Cancun Airport Yellow Capsule Hotel Pods & Alternatives

While Cancun Airport doesn’t have sleeping pods inside its terminals, there is a sleeping pod operator that runs capsule hotel operation branded Yellow Capsule Hotel a few miles from CUN Airport.

This CUN Airport Sleep Pods Guide and Alternatives for Sleep provides details of the Yellow Capsule Hotel as a suitable layover sleep options. You’ll find info on its pricing, location, booking and reviews. There are also helpful info on in-terminal sleep locations as well as nearby hotels to consider.

What kind of sleep pods are in Cancun Airport?

Cancun Airport features the Yellow Capsule sleep pods, conveniently located near the airport rather than within the terminals. These state-of-the-art pods offer a unique and comfortable resting solution for travelers.

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Designed with soundproofing to minimize noise and ensure a peaceful sleep environment, each pod is equipped with a cozy bed, Wi-Fi, power outlets, a TV, and a personal safe. Shared bathroom and shower facilities are also available to help guests refresh before their flights.

The Yellow Capsule pods can be booked for flexible durations, from hourly rentals to overnight stays, catering to the varying needs of travelers. This setup makes them an ideal choice for those seeking rest and relaxation without having to venture far from Cancun Airport.

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Comparing CUN’s Yellow Capsule Hotel with other sleep pod technologies:

Yellow Capsule Hotel near Cancun Airport provides a distinct experience compared to other sleep pods like GoSleep nap capsules, Minute Suites, and YotelAir premium pods.

  • Unlike the compact, minimalist GoSleep capsules located within terminals, Yellow Capsule offers larger, soundproof pods with beds, Wi-Fi, and shared bathroom facilities. Read more about GoSleep Pods here
  • Compared to Minute Suites, which are airside and offer small rooms with workspaces, Yellow Capsule focuses solely on providing a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • YotelAir’s premium pods, integrated into terminals, feature advanced technology and luxury amenities like adjustable SmartBeds and en-suite bathrooms, whereas Yellow Capsule offers essential comfort and privacy without the high-tech frills.

Capsule Hotel in Cancun Airport: Yellow Capsule Hotel

While there are no sleep pods at CUN’s terminals, there is a Capsule Hotel near CUN called Yellow Capsule Hotel, which is distinctly branded in full yellow and inspired by the original sleep pod design. Similar to traditional capsule hotels like those in Bali Airport, 9 Hours Narita, and Mexico City Airport, Yellow Capsule Hotel offers single and double capsule beds.

While MEX features IzZzleep Capsule Hotel, other Mexican Airports such as Guadajalara, Monterrey, and Tijuana do not feature capsule hotels.


This local operator provides secure lockers, complete bathrooms, shared relaxation spaces, complimentary breakfast, and airport shuttle services. Conveniently situated within walking distance of various amenities, guests can also enjoy access to cafes, restaurants, cinemas, convenience stores, spas, gyms, and more.

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Located 15.8 km away from Cancun Airport, the Yellow Capsule Hotel offers sleep pods that are reminiscent of those at Changi Airport, providing a heightened level of privacy compared to the capsule-design sleep pods by GoSleep.

These cozy and comfortable pods come equipped with free WiFi, allowing guests to stay connected. Additionally, the hotel features a shared lounge and kitchen, along with other basic amenities designed to enhance your overnight experience. Whether you’re looking for a short rest between flights or an overnight stay, the Yellow Capsule Hotel provides a unique and restful environment.

Despite the website claiming it’s just a 7-minute drive from Cancun Airport, a Google Maps search of its address (The Yellow Capsule, Blvd Cumbres SM 310 MZ 109 LT4, Local 30, 2nd floor, 77560 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico) reveals it actually takes approximately 17 minutes to drive the 15.8 Km distance.

It has a raised entrance and there are 3 steps to take to get to your comfry cocoon-style pod. They offer two types of pods, one suitable for solo travelers called the Single Capsule and another suitable for couples or two people called the Queen Capsule.


If you have a super long layover, you’ll find the early check-in in this capsule hotel attractive. They allow check-in from as early as 1 PM and late check-out up to 11 AM. They also offer day-use rooms from 10 AM to 6 PM and can enjoy the terrace, communal work area and complimentary coffee.

The added advantage of this Capsule Hotel being located out of the airport is that you can enjoy what is outside the Cancun International Airport. This hotel is located in downtown Cancun where you can find some amazing local food, shops and attractions.


The Yellow Capsule Hotel boasts a prime location near Cancun Airport, surrounded by a variety of amenities to enhance your stay. In the vicinity, you’ll find a diverse array of dining options, entertainment, and conveniences:

  • Cafes: Enjoy a variety of coffee experiences at Starbucks, Café Antoinette, and Café Nader.
  • Restaurants: Whether you’re in the mood for American fare at TGI Friday’s, tacos at La Parrilla, sushi from Sushi Itto, Italian dishes at Italiannis, local flavors at Flor de Lis, breakfast treats at Waffle Boutique, quick bites at Subway, or seafood at Los de Pescado, there’s something to satisfy every palate.
  • Cinema: Catch the latest films at Cinemex for a relaxing evening out.
  • Spa: Treat yourself to some pampering at Sakura Skin Care & Beauty SPA.
  • Gym: Keep up with your fitness routine at Anytime Fitness, conveniently located near the hotel.
  • Convenience Stores: For any last-minute needs or quick groceries, 7/11, Superama, and Sam’s are easily accessible.

Review of the Yellow Capsule Hotel:


  1. Great for Solo Travelers: Guests have consistently highlighted that The Yellow Capsule is an excellent choice for solo travelers, offering a safe and comfortable environment.
  2. Cleanliness: Multiple reviewers have praised the impeccable cleanliness and sanitization protocols, especially post-Covid, mentioning spotless capsules, showers, and common areas.
  3. Friendly and Helpful Staff: Numerous reviews have mentioned the attentive and friendly staff, often naming specific employees who provided exceptional service.
  4. Comfortable Capsules: Visitors found the capsules to be comfortable, with amenities like TVs, reading lights, and air conditioning controls that add to the overall experience.
  5. Convenient Location: Situated in a mall area, it offers easy access to restaurants, shopping centers, and fitness facilities. Proximity to the airport is also a plus.
  6. Affordable: The capsule hotel offers a budget-friendly lodging option, particularly appealing to backpackers and those looking for a short-term stay.
  7. Breakfast Offers: The hotel includes breakfast as part of the stay, which is generally considered tasty and convenient.
  8. Unique Experience: The futuristic concept and the overall design provide a unique lodging experience that many guests find appealing.


  1. AC Issues: Some guests reported problems with the air conditioning, either being too cold or not functioning adequately.
  2. Noise Levels: The capsules were occasionally reported to be noisy, allowing sounds from neighboring capsules to disturb sleep.
  3. Limited Locker Space: A few reviewers mentioned that the lockers provided for luggage storage are somewhat small, making it challenging to organize during the stay.
  4. Customer Service Variability: There have been isolated complaints regarding unhelpful or rude staff members, affecting the overall experience.
  5. Cancellation and Refund Issues: Some guests faced difficulties with cancellation and refund processes, highlighting delays and lack of efficient communication.
  6. Accessibility Challenges: The setup of the capsules and the use of ladders to access upper capsules can be inconvenient for seniors, pregnant women, or individuals with mobility issues.
  7. Breakfast Timing: Tour participants noted that they couldn’t always avail themselves of the included breakfast due to early tour schedules.
  8. Inconvenience in Using Facilities: Using shared facilities like showers and toilets, separate from the capsules themselves, can sometimes be less convenient.

Pricing and Booking:

The Yellow Capsule Sleep pods offer competitive pricing, starting at approximately $67 for a single person and $100 for two. This rate includes a convenient breakfast and access to amenities such as a common area and shared shower facilities, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers.

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Contact Info:

  • Phone: +52 (998) 415-0714
  • WhatsApp: +52 (998) 200-9349
  • Email:

Where to Sleep in Cancun Airport – Alternatives to Capsule Hotel Pods:

The best place to sleep in Cancun Airport during a layover is in Terminals 2 and 3, where you will find padded seats with armrests suitable for short naps.

Additionally, Terminal 2 offers several double seats that are ideal for stretching out, provided you’re not overly tall. In contrast, Terminal 1 poses challenges for those looking to lie down, as it has very limited options suitable for sleeping. Overall, while the airport offers a variety of seating arrangements, comfortable spots for resting are not consistently distributed across all areas.

When looking for a place to rest in Cancun Airport, ensuring the security of your possessions is essential. Consider using the lockers scattered across the airport. They are affordable and offer a sense of security. Additionally, has highlighted instances of travelers being approached by scammers. These fraudsters falsely inform them that overnight stays at the airport are not allowed, misleading them towards hotels instead. Beware of this.

Here are all the 10 spots to catch some Zs at Cancun Airport:

Behind Unused Shop Fronts at Terminal 3

This location is at the far end of the International Terminal 3, where travelers have found quietude for sleeping next to unused shop fronts. The area remains quiet typically from 11pm to 4am, devoid of loud announcements. Regular and friendly security patrols enhance the sense of safety, making it a favorable spot for overnight stays.

Behind Escalators or Near the Bar at Terminal 3

Travelers have successfully found rest behind the escalators or near the bar in Terminal 3. This area tends to be quieter and is often chosen by other travelers for sleeping, which adds a layer of communal security and comfort.

Starbucks at Terminal 3

The Starbucks area in Terminal 3 is well-lit and heavily secured, where overnight travelers are not only allowed to stay but are also offered coffee, snacks, and drinks by attentive security personnel. This location is praised for its safety and hospitality.

Green Space Outside Terminal 2

Outside Terminal 2, there is a green space that offers a more relaxed environment away from the hustle of the more hectic terminals. This area is hassle-free and presents a pleasant alternative for those needing a break or a night’s rest.

Inside Terminal 2

Inside Terminal 2, the environment is accommodating for overnight stays, where security and staff are welcoming. It’s common to see travelers with inflatable pool mats, although the area is noted to be cold and lacking in amenities.

Near the Domestic Terminal’s Check-In Counters

Near the check-in counters of the domestic terminal, despite the closure of amenities including bathrooms by midnight and the presence of seats with dividers, travelers have managed to find spots to wait overnight. Preparedness with a blanket or sleeping mat is advised due to the conditions.

Eurocar Rental Office Near Terminal 2

A short 10-minute walk from Terminal 2 to the Eurocar rental office can provide access to vending machines and possibly other amenities late at night. This area serves as a practical option for those in transit during ungodly hours.

Seats with Missing Armrests Near Gate A9

Near Gate A9, a few seats missing armrests have been identified as suitable for more comfortable sleeping. The surrounding area is relatively quiet and benefits from a store and food stand that remain open late, providing sustenance and a bit of entertainment.

Area Near Terminal 4 With Free Shuttle to Terminal 2

Although initially challenging, the area near Terminal 4 connects to Terminal 2 via a free shuttle, which runs 24 hours. Terminal 2 is accommodating with places to sleep and constant access to food and restrooms, making it a viable option once you navigate there.

Restaurant Area in Terminal 2

In Terminal 2, a particular restaurant allows travelers to bring and consume their own food. This area offers a few ‘double-seats’ which, if not overly tall, provide a decent sleep. Despite potential noise from nearby construction activities during the night, this spot remains an option for rest.

Cancun Airport Sleep Reviews:

What Travelers Like About Sleeping in CUN Airport:

Based on the reviews from fliers about sleeping at Cancun Airport, here are some of the aspects they appreciated:

  1. Quiet Hours: One reviewer appreciated the quiet hours from about 11 PM to 4 AM in Terminal 3, which allowed for uninterrupted sleep next to some unused shop fronts.
  2. Safety and Security: Multiple reviews noted that the airport felt safe for sleeping, with regular patrols by friendly security personnel who engaged positively with the sleepers.
  3. Availability of Space: Although sleeping conditions varied across different terminals, some fliers found decent spots to rest, such as behind escalators or near bars, where they could catch a few hours of sleep.
  4. Supportive Staff: Despite many challenges, there were instances where security staff were helpful, such as offering coffee, snacks, or letting people sit in closed areas like Starbucks after hours.
  5. Clean Facilities: One review highlighted that the airport had clean bathrooms available, which is a significant comfort for overnight stayers.

These positive notes are contrasted with numerous challenges and negative experiences, but these listed points reflect what some travelers found to be the redeeming features when sleeping at Cancun Airport.

Note these 10 complaints about Sleep at CUN Airport:

The reviews of Cancun Airport from fliers reveal several recurring complaints about their experiences:

  1. Cold Temperatures: A frequent complaint is the excessively cold temperature inside the terminals, making it uncomfortable for waiting passengers and those attempting to sleep overnight.
  2. Lack of Seating: Many reviewers reported a scarcity of seating, especially in Terminal 3. This situation forced some travelers to sleep on the floor, which compounded the discomfort from the cold.
  3. Scams and Security Concerns: Numerous travelers reported encountering scams involving individuals posing as airport staff or security. These scams often involved misinformation about the airport’s policies on staying overnight and coercing travelers into unnecessary taxi rides to hotels, sometimes at inflated prices.
  4. Overpriced Food and Services: Complaints about high prices for food, beverages, and other services within the airport are common. Some travelers noted that even basic items like meals and Wi-Fi were unaffordably priced.
  5. Noise: Several reviews mentioned disruptive noise levels, from music played in restaurants to construction activities, which made it difficult to rest or sleep.
  6. Poor Wi-Fi Connectivity: Travelers were frustrated with the lack of free Wi-Fi, and where paid Wi-Fi was available, it was often unreliable or too weak to be useful.
  7. Aggressive Sales Tactics: Some fliers felt harassed by overly aggressive taxi drivers and salespeople, particularly those trying to upsell services at exorbitant rates.
  8. Cleanliness Issues: While some found the bathrooms clean, others complained about dirty facilities, including lounges and common areas, which were not well-maintained.
  9. Unhelpful Staff: There were reports of airport staff being unhelpful or indifferent, particularly during nighttime hours when assistance was more critically needed.
  10. Misinformation and Confusion: Travelers noted instances of misleading information, both from official sources and from individuals at the airport, leading to confusion about where they could stay, eat, or find services.

These complaints outline a range of issues that have significantly impacted the comfort and overall experience of travelers at Cancun Airport.

Cancun is the second busiest airport in Mexico and handled over 32 million passengers in 2023 only second to Mexico City Airport with the largest number of international passengers. It is South America’s gateway to international destinations as it facilitates flights to over 100 cities across 30 countries in the Americas and Europe.  This explains why it is a high time an innovative sleep pods solutions provider taps into the market given that there are significant number of fliers with layovers in this airport.

5 Expert Tips from Travelers About This Airport

  • Tip #1: Cancun International Airport is quite expensive, so bringing your own food is advisable. For a relatively affordable option, a little bar outside Terminal 2 sells hot-dogs for 35 MXN.
  • Tip #2: The airport temperature is often set very low, making it uncomfortably cold. Always bring a blanket or a warm layer to ensure you can stay warm during your wait or overnight stay.
  • Tip #3: Avoid paying for Wi-Fi at the airport as it tends to be unreliable. Instead, consider riding the free shuttle to Terminal 1 where some restaurants may offer internet for customers.
  • Tip #4: If you need to rest, look for seats with missing armrests, particularly near Gate A9, as these allow for a more comfortable lying position. Arriving early to secure these spots is recommended.
  • Tip #5: Be wary of scams, especially involving taxis and false information about the airport closing. Always confirm any suspicious claims with official airport staff and avoid individuals who approach with unsolicited advice or services. This tip was also noted on here

What to expect of Sleep in this Airport:

When planning to spend the night at Cancun Airport, travelers should prepare for a few environmental factors that may affect their comfort and sleep quality. Here’s an overview guide to help you navigate a night’s stay at the airport:

  1. Temperature Variations: It can get surprisingly cold in the airport at night, so it’s advisable to bring a warm layer—such as a jacket or a travel blanket. Even if the day is warm, the air conditioning may make the terminal uncomfortably chilly after dark.
  2. Lighting Conditions: The lighting in Cancun Airport is not dimmed during nighttime hours, which might make it difficult for some travelers to get restful sleep. Consider packing a sleep mask to block out the bright overhead lights.
  3. Noise Levels: The airport environment is generally loud, with announcements, conversations, and the usual hustle and bustle of a busy terminal. Earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones are essential for anyone trying to sleep amidst these disturbances.
  4. Safety Concerns and Scams: Numerous travelers have reported encountering scams, particularly involving individuals posing as airport staff or security, who mislead them about airport policies to direct them to taxis or hotels where the scammers may receive kickbacks. This concern is particularly pronounced during nighttime hours when travelers are more vulnerable.
  5. Limited Amenities: Reviews frequently note the lack of amenities available during the night. Most food outlets and stores close by midnight, leaving few options for late arrivals or those stuck during layovers. Bathrooms may also be closed overnight, which can be inconvenient for travelers.

Hotels as Alternatives to Cancun Airport Sleep Pods:

Here are some of the cheapest hotels near Cancun Airport, along with their respective distances and pricing details:

  1. Extended Suites Cancún Cumbres
    • Distance: 5.8 miles from Cancun Airport
    • Pricing: $46 per night » Check Rates
  2. Hive Cancun By G Hotels
    • Distance: 4.3 miles from Cancun Airport
    • Pricing: $95 per night » Check Rates
  3. Hotel Avani Cancún Airport
    • Distance: 3.0 miles from Cancun Airport
    • Pricing: $92 per night » Check Rates
  4. Courtyard by Marriott Cancun Airport
    • Distance: 1.6 miles from Cancun Airport and offer free shuttles
    • Pricing: $107 per night » Check Rates
  5. Fairfield Inn & Suites Cancun Airport
    • Distance: 1.7 miles from Cancun Airport and offer free shuttles
    • Pricing: $99 per night » Check Rates
  6. Hilton Garden Inn – Closest to Airport > Check rates

Concluding thoughts on CUN Capsule Hotel and CUN Sleep:

Cancun Airport caters to a wide spectrum of travelers by providing a variety of sleep options, ranging from high-tech sleep pods to convenient in-airport sleeping spots and nearby hotels. If you want a sleep pod facility near CUN, you can find good rest at the Yellow Capsule Hotel. Whether you’re looking for ultimate convenience within the terminal or the comfort of traditional hotels, there are choices to suit varying needs and budgets.

Each option presents a unique blend of comfort, accessibility, and affordability. From the economical Extended Suites Cancún Cumbres to the closer Courtyard by Marriott and Fairfield Inn & Suites offering free shuttle services, travelers can easily find the perfect place to rest, ensuring a stress-free experience.

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.