Taipei Taoyuan Airport Guide

Taipei Taoyuan Airport (TPE) is a modern and traveler-friendly airport with two terminals, offering a variety of amenities to make layovers comfortable and enjoyable. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate and make the most of your time during a layover.

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TPE Airport Guide – Helpful to Know Beforehand

Terminals and Amenities

  • Terminal 1:
    • Dining: Offers a variety of Asian and Western food outlets.
    • Shopping: Numerous shops for souvenirs, electronics, and more.
    • 24-Hour Convenience Stores: At least three stores are open round the clock, perfect for snacks, drinks, and last-minute essentials.
  • Terminal 2:
    • Dining and Shopping: Similar to Terminal 1, with additional themed lounges and rest zones.
    • Indoor Gardens: Provides a serene environment for relaxation.
    • Themed Rest Zones: Unique areas like the Hello Kitty Lounge and Scenic Zone for relaxation and fun.

Sleeping in Taipei Taoyuan Airport:

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) offers a diverse range of sleeping options to accommodate various traveler needs.

For those seeking privacy, the Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 2 provides private sleep pods, ideal for undisturbed rest, available for both 6-hour and 12-hour stays.

Alternatively, the CHO Stay Capsule Hotel offers budget-friendly dorm-style accommodations with bunk beds and shared amenities, perfect for solo travelers and those on a tighter budget.

Within the terminals, free rest areas have been upgraded with comfortable reclining chairs, particularly in the Scenic Zone on the 3rd floor airside and the Shi Shi Ru Yuan resting area in Terminal 2, 4F Transfer Hall, offering quiet zones for relaxation.

The airport also features themed lounges and the Library Lounge for a unique resting experience, and amenities such as 24-hour cafes and free shower facilities enhance overall comfort.

Whether travelers prefer the luxury of private suites or the convenience of free resting areas, TPE caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets, ensuring a restful layover for all.

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Showers and Freshening Up

  • Free Shower Facilities:
    • Available 24/7 in seven locations across Terminals 1 and 2.
    • Facilities: The airport’s shower rooms are well-equipped with tables, chairs, hooks, and mirrors, making them ideal for freshening up after a long day of travel.
    • Locations:
      • Terminal 1:
        • 1F, Arrivals
        • 2F, Arrivals (2 locations)
        • 4F, Departures
      • Terminal 2:
        • 1F, Arrivals
        • 4F, Departures (2 locations)
    • Operating Hours: All shower rooms are open 24 hours a day.
    • Cost: The shower facilities are free of charge.
    • Towel Availability: Towels can be purchased at the Salon Shop near the showers in Terminal 2, 2F, for a fee of US$4.

WiFi and Connectivity

  • Free WiFi: Accessible throughout the airport, connect to “Airport Free WiFi” for easy internet access.

Navigation and Access

  • Terminal Connections: Easily accessible via shuttle buses and pedestrian walkways.
  • Nearby Hotels: For longer layovers, nearby hotels like Hotel Novotel Taipei Taoyuan and City Suites Gateway offer comfortable accommodations.

Lounges at Taipei Taoyuan Airport (TPE)

Below is a table with summary info on the lounges you can access at TPE:

Lounge NameLocationAmenitiesHoursAccess
Plaza Premium Lounge (T1, Zone D)Terminal 1, Airside, Level 4, Departure Hall, Zone DShowers24 hoursPay at the Door • Lounge membership programs
Plaza Premium Lounge (T1, Zone C)Terminal 1, Airside, Level 4, Departure Hall, Zone CN/AN/APay at the Door • Lounge membership programs
More Premium LoungeTerminal 2, Airside, Departures Hall, 4th FloorShowersN/APay at the Door
Plaza Premium Lounge (T2, Zone A)Terminal 2, Airside, Level 4, Zone AShowers, Napping Areas24 hoursPay at the Door • Lounge membership programs
Plaza Premium Lounge (T2, Zone A1)Terminal 2, Airside, Level 4, Zone A1N/A24 hoursPay at the Door • Lounge membership programs

Guides for Taipei Airport & Tips

Tip #1: Opt for 24-Hour Cafes

Many eateries at Taipei Taoyuan Airport close by midnight, but 24-hour options like Dream Cafe (T2, landside, 1F) and Illy Cafe (T1, airside, near Gate A8 & Gate B7) are available for late-night snacks. “These spots are perfect for grabbing a snack or coffee if you’re in the airport during off-hours” (Guest review, March 2024).

Tip #2: Bring a Blanket for the Cold

The airport can get quite cold, especially near air conditioning vents, so it’s smart to bring a blanket or wear layers. “Many travelers noted, ‘the airport can be very cold,’ especially in large open spaces” (Guest review, February 2024).

Tip #3: Secure Reclining Chairs Early

Reclining lounge chairs are available in the Scenic Zone and other gate areas, ideal for comfortable naps. “These padded chairs are perfect for a comfortable nap” (Guest review, January 2024).

Tip #4: Utilize Free Shower Facilities

TPE provides free shower facilities 24/7 in several locations across Terminals 1 and 2. “Showers include tables, chairs, hooks, and mirrors for convenience” (Guest review, December 2023).

Tip #5: Use Earplugs to Block Noise

Frequent announcements and noise from other travelers can be disruptive, so bring earplugs. “Bringing earplugs can help mitigate the noise” (Guest review, November 2023).

Tip #6: Take Advantage of Luggage Storage

Luggage storage at CHO Stay Capsule Hotel is available for TWD 200 per piece for 24 hours. “This service is handy for travelers with long layovers” (Guest review, October 2023).

Tip #7: Enjoy 24-Hour Fast Food

24-hour options like Burger King (T2, landside, 4F) and Mos Burger (T2, landside, 4F) provide convenient meals. “Great for a quick meal any time of day” (Guest review, September 2023).

Tip #8: Connect to Free WiFi

Free WiFi is available throughout the airport; connect to “Airport Free WiFi” for easy access. “This makes it easy to stay connected without extra costs” (Guest review, August 2023).

Tip #9: Visit Family Mart for Essentials

Family Mart (T2, landside, 3F) is open 24 hours for snacks, beverages, and essentials. “A convenient stop for last-minute items” (Guest review, July 2023).

Tip #10: Use Quiet Areas for Better Sleep

The Shi Shi Ru Yuan resting area (T2, 4F Transfer Hall) is designed as a quiet zone. “It’s designed specifically for travelers needing rest” (Guest review, June 2023).

Tip #11: Bring a Travel Pillow

Seats at TPE, while comfortable, often lack pillows, so a travel pillow can enhance your rest. “A travel pillow can enhance your sleeping experience” (Guest review, May 2023).

Tip #12: Opt for Private Pods for Privacy

Private suites in the Plaza Premium Lounge (T2, Zone A) offer a quieter, more private resting experience. “These suites are ideal for those needing undisturbed rest” (Guest review, April 2023).

Tip #13: Plan for Shower Supplies

Free shower facilities don’t provide towels; buy them at the Salon Shop near the showers in Terminal 2, 2F. “You can buy towels at the Salon Shop near the showers” (Guest review, March 2023).

Tip #14: Use 7-Eleven for Convenience

7-Eleven (T1, landside, B1) is open 24 hours for quick snacks and drinks. “Great for quick, convenient purchases” (Guest review, February 2023).

Tip #15: Relax at the D3 Bar

The D3 Bar (T2, airside, 3F) is open 24 hours, perfect for relaxing with a drink. “Perfect for unwinding during a layover” (Guest review, January 2023).

Tip #16: Avoid High Traffic Areas for Sleep

Busy areas near escalators and main walkways can be noisy; seek quieter spots. “Look for quieter spots away from high traffic zones” (Guest review, December 2022).

Tip #17: Check the Scenic Zone for Chairs

The Scenic Zone on the 3rd floor airside offers padded reclining chairs for comfort. “These chairs are perfect for a more comfortable rest” (Guest review, November 2022).

Tip #18: Use Keycard-Access Areas for Security

The CHO Stay Capsule Hotel requires keycard access for rooms and bathrooms, enhancing security. “This adds an extra layer of security for guests” (Guest review, October 2022).

Tip #19: Bring Your Own Toiletries

Showers provide shampoo and gel, but other toiletries are not free; bring your own or purchase on-site. “Consider bringing your own or be prepared to purchase them” (Guest review, September 2022).

Tip #20: Join the Membership for Benefits

The CHO Stay membership program offers benefits and upgrades across all branches. “Members can enjoy special upgrades and perks during their stay” (Guest review, August 2022).

Tip #21: Book Early for Private Suites

Private suites at Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 2, Zone A) can fill up quickly, so it’s best to book early. “Booking in advance ensures you get a spot in the private suites” (Guest review, July 2022).

Tip #22: Stay Hydrated with Free Water

Free drinking water is available throughout the airport; bring a reusable bottle. “Staying hydrated is easy with free water stations in various locations” (Guest review, June 2022).

Tip #23: Use the Transfer Lounge for Rest

The transfer lounge in Terminal 2, Zone D features 13 reclining chairs, ideal for relaxation. “A great place to relax between flights” (Guest review, May 2022).

Tip #24: Explore Themed Lounges for Fun

TPE features themed lounges, like the Hello Kitty Lounge in Terminal 2, offering a unique experience. “These lounges are both fun and relaxing” (Guest review, April 2022).

Tip #25: Check Out the Scenic Zone for Views

The Scenic Zone in Terminal 2 offers reclining chairs and great airport views. “Perfect for relaxing while enjoying the view” (Guest review, March 2022).

Tip #26: Use Lockers for Extra Security

Lockers are available in Terminals 1 and 2 for secure storage of valuables. “Lockers provide peace of mind for your belongings” (Guest review, February 2022).

Tip #27: Take Advantage of Charging Stations

Charging stations are plentiful throughout Terminals 1 and 2. “Keep your devices powered up easily” (Guest review, January 2022).

Tip #28: Avoid Peak Times for Quiet

The airport is quieter late at night and early morning. “Nighttime and early morning are the best times for peace and quiet” (Guest review, December 2021).

Tip #29: Utilize the Children’s Play Area

For travelers with kids, the Children’s Play Area in Terminal 2 offers a great distraction. “A lifesaver for parents needing a break” (Guest review, November 2021).

Tip #30: Visit the Plaza Premium Lounge for Meals

The Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 2, Zone A) offers a variety of meals and snacks, ideal for longer layovers. “Great food options available in the lounge” (Guest review, October 2021).

Tip #31: Relax in the Library Lounge

The Library Lounge in Terminal 1 offers books and comfortable seating for a quiet retreat. “Perfect for a quiet read and rest” (Guest review, September 2021).

Tip #32: Use Family Mart for Last-Minute Needs

Family Mart (Terminal 2, landside, 3F) is convenient for any last-minute necessities. “A great stop for anything you might have forgotten” (Guest review, August 2021).

Tip #33: Explore Nearby Malls

Nearby malls, accessible via the MRT from the airport, offer shopping and dining options. “A quick MRT ride takes you to great shopping and dining” (Guest review, July 2021).

Tip #34: Check Availability of Free Sightseeing Tours

TPE sometimes offers free sightseeing tours for long layovers. “Take advantage of free tours to explore the city” (Guest review, June 2021).

Tip #35: Avoid Sleeping Near Check-In Areas

Check-in areas, especially in Terminals 1 and 2, can be busy and noisy; opt for quieter zones. “Check-in areas are too noisy for restful sleep” (Guest review, May 2021).

Tip #36: Use the Airport’s Fitness Area

The fitness area in Terminal 2 is available for those looking to exercise during a layover. “A great way to stretch and stay active” (Guest review, April 2021).

Tip #37: Enjoy Complimentary Massages

Some lounges in Terminals 1 and 2 offer complimentary massage chairs for relaxation. “The massage chairs are perfect for unwinding” (Guest review, March 2021).

Tip #38: Consider a Day Room for Long Layovers

Day rooms, available at nearby hotels, provide a private space for longer layovers. “Ideal for freshening up and resting during long waits” (Guest review, February 2021).

Tip #39: Use WiFi Lounges for Better Connection

WiFi lounges in Terminals 1 and 2 often have stronger signals than general airport areas. “WiFi lounges offer faster and more reliable internet” (Guest review, January 2021).

Tip #40: Take Advantage of Duty-Free Shopping

Explore the duty-free shops in Terminals 1 and 2 for deals on international products. “Great deals on duty-free items at the airport” (Guest review, December 2020).

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