Charles De Gaulle Airport Sleeping Guide + Pods

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) has made significant progress in accommodating travelers needing rest during layovers or unexpected delays. This guide provides essential tips and insights to help you navigate the best and worst sleeping spots within the airport. CDG now features sleep pod facilities within its terminals and has invested in six designated rest areas, offering more options for weary passengers.

From understanding noise levels and temperature fluctuations to identifying well-lit areas and comfortable resting spots, we offer practical advice to enhance your overnight experience. Whether you’re looking for a quiet corner or need to avoid certain areas, our guide aims to make your stay at CDG as restful as possible.

What Sleeping Facilities are there at Charles De Gaulle Airport?

What Facilities are there at Charles De Gaulle Airport for Sleeping?

  1. YotelAir Sleep Pods – 80 innovative compact 9-square meter sleep pods providing privacy and comfort.
  2. 5 Airport Hotels within CDG Grounds:
    • INNSiDE by Meliá Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – A luxurious hotel located within the airport offering premium accommodations.
    • Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Centre – Conveniently located in Terminal 2, offering comfortable rooms and amenities.
    • CitizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – A stylish hotel with modern rooms and self-check-in facilities.
    • Novotel Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – Offers comfortable rooms and easy access to the terminals.
    • Ibis Styles Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – A budget-friendly option with comfortable beds and essential amenities.
  3. 6 Designated Rest Areas – Six areas with semi-reclined lounge chairs for added comfort and few other spots within the terminals:
    • Gates L in Terminal 2E – Features comfortable lounge-style sofas perfect for sleeping.
    • Gate K30 in Terminal 2E – Offers multiple rows of recliner lounge chairs near the windows.
    • Food Court in Terminal 2E – Comfortable seating areas that become available after restaurants close.
    • Near Gate 32 in Terminal 2E – Cushioned sleeping couches available, but they fill up quickly.
    • Starbucks in Terminal 2F – Long wooden benches suitable for sleeping, available after closing hours.
    • Check-in Area in Terminal 2E – Spacious with numerous comfortable seating options, though bright and busy.
    • Near Gates F29-F33 in Terminal 2F – Long, slightly padded benches ideal for lying down.
    • Terminal 2D – A quieter option with fewer passengers and more seating availability.

But CDG Discourages Passengers from Sleeping in its Terminals:

The presence of innovative 9-square meter sleep pods by Yotel, along with five in-airport hotels at Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport, likely explains why the airport discourages passengers from sleeping in its terminals.

This is probably driven by a financial incentive to direct customers to these paid options. However, there’s no need to worry—sleeping in CDG is entirely feasible, as confirmed by numerous passenger reviews.

Where to Sleep in Charles De Gaulle Airport:

Sleeping at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) offers a range of experiences, from the convenient to the challenging. Terminal 2E, particularly near Gate L, is a favorite for its cushioned lounge chairs and relative quietness. Despite construction noise, the terminal provides comfortable sleeping options, including sleeping couches and free overnight packs with essentials like foam mattresses and blankets. Security is generally accommodating, allowing passengers to stay overnight if they have a flight the next day.

The YotelAir in Terminal 2E is a premium option, offering compact cabins with beds and showers for a fee. However, recent changes mean it no longer accepts hourly guests, limiting flexibility for short layovers. For those seeking budget options, Terminal 2E’s public seating areas, such as the couches near Gate K, offer free and relatively undisturbed rest spots, though they can fill up quickly.

Reviews highlight the importance of securing a spot early, as areas like the food court in Terminal 2F close by 10 PM, but offer comfortable benches until reopening at 5 AM. Cleanliness and safety are noted positives, with frequent patrols ensuring a secure environment. However, bright lights and cleaning activities can disrupt sleep. Free Wi-Fi is limited to 15 minutes unless you navigate through technical workarounds. Overall, CDG provides varied sleeping accommodations, balancing comfort and practicality amid typical airport challenges.

YotelAir at CDG T 2E

For a comfortable and private rest space that is both affordable and convenient, Yotel’s sleep cabins are an excellent option.

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) Airport has installed 80 sleep cabins or pods in partnership with Yotel which operates the facility through the YotelAir brand. These pods are designed to provide travelers with a private and compact space to rest in Terminal 2, akin to the Minute Suites found in some US airports.


Located airside in Terminal 2E, Satellite L, YotelAir Paris Charles De Gaulle offers 80 cabins designed for convenience and efficiency, catering primarily to international travelers outside of the EU, including the UK, either departing or transiting through Terminals 2E, K, L, M.

Ideal for guests with layovers, the hotel offers several flexible options, including overnight stays which can be pre-booked from 6:00 PM to 9:00 AM, starting at €259 as of April 2024. Previously, YotelAir provided 4-hour cabin rentals, though this offering appears to have been phased out.

For those not requiring a full overnight stay, YotelAir also offers shower-only packages. These are priced at €20 for a single 30-minute use or €30 for a 45-minute use for two people, allowing travelers to freshen up during shorter layovers.

YotelAir cabin sleep cabins

Each cabin comes equipped with its own private shower, enhancing privacy and convenience for travelers seeking rest and refreshment without leaving the secure airport area. YotelAir’s location and setup are specifically designed to serve the needs of international travelers looking for quick rest or a private space to rejuvenate before continuing their journey.

Link to 17 YotelAir images at CDG

YotelAir provides mini-suites at CDG, which are particularly compact, measuring as little as 9 square meters. These suites are designed to maximize the small space efficiently, offering a comfortable bed, a fold-out work desk, a flat-screen TV, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower. The design and amenities make them ideal for travelers in need of a short rest or an overnight stay without leaving the airport.

Comparison with GoSleep Pods

It’s important to note that YotelAir cabins are distinct from other types of sleep pods such as the futuristic GoSleep Pods. The latter are often capsule-like in design, focusing on a minimal footprint and typically only include a reclining seat within a semi-enclosed space that provides privacy and a place to sleep. GoSleep Pods are designed for shorter rest periods and do not offer the same level of amenities as YotelAir mini-suites, such as private bathrooms or dedicated workspaces.

YotelAir at CDG is an excellent option for travelers seeking more than just a nap, needing a private and more fully-featured space to refresh, sleep, or work comfortably before their next flight. These pods can be booked for short stays of a few hours or for overnight, providing flexibility depending on the duration of layover or wait times at the airport.

YotelAir Cabin Design at Charles De Gaulle Airport

YOTELAIR at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport offers a distinctive experience among airport sleep options, featuring compact yet highly functional cabins designed to optimize the limited space available.

Key Features of YOTELAIR at CDG

  • Design and Space Efficiency: The Premium Queen rooms, the smallest cabin size being 97 square feet (approximately 9 square meters), are styled with YOTEL’s trademark minimalist design. This design efficiently maximizes space for up to two guests, similar to the size and functionality of Minute Suites in the US.
  • Smartly adjustable SmartBed™: The bed can be converted into a sofa during the day for extra space, and vice versa for sleeping at night. Plus, with YOTEL’s famous adjustable SmartBed™ feature, guests can adjust the firmness of their mattress to suit their unique comfort preferences.
  • Work Desk: Each cabin is equipped with a designated workspace, complete with power outlets and USB ports for charging devices. This allows guests to stay productive while waiting for their next flight.
  • Ensuite Bathroom: Unlike the GoSleep Pods, YOTELAIR cabins come with their own private ensuite bathrooms. These bathrooms feature modern amenities like rain showers, towels, and complimentary toiletries.
  • Complimentary luxury toiletries by Urban Jungle add an extra touch of comfort: As part of YOTEL’s commitment to providing guests with a comfortable and luxurious stay, premium toiletries by Urban Jungle are included in each cabin. These toiletries are specially curated for YOTELAIR and feature natural ingredients that will leave guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Soundproofing Technology: YOTEL’s state-of-the-art soundproofing technology ensures that guests can enjoy a quiet and peaceful stay, despite being located inside one of the world’s busiest airports. This allows guests to rest and recharge before their next flight without any disturbances.
  • Digital Self Check-in: With YOTELAIR at CDG, checking in is as simple as using a self-service kiosk or the YOTEL app. This eliminates the need for guests to wait in long check-in queues and provides a hassle-free experience.
  • Mood lighting: Each cabin is equipped with YOTEL’s signature mood lighting, allowing guests to adjust the ambiance to their preference. This creates a relaxing and personalized atmosphere for each guest.
  • USB Ports: YOTEL understands the importance of staying connected, even while traveling. That’s why each cabin is equipped with USB ports and universal power outlets, making it easy for guests to charge their devices.
  • Bath/shower: YOTELAIR at CDG offers guests the option to choose between a cabin with a shower or a cabin with a full-size bathroom. Both options are equipped with rain showers and luxurious amenities, providing guests with the ultimate comfort.
  • Workspaces: For business travelers or guests who need a quiet space to work, YOTELAIR offers co-working spaces and private meeting rooms that can be reserved in advance.
  • Shared Lounge/TV Area: YOTELAIR also provides a shared lounge and TV area for guests to relax, socialize, or catch up on the latest news and entertainment.
  • Accessibility and Restrictions: Located airside at Terminal 2E, YOTELAIR is accessible only to passengers with a valid boarding pass for non-Schengen international flights or those in transit from such flights, ensuring exclusivity and security.

Based on the extensive customer reviews and feedback collected, it’s evident that YOTELAIR at Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Airport offers a mixed experience to its guests. While the hotel’s strategic location within the airport’s secure transit area is highly praised for its convenience, especially for those with long layovers or early flights, other aspects receive more varied responses.

Review of YotelAir:


  • Location: Being situated airside means travelers don’t need to leave the terminal, which is a significant plus for those on tight schedules or not wishing to go through the hassle of security checks again.
  • Cleanliness: Numerous reviews commend the clean condition of the rooms and the hotel in general, indicating that hygiene standards are well maintained.
  • Comfortable Beds: Despite the rooms’ compact nature, many guests have found the beds comfortable, allowing for a restful sleep between flights.
  • Efficient for Short Stays: For guests needing a few hours of rest, a shower, or a peaceful place to work, YOTELAIR seems to serve its purpose adequately, with several expressing satisfaction with their brief stays.
  • Quiet Lounge Area: The lounge was described as quiet and a good place to relax away from the airport hustle.


  • Room Condition and Maintenance: Feedback on the state of the rooms is a common theme, with guests pointing out signs of wear and tear, such as damaged furniture and issues with fixtures. There appears to be a need for refurbishment or better upkeep.
  • Service and Staff Attitude: The reception from the hotel staff is hit or miss, with instances of unhelpful or unfriendly interactions tarnishing the overall experience for some guests.
  • Lack of Amenities: A notable drawback is the absence of substantial food options within the hotel, compelling guests to either prepare ahead or venture back through security for meals, which can be an inconvenience.
  • Overpriced: The cost of staying at YOTELAIR, especially for what some perceive as minimal service and amenities, has been criticized. The value for money aspect is questioned, particularly when comparing the offering to traditional hotel stays outside the airport.
  • Difficult to Find: Some guests reported difficulty in finding the hotel within the airport, suggesting better signage is needed.
  • Limited Seating in Lounge: The lounge area was often described as packed and uncomfortable with inadequate seating.
  • Long Waiting Times for Showers: Due to only one available shower, guests experienced long waits, which was inconvenient for many.

Suggestions for Potential Guests:

Given the polarizing views, potential guests should weigh the importance of convenience and location against the perceived value and quality of service. For those prioritizing a hassle-free option to rest between flights, YOTELAIR could be a suitable choice. However, expectations regarding room conditions and additional amenities should be tempered.

Check Rates for YotelAir here.

My Top Sleeping Spots Recommendations for Free at CDG are the 6 Designated Rest Zones

My top recommendation for overnight layovers at CDG is to take advantage of the free designated rest areas within its terminals.

For a comfortable spot to rest or nap before your flight without paying a cent, CDG offers designated rest zones equipped with semi-reclined lounge chairs. These zones are specifically designed for relaxation and sleeping. One notable rest zone is located at the far end of Terminal 2E, near Gate K30. This area is particularly useful for travelers looking for a quieter and more comfortable place to rest away from the main concourse areas.

Below are the details of all the 6 designated rest zones we recommend for sleeping and relaxation:

Terminal 2E, Gate 32:

Travelers mentioned comfortable cushioned seats and areas without armrests, ideal for lying down. Gate 32 is particularly noted for its cushioned sleeping couches, although these can be occupied quickly. Air France has been known to provide foam mattresses, pillows, and other comforts for overnight guests at this gate.

Lounge Area near Gates L, Terminal 2E:

Offers lounge-style sofas and charging stations, providing a cozy environment for relaxation and sleep.

Terminal 2K, near Gate K30:

Several couches and recliner lounge seats offer a quieter area for rest, particularly when the terminal is less busy.

Free Lounge, near Yotel in Terminal 2E Airside:

A free lounge with comfortable carpets, known for its quietness during night hours.

Gate A38 in Terminal 2A:

A secluded area with about 20 comfy chairs in front of Gate A38, noted for its warmth and quietness, especially suitable during the winter months.

Terminals 2K and L:

At the ends of Terminal 2E, the Gates K and L areas offer lounge chairs in a quiet setting, though staying overnight may not be officially permitted.

These zones are spread across different terminals and offer a variety of environments, from quiet and secluded areas to more public but comfortable options. Availability may vary depending on the time and day, and some locations might be affected by airport operations or maintenance activities.

Alternative 5 spots to unwind for free:

Below are some additional 5 spots that you can sleep at CDG for free. They are not equipped with semi-reclined chairs as the ones above but many fliers mentioned them as being great spots to catch some Zs. Here are all of them:

  1. Food Center in Terminal 2E: Offers bench cushions that are reportedly comfortable for sleeping, especially after the food center closes around 10 PM. The proximity to restrooms and flight information displays is a plus. However, night construction can cause disruptions.
  2. Starbucks at Terminal 2F: After closing, the long wooden benches inside the Starbucks at Terminal 2F are available for sleeping. This location is only asked to vacate at around 5 AM when preparations to open begin, serving as a sort of wake-up call.
  3. Priority seats in Terminal 2E: Near the middle of the airport, past the priority check-in cages, you can find two large seats where it’s possible to lay down comfortably. These seats are first come, first served.
  4. Airside in Terminal 2E: Known for its free lounge with comfortable carpets, located near the Yotel. This area is usually quieter at night, making it conducive for sleeping.
  5. Seating near Gate A38 in Terminal 2A: During winter, this area is highlighted for its warmth and quiet atmosphere, which includes red soft carpet and about 20 comfy chairs in front of Gate A38, providing a hidden spot for overnight sleepers.

Tips for Sleeping at CDG

  1. Be Prepared: Since the airport discourages overnight stays, it’s a good idea to have your boarding pass handy to show if asked during the night. Additionally, be prepared with necessities such as a travel pillow, blanket, and earplugs or headphones to help block out ambient airport noise.
  2. Safety and Security: Always keep your belongings secure while sleeping, especially in a public place like an airport. Consider using your luggage as a makeshift pillow or attaching it to yourself to prevent theft.
  3. Check for Updates: Terminal operations and policies can change, especially with ongoing renovations like at Terminal 2B. It’s wise to check the latest airport information or contact your airline ahead of your travel.

What to Expect Sleeping at CDG Airport:

Travelers planning to sleep at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) should prepare for a mixed experience, with some terminals offering better amenities than others.

Terminal 2E is generally regarded as the best option, featuring comfortable lounge chairs near Gates K and L, and free overnight packs from Air France that include foam mattresses, blankets, and toiletries.

Security staff are typically accommodating, allowing overnight stays for passengers with next-day flights, although noise from construction and cleaning activities can be disruptive. While the YotelAir in Terminal 2E provides private cabins with beds and showers, it no longer accepts hourly guests, limiting flexibility.

Free Wi-Fi is available but limited to 15-minute sessions unless technical workarounds are employed. Other terminals, like 2F, offer less comfort, with chairs that have armrests and brighter lighting.

Food options close early, so it’s wise to bring snacks. Safety is generally good, with frequent patrols, but securing a spot early is essential, especially in popular areas like the food courts. Overall, CDG offers varied sleep accommodations, balancing comfort and practicality with typical airport challenges.

Sleep Conditions at this Paris Airport:

Travelers planning to sleep at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) should be aware of several factors that can affect their rest, based on reviews:

Noise Levels:

Noise is a common issue at CDG, particularly due to ongoing construction and cleaning activities that often take place during the night. These disturbances are frequent in Terminal 2E, where construction can be loud enough to wake sleepers. Additionally, airport announcements and patrols by security staff and cleaning crews contribute to the noise, making earplugs a recommended accessory for light sleepers.


CDG can get quite chilly at night, especially in the more open areas of the terminals. Travelers have reported needing extra layers, blankets, or sleeping bags to stay warm. The temperature control appears to be less effective in some parts of the airport, leading to a cooler environment that can be uncomfortable without proper preparation.

Bright Lighting:

Bright lighting is another challenge for overnight sleepers at CDG. Many areas remain well-lit throughout the night, which can disrupt sleep. This is particularly true in public seating areas where lights are kept on for security reasons. Some terminals, like 2F, have more subdued lighting, especially near specific gates, but eye masks are still highly recommended to block out the light and facilitate better sleep.

In summary, while CDG offers several areas suitable for overnight stays, travelers should be prepared for noise, cold temperatures, and bright lighting.

Bringing earplugs, warm clothing or blankets, and an eye mask can help mitigate these challenges and improve the chances of getting some rest. Check out our guide on Airport Sleep Essentials.

Sleep at Hotel Room Inside CDG:

If you have a longer layover and require a more comfortable and spacious room for sleep with more amenities, consider sleeping at any of CDG’s in-airport hotels. There are 5 of them.

The key advantages of any of the hotels over YotelAir is the variety of amenities you can get including swimming pool access, room-service, restaurants with wider food variety, and more in-room amenities including bigger space for your luggage.

Below are details of each of the hotels;

Ibis Paris CDG Airport Hotel

The Ibis Paris CDG Airport Hotel is a budget-friendly option strategically located just a 2-minute walk from Terminal 3 of Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, directly opposite the terminal at the RER Roissy 1 exit. This makes it an ideal choice for travelers seeking convenience and affordability without compromising on accessibility.

For those arriving or departing from Terminals 1 and 2, the hotel can be easily reached via the CDGVAL, the airport’s free automatic metro service. The CDGVAL station for Terminal 3, known as Roissypôle, is the gateway to the hotel, ensuring a seamless connection for guests navigating through different parts of the airport.

The CDGVAL operates with high frequency, running every 4 minutes from 4:30 AM to 1:00 AM, catering to the majority of flight schedules. During the quieter overnight hours from 1:00 AM to 4:30 AM, the service runs every 20 minutes, accommodating late arrivals or very early departures.

The Ibis Paris CDG Airport Hotel offers essential amenities that cater to both business and leisure travelers, providing a comfortable and efficient stay in proximity to one of Europe’s busiest airports. Whether stopping over for a night or needing a convenient base before an early flight, the Ibis Paris CDG ensures a practical and restful experience.

Check Rate/Reviews and Book

Hilton Charles de Gaulle Airport Hotel

The Hilton Charles de Gaulle Airport, located just a 5-minute walk from Terminal 3, presents a premier, comfortable stay for travelers navigating through Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport. The hotel offers the convenience of day rooms available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, catering to guests needing a short rest or a private space to freshen up and relax between flights.

For guests arriving from Terminal 1, the hotel is easily accessible via the free CDGVAL high-speed train. The CDGVAL operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that Hilton guests have constant and immediate access regardless of their arrival or departure time. Trains run every 4 minutes during the day, providing rapid transit across the airport terminals. The train stops at the T3/Roissypole station, from where the hotel is a short walk away.

Additionally, for those arriving at Terminal 2, the Hilton offers a complimentary shuttle service that runs every 20 minutes from 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM. During off-schedule hours, the shuttle service is available upon request, enhancing convenience for guests arriving late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

The Hilton Charles de Gaulle Airport combines luxurious comfort with practical accessibility, making it an ideal choice for both business travelers and tourists. The hotel’s strategic location and dedicated services ensure a seamless connection to the airport’s facilities and a restful stay amidst the bustling environment of one of the world’s major travel hubs.

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Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel

Situated directly within Terminal 2 of Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel offers unparalleled access to the terminal’s facilities and transport services. This upscale hotel is ideally positioned just steps away from the CDG VAL station, the airport’s free automatic shuttle service that efficiently links all three terminals.

Perfect for transient travelers, the Sheraton provides the option of day rooms, available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. These rooms offer a comfortable and quiet retreat for guests looking to rest between flights or awaiting their next connection. This feature is especially beneficial for those with lengthy layovers or unexpected delays, providing a private space to relax without leaving the airport.

The hotel’s strategic location across from the RER station allows for easy access to regional trains, making it convenient for guests to explore Paris or attend business meetings in the city center. The Sheraton’s proximity to the CDG VAL also means that guests can effortlessly transit between different airport terminals, enjoying smooth access to a variety of airport amenities, including dining, shopping, and lounges.

Offering luxury accommodations with soundproof rooms, the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel caters to both business and leisure travelers seeking comfort and convenience in a sophisticated setting. With its direct connection to Terminal 2, the hotel serves as a perfect base for guests who value efficiency and high standards in their travel accommodations.

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Novotel CDG Terminal

The Novotel CDG Terminal is ideally located just a 2-minute walk from Terminal 3 at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, making it a highly convenient option for travelers. For those arriving from Terminals 1 and 2, accessing the hotel is straightforward via the CDGVAL, the airport’s free automatic metro service. Guests should alight at the Roissypôle stop, from where the hotel is directly accessible inside the RER train station, seamlessly integrating travel and accommodation.

Guests departing or arriving through Terminal 3 can reach the hotel with a brief walk by following the signs for “Gare RER.” The hotel’s entrance is conveniently located within the RER train station, offering easy access and a hassle-free start or end to your journey.

Novotel CDG Terminal offers the flexibility of day rooms available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, catering to guests in need of a restful break during their travels. These rooms are perfect for travelers with long layovers, early arrivals, or late departures, providing a comfortable and quiet space to relax, refresh, and recharge without leaving the airport area.

Designed with the traveler in mind, the Novotel provides modern amenities and comfortable accommodations. Its proximity to the RER station not only facilitates quick transfers to the city center for those wishing to explore Paris but also ensures that guests have immediate access to a wide range of airport services and facilities. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the Novotel CDG Terminal offers a practical and relaxing stay at one of the world’s busiest airports.

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CitizenM Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

CitizenM Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport is a contemporary and stylish hotel located within a 5-minute walking distance from Terminal 3. This makes it an excellent choice for travelers seeking convenience and modern amenities right next to the airport.

For guests arriving from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, the hotel is easily accessible via the CDGVAL, the airport’s free automatic shuttle. Once you arrive at the Terminal 3 stop, known as Roissypôle, the hotel is just a short walk away. This convenient location ensures that guests can enjoy a seamless transfer from their arrival gate to the comfort of their hotel room in just minutes.

CitizenM is known for its chic design and smart accommodations, catering to the needs of modern travelers who value technology, comfort, and efficiency. The hotel offers a variety of features such as self-check-in kiosks, which speed up the arrival process, and rooms equipped with mood lighting, high-speed Wi-Fi, and wall-to-wall windows for a spacious feel.

The proximity to Terminal 3 not only provides easy access to the airport’s facilities but also places guests close to public transport links for quick trips into Paris city center or other destinations. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, CitizenM offers a vibrant and convenient base for your stay at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport.

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Other Hotels Closest to CDG:

  1. INNSiDE by Meliá Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
    • Distance from Airport: 0.2 miles
    • Suitability: Excellent for short stays with easy airport access, offering modern amenities and straightforward directions within the airport complex.
  2. Nomad Hotel Paris Roissy CDG Airport
    • Distance from Airport: 1.7 miles
    • Suitability: Eco-friendly hotel providing basic amenities, digital convenience, and shuttle services to CDG, suitable for eco-conscious travelers.
  3. Aiden by Best Western @ Paris Roissy CDG
    • Distance from Airport: 1.5 miles
    • Suitability: Comfortable and clean with super-friendly service, perfect for travelers looking for a straightforward, pleasant stay near the airport.
  4. Hotel Le Saint Germain
    • Distance from Airport: 5.8 miles
    • Suitability: Small yet cozy, offering a comfortable bed and attentive staff, ideal for budget-conscious travelers needing basic amenities.
  5. Première Classe Roissy – Saint-Witz Hotel
    • Distance from Airport: 5.6 miles
    • Suitability: Offers a decent stay with essential comforts at a budget price, suitable for travelers looking for no-frills accommodation.
  6. Hôtel Les Herbes Folles
    • Distance from Airport: 2.2 miles
    • Suitability: Known for its excellent service and proximity to the airport, making it a charming choice for travelers who appreciate a more boutique experience.

Hotels Near CDG with Free Shuttles:

  1. Hotel Astoria – Astotel
    • Distance from Airport: 13.6 miles
    • Suitability: Offers a central location with easy access to Parisian attractions, suitable for travelers who appreciate a mix of convenience and comfort.
  2. Hotel Malte – Astotel
    • Why Book: Rated 5/5 by over 2,900 customers.
    • Suitability: Known for its charm and friendly service, making it ideal for tourists seeking a cozy and welcoming environment.
  3. Hotel Therese
    • Distance from Airport: 13.9 miles
    • Suitability: Offers a boutique experience with elegant styling, perfect for those who prefer a refined atmosphere.
  4. Hôtel Astra Opéra – Astotel
    • Distance from Airport: 13.9 miles
    • Suitability: Located near Opera, ideal for visitors interested in shopping and Parisian theater.
  5. Grand Hotel Du Palais Royal
    • Distance from Airport: 13.9 miles
    • Suitability: Offers luxurious accommodations near major landmarks, ideal for travelers looking for luxury and proximity to cultural sites.
  6. Hotel 34B – Astotel
    • Distance from Airport: 13.3 miles
    • Suitability: Combines comfort with a convenient location, suitable for those who want to explore Paris with ease.
  7. Hôtel Maison Mère
    • Distance from Airport: 13.0 miles
    • Suitability: A trendy hotel offering modern amenities and a vibrant atmosphere, great for younger travelers or those seeking a lively Parisian experience.

YotelAir Sleep Cabins vs Hotels Inside CDG:

Here is a table outlining the differences between YotelAir and each of the other hotels at Charles De Gaulle Airport:

HotelLocation & AccessTarget AudienceRoom Style & AmenitiesUnique Features
YotelAirInside Terminal 2E, secure transit areaTransit passengers, short staysCompact, cabin-style rooms with essential amenitiesLocated in transit area, rentals by hour
Ibis Paris CDG AirportOutside Terminal 3, accessible via CDGVALBudget-conscious travelers, familiesTraditional hotel roomsBudget-friendly, conventional hotel accommodations
Hilton Charles de Gaulle5-minute walk from Terminal 3, shuttle from T2Luxury-seeking travelers, longer staysSpacious, upscale roomsComplimentary shuttle, luxury amenities
Sheraton Paris AirportInside Terminal 2, direct accessBusiness travelers, luxury travelersLarge, luxury rooms with traditional furnishingsDirect terminal access, luxury services
Novotel CDG TerminalInside RER station at Terminal 3Families, business travelersLarger rooms, family-friendly amenitiesAccessible from central Paris, family-oriented
CitizenM Paris CDG Airport5-minute walk to Terminal 3Tech-savvy travelers, social interactionModern rooms with advanced technology, vibrant communal areasEmphasis on modern design and social spaces

This table provides a concise comparison of the key characteristics and offerings of each hotel relative to YotelAir, highlighting how each caters to different traveler needs and preferences.

Benefits of YotelAir over Traditional Hotels:

Here are seven benefits of YotelAir at CDG compared to the other hotels mentioned:

  1. Innovative “Cabin” Concept: YotelAir’s rooms are designed like first-class airplane cabins, which optimizes space through smart design and functionality. This includes adjustable SmartBeds™ and rain showers, enhancing the comfort within a limited area.
  2. Optimal for Short Stays: YotelAir specializes in providing accommodation for very short stays, offering rooms by the hour which is ideal for passengers with layovers or unexpected delays. As of April 2024, booking of 4-hour blocks during the day is no longer available.
  3. Secure Transit Area Access: Located inside the secure transit area of Terminal 2E, YotelAir is directly accessible to international transit passengers, making it highly convenient for those not entering France.
  4. Efficient Use of Space: YotelAir’s rooms are compact and highly functional, designed to maximize small spaces with modern amenities and the essentials for a comfortable stay.
  5. Advanced Technology and Efficiency: Automated 24/7 check-in/check-out kiosks streamline the process, saving time and reducing the hassle often associated with hotel registrations. High-speed Wi-Fi throughout the facility ensures constant connectivity for personal or business needs.
  6. Designed for Early Flights: The proximity to departure gates allows guests more time to rest and less stress about catching early morning flights, providing peace of mind and added convenience.
  7. Privacy and Soundproofing: Unlike larger hotels, the compact design of YotelAir cabins offers enhanced privacy and better soundproofing, contributing to a more restful sleep environment in a bustling airport setting.
  8. Minimalistic and Modern Design: The design of YotelAir is modern and minimalistic, appealing to those who prefer simplicity and efficiency over traditional hotel amenities and services.

Review of CDG Airport Sleep Quality:


Flyers recount varied experiences at Charles de Gaulle Airport, underscoring particular aspects that amplify their overnight stay’s comfort and convenience. Positive reflections often highlight the kindness and assistance from security personnel, ensuring a sense of safety while resting.

The availability of amenities such as sleeping packs provided by airlines, which include essentials like mattresses, pillows, and toiletries, often receive praise for adding an unexpected layer of comfort to their wait.

Furthermore, reviews frequently mention appreciating the quiet and warmth of specific areas during winter, making them ideal for sleep.

Here is a full list of positive aspects mentioned:

  1. Security Presence: The consistent presence of security personnel throughout the night offers a sense of safety and reassurance to overnight guests. Their vigilance ensures peace of mind, making it easier for travelers to rest.
  2. Comfortable Seating Options: Though not universally available across all terminals, Terminal 2F offers some comfortable bench cushions that provide a more pleasant sleeping option compared to the hard floor. This added comfort is a significant pro for those who find themselves needing to stay overnight.
  3. Provision of Charging Stations and Free WiFi: The availability of charging stations and access to free WiFi is a significant boon, enabling passengers to stay connected with loved ones, keep entertained, or even be productive during their wait. This convenience is greatly appreciated and serves as a much-needed reprieve for travelers.
  4. Community Feel Among Travelers: The shared experience of spending the night at the airport tends to create a sense of community among travelers. Overnight guests often find solidarity and companionship in the company of others in a similar situation, which can make the experience more bearable.
  5. Amenities and Assistance: Occasionally, airlines such as Air France provide assistance like foam roll out mattresses, pillows, and care packages to make the night more comfortable for stranded travelers. This proactive approach by some airlines can significantly enhance the overnight airport experience.
  6. Kind Humanitarian Acts: Flyers express immense gratitude towards security personnel, who frequently check on them, ensuring their safety and comfort. This attention from security staff fosters a reassuring environment, making the overnight stay less daunting.


  1. Noisy Environment: Construction and cleaning activities during the night can significantly disrupt sleep.
  2. Unpredictable Temperatures: The airport can become particularly cold, leaving overnight sleepers uncomfortable.
  3. Limited Amenities: Shops and eateries often close early, leaving limited options for food and drinks.
  4. Uncomfortable Seating: Many seating areas have armrests, making it difficult to lay down and rest properly.
  5. Occasional Rudeness of Staff: Encounters with indifferent or rude airport staff can add to the stress of staying overnight.
  6. Security Checks: Overnight sleepers may be woken up by security staff for checks, disturbing their rest.
  7. Lack of Privacy: Sleeping in public spaces can be unsettling due to the lack of privacy and the presence of other passengers.
  8. Poor Hygiene Facilities: Limited access to clean restrooms and no shower facilities can be a significant drawback.
  9. Restricted Access to Comfortable Areas: Certain more comfortable areas and lounges may be off-limits to those without a boarding passes. You need a boarding pass to stay in the airside overnight.

9 Places to Avoid Sleeping at Charles De Gaulle Airport:

  1. Terminal 3 – Lacks comfortable seating, limited food options, and security frequently moves sleepers.
  2. Near Security Checkpoints – High noise levels due to early morning security operations and frequent patrols.
  3. Near Construction Zones – Loud and disruptive noise from ongoing construction activities, especially in Terminal 2E.
  4. Public Seating Areas with Armrests – Uncomfortable for lying down, prevalent throughout many terminals.
  5. Metro Area – Unsafe at night, with a high presence of homeless individuals and inadequate security.
  6. Food Court Areas Post-Closure – Security often moves sleepers, and cleaning crews create noise disturbances.
  7. Check-In Counters – Bright lighting and frequent activity from early morning passengers and staff.
  8. Terminal 1 – Limited comfortable seating, frequent disturbances from cleaning and security checks.
  9. Hall 3 Check-In Gate – Rows of chairs with restrictive metal bars preventing lying down.

10 Expert Sleep Tips for Fliers at Charles de Gaulle Airport

  1. Choose the Right Spot – Seek out designated rest areas or quieter terminals like 2E and 2F, where you’ll find comfortable seating and fewer disturbances.
  2. Bring Sleep Essentials – Pack a travel blanket, neck pillow, earplugs, and an eye mask to block out noise and light, ensuring a more restful sleep.
  3. Utilize Sleep Pods – Consider booking a YotelAir sleep pod for privacy and comfort in a compact 9-square meter space.
  4. Check Security and Cleaning Schedules – Be aware that security checks and cleaning crews can be disruptive, particularly in high-traffic areas.
  5. Stay Warm – The airport can get chilly at night, so dress in layers or bring an extra sweater to stay warm.
  6. Use Earplugs and Eye Masks – These can help block out ambient noise and bright lights, which are common in busy airport terminals.
  7. Locate Power Outlets – Find areas with accessible power outlets to charge your devices while you rest, such as near Gates F29-F33 in Terminal 2F.
  8. Avoid Construction Zones – Steer clear of areas with ongoing construction, especially in Terminal 2E, to minimize noise and disruptions.
  9. Be Prepared to Show Your Ticket – Security may ask to see your boarding pass, so keep it handy if you’re planning to sleep in the terminals.
  10. Stay Safe – Stick to well-lit, populated areas if you’re concerned about safety, and keep your belongings close to avoid theft.

FAQs on Sleeping at CDG Airport:

Can I sleep at CDG?

Yes, you can sleep at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), but there are some important considerations to keep in mind due to the airport’s policies and operating hours.

Terminal Operating Hours

Most terminals at CDG have specific operating hours, typically closing late at night and reopening early in the morning. Here are the hours for the terminals:

  • Terminal 1: 4:00 AM – 12:00 AM
  • Terminal 2A: 3:30 AM – 12:30 AM
  • Terminal 2C: 4:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Terminal 2D: 4:30 AM – 11:30 PM
  • Terminal 2E and 2F: 4:00 AM – 12:00 AM
  • Terminal 2G: 5:00 AM – 11:30 PM
  • Terminal 3: 4:30 AM – 11:30 PM

Overnight Stays

Although overnight stays at CDG are generally discouraged and you may be asked to leave the terminal at closing time, travelers who have a boarding pass for an early morning flight and notification from a travel agent are typically allowed to stay inside the terminal to wait for their departure. This means if you are already inside the secure area and have proof of your next flight, you may remain at the airport during the closure hours.

Can I Sleep at Charles de Gaulle Airport?

Yes, you can sleep at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The airport offers several options for resting and sleeping, ranging from innovative sleep pods by YotelAir to designated rest areas within the terminals. Here’s what you should know:

  1. YotelAir Sleep Pods: CDG features 80 compact 9-square meter sleep pods, providing a private and comfortable space for travelers. These pods are ideal for short naps or longer rest periods.
  2. In-Airport Hotels: There are five hotels within the airport, including the luxurious INNSiDE by Meliá Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, CitizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Novotel Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, and Ibis Styles Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. These hotels offer a range of amenities and comfortable accommodations.
  3. Designated Rest Areas: CDG has invested in six designated rest areas equipped with semi-reclined lounge chairs. These areas are spread across the terminals and provide a more comfortable sleeping experience.
  4. Free Sleeping Spots: Several spots within the terminals are suitable for sleeping:
  • Gates L and K30 in Terminal 2E feature lounge-style sofas and recliner chairs.
  • The food court in Terminal 2E has comfortable seating that becomes available after restaurants close.
  • Near Gate 32 in Terminal 2E, cushioned sleeping couches are available, though they fill up quickly.
  • Starbucks in Terminal 2F has long wooden benches suitable for sleeping after closing hours.
  • The check-in area in Terminal 2E offers spacious seating options, though it can be bright and busy.
  • Near Gates F29-F33 in Terminal 2F, long, slightly padded benches are available for lying down.
  1. Tips for Sleeping at CDG:
  • Bring sleep essentials like a travel blanket, neck pillow, earplugs, and an eye mask.
  • Dress in layers or bring an extra sweater to stay warm as the airport can get chilly at night.
  • Locate areas with power outlets to charge your devices while you rest.
  • Avoid construction zones and be prepared for security checks.

Overall, sleeping at CDG is entirely feasible, as confirmed by numerous passenger reviews. With a bit of preparation, you can find a comfortable spot to rest and recharge during your time at the airport.

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