Frankfurt Airport Sleep Pods Guide

If you have a layover, facing a flight delay or cancellation or have a morning flight at Frankfurt Airport and wondering if there are sleep pods or what sleep solutions are there, this guide will bring you up to speed on all you need to know. We have designed our guide on Frankfurt Airport Sleep Pods guide offered by NapCabs as a comprehensive guide suitable for any new flier or experienced flier looking at innovative sleep solutions that Frankfurt Airport has to offer.

Does Frankfurt Airport Have Sleep Pods?

Yes. Frankfurt Airport has installed 68 sleep pods, courtesy of a German airport-hotel operator called NapCabs with 9 pods and My Cloud Transit Hotel with 59 sleep cabins. NapCab’s 9 sleep pods include 6 sleep cabins situated in Terminal 1A, specifically on the 1A Plus level at 02 near Gates A58, and 3 sleep cabins in Terminal 1B on level 03’s intermediate floor.

MY CLOUD Transit Hotel’s 59 sleep pods are situated in the non-Schengen area at terminal 1, Gate Z25. Both My Cloud Transit Hotel cabins and NapCab’s sleep pods are conveniently located past security in the transit area, enhancing continuing passenger comfort and convenience.

2 Types of Sleeping Pods in Frankfurt Airport:


NapCabs sleep pods at Frankfurt Airport offer a unique and convenient resting solution for travelers. Located strategically within the airport terminals, these compact cabins provide a private and comfortable space where passengers can relax, sleep, or work during layovers or before flights.

NapCabs sleep pods at Frankfurt Airport represent an innovative use of space, similar to other capsule hotels, which optimize limited areas to provide essential services in congested environments. With dimensions of 165 cm in length, 263 cm in width, and 270 cm in height, each NapCab effectively utilizes what could be compared to the footprint of a small garden shed or a large walk-in closet. NapCab has recently expanded to Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Check Berlin Brandenburg Airport Sleep Pods Guide

This smart design approach allows the creation of private, comfortable, and fully functional sleeping quarters within the bustling confines of an airport. By turning relatively small spaces into areas of rest and productivity, NapCabs showcases how capsule hotels can transform underused sections of a busy terminal into valuable amenities for travelers.

These compact and efficiently arranged spaces are somewhat comparable to the interior of a large SUV or a small camper van, providing just enough room for essential comforts such as a bed and desk while still fitting snugly within the busy airport environment. These cabins allows travelers to have a private, enclosed area to relax or work, optimizing the limited space like the clever configurations often seen in minimalist or micro-living designs.

Snapshot of NapCabs image frankfurt airport

NapCabs sleep pods at Frankfurt Airport are designed to enhance the traveler’s experience by providing a range of amenities within a compact space. Here is a list of the features offered in each cabin:

  • Full Bed: Each cabin includes a bed that measures 200 cm in length by 80 cm in width, providing ample space for a comfortable rest.
  • Work Table: A work area equipped with a table measuring 90 cm in width by 65 cm in depth, suitable for laptops and other devices.
  • Sound Insulation: The outer walls are soundproof, ensuring that the interior remains quiet despite the bustling airport environment.
  • Adjustable Air Conditioning: Guests can adjust the cabin’s temperature to their preference.
  • Mood Lighting: Customizable lighting options to enhance comfort and ambiance.
  • Mirror and Coat Hooks: Practical features for personal care and storage.
  • Workspace Lighting: Dedicated lighting for the work table to facilitate reading or working.
  • Docking Station for iPad: Allows guests to charge and use their iPads conveniently.
  • Blinds at the Front Door Window: Provides privacy by covering the window on the cabin’s door.
  • Multimedia Touchscreen: An integrated touchscreen control panel that offers features like an alarm clock, flight information, entertainment options, and more.
  • Charging Ports: Multiple ports available for charging various electronic devices.

These amenities are thoughtfully included to meet the needs of travelers looking for a private and comfortable space to relax or work efficiently between flights.

DImensions of NapCabs at Frankfurt airport

Location and Availability:

NapCabs are private, soundproof cabins equipped to offer a peaceful sleep or a quiet workplace right inside the terminal. You can find these facilities in the security area of Terminal 1, specifically:

  • Pier A Schengen: Six new NapCabs are located between gates A 56 and A 58.
  • Transit Area B: Three NapCabs are situated on level 3, opposite the Air Canada Lounge and near the roof terrace.

These locations allow easy access via escalators and are close to additional amenities such as shower rooms.

PLEASE NOTE: It is mandatory to have a valid ticket for an international flight and a passport. Napcabs cabins are located in area B-transit, on Level 3. To access the B-Gates from the A-Gates (Schengen, Level 2), please use the connecting tunnel. Follow the signage towards Terminal 1B. After completing security checks and passport control on Level 2, proceed by taking the escalator to Level 3, where you will find napcabs.

Napcabs cabins can be found in Area B-Transit, Level 3. Starting from the Z-Gates (Non-Schengen), take the “Skyline” junction line on Level 4 towards the B-Gates. Follow the signage leading to Terminal 1B. After completing the security check and passport control, use the escalator to reach Level 3, where you’ll find napcabs.

Accessing NapCabs is only during the periods when the security checkpoints are operational from approximately 4 AM to 11 PM.

Directions to Terminal 1 from A Gates to NapCab’s Pods in B-Transit, Level 3:

To reach the NapCabs at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1, area B-transit, Level 3, follow these step-by-step directions:

  1. Starting Point: Begin at the A-Gates (Schengen, Level 2) of Terminal 1.
  2. Connecting Tunnel: Proceed through the connecting tunnel towards Terminal 1B, following the signs for B-Gates. This tunnel links the Schengen area with the non-Schengen area, facilitating easy transition.
  3. Security and Passport Control: After passing through the security check and passport control located on Level 2, ensure you have your international flight ticket and passport ready, as these are mandatory for accessing the transit areas.
  4. Escalator to Level 3: Locate and take the escalator up to Level 3. This is where the NapCabs are situated.
  5. NapCabs Location: Once on Level 3, look for signs directing you to the NapCabs, positioned conveniently for transit passengers needing a rest.
From Z-Gates:

To find the NapCabs at Frankfurt Airport located in area B-transit, Level 3, follow these concise directions from the Z-Gates (Non-Schengen):

  1. Start at Z-Gates (Non-Schengen): Begin your journey from the Z-Gates located on Level 3 of Terminal 1.
  2. SkyLine to B-Gates: Take the SkyLine junction line from Level 4 to the B-Gates. This automated train service connects different parts of the airport efficiently.
  3. Follow Signs to Terminal 1B: After disembarking from the SkyLine, follow the signage directing you towards Terminal 1B. This will guide you through the necessary checkpoints.
  4. Security Check and Passport Control: Proceed through the security check and passport control. Ensure that you have all required travel documents ready as these checks are mandatory for access to transit areas.
  5. Escalator to Level 3: After passing through security and passport control, locate and take the escalator up to Level 3.
  6. Locate NapCabs: On Level 3, follow the signs that will lead you directly to the NapCabs area.

These directions should assist you in navigating Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1 and finding the NapCabs for a restful pause during your travels.


NapCabs at Frankfurt Airport offers differentiated pricing based on the time of day to cater to the varied needs of travelers. During daytime and late evening hours, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., the cost is 17€ per hour with a minimum booking requirement of two hours.

For those seeking accommodations during overnight hours, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., the rate is more economical at 12€ per hour, which is 5€ cheaper than the daytime rate, with a minimum booking of three hours. It’s advisable to book these NapCabs in advance online, where you can use a credit card or PayPal. Payment on-site is also possible but limited to credit card transactions only, ensuring a seamless experience for resting or working between flights.

My Cloud Transit Hotel

Located conveniently within the transit area of Terminal 1 at Gate Z25, My Cloud Transit Hotel offers a tailored solution for travelers looking for private and comfortable accommodations without leaving the airport. This unique hotel is designed specifically for transit passengers who need a place to rest and rejuvenate between flights.

Room Specifications and Amenities:

My Cloud Transit Hotel features 59 compact rooms, each measuring 10 square meters. Despite their modest size, these rooms are fully equipped with all the essentials needed for a restful stay. Each room includes a comfortable bed, a desk for travelers needing to catch up on work, complimentary WiFi access, and a private washroom with a shower. The compact, efficient design ensures that guests have everything they need in a clean, modern space.

Booking and Rates:

My Cloud Transit Hotel at Frankfurt Airport provides flexible booking options that cater specifically to the unpredictable nature of air travel schedules. The hotel offers hourly bookings starting with a minimum requirement of three hours, making it an ideal choice for passengers with layovers who need a temporary resting space rather than overnight accommodation.

My Cloud Transit Hotel offers single rooms both with and without windows, tailored to accommodate individual traveler needs at Frankfurt Airport. The pricing structure is straightforward: for a single room without windows, rates start at 89 euros for the first three hours, with each subsequent hour increasing the cost incrementally by 20 euros up to 14 hours, reaching a maximum of 269 euros.

Rooms with windows follow the same incremental pattern but carry an additional cost of 10 euros per hour, starting from 99 euros for three hours and peaking at 279 euros for 14 hours. This pricing model allows travelers to choose between more budget-friendly or slightly more premium options based on their preference for natural light, ensuring flexibility and convenience for short-term stays during transit.

Here is a table comparing the pricing for a single room with and without windows at My Cloud Transit Hotel, detailing the costs from a minimum of 3 hours up to 14 hours:

Duration (Hours)Price for Single Room Without Windows (€)Price for Single Room With Windows (€)
Check Price Today Here.

This table illustrates the consistent pricing strategy where the room with windows costs an additional 10 euros compared to the equivalent non-windowed room for each specified duration, providing a clear comparison for travelers deciding between the two types of accommodations.

  • Initial Stay: The rate for the first three hours is 119€.
  • Extended Stay: Beyond the initial three hours, the cost increases by 20 euros for each additional hour:
    • 4 hours: 139 euros
    • 5 hours: 159 euros
    • 6 hours: 179 euros
    • 7 hours: 199 euros
    • 8 hours: 219 euros
    • 9 hours: 239 euros
    • 10 hours: 259 euros
    • 11 hours: 269 euros
    • 12 hours: 279 euros
    • 13 hours: 289 euros
    • 14 hours: 299 euros

For guests needing prolonged rest, My Cloud Transit Hotel accommodates stays up to a maximum of 24 hours. Overnight stays are competitively priced at 119 euros for the initial duration, and the hotel facilitates flexible check-in options available from 8 AM to 10 PM, ensuring convenience for travelers regardless of their flight times.

Here’s a table comparing the pricing for a double room with and without windows at My Cloud Transit Hotel for durations from 3 to 14 hours. Each room with windows is priced at an additional 10 euros compared to the room without windows for each respective duration. Check its current rates here.

Duration (Hours)Price without Windows (€)Price with Windows (€)
Check its current rates here

This table provides a clear comparison of costs for the two types of rooms over various durations, showing the slight premium for enjoying a view through a window.

Operational Hours and Access
Check-in is available from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, catering to most flight schedules. The specific location inside the transit area means that only passengers with boarding passes can access the hotel, providing a secure and convenient option right next to Gate Z25.

Before your check-in time, you need to check-in online using this website called Hotel Bird and if you have to cancel your booking, you need to do so 24 hours before your booking period.

Ideal for Transit Passengers:

My Cloud Transit Hotel is an excellent choice for solo travelers, business passengers, and anyone with a lengthy stopover. Its strategic location and thoughtfully designed rooms provide a sanctuary away from the bustling airport environment, where guests can sleep, work, or simply relax in peace before continuing their journey.

Whether you’re facing a delayed flight, arriving from a long journey, or preparing for an onward trip, My Cloud Transit Hotel offers a private and tranquil space to make your travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Sleep Pod Features:

  • Room size: approx. 10m²
  • Queen-size bed (140 x 200 cm)
  • Writing desk
  • Flat screen TV
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Complimentary care products
  • Air conditioning
  • Without window

Here’s the contact information for My Cloud Transit Hotel formatted into bullet points:

Review of My Cloud Transit Hotel:

The Cloud Transit Hotel at Frankfurt Airport is best suited for travelers seeking the convenience of a quick layover rest without leaving the security zone, particularly those with tight connecting schedules or unexpected flight cancellations.

Its strategic location inside the airport, cleanliness, and efficient service are highly valued by guests who need a hassle-free, brief respite during their travels. However, the hotel may not be ideal for those looking for value for money or a more comfortable, spacious stay.

High costs, small room sizes, and minimal amenities make it less appealing for budget-conscious travelers or those who may prefer more traditional hotel accommodations with comprehensive services and facilities.

Additionally, the hotel’s design, including bathrooms with clear glass walls, may pose privacy issues for some, suggesting that it is better suited for solo travelers or business travelers rather than families or groups.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons as per the reviews I analyzed written by clients who have stayed in these sleep cabins inside Frankfurt Airport:


  1. Convenience for Layovers: The hotel is highly valued for its strategic location, making it ideal for long layovers. Guests have reported the rooms as being very clean and comfortable, to the extent that one might forget they are actually at an airport.
  2. Efficiency and Comfort: Many appreciate the efficiency of the hotel, noting its ease of booking and quick check-in process, which is particularly convenient for those needing a rest during extended waits.
  3. Exceptional Cleanliness: The cleanliness and comfort of the hotel are often highlighted, even though the rooms are small. The beds and showers, in particular, receive positive remarks for their quality.
  4. Great for Unexpected Layovers: The hotel is noted as being perfect for unexpected layovers, with rooms that are kept super clean and equipped with just what is needed for a short stay.
  5. Helpful Staff: The reception staff is frequently commended for their helpfulness, providing guests with valuable tips for navigating the airport efficiently.


  1. Pricing and Value: The hotel is sometimes viewed as overpriced, with guests suggesting that the high costs do not correspond with the limited services provided. It’s often recommended to consider more affordable alternatives outside the airport.
  2. Small Room Size: The small size of the rooms is a common complaint, particularly for guests with large luggage or those who suffer from claustrophobia.
  3. Limited Amenities: Some guests have reported issues with room amenities, such as unwashed bedding, lumpy pillows, and non-functional lights, which can detract from the comfort of the stay.
  4. Quality of Sleep and Privacy Issues: There are concerns about the beds being smaller than advertised and uncomfortable for two people, along with a lack of privacy due to bathrooms enclosed in clear glass.
  5. Security Concerns: There are occasional reports of security issues, such as guests being able to open others’ rooms with their key cards, which were not satisfactorily resolved by the hotel management.
  6. Access Limitations: The hotel’s location within a section of the airport that closes at 10 PM can pose problems for guests who arrive late, as access to their rooms becomes impossible after closing hours.

Alternatives to FRA Sleep Pods: Hotels Near Frankfurt Airport:

Here is an overview of three prominent hotels conveniently located at Frankfurt Airport, each offering unique features and easy access to airport terminals:

  1. Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel
    • Location: Directly connected to Terminal 1 (Departure Hall A and C) at Frankfurt Airport via a covered pedestrian bridge, the Sheraton offers superb accessibility for travelers.
    • Features: Known for its comprehensive amenities, the Sheraton provides comfortable accommodations with the option of a “Day Use Rate” available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, making it ideal for travelers in transit who need to rest for a few hours during the day.
    • Booking Information: Check Here.
  2. Hilton Garden Inn
    • Location: Situated above the ICE railway station, the Hilton Garden Inn is adjacent to the Hilton Frankfurt Airport. The hotel boasts a direct connection to Terminal 1 via a pedestrian skywalk, offering easy access for air travelers and visitors arriving by train.
    • Features: This hotel is designed to cater to both business and leisure travelers, providing modern rooms equipped with essential amenities for a comfortable stay.
    • Booking Information: Check Here.
  3. Hilton Frankfurt Airport
    • Location: Also located above the ICE railway station and next to the Hilton Garden Inn, this hotel shares the convenience of a direct pedestrian skywalk connection to Terminal 1.
    • Features: The Hilton Frankfurt Airport is known for its elegant accommodations and superior service, aimed at providing a high-quality stay for both short and long-term guests.
    • Booking Information: Check Here.

Can I stay overnight at Frankfurt Airport?

You can stay overnight at Frankfurt Airport as it is open 24 hours but you should note that access to the airside is limited after security checkpoint closes from 11 PM to 4 AM. If you arrive at the airport at this time, you’ll be confined to sleep at the landside areas with limited seating and no designated rest zones.

Where to Sleep at Frankfurt Airport: Other Sleep Cabin Alternatives

For travelers seeking rest at Frankfurt Airport, there are several options tailored to different needs, ranging from dedicated sleeping facilities to informal resting spots.

Dedicated Sleeping Pod Facilities:

  1. NapCabs: Located in Terminal 1, these self-contained sleep pods provide privacy and comfort with beds, desks, WiFi, and other amenities. They are available in the security areas of Terminal 1, including Pier A Schengen and Transit Area B. NapCabs can be booked by the hour, making them ideal for short rests between flights. NapCabs operates in Munich and Berlin Airports as well. Read our guide on Munich Airport sleep pods by NapCabs.
  2. My Cloud Transit Hotel: Situated in Terminal 1 at Gate Z25, this transit hotel offers rooms equipped with a bed, desk, WiFi, and a private bathroom with a shower. Rooms can be booked by the hour with a minimum stay of three hours, making it a convenient option for longer layovers.

Informal Sleeping Spots

For a more casual approach, the airport features several Leisure Zones and seating areas where travelers can relax or catch some sleep:

  1. Leisure Zones: Located at strategic points where Concourses A, B, and C meet in Terminal 1, and near specific gates in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. These zones offer comfortable lounge chairs with footrests, ideal for relaxing.
  2. General Seating Areas: Airside seating at gates, particularly in Terminal 1, often consists of metal chairs with armrests. However, some specific areas like behind Gate A20 in Terminal 1, offer rows of armrest-free seating that can be used as makeshift beds.

Alternative Spots for Overnight Stays

Travelers who end up staying overnight at the airport have reported several locations that are popular for longer rests:

  1. Movie World in Terminal 1: Features comfortable chairs and screens free movies and documentaries, providing a relaxed environment.
  2. Bistrot Frankfurt Airport: This 24-hour eatery located in Terminal 1 is popular among overnight travelers, offering a place to sit and rest, though it can get crowded.
  3. McDonald’s in Terminal 2: Open 24 hours, this restaurant provides ample seating and some benches, which travelers have used for sleeping.

Each of these options offers different levels of comfort and privacy, catering to the varying needs of travelers transiting through or staying overnight at Frankfurt Airport. Whether you prefer a private cabin, a hotel room, or just a quiet corner to rest, Frankfurt Airport has ample choices to ensure a more pleasant layover or wait for your next flight.

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.