Lounge 19 (Ground Level, Gate 19), The Lounge Mexico (next to Gate 31), United Club (Mezzanine Level, Level 2, Hall H), VIPort Lounge (near Gate 1), Terrazza by the Grand Lounge Elite (near Gate 19).
    • Terminal 2: Aeromexico Salon Premier (National and International Departures), Centurion Lounge (Mezzanine Level), Terraza Premier Aeromexico By Heineken (near Door B), VIPort Lounge (next to Gate 75).

Transport Options

Inter-Terminal Transportation: Use the Aerotren (Airtrain) for quick transfers between terminals or the “Transportacion entre Terminales” bus for those with oversized luggage.

  • Locations:
    • Aerotren:
      • Terminal 1: Hall D, near Pilot Bridge.
      • Terminal 2: National Departure, near Hall M.
    • Transportacion entre Terminales:
      • Terminal 1: Door 6.
      • Terminal 2: Gate 4.

Metro (Subway) Tip: The metro system provides a cost-effective way to reach central Mexico City, with the closest stop being Terminal Aérea Station on Line 5.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal Aérea Station: Walking distance from Terminal 1.
  • Fare: 5 pesos per ride.

Bus Tip: Two 24-hour bus terminals offer transportation to major cities around Mexico City, providing round-the-clock travel options.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1: Near Gates 7 and 8, access on Level 1, room F.
    • Terminal 2: Hall D, Door 4, near Domestic Arrivals exit.

Taxi Tip: Authorized taxi services operate 24 hours a day. Purchase taxi tickets at the baggage carousel area or taxi areas for a safe ride.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1: Doors 1, 9, and 10.
    • Terminal 2: Doors 3 and 4.

Car Rentals Tip: Multiple car rental agencies are available in both terminals, offering a range of vehicles and services.

  • Locations:
    • Terminal 1: Lower Level, Domestic and International walkways.
    • Terminal 2: Lower Level, International Arrivals.

Hotel Shuttles Tip: Several hotels offer free shuttle services to and from the airport, making it easy to reach your accommodation.

  • Service Counter Locations:
    • Terminal 1: Entrance 4.
    • Terminal 2: Arrivals Hall.

Terminal 1 Airlines and Contacts

  1. Air Canada (Tel +52 55 2599 0647)
  2. Air France (Tel +52 800 266 0048)
  3. All Nippon Airways (Tel +52 55 1228 6331)
  4. American Airlines (Tel +52 55 5728 0100)
  5. Avianca (Tel +52 55 5571 3242 ext. 8303)
  6. British Airways (Tel +52 55 5785 8714/7669)
  7. Emirates (Tel +52 55 4738 0444)
  8. Iberia (Tel +52 55 1163 4665)
  9. KLM (Tel +52 55 5786 1139/5571 4543)
  10. Lufthansa (Tel +52 55 5571 2702)
  11. Magnicharters (Tel +52 55 2599 0137/0138)
  12. Turkish Airlines (Tel +52 55 1036 1234)
  13. United Airlines (Tel +52 55 5283 5500)
  14. Viva Aerobus (Tel +52 55 2599 1246)
  15. Volaris (Tel +52 55 5786 8668)

T2 Airlines and Contacts

  1. Aeroméxico (Tel +52 55 5133 4010/9132 6006)
  2. Aeroméxico Connect (Tel +52 55 5133 4010/9132 6006)
  3. Copa Airlines (Tel +52 55 2598 7293)
  4. Delta Air Lines (Tel +52 55 5133 7150)
  5. LATAM (Tel +52 55 2598 7300)
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