Bangkok Airport Sleeping Pods + 8 Alternatives

Bangkok Airport sleep quality scores B or above average partly because of its ample sleep amenities including innovative sleep technologies such as the Avagrand’s sleep Capsule Hotel.

A layover in this airport isn’t as unbearable as you would expect of a 3rd world country. The sleep quality at BKK Airport is honestly much better than what you will find in some airports here in the US.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport stands out among several Asian airports for its significant advancements in innovative airport sleep technologies, including sleep pods, suites, and capsule hotels. This airport provides a warm welcome to travelers on overnight layovers, featuring plenty of armrest-free seating. Many of these seats are thoughtfully placed in private and quieter areas, enhancing comfort for guests.

What I found outright impressive is the capsule hotel found in its Terminal Basement. These 5 sleep capsules offered by Avagard have been a blessing for travelers who just need to rest and recharge during their layovers.

This guide provides detailed info on airport sleep technologies in Bangkok Airport with details on pricing, location, review and how to book. Let’s get started.

Overview of Sleep Situation at BKK:

The sleeping experience at Suvarnabhumi Airport, as described by numerous reviews, offers a blend of comfort and occasional inconvenience. Travelers praise the airport for its spacious layout, providing various resting spots, notably the basement for its tranquility and ample power outlets.

The availability of benches without armrests and several secluded areas make overnight stays viable. Nevertheless, challenges such as chilly temperatures requiring a jacket, areas with bright lighting that may interfere with sleep, and noise from fellow travelers and airport activities are mentioned.

Dining options, including shops and restaurants, are available, though priced higher, with the Magic Food Court being an exception for affordable meals. In summary, Suvarnabhumi Airport offers adequate facilities for transit passengers needing rest, with safety and cleanliness standing out as commendable aspects.

Fortunately, Suvarnabhumi Airport Has Sleep Pods Installed:

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) offers a modern and comfortable solution for travelers seeking rest during layovers with its provision of sleep pods by Boxtel and Avagrand Sleep Pods.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport’s sleep pods offered by Avagrand are similar to those found at Japan’s Narita Airport or the former SleepBoxes at Dulles Airport. These pods are more spacious than the capsule-style pods by GoSleep and include a full bed with bedding.

Compared to other options like GoSleep pods or RestWork’s MetroNap EnergyPods(LHR), the sleeping pods at Bangkok’s airport provide additional space, storage options, and allow guests full control over the environment’s temperature and lighting.

Boxtel Capsule Hotel rooms qualify to be called sleep pods as they have the compact design similar to YotelAir and Minute Suite’s mini suites. They feature a rectangular compact private room with regular door, walls and windows. Their design isn’t as innovative as Avagrand’s.

Both located conveniently on the Basement (B) Floor near the Airport Link ticket center, these facilities provide easy access right within the airport premises. Boxtel’s pods are renowned for their comfort, featuring soundproofing, air conditioning, cozy beds with microgel blankets and pillows, free WiFi, work desks, alarm clocks, and secure key card access.

These are available for a 4-hour rental period, providing a private and tranquil environment for travelers. Similarly, Avagard offers a distinct experience with its own set of amenities aimed at ensuring a restful stay.

Each pod in both facilities maintains a high standard of privacy and comfort, making them ideal for those who need a quick recharge between flights. Whether choosing Boxtel or Avagard, passengers at BKK are afforded a seamless and restful experience, integrating modern conveniences with the needs of international travelers.

Snooze in Style with BKK Airport Sleep Pods

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport features unique accommodation options, including capsule hotels and sleep pods, with the Avagard Capsule Hotel and Boxtel standing out as the primary facilities. Here’s an overview of traveler feedback on these choices:

Boxtel Capsule Hotel

Also located on floor B1 near the train terminal, Boxtel is another capsule hotel option at the airport. It is slightly more expensive than Avagard, with rates starting at 2800 THB for a minimum of 4 hours. Boxtel is praised for its clean and quiet capsules, though it is noted as being a bit pricier compared to other sleeping options.

  • Location: Basement (B) Floor, about 30 meters from the Airport Link ticket center and shop; located on the left-hand side as you approach.
  • Room Features:
    • Soundproofing
    • Air conditioning
    • Comfortable bed with a microgel blanket and pillow
    • Complimentary WiFi
    • Work desk
    • Alarm clock
    • Key card access
  • Amenities: Shared restrooms available for guests
  • Rates: Approximately $31 for a 4-hour block

You can check Boxtel’s rates here.

Avagard Capsule Hotel:

Unlike other airport sleep technologies such as those by GoSleep which designs a futuristic reclining chair with a partial or fully enclosed privacy hood, the Avagard capsules are spacious and designed to fit in a single queen-sized bed. These pods are also equipped with various amenities I have shared below.

Located on floor B1 near the train terminal, Avagard Capsule Hotel offers capsule-style accommodations that are appreciated for their privacy and modern amenities. The rates are considered reasonable, starting at 250 THB per hour. Travelers value the privacy and quiet environment provided by the individual capsules, which offer a respite from the busy airport atmosphere.

Below is an image showing the inside of a typical pod you’ll find here;

Avagrand Sleep Pod bed in Bangok Airport

I agree with Jordan Parker Erb of Insider Magazine who reviewed this pod exclaiming that the pod ” felt more like a spaceship from a sci-fi movie than a hotel room” in this review piece.

Below is an image that gives you an idea of what these sleep pods look like;

Bangok Airport Sleep Pod image looking like space ship

I found the pods to be similar to 9 hours Narita Sleep Capsules in Japan as they are stacked on each other unlike GoSleep pods which are individual standalone pods. More details on Japan’s Narita Airport capsule hotel here.

BKK Airport Nap Pod Amenities:

  • USB charing ports.
  • Bottled Water
  • Free WiFi
  • Soundproofing
  • 2 pillow
  • Bedding
  • Tissues
  • Ear plugs provided
  • Flip flops – note that shoes are not allowed on the pods
  • Lights: overhead lights, reading lights, and mirror lights(behind the mirror)
  • Sleep mode button to turn off all the light
  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary flip flops
  • Complimentary locker measuring 54 by 54 by 77 cm to store your bags and comes with a 4-digit passcode which you set up. If you have a bigger bag, you can get an even bigger locker measuring 31 by 103 by 77 cm which can fit up to 3 suitcases.
Avagrand Capsule Hotel in Bangok Thailand Instruction Guide
USB Outlet at Bangok Airport Sleep pod

Review of Bangkok Airport Capsule Pods:


  • Very clean -Unlike the GoSleep Pod by JetBlue at JFK, where travelers were required to clean their pods, the pods are disinfected for you.
  • Plenty of lighting with ambient light and controls to easily adjust
  • Quiet and idea to sleep in – Can barely hear movements outside
  • Close to 711 – plenty of food options
  • Full privacy with sliding opaque door


  • Located far from most terminals but there is clear directions
  • Lack of privacy until you get inside the pods – the pods are located right in the middle of the hallway
  • No windows but it is well ventilated
  • Some users complained that it is a bit pricey
  • Some travelers complained of slow WiFi but this may be the case when you try to stream movies on Netflix
  • No showers
  • Only one guest allowed into the pod unlike Minute Suites which allow up to 4 guests in their suites.
  • No bathroom as Minute Suites but the bathroom isn’t far from the pods

Video Review of BKK’s Sleep Pods:

Bangkok Airport Sleeping Pod Price

You can stay up to 7 hours during the day or up to 15 hours overnight. The 7-hour day-use access is THB 900 ($25) and can book from 10 am to 5pm and overnight 15-hour access is THB 2200 ($60) and can access it from 6pm to 9 am.

Here is a link to book on or can check out the reviews on Tripadvisor here.

Below is a snapshot showing booking details for the standard overnight capsule;

Capsule Rates at Bangkok Airport for Lower Unit Overnight
Capsule Rates at Bangkok Airport for Lower Unit Overnight

Below is a snaphot showing the 7-hour day rate for the capsules;

Snapshot showing the day rates for the capsule at BKK Airport
Snapshot showing the day rates for the capsule at BKK Airport

Location of Bangkok Airport Sleep Pods:

This pod is conveniently located on Floor B in the basement, just a short walk from your gate. You’ll be able to reach this place in a matter of minutes, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey. It is situated on the Landside, Basement Floor, Airport Rail Link within Suvarnabhumi Airport, providing easy access to various transportation options and facilities within the airport premises.

Where to Sleep in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport: 8 Spots to Get Good Sleep:

If you would rather not spend money paying for BKK Sleep pods, you can sleep at free spots at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport’s designated rest zones.

These designated rest spaces have reclining leather chairs located in Concourses B and D, and will give you a very comfortable spots to unwind before their flight.

You can sleep overnight at BKK by taking advantage of the ample seating and secluded spots, including armrest-free benches, padded benches, and couches. Some notable spaces include in Floor 3 and 7 and in the Basement between Doors 7 and 10.

Below are some of the best sleeping places at BKK:

Several locations within Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport were noted by travelers as good spots for sleeping during layovers or overnight stays. Here’s a detailed list of these locations:

Basement Level:

The basement near the 7-11 and under escalators offers quieter spots that are conducive to sleep, especially during the nighttime hours when the Airport Rail Link is closed. The temperature is generally comfortable, making it suitable for a restful sleep.

Observation Deck:

The observation deck provides a quiet and dark environment ideal for floor sleeping. Located on higher floors, this area is less trafficked during nighttime, offering a tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of the main terminals.

Capsule Hotels:

Located in floor B1 near the train terminal, Avagard Capsule Hotel and Boxtel offer private, quiet spaces for sleep. These hotels charge by the hour and provide a modern, secure environment away from the terminal noise.

Free Lounges:

Equipped with reclining leather chairs, these lounges are located airside in Concourse B and D (west side). They offer a comfortable and cost-free option for rest and relaxation between flights.

Magic Food Court Area:

While primarily a dining area, the Magic Food Court on the first floor remains open 24 hours and provides a space where travelers sometimes choose to rest, especially when other common areas are crowded.

The area near the Airport Rail Link on the basement level is recommended for its ample wall outlets and less crowded environment, making it a practical spot for sleeping, especially when the rail service is not operational overnight.

Quiet Corners of Terminals:

Various quiet corners throughout the airport, including areas on the higher floors and less trafficked sections of the terminals, offer good spots for sleeping. Travelers often seek out these areas for their reduced noise and light levels.

1st Floor Food Court:

Although primarily a place for eating, the 1st-floor food court provides some seating areas that can be utilized for resting, especially outside of peak dining hours.

What Fliers Like About Sleeping in this Airport:

Travelers have highlighted several aspects of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport that make it a favorable location for sleeping during layovers or overnight stays. Here’s a summary of what fliers appreciate:

  1. Availability of Quiet Zones:
    • Many travelers appreciate the existence of quiet zones and less crowded areas across various levels of the airport, including the observation deck and certain secluded corners in the terminals. These areas provide a peaceful environment away from the general airport noise.
  2. Comfortable Seating Options:
    • The airport offers a variety of seating options without armrests, allowing passengers to lie down comfortably. Capsule hotels and free lounges with reclining leather chairs also provide a more comfortable resting experience compared to typical airport seating.
  3. Temperature Control:
    • Although the airport can be cold, especially during the night, the overall temperature control is generally appreciated because it creates a comfortable sleeping environment compared to more humid or warmer locations.
  4. 24/7 Operations:
    • The airport’s 24-hour operation, including food courts and convenience stores, ensures that travelers have access to food and other necessities at any hour, which is particularly valuable for those staying overnight or arriving during odd hours.
  5. Safety and Security:
    • Fliers often mention feeling safe while sleeping at the airport, citing the presence of security personnel and the general cleanliness and well-maintenance of the airport as contributing factors to a secure environment.
  6. Free Amenities:
    • The availability of free Wi-Fi and charging stations throughout the airport is highly valued by travelers, allowing them to stay connected and keep their devices charged without additional cost.
  7. Access to Showers and Spa Services:
    • Facilities like showers and spa services, although sometimes at a fee, provide an excellent opportunity for travelers to freshen up and relax, making the sleeping experience more rejuvenating.
  8. Convenient Transportation Options:
    • The proximity to the Airport Rail Link and other public transportation options makes it easy for travelers to arrive at or depart from their sleeping spots within the airport, adding a layer of convenience to their travel plans.

Overall, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is appreciated for its range of comfortable and quiet sleeping areas, combined with amenities that cater to the needs of transit passengers, contributing to a more pleasant layover experience.

What Fliers Dislike About BKK Airport Layover Sleep:

While many travelers find Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport a convenient place to rest, there are several complaints commonly mentioned by fliers regarding sleeping there. Here’s a summary of the issues they face:

  1. Noise Levels:
    • One of the most frequent complaints is about the noise. The airport is busy around the clock, and announcements, conversations, and general foot traffic can significantly disturb sleep, particularly in areas close to main thoroughfares and gates.
  2. Hard Seating and Limited Sleeping Areas:
    • Although there are areas with comfortable seating, many spots still feature hard chairs with armrests, making it difficult for travelers to lie down and rest comfortably. Finding a good sleeping spot can be challenging, especially during peak travel times.
  3. Bright Lighting:
    • Many areas within the airport are brightly lit throughout the night, which can make it hard for some passengers to fall asleep. The lack of dimmed lighting areas is a common grievance among those trying to rest.
  4. Temperature Fluctuations:
    • Complaints about the airport being too cold are common, particularly overnight. Some travelers find the air conditioning too strong and struggle to stay warm, especially if they haven’t brought sufficient coverings.
  5. Limited Shower Facilities:
    • Access to shower facilities is not free, and their availability is limited to certain areas like the Miracle Transit Hotel and some first-class lounges, which require payment or premium access. This can be inconvenient for travelers looking to refresh after a long flight or before continuing their journey.
  6. Overcrowding:
    • During busy periods, the airport can become overcrowded, making it difficult to find a quiet or comfortable place to sleep. This is often exacerbated by the arrival of large groups during the early morning hours.
  7. Inconsistent Wi-Fi:
    • While the airport offers free Wi-Fi, its reliability and speed can be inconsistent, which can be frustrating for travelers who need to stay connected or make travel arrangements.
  8. Security and Staff Interactions:
    • Some travelers have noted issues with security or staff interactions, feeling that they could be more courteous or helpful, especially during night hours when assistance is more needed.

These issues highlight the challenges some travelers face when trying to rest at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, suggesting areas where improvements could enhance the overall passenger experience.

21 Tips for Layover at BKK

Based on the extensive reviews from travelers, here are five helpful tips for a layover at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK):

Tip #1: Affordable Eats in the Basement
If you find yourself hungry during your layover, head to the basement level of BKK Airport where you can discover a secret canteen area. Here, you’ll find about ten street food stores offering reasonable prices compared to the more expensive food options on the second and third floors. The basement also serves great desserts and beverages, providing a more authentic and wallet-friendly dining experience.

Tip #2: Sleeping Spots for Overnight Stays
For those needing to catch some sleep, the basement level near the 7-11 and under escalators provides quieter spots with less foot traffic, especially from 1 AM to 6 AM when the Airport Rail Link is closed. The temperature is comfortable, but it can vary, so having a jacket and a travel pillow might enhance your comfort.

Tip #3: Use Grab for Reliable Transport
Avoid potential overcharging by local taxis by downloading and using the Grab Taxi app, Southeast Asia’s equivalent of Uber. This service offers fixed prices and can be a more reliable way to get around, but you’ll need internet access to use the app, so plan accordingly.

Tip #4: Capsule Hotels for Short Rests
If you’re looking for a private space to rest, consider the Avagard Capsule Hotel located in floor B1 near the train terminal. Prices start at 250 THB per hour. There’s also Boxtel, which charges 650 THB for a minimum of two hours, with each additional hour costing 300 THB.

Tip #5: Prepare for Variable Temperatures and Noise
The airport can be quite cold and noisy, especially with frequent announcements. If you plan to sleep in the public areas, bring earplugs and a warm layer of clothing to make your stay more comfortable. Additionally, bringing a power strip could be beneficial as some of the power outlets may not work, and they can be in high demand.

Tip #6: Stay Hydrated for Free
Instead of buying multiple bottles of water, bring a reusable bottle. You can fill it up at the drinking water fountains located near most restrooms throughout the airport. This is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated during your layover.

Tip #7: Opt for Public Transport to the City
If you’re planning to head into the city during your layover, use the Airport Rail Link, which is an efficient and economical option. It connects directly from the basement level of the airport to several major stations in Bangkok. The train service starts running around 6 AM, so it’s perfect for early travelers.

Tip #8: Explore Local Food Options on Level 1
For a more local dining experience, visit the food court on the 1st level. It offers a variety of small food stalls with street food prices, providing an authentic taste of Thai cuisine without having to leave the airport.

Tip #9: Secure and Comfortable Sleeping Areas
For quieter and more secluded sleeping areas, the observation deck and the quieter corners of the terminals are recommended. While less frequented by travelers, these spots often offer a darker and more tranquil environment for rest.

Tip #10: Be Mindful of Customs Regulations
Avoid unpleasant encounters with customs by being aware of Thailand’s strict regulations on items like cigarettes. Travelers are only allowed to bring one opened pack per person without declaring. To avoid hefty fines or confrontations, ensure you comply with these limits.

Tip #11: Enjoy Cheap Massages for Relaxation
If you’re feeling tense during your layover, take advantage of the reasonably priced massage services available at the airport. Located on various levels, these massage services can provide a relaxing break between flights, with options ranging from quick foot massages to full-body treatments.

Tip #12: Use Free Wi-Fi Wisely
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport offers free Wi-Fi, but accessing it may require you to sign up with some personal details. Plan ahead if you need continuous internet access by considering a local SIM card for longer internet use, which can be purchased at the airport.

Tip #13: Explore the Magic Food Court for 24/7 Dining
For those with a late-night craving or early morning hunger, the Magic Food Court is open 24 hours and offers a variety of tasty, affordable food options. This is particularly convenient for travelers who find themselves at the airport during off-hours.

Tip #14: Consider Short-Term Lounge Access for Comfort
If your layover is extended, purchasing short-term lounge access might be worthwhile. Lounges provide a comfortable environment with amenities such as showers, snacks, beverages, and quiet zones, which can greatly enhance your airport experience.

Tip #15: Secure Luggage Storage
If you need to store your luggage, use the Left Luggage Baggage Service Center located on the 2nd floor in the Arrival Hall near Baggage Claim and on the 4th floor in the Departure Hall behind the check-in counter (Row P). Rates start at THB 100 per bag per day, varying by luggage size.

Tip #16: Relax in Free Lounges
For relaxation between flights, free lounges equipped with reclining leather chairs are available airside in Concourse B and D (west side). These lounges are perfect for unwinding or catching up on sleep without additional cost.

Tip #17: Refresh with Shower Facilities
Freshen up before your flight at the shower facilities available for a fee. Locations include the Miracle Transit Hotel on Concourse G, Floor 3 East, and various First Class Lounges in the International Terminal on Levels 3 and 4 West.

Tip #18: Stay Connected and Charged
Free WiFi is available at Suvarnabhumi Airport for up to 2 hours daily. Connect using networks like .@AirportTrueFreeWiFi, .@AirportAISFreeWiFi, or .@AirportDTACFreeWiFi. Additionally, numerous mobile charging points are scattered throughout the airport.

Tip #19: Indulge in Spa Services
The Express Spa Body & Foot Massage, located in International Departures on the 4th Floor in Concourses A and G, offers a variety of spa services. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or other spa treatments during your layover.

Tip #20: Explore Bangkok with Transit Tours
If you have a long layover, consider taking a sightseeing tour. Transit tours of 4, 5, and 7 hours are available, with tour desks located on the Arrivals Level at Concourse C/D and D/E intersections. These tours are a great way to experience Bangkok without worrying about missing your next flight.

Tip #21: Premium Lounge Access
For a more luxurious wait, access the Miracle First Class Lounge located in Concourse A and another in Concourse C. Both are on the International Departures, Airside, Level 3, East side, open 24 hours. Lounge access can be obtained by paying at the door, with a prepaid lounge pass, or via lounge membership programs. Rates are 1500 THB for the first 2 hours, then 750 THB per additional hour.

Sleep Pods Alternatives in Bangkok Airport:

Miracle Transit Hotel:

If you prefer a more traditional hotel experience, consider the Miracle Transit Hotel located inside Bangkok Airport. Situated on the Airside of the 3rd Floor in the International Departures Hall, specifically Concourse A, this hotel offers day use rooms for 4 to 12 hours. Along with its convenient location, the hotel provides amenities such as a beauty salon, sauna, spa, free WiFi, and duty-free shops. It’s important to note that due to its placement inside Suvarnabhumi’s transit area, only passengers in the secure zone can access the hotel.

Check rates for Miracle Transit Hotel here.

Other hotels:


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