Sleep Pods + 9 Places to Sleep in Detroit Airport [DTW]

Detroit Airport scores below average in terms of airport sleep quality when both the McNamara and North Terminals are evaluated. While it has plenty of seating, most of them have armrests which makes them difficult to stretch out on. As a result, traveling passengers often have to resort to sleeping on the floor or in uncomfortable chairs.

The Detroit Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States, serving 31.5 millions passengers in 2023 which was 12% increase from 28 million passengers in 2022. In the latest 2022 ranking, it was the 20th busiest airport in the US.

In the 2019 FAA’s National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems, DTW was categorized as a hub of large hub for commercial airplanes. Detroit Airport covers 4850 acres and despite being an easily expandable airport, there haven’t been any major developments since the completion of McNamara Terminal in 2002. Westin Hotel is  hotel is connected to the A concourse.

Aside from Westin Hotel, I will explain all the sleep options you can choose from at DTW ranging from sleep technologies, free spaces to consider, and in-airport hotels.

Are there sleeping pods at Detroit Airport?

Yes, Detroit Airport has sleeping pods compact sleep solutions provided by Minute Suites. While Minute Suites do not have a futuristic capsule-like design as those designed by GoSleep, they are quite innovative in that they feature a convertible seat that turns into a bed and have sleep enhancing technologies.

Unlike traditional capsule hotel cabins, Minute Suites are more spacious and allow up to 4 guests in one booking. They feature an actual bed and they have more privacy with a lockable door. In addition, they offer a TV with various channels and noise-canceling headphones to ensure a quiet and peaceful sleep.

Minute Suites at Detroit(DTW) Airport

Yes, there are Minute Suites at Detroit Airport in McNamara Terminal near Gate A66. To enter the Suites at DTW, a valid boarding pass for McNamara Terminal is required. Please note that your flight must either arrive at or depart from McNamara Terminal.

Map of McNamara Terminal Showing Location of MInute Suites at DTW Near Gate A66
Snapshot of the Map of McNamara Terminal Showing Location of Minute Suites at DTW Near Gate A66. See Full Map Here.

Detroit’s Minute Suites is a recent addition to their expanding number of airport locations and I must say I am impressed with their expansion pace.

Philadelphia Airport, Salt Lake City Airport, Nashville Airport, Houston Airport and JFK Airport are among the 15+ airport locations that Minute Suites currently operates in.

Detroit Airport Minute Suites Amenities:

  1. Showers
  2. WiFi
  3.  Daybed sofa that transforms into a bed,
  4. A sound masking system,
  5. A personal thermostat allows for environmental control.
  6. We also offer temporary office space to guests.
  7. Smart TV’s.

Contacts of Detroit Airport Minute Suites:

Detroit Airport Minute Suites Cost:

The cost of Minute Suites for the first hour is $55 and it increases every 15 minutes by $13.75. You can also book an 8-hour block for $175.

There was a slight price increase in 2024. The 2023 pricing was $48 per hour and the incremental fee for every additional 15 minutes was $12. This change did not affect the Priority Pass membership cost.

If you have a Priority Pass membership, the first hour is free, and will need to pay Minute Suites $34 for each additional hour. This is a discount from the usual $48.

Minute Suites pricing in Detroit Airport

9 Locations to Sleep in Detroit Airport:

Based on the flyer reviews of Detroit Airport, here are the best sleep locations:

  1. Before Security Landside North Terminal:
    • Quiet, mostly carpeted area behind one of the info centers near baggage claim downstairs. It’s darker and more private, fitting an average male comfortably. However, bring earplugs due to potential noise from doors and talking patrons.
  2. McNamara Terminal, Concourse C (C1-7):
    • Offers a few chairs with footrests long enough to lay on comfortably next to the children’s area. It’s quiet and secluded, though not very dark and still has announcements.
  3. McNamara Terminal, Concourse A (Gates A8-3):
    • Features armless couches and chairs with small privacy screens near the “eastern market”. It’s well-lit, has lots of charging stations, but limited in number and next to a TV, so earplugs are recommended.
  4. North Terminal:
    • Very empty overnight with a carpeted floor in the baggage claim area that’s quieter and has electrical outlets. It’s noted as cold and bright, so bring earplugs, an eye mask, and a blanket or sweatshirt.
  5. Concourse B:
    • Has two cream-colored L-shaped couches at the far end, which are great for napping. It’s quieter during the day but cold, so bringing a blanket is suggested.
  6. Westin Hotel Conference Area:
    • Offers chairs and couches with electricity for charging phones. It’s advised to not remove shoes for the evening stay.
  7. Concourse D North Terminal Gate D 14:
    • There is a kids play area with a narrow black long couch (enough for 2 people) and a clean open floor space that can be used to sleep at night.
  8. Reflection Center (Terminal D17):
    • Offers a hard, wide bench that is flat and elevated, suitable for meditating or sleeping if you don’t mind the hardness
  9. L-shaped Couches Near Gate B18 in Concourse B:
    • An excellent place to sleep, with a recommendation to bring a small inflatable camping pillow and some earplugs. It is noted to be very cold, so having a blanket is beneficia

Where to sleep at Detroit Airport: Alternatives to Sleep Pods and Suites:

Regrettably, Detroit Airport does not offer a particularly welcoming environment for layover passengers in search of a place to get some rest. The McNamara Terminal, which encompasses Concourses A, B, and C, provides more sleeping options for overnight travelers compared to the North Terminal. However, it is worth noting that most of these options come with armrests.

Among the recommendations from travelers, the far end of Concourse B, near Gate B21, has been highlighted as a favorable spot for catching some sleep. This area boasts comfortable furniture, including two L-shaped couches, and tends to be quieter compared to the rest of the airport.

North Terminal

  • Metal Ledge in North Terminal: Offers a semi-comfortable resting area with the ability to stretch out, heated vents, and proximity to restrooms. Noise and light are notable cons. Earplugs and eye masks are recommended.
  • Landside North Terminal: A carpeted area before security, noted for being mostly quiet with limited announcements. Noise from doors and arriving baggage can be a drawback. It’s suggested to bring earplugs for a better rest.
  • Baggage Claim Area: Carpeted floor and electrical outlets are available, though the environment is described as cold and bright.

McNamara Terminal (Concourse A and B)

  • Concourse A: While not specifically highlighted for sleeping accommodations, it’s praised for its openness, airiness, and cleanliness, possibly providing comfortable spots for resting. Long benches and a train for easy transportation across the concourse are available. The presence of various dining options can be convenient for passengers.
  • L-shaped Couches Near Gate B18: Described as an excellent place to sleep, though it’s advisable to bring items like a small inflatable camping pillow and earplugs.
  • End of B Concourse: Features 2 huge, long, leather chairs that can be used as beds. The area is very quiet and sees little foot traffic, but it can be very cold.

Entire list of free sleep options to consider:

  1. North Terminal Metal Ledge:
    • Pros: Semi-comfortable with the ability to stretch out, heated vents, plugs for phones, close to restrooms.
    • Cons: Noise, light.
    • Location: By the closed-for-the-night TSA line to the far left facing the terminal side.
  2. Before Security Landside North Terminal:
    • Pros: Carpeted, mostly quiet, limited announcements.
    • Cons: Noise from doors and arriving baggage.
    • Location: Behind one of the info centers near baggage claim downstairs, land side before security in the north terminal.
  3. L-shaped Couches Near Gate B18:
    • Pros: Excellent place to sleep, quiet.
    • Location: Closest to gate B18 in Terminal B.
  4. Meditation Center in North Terminal:
    • Pros: Quiet, dim lights.
    • Cons: Hard bench, hardly any armrest-free spots.
    • Location: North Terminal.
  5. Kids Play Area Near Gate D14:
    • Pros: Narrow couch and soft floor.
    • Location: Near the TSA in Concourse D, North Terminal.
  6. Baggage Claim Area North Terminal:
    • Pros: Carpeted floor, electrical outlets.
    • Cons: Cold and bright.
    • Location: Baggage claim area, North Terminal.
  7. Eastern Market, Concourse A, Gates A8-3:
    • Pros: Couches without arms, privacy chairs, lots of light and charging stations.
    • Cons: Limited armless chairs, next to a TV.
    • Location: End of Concourse A, McNamara Terminal.
  8. Concourse C:
    • Pros: Quiet, dark, felt safe.
    • Cons: Uncomfortable seats.
    • Location: Concourse C.
  9. End of Terminal A:
    • Pros: Many couches.
    • Cons: Bright lights.
    • Location: After entering Terminal A and taking a left to the end, right side.

Sleep Pods Alternatives at DTW:

Westin Hotel:

Aside from the Minute Suites, the Westin Hotel located within Detroit Airport is another great option for travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient place to sleep. The hotel offers soundproof rooms with plush bedding, blackout curtains, and heavenly showers – perfect for getting some much-needed rest between flights.

Guests also have access to the fitness center and indoor pool to help them relax before or after their flight. The hotel is connected to the McNamara Terminal, making it a quick and easy option for travelers in need of some rest.

Check details of Westin Hotel on Tripadvisor here.

Other hotel alternatives near Detroit Airport:

Does Detroit Airport have Sleep n Fly:

Unlike Hamad or Dubai Airports, Detroit Airports lack Sleep n Fly sleep facilities. Its only sleep facilities include the Minute Suites in McNamara Terminal and an in-airport hotel known as Westin Hotel, conveniently situated just the landside of the McNamara Terminal.

Sleep n Fly is a company that specializes in providing comfortable sleep facilities for travelers within airports. These facilities typically consist of private rooms with beds, pillows, and blankets to ensure maximum comfort for travelers looking to catch some shut-eye during their layover. While Detroit Airport does not currently have any Sleep n Fly options, it may be worth keeping an eye out for any future developments as they continue to expand and modernize the airport. I’ll update this post when and if they expand to Detroit.

Tips for Sleep at Detroit Airport:

Here are practical tips for sleeping at Detroit Airport:

  1. Choose a Quiet Spot: Look for quieter, less trafficked areas such as the landside before security in the North Terminal or secluded spots in Concourses C and B for a peaceful rest. The area behind info centers near baggage claim is mentioned as a good spot.
  2. Comfort is Key: Bring a blanket or sweatshirt to stay warm, as many areas are noted to be cold. A small inflatable camping pillow can greatly increase comfort.
  3. Prepare for Noise: Earplugs are essential due to noise from announcements, other passengers, and operational sounds of the airport. Even in quieter spots, sound can be an issue.
  4. Lighting: An eye mask can help block out the bright lights common in many airport sleeping areas, making it easier to sleep at any time of day.
  5. Seek Out Furniture Without Armrests: Look for armless couches or chairs with privacy screens, particularly in Concourse A near the “eastern market”, for more comfortable lying down.
  6. Stay Charged: Many sleeping spots near charging stations allow you to recharge your devices while you rest. Especially look for areas with lots of light and charging stations, such as the end of Concourse A.
  7. Safety and Privacy: Choose spots that offer a bit of privacy, like the darker areas behind information desks or chairs with privacy screens, to feel more secure and undisturbed.
  8. Prepare for the Floor: If you’re okay with sleeping on the floor, consider bringing a yoga mat or something similar for extra padding. Carpeted areas are mentioned as being more comfortable.
  9. Hotel and Lounge Options: For those willing to pay, the Westin Hotel conference area offers couches and chairs for a more comfortable rest. Delta lounges provide quiet areas, though access might require a fee or membership.
  10. Stay Informed and Prepared: Always check the latest airport guidelines and restrictions regarding sleeping overnight, as policies can change. Being prepared with essentials like earplugs, eye masks, blankets, and pillows will greatly enhance your ability to rest comfortably at the airport.

Detroit Airport ZZZ/Sleep Score

Sleep Accommodations (37.5 Points)

  • Innovative Sleep Technology (Pods/Suites): 8/8 points. DTW has Minute Suites, a type of compact sleep pod solution.
  • In-Airport Hotel: 7/7 points. The presence of the Westin Hotel connected to Concourse A within the airport justifies this score.
  • Hotels with Free Shuttle Service: 5/5 points. There are more than 10 nearby hotels offering free shuttle services to DTW such as Comfort Inn Metro Airport and Detroit Metro Airport Marriott.
  • Designated Rest Zones: 0/5 points. DTW does not have designated rest zones
  • At Least One Identified Sleeping Spot in Each Terminal: 5/5 points. Reviews identified sleeping spots in multiple terminals, ensuring travelers can find a place to rest.
  • Ease of Access to Free Sleeping Spots: 5/5 points. The accessibility of free sleeping spots is evident in the reviews.
  • Access to Day-rooms in Airport Hotels or by Nearby Hotels: 2.5/2.5 points. A few hotels offer day use rooms

Seating and Space Availability (10 Points)

  • Armrest-Free Chairs: 5/5 points. The mention of “armless couches and chairs with small privacy screens” supports this score.
  • Availability of Seating Spaces: 5/5 points. Reviews note numerous seating options and spaces for resting across different terminals.

Ambient Environment for Sleep (15 Points)

  • Lighting: 4/8 points. One flier described the area as “very quiet and pretty dark,” indicating a favorable condition for sleep. Another noted that it’s “not dark, still has announcements.” Reviews are mixed on lighting.
  • Sound Level at Night: 4/7 points. One reviewer mentioned “limited announcements” as a pro but notes that there is “some noise from doors opening/closing, arriving baggage.” Another notes that DTW is “Cold, a bit noisy during the day.” It suggests that the concourse can be quieter at night but might have noise issues during busier times.

Operating Hours and Accessibility (15 Points)

  • 24/7 Operation: 4/5 points. The airport operates 24/7, as overnight stays are mentioned without indication of closure but TSA check-in and ticketing counters are closed for a few hours at night.
  • Ease of Overnight Stay: 5/5 points. Reviews suggest that overnight stays are feasible without significant restrictions.
  • Wheelchair Access: 5/5 points. Assuming full compliance with ADA requirements, full wheelchair access is expected.

Amenities (22.5 Points)

  • Cleanliness: 3/3 points. General mentions of cleanliness in sleep areas and terminals support this score.
  • Security: 3/3 points. The absence of security concerns in the reviews suggests a safe environment.
  • Wi-Fi and Charging Stations: 3/3 points. Reviews mentioning charging stations imply the availability of Wi-Fi.
  • Food and Beverage: 3/3 points. The presence of multiple food options, though the 24/7 availability of these services isn’t clear.
  • Shower Amenities: 2/3 points. Detroit Airport does not have public shower facilities but Minute Suites and Delta Sky Club Lounge have shower facilities. You’ll have to pay $30 to shower in Minute Suites or enroll in Delta Sky Club Membership (one-yr plan is US$ 545).
  • Pay-Per-Use Lounge: 2.5/2.5 points. Lufthansa Business Lounge located in North Terminal, Airside, Gates 7 and 8 offer day pass for $38 that you can purchase online.
  • Luggage Storage Facilities: 0.5/2.5 points. There are no airport locker storage facilities but can opt for private storage service provides such as Bounce.
  • Access to Smoking Areas: 1/2.5 points. DTW does not allow smoking indoors but can smoke outside at deisgnated smoking areas. See these maps with smoking locations.

Total Score

  • Sleep Accommodations: 32.5/37.5
  • Seating and Space Availability: 10/10
  • Ambient Environment for Sleep: 7/15
  • Operating Hours and Accessibility: 14/15
  • Amenities: 18/22.5
  • Total Score: 81.5/100

Closing Remark on DTW Sleep:

Detroit Airport (DTW) provides a commendable environment for travelers seeking rest, reflected in its ZZZ/Sleep Score of 81.5/100. This score highlights several strengths and areas for improvement in the airport’s sleeping accommodations and amenities.


  1. Innovative Sleep Technology and In-Airport Hotel: DTW excels with its 8/8 score for sleep technology, thanks to Minute Suites, and a 7/7 score for its in-airport hotel, the Westin, connected to Concourse A. These facilities offer travelers privacy, comfort, and convenience.
  2. Hotels with Free Shuttle Service: With a 5/5 score, the presence of over ten nearby hotels offering free shuttle services, such as Comfort Inn Metro Airport and Detroit Metro Airport Marriott, greatly enhances convenience for travelers.
  3. Seating and Space Availability: Scoring a perfect 10/10, DTW offers numerous seating options, including armrest-free chairs, which cater to the need for comfortable resting spots across different terminals.
  4. Operating Hours and Accessibility: The airport’s nearly round-the-clock operation (4/5) and ease of overnight stay (5/5) ensure that travelers can find rest at any hour, despite some limitations during late-night hours when TSA check-in and ticketing counters may close.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Designated Rest Zones: With a 0/5 score, the lack of designated rest zones is a notable gap. Creating dedicated areas for rest could significantly improve the overall sleep experience at DTW.
  2. Ambient Environment for Sleep: Lighting (4/8) and sound level at night (4/7) scores indicate mixed reviews on the airport’s ability to provide a consistently conducive sleep environment. Addressing these concerns through better-controlled lighting and reduced noise levels could enhance comfort for sleeping passengers.
  3. Amenities: While scoring well in most amenities categories, improvements in shower amenities (2/3), luggage storage (0.5/2.5), and access to smoking areas (1/2.5) could further elevate the traveler experience. Expanding shower access beyond Minute Suites and Delta Sky Club and providing more convenient luggage storage solutions would be beneficial.


Detroit Airport offers a robust infrastructure for travelers seeking rest, with excellent scores in sleep technology, hotel accessibility, and seating availability. To further enhance its standing as a comfortable and convenient resting place for travelers, DTW could focus on establishing designated rest zones, improving the ambient environment for sleep, and expanding essential amenities like shower facilities and luggage storage. Addressing these areas could turn Detroit Airport into an even more sleep-friendly hub, providing an exemplary model for airports worldwide.

Table Comparison of Minute Suites vs Hotels In/Near Detroit Airport:

Hotel NameAddressPrice Quoted for Booking 30-Days Ahead(subject to change)Average Rating/Number of ReviewsDistance from Airport
The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport2501 Worldgateway Place$3204.5/5 from 1,753Located inside the airport – Connected to the McNamara Terminal.
Minute Suites$195(overnight rate)Located in transit area, Airside, near Gate A66.
Comfort Inn Metro Airport31800 Wick Rd$1074.5/5 from 1,225 Reviews1.8 miles
Embassy Suites by Hilton Detroit Metro Airport8600 Wickham Road$1754/5 from 1,284 Reviews2.0 miles
Delta Hotels by Marriott Detroit Metro Airport31500 Wick Road$1273.5/5 from 356 Reviews1.8 miles
Detroit Metro Airport Marriott30559 Flynn Dr$1614/5 from 607 Reviews2.1 miles
Holiday Inn Detroit Metro Airport, an IHG Hotel8400 Merriman Rd$1794/5 from 300 Reviews2.1 miles
La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Detroit Metro Airport30847 Flynn Dr$924/5 from 1,071 Reviews2.2 miles
Hampton Inn & Suites Detroit/Airport-Romulus31700 Smith Rd$1364.5/5 from 1,095 Reviews2.3 miles
Clarion Hotel Detroit Metro Airport8600 Merriman Rd$903.5/5 from 566 Reviews2.1 miles
Courtyard by Marriott Detroit Metro Airport Romulus30653 Flynn Drive$1274/5 from 3262.1 miles
Baymont by Wyndham Detroit Airport/Romulus9000 Wickham Rd$883.5/5 from 1,0821.9 miles
Four Points by Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport8800 Wickham Road$1053.5/5 from 3312.0 miles
SpringHill Suites by Marriott Detroit Metro Airport Romulus8280 Merriman Rd$1274/5 from 3972.2 miles
Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport8000 Merriman Rd$1433.5/5 from 6172.3 miles
Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Metro Airport31800 Smith Road$1574/5 from 9282.3 miles
Wingate by Wyndham Detroit Metro Airport9501 Middlebelt Rd$933.5/5 from 1,4412.1 miles
American Inn & Suites Metro Airport9863 Middlebelt Rd$573.5/5 from 2651.9 miles
Extended Stay America – Detroit – Metropolitan Airport30325 Flynn Dr$834/5 from 522.1 miles
Rodeway Inn Metro Airport8500 Wickham Rd$533/5 from 472.1 miles
Holiday Inn Express Romulus / Detroit Airport, an IHG hotel7680 Merriman Rd$1224/5 from 2502.4 miles
Fairfield Inn & Suites By Marriott Detroit Metro Airport Romulus7800 Merriman Rd$1104/5 from 5162.4 miles
Quality Inn & Suites Detroit Metro Airport9555 Middlebelt Rd$683/5 from 6052.0 miles
Home2 Suites by Hilton Taylor Detroit14300 Pardee Rd$1724/5 from 564.9 miles
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Romulus Detroit Metro Airport31119 Flynn Dr$693/5 from 1,1862.1 miles
Americas Best Value Inn Romulus Detroit Airport7600 Merriman Rd$1403.5/5 from 3592.5 miles
Red Apple Inn32707 Michigan Ave # 11$754/5 from 174.8 miles
Comfort Inn & Suites6778 Telegraph Road$1023/5 from 1495.2 miles
Wyndham Garden Romulus Detroit Metro AirportNo 9191 Wickham Rd$852.5/5 from 1,3501.9 miles
Magnuson Hotel Detroit Airport8230 Merriman Rd$652.5/5 from 752.2 miles
Travelodge by Wyndham Romulus Detroit Airport9095 Wickham Rd$772.5/5 from 3091.9 miles
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