Helsinki Airport Sleeping Pods

Layovers and waiting times have become considerably more comfortable with the installation of sleep pods at Helsinki Vantaa Airport.

Positioned in the landside area of the Airport’s Non-Schengen Area, between gates 34 and 40, the airport offers two innovative sleep solutions: GoSleep Sleep Pods and Glo Hotel’s Restpods. These compact amenities provide travelers with much-needed privacy and a chance to rest amidst their travels.

The inclusion of these modern sleep pods not only enhances the comfort available to passengers but also significantly improves the sleep score rating of Helsinki Vantaa Airport, positioning it as a leader in enhancing passenger experience through innovative facilities. There are also several other locations to sleep in Helsinki Airport.

Does Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) has a total of 29 sleeping pods, with 19 being GoSleep Recovery Pods and 10 being private mini-suites by GLO RestPods.

The GoSleep pods, categorized as Nap Capsule Pods, offer private enclosures with breathable privacy covers, USB ports, and storage space. They are located on the Mezzanine Level within the Non-Schengen Area between gates 34 and 40.

GLO RestPods, classified as Sleep Cabins/Suites, feature smart glass technology for privacy, convertible beds, high-speed Wi-Fi, and additional amenities. They are situated conveniently within the airport as part of GLO Hotel Airport’s concept for short stays​​. Both options provide travelers with comfortable and private resting spaces within the airport.

2 Types of Helsinki Airport Sleeping Pods:

GoSleep Pods in Helsinki Airport

The GoSleep pods at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) are managed and operated by the Plaza Premium Group, offering a comfortable and private resting option for travelers.

The GoSleep Pods installed at HEL belong to the Recovery Pods series, which represents an earlier generation compared to the recently launched Recovery Pod Pro. Additionally, GoSleep offers another product known as the Igloo Pod.

GoSleep’s “Recovery Pod” is a private enclosure designed for resting and sleeping in high-traffic environments such as workplaces and airports. The pod is intended to provide a secluded area within public spaces, shielding users from external disturbances.

The functionality of the Pods:

The pod operates by allowing the user to lie down and manually slide down a breathable privacy cover, transforming it into a closed-off area. The cover is made of a material that allows air to circulate, ensuring the air inside the pod is as fresh as the surrounding environment. Although the cover has holes that allow light to filter through, making the interior dimly lit, it is opaque enough to prevent outside visibility into the pod.

The pod features a storage area beneath the mattress, sized to accommodate carry-on luggage, and is equipped with a USB port for charging electronic devices. The cover must be opened and closed by hand, and notably, the pod does not lock, which eliminates the risk of being trapped inside. An open cover indicates that the pod is available for use.

These GoSleep pods in HEL are different from those in Vienna Airport which have a rectangular design. Vienna Airport’s ZZZleepandGo designs are similar to NapCap’s Sleep Cabins in Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin Airport. The GoSleep pods have a capsule-looking design with minimal amenities and limited privacy.


The GoSleep pods are conveniently located in the Departures area of the airport. Specifically, you can find them on the Mezzanine Level within the Non-Schengen Area, positioned between gates 34 and 40 adacent to where GLO Restpods are located. This area is accessible for international travelers who have already passed through the necessary passport control and security checks.

GoSleep Pricing in Helsinki Airport:

The pricing for GoSleep Pods in Helsinki Airport is structured to accommodate different durations of stay. For a quick rest, a 2-hour rental costs of GoSleep is €26. For those needing a bit more time, a 5-hour rental is priced at €45. For an extended rest or overnight stay, up to 10 hours, the cost is €72. This flexible pricing structure allows travelers to choose an option that best suits their needs, whether for a short nap or a longer sleep.

Here’s a table representing the GoSleep rental pricing for different time durations; 2 hours, 5 hours and overnight(up to 10 hours);

DurationCost (Euros)
2 hours26
5 hours45
Overnight (up to 10 hours)72
This table clearly lays out the GoSleep Pods cost structure for different durations, making it easy to understand how much you would be expected to pay based on the time you need.

Review of GoSleep:


  • The sleeping pods are considered comfortable for sleep, making them ideal for travelers in need of rest.
  • An adjustable “roof” allows users to choose between sleeping with it open or closed, ensuring good ventilation while also accommodating personal preference.
  • Despite some complaints about the reception being unstaffed at times, customers appreciated the excellent communication through emails, WhatsApp, and phone calls, providing clear and easy instructions for checking in.
  • Various payment options are available, including a straightforward PayPal link, adding convenience for travelers.
  • There is convenient space for luggage storage directly under the bed.
  • Earplugs are available at reception to mitigate the impact of loud announcements, enhancing sleep quality.
  • The pods are positioned close to essential amenities like toilets (with drinkable water) and smoking rooms, adding comfort to the users’ experience.
  • The pricing is considered reasonable, especially for travelers booking multiple beds together.


  • Tall individuals may find the sitting positions within the pods uncomfortable due to size constraints.
  • The “roof” of the pod has holes for ventilation, which, while ensuring good air flow, also allows light to penetrate, potentially disturbing sleep.
  • Some users reported non-functional USB ports, although this was somewhat mitigated by the availability of plenty of sockets at the reception.
  • The blankets provided are described as very thin, and some users noted feeling cold despite their warmth, suggesting a potential improvement in the bedding options.
  • Noise from the airport and other guests can be an issue, as noted by several reviewers, indicating a need for better soundproofing within the pod area.
  • One review highlighted issues with the capsule material, mentioning discomfort due to the leather fabric being unideal in warmer conditions or if sweating occurs during sleep

Contact Information and Booking

If you need to get in touch with the Plaza Premium Group regarding the GoSleep pods or any other inquiries, here are the contact details:

  • Email: You can email them at for direct support or inquiries.
  • Phone: For more immediate assistance or to speak directly with a representative, you can call at +358 44 731 5899 or +358 44 731 4829.
  • Website: For more information about their services and other locations, visit the Plaza Premium Group’s website at
  • Make a Booking: Premium GoSleep Booking

These contact options provide travelers with several ways to communicate with the service provider, whether to book a pod, ask questions about the facilities, or address specific needs during their travels through Helsinki Airport.

GLO RestPods at HEL:

Experience tranquility and privacy during your layover at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport with the GLO RestPods. These pods feature a design akin to YotelAir and Minute Suite’s sleep cabins, fashioned as compact rooms with a focus on efficient space utilization. Check out YotelAir in Istanbul and London’s Heathrow, along with Minute Suites at several US airports, including JFK, Houston, Dallas Fort Worth, Atlanta, Nashville, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

Whether you need a quick nap, a peaceful space to work, or simply a private moment before continuing your journey, the RestPods offer a unique solution.

Located conveniently within the airport premises, these pods are part of GLO Hotel Airport’s innovative concept for short stays, ensuring you’re refreshed for your next flight.

Features and Benefits

  • Privacy and Comfort: Each RestPod is equipped with smart glass technology, ensuring complete privacy and quiet. The pods are lockable, providing a secure space where you can also safely store your luggage.
  • Flexible Sleeping Arrangements: The RestPod is ideal for solo travelers, featuring a couch that converts into a full-size bed. The RestPod+ variant accommodates up to two people, with a pull-out bed available to ensure comfortable resting spaces for both.
  • Work-Friendly Environment: For those needing to catch up on work, the pod includes a couch, a small table, and a stool. The serene environment is conducive to productivity, away from the typical airport hustle.
  • Connectivity: Stay connected with high-speed Wi-Fi, power sockets, USB, and USB-C ports, allowing you to charge devices and stream media content seamlessly.
  • Additional Amenities: Guests of the RestPods have access to the hotel reception and lobby bar, as well as nearby toilet facilities, adding convenience to your stay.

Pricing and Booking

  • GLO RestPod: Starting from 40 € for a 4-hour stay, perfect for single travelers needing a brief respite.
  • GLO RestPod+: Starting from 60 € for a 4-hour stay, ideal for couples or friends, offering additional sleeping space.

Location and Access

The RestPods are located at the Mezzanine Level, Non-Schengen Area, Helsinki International Airport (Between gates 34 and 40). This central location ensures that they are easily accessible to all international travelers who have cleared security.

map showing GLO-hotel-restpods-locations

Booking Information

Reservations for the RestPods can be made online, with durations available from four to seven hours. This flexibility allows travelers to tailor their rest periods according to their flight schedules.

Additional Notes

  • While the RestPods offer a comfortable resting environment, guests looking for a longer overnight stay may consider booking a room at the hotel for optimal comfort.
  • Pets are not allowed in the RestPods, but they are welcome in the hotel rooms.

For those traveling through Helsinki Airport, the RestPods provide a unique and innovative solution for relaxation and privacy, ensuring that you can enjoy a moment of calm in the often hectic atmosphere of international travel.

Read more, check price and book Glo RestPods here.

Helsinki Airport Sleeping Pods Price:

GoSleep Pods are available for 26 Euros for 2 hours, 45 Euros for 5 hours, and 72 Euros overnight for up to 10 hours. For a more spacious option, GLO RestPods start at 40 Euros for a 4-hour stay in a standard pod and 60 Euros for the RestPod+, which accommodates two people. These prices provide flexible choices for travelers needing a quick rest or a longer overnight stay.

Here’s a combined table representing the pricing information for both GoSleep Pods and GLO RestPods at Helsinki Airport:

Pod TypeDurationCost (Euros)Capacity
GoSleep Pod2 hours261 person
GoSleep Pod5 hours451 person
GoSleep PodOvernight (10 hrs)721 person
GLO RestPod4 hours401 person
GLO RestPod+4 hours602 persons
This table clearly outlines the pricing structure for each type of pod, including the duration of stay and capacity, making it easy for travelers to determine which option best suits their needs at Helsinki Airport.

Where to Sleep in Helsinki Vantaa Airport:

After thorough analysis of more than 100 flier reviews of sleep in this airport from Tripadvisor and, here are the recommended spots to sleep within the airport’s terminals:

Terminal 2, Airside, Gate 31 Area:

Recognized as one of the best spots for sleeping at this Airport, the area around Gate 31 is quiet, especially at night when fewer flights are operational and most shops are closed.

The seating in this area is noted for its comfort, featuring thickly cushioned leather benches without armrests that allow travelers to lie down flat.

This spot also offers seclusion, which minimizes foot traffic and noise, and large windows perfect for those who prefer waking up to natural light. However, it can get chilly, and the overhead lights may turn back on early in the morning, so it’s advisable to bring warm clothing or a blanket.

Terminal 2, Schengen Area, Before Midnight:

This location provides many free seats without armrests, ideal for lying flat and enjoying a good night’s sleep. The quietest zone is around gate 31, which is carpeted for additional comfort. The absence of reclining seats might be a drawback for some.

Between Terminals 1 and 2:

The walkway between these terminals is less trafficked and offers a quieter environment for rest, with armrest-free seating that suits those needing to lie flat. While it provides easy access to facilities in both terminals, the area can be a bit chilly.

T2, Schengen, Near Gate 16:

Near Gate 16, travelers find free benches and a kid’s area, quieter especially before the morning flights. The absence of armrests allows for comfortable resting, but the basic nature of the benches and the area’s brightness and cooler temperatures at night might affect comfort levels.

Landside Areas:

Notably quieter during the night, the larger benches near the entrance and check-in areas in landside are good for overnight stays. These benches are designed to allow travelers to lie down, but the areas can become drafty.

Terminal 2A:

Post-23:00, this area becomes very quiet, with ample comfortable seating, numerous power outlets, and 24hr free Wi-Fi. However, the cool temperatures and bright lighting can be less than ideal.

Near Gates 28-29:

Quiet at night with comfortable, leather cushioned benches, this area is close to food options like Burger King. The presence of Gosleep pods, though for a fee, offers a more private and comfortable sleeping option.

Near Gates 34-35, Schengen Area:

Known for its spacious and flat sleeping areas, this spot is ideal for travelers who need to spread out or are traveling in pairs. The area can become busy early in the morning as the first flights begin to board.

These various options ensure that all travelers can find a suitable spot to rest and recover, depending on their specific needs and preferences while transiting through Helsinki Airport.

Sleeping in Helsinki Airport: What to Expect

Travelers considering an overnight stay at Helsinki Vantaa Airport can expect varying conditions across different areas concerning noise levels, lighting, temperature, and security:

Noise Levels:

Quieter zones like Gate 31 are ideal for sleeping, though noise can vary due to early morning flights and cleaning operations. The airport has fewer announcements at night, aiding a quieter environment.


The airport is generally well-lit throughout the night, which can be challenging for light-sensitive sleepers. While some areas have dimmed lighting, lights typically turn back on early in the morning.


The airport environment is cool, particularly at night, so it’s advisable to bring a sweater or a blanket for comfort.


Helsinki Vantaa is considered safe for overnight stays, with security personnel present and non-intrusive security measures in place, ensuring a secure environment for all travelers.

Additional Tips: To cope with the potential for noise and light, bringing eye masks and earplugs is recommended. Arriving early to secure a good spot and checking for designated quiet zones can also enhance the sleeping experience.

These general expectations based on flier reviews suggest that while the airport is equipped for overnight stays, travelers should prepare for varying conditions such as light and noise levels, and cooler temperatures.

6 Alternatives to HEL Sleep Pods – Hotels Near HEL Airport:

1. Hilton Helsinki Airport

  • Distance from Airport: 0.5 miles, a short walk from the terminals.
  • Shuttle Service: Not specified; proximity allows walking.
  • Suitability: Ideal for luxury seekers with direct airport access.
  • Additional Features: Stylish rooms, premium amenities like a bar and lounge. Offers breakfast options and has ample parking facilities.

2. Clarion Hotel Aviapolis

  • Distance from Airport: 0.9 miles.
  • Shuttle Service: Not specified; public transport and taxis readily available.
  • Suitability: Great for business and leisure with modern accommodations.
  • Additional Features: Breakfast included, enhancing comfort and convenience for guests. Parking available, making it easy for those traveling by car.

3. Scandic Helsinki Airport

  • Distance from Airport: 0.6 miles.
  • Shuttle Service: Not necessary due to close proximity.
  • Suitability: Comfortable for those needing quick airport access.
  • Additional Features: Includes breakfast, contemporary room design, and efficient service. Features parking facilities for guests.

4. Hotel Haaga Central Park

  • Distance from Airport: 7.1 miles.
  • Shuttle Service: Not specified; other transport options like taxi or bus are advisable.
  • Suitability: Ideal for those seeking a serene setting a bit away from the airport.
  • Additional Features: Near a large shopping center for additional leisure and dining. Includes breakfast and provides parking, enhancing its appeal for longer stays or leisure travelers.

5. Holiday Inn Helsinki – Vantaa Airport

  • Distance from Airport: 1.8 miles.
  • Shuttle Service: Offers a free shuttle service.
  • Suitability: Convenient for business and leisure travelers looking for reliable and efficient accommodations.
  • Additional Features: Modern facilities, exceptional service, and a robust breakfast buffet. Proximity to airport terminals makes it an excellent choice for early departures.

6. Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo

  • Distance from Airport: 2.1 miles.
  • Shuttle Service: Shuttle service available.
  • Suitability: Perfect for families and travelers who enjoy extra amenities like shopping and entertainment options.
  • Additional Features: Attached to the Flamingo Entertainment Centre, providing access to a variety of dining, shopping, and leisure activities, including a water park. Offers comfortable rooms and comprehensive hotel services.

Here’s the table with hotels located within 3 miles of Helsinki Airport:

Hotel NameAddressDistance from AirportRatingPrice
Hilton Helsinki AirportLentaejaenkuja 1, Vantaa 01530 Finland0.5 miles4.5/5 from 2773 reviewsCheck Rates
Clarion Hotel AviapolisKarhumäentie 5, Vantaa 01530 Finland0.9 Miles4.5/5 from 536 reviewsCheck Rates
Glo Hotel Airport VantaaHelsinki-Vantaan Lentoasema Terminal, Vantaa 01530 Finland0.6 miles3.5/5 from 663 reviewsCheck Rates
Scandic Helsinki AirportLentäjäntie 1, Vantaa 01530 Finland0.6 miles4.0/5 from 478 reviewsCheck Rates
Scandic Helsinki AviacongressRobert Huberin tie 4, Vantaa 01510 Finland1.6 miles4.0/5 from 473 reviewsCheck rates
Scandic Helsinki AviapolisRobert Huberin tie 6, Vantaa 01510 Finland1.5 miles3.5/5 from 226 reviewsCheck Rates
Pilot Airport HotelVeromäentie 1, Vantaa 01510 Finland2.4 miles3/5 from 543 reviewsCheck rates

Final Word on Helsinki Airport Sleep and Nap Pods:

Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL) stands out for its sleep-friendly amenities, including GoSleep and GLO Restpods, which offer private, comfortable environments for travelers within the airport.

The airport’s GoSleep pods near Gates 28-29 and the GLO Restpods provide paid, compact private spaces with controlled lighting and flexible booking options from as low as 2 hours. These options are perfect for travelers looking for immediate rest without leaving the airport for short naps with possibility of longer periods.

Inside HEL, optimal sleeping spots such as the quieter regions around Gate 31 are frequently recommended due to their thickly cushioned leather benches and subdued ambiance conducive to rest. These areas are appreciated for their minimal foot traffic and lower noise levels, particularly outside the busy daytime hours.

Additionally, nearby hotels such as the Scandic Helsinki Airport and Hilton Helsinki-Vantaa Airport offer traditional accommodations with easy airport access, catering to those who prefer or require hotel amenities.

Overall, Helsinki Vantaa Airport offers a comprehensive range of sleeping solutions from simple seating areas to flexible/affordable pods and convenient hotel stays, accommodating all types of travelers looking to recharge between flights.

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.