Boston Airport Hotels with Free Shuttle

If you have a layover and looking to avoid the logistical challenges that come with traveling to or from Boston Logan International Airport(BOS), consider staying at one of the many hotels nearby that offer free shuttle services.

These accommodations ensure a seamless and stress-free transition between the airport and your hotel, addressing common concerns such as costly taxis, the hassle of navigating public transportation with luggage, and the unpredictability of local traffic.

This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on hotels that not only offer free shuttle service but also boast a variety of additional amenities to enhance your stay. Whether you require a brief overnight stay before a morning flight or seeking a comfortable base for exploring Boston, this guide has all the necessary details to help you make an informed decision.

Best Hotels Near Boston Airport With Free Shuttles:

Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport

The Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport, with its close proximity to Logan Airport and a plethora of amenities including a complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle, modern guest rooms equipped with Keurig Coffee Makers, microwaves, refrigerators, and complimentary high-speed internet, stands out as an ideal choice for various types of travelers.

Business travelers will find the hotel particularly appealing thanks to its business center, flexible meeting and event space, and complimentary access to a well-equipped fitness center, ensuring productivity and relaxation go hand in hand.

Leisure guests, including families and couples, will appreciate the indoor heated pool and the convenience of on-site dining options for breakfast and dinner. The presence of an electric vehicle charging station adds to the appeal for eco-conscious travelers.

However, the hotel might be less suited for those seeking budget accommodations or extensive leisure facilities, given its practical and efficient design tailored towards convenience and comfort for travelers in transit or those with early flights.

Pros and Cons of Shuttle Services at Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport


  • Reliability: The Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport offers a free 24-hour shuttle service to the airport and nearby train/subway stations, showcasing their commitment to guest convenience.
  • Efficiency: Many guests have commended the shuttle service for its promptness, highlighting quick pick-ups from the airport, which significantly reduces wait time and stress associated with airport commutes.
  • Friendly Staff: The shuttle drivers, noted for their friendliness, contribute positively to guests’ overall experience, adding a personal touch to the service.


  • Communication Issues: There have been reports of communication lapses between the hotel front desk and the shuttle service, potentially leading to longer wait times or missed connections for guests.
  • Limited Capacity: During peak travel times, the shuttle’s capacity may not suffice for all waiting guests, leading to delays and the need for multiple trips.
  • Dependency on Schedules: While frequent, the shuttle service operates on a schedule, which may not always align perfectly with every guest’s individual travel plans, necessitating some planning or wait time.

Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor

Offering free shuttle bus service to the airport just 5-7 minutes away, the Hyatt Regency boasts a convenient location with great parking and views. Guests also enjoyed the proximity to various restaurants and water taxis, as well as the 24/7 availability of the airport shuttle.

Given the comprehensive amenities and strategic location of the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor, this hotel is exceptionally well-suited for a diverse range of travelers. Business professionals will find the free airport shuttle, business center, and high-speed internet invaluable for both productivity and convenience.

The proximity to Boston Logan International Airport, coupled with 24/7 shuttle service, makes it an ideal choice for transient travelers or those with early flights, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Leisure travelers, particularly those interested in exploring Boston’s scenic waterfront and historic sites, will appreciate the hotel’s stunning city skyline and harbor views. Additionally, families will benefit from the spacious rooms and the proximity to local attractions, making it easier to create memorable experiences.

Pet-friendly policies further extend its appeal to those who prefer not to travel without their furry companions. In essence, the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor’s blend of practical amenities, convenient location, and attentive service caters to the needs of a wide range of guests, from business travelers and families to solo adventurers and pet owners.


  1. Timeliness and Efficiency of Shuttle: Guests often commend the shuttle for its punctuality and efficiency in facilitating transfers to and from the airport. According to a review from February 2024, the shuttle service was described as “especially timely and helpful,” highlighting its role in enhancing guest convenience.
  2. 24/7 Shuttle Availability: The hotel’s 24/7 shuttle service is a significant convenience for guests with early morning flights or late arrivals, ensuring that transportation is always available regardless of their travel schedule.
  3. Exceptional Service: Many guests have praised the high level of service at the hotel, highlighting friendly and accommodating staff across various roles, from the front desk to the restaurant and housekeeping teams.
  4. Quality of Accommodations: The rooms are described as spotless and comfortable, with effective light-blocking shades and quiet surroundings conducive to a good night’s sleep. The large TVs in the rooms also add to the comfort.
  5. Views and Environment: The harbor view rooms are highly recommended for their stunning views, especially noting the beautiful sunsets that many guests enjoy watching.
  6. Convenient Transportation Options: The hotel provides multiple transportation options, including a bus stop directly at the hotel, a shuttle service, and a water shuttle to downtown Boston, which enhances the convenience for guests.
  7. Good Dining Experience: The on-site restaurant, Harborside Grille, was mentioned positively for making dining pleasurable, despite some service delays.
  8. Helpful Staff: Shuttle drivers are noted for their helpful nature, actively assisting with luggage loading and unloading. This was specifically appreciated by guests with a lot of baggage, making their experience smoother and less stressful.


  1. Inconsistency in Shuttle Service: There have been instances where guests experienced difficulties in contacting the hotel for shuttle pick-up during the night, as mentioned in a review from April 2024. This inconsistency can lead to inconvenience, especially for those arriving at odd hours.
  2. Mandatory Packages Influencing Perceived Value: Some guests felt forced into purchasing packages that included unneeded services such as parking or dining discounts, which affected their perception of value regarding the shuttle and overall hotel expenses. This was highlighted in a critic from a business traveler in April 2024, who found the inclusion of unnecessary services in the shuttle package unfair.
  3. Lack of Communication and Assistance: A November 2023 review expressed dissatisfaction with the hotel staff’s assistance regarding the shuttle service. The reviewer pointed out a lack of information and help in navigating the property to find conveniences such as shuttle pick-up points, which could detract from the overall guest experience.
  4. Location and Accessibility: Some guests were initially disappointed with the hotel’s location, expecting something closer to downtown or more pedestrian-friendly areas.
  5. Room Amenities: The lack of essential amenities such as mini-fridges and microwaves in the rooms was a significant drawback, especially for guests needing to store medications like insulin.
  6. Additional Fees: Guests expressed frustration over the high costs associated with parking, dining, and additional fees like the destination fee, which seemed excessive to some.
  7. Service Inconsistencies: While some staff members were highly praised, others were noted for less satisfactory interactions, particularly at the front desk where guests experienced confusion and misinformation.
  8. Maintenance Issues: Some guests reported maintenance issues such as non-functional ice machines, lukewarm shower water, and noisy conditions in the rooms due to the bedding.

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Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport

This hotel provides a complimentary shuttle service to the airport, making travel convenient for guests. Additionally, its close proximity to the train station to the Freedom Trail and downtown Boston, along with a delicious breakfast, adds to the overall experience.

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport sets itself apart with several distinctive features. Firstly, its unique position directly at Boston Logan International Airport, complemented by a 24-hour complimentary shuttle service, caters to the needs of travelers seeking convenience and efficiency. This proximity and ease of transport provide an unparalleled advantage for those with early flights or late arrivals.

Secondly, the hotel’s commitment to guest satisfaction is evident through its offering of spacious suites and complimentary breakfast, ensuring a comfortable and value-added stay.

The daily complimentary reception, albeit without alcoholic beverages due to state laws, still serves as a pleasant social gathering for guests. Lastly, for families and pet owners, the hotel’s policies of kids staying free and pet-friendly accommodations reduce stress and costs, making it an ideal choice for family travel or those moving with their furry friends.

These features, combined with its strategic location near the MBTA Blue Line Subway, make it perfectly suited for various types of travelers, including families, business travelers, and pet owners, who prioritize convenience, spacious accommodation, and comprehensive amenities.

Pros and Cons of the Airport Shuttle and Parking at Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport

  • Convenience: The 24-hour complimentary shuttle service to Boston Logan International Airport and its proximity to the terminals make travel seamless for guests with early flights or late arrivals.
  • Frequent Shuttle Departures: The shuttle departs every 20 minutes, ensuring minimal wait times for guests looking to get to and from the airport quickly.
  • Additional Transportation Services: Aside from airport runs, the shuttle also offers transportation to the MBTA Blue Line Subway and the Water Taxi, providing easy access to downtown Boston and other attractions.
  • Cost Savings: Utilizing the shuttle service can lead to significant savings on taxi or ride-share costs, particularly for guests traveling to the airport or nearby locations.
  • Wait Times Can Vary: Despite the regular schedule, guests have reported occasional longer wait times for the shuttle, which can be inconvenient, especially after a long flight or when in a hurry.
  • Parking Fees: For guests choosing to park their vehicle at the hotel, the $60 parking fee might feel steep, especially for longer stays.
  • Shuttle Capacity: During peak times, the shuttle might become crowded, leading to less comfortable rides or the need to wait for the next shuttle.
  • Communication Issues: Some guests have faced challenges in locating the correct pickup spots for the shuttle due to communication gaps or unclear instructions.

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DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Boston – Cambridge

If you want easy access to transportation hubs along with complimentary shuttle service, consider staying at DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Boston – Cambridge. This hotel offers a free shuttle to Copley Square and Harvard Square, enhancing your mobility around the city. Guests have consistently praised the hotel for its cleanliness, great service, and the added convenience of the free shuttle.

Hampton Inn & Suites Boston Crosstown Center

With a bonus of a free shuttle to the Fenway area, guests at the Hampton Inn appreciated the convenience of transportation. Additionally, the shuttle service to hospitals and proximity to downtown sites added value to the stay.

Ramada by Wyndham Boston

Offering door-to-door free shuttle service and on-site free parking, the Ramada ensures a hassle-free experience for guests. The proximity to the Boston Convention Center and early flight accommodations further enhance the hotel’s appeal.

Courtyard by Marriott Boston Logan Airport

With a 24-hour shuttle service, this hotel is perfect for guests with early flights. However, guests noted that accessing the hotel from the city can be slightly inconvenient due to shuttle logistics.

Best Western Plus Boston Hotel

While slightly out of the way from downtown Boston attractions, the hotel offers ease of transportation with options like Uber and the subway. The availability of a continental breakfast adds value to the stay.

Hotel Inside Boston Airport:

Boston Airport has a single in-airport hotel operated by Hilton and accessible from Terminals A and E.

Hilton Boston Logan Airport

The Hilton Boston Logan Airport hotel stands out as the only AAA Four Diamond hotel directly connected to terminals A & E via climate-controlled walkways, with a 24-hour shuttle bus service. Its proximity to the airport, combined with spacious rooms featuring soundproof windows offering views of the city and Boston Harbor, makes it an ideal choice for travelers seeking convenience and comfort.

The hotel’s location, just minutes from historic downtown Boston, further enhances its appeal for both business and leisure travelers. With amenities like an indoor pool, fitness center, and on-site restaurant, guests can enjoy a comfortable stay before or after their flights.

The hotel’s attentive staff, highlighted in reviews for their helpfulness and kindness, contribute to a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Overall, the Hilton Boston Logan Airport hotel offers a convenient and comfortable stay for travelers looking for easy access to the airport and the city of Boston.


  1. 24-Hour Shuttle Service: The hotel offers a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service that is frequently mentioned as a convenient way to reach airport terminals and other airport services like the rental car center.
  2. Direct Airport Access: The hotel is directly connected to terminals A & E via climate-controlled walkways, which is highly valued by guests for its convenience, especially for early flights or late arrivals.
  3. Proximity to Delta Terminal: The hotel’s location is directly walkable to the Delta terminal, making it ideal for guests flying with Delta, reducing the stress and time needed to catch flights.
  4. Efficient Shuttle Service: They value the quick and friendly shuttle service provided by the hotel, which facilitates easy access to other parts of the airport and the rental car center.
  5. Standard Comfort: The rooms provide the consistent comfort expected of a chain hotel, which is important for travelers seeking familiar quality without surprises.
  6. Convenient On-site Amenities: Although they find the Starbucks in the lobby overpriced, its presence offers a convenient option for quick snacks and coffee, which is appreciated for its ease of access and faster service compared to other dining options.
  7. Views and Quietness: The customer prefers rooms with views of the airport and the harbor, noting that these rooms are not only aesthetically pleasing but also quieter compared to those facing the parking garage and freeway.
  8. Parking and Technology: The use of Digikey for easy access to the self-parking garage enhanced their experience, indicating a seamless integration of technology that facilitated their movement and car storage needs.
  9. Soundproofing: Despite the proximity to the airport and the presence of large windows, the excellent soundproofing in the rooms stood out as a significant positive feature, ensuring a quiet and restful environment.
  10. Unexpected Amenities: The presence of mini-fridges in the rooms, which were not listed on the hotel’s website, was a pleasant surprise, adding convenience to their stay by allowing them to keep drinks and snacks chilled.


  1. Shuttle Wait Times: Some guests reported longer than expected wait times for the shuttle, both at the airport terminals and when requesting pick-ups from the rental car center or other terminals, which sometimes led to frustration.
  2. Communication Issues: There are complaints about difficulties in communication, with guests unable to reach the hotel by phone to request shuttle pick-up, leading to further delays and inconvenience.
  3. Organization and Clarity: The shuttle service, while generally appreciated, was sometimes described as disorganized, with unclear instructions on pick-up locations or schedules, making it hard for guests to plan their transfers smoothly.

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About Boston Logan’s Public Bus Shuttle and Private Hotel Shuttles:

Public Shuttles:

The free shuttle buses at Boston Logan International Airport primarily facilitate movement within the airport premises, including connections between terminals, the rental car center, the airport subway station, and the water transportation dock.

Don’t expect transportation from public bus shuttle from BOS to your hotel from them, but the MBTA subway (Blue Line), taxis, ride-share services, and water taxis are reliable alternatives if your hotel doesn’t provide complimentary shuttles. They do provide connections to nearby public transit options like the MBTA subway and water taxis.

The Massport Shuttle is always complimentary, and boarding the Silver Line 1 (SL1) bus from Logan Airport incurs no charge. However, to connect to other buses, trains, or ferries, purchasing a ticket or pass is necessary. CharlieTickets can be used for subway travel and on local bus routes.

Here’s a table summarizing the four public transport options available from Boston Logan Airport:

Transport OptionDetailsConnections/Notes
SL1 BusPicks up and drops off at every Logan Airport terminal.Connects to the Red Line and Commuter Rail at South Station in downtown Boston. Free service from Logan.
Massport ShuttlePicks up and drops off at every terminal at Logan Airport.Connects to the Blue Line at Airport Station. Connects Blue Line to Green Line at Government Center and Orange Line at State station.
Ferry ServiceBoard at the Logan Airport dock.Services to Long Wharf (Downtown Boston), Hingham, or Hull.
The RIDEService provided by the MBTA for eligible customers.Free trips that begin at any Logan Airport terminal and end within three-quarters of a mile of an MBTA subway station.

Private Shuttles:

At Boston Logan Airport, passengers seeking hotel shuttles can locate their preferred private bus service at designated areas on the lower level of each terminal, where ground transportation is clearly marked. Here’s a quick guide on where to find scheduled buses at each terminal:

If you’ve booked your hotel and were promised or offered a complimentary shuttle, you can expect to pick them from any of these locations:

Here’s a table summarizing the locations where you can pick up their hotel shuttles at Boston Logan Airport:

AScheduled busesNear Door A105 on the Arrivals level
BScheduled buses (B1 and B2 sides)Near Door B101 on the Arrivals level (B1)
Near Door B114 on the Arrivals level (B2)
CScheduled busesNear Door C110 on the Arrivals level
EInternational Terminal, Scheduled busesNear Doors E104 and E105 on the Arrivals level

Why Consider Airport Hotel with Free Shuttle Service?

Choosing a hotel with a free shuttle service when traveling to or from Boston Logan International Airport can offer numerous advantages, especially considering the current absence of sleep pods like those from YotelAir and Minute Suites at the airport. Here are five compelling reasons to consider such a hotel:

  1. Avoid the Need for Sleep Pods: As Boston Logan International Airport currently lacks facilities like YotelAir or Minute Suites that offer private resting spaces, booking a hotel with a shuttle service provides a comfortable alternative to catch up on rest, particularly after a long flight or in preparation for an early departure. Check out our Guide on Sleep Options at Boston Airport with lack of Sleep Pods.
  2. Cost-Effective Transportation: Utilizing a hotel’s free shuttle service can significantly reduce travel expenses. Taxis and ride-share services can be costly, especially if you encounter traffic, which is common in and around Boston. A complimentary shuttle eliminates these costs.
  3. Convenience and Time-Saving: Hotels with shuttle services provide scheduled or on-call transportation that can save you time and the hassle of arranging your own transport. This is particularly advantageous for those unfamiliar with the area or local public transportation systems.
  4. Reliability: Hotels often have well-established routines and partnerships with reliable shuttle services, ensuring that you reach the airport on time for your flight, without the unpredictability that sometimes comes with taxis or public transit.
  5. Additional Hotel Amenities: Beyond the shuttle service, hotels might offer other amenities that can enhance your stay, such as comfortable beds, breakfast options, fitness centers, and customer service that can help with any travel-related inquiries. These amenities provide a more rounded and enjoyable travel experience compared to waiting at the airport.

Opting for a hotel with a shuttle service is particularly smart in cities like Boston where airport amenities might not include modern conveniences like sleep pods, making your travel smoother and more enjoyable.

Hotels Near BOS with Free Parking:

Hampton Inn:

If you’re seeking a hotel with parking deals near Boston Logan International Airport, the Hampton Inn Boston Logan Airport emerges as an exemplary choice. Located merely 2.54 miles from the airport, this hotel not only guarantees a good night’s sleep but also includes a package deal that offers a stay with airport parking included.

The hotel prides itself on its array of amenities such as a 24/7 shuttle service, a fitness center, indoor pool, and a complimentary hot breakfast. For travelers prioritizing convenience, comfort, and comprehensive service in the vicinity of BOS airport, the Hampton Inn Boston Logan Airport holds the promise of a seamless and stress-free pre-flight experience.

Below are more details:

Parking Information

  • Location: Hampton Inn Boston Logan Airport, 230 Lee Burbank Hwy, Revere, Massachusetts, 02151 United States
  • Distance to BOS: 2.54 miles
  • Shuttle Information: Free shuttle service available 24/7. Shuttle runtime is approximately 15 to 20 minutes, with shuttles running every half hour.
  • Package Deal: Hotel stay includes extended parking on-site. For example, 1 standard bed which sleeps up to 2 guests includes 1 night and 9 days of parking for $469.
  • Parking Management: The hotel utilizes a third-party valet parking service to operate and manage the parking facilities. The hotel is not responsible for items left in the vehicle or any damage to or by the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Handling: Vehicles may be moved and/or relocated to a remote lot used by the parking vendor for overflow. Keys must be left with the valet service upon arrival. Your vehicle will be dropped off and picked up at the same location.
  • Shuttle Schedule: Operates from 03:00 AM to 02:00 AM, 7 days a week, every half hour.
  • Booking Options: Various package deals are available, including the Sleep Package, which allows guests to sleep at the hotel at the beginning of their trip with airport parking included.

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Comfort Inn:

For those in search of a hotel near BOS with an appealing parking deal, the Comfort Inn & Suites Boston Logan Airport is a desirable option. Their package seamlessly blends the essentials of travel into one, encompassing the overnight stay and parking fees in one straightforward rate, thereby offering a streamlined and cost-effective solution for travelers.

With an impressive overall rating of 4.5/5 based on 2219 reviews, guests have praised the shuttle service, room quality, hotel staff’s professionalism, and the range of amenities available. Whether it’s for the beginning of a trip or for those extended stays, the Comfort Inn & Suites Boston Logan Airport ensures a restful night’s sleep, secure parking, and a timely shuttle to the airport, amplifying the ease of travel plans.

Parking Information

  • Location: Comfort Inn & Suites Boston Logan Airport, 85 American Legion Highway, Revere, Massachusetts, 02151 United States
  • Distance to BOS: 3 miles
  • Shuttle Information: Complimentary shuttle service operational 24/7. Shuttle runtime ranges from 5 to 10 minutes, with departures every 30 minutes.
  • Package Deal: Hotel stay includes airport parking. For instance, a room with 2 queen beds, which accommodates up to 4 guests, includes 1 night and 9 days of parking for $409.
  • Vehicle Details: Oversized vehicles must be reported in advance. The hotel offers vehicle detailing which can be inquired about upon arrival.
  • Shuttle Schedule: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with shuttles leaving every 30 minutes. Guests are advised to call the hotel for pickup.
  • Booking Options: The Sleep Package is available, designed for guests to stay at the hotel at the start of their trip with the inclusion of airport parking.

Four Points Sheraton:

Conveniently located only 4.5 miles from Logan International Airport, the Four Points by Sheraton Boston Logan Airport Revere caters to travelers seeking a smooth transition from hotel to flight. With its address at 407 Squire Road, Revere, Massachusetts, 02151, United States, it’s an ideal spot for those wanting to be close to BOS without compromising on comfort or amenities.

Parking & Shuttle Information

  • Location: Four Points by Sheraton Boston Logan Airport Revere, 407 Squire Road, Revere, Massachusetts, 02151, United States
  • Distance to BOS: 4.5 miles
  • Shuttle Information: Complimentary 24/7 airport shuttle service, with shuttle frequency every hour. The shuttle is reliable, offering convenient transfers not just to the airport, but also to nearby public transportation sites, allowing guests easy access to explore Boston’s key attractions.
  • Package Deal: Hotel stay comes with included airport parking. For example, a standard bed option for up to 2 guests includes 1 night and 9 days of parking at a starting price of $439.
  • Parking Info: Offers uncovered self-parking in a designated area for park, sleep, and fly guests. The hotel is not responsible for valuables left in the vehicle.
  • Check-In/Out Time: 03:00 PM / 12:00 PM
  • Directions: Detailed directions provided from different starting points, including from Logan International Airport, the North, South, West, and from New Hampshire/Vermont, ensuring ease of access for guests arriving from various locations.

Overview: The Four Points by Sheraton Boston Logan Airport Revere caters to travelers with its convenient location, exceptional shuttle service, and valuable package deals. It stands out not only for its proximity to Logan International Airport but also for its modern amenities and comfortable lodging options, making it an optimal choice for guests before or after their flights.

Hotels Closest to Boston Airport:

1. Hilton Boston Logan Airport

The Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport is ideally situated just 1 mile from Logan Airport, providing free 24-hour shuttle service to the airport and Subway/Train Station, making it a prime choice for both business and leisure travelers. This hotel features modern, spacious guestrooms equipped with Keurig Coffee Makers, microwaves, refrigerators, and complimentary high-speed internet.

Business travelers will appreciate the generous work surfaces and wireless internet available in public areas, while leisure guests can enjoy amenities such as an indoor heated pool and a well-equipped fitness center. The on-site Garden Grille & Bar, along with proximity to various dining and retail options, adds further convenience to the stay.

  • Address: One Hotel Drive Logan International Airport, Boston, MA 02128
  • Distance: 0.7 miles from Boston Logan International Airport
  • Average Rating/Number of Reviews: 4.5 from 4,622 reviews
  • Review Highlights: Directly connected to airport terminals via sky bridges, offers a 24-hour shuttle service. Praised for its convenience and strategic location. Some issues noted with room service and cleanliness.
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2. Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor

  • Address: 101 Harborside Dr., Boston, MA 02128-2918
  • Distance: 0.9 miles from Boston Logan International Airport
  • Average Rating/Number of Reviews: 4/5 from 4,181 reviews
  • Review Highlights: Features stunning views of the harbor, close proximity to the airport, and offers a shuttle service. Guests appreciated the excellent dining options.
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The Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor is distinguished by its cleanliness and stylish decor, offering guests immaculate rooms with modern furnishings and impressive harbor views.

While the hotel generally receives high marks for its warm and attentive service, some guests have noted issues with noise, maintenance, and the value proposition, particularly criticizing the costly dining options and additional fees.

Despite these concerns, the hotel’s convenient airport shuttle and prime location by the harbor make it a favorable choice for travelers who value cleanliness, style, and a scenic location.

3. Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport

  • Address: 207 Porter Street, Boston, MA 02128
  • Distance: 1.2 miles from Boston Logan International Airport
  • Average Rating/Number of Reviews: 3,104 reviews
  • Review Highlights: Offers free breakfast and evening reception, family-friendly. Some reviews mention noise issues but generally noted as good for airport access.
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The Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport offers a varied experience, highlighted by its close proximity to transportation hubs, making it a convenient choice for travelers seeking easy airport access. The spacious and clean rooms are frequently praised, providing comfort to guests.

However, the hotel has received mixed reviews concerning its shuttle service and breakfast offerings, with some guests expressing dissatisfaction with both the quality and efficiency.

Additionally, while the staff’s friendliness is often commended, issues with service efficiency and unexpected charges have impacted the perceived value of stays. This hotel might suit travelers who prioritize location and spacious accommodations but may be less ideal for those seeking consistency in services and amenities.

4. Courtyard by Marriott Boston Logan Airport

  • Address: 225 William F McClellan Hwy, Boston, MA 02128-1176
  • Distance: 1.7 miles from Boston Logan International Airport
  • Average Rating/Number of Reviews: 1,009 reviews
  • Review Highlights: Comfortable rooms suitable for business travelers. Some guests noted the efficient shuttle service, though it can be busy during peak times.
  • CHeck rates:

Clients appreciate several aspects of this Courtyard hotel, especially its proximity to the airport, which makes it a convenient choice for travelers. The shuttle service is highly valued, providing easy access to the airport and local destinations, despite occasional waits.

The rooms are noted to be clean and functional, with comfortable beds and a layout that separates the shower and toilet from the sink, enhancing convenience. The staff is consistently praised for their courteous and helpful service, which includes accommodating requests like late checkouts.

The hotel’s restaurant is another highlight, offering reasonably priced, good quality food and prompt service, which guests find satisfactory for a hotel dining experience. Additional amenities such as a well-equipped gym, ample parking, and a full-service restaurant set this Courtyard apart from others that only offer limited dining options. Despite some rooms appearing a bit dated and the inevitable noise from nearby highways and the airport, the overall package of amenities, service, and location makes guests willing to return for future stays.

5. Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport

  • Address: 100 Boardman St, Boston, MA 02128-2657
  • Distance: 1.8 miles from Boston Logan International Airport
  • Average Rating/Number of Reviews: 4.5/5 from 1,578 reviews
  • Review Highlights: Highly rated for cleanliness and staff service, provides a 24-hour shuttle, and is valued for its proximity to the airport.
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The Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport stands out for its strategic location just 1 mile from Logan Airport, with a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service that connects guests directly to the airport and local subway/train stations, facilitating easy travel to downtown Boston.

This hotel is particularly well-suited for business travelers due to its modern conveniences like Keurig Coffee Makers, generous work surfaces, microwaves, refrigerators, and complimentary high-speed internet in both rooms and public areas.

Leisure guests will also find the hotel appealing for its indoor heated pool, well-equipped fitness center, and the Garden Grille & Bar, offering a comprehensive and satisfying stay. Additionally, its proximity to various dining and shopping options further enhances its appeal, making it a versatile choice for all types of travelers.

6. TownePlace Suites Boston Logan Airport/Chelsea

  • Address: 30 Eastern Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150
  • Distance: 1.8 miles from Boston Logan International Airport
  • Average Rating/Number of Reviews: 423 reviews
  • Review Highlights: Offers spacious suites with full kitchens, pet-friendly, ideal for longer stays. Guests praised the helpful staff and overall cleanliness.

7. Hampton Inn Boston Seaport District

  • Address: 670 Summer Street Corner of Summer St and Drydock Ave, Boston, MA 02210
  • Distance: 1.9 miles from Boston Logan International Airport
  • Average Rating/Number of Reviews: 4.5/5 from 429 reviews
  • Review Highlights: Includes free breakfast, modern facilities, and is praised for customer service and cleanliness, although it is somewhat distant from downtown attractions.

The hotel’s prime location near the waterfront and within a five-minute walk from Flynn Cruise Terminal makes it particularly suited for travelers interested in maritime activities or attending events at nearby facilities like the BCEC and Leader Bank Pavilion.

Its proximity to wharf parks and local dining options enhances its appeal for those looking to explore the area on foot. Unique amenities such as free breakfast, WiFi, a business center, and 24-hour fitness center cater to both leisure and business travelers. Additionally, the indoor pool and the sunlit ballroom with harbor views offer exceptional spaces for relaxation and events, making it an attractive option for various guests. Be sure to check reviews


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