Guide to USO Lounge at Chicago’s Midway Airport

The USO Lounge at Midway Airport is often highlighted as a haven for military personnel and their families, providing a calm and safe environment amidst the hustle and bustle of airport life.

According to fliers, the lounge is praised for its well-lit and secure setting, making it especially appealing to solo travelers and those feeling vulnerable while sleeping in public spaces. Guests appreciate the lounge’s efforts in maintaining cleanliness, though some have noted the bathrooms could be kept better at times.

Despite its many advantages, the lounge does not escape some criticism. The primary drawbacks pointed out by users are the loud environment, which can make it challenging to relax fully or get some sleep, and the limited space available to sprawy out comfortably, particularly for those looking to lie down. Additionally, regular mentions of dirty bathrooms indicate room for improvement in maintenance.

Overall, the consensus among reviewers suggests that while the USO Lounge offers a relatively safe and conducive environment for waiting and brief rests, enhancements in terms of quietness, comfort, and cleanliness would significantly boost its appeal and functionality for travelers.


Travelers visiting the USO Lounge at MDW Airport can anticipate a welcoming and comfortable environment designed to cater to a variety of needs. The lounge offers complimentary snacks and beverages, ensuring guests remain refreshed throughout their stay.

High-speed Wi-Fi and a “Cyber Canteen” equipped with computers and a printer facilitate seamless connectivity and productivity. The lounge also boasts a well-stocked kitchenette and a cozy area featuring a big-screen TV and movie options, perfect for relaxation.

Entertainment is further enhanced with an Xbox gaming station and a selection of board games. For those seeking a quieter space, a library area with free reading materials is available. Additional amenities include newspapers and magazines, TV access, internet terminals, and restrooms.

The USO Lounge also provides copiers, fax machines, and travel and ground transportation assistance, making it a comprehensive hub for both relaxation and business needs.

While the lounge is non-smoking and does not offer premium food, alcoholic beverages, showers, spa services, private rooms, or a children’s area, its extensive range of complimentary amenities ensures a pleasant and accommodating experience for all visitors.

Here’s the table with the amenities at the USO Lounge in MDW Airport, categorized into available and non-available amenities:

Available AmenitiesNon-Available Amenities
SnacksPremium Food
Wi-FiSpirits & Liquor
Newspapers & MagazinesBeer & Wine
Internet TerminalsSpa Services
Printers & CopiersFlight Monitors
Non-SmokingPrivate Rooms
18+ CardholderChildren’s Area
Kitchenette stocked with free food and beveragesConference Rooms
Lounge with big-screen TV & moviesTelephones
“Cyber Canteen” with computers, printer, and free WIFI accessSmoking Area
Xbox gaming station and board gamesShoe Shine
Quiet library area with free reading materialsGym
Calling cardsClothes Press
RestroomsSleeping rooms
Copiers and fax machines
Travel and ground transportation assistance

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  • Concourse C (Inside Security)


  • The lounge is open 8:00AM – 8:00PM.


  • Lounge phone contact: (773) 582-5852

Review of the USO Lounge at Midway Airport


  • Welcoming Atmosphere: The USO Lounge has consistently been praised for its welcoming and friendly environment. Staff go out of their way to make guests feel welcome, which significantly enhances the experience.
  • Amenities and Comfort: With an ample supply of outlets for recharging devices, home-cooked snacks/meals available, and comfortable seating, the lounge offers a pleasant wait for travelers. The availability of movies, books, and snacks further adds to the comfort and convenience.
  • Cleanliness: Despite some feedback on the bathrooms, the lounge is generally well-maintained, contributing to a pleasant environment.
  • Decor and Ambience: The wall murals and overall decor of the lounge add character to the space, making it more inviting and enjoyable for guests.


  • Space Limitations: The lounge often faces challenges accommodating all guests comfortably due to limited space, particularly for those wishing to lie down.
  • Noise Levels: A common complaint among users is the loud environment within the lounge, which can make it difficult for some guests to relax fully or sleep.
  • Bathroom Maintenance: While the lounge is praised for its cleanliness, the bathrooms have been mentioned specifically as needing better upkeep to meet the same standards as the rest of the facility.

In summary, the USO Lounge at Midway Airport offers a friendly and amenity-rich environment for military personnel and their families. While it excels in hospitality and comfort, some areas, like space and quietness, as well as bathroom cleanliness, could be improved to further enhance the visitor experience.

Access to USO Lounge at Chicago’s MDW:

Access to USO lounges offers a refuge for active members of the US military and their families, entirely free of charge.The commitment of USO lounges to the welfare and comfort of military personnel highlights a valuable support system, acknowledging the sacrifices made by military families by ensuring their travel experience is as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Read more about USO Lounges here.

You can’t sleep on this lounge:

For travelers looking for a quiet spot to rest at Chicago Midway Airport, please note that the USO Lounge, while offering comfortable couches, does not have dedicated sleep facilities and closes early. Based on flier reviews, Concourse C comes highly recommended for its quiet atmosphere, especially since it’s less frequented by airlines like Suncountry and Allegiant.

While there are no bench seats available, using a foam mattress on the floor has proven to be a decent alternative for some travelers. Additionally, for those arriving landside at MDW post-midnight, the terminal offers numerous single seats and spaces where people have successfully stretched across several seats to nap. Remember, some parts of the food court remain open 24 hours for snacks and drinks.

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In our rating of MDW’s sleep quality, it attained a ‘Poor’ rating partly contributed by lack of sleep pods, lack of designated rest areas and lack of in-airport hotel. See breakdown of MDW’s score rating.

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