Guide to Sleeping Pods in Campinas Airport

With over 12 million passengers passing through Campinas Airport(CPQ), the installation of Siesta Box Sleep Pods has provided much-needed relief for layover passengers seeking flexible, pay-per-use sleep options within the airport terminals. If you have an upcoming layover and are wondering about sleep options at this airport, this Campinas Airport Sleeping Pods Guide will help you get comfortable and make the most of your stay in a compact sleep facility without leaving the airport.

Sleeping in Campinas Airport – Summary:

Campinas Airport does not have an equipped designated rest area but fliers have managed to find sleep in a few spots. The area near gates B8 and B4 features spacious chairs that allow for comfortable rest, though noise from airport activities can be a disturbance.

For those seeking more privacy, the second-floor food court provides cushioned seats that are relatively private; however, the cleaning staff works through the night, which may cause noise disruptions.

Additionally, the introduction of Siesta Box Sleep Pods has been a welcome relief for layover passengers, offering a compact, pay-per-use sleep solution with amenities like air conditioning and WiFi.

Despite some concerns about noise insulation and the lack of private bathrooms, these options provide varied and accessible sleeping arrangements for travelers at Campinas Airport.

Campinas Airport Sleeping Pods: Siesta Box

Siesta Box is an innovative sleep pod technology designed to provide travelers with a private and convenient resting space within airport terminals. These compact pods are equipped with essential amenities such as comfortable bunk beds, air conditioning, WiFi, and a bedside table, ensuring a restful experience for users.

Designed for short-term use, Siesta Boxes are available on a pay-per-use basis, making them an economical option for those with long layovers or delayed flights.

Despite their small size, these pods offer a degree of privacy and comfort that is often lacking in traditional airport seating areas.

However, it is important to note that while they provide a quiet retreat, the noise insulation is not perfect, and users may still hear some ambient airport sounds. Overall, Siesta Box sleep pods represent a significant advancement in airport amenities, catering to the needs of modern travelers seeking rest and rejuvenation during their journeys.

Review of Siesta Box at Viracopos/Campinas International Airport


  1. Convenient Location: Situated within the airport, the Siesta Box is easily accessible, particularly near the Food Court and Domestic Flight Gates.
  2. Comfortable Beds: The Siesta Boxes come with bunk beds that are generally reported as comfortable, making them a good option for resting during long layovers.
  3. Air Conditioning and WiFi: Each Siesta Box is equipped with air conditioning and internet access, providing a comfortable environment.
  4. Privacy: The small, enclosed space offers a degree of privacy, making it a preferable option over public seating areas.
  5. Cleanliness: Many users report that the Siesta Boxes are clean and well-maintained, with fresh linens provided.
  6. Useful Amenities: The boxes include pillows, a bedside table, and, in some reviews, a television.


  1. Poor Acoustic Insulation: Many reviews mention that the Siesta Boxes suffer from poor sound insulation, with noise from airport announcements and nearby activities easily penetrating the cabins.
  2. No Private Bathroom: Users need to walk to airport facilities for bathroom access, which is inconvenient, especially during the night.
  3. High Cost: The hourly rate, starting at 60 reais($12), is considered high by some users, especially given the limited amenities.
  4. Operational Issues: Several reviews indicate problems with the reservation system and unhelpful staff. Issues such as non-functional internet, TV, and lack of support during reservations are common complaints.
  5. Additional Charges: There are extra fees for using airport bathrooms and showers, which are not included in the initial cost of the Siesta Box.
  6. Maintenance Problems: Some users reported issues such as non-functional electrical outlets, excessive noise from adjoining boxes, and poor condition of the beds and equipment.
  7. Limited Availability: As online booking is not available, securing a Siesta Box is subject to availability, which can be unpredictable during peak travel times.

In summary, while the Siesta Box at Viracopos/Campinas International Airport offers a convenient and private resting space, it is marred by noise issues, high costs, and operational inefficiencies. Users might find it a valuable option for short rest periods during layovers but should be prepared for potential inconveniences.

Siesta Box Sleep Box: Best Suited For

  1. Transit Passengers: Travelers with long layovers looking for a place to rest and refresh without leaving the airport will find the Siesta Box a convenient option.
  2. Business Travelers: Those who need a quiet, private space to rest or work between flights can benefit from the privacy and amenities provided.
  3. Solo Travelers: Individuals traveling alone may find the compact space adequate and appreciate the privacy it offers compared to public waiting areas.
  4. Short Nap Seekers: Passengers needing just a few hours of rest, especially during overnight layovers, will find the Siesta Box useful.
  5. Budget-Conscious Travelers: Despite some reports of high costs, it can be a more economical choice compared to nearby airport hotels, especially for short stays.

Not Suitable For

  1. Families with Young Children: The compact space and lack of in-room bathroom facilities can be inconvenient for families, particularly those with small children needing frequent care and amenities.
  2. Light Sleepers: Due to poor acoustic insulation and constant airport noise, light sleepers might find it difficult to get quality rest.
  3. Travelers Needing Full Hotel Amenities: Those who require amenities such as private bathrooms, room service, or more spacious accommodations might find the Siesta Box lacking.
  4. Extended Stays: Passengers needing to rest for extended periods might find the hourly charges add up, making it less cost-effective compared to booking a traditional hotel room.
  5. Passengers with Mobility Issues: The need to walk to airport facilities for bathroom use can be inconvenient for those with mobility challenges.

In essence, the Siesta Box is a practical solution for transit passengers and solo travelers needing a brief respite but may not be ideal for families, light sleepers, or those requiring comprehensive hotel services.

Best Spots for Sleeping – Free Alternatives to CPQ Nap Pods:

Near Gates B8 and B4

Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Noise

Description: Located near gates B8 and B4, this area offers chairs that are spacious enough to stretch out and rest your legs. These chairs provide a comfortable spot for travelers seeking a brief respite. However, be prepared for occasional noise from nearby airport activities, which might disturb light sleepers.

Second Floor Food Court

Pros: Privacy
Cons: Noisy cleaning staff

Description: The food court on the second floor features comfortable cushioned seats, making it a good option for those seeking privacy and a place to lay down. While this area provides a relatively private and cozy environment, it’s important to note that the cleaning staff works throughout the night. The sound of vacuum cleaners may be disruptive for those trying to sleep.

Alternative options for Sleep – Hotels near CPQ:

Here is a table with the five best hotels near Viracopos-Campinas International Airport, including their distance from the airport, price, and average rating.

Hotel NameDistance from AirportPrice (USD)Average Rating
Ramada by Wyndham Campinas – Free Shuttle Available1.3 miles$934.0
Hotel Royal Palm Resort5.9 miles$3784.5
Vitória Hotel Convention6.7 miles$974.2
Ibis Budget Campinas Aquidaban7.7 miles$393.5
Blue Tree Towers Valinhos7.8 miles$594.1
These hotels are highly rated by travelers for their convenience and amenities, providing a range of options from budget to luxury stays.

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