The Best Hotels Near Guadalajara with Free Shuttle

Finding a comfortable place to rest during a layover or before an early flight can be challenging, especially at Guadalajara International Airport (GDL), where sleeping options are limited and amenities are sparse.

With no in-airport sleep solutions such as sleeping pods, and a general lack of comfortable resting areas, travelers often find overnight stays at GDL unbearable. Fortunately, several nearby hotels offer a convenient and restful alternative, complete with free shuttle services to and from the airport.

This Guide on Hotels Near GDL Airport with Shuttle Service explores top-rated hotels near GDL Airport, including the budget-friendly City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto, the boutique charm of Square Small Luxury Hotel, and the modern luxury of Hotel Indigo – Guadalajara Expo.

Each of these hotels provides a unique blend of amenities and services, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free stay for all types of travelers.

Is there a hotel inside Guadalajara Airport?

No, there is no hotel located inside Guadalajara International Airport (GDL). However, several nearby hotels offer convenient accommodations with free shuttle services to and from the airport. Notable options include:

City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto, which is the closest and most affordable, Square Small Luxury Hotel with its boutique charm, and the luxurious Hilton Guadalajara Midtown.

These hotels provide comfortable and convenient alternatives for travelers needing rest during a layover or before an early flight, ensuring a stress-free experience with their complimentary shuttle services.

Why Hotels Close to GDL Airport are your best sleep options during a layover at GDL:

Given the poor sleeping conditions at Guadalajara Airport (GDL) – including a mosquito infestation, high noise levels, uncomfortable seating, and inadequate amenities – finding alternative accommodations nearby is essential for a restful layover.

Travelers report multiple issues such as standing water, noise from overnight televisions, and strict enforcement against lying down on couches, making sleep at GDL Airport highly unpleasant. Read about the only 4 sleeping spots inside GDL Airport along with review of sleep at this Airport.

In contrast, nearby hotels like City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto, Square Small Luxury Hotel, and Hotel Indigo – Guadalajara Expo offer a much better experience. These hotels provide free shuttle services to and from the airport, ensuring convenient transit.

City Express offers budget-friendly amenities, Square Small Luxury Hotel provides boutique charm, and Hotel Indigo offers modern luxury and spacious rooms. Choosing these hotels ensures a comfortable and rejuvenating layover, making them the best sleep options for travelers at GDL Airport.

Overview of Your Hotels Options Near Guadalajara with Shuttle Services:

Travelers seeking comfortable accommodations near Guadalajara Airport (GDL) with free shuttle services have several excellent options, all averaging around $130 per night.

City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto stands out as the closest and most affordable choice, offering budget-friendly amenities such as air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary breakfast.

Its convenient location, just a short shuttle ride from the airport, makes it ideal for those looking to minimize transit time and expenses. The hotel provides essential comforts without breaking the bank, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hilton Guadalajara Midtown offers the highest level of luxury among the options, with spacious, elegantly decorated rooms, a rooftop bar, a fitness center, and gourmet dining options.

While it is the most expensive option, it provides a sophisticated and comfortable stay, perfect for business travelers and those seeking a more upscale experience.

In between these two, Square Small Luxury Hotel offers boutique charm with family-friendly features, including a rooftop pool, comfortable guest rooms, and a welcoming atmosphere. Each of these hotels provides a free shuttle service, ensuring convenient and stress-free access to and from the airport, catering to different preferences and budgets.

Our Pick for Best Hotel Near GDL with Free Shuttle Service:

City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto – Overall Best Option

With rates below $100, you won’t find another hotel as close to Guadalaraja Airport with reliable free shuttle service as City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto.

This hotel has been known to be the premier choice for travelers seeking convenience, comfort, and value near Guadalajara Airport.

With a range of amenities tailored for airport passengers, this hotel stands out as the best option for those looking for an overnight stay or a brief respite before catching their next flight.

Compared to other hotels near Guadalaraja that offer free shuttle service such as Hilton Guadalajara Midtown with a $200+ nightly rate and much further from the airport, this City Express’ rates below $100 are very attractive. Note that the free shuttle it offers is valued at about $10. Check City Express’ current rates here.

It’s proximity to the airport and the free shuttle is a standout feature:

City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto offers a complimentary shuttle service that significantly benefits guests by providing a convenient and cost-effective transportation option.

This service saves guests the expense of a taxi ride, which typically costs around 180 MXN (approximately $10 USD) for the short 6-7 minute drive from the airport to the hotel.

The shuttle operates efficiently, ensuring timely transfers and reducing the stress of navigating to and from the airport. This added convenience enhances the overall value and appeal of staying at the hotel, particularly for those with early or late flights.

But here are all the key features and amenities:

Key Features and Amenities

  1. Free Shuttle Service
    • One of the standout features of City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto is its complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. This service operates efficiently, providing a hassle-free transit experience for guests, ensuring they reach their flights on time.
  2. Comfortable and Well-Equipped Rooms
    • The guest rooms at City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, and comfortable beds, ensuring a restful stay. Rooms are also modern and clean, with practical amenities such as desks and reading lamps.
  3. Fitness Center
    • For those looking to stay active, the hotel features a well-maintained fitness center. Guests can enjoy modern exercise equipment, including treadmills and stationary bikes, with the added convenience of provided towels and chilled water.
  4. Complimentary Breakfast
    • A significant benefit for guests is the complimentary breakfast offered each morning. The breakfast includes a variety of options such as fresh fruits, vegetables, pastries, cheeses, and hot egg dishes, ensuring a nutritious start to the day.
  5. On-Site Parking
    • For travelers with vehicles, City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto offers free on-site parking. This adds to the convenience, particularly for those on road trips or needing a place to park during their stay.

Addressing Common Concerns

  1. Mosquito Infestation
    • The hotel’s well-maintained rooms and common areas are a respite from the reported mosquito issues at the airport. The enclosed, air-conditioned environment within the hotel ensures guests can relax without the discomfort of insect bites.
  2. Noise Levels
    • Despite its proximity to the airport and a nearby highway, the hotel rooms are well-insulated, minimizing external noise. For light sleepers, the provision of quiet, air-conditioned rooms ensures a peaceful night’s rest.
  3. Customer Service
    • While some reviews have noted challenges with customer service, many guests have praised the staff for their friendliness and professionalism. The front desk is staffed 24/7, ensuring that guests arriving at any hour are promptly attended to.
  4. Facility Maintenance
    • The hotel is known for its cleanliness and modern facilities. Unlike the airport, where maintenance issues like roof leaks are a concern, City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto provides a clean and well-maintained environment.
  5. Amenities and Accessibility
    • The hotel offers various amenities, including free Wi-Fi throughout the property, a small but functional restaurant, and convenient taxi services on-site. This ensures that guests have everything they need for a comfortable stay.

Guest Experiences

  • Solo Female Travelers
    • Reviews from solo female travelers highlight the hotel’s safety and convenience, particularly praising the shuttle service and the helpfulness of the staff.
  • Business Travelers
    • Business travelers appreciate the hotel’s efficient check-in process, reliable Wi-Fi, and the availability of meeting rooms and workspaces.
  • Short Layovers
    • For travelers with short layovers, the hotel’s proximity to the airport and free shuttle service make it an ideal choice. Guests can rest comfortably without the stress of long commutes.

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City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto offers an exceptional blend of convenience, comfort, and value for travelers passing through Guadalajara. Its strategic location near the airport, combined with comprehensive amenities and a free shuttle service, makes it the best option for those seeking a reliable and restful stay. Whether you’re in town for a quick layover or an extended visit, City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto ensures a seamless and pleasant experience.

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Other Hotel Picks Near GDL with Complimentary Shuttle:

Hotel Indigo near GDL: Mid-level Option

Another hotel near GDL with a complimentary shuttle service that blends modern sophistication and luxurious amenities tailored to both business and leisure travelers is Hotel Indigo by IHG.

This stylish and modern hotel boasts beautifully redesigned interiors and a range of upscale amenities, including spacious guest rooms with large windows for natural light, super comfortable king-sized beds, and well-appointed bathrooms.

Guests can also enjoy the hotel’s fitness center, rooftop bar, and a delightful restaurant offering a variety of gourmet meals. Priced similarly to Square Small Luxury Hotel, Hotel Indigo offers an elegant atmosphere with thoughtful details and attentive service.

A key highlight of Hotel Indigo – Guadalajara Expo is its complimentary shuttle service, which provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for airport transfers.

This service ensures a smooth journey for guests, sparing them the expense and hassle of arranging separate transportation.

Although the hotel’s location might not be ideal for those wanting to walk to the city’s major attractions, the shuttle service compensates by making it easy to reach the airport and other key destinations in the city.

Hotel Indigo is particularly suited for business travelers and those looking for a sophisticated, comfortable stay. The hotel’s proximity to Expo Guadalajara makes it an ideal choice for convention attendees, while its luxurious amenities and professional service cater to discerning guests.

Despite some minor issues noted by guests, such as housekeeping oversights, the overall experience at Hotel Indigo is highly praised, making it a top contender for travelers seeking both comfort and convenience in Guadalajara.

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Hilton Guadalajara Midtown: Luxury Pick

If you prefer a more luxurious experience in a hotel that offers free shuttle service near GDL Airport, Hilton Guadalajara Midtown is the epitome of premium accommodations.

Conveniently located close to the financial district and Expo Guadalajara, this modern hotel boasts an array of top-tier amenities including spacious, elegantly decorated guest rooms, a stunning outdoor pool with a bar, and versatile meeting spaces.

Guests can enjoy high-end features such as Digital Key check-in, 55-inch HDTVs, and access to an exclusive Executive Lounge when staying in a suite. The hotel’s on-site dining options provide gourmet meals, and the fitness center and lobby lounge add to the overall luxurious experience.

Hilton Guadalajara Midtown offers a reliable shuttle service to and from the airport. This service not only ensures a smooth and stress-free transfer for guests but also saves the typical taxi fare of around $23-28 USD for the 25-minute drive.

Unlike more budget-friendly options such as City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto, Hilton Guadalajara Midtown caters to travelers looking for a more luxurious stay with superior amenities and exceptional service, making it an ideal choice for business and leisure travelers alike.

Check Hilton Midtown Rates here.

Square Small Luxury Hotel: family-friendly option:

If your preference is a mid-level family-friendly experience with the added convenience of a free shuttle service near GDL Airport, consider the Square Small Luxury Hotel.

This family-friendly boutique hotel is perfectly located near notable landmarks such as Glorieta Chapalita and the Expiatory Temple, making it an excellent choice for visitors to Guadalajara.

The hotel offers a variety of upscale amenities, including air-conditioned guest rooms with flat-screen TVs, minibars, and free WiFi. Additional features include a 24-hour front desk, room service, a rooftop terrace, and a rooftop pool, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Complimentary breakfast and free parking further enhance the convenience for guests.

The standout feature of the Square Small Luxury Hotel is its complimentary shuttle service, which provides a hassle-free transfer to and from Guadalajara Airport. This service not only ensures a smooth journey but also saves guests the cost of a taxi fare, typically around $28 for the 23-minute drive.

The hotel’s prime location allows guests to explore nearby attractions, enjoy delicious dining options, and experience the vibrant cultural district of Guadalajara with ease. Whether you are in town for business or leisure, the Square Small Luxury Hotel offers a perfect blend of luxury and convenience, making it an ideal choice for discerning travelers.

I found this hotel to be priced competitively, about half the nightly rates for Hilton Downtown above but offers great amenities. Check its current rates today here.

Comparison Table of Hotels Near GDL with Bus Shuttle Transportation:

Here’s a table combining the information for the hotels near Guadalajara International Airport (GDL) with details on their shuttle services and average rates:

HotelFree Shuttle ServiceShuttle HoursAverage Price (USD)Notes
City Express Guadalajara AeropuertoYes24/7Less than $100 – Check RatesClosest and most affordable option.
Square Small Luxury HotelYes24/7Check ratesBoutique charm, rooftop pool.
Hilton Guadalajara MidtownYes24/7Check ratesLuxurious, business-friendly amenities.
Hotel Indigo – Guadalajara ExpoYes24/7Check ratesModern and stylish with gourmet dining.
Hangar InnNo (transfers for a fee)N/ACheck RatesAirport transfers available for a fee.
Hampton Inn by Hilton Guadalajara AirportYes24/7Check RatesReliable Hilton service and amenities.
City Express Junior Guadalajara Periferico SurNoN/ACheck RatesNo shuttle service available.
Holiday Inn Express Guadalajara AirportYes4:00 AM – 11:00 PMCheck RatesConvenient shuttle hours.
This table provides a comprehensive overview of hotels near GDL Airport, highlighting those with free shuttle services and additional key details for travelers.

Concluding thoughts:

Choosing a hotel near Guadalajara International Airport (GDL) with convenient shuttle service can significantly enhance your travel experience, offering comfort and ease.

Among the top options, City Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto stands out as the closest and most affordable, providing 24/7 shuttle service.

Square Small Luxury Hotel offers boutique charm with similar convenience. For a more luxurious stay, Hilton Guadalajara Midtown provides premium amenities and round-the-clock shuttle service. Hotel Indigo – Guadalajara Expo combines modern sophistication with reliable airport transfers.

Other notable options include Hampton Inn by Hilton Guadalajara Aeropuerto, known for its dependable service and 24/7 shuttle. Holiday Inn Express Guadalajara Aeropuerto offers a free shuttle from 4:00 AM to 11:00 PM, ensuring timely airport access.

While Hangar Inn provides airport transfers for a fee, City Express Junior Guadalajara Periferico Sur does not offer shuttle services. With a range of choices to fit different preferences and budgets, these hotels ensure a restful layover or convenient pre-flight stay near GDL Airport.

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