Newark Airport Guide with Amenities and Tips for Layover

Newark Airport (EWR), with its three expansive terminals connected by the free AirTrain Newark, can be a breeze for first-time fliers with a layover. The AirTrain runs every 3 minutes during peak times, ensuring quick transfers between terminals. Expect significant walking to reach gates and facilities, so allow extra time, especially for the notoriously long security lines.

This Newark Airport Guide with Amenities and Tips for Overnight Layover has details on sleep, WiFi, charging, showers, lounges, terminals, airlines, food options, and more amenities.

Sleeping in EWR

For the best sleeping spots at Newark Airport (EWR), head to Terminal C, which is the most accommodating for overnight stays. Seek out the cots near gates 133 and 134 provided by United Airlines, or find a quiet corner near gate C70, which offers carpeted areas and less foot traffic.

The meditation room in Terminal C is also a great option, offering a warm and relatively quiet environment. In Terminal A, the food court provides padded seating without armrests, though it can get busy early in the morning.

Additionally, Dunkin’ Donuts in Terminal A is open 24 hours, making it a convenient spot for late-night snacks and rest. To ensure comfort, bring a travel pillow and blanket, and use earplugs and an eye mask to mitigate the bright lights and frequent announcements throughout the airport.

If you prefer a more comfortable stay within Newark Airport, consider the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott, conveniently located on airport grounds. This hotel offers a free airport shuttle service to all terminals, ensuring easy access.

For airport pick-up, simply use the courtesy phone located in the baggage claim area. Staying at the Marriott provides the advantage of a comfortable bed, private bathroom, and additional amenities, making it an excellent choice for travelers looking to rest and recharge during their layover.

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Showers at EWR:

For travelers looking to freshen up at Newark Airport (EWR), the United Club Lounge in Terminal C offers shower facilities to help you relax and rejuvenate before your flight. Located airside between Gates C102 and C120, the lounge is open daily from 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM.

Access to the showers is available for a fee of $59 per person, which can be purchased through the United App. To use this service, you must have a one-time pass and a boarding pass for same-day travel on United Airlines, a Star Alliance flight, or a partner-operated flight.

Newark Airport is a 24-hour Airport:

Newark Airport (EWR) operates 24 hours, though access to certain terminals and areas may be restricted overnight. Terminal C remains the most accommodating for overnight stays, while Terminals A and B often close their secure areas after the last flights of the day, typically reopening early in the morning. Always check specific terminal hours and plan accordingly if you need to stay overnight.

Charging Stations:

Here’s a table summarizing the locations of charging stations at Newark Airport (EWR):

TerminalLocationCharging Station Locations
Terminal BConcourse B1Near gates B40, B42, B44, B45, and B46
Concourse B2Near gates B51, B53, B55, B56, and B57
Concourse B3Near the B3 security checkpoint, near gates B60, B63, B64, B67, and in the central rotunda
Pre-securityIn the food court outside Concourse B2 and in baggage claim
Terminal CConcourse C1At every gate
Concourse C2At every gate excluding gates C111 and C113
Concourse C3At every gate
Pre-securityIn baggage claim


EWR provides passengers with free and unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the airport. To connect, simply select “_Free EWR WiFi.” For 24/7 Wi-Fi support, call 800-880-4117.


There are numerous dining options both landside and airside at EWR. Subway, located landside in Terminal B, is open 24 hours, while Dunkin’ Donuts in Terminal C operates nearly 24 hours.

Getting Around EWR Terminals:


  • Terminals A and C: Passengers (excluding international arrivals) can walk freely between concourses without re-clearing security as they lead into a central area.
  • Terminal B: Passengers must re-clear security when moving between concourses.

Airside Transport (Inside the Secure Area):

  • United Airlines Shuttle Bus: Runs between gates A28, B68, and C71, allowing Star Alliance passengers to transfer without re-clearing security.
  • Operating Hours:
    • Terminals A and C: 4 a.m. to 12 a.m.
    • Terminal B to Terminals A and C: 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Landside Transport (Outside the Secure Area):

  • AirTrain: Connects all terminals, parking lots, and the rental car center. Passengers must re-clear security at the next terminal.
  • Schedule and Fees:
    • Within Airport: Free, operating every 3 to 5 minutes from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., and every 15 minutes from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.
    • To Newark Liberty Airport Station: $8 fee (free for children under 11). Travel times:
    • Terminal C: 7 minutes
    • Terminal B: 9 minutes
    • Terminal A: 15 minutes

Tips for Navigating Newark Airport (EWR)

Tip #1 – Cots Availability: United Airlines provides cots at Terminal C, especially around gates 133 and 134. If you need a place to sleep, ask for these at the United customer service desk.

Tip #2 – Reclining Chairs: In Terminal A, there are reclining chairs with small tables and charging outlets. These are hard-surfaced, so bring a cushion and eye mask for comfort.

Tip #3 – Food Court Sleeping Spots: In Terminal A, the food court has padded seats without armrests. These are good for a nap but can get busy early in the morning.

Tip #4 – Warm and Quiet Spots: The meditation room in Terminal C is a warm, reasonably quiet space to rest. It’s usually undisturbed, making it ideal for catching some sleep.

Tip #5 – Earplugs and Eye Masks: Given the airport’s bright lighting and frequent announcements, earplugs and eye masks are essential for a decent sleep.

Tip #6 – 24-Hour Food Options: Dunkin’ Donuts is open 24 hours in Terminal A. It’s a reliable spot for late-night snacks and coffee.

Tip #7 – Avoid Terminal A at Night: Terminal A is less traveler-friendly overnight, with frequent homeless activity and fewer secure areas compared to Terminal C.

Tip #8 – Use Terminal C for Overnight Stays: Terminal C remains open 24/7 and is generally more secure and comfortable for overnight stays compared to other terminals.

Tip #9 – Secure Your Belongings: There have been reports of thefts, especially in less busy areas. Keep your belongings close and consider using a bike lock for added security.

Tip #10 – Temperature Control: The airport can get very cold, so bring warm clothing or a blanket to stay comfortable.

Tip #11 – Charging Points: Power outlets are available throughout the airport but can be faulty. Check outlets before settling down to charge your devices.

Tip #12 – WiFi Limitations: Free WiFi is limited to 30 minutes via Boingo. Plan for data usage or consider purchasing additional WiFi time if needed.

Tip #13 – Safe Sleeping Spots: For a quieter experience, head to gate C70 or the United customer service area, both of which have carpeted floors and low traffic.

Tip #14 – Early Morning Noise: Cleaning activities and early morning announcements can be loud. Find a secluded corner or use noise-canceling headphones to minimize disturbances.

Tip #15 – Accessible Bathrooms: Terminal C has easily accessible bathrooms, but those in Terminal A might require navigating construction zones.

Tip #16 – Avoid Pre-Security Areas: Pre-security areas, especially in Terminals A and B, have more homeless activity and fewer amenities, making them less ideal for resting.

Tip #17 – Stay Hydrated: Water fountains are available, but some may be out of service. Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your stay.

Additional Tips for Navigating Newark Airport (EWR)

Tip #18 – Quiet Corners for Naps: In Terminal C, there are quiet corners near gate C95. These areas are less frequented and good for a short nap.

Tip #19 – High Traffic Areas: Avoid sleeping near main walkways or food courts during peak hours as these areas can get very busy and noisy.

Tip #20 – Safety First: Stay in well-lit areas with other travelers, especially if you’re alone. This enhances safety and reduces the likelihood of theft.

Tip #21 – Use Portable Chargers: Given the faulty power outlets in some areas, bringing a portable charger ensures your devices stay powered throughout your stay.

Tip #22 – Stay Near the Gate: If you have an early morning flight, find a sleeping spot near your gate to avoid missing announcements or last-minute gate changes.

Tip #23 – Check Terminal Operations: Confirm terminal operating hours as some terminals may close overnight, especially Terminal A and B, which often restrict access after midnight.

Tip #24 – Consider Airport Lounges: If you have access to airport lounges, they often provide more comfortable seating, quieter environments, and better amenities for rest.

Tip #25 – Emergency Contact Information: Keep emergency contact numbers handy and make sure your phone is charged in case you need assistance.

Tip #26 – Use Luggage Locks: Lock your luggage and secure valuables in inside pockets or bags with RFID protection to prevent theft.

Tip #27 – Utilize Airport Maps: Familiarize yourself with the airport layout using maps available online or at information desks to quickly find amenities and sleeping spots.

Tip #28 – Bring Snacks: Since food options may be limited at night, pack snacks to avoid hunger during your layover.

Tip #29 – Stay Informed: Monitor flight status updates regularly, especially during overnight stays, to stay informed about any changes or delays.

Tip #30 – Utilize Meditation Rooms: Apart from Terminal C, check if other terminals have meditation or prayer rooms, which are usually quieter and less crowded.

Tip #31 – Plan for Early Morning Security: Security lines can be long in the early morning. Allow extra time to pass through security, especially if you’ve slept landside.

Tip #32 – Know the Food Options: Research the dining options in each terminal to find the best places for meals, especially those open late or early.

Tip #33 – Utilize Airport Staff: Don’t hesitate to ask airport staff for information about cots, sleeping areas, or any other assistance needed during your stay.

Tip #34 – Avoid Sleeping Near Vents: Sleeping under air vents can be uncomfortable due to the cold air. Find spots away from direct air conditioning.

Tip #35 – Prepare for Announcements: Frequent announcements can be disruptive. Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can help block out the noise.

Tip #36 – Bring a Blanket: A travel blanket can provide warmth and comfort, especially in the cold areas of the airport.

Tip #37 – Use Travel Pillows: A good travel pillow can significantly improve the comfort of your sleeping experience in the airport.

Tip #38 – Seek Out Benches: Look for benches in food courts or quiet areas, as they often provide more comfortable sleeping options compared to chairs.

Tip #39 – Avoid High Traffic Times: Try to rest during lower traffic times, typically late at night to early morning, to reduce noise and disturbances.

Tip #49 – Prefer Terminal C for Overnight Stays: Terminal C is more traveler-friendly for overnight stays, remaining open 24/7 with better security and amenities compared to Terminals A and B.

Tip #41 – Monitor Belongings: Always keep an eye on your belongings or use a travel lock to secure them, especially while sleeping.

Tip #42 – Scout Ahead: If you have time, scout the terminal for the best sleeping spots before settling down to ensure you find the most comfortable and quiet areas.

With these tips, navigating Newark Airport (EWR) for an overnight stay or layover should be more manageable and comfortable. Safe travels!

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