Bali Airport Sleeping Pods + Alternatives

If you have a layover at Bali Airport(DPS), you should get some sigh or relief knowing that this airport has installed innovative sleeping pods in the form are small rectangular capsules fitted with complete sleep facilities. Although the high temperatures may impact your sleep at airport terminals, the pods are temperature controlled and super comfortable.

Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport has stepped up its game by introducing the PassGO-Digital Airport Hotel, a capsule hotel tailored for travelers seeking rest at the island’s primary airport. This innovative lodging option complements the International Terminal’s satisfactory sleeping conditions, offering an array of armrest-free couches.

The PassGo Airport Hotel, particularly praised in the new Domestic Terminal, presents a more sophisticated resting alternative. For those needing a comfortable spot to sleep, especially when the Domestic Terminal is closed for the night, the PassGo Airport Hotel is an ideal choice. Meanwhile, the International Terminal remains open around the clock, providing basic but adequate sleeping arrangements.

For more comfortable sleep, check out the PassGo Digital Hotel which I’ll explain more in this article.

Does Bali Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes, Bali Airport installed sleeping pods in October 2022  and features a design akin to mini suites rather than resembling GoSleep Pods or EnergyPods. Distinct from the futuristic appearance of GoSleep designs, the pods at Bali Airport offer a bed and bedding within a compact, rectangular area, named Capsule Hotel. This setup provides a snug space, not quite expansive enough to be termed a room, tailored for brief rest periods for travelers.

The Bali Capsule Hotel is on Level II of the International Arrival Terminal and offers 132 capsules or “pods” of superior and premier class. The design of the airports is far from the common GoSleep capsule design with independent pods. Bali Airport Capsule Hotel has pods in two levels and they resemble those in Bangkok Airport exactly.

Bali Airport is on par with Istanbul Airport as the only other airport featuring a substantial number of sleeping pods. Istanbul Airport boasts a total of 144 pods in its new facility, surpassing Bali Airport’s bed capacity by 12.

Image Showing Entrance of Bali Hotel Sleeping Pods
Image Showing Entrance of Bali Hotel Sleeping Pods(Credit: Bali Page). Check Reviews

As I mentioned on our front page, most airports have been unable to quickly adopt innovative sleep technologies because of the significant amount of investment required to put up a hotel operation inside existing terminals.

The image below shows the inside of Bali’s PassGo Digital Sleeping Pod Hotel;

Image Showing the Interior of Bali Airport's PassGo Hotel Sleeping Pods
Image Showing the Interior of Bali Airport’s PassGo Hotel Sleeping Pods

Airport expansions can be excessively costly. However, the Bali Airport had the support and financial backing of the Indonesian Government, making it more feasible to implement and execute.

The introduction of PassGO Digital’s sleeping pods at Denpasar Airport has enhanced Bali Airport’s sleep/ZZZ score for these innovative sleep accommodations. DPS now joins the ranks of nearly 30 airports worldwide that offer sleep pods, and it is among fewer than 10 airports in Asia such as Singapore’s Changi and Japan’s Narita Airport to provide such facilities. Read about Narita Airport’s Sleep Pods. Unfortunately, India’s New Delhi sleep Pods are no longer operational.

Sleep Pods Hotel in Bali Aimed at Boosting Tourism

After the COVID-19 outbreak that began in late 2019, tourism in Indonesia experienced a drastic decline. The number of visitors plummeted from over 6 million in 2021 to less than 100,000 in 2022.

China, one of the main sources of tourists for Indonesia, implemented strict travel restrictions, further exacerbating the economic challenges faced by the country due to its heavy reliance on tourism.

Below is a chart I got from showing how tourism plummeted from 6.28 million in 2019 to near zero in 2021.

Chart showing the fall of tourist traffic to Indonesia

This significant downturn in tourism had a profound impact on Indonesia’s economy and when they launched the Sleeping Pods Hotel in late 2022, CEO of PT Angkasa Pura I, Faik Fahmi was quoted as saying that the pods would help restore the tourism sector.

Bali Airport’s sleeping pods were partly funded and operated by PT Angkasa Pura I, an Indonesian State-owned agency that manages airports. PT Angkasa Pura I partnered with PT Krisna Graha Primatama (KGP), an Indonesian Capsule Hotel operator to manage the hotel which they’ve named PassGo Digital Management.

Amenities of PassGo Sleep Pods in Bali Airport:

  • Access cards,
  • Cable TV,
  • Mattresses and pillows, blankets
  • 2 USB charging ports,
  • Ambiance lights,
  • Mirrors,
  • Reading lamps,
  • Headphones,
  • Private lockers
  • Shared bathrooms equipped with hot and cold water to freshen up.
  • Co-working area with high-speed Wi-Fi,
  • CCTV,
  • Lobby with living room
  • Slippers
  • Upper floors accessible by elevator

Sleeping Pods Locations in DPS:

The sleeping pods in Bali Airport are located at Level 2 of the International Terminal.

Cost of Bali Airport Sleep Pod PassGo Hotel:

PassGo Digital Hotel offers the most affordable sleeping pods I’ve found, and they even guarantee to match the price of your booking! Rates for a 6-hour stay start at just $17 or IDR 260,000. If you’re staying overnight, you can expect to pay around $21 or approximately IDR 325,000.

They offer a range of options including stays of 6 hours, 9 hours, and overnight. Reservations can be made in advance, or walk-ins are welcome depending on room availability.

Alternatives to Pods: Where to sleep in Bali Denpasar Airport?

Denpasar Airport receives a low rating (D) for its sleeping conditions, influenced by environmental factors like its proximity to the equator. Situated in a region with high temperatures, the airport experiences an average year-round temperature of approximately 30 °C (86 °F) and a humidity level of around 85%. It’s just super hot and not conducive for daytime sleep.

Apart from the weather conditions, it’s important to note that the Domestic Terminal closes at night. If you have a connecting morning flight, you’ll need to secure a hotel accommodation or opt for in-airport hotels mentioned above.

Summary of where to sleep in Bali Airport:

If you want a free spot to sleep in, your best spot is at the Departures entrance at the International Terminal, Landside, you’ll find a rest area equipped with comfortable reclining deck chairs and convenient charging ports. It’s the perfect spot in the international terminal for some relaxation and recharging before your journey.

The domestic terminals at Bali Airport close for the night, but the International Terminal is praised for its conducive sleeping environment. This terminal is kept clean and features various comfortable seating options, including recliners and armrest-free couches situated in the rest area to the left of the departure entrance. You’ll also find plenty of tranquil areas ideal for sleeping. However, be aware of possible challenges like mosquitoes and occasionally insufficient air conditioning, which may result in a somewhat warm and moist atmosphere.

Below is an image showing the reclining chairs;

image showing recliners you can sleep in at Bali Airport
An image showing recliners you can sleep in at Bali Airport.

Denpasar Airport Hotels – Paid Alternatives to Bali Airport Pods:

If you don’t mind leaving the airport terminals to get a more comfortable rest in a hotel, below is a list of hotels near Bali with pricing and the distance they are from the airport;

  1. Hilton Garden Inn Bali Ngurah Rai Airport 
    • Distance from Airport: Located 800 meters from the terminals
    • Shuttle: I does not provide free airport shuttle but can walk as it is only 5 min away. However, since there is an expressway to cross, I recommend taking Grab Car(equivalent of Uber taxi) and is really cheap – about 20,000 rp(~$1.5)
    • Review Highlights: Clean rooms, gorgeous pool area, friendly staff.
    • Tags: Close to airport, free airport shuttle
    • Price: $46 »check price
    • Suited For: Those with early morning flights
  2. Novotel Bali Ngurah Rai Airport
    • Distance from Airport: Located within the airport between the International and Domestic Terminals
    • Price: $69 »check price
    • Review Highlights: Excellent food, clean rooms, varied breakfast.
    • Tags: Closest to the airport
    • Suited For: Business travelers and short stays.
  3. Sulis Beach Hotel & Spa »check price
    • Distance from Airport: 0.9 miles
    • Price: $40 »check price
    • Review Highlights: Cleanest hotel, big rooms, comfy beds.
    • Tags: Close to airport
    • Suited For: Couples and spa enthusiasts.
  4. Aryaduta Bali
    • Distance from Airport: 0.9 miles
    • Price: $71 »check price
    • Review Highlights: Spacious rooms, near airport, good for day trips.
    • Tags: Breakfast included, free airport shuttle
    • Suited For: Families and travelers exploring Bali.
  5. The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali
    • Distance from Airport: 1.1 miles
    • Price: $511 »check price
    • Review Highlights: Beautifully appointed rooms, large bathrooms.
    • Tags: Breakfast included, luxury, does not offer free shuttle service.
    • Suited For: Luxury seekers and romantic getaways.
  6. Hyatt Regency Bali
    • Price: $194 »check price
    • Review highlights: Free shuttle to and from airport, has bike rentals, spacious rooms, great breakfast
    • Distance from Airport: 7.4 miles
  7. Bali Garden Beach Resort
    • Distance from Airport: 0.7 miles
    • Review Highlights: Good value, no free airport shuttle, balcony, have to pay for in-room wifi(free only in public areas)
    • Price: $117 »check price
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suited For: Budget travelers and families.
  8. Rama Beach Resort and Villas
    • Distance from Airport: 0.9 miles
    • Review Highlights: Close to the airport, free WiFi, free airport shuttle, free buffet breakfast, free parking, free shuttles to Discovery Shopping Mall, and Lippo Mall
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Price: $103 »check price
    • Suited For: Long stays and returning visitors.
  9. The Vira Bali Boutique Hotel & Suite»check price
    • Distance from Airport: 0.9 miles
    • Review Highlights: Close to beach and shopping, clean and tidy.
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suited For: Families and shopaholics.
  10. Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali
    • Distance from Airport: 0.8 miles
    • Price: $94/night»check price
    • Review Highlights: Smooth check-in, free airport shuttle, its right on the beach, delightful breakfast.
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suited For: Families and beach lovers.
  11. Swiss Belhotel Tuban[HIGHLY RATED]
    • Distance from Airport: 1.0 miles
    • Price: $33/night»check price
    • Review Highlights: Exceptional service, good location, great free breakfast, free shuttle.
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suited For: Business travelers and couples.
  12. Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence
    • Distance from Airport: 0.8 miles
    • Review Highlights: Near airport and beach.
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suited For: Families and beach-goers.
  13. Febri’s Hotel & Spa
    • Distance from Airport: 1.1 miles
    • Review Highlights: Spa packages, comfortable and convenient.
    • Tags: Spa facilities
    • Suited For: Spa enthusiasts and couples.
  14. Sovereign Bali Hotel
    • Distance from Airport: 1.0 miles
    • Review Highlights: Memorable, near airport, multiple restaurants.
    • Tags: Close to airport
    • Suited For: Food enthusiasts and solo travelers.
  15. Risata Bali Resort & Spa
    • Distance from Airport: 0.8 miles
    • Review Highlights: Great for quick trips, close to airport.
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suited For: Transit travelers and short stays.

The 5 Best Free Alternatives to Denpasar Airport Sleeping Pods:

If you’re navigating a layover at Denpasar Airport in Bali and seeking a good spot to catch some sleep, here are detailed descriptions of the best locations based on traveler experiences:

  1. International Terminal – Cafe Area Before Check-In Zone: This area is praised for overnight stays, particularly noted for its quiet and comfortable atmosphere. You can find it just before the security checkpoint, making it accessible even if you haven’t checked in yet. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a restful night without leaving the airport premises.
  2. Domestic Terminal – Gate Waiting Areas: Although there are no dedicated sleeping zones in the Domestic Terminal, the gate waiting areas are suitable for resting. These areas are generally found along the concourses near boarding gates, providing plenty of seating and floor space. They are less crowded and relatively undisturbed, making them good for a quick nap.
  3. International Terminal – Landside Rest Area with Reclining Deck Chairs: Located to the left of the main departures entrance before security, this rest area is equipped with reclining deck chairs and charging ports, free of charge. It’s an excellent spot for travelers looking to relax and recharge their devices before flying.
  4. Outdoor Areas at the Domestic Terminal: The spacious outdoor smoking area, despite its primary function, offers a comfortable sitting area surrounded by greenery and is equipped with its own cafe. This area is located landside, close to the terminal entrance, offering a breath of fresh air and a quieter environment away from the bustling terminal activity.
  5. Various Locations in the International Terminal: For a more impromptu rest, you can scout for quieter corners throughout the International Terminal. Travelers have found success in areas around less busy gates or in corners away from the main thoroughfares. Look for spots near architectural features or installations, which tend to be less frequented.

Review Summary of Bali Airport Sleep Quality:

Sleeping at Bali Airport (Denpasar Airport) can be a mixed experience depending on your location within the airport and the time of your layover. If you’re planning to rest here during a layover, here’s a concise guide to help you set realistic expectations and prepare accordingly:


  • Designated Rest Zones: The airport offers some designated rest areas with facilities conducive to sleep, such as reclining deck chairs and charging ports. In the landside before security, there are some reclining deck chairs and charging ports to the left of the departures entrance at the International Terminal. You’ll find most good spots mainly in the International Terminal, landside, before the security checkpoints. The cafe area before the check-in zone in the International Terminal is also highlighted as comfortable spots for sleep
  • Quiet Spots: Certain areas in the airport, especially around less busy gates or secluded corners, are known for being quieter, making them suitable for catching some sleep.
  • Basic Amenities: Some basic amenities like showers and areas with comfortable seating are available, though they may require your own supplies like towels and toiletries. Let me repeat. Come with your own soap/shampoo if you want to shower.


  • Temperature Control Issues: One of the main discomforts reported is the lack of effective air conditioning in parts of the airport, which can make it uncomfortably warm, particularly in the International Terminal.
  • Environmental Challenges: Common airport disturbances such as bright lighting and ambient noise from announcements or fellow passengers can disrupt sleep.
  • Mosquito Issues: Mosquitoes in certain areas of the airport can be a nuisance, making it uncomfortable for travelers trying to rest. Wear long trousers to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Note that CDC states that malaris is still a risk in some parts of Indonesia.
  • Accessibility and Navigation: Moving between terminals or finding the best spots for rest can be challenging due to unclear signage and the layout of the airport. First-time visitors might find this especially daunting. Here are good map for domestic terminal and international terminal with gates and location of all amenities.
  • Poor Airport Experience: The airport process, particularly immigration and emigration, is described as painfully slow. Emigration was specifically highlighted for its inefficiency, with long lines backing up into the security area. Be patient knowing that this is the norm in this airport.
  • Difficult Ground Transportation: Ground transportation is also criticized for being problematic, characterized by some of the worst traffic despite Bali’s moderate population density. This contributes to a negative first and last impression of Bali for many travelers.

Tips for a Better Rest:

  1. Preparation is Key: Bring a travel pillow, eye mask, and earplugs to help combat bright lights and noise. Mosquito repellent is also advisable due to the occasional presence of mosquitoes.
  2. Scout Ahead: If your layover schedule allows, take some time to scout out potential rest spots upon arrival. This can save you from wandering around when you are already tired.
  3. Stay Landside for More Options: If you have not passed through security, staying landside might offer more comfortable and accessible sleeping options, especially in the International Terminal.
  4. Keep Essentials Handy: Keep a light blanket or warm clothing accessible, as temperature fluctuations in different parts of the airport can impact your comfort levels.

Other general tips to have:

  1. Visa on Arrival: Purchase your visa on arrival at the airport. Ensure you have Indonesian Rupiah to pay for this, as the exchange rate for other currencies can be more expensive (approximately 500k Rupiah per person).
  2. Immigration Process: Be wary of solicitations to pay between $40 and $50 to skip the immigration queue. It’s best to decline these offers and instead choose the line with the most agents available to expedite your processing time.
  3. Exiting the Airport: After customs, you’ll pass through another check where your luggage may be scanned again. Beyond this point, you’ll encounter numerous offers for taxis, SIM cards, and currency exchange services. It’s advised to ignore these as they are typically overpriced.
  4. Transportation from the Airport: Pre-book your transportation through services like Klook to avoid the hassle and potentially high prices from airport taxi services. Using apps like Grab can also provide a cheaper and more convenient way to get around Bali. Klook offers private airport transfers to hotels as well and rates from Airport to InterContinental Bali Resort/IHG Hotel some 4 miles(6.7 kms) away is just $7.9. Grab rates may match or be lower than Klook’s. Regardless of your choice, prebook before you exit the terminals so you can have an excuse to avoid the expensive airport taxis.
  5. Currency Exchange: Exchange rates are generally better once you are in town, so it’s advisable to exchange a small amount at the airport if necessary and then look for better rates in local exchange offices.


Are there lounges at Bali Airport?

Bali Airport offers a few lounges, providing options for both day pass purchases and membership access. Among these, the Concordia and Premier lounges are notable for their availability of day passes. Both domestic and international terminals feature the Concordia Lounge, which can be accessed either with an Amex Card or a Priority Pass membership. Read more about Bali Airport Lounges here.

What is an airport sleeping pod?

A sleeping pod is a small, private space designed for travelers to rest or sleep in between flights. It typically includes a comfortable bed, pillows, and blankets, as well as amenities such as charging ports, WiFi, and sometimes even TVs. Sleeping pods are becoming increasingly popular at airports around the world as they provide a convenient and affordable option for passengers with long layovers or early morning flights.

Image of Nathan Kip Rotich

Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.