Guide to Sleeping in Atlanta Airport + MS Pods

If you end up with a layover in Atlanta Airport, you’re in luck as the sleep options are now more diverse with more innovative sleep pods solutions being one of the best options to consider.  

Through a partnership with Minute Suites(MS), Atlanta Airport become one of the first US airports to install sleep pods in 2018 and has since scaled from one to four locations within ATL’s terminals.

Through this guide on Atlanta Airport Sleep Pods and Alternatives, you’ll be informed of the presence of Minute Suites pods, reviews, pricing, and viable alternative options in both the airside and landside.

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Sleeping in Atlanta’s Hartfield Airport – Overview:

Atlanta Airport (ATL) provides several viable options for travelers seeking a place to sleep.

Terminal F stands out as the most accommodating, offering comfy sofas and couches, especially on the mezzanine level, though it can be quite cold, so bringing extra layers is advisable.

Concourse A allows late-night access through security, providing rows of chairs for sleeping, while Concourse E is noted for its quieter environment despite being a bit chilly.

Minute Suites at Gate B16 offer private sleeping areas, though they only accept American Express. Additionally, the PlaneTrain level between Concourse A and B features a tranquil art installation, enhancing the sleep environment with dim lighting and soothing sounds, despite some noise from moving sidewalks.

Overall, while the airport provides several comfortable sleeping spots, travelers should be prepared for bright lights, cold temperatures, and occasional noise. Using eye masks, earplugs, and warm clothing can significantly enhance the sleeping experience at ATL.

Sleeping in Atlanta Airport’s Airside vs Landside – Note the diffreence in amenities:


Landside amenities at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport are reasonably equipped to accommodate overnight travelers, although they are generally less comfortable compared to airside options. The main atrium and domestic terminals offer various seating areas, some with cushioned chairs and limited 24-hour food outlets, such as IHOP and Burger King.

While these areas provide basic necessities like restrooms and charging stations, they tend to be brighter and noisier, with continuous announcements and foot traffic. Despite these challenges, landside sleeping is manageable with proper preparation, such as bringing an eye mask and earplugs to mitigate light and noise.


Airside offers a more comfortable experience with padded sofas, quiet corners, and tranquil features like the PlaneTrain level’s art installation in Terminals F and E. These areas have subdued lighting and fewer disruptions, making them preferable for overnight stays. If security checkpoints are closed, landside sleeping is still manageable with appropriate sleep aids.

Can I check-in night before for next-day flight so I can sleep in the airside?

Yes, you can typically check in the night before for a morning flight at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, allowing access to airside amenities. Many travelers have reported successfully passing through security late at night, even if their flights are early the next morning.

This access enables them to utilize the more comfortable airside sleeping areas, such as the quiet corners in Terminal F or the padded seating in Concourse E. It’s advisable to confirm with your airline regarding their check-in policies and ensure you arrive before TSA checkpoints close, usually around 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM, to maximize your access to airside facilities and amenities.

Does Atlanta Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes, Atlanta Airport has installed 16 sleep pods which are compact mini-suites design measuring less than 100 sq. ft. The pods are operated by Minute Suites and ATL was among the first locations of this American-based airport pod hotel operator.

It is important to note that ATL does not have the capsule-style sleep pods offered by brands like GoSleep or Restworks. However, it is crucial to recognize that Minute Suites serve as a variant of sleep pods, despite the widespread association of the term “sleep pods” with the capsule models provided by GoSleep and Restworks. In my research, I found no evidence of ATL ever installing capsule-design pods at any time since 2010, contrasting with JFK airport, which once offered them before stopping their use.

GoSleep pods are small enclosed spaces designed for one person to rest or sleep while waiting for their flight. While they feature a seat that reclines fully to give you a flat surface to sleep on, they provide limited privacy compared to Minute Suites sleep pods. Minute Suites feature additional amenities that you won’t get with GoSleep such as a workstation, white machine, TV system, an actual bed and more.

Minute Suites in ATL

Yes, there are Minute Suites in Atlanta Airport. In August 2018, the City of Atlanta partnered with Minute Suites to install sleep suites at Atlanta Airport. According to a report by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, these private sleeping suites are available for hourly rental and are conveniently located throughout Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Find out more about this innovative service here.

snapshot showing the opening of Minute Suites at Atlanta AIrport in 2018

About Minute Suites:

Launched in 2007, Minute Suites is the pioneer and leader in providing private, comfortable places for travelers to take a break inside major airports across the U.S. Minute Suites locations can be found in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston Bush Intercontinental, Denver, Phoenix Sky Harbor, Charlotte Douglas, Philadelphia, Miami International, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airports.

Minute Suites started first Minute Suites in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on November 18, 2009. The second location was established in the Philadelphia International Airport in March of 2011, joining another site while expanding the concept to 13 suites, following the success of our Atlanta site.

How Minute Suites look like:

Minute suites in Atlanta Airport measure about 5 by 8 feet which is more than enough to fit a daybed, small table, and a chair.

Below is an image of a typical suite.

4 Locations: Concourse B, E & F

According to Minute Suite’s website, the sleeping pods or spaces at Atlanta Airport are located in the following locations;

  1. Concourse B near Gate B24.
  2. Concourse B near Gate B16.
  3. Concourse E, Atrium at the top of the escalators
  4. Concourse F near Gate F6

How about Minute Suites in Concourse D and T?

In a blog post dated June 22, 2022, Minute Suites announced plans to relocate its 5 suites from Concourse T to Concourse D. However, when I checked in 2024, there are no Minute Suites located in either Concourse D or T and only 4 there are only 4 Minute Suites locations in Atlanta Airport.

The map below shows where Gate B24 is on the map;

Snapshot showing location of Minute Suites in Atlanta Airport in Concourse B near Gate B24 and near Gate B16
Snapshot showing location of Minute Suites in Atlanta Airport in Concourse B near Gate B24 and near Gate B16

The image below shows the location of Gate B16 where other Minute Suites are located;

A snapshot of Atlanta Airport map showing the location of Minute Suites at gate B16

Here is the image of the full terminal.

Reviews of Atlanta Airport’s Minute Suites Pods:

Based on over 400 customer reviews of Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport, the feedback reveals a mix of grievances and limited pros, painting a detailed picture of the experience.

I wanted to get a really detailed customer experienes who have opted to sleep at ATL’s Minute Suites and reviewed 32 customer reviews on Tripadvisor(average rating 2.5/5), 8 reviews on Loungebuddy and 400 reviews on Google (B16 Google Reviews here and Concourse T Google Reviews here)

Here’s a comprehensive review:


  • Convenience for Layovers: The primary advantage of Minute Suites is its location within the airport, offering a space to rest without the need to exit security zones. This convenience is particularly appreciated by those with early flights or long layovers.
  • Avoidance of Additional Transportation: For travelers missing flights or facing early departures, the facility eliminates the need for hotel shuttles or taxis, saving time and hassle.
  • Essentials Available for Purchase: Some guests found the availability of items like chargers, earbuds, and personal care packages in the front store helpful, albeit at an extra cost.
  • Climate Control in Some Locations: The Atlanta location was noted for having climate control, providing some comfort to guests during their stay.


  1. Pricing Discrepancies and Overcharging: Customers reported being charged more than the advertised rates, with some expecting to pay $175 for an 8-hour stay but being billed $220, and others noting inconsistency in charges for different stays. Note that the overnight booking went up in January 1, 2024 and current price for overnight stay is $195, $20 above the 2023 rate.
  2. Lack of Comfort: Many reviews highlighted the discomfort of the sleeping arrangements, describing the couch as rock hard and the provided pillow and blanket as insufficient for a restful sleep.
  3. Absence of Private Bathrooms: Contrary to expectations set by the website, there were no in-suite bathrooms, forcing guests to use communal facilities, which raised concerns about security and convenience.
  4. Security Concerns: The lack of lockable doors when outside the suite to use the bathroom was a significant worry, particularly for solo travelers and women, despite the presence of hallway cameras.
  5. Cleanliness and Maintenance Issues: Guests reported dirty suites, malfunctioning mini-fridges, and broken or unclean furniture. Concerns about hygiene were heightened by reports of bedbugs.
  6. Customer Service and Flexibility: The service received from staff was often described as unfriendly and inflexible, with some customers feeling mistreated or disregarded during interactions.
  7. Noise and Lack of Privacy: The suites were not soundproofed, allowing airport announcements and noise from adjacent rooms to disrupt rest.
  8. Limited Amenities for the Price: The perceived value for money was low, with guests expecting more than just a couch or trundle bed for their payment. The requirement to pay extra for showers and the inadequacy of the TV (requiring personal streaming accounts for use) were common complaints.
  9. Misleading Advertising: Customers felt that the promotional materials did not accurately reflect the reality of the suites, leading to disappointment with the actual facilities.

How to make a Booking

You need to download Go Mobile App which is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store by following the steps below;

  • create an account
  • select Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • select Minute Suites
  • choose the date
  • time
  • number of hours needed
  • payment information
  • confirmation
snapshot of Minute Suites Atlanta website page on mobile app you can download to easily book a space to get some sleep in ATL Airport

What are the amenities offered in Sleep pods at Atlanta Airport?

The Atlanta Airport suites come with;

  • Linens and pillow
  • Blanket
  • Reading light
  • Curtain for privacy
  • Outlet
  • TV with DirecTV
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Work table and chair

Use this link to book ATL’s Minute Suites or can use this phone number; (404)-975-3941 or email them using this


Minute Suites employs a flexible hourly pricing model common in most sleeping pod solution and is particularly accommodating for passengers. Its pricing at Atlanta Airport mirrors the pricing at New York’s JFK. The cost is determined per suite rather than per individual, ensuring a fair and transparent approach to pricing based on the duration of stay. Notably, this pricing strategy was adjusted in January 2024 to reflect current market conditions.

Here’s a concise summary of the updated pricing details for Minute Suites at Atlanta Airport, akin to JFK’s structure:

  • Initial Hour: The rate for the first hour of use is $55. This is ideal for travelers seeking a quick rest or workspace.
  • Additional Time: For every 15 minutes beyond the first hour, up to the second hour, the rate increases by $13.75.
  • Extended Stays: From the third hour onwards, up to 8 hours, the cost for every additional 15 minutes decreases to $11.25.
  • 7-Hour and 8-Hour Stays: These are priced at $335 and $380 respectively, indicating the tiered pricing as the duration increases.
  • 24-Hour Option: For a full day’s stay, it’s priced at $450, catering to those with long layovers or delays.
  • Overnight Flat Rate: Booking from 9 PM allows for an overnight stay at a flat rate of $195, marking an affordable option for overnight guests. Note that overnight booking can only be made from 9 PM to 12 midnight.

The table below shows a breakdown of cost for all applicable durations;

Pricing Table for Minute Suites in ATL(Standard, Priority Pricing and Discounted pricing)

Duration (Hours)Standard PricingPriority Pass PricingMilitary/Airline Discount Pricing
0 – 1$55Free$44

Key Notes:

  • Standard Pricing: Incrementally increases by $13.75 per 15 minutes up to 2 hours, then $11.25 per 15 minutes up to 8 hours.
  • Priority Pass Pricing: First hour is free, with subsequent hours charged at $34.
  • Military/Airline Discount Pricing: 20% discount applied, reducing the hourly rates accordingly.

Priority Pass Pricing:

For Priority Pass Cardholders, the benefits at Atlanta Airport are similar to JFK’s:

  • Complimentary First Hour: The first hour is free, an excellent option for short layovers.
  • Extended Stay Pricing for Priority Pass Cardholders: Should cardholders wish to extend their stay beyond the complimentary hour, an additional $34 per hour fee applies, reflecting a significant discount off the standard rate. Instead of paying $380 for 8 hours as other customers without Priority Pass membership, Priority Pass customers only pay $238.

Cancellation Policy:

You need to immediately notify Minute Suites if you experience any flight delays that may require you to cancel your booking as their cancellation policy isn’t as generous and understanding. For hourly reservations, a full refund is available only if the cancellation occurs at least 3 hours before the scheduled arrival time.

Cancellations made less than 3 hours before arrival will not be eligible for a refund. For those booking overnight stays, Minute Suites require that you cancel a minimum of 12 hours before your scheduled arrival to qualify for a refund. Cancellations of overnight reservations made less than 12 hours before arrival cannot be refunded.

The table below has pricing for Priority Pass cardholders;

Priority Pass Rates in 2024 - Minute Suites

Below is a snapshot of their fee table which I got from their website.

Worth noting that nursing moms get 30 mins free.


You can reach Minute Suite via this phone number; (404) 762-7660 to reserve your room.

Why ATL Should Install More Sleep Pods:

Atlanta Airport is the busiest Airport in the US according to the latest statistics. This achievement sheds light on the challenge of finding a comfortable sleeping spot without taking advantage of the innovative sleep technology that Atlanta Airport has implemented. Rest assured, with the cutting-edge sleep tech available, your journey through the airport will be a more restful and rejuvenating experience.

Trust me, Atlanta Airport is perhaps the only airport where you cannot just risk sleeping randomly in the landside as homeless people sometimes come to the airport to take advantage of the freebies such as free blankets.

While not as bustling as JFK and not as beautiful as Changi Airport, I was genuinely impressed by Atlanta Airport’s impeccable sense of organization. The well-lit terminals, although not ideal for catching some sleep, do contribute to the overall ambiance. If you’re in search of the best spots for a quick nap within the airside, Concourses E and F, along with the International Terminal, offer some respite.

For the best sleep at this airport, you should consider Minute Suites’ sleep suites fitted with a bed, bedding, and a few basic amenities. We’ll explore more below.

Where to Sleep in Atlanta Airport: Free Nap Pod Alternatives

Navigating the vast expanse of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport can be overwhelming, especially for those seeking a place to rest during layovers or overnight stays. Fortunately, there are numerous free nap pod alternatives scattered throughout the airport’s terminals and concourses, providing travelers with comfortable spots to catch some sleep without breaking the bank.

From cozy sofas in Terminal F to quiet corners in Concourse E, here are some of the best locations within Atlanta Airport where you can find a good night’s rest.

Comfy Sofas in Terminal F

  • Pros: Slept well
  • Cons: Cold
  • Details: Terminal F offers a comfortable sleep environment, especially in the mezzanine area near the gates. Combining two sofas provides a good sleep experience, though it’s recommended to bring a jacket or blanket due to the cold. The main area of Terminal F also has couches, though it tends to be busier, making it slightly less ideal for uninterrupted sleep.

Midnight Entry Through Security in Concourse A

  • Pros: Early access through security
  • Cons: Noise; needed earplugs and eye shield
  • Description: Travelers arriving after 11 pm can pass through security for next morning flights and sleep on rows of chairs near Gate A15. Concessions in Concourse A are open 24 hours, providing easy access to food and beverages during late-night hours.

Comfy Spot for a Nap in Upper Level, Concourse F

  • Pros: Comfortable and not too busy
  • Cons: Near escalators/elevators with lots of lights/announcements
  • Description: The upper level of Concourse F, particularly near Gate F5, offers a comfortable area with padded sofa chairs. Despite the proximity to escalators and elevators, the area is relatively quiet, though occasional announcements and lights may be bothersome.

Great Spot near the ATL Club in Concourse F

  • Pros: Comfortable couches
  • Cons: Very bright, a bit noisy
  • Description: Located near the ATL Club, the couches in Concourse F are highly recommended for their comfort. However, the area is well-lit and can be noisy due to frequent foot traffic and announcements, making it essential to have an eye mask and earplugs.

Getting Shut Eye in the Mezzanine, Concourse F (Delta Area)

  • Pros: Less traffic, warm
  • Cons: Perfume smell from Duty Free
  • Description: The mezzanine level in Concourse F’s Delta area offers rows of seats without armrests, ideal for stretching out. It is a quieter spot with less traffic, though the smell from Duty-Free shops can be noticeable. Finding a seat next to a wall can help block the cold drafts from the windows.

Pretty Decent Rest in Terminal F

  • Pros: Several couches and chairs, comparatively low key
  • Cons: Brightly lit
  • Description: Terminal F, especially near Gate F7, provides many places to rest and stretch out, with a variety of couches and chairs available. While the area is generally comfortable, it is brightly lit, so a light sweater and long pants are recommended for added warmth.

Excellent Floor Sleeping at Gate F14

  • Pros: Quiet, dark corner
  • Cons: Hard benches
  • Description: Gate F14 in Concourse F features a quiet and dark corner ideal for floor sleeping. The benches around planters are hard but provide a continuous surface without armrests, making it easier to stretch out.

Quiet but Cold in Concourse E

  • Pros: Quiet, not overly bright
  • Cons: Very cold
  • Description: Concourse E, especially near Gate E5, is a quiet area with minimal traffic, making it a good spot for sleep. However, it is very cold, so wearing additional layers or using a blanket is advisable to stay warm.

Gate E12 – Lay Flat Seats

  • Pros: No armrests, lay flat seats
  • Cons: A little loud
  • Description: Gate E12 offers seats without armrests, allowing travelers to lay flat comfortably. Though the area can be a bit loud due to cleaning crews, it provides a decent sleeping spot.

Sleep Under the Trees in PlaneTrain Level between Concourse A and B

  • Pros: Dim lighting, bird and frog sounds
  • Cons: Noisy moving sidewalks
  • Description: The PlaneTrain level between Concourse A and B features a tree canopy art installation with dim lights and soothing sounds, creating a peaceful environment for sleep. Despite the noise from moving sidewalks, the area is generally conducive to rest.

Not a Bad Night in Concourse E

  • Pros: Spacious, clean bathrooms, felt safe
  • Cons: Chilly, televisions never turned off
  • Description: Concourse E, particularly near Gate E17, offers ample space with many floor sleepers and continuous TV noise. The area feels safe with clean bathrooms, though it can be chilly, so layering up is recommended.

Perfectly Good Free Spot to Rest in Landside, Atrium

  • Pros: Free, quiet for the most part
  • Cons: Limited charging outlets
  • Description: The atrium landside is a good option for budget travelers, offering a quiet resting place with chairs that can be arranged for more comfort. While the area is generally quiet, finding available charging outlets can be challenging, so sharing with fellow travelers might be necessary.

Tips for Choosing the Most Suitable Sleeping Place in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport:

  • For Quietness: Opt for Gate F14 in Concourse F or the PlaneTrain level between Concourse A and B.
  • For Warmth: Mezzanine in Concourse F (Delta Area) is warmer compared to other spots.
  • For Comfort: Terminal F’s mezzanine and near ATL Club offer the most comfortable seating options.
  • For Convenience: Concourse A’s post-security chairs are best for early morning flights.
  • For Privacy: Minute Suites at Gate B16 provide the most privacy and a quiet environment.

Alternatives to ATL’s Nap Pods: Hotels Inside Atlanta Airport:

  • Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway: Located betwen the airport and car rental center. The ATL SkyTrain takes you right to the hotel for free – 2 mins ride. Rated 4.5/5 by 1500+ customers. » Check Rates
  • Springhill Suites Atlanta Airport Gateway: Enjoy a free 2-minute ride on the ATL SkyTrain. Rated 4/5 by 600+ customers with pricing close to those of Gateway above. » Check Rates
  • Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel: Offers a free shuttle from domestic terminals, perfect for easy transfers.About $20 cheaper than Marriott Gateway and Springhill above but is older than Gateway. Rated 4/5 by over1600+ customers. » Check Rates

Hotels near ATL Airport:

Near Atlanta Airport (ATL), you have a variety of hotel options you can book and guarantee yourself a comfortable sleep compared to what you’d get at Minute Suites. There are different hotels catering to diverse preferences and budgets.

The Holiday Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport-North, an IHG Hotel, and the Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel offer upscale accommodations with modern amenities, ideal for those seeking comfort and luxury.

Budget-conscious travelers can find great value at La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Atlanta Airport North, offering comfortable stays without breaking the bank.

The Hilton Atlanta Airport provides a blend of convenience and quality, known for its reliable service. Sonesta Atlanta Airport South rounds out the options with its welcoming atmosphere and attentive service, ensuring a pleasant stay for all guests.

Here’s a table summarizing the 15 closest hotels to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, including their names, addresses, average ratings, distances from the airport, and review highlights:

Hotel NameAddressAverage RatingDistance from AirportReview Highlights
Drury Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport1270 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 303444.51.4 milesCourteous staff, professional service, clean rooms
Holiday Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport-North1380 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, GA 303444.01.5 milesClose to airport, clean, well-maintained, friendly employees
Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway2020 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta, GA 303374.51.6 milesBest option for weary travelers, easy airport access
Hilton Atlanta Airport1031 Virginia Avenue, Hapeville, GA 303544.01.6 milesPleasant and helpful staff, enjoyable stay
La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Atlanta Airport North1200 Virginia Ave, Hapeville, GA 303444.01.4 milesExceeded expectations, good location
Comfort Inn Atlanta Airport1888 Sullivan Rd, College Park, GA 303374.01.5 milesClose to airport, clean and comfortable
Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport HotelOne Hartsfield Centre Parkway, Atlanta, GA 303544.51.1 milesExcellent service, memorable stay
Sonesta Atlanta Airport South4669 Airport Blvd, College Park, GA 303374.01.5 milesConvenient, excellent front desk service
Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel2081 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta, GA 303374.51.6 milesEasy access via Sky Train, great for layovers
Hotel Indigo Atlanta Airport – College Park1776 Harvard Ave, College Park, GA 303374.01.5 milesConvenient location, free shuttle service
Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Atlanta Airport North1365 Hardin Ave, East Point, GA 303444.01.6 milesClean, comfortable, good value
SpringHill Suites by Marriott Atlanta Airport Gateway2091 Convention Center Concourse, College Park, GA 303374.51.7 milesConvenient international connection, good value
Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport – South1899 Sullivan Rd, College Park, GA 303374.01.5 milesConvenient, helpful and friendly staff
Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Airport North3437 Bobby Brown Pkwy, East Point, GA 303444.01.6 milesPrompt and professional service, recommended for travelers
Sonesta Atlanta Airport North1325 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 303444.01.5 milesSpacious, clean, convenient shuttle service
These hotels are ideal for travelers seeking proximity to the airport with varying levels of amenities and service quality.

Review of Sleep Quality at ATL:

Sleeping at Atlanta Airport (ATL) presents a unique set of advantages and challenges based on traveler reviews. Here’s a summarized analysis of the sleep quality at ATL:


  1. Availability of Comfortable Seating: Certain areas, especially Terminal F (mezzanine and upper levels), offer sofas and couches that can be combined for a more comfortable rest.
  2. Security Access: Travelers have reported being able to go through security well in advance of their flights, allowing for a longer rest period inside the concourses.
  3. 24-Hour Concessions: The presence of concessions that are open 24 hours in Concourse A adds convenience for late-night travelers needing food or drinks.
  4. Quiet Zones: Some locations, particularly the mezzanine area of Terminal F, are described as less trafficked and quieter, providing a conducive environment for sleep.
  5. Warmth in Specific Areas: While the airport is generally cold, some spots are noted to be warm, offering relief in certain locations.
  6. Unique Sleep-Friendly Features: The PlaneTrain level between Concourse A and B offers a tranquil environment with dim lighting and natural sounds. Its several seats without armrests allow travelers to lie flat comfortably.
  7. Convenient Layout: The airport’s layout and efficient PlaneTrain system make it easy to navigate and find suitable sleeping spots.
  8. Supportive Staff: Airport personnel often offer assistance or provide blankets to overnight passengers.


  1. Brightness and Noise: Many areas within ATL are brightly lit and subject to frequent loud announcements, making it difficult for light sleepers to rest comfortably without an eye mask and earplugs.
  2. Cold Temperatures: The airport is often described as very cold, necessitating extra layers or blankets for a comfortable sleep.
  3. Safety Concerns: There are multiple mentions of safety concerns due to the presence of vagrants and a perceived lack of security during overnight hours, particularly in less trafficked terminals.
  4. Uncomfortable and Busy Areas: Certain terminals and concourses can become busy or have seating arrangements that are not conducive to sleep, such as chairs with armrests that prevent lying down.
  5. Cleanliness and Maintenance Issues: Some travelers have reported maintenance issues, including unclean restrooms and general untidiness in certain areas of the airport.
  6. Specific Payment Requirements: Minute Suites only accept American Express, which may not be convenient for all travelers.
  7. Homeless Presence:There may be a noticeable presence of homeless individuals in some areas, which could impact the comfort level for some travelers.
  8. Limited Comfortable Seating in Some Areas: Certain terminals, like Concourse D, have less comfortable seating options with hard plastic chairs.

Helpful General Advice for Sleeping at ATL from Reviews Above:

  • Bring Earplugs and an Eye Mask: To combat the bright lights and loud announcements, these can help create a more sleep-friendly environment.
  • Dress Warmly or Bring a Blanket: Due to the cold temperatures reported in many parts of the airport, having extra layers or a blanket is crucial.
  • Choose Your Sleeping Spot Wisely: Look for quieter zones like the mezzanine level of Terminal F, and avoid areas near escalators or that are brightly lit.
  • Safety in Numbers: If concerned about safety, try to find a spot where other travelers are also resting, as there is often safety in numbers.
  • Plan for Food and Drink: Knowing the location of 24-hour concessions can be helpful for late-night or early-morning hunger.
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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.