JFK Airport Lounges Guide 2024

JFK Airport Lounges

Delta Sky Club Lounge on JFK Airport Loounge 2 and 4

JFK has over 10 lounges located in six of its Terminals; 1, 2, 4, 5,7, and 8. As you fly through JFK, one of the things you can do is relax, smoke, eat, or even drink a beer any in any of the lounges. All you need is a day pass which you can purchase at the door if you don’t have an annual membership.

Several Airlines rent the space out from JFK’s airport management and their customers get to enjoy the space at a fee that they charge for the Day Pass. You should, however, note that your boarding pass will give you access to the lounges if you are flying First-class or Business Class.

Are JFK Airport Lounges Open? Covid Closure Notices

Following Covid-19 Pandemic from 2020, several lounges were closed for some period and some are still closed. Southwest and JetBlue lounges remain closed but the following JFK lounges are currently open in 2022:

  1. American Airlines – Gate 12
  2. Delta Airlines – Terminal 4
  3. Amex Centurion lounges

Day Pass Cost/Rates:

It costs an average of $40 to get a JFK Airport lounge if you are traveling economy class and want to purchase a Day Pass.

JFK Airport Lounges Terminal 1

At JFK Airport lounge Terminal 1, the following airlines operate lounges

Name of LoungeLocation
KAL Business Class LoungeLocation: Terminal 1, Airside, Gate 3.
Air France LoungeLocation: Terminal 1, Airside, near Gate 1.
Lufthansa Business LoungeLocation: Terminal 1, Airside, Departure Area.
Lufthansa Senator LoungeTerminal 1, on the left after security – open daily from 10 a.m. to 1:45 a.m.
Primeclass LoungeLocation: Terminal 1, Airside, next to Gate 8 & 9

JFK Airport Lounges Terminal 2

The only lounge on JFK’s Terminal 2 is Delta Sky Club Lounge.

JFK Airport Lounges Terminal 4

There are 5 open lounges that you can access at JFK Airports Terminal 4. Delta Sky Club is among the airlines with lounges on this terminal. If this Delta lounge is full, Delta also has another lounge on the 2nd Terminal.

Name of Lounge at Terminal 4Location
Air India Maharaja LoungeLocation: Terminal 4, Airside, next to Gate 5
Swiss Business Class LoungeLocation: Terminal 4, Airside.
Virgin Atlantic ClubhouseLocation: Terminal 4, Airside, near Gates A4 and A5
Wingtips LoungeLocation: Terminal 4, Airside.
Delta Sky LoungeLocation: Terminal 4

JFK Airport Lounge Terminal 5

On JFK’s 5th, there is one lounge called the USO Lounge which is located opposite Carousel #2 near the Baggage Claims area. USO is a non-profit organization founded in 1941 and supports active duty service members of our country’s Armed Forces, as well as their spouses and families. If you are a US military member or have a US military member in your family, this lounge is free.

Jetblue used to have a lounge here but closed towards the end of 2021 because of Covid. Not sure if they’ll reopen or the space is now operated by other airlines. Read more on Jetblue lounge at JFK here.

JFK Airport Lounges Terminal 7

Alaska Lounge is the only lounge on JFK’s 7th Terminal. It is located at the airside on the Mezzanine Level, past security check

JFK Airport Louges Terminal 8

Close to Gate 42 on the Airside, you will find the American Airlines Admirals Club at Terminal 8. Another lounge on Terminal 8 is Bobby Van’s Steakhouse.

JFK Airport Terminal 8 Lounge - American Airlines.jpg

JFK Airport Lounges By Terminal

Terminal 1Air France/KLM Lounge
KAL Lounge
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge
Lufthansa Senator Lounge
Primeclass Lounge
Terminal 2Delta SkyClub
Terminal 4Air India Maharajah Lounge
Centurion Lounge
Delta Sky Club
Etihad Airways First and Business Class Lounge
Emirates Lounge
The King David Business and First Class Lounge (EL AL)
SWISS Business Class Lounge
SWISS First Class HON Lounge
Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse
Wingtips Lounge
Terminal 5Aer Lingus Lounge
USO Lounge
Terminal 7Alaska Airlines Lounge
British Airways Club Lounge
British Airways Concorde Room
British Airways First Class Lounge
Terminal 8American Airlines Admirals Club
American Airlines Flagship Lounge

JFK Airport Smoking Lounges

JFK is one of the top 35 busiest airports that has committed to developing and encouraging policies that would reduce the harm of cigarette smoking for primary and secondary smokers. If you want to smoke at JFK airport, you will not be able to do so indoors and all smoking areas are outside any of the 8 Terminals.

No Terminal or lounges has a smoking area.

Even when connecting, you must check-in and essentially enter the US to get to smoke outside the airport. You can then go through security again to get to your flight. You can read this response on TripAdvisor here.

JFK Airport Priority Passes (Terminal 1,2,4,5,7 and 8)

Priority Passes are available in the following JFK lounges:

  1. Terminal 1: Air France Lounge, Primeclass Lounge, and KAL Business Class Lounge
  2. Terminal 2: No priority pass lounges
  3. Terminal 4: Air India Maharaja Lounge and Wingtips Lounge
  4. Terminal 5: No priority pass lounges
  5. Terminal 7: Alaska Lounge
  6. Terminal 8: Bobby Van’s Steakhouse

JFK Airport Sleeping Lounges (Terminal 5)

JFK Airport Sleeping pod Lounges (Terminal 5)

On the Airside of Terminal 5, there is a sleeping lounge with GoSleep Pods. A micro-hotel is under development in Terminal 4 and will serve clients looking to find rooms to sleep for a few hours.

You can also sleep at TWA Airport Hotel which is located in Terminal 5. A day pass for TWA Hotel is $25 and this gives you access to the hotel lounge, Infinity pool, drinks, and food. Dayroom rates will cost you $150 to $210.

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.