GoSleep Pods Guide

GoSleep is an innovative sleep solution inspired by the comfort and design of airline business-class seats. This state-of-the-art chair transforms into a sleeping pod with a 180° fold-flat bed, offering travelers a private and comfortable space to rest. Designed and manufactured in Finland, GoSleep aims to revolutionize the way we experience rest in public spaces like airports.

What is GoSleep?

GoSleep is an innovative sleeping solution designed to enhance rest and relaxation in public spaces, particularly in airports, and workplaces. Originating from Finland, GoSleep pods provide travelers with a private, secure, and comfortable environment to rest during layovers or long waits.

These pods address the common challenges faced by travelers, such as noise, lack of privacy, and discomfort, by offering a secluded space equipped with essential amenities.

Innovations and Design Aspects

GoSleep pods are a marvel of modern design and engineering, incorporating several innovative features to enhance user comfort and privacy.

  1. Airline-Inspired Design:
    • GoSleep pods draw inspiration from the business class seats found in airlines, offering similar levels of comfort and luxury.
    • The design emphasizes ergonomics, ensuring that users can transition from sitting to lying down effortlessly.
  2. Fold-Flat Bed:
    • The core feature of the GoSleep pod is its ability to convert from a chair into a 180° fold-flat bed.
    • This transformation is smooth and easy, allowing users to quickly set up their sleeping space.
  3. Enclosed Privacy:
    • The pod features a partial or fully enclosed sliding shade that cocoons the user, providing a private and darkened space to sleep.
    • This shade helps block out light and noise, creating a serene environment conducive to rest.
  4. Compact and Stylish:
    • Despite its advanced features, the GoSleep pod maintains a compact footprint, making it suitable for various public spaces.
    • The design is sleek and modern, fitting seamlessly into contemporary environments.
  5. Easy Operation:
    • GoSleep pods are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls that allow users to adjust their seating and sleeping positions easily.
    • The sliding shade can be operated with minimal effort, enhancing the overall user experience.

Layout and Usage

The GoSleep pod is designed to offer maximum comfort and privacy in a minimalistic layout. Here’s a detailed look at its layout and how it’s used:

  1. Initial Setup:
    • Users start by sitting in the chair, which is ergonomically designed to provide comfort even before it converts into a bed.
    • The chair can be adjusted for reclining to suit the user’s preference.
  2. Transforming to Bed:
    • With a simple adjustment, the chair converts into a flatbed, offering a full 180° reclining position.
    • This flatbed is equipped with a comfortable mattress, providing a proper sleeping surface.
  3. Privacy Shade:
    • Once in the sleeping position, users can pull down the sliding shade to create a private cocoon.
    • The shade can be adjusted to be either partially or fully enclosed, depending on the user’s need for privacy and light blocking.
  4. Additional Features:
    • The pod includes storage space for personal belongings, keeping them secure and within easy reach.
    • Some models are equipped with power outlets and USB ports, allowing users to charge their devices while they rest.
    • Ventilation systems ensure that the pod remains comfortable, preventing it from becoming stuffy.

Applications and Locations

GoSleep pods are primarily found in airports but can be adapted for use in various other settings:

  1. Airports:
    • Many international airports have installed GoSleep pods in their terminals to provide passengers with a place to rest during long layovers or delays.
    • These pods are usually located in quiet areas of the airport, away from the hustle and bustle of the main concourses.
  2. Corporate Offices:
    • Some companies have started using GoSleep pods in their offices to offer employees a place to take power naps, enhancing productivity and well-being.
  3. Public Spaces:
    • GoSleep pods are also suitable for other public spaces like train stations, shopping malls, and hospitals, providing a private space for rest and rejuvenation.

3 Types of Pods by GoSleep:

Recovery Pods

GoSleep’s “Recovery Pod” offers a private, enclosed space designed for rest and recovery in workplaces, offices, and airports. These pods provide a secluded resting area while being located in common spaces, offering a break from the hustle and bustle.

Design and Functionality

  • Privacy and Comfort: The pod features a breathable privacy cover that ensures complete privacy and natural air ventilation. Users can lie down and slide down the cover to create a dim, undisturbed environment.
  • Storage and Accessibility: There is storage space under the mattress for carry-on luggage. The manually operated privacy cover ensures ease of use and safety, with pods designed to prevent locking, eliminating the risk of entrapment.
  • Additional Features: Each pod includes a USB port for device charging. An open cover indicates availability for the next user.

Placement and Customization

  • Versatility and Branding: The pods’ streamlined design allows them to blend seamlessly into various environments and can be customized with company branding. They are easy to relocate and install.
  • Compact Design: The pods’ compact size allows for efficient use of space and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Safety and Maintenance

  • Certified Safety: The pods meet strict fire and safety requirements, with manually operated covers for emergency ease of use.
  • Easy Maintenance: Made from durable, easily cleanable materials, the pods require minimal maintenance.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: Width 100 cm x Height 118 cm x Length 227 cm (W: 40 in x H: 46.5 in x L: 90 in)
  • Weight: 185 kg (408 lbs)
  • Ventilation: Natural air flow with passive ventilation
  • Materials: Steel frame, birch plywood walls, glass fiber side panels, textile upholstery, and artificial leather mattresses with matching neck pillows

Manufactured in Finland, these pods ensure high quality and craftsmanship, providing a reliable and comfortable solution for rest and recovery.

Recovery Pod Pro

The GoSleep “Recovery Pod Pro” is an advanced rest and recovery solution designed for enhanced relaxation, incorporating Neurosonic technology. This upgraded pod features a Neurosonic mattress that uses low-frequency vibrations to positively affect the autonomic nervous system, helping to relieve stress, alleviate sleep issues, and expedite physical recovery. Users can choose from various programmable sessions tailored for relaxation, recovery, activation, or power napping, ranging from 10 to 40 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Relaxation with Neurosonic Technology: The Neurosonic mattress produces low-frequency vibrations to aid in stress relief, sleep improvement, and physical recovery.
  • Privacy and Comfort: The pod offers a fully enclosed, dim environment with a breathable privacy cover and natural air ventilation.
  • Storage and Accessibility: Convenient storage space under the mattress for personal belongings and carry-on luggage. The manually operated cover ensures ease of use and safety.
  • Additional Features: Includes a USB charging port and an availability indicator.

Usage and Programs:

  • Relaxation Programs: Alleviate headaches, muscle tension, and stress-related symptoms.
  • Activation Programs: Boost alertness and metabolism; ideal for daytime use.
  • Recovery Programs: Enhance physical and mental recovery, improve circulation, and reduce pain and swelling.

Design and Customization:

  • Versatile Design: Timeless aesthetics that blend into various environments, with customizable branding options.
  • Compact and Efficient: Easy to relocate and maximize space efficiency.

Safety and Maintenance:

  • Certified Safety: Meets strict fire and safety requirements with a manually removable cover.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Durable, easily cleanable materials ensure hygiene and longevity.
  • Made in Finland: High-quality craftsmanship and robust construction.
Technical Specifications:
  • Size: Width 100 cm x Height 118 cm x Length 227 cm (W: 40 in x H: 46.5 in x L: 90 in)
  • Weight: 200 kg (441 lbs)
  • Materials: Steel frame, birch plywood walls, glass fiber side panels, textile upholstery, and artificial leather mattresses with neck pillows.

The Recovery Pod Pro by GoSleep is a premium solution for rest and recovery, ideal for busy environments like airports, offices, and wellness centers. Its innovative features and robust safety standards make it a cutting-edge addition to spaces aimed at enhancing well-being and productivity.

Iglooo Pods

The Iglooo Pod by GoSleep is an innovative solution that integrates rest and work in a private, comfortable space, ideal for offices, airports, and waiting areas. It features a fully reclinable, electrically-operated seat and offers both functionality and privacy.

Key Features:

  • Work and Rest: Users can work using the provided table, USB port, and electrical outlet, or fully recline the seat for rest.
  • Privacy and Comfort: The breathable privacy cover ensures a fresh environment and complete seclusion with subtle translucency for light passage.
Design and Functionality:
  • Enclosed Space: Transforms into a private space with a manually operated cover for ease of use and safety.
  • Convenient Storage: Under-mattress storage for carry-on luggage and personal belongings.
Additional Features:
  • Power Options: Includes a USB port and electrical outlet for device charging.
  • Optional Lighting: Can be equipped with light fixtures if needed.

Placement and Customization:

  • Versatile Design: Seamlessly blends into various settings and can be customized with company branding.
  • Easy Relocation: Compact and lightweight, easily movable using a pallet jack.

Safety and Maintenance:

  • Certified Safety: Meets strict fire and safety standards, with easy cover removal in emergencies.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Durable materials with easily cleanable artificial leather surfaces ensure hygiene.
Technical Specifications:
  • Size: Width 100 cm x Height 162 cm x Length 240 cm (W: 40 in x H: 64 in x L: 94.5 in)
  • Weight: 252 kg (556 lbs)
  • Ventilation: Natural air flow, passive ventilation
  • Materials: Steel frame, birch plywood walls, glass fiber side panels, easily cleanable artificial leather mattresses with matching neck pillows.

The Iglooo Pod offers a sophisticated and versatile environment for productivity and relaxation, enhancing the experience for modern professionals and travelers.

Comparison Table: GoSleep Recovery Pod, Recovery Pod Pro, and Iglooo Pod

Feature / PodRecovery PodRecovery Pod ProIglooo Pod
Primary FunctionResting and sleepingshort rests/short naps, and recovery with Neurosonic technology. No suited for long periods of sleepResting and working
Design InspirationAirline business class seatEnhanced recovery features with Neurosonic mattressCombines resting and working in a private space
Privacy CoverManually operated, breathable, non-see-throughManually operated, breathable, non-see-throughManually operated, breathable, non-see-through
VentilationNatural air flow, passive ventilationNatural air flow, passive ventilationNatural air flow, passive ventilation
Dimensions (W x H x L)100 cm x 118 cm x 227 cm100 cm x 118 cm x 227 cm100 cm x 162 cm x 240 cm
(40 in x 46.5 in x 90 in)(40 in x 46.5 in x 90 in)(40 in x 64 in x 94.5 in)
Weight185 kg (408 lbs)200 kg (441 lbs)252 kg (556 lbs)
MaterialsSteel frame, birch plywood walls, glass fiber side panelsSteel frame, birch plywood walls, glass fiber side panelsSteel frame, birch plywood walls, glass fiber side panels
(styrene-free), textile upholstery, artificial leather(styrene-free), textile upholstery, artificial leather(styrene-free), textile upholstery, artificial leather
SeatingConverts to a 180° fold-flat bedConverts to a 180° fold-flat bed with Neurosonic vibration mattressFully reclinable, electrically-operated seat
Neurosonic TechnologyNot includedIncluded, with programs for relaxation, recovery, activation, nappingNot included
Program LengthNot applicable10 to 40 minutesNot applicable
Storage SpaceUnder mattress, fits carry-on luggageUnder mattress, fits carry-on luggageUnder mattress, fits carry-on luggage
Power OptionsUSB portUSB portUSB port, electrical outlet
Work TableNot includedNot includedIncluded
LightingNot includedOptionalOptional
CustomizationCompany branding availableCompany branding availableCompany branding available
PlacementOffices, airports, public waiting areasOffices, airports, wellness centers, fitness centersOffices, airports, public waiting areas
Safety ApprovalsMeets strict fire and safety requirementsMeets strict fire and safety requirementsMeets strict fire and safety requirements
MaintenanceMinimal, easy to cleanMinimal, easy to cleanMinimal, easy to clean
Made InFinlandFinlandFinland


  • Recovery Pod is ideal for users needing a simple, private space to rest or sleep, featuring a fold-flat bed and basic amenities.
  • Recovery Pod Pro adds advanced recovery features with a Neurosonic mattress, making it suitable for environments focused on stress relief and physical recovery.
  • Iglooo Pod integrates both resting and working capabilities, featuring a work table and power outlets, perfect for professionals needing a private, multifunctional space.

Which GoSleep Pods are Suitable to use for Sleeping?

GoSleep offers two pod models specifically designed for sleep: the GoSleep Recovery Pod and the Iglooo Pod.

Both of these pods provide a comfortable and private space that is ideal for resting and sleeping, particularly in the busy environments of airports.

The GoSleep Recovery Pod features a fully enclosed design with a breathable privacy cover that ensures privacy and reduces external noise. This cover also allows for natural air ventilation while maintaining a dark and quiet atmosphere, perfect for sleep. Additionally, the pod includes convenient amenities such as storage space for carry-on luggage and a USB port for device charging.

Similarly, the Iglooo Pod is designed for both work and rest, featuring a fully reclinable seat and an enclosed, private space when the privacy cover is down. The breathable material of the cover ensures a fresh and comfortable environment, making it suitable for sleep.

On the other hand, the GoSleep Recovery Pod Pro is specifically designed for short power naps rather than extended sleep. It includes a Neurosonic mattress that uses low-frequency vibrations to relieve stress and improve relaxation, making it ideal for quick recovery sessions of up to 40 minutes.

However, it is not recommended for longer sleep periods due to its focus on short-term rejuvenation rather than extended rest. Therefore, for travelers seeking a place to sleep, the GoSleep Recovery Pod and Iglooo Pod are the most suitable options.

More on why GoSleep’s Recovery Pod Pro is not suited for long periods of sleep:

Similar to the Neuron Activation Pod, GoSleep’s Recovery Pod Pro is optimized for short rest periods and is not designed for prolonged use exceeding 40 minutes.

Snapshot showing the 4 different zones that the Neuron Activation Pod programs can help with.

The Recovery Pod Pro features Neurosonic technology, which employs low-frequency vibrations to stimulate the autonomic nervous system, providing benefits such as stress relief, enhanced recovery, and improved alertness. However, the intensity and design of these vibrations are tailored for short sessions to maximize their efficacy without causing overstimulation or discomfort.

Extended use beyond the recommended 40 minutes could potentially lead to diminished benefits or even adverse effects, as the body’s response to continuous vibration might transition from therapeutic to disruptive. Therefore, for optimal results and safety, users should adhere to the suggested usage guidelines, ensuring that each session is no longer than the specified duration.

Review of GoSleep Pods:

I analysed various feedback from users who used GoSleep in various locations including JFK, Istanbul, Perth and Beijing Airports and noted these pros and cons;


  1. Privacy and Comfort: GoSleep Pods provide a private, enclosed space for rest in busy areas like airports, offering a quiet and comfortable environment.
  2. Convenience: Conveniently located in common areas of airports, these pods are ideal for travelers needing a quick rest during layovers or flight delays.
  3. Essential Amenities: Equipped with power outlets for charging devices, storage space for personal belongings, and adjustable seating that converts into a flat bed.
  4. Enhanced Relaxation: The Recovery Pod Pro includes Neurosonic technology, using low-frequency vibrations to help relieve stress and improve recovery from physical activities.
  5. Hygiene and Maintenance: Constructed with durable, easily cleanable materials, ensuring high standards of hygiene and minimal maintenance.


  1. Shared Use: As GoSleep Pods are used by multiple travelers throughout the day, maintaining a high level of hygiene can be challenging. There is always a risk of inadequate cleaning between uses.
  2. Cleaning Frequency: Depending on the airport’s maintenance schedule, pods may not be cleaned as frequently as needed, especially during high-traffic periods.
  3. Material Wear and Tear: Over time, the materials used in the pods, such as mattresses and upholstery, can degrade, making thorough cleaning more difficult and potentially leading to hygiene issues.
  4. Ventilation Concerns: Although designed with natural air ventilation, the enclosed space might still feel stuffy or accumulate odors if not adequately ventilated and cleaned regularly.
  5. User Responsibility: The cleanliness of the pods can also depend on the behavior of previous users. If travelers do not use the provided pods responsibly, it can lead to a less hygienic environment for subsequent users.
  6. Not Suitable for Long Sleep: The Recovery Pod Pro is designed for short power naps rather than extended periods of sleep, limiting its use for travelers needing longer rest periods.
  7. Limited Time Usage: Reports from previous implementations, such as JetBlue’s EnergyPods at JFK, suggest that while effective for short naps, they may not be as comfortable or practical for extended use due to time restrictions.
  8. Claustrophobic Sensation: While providing privacy, the compact design of GoSleep Pods might feel cramped and induce a sense of claustrophobia for some users who prefer more spacious environments.

What is the Cost of Buying GoSleep Pods?

When considering the cost of acquiring GoSleep pods, it’s essential to understand the various options available for purchase, leasing, and rental, as well as how these prices compare to similar products on the market.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the costs and options for GoSleep’s Recovery Pod and Iglooo Pod, along with a comparison to the EnergyPods by MetroNaps.

GoSleep Pods Pricing and Options

1. Recovery Pod:

  • Price: $9,750
  • Sale Options:
    • Purchase outright
    • Lease to own
    • Rental
    • Branding options available

2. Iglooo Pod:

  • Price: $15,495
  • Sale Options:
    • Purchase outright
    • Lease to own
    • Rental
    • Branding options available

Comparison with MetroNaps EnergyPods

EnergyPods by MetroNaps:
  • Price: $13,585
  • Sale Options:
    • Purchase outright
    • Lease to own
    • Rental
    • Branding options available

Key Considerations

  1. Price Point:
    • Recovery Pod offers a more budget-friendly option at $9,750, making it an excellent choice for companies looking to provide private resting spaces without a significant investment.
    • Iglooo Pod is priced higher at $15,495 but justifies the cost with additional features that support both work and rest, including a fully reclinable, electrically-operated seat and integrated workspaces.
    • EnergyPods fall in between the two GoSleep options at $13,585, offering a competitive price for those seeking a mid-range solution with similar sale options.
  2. Features and Functionality:
    • The Recovery Pod focuses on providing a private, enclosed space for rest and recovery, ideal for airports and office environments.
    • The Iglooo Pod combines resting and working capabilities, equipped with a work table, USB port, and electrical outlet, making it suitable for professional environments that require multifunctional use.
    • EnergyPods are known for their ergonomic design and features tailored specifically for napping and short rest periods, suitable for office environments focused on employee wellness.
  3. Flexibility and Customization:
    • All options, including GoSleep pods and EnergyPods, offer flexibility with lease-to-own and rental options, allowing businesses to choose the best financial plan for their needs.
    • Custom branding options are available for all pods, enabling companies to incorporate their corporate identity into the pods’ design.

Bottom Line on GoSleep Pod Pricing:

Choosing the right pod depends on your specific needs and budget. The GoSleep Recovery Pod is a cost-effective solution for providing private resting spaces, while the Iglooo Pod offers more advanced features for combined work and rest environments at a higher price.

The EnergyPods by MetroNaps provide a balanced option with competitive pricing and a focus on ergonomic design for naps and short rests. Each option includes various sale options to accommodate different financial strategies, making it easier for businesses to enhance their environments with these innovative resting solutions.

What is the Cost of Sleeping in GoSleep Pods in Different Airports Locations:

GoSleep Pods provide travelers with a convenient and private space to rest in various airports around the world. The pricing structure for renting these pods varies depending on the location and duration of use. Below is a detailed summary of the pricing for GoSleep Pods at Helsinki Airport and Perth Airport.

Helsinki Airport

At Helsinki Airport, the pricing for GoSleep Pods is structured based on the duration of rental, providing flexibility for short-term and overnight use.

Pricing Table:

DurationCost (Euros)
2 hours€26
5 hours€45
Overnight (up to 10 hours)€72


  • 2 Hours: For a quick rest or power nap, renting a pod for 2 hours costs €26.
  • 5 Hours: Ideal for longer layovers, a 5-hour rental costs €45.
  • Overnight: For extended rest or overnight sleep, the cost for up to 10 hours is €72.

This pricing structure provides a range of options catering to different traveler needs, making it easy to choose based on the required duration.

Perth Airport

At Perth Airport, GoSleep Pods are rented out for 8-hour periods. This straightforward pricing structure simplifies the decision for travelers looking for an extended rest.

Pricing Table:

DescriptionDurationFee (AUD)Fee (USD)Details
Current Sleep Pod Rental8 hoursAUD $84.36USD $59.15Includes a base rate of AUD $80 (USD $56.15) plus AUD $4 (USD $2.80) in taxes.
  • 8 Hours: The current fee for an 8-hour rental at Perth Airport is AUD $84.36, which includes a base rate of AUD $80 and an additional AUD $4 in taxes, totaling approximately USD $59.15. This option is beneficial for travelers needing a longer rest period, such as those with extended layovers or arriving during off-peak hours.

Istanbul Airport Sleeping Pods Price

The iGA Sleepod service at Istanbul Airport provides a comfortable resting option for travelers with different pricing for day and night usage. Below is a detailed summary of the costs and additional services available in 2024.

ServicePrice (VAT Included)Opening Hours
Cabin Price (Day)€15 per hour07:00 – 19:00
Cabin Price (Night)€22 per hour19:00 – 07:00
Add-on: Blanket, Pillow, Pillowcase€5
Add-on: Blanket, Pillow, Orthopedic Pillowcase€7

Additional Information:

  • The prices mentioned are for a single hour of usage.
  • The day rate (07:00 – 19:00) is €15 per hour.
  • The night rate (19:00 – 07:00) is €22 per hour, which is an increase from the 2023 price of €20 per hour.
  • Add-ons include a blanket, pillow, and pillowcase for an extra charge of €5. If opting for an orthopedic pillowcase along with other add-ons, the cost is €7.
  • This marks a €2 increase in add-on prices from the previous year.

Historical Pricing:

  • Initial launch rates were €6 per hour (day) and €9 per hour (night).

GoSleep Igloo Pods at Dubai International Airport by Sleep n’ Fly

The GoSleep Igloo Pods at Dubai International Airport, offered by Sleep n’ Fly, provide a perfect resting solution for solo travelers.

Located in Terminal 3, A Gates, these pods feature a single occupancy design with an adjustable seat that can convert into a flat-bed, allowing for maximum comfort whether sitting or lying down. The pods are equipped with storage for carry-on baggage and power outlets for charging devices, all encased in an eye-catching shell design that ensures privacy and style.

During peak periods from 10 PM to 8 AM, the pricing for up to 6 hours is $99.00. During off-peak times from 8 AM to 10 PM, the pricing for up to 4 hours is $62.00.


Sleep Pod TypePeak Period (10 PM to 8 AM) Pricing for 0 to 6 hours (USD)Off-Peak (8 AM to 10 PM) Pricing for 0 to 4 hours (USD)
DXB – CA – Igloo Pods$99.00$62.00

GoSleep Airport Locations:

GoSleep Pods, known for providing private and comfortable resting spaces, are available at various airports worldwide, typically for a fee.

Notable airport locations where travelers can access these pods for a charge include

However, in some airport location, GoSleep Pods are offered as a complimentary service.

Comparison and Insights

  • Cost Efficiency: Helsinki Airport offers more varied pricing options, allowing travelers to choose based on their specific needs and budget. Perth Airport’s single 8-hour option is more straightforward but may not be as flexible for those needing shorter or longer rest periods.
  • Overnight Use: Both airports provide options suitable for overnight use, with Helsinki Airport offering a slightly lower rate for up to 10 hours compared to Perth’s 8-hour rental.
  • Flexibility vs. Simplicity: Helsinki’s tiered pricing structure offers greater flexibility, catering to both short-term and overnight needs. Perth’s flat-rate model is simpler and may be easier for travelers to understand quickly.

GoSleep vs Capsule Hotels – In-depth Comparison:

Both Capsule Hotels and GoSleep Pods offer innovative solutions for travelers needing rest in busy environments like airports. While they share similarities in providing private, compact spaces, their features, use cases, and amenities differ significantly. Below is an in-depth comparison of Capsule Hotels and GoSleep Pods, highlighting their key aspects and differences.

Capsule Hotels

Capsule Hotels originated in Japan and are designed to maximize space efficiency while providing a comfortable place to sleep. They are typically found in urban areas and airports, catering to budget-conscious travelers.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: Capsules are usually around 1.2 meters wide, 2 meters long, and 1 meter high.
  • Privacy: Capsules come with curtains or doors for privacy but are not fully soundproof.
  • Amenities: Include a mattress, pillow, blanket, reading light, power outlet, small TV, and sometimes a ventilation system.
  • Communal Facilities: Shared bathrooms, lounges, dining areas, and workspaces.
  • Security: Personal lockers for valuables.
  • Types: Standard, luxury, themed, and gender-specific options.

Example Pricing:

  • Generally range from $30 to $60 per night depending on the location and amenities.

GoSleep Pods

GoSleep Pods are designed primarily for airport environments to provide travelers with a private, comfortable space to rest. They are compact, enclosed pods that offer flexibility in use.

Key Features:

  • Estimated Dimensions: Approx. 1 meter wide, 1.2 meters high, and 2.2 meters long.
  • Privacy: Fully enclosed with a manually operated, breathable privacy cover.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic design inspired by airline business class seats, with options for 180° fold-flat bed and Neurosonic vibration technology in the Pro version.
  • Amenities: USB port, power outlet, storage space for carry-on luggage, natural air ventilation.
  • Placement: Typically found in airports, but also suitable for offices and other public spaces.
  • Safety: Meets strict fire and safety requirements, easy to clean and maintain.

Example Pricing:

  • Helsinki Airport: €26 for 2 hours, €45 for 5 hours, €72 for overnight (up to 10 hours).
  • Perth Airport: AUD $84.36 for 8 hours.

Comparison Table

FeatureCapsule HotelGoSleep Pod (Standard)GoSleep Pod (Pro)
Primary FunctionSleeping accommodations in a compact spacePrivate resting space in airportsEnhanced resting space with recovery features
Dimensions (W x H x L)1.2m x 1m x 2mApprox. 1m x 1.2m x 2.2m (estimated)Approx. 1m x 1.2m x 2.2m (estimated)
PrivacyCurtain or door, not soundproofFully enclosed, breathable privacy coverFully enclosed, breathable privacy cover
ComfortBasic mattress and beddingErgonomic, fold-flat bedErgonomic, fold-flat bed with Neurosonic vibration
AmenitiesReading light, power outlet, small TV, ventilation systemUSB port, power outlet, natural air ventilationUSB port, power outlet, natural air ventilation
Communal FacilitiesShared bathrooms, lounges, dining areas, workspacesNot applicableNot applicable
SecurityPersonal lockers for valuablesStorage space for carry-on luggageStorage space for carry-on luggage
TypesStandard, luxury, themed, gender-specificSingle standard modelPro model with additional recovery features
Typical Pricing$30 – $60 per night€26 for 2 hours, €45 for 5 hours, €72 for overnightEstimated similar pricing to standard, with additional premium for Pro features
PlacementUrban areas, airportsAirports, offices, public spacesAirports, offices, wellness centers, fitness centers
SafetyStandard hotel safety measuresMeets strict fire and safety requirementsMeets strict fire and safety requirements
Ease of MaintenanceRegular hotel maintenance requiredEasy to clean, minimal maintenanceEasy to clean, minimal maintenance
CustomizationNot typically customizableCustom branding availableCustom branding available

Bottom line on GoSleep vs Capsule Hotels:

Capsule Hotels and GoSleep Pods each offer unique benefits tailored to different traveler needs. Capsule Hotels are ideal for budget-conscious travelers needing a place to sleep overnight, offering basic amenities and shared facilities.

In contrast, GoSleep Pods provide a more flexible and private solution for travelers needing short-term rest, particularly in airport environments. The GoSleep Pro version enhances this experience with Neurosonic technology, offering additional benefits for stress relief and recovery.

Choosing between Capsule Hotels and GoSleep Pods depends on the specific requirements of the traveler, the duration of stay, and the desired level of comfort and privacy. Both options contribute to a more restful and convenient travel experience, catering to the diverse needs of modern travelers.

Benefits of GoSleep Pods

  1. Comfort and Convenience:
    • The ergonomic design and high-quality materials used in GoSleep pods ensure a comfortable rest.
    • The easy transformation from chair to bed makes them highly convenient for travelers.
  2. Privacy and Security:
    • The enclosed design provides a private space, shielding users from light and noise.
    • Built-in storage solutions keep personal belongings secure.
  3. Enhanced Rest:
    • By offering a flat sleeping surface and a quiet environment, GoSleep pods significantly improve the quality of rest compared to traditional airport seating.
  4. Versatility:
    • The compact design and adaptability make GoSleep pods suitable for a variety of environments beyond airports.

Expert Insights

  • Claustrophobia Concerns: While the enclosed design enhances privacy, it might feel confining for some users. Trying out the pod before committing to a long rest period can help ensure comfort.
  • Maintenance and Cleanliness: Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to keep the pods hygienic and inviting for users. Airports and other facilities should have protocols in place to ensure the pods are clean and functional.

Science-Backed Evidence of GoSleep Pods for Improving Sleep

GoSleep Pods, including the Recovery Pod and Recovery Pod Pro, have been designed with features that align with principles of good sleep hygiene and relaxation, offering a private, controlled environment conducive to rest. Here’s an overview of the science-backed elements that contribute to the effectiveness of GoSleep Pods for improving sleep and rest:

1. Privacy and Reduced Stimulation

  • Enclosed Space: The privacy cover of GoSleep Pods creates a secluded environment, reducing visual and auditory distractions. Studies have shown that minimizing sensory input can significantly improve sleep quality by reducing disturbances that can lead to sleep fragmentation .
  • Dimming of Light: The breathable privacy cover also helps in dimming the light, which is essential for promoting the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles. Exposure to bright light, especially blue light, can suppress melatonin production and disrupt sleep .

2. Comfortable Environment

3. Neurosonic Vibration Technology (Recovery Pod Pro)

  • Low-Frequency Vibration: The Recovery Pod Pro is equipped with a Neurosonic mattress that emits low-frequency vibrations. Research indicates that these vibrations can positively affect the autonomic nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing stress .
  • Stress and Sleep Quality: Studies on low-frequency vibration therapy have demonstrated benefits such as reduced stress levels, improved mood, and better sleep quality. These effects are particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing stress-related sleep disturbances .

4. Environmental Control and Consistency

  • Controlled Environment: GoSleep Pods provide a consistent environment, which is beneficial for establishing and maintaining regular sleep patterns. Consistency in sleep environment is a key factor in improving sleep quality and can help mitigate the effects of variable external conditions found in public spaces like airports .

Expert Insights and Testimonials

Several studies and user testimonials further support the benefits of using pods like GoSleep for improving sleep and rest quality:

  • User Feedback: Users often report feeling more rested and less stressed after using the pods, attributing their improved rest to the pods’ controlled environment and comfortable design.
  • Airport Trials: Airports that have implemented GoSleep Pods report positive feedback from travelers, who appreciate the opportunity to rest in a private, comfortable space during layovers and delays.

Summary on research backing sleep with pods:

While direct clinical trials specifically on GoSleep Pods may be limited, the design principles and technologies used in these pods are backed by substantial scientific evidence supporting their potential to improve sleep and relaxation. The combination of privacy, comfort, environmental control, and innovative features like Neurosonic vibration technology makes GoSleep Pods a promising solution for enhancing rest in public and professional settings.

Final Thoughts:

GoSleep pods represent a significant innovation in public resting solutions, combining the comfort of an airline business class seat with the privacy of a personal pod.

Whether in airports, offices, or other public spaces, these pods provide a much-needed respite for weary travelers and busy professionals. With their stylish design, ease of use, and focus on privacy, GoSleep pods are setting new standards for on-the-go rest and relaxation.



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