BenBo Sleep Pods in Naples Airport Guide

Naples International Airport(NAP), the fourth busiest in Italy, serving over 10 million passengers annually, is known for its strict layover policies, closing at 10:30 PM. Despite this, Naples Airport has introduced 40 innovative sleep pods, providing an affordable and flexible option for travelers. These pods help mitigate the airport’s lack of designated rest areas, offering a practical solution for overnight stays.

This Naples Airport Sleeping Guide highlights a few spots within the terminals suitable for resting before the airport closes and provides detailed information about the BenBo Sleep Pods, along with recommendations for nearby hotel accommodations in Naples.

What Kind of Sleep Pods Are There in Naples Airport?

Capodichino Airport/Naples Airport (NAP) features BenBo Sleep Pods, which are designed as independent mini-suites providing maximum privacy and comfort for travelers. Each pod is equipped with a comfortable bed, a reclining table, air conditioning, adjustable lighting, and a window that can be darkened.

These units also offer a workstation with Wi-Fi and a docking station, making them suitable for both rest and work. Additional amenities include multimedia TVs, touch-screen flight information displays, and an automated check-in process, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience. The pods are continuously sanitized and thoroughly cleaned after each use, maintaining a high standard of hygiene.

BenBo Sleep Pods are available 24/7 and can be booked on an hourly basis, making them a flexible option for travelers with varying layover durations. The combination of high-quality materials, attention to detail, and a focus on traveler comfort makes BenBo Sleep Pods a standout choice for those seeking a restful and productive stopover at Naples Airport.

The type of sleep pods that Naples Airport BenBo Sleep Pods are can be described as sleep cabins/mini-suites, similar to those offered by Minute Suites and Yotel but distinct in the amenities they provide.

BenBo Sleeping Pods in Naples Airport:

These innovative, compact rest units are designed for maximum comfort and convenience, featuring comfortable beds, adjustable lighting, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi. Privacy is a key focus, with automatic doors and darkening windows creating a serene environment.

Image Showing BenBo Sleep Pods in Naples Airport
Image Showing BenBo Sleep Pods in Naples Airport

Each pod includes a reclining table for work or meals, a docking station for charging devices, and a multimedia TV with flight information. Additional services like a bathroom kit and automated check-in enhance the user experience, making BenBo Sleep Pods a practical choice for short-term rest at Naples Airport.

Background of BenBo Sleep Pods:

Italy’s first capsule hotel, BednBoarding (BenBo) which opened at Naples Capodichino International Airport in 2017 is an Italian-owned independent capsule hotel operator.

The table below has more details about BenBo Capsule Hotel:

Number of Pods42 capsule rooms
DesignersCarlotta Tartone (Studiotre of Naples), Carlotta Tartarone (Dorelan) as per May 2017 Piece.
LocationNaples Capodichino International Airport
Additional SpacesLobby, shared general space
Private Bathrooms16 private bathrooms
Accessibility24/7 availability
AmenitiesComfortable bed, reclining table, air conditioning, adjustable lighting
Window that can be darkened, Wi-Fi, docking station, multimedia TV
Check-InAutomated check-in process
SanitationContinuous sanitation and thorough cleaning after each use

Features of BenBo Capsule Pods at NAP

BenBo Sleep Pods provide a convenient and comfortable resting option for travelers at Naples Airport (Capodichino). Located just 100 meters from the terminals, these sleep pods offer maximum privacy and flexibility with 40 sleep capsules and 18 bathrooms. Equipped with essential amenities, they cater to the needs of modern travelers, ensuring a restful and hassle-free experience.

  1. Location and Accessibility:
    • Location: Inside Capodichino Airport (Naples).
    • Accessibility: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Accommodation Details:
    • Bed: Each unit includes a comfortable bed for restful sleep.
    • Workstation: A reclining table is provided for working or eating.
    • Privacy: Features an automatic door and a window that can be darkened for maximum privacy.
  3. Comfort and Customization:
    • Air Conditioning: Adjustable to ensure a comfortable temperature.
    • Lighting: Adjustable lighting to suit individual preferences.
    • Sanitation: Units are sanitized automatically and thoroughly cleaned, including linen changes, after each use.
  4. Connectivity and Entertainment:
    • WIFI: Free and reliable internet access.
    • Docking Station: Available for charging devices.
    • Multimedia TV: Provides entertainment options.
    • Flight Information: Touch-screen displays up-to-date flight information.
  5. Additional Services:
    • Bathroom Kit: Available for personal hygiene needs.
    • Automated Check-In: Streamlined process for ease of access.
  6. Quality and Environment:
    • Materials and Design: High-quality materials that meet international standards.
    • Environmental Philosophy: Commitment to respecting and protecting the environment.

Benefits of BenBo Nap Pods:

  1. 24/7 Accessibility: Open around the clock, providing a convenient rest solution for travelers regardless of flight schedules.
  2. Comfortable Beds: Ensures restful sleep with high-quality beds and clean linens.
  3. Privacy Features: Automatic doors and darkening windows offer enhanced privacy, addressing the challenge of finding quiet, private spaces in busy airports.
  4. Adjustable Environment: Customizable lighting and air conditioning allow travelers to create a comfortable sleeping environment tailored to their preferences.
  5. Workstation Facilities: Reclining tables for work or meals provide a functional space for business travelers.
  6. Connectivity: Free and reliable Wi-Fi ensures that travelers can stay connected, whether for work or personal needs.
  7. Entertainment Options: Multimedia TVs with flight information help pass the time and keep travelers informed about their flights.
  8. Sanitation: Automatic and thorough cleaning, including linen changes, maintains a hygienic space.
  9. Automated Check-In: Streamlined check-in process reduces wait times and simplifies access.
  10. Proximity to Terminals: Located within a short walk from the airport terminal, making it ideal for layovers and early morning flights.
  11. Affordable Rates: Reasonably priced, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional hotel stays.
  12. Additional Amenities: Bathroom kits and docking stations address personal hygiene and device charging needs, enhancing overall convenience.

Comparing BenBo in Naples vs other Sleep Pod Brands:

BenBo Sleep Pods at Naples Airport differ from Minute Suites, GoSleep, and YotelAir in several ways. While all these options provide compact sleep solutions for travelers, BenBo focuses on providing a blend of comfort and privacy with automatic doors and darkening windows, adjustable lighting, and air conditioning.

Image Showing BenBo Sleep Pods in Naples Airport
Image Showing BenBo Sleep Pods in Naples Airport

In contrast, Minute Suites offer more spacious mini-suites with trundle beds, GoSleep focuses on simple, pod-like sleeping arrangements often without additional amenities, and YotelAir provides high-tech cabins with en-suite bathrooms and more comprehensive hotel-like services. Each solution caters to different needs, from basic rest to more extended and comfortable stays with a range of amenities.

Comparison Table

FeatureBenBo Sleep PodsMinute SuitesGoSleepYotelAir
LocationNaples AirportVarious airportsVarious airportsVarious airports
Bed TypeComfortable bedsTrundle bedsSimple reclining chairsHigh-quality SmartBed that converts to a couch(multifunctional furtniture)
Privacy FeaturesAutomatic doors, darkening windowsSliding doors, privacy curtainsEnclosed pods, no doorsFull cabins with doors
Adjustable EnvironmentLighting, air conditioningLighting, ventilationNoneLighting, air conditioning
Workstation FacilitiesReclining tableDesk and seatingNoneDesk and seating
ConnectivityFree Wi-FiFree Wi-FiNoneFree Wi-Fi
EntertainmentMultimedia TV, flight infoNetflix, Alexa, flight infoNoneTV, multimedia options
SanitationRegular cleaningRegular cleaningSimple sanitationRegular cleaning, en-suite bathrooms
Check-In ProcessAutomatedStaffed and automated optionsStaffAutomated
Proximity to TerminalShort walkVaries by locationClose to terminals Integrated within terminal
CostFrom $54 per nightHigher, $195 per nightVaries. Locations such as PER charge $56(AUS $84) while HEL charges $77 per nightHigher, varies by location and duration
Additional AmenitiesBathroom kit, docking stationOptional services (showers, etc.)NoneEn-suite bathrooms, additional services
This table highlights the distinct features and amenities of each sleep solution, helping travelers choose the one that best suits their needs.

Cost of BenBo Sleep Pods:

The cost of BenBo Sleep Pods at Naples Airport ranges from US$54 to US$61. A single capsule room with shared bathroom costs US$54, including taxes, fees, and free cancellation. Rooms with breakfast included are priced at US$59 and US$61. Another option is available for US$56 without breakfast. All options allow payment at the facility and offer free cancellation before July 23, 2024.

Check rates today here.

Review of Naples Airport BenBo Sleep Pods


  1. Convenient Location:
    • Proximity to Airport: Just a short walk (2-3 minutes) from the airport terminal, making it ideal for early morning or late-night flights.
  2. Affordability and Flexibility:
    • Cost: Reasonably priced at around £25 per head, with flexible booking periods.
  3. Comfortable and Functional:
    • Beds: Comfortable beds with clean linens.
    • Amenities: Each pod includes a TV, adjustable lighting, air conditioning, a reclining table, and free Wi-Fi.
  4. Shared Facilities:
    • Bathrooms: Generally clean with hot water, shared but maintained well.
    • Vending Machines: Available for snacks and drinks, enhancing convenience.
  5. Innovative Design:
    • Connecting Pods: Option to open partitions between pods for groups or couples.
    • Modern Features: Automated check-in, docking stations, and multimedia TV with flight information.
  6. Good for Short Stays:
    • Purpose: Suitable for brief stays to rest, shower, and change clothes, especially useful for layovers.


  1. Noise Issues:
    • Soundproofing: Pods are not well soundproofed, leading to noise from neighboring pods and common areas.
  2. Cleanliness Concerns:
    • Bathrooms: Some reviews mention dirty bathrooms, cold showers, and a lack of thorough cleaning.
    • Pod Interiors: Issues like no mattress or pillow protectors and occasional moist sheets due to humidity.
  3. Limited Privacy:
    • Shared Facilities: Shared bathrooms may lack privacy, with some facilities missing locks or soap.
  4. Operational Issues:
    • Check-In Problems: Reports of mixed-up check-in processes and unclear booking details.
    • Hidden Fees: Extra charges for towels and extended stays beyond initial booking times.
  5. Staff Attitude:
    • Reception: Mixed reviews on staff helpfulness, with some reports of unhelpful or rude behavior.
  6. Facility Limitations:
    • Small Space: Pods are compact, which may be uncomfortable for some travelers.
    • No Storage: Lack of hooks or adequate space for storing luggage and personal items.

BenBo Sleep Pods at Naples Airport offer a practical solution for travelers needing a quick rest before or after a flight. While they are convenient and affordable, potential guests should be prepared for noise, possible cleanliness issues, and limited privacy in shared facilities. Despite these drawbacks, the pods’ proximity to the terminal and basic amenities make them a viable option for short-term stays.

Booking BenBo Capsule Pods:

  • Booking Process: Book a room through the BenBo website.
  • Room Availability: Units can be booked by the hour or for longer periods, depending on traveler needs.
  • Booking: You can book on its website or on

Why Go for Naples Airport’s BenBo Nap Pods? Ans: Overnight Airport Closure

Naples Airport, known as Capodichino Airport, has a strict policy regarding overnight stays. The airport officially closes to the public from approximately 10:30 PM to 3:30 AM.

During this time, security personnel actively clear the terminals, and passengers are required to leave the premises. While some travelers manage to find secluded spots or temporarily evade security, the general rule is that the airport is not open for overnight sleeping.

Quality of Sleep:

Due to the closure policy, the quality of sleep at Naples Airport is generally poor. Passengers often face interruptions and are frequently asked to vacate the premises. The limited time windows available for sleep and the need to relocate multiple times hinder the ability to get a restful night.

Key Hindrances to Sleep:

  1. Strict Security Enforcement: Security personnel conduct thorough sweeps to ensure passengers leave the terminals during closure hours, making it difficult to find a stable sleeping spot.
  2. Cold Temperature: The airport’s air conditioning remains on at night, leading to a notably cold environment. Many passengers report needing extra layers or blankets to stay warm.
  3. Limited Amenities: The airport has few power outlets, no water fountains, and limited food options available at night. This lack of amenities adds to the discomfort of overnight stays.
  4. Noise: Frequent announcements and occasional alarms can disrupt sleep, even during hours when the airport reopens.

Unique Details from Flier Reviews:

  • Arrivals Terminal: Passengers have found relative peace near the information desk in the arrivals terminal, which remains less crowded and quieter. However, power outlets are scarce.
  • First Floor by McDonald’s: This area is popular for its seats without armrests, making it a preferred spot for lying down. Nevertheless, security often clears this area during closure hours.
  • Outdoor Lawn Area: The grassy area outside the airport is suggested for those who need to stay overnight, but it lacks basic amenities and shelter.
  • Secluded Stairwell: The stairs between the ground floor and first basement offer a hidden spot away from security cameras, though amenities are minimal.
  • Capsule Hotel (BenBo): Located near the airport, this option provides sleep pods with beds, lighting, and charging outlets for a fee, offering a more comfortable alternative.
  • Departures Area: Although it provides some seating options, the departures area is typically closed during the night, and security frequently checks for sleepers.

Sleeping at Naples Airport is generally challenging due to the strict enforcement of night-time closures, cold temperatures, limited amenities, and frequent disturbances.

While some passengers find creative ways to rest, such as utilizing the capsule hotel or finding hidden spots, the overall experience is often uncomfortable and interrupted. Travelers are advised to consider nearby hotels or prepare for the inconvenience if they plan to stay overnight at the airport.

Where to Sleep at Naples Airport: Free Alternatives to BenBo

Based on user reviews and experiences at Naples Airport, here are the best options for sleeping, including details on amenities:

1. Arrivals Terminal

  • Location: Near the information desk, specifically the back left side.
  • Amenities: This area is relatively quieter and less trafficked. It provides a decent amount of seating, and while power outlets are limited, the reduced foot traffic makes it a more peaceful option for spending the night until early flights. Restrooms are nearby, enhancing convenience.

2. First Floor by McDonald’s

  • Location: First floor, near the McDonald’s.
  • Amenities: Seats without armrests are available, suitable for lying down. McDonald’s provides food and beverages during operational hours, and there are restrooms nearby. However, during airport closure hours (11:30 PM – 3:30 AM), security may clear this area.

3. Outside Lawn Area

  • Location: Right from the airport building, facing the entrance.
  • Amenities: Banks and a lawn area provide outdoor seating options. While there are no direct amenities like food or restrooms, the open space allows for a quieter environment. It’s advisable to secure a spot before the airport closes to ensure availability.

4. Stairs Between Ground Floor and First Basement (Piano “-1”)

  • Location: Between the ground floor and first basement.
  • Amenities: This area is more secluded and away from security cameras, providing a hidden spot for sleeping. The proximity to restrooms is a plus, though there are no food or drink options directly available. The area’s seclusion makes it less likely for security to find and move sleepers.

5. Departures Area

  • Location: Departure terminals.
  • Amenities: While often closed during the night, this area has benches and limited seating without armrests, making it suitable for lying down. There are few power outlets, but the proximity to food and beverage vendors (when open) and restrooms adds some convenience. Security may enforce closure hours, so be prepared to relocate if necessary.

General Tips and Considerations:

  • Temperature: It can get quite cold at night due to air conditioning, so bringing extra layers or a blanket is advisable.
  • Security: Be aware that the airport enforces a closure from approximately 10:30 PM to 3:30 AM, and security will clear the terminal areas.
  • Noise: Expect announcements and potential alarms during the night, making it difficult to get uninterrupted sleep.
  • Amenities: Limited availability of power outlets and no water fountains, so plan accordingly.

Additional Advice:

  • Plan for Alternatives: Given the strict enforcement of night closures, consider nearby hotels or capsule options.
  • Arrive Early: Secure a good spot before the airport closes to increase your chances of a more comfortable experience.
  • Be Prepared for Eviction: Be ready to move if security enforces the closure hours.

Review of Sleep Quality at Naples Airport:


  1. Relatively Clean and Maintained During the Day:
    • Many travelers noted that the airport is well-maintained and clean during operational hours, with good security and helpful staff.
  2. Comfortable Seating Options:
    • There are some seats without armrests in areas like the first floor near McDonald’s and the arrivals terminal, which are more suitable for lying down and sleeping.
  3. Capsule Hotel (BenBo):
    • The nearby capsule hotel provides a comfortable sleeping alternative with beds, lighting, and charging outlets, available for a fee.
  4. Available Amenities:
    • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport, and there are some charging spots, though limited.
  5. Secluded Spots:
    • Areas like the stairs between the ground floor and first basement offer more secluded spots away from security cameras, allowing for some undisturbed rest.


  1. Strict Night Closure:
    • The airport closes to the public from approximately 11:30 PM to 3:30 AM, and security enforces this rule strictly, requiring passengers to leave the terminals.
  2. Cold Environment:
    • The air conditioning remains on throughout the night, making it very cold. Many travelers reported needing extra layers or blankets to stay warm.
  3. Limited Amenities:
    • There are few power outlets and no water fountains, limiting the availability of essential amenities for overnight stays.
  4. Noise and Disturbances:
    • Frequent announcements, alarms, and cleaning activities create a noisy environment, disrupting sleep.
  5. Eviction and Inconvenience:
    • Passengers are often moved or evicted by security, leading to a lack of stable sleeping arrangements. Some travelers ended up sleeping outside or in less comfortable areas like stairwells or parking garages.
  6. Limited Food Options:
    • Food options are very limited after 10:00 PM, and most amenities, including restaurants, are closed during the night.
  7. Negative Experiences with Security:
    • Several reviews mentioned security staff being strict and occasionally rude, adding to the discomfort and stress of the experience.
  8. Inconsistent Policies:
    • Some travelers noted inconsistencies in the enforcement of the night closure, leading to confusion and uncertainty about where and when they could rest.

Summary: While Naples Airport offers some comfortable seating and a nearby capsule hotel, the strict night-time closure policy, cold environment, limited amenities, and frequent disturbances make it a challenging place for overnight stays. Travelers should be prepared for potential evictions and consider alternative sleeping arrangements nearby.

Is there a Hotel Inside Naples Airport?

Naples Airport does not have a traditional hotel or transit hotel within the airport premises. However, it does offer BenBo Sleep Pods, a sleep pod brand providing compact and private sleeping spaces. These pods offer essential amenities such as comfortable beds, adjustable lighting, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi but lack the full range of services and facilities found in traditional hotels.

If you need a traditional hotel experience, the closest option is the Millennium Gold Hotel, which is within walking distance of the airport terminal. Located just 600 meters from the terminal, it provides a convenient and comfortable stay for travelers looking for more comprehensive accommodations.

Check out all hotels closest to Naples Airport here.

Alternatives to Naples Airport Nap Pods: Hotels Near Naples Airport:

Here’s a table summarizing the 15 closest hotels to Naples Airport, including their names, addresses, distances from the airport, and average ratings based on Tripadvisor reviews.

Hotel NameAddressDistance from AirportAverage RatingsRates
Dimora DuomoCorso Umberto I, 74, 80138, Naples, Italy3.2 miles5/5Check Rates
UNA Hotel NapoliPiazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 9, 80142, Naples, Italy2.7 miles4.0/5Check Rates
B&B Hotel NapoliPiazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 32, 80142, Naples, Italy2.6 miles4.0/5Check Rates
Santa Chiara Boutique HotelVia Benedetto Croce 23, 80134, Naples, Italy3.3 miles5/5Check Rates
Decumani Hotel de CharmeVia San Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli 15, 80134, Naples, Italy3.3 miles4.5/5Check Rates
Hotel Palazzo DecumaniPiazzetta Giustino Fortunato 8, Via del Grande Archivio, 8, 80138, Naples, Italy3.1 miles4.5/5Check Rates
Hotel Piazza Bellini & ApartmentsVia S.M. di Costantinopoli 101, 80138, Naples, Italy3.2 miles4.5/5Check Rates
Grand Hotel OrienteVia Armando Diaz 44, 80134, Naples, Italy3.7 miles4.5/5
Fly Boutique Hotel113 Piazza Mercato, 80100, Naples, Italy3.0 miles4.5/5
Palazzo SalgarVia Nuova Marina, 120, 80133, Naples, Italy3.1 miles4.0/5
Palazzo Caracciolo NaplesVia Carbonara, 112, 80139, Naples, Italy2.7 miles4.0/5
Hotel San PietroVia San Pietro Ad Aram 18, 80139, Naples, Italy2.8 miles4.0/5
Hotel Correra 241Via Francesco Saverio Correra 241, 80135, Naples, Italy3.3 miles4.0/5
ROMEO NapoliVia Cristoforo Colombo 45, 80133, Naples, Italy3.7 miles4.5/5
Costantinopoli 104Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli 104, 80138, Naples, Italy3.2 miles4.5/5
This table provides a concise overview of nearby hotel options for travelers at Naples Airport.

Where to Shower at NAP Airport:

BenBo Shower Kit
BenBo Shower Kit.

Naples Airport does not provide public shower facilities but you can rely on BenBo Capsule Hotel’s Bathroom Shower Facilities.

BenBo provides a Bathroom Shower Kit for 3.20 euros, which includes a shower towel, a face towel, and a shower mat. This convenient option allows travelers to freshen up during their layover or before their flight.

To purchase the kit, travelers need to provide their first name, last name, email address, booking reference, and the number of kits needed.

Purchase a kit and shower by booking here.

Final Word on Naples Airport Sleep Pods and NAP’s Sleep:

In conclusion, Naples Airport scores fairly well with decent sleep accommodation options for layover passengers. These include Sleep Pod/Capsule Hotel solutions offering compact and private sleeping spaces, and alternative Free Non-Designated Hidden Spots identified through traveler feedback.

Additionally, for those looking for nearby accommodations, there are numerous hotels with free shuttle services, providing an affordable and convenient alternative to in-airport options. This guide aims to provide detailed information on all these sleep solutions to help travelers make informed decisions.

Accommodation Options at Naples Airport

Accommodation TypeAvailabilitySleep Facility
Sleep Pod/Capsule HotelYesBenBo Sleep Pods with private sleeping spaces
Free Designated Rest AreasNoNot available
Free Non-Designated Hidden SpotsYesIdentified spots for resting
Transit HotelNoNot available
In-Airport HotelNoNot available within walking distance
Nearby Hotels with Free ShuttleYesVarious hotels offer free shuttle services

These options provide a range of sleeping solutions for travelers at Naples Airport, ensuring that everyone can find a suitable place to rest, whether within the airport or nearby.

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