Ho Chi Minh City Airport Sleeping Pods

If you have an upcoming layover at Ho Chi Minh City(SGN) Airport and are wondering about sleep options, including whether there are sleep pods available, this guide is for you.

This comprehensive Guide to Ho Chi Minh City Airport Sleeping pods offers detailed information to help you decide whether to book a sleep pod or choose alternative sleep options within the airport terminals or nearby hotels.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Sleeping Pods: SleepZone

The Sleepzone at Ho Chi Minh City Airport, operated by Southern Airports Services Joint Stock Company (SASCO), offers a convenient and comfortable option for travelers needing rest during their layovers. Located airside in the international departure hall, the Sleepzone provides both free and paid sleeping accommodations.


  • Location: International Terminal, Airside, 2nd floor hallway, near Gate 27.
  • Accessibility: Only accessible to passengers with international flights or those waiting for international transfer flights departing from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. A boarding pass for an international flight is required to use the Sleepzone services.


  • Free Sleep Chairs: 24 sleep chairs available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Paid Sleep Boxes: 10 sleep boxes, each measuring 4 square meters.
    • Amenities in Sleep Boxes:
      • Beds and pillows
      • Towels
      • Lamps
      • Power outlets
      • Complimentary drinks

Usage Conditions

  • Access: To access the Sleepzone, passengers must proceed through immigration to the airside of the international departure hall.
  • Check-In Counters: Only open 3-4 hours before flight time, so plan accordingly.
  • Children: Free for one child under 5 years old accompanied by an adult. Additional children will be charged as adult tickets.

Booking and Payment

  • Payment: A $10 deposit (in cash) is required for the key storage fee. This deposit is paid directly to the staff at the Fresh2go store, located right next to the Sleepzone. The deposit will be refunded upon checkout.
  • Cancellation Policy: No refunds are provided for booking cancellations.

Tips for Travelers

  1. Early Arrival: Arrive early to secure one of the 24 free sleep chairs as they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Prepare Cash: Ensure you have $10 in cash for the key storage deposit.
  3. Child Policy: If traveling with children, remember that only one child under 5 years old is free per adult. Plan for additional costs if traveling with more children.
  4. Booking Confirmation: Keep your booking confirmation and boarding pass handy to ensure smooth access to the Sleepzone.
  5. Proximity to Amenities: Take advantage of the nearby Fresh2go store for any last-minute needs before settling into your sleep box or chair.

The Sleepzone at Ho Chi Minh City Airport offers a blend of comfort and convenience, making it an excellent choice for travelers looking to rest during their international layovers. By understanding the facilities, conditions, and booking process, you can make the most of your time at the airport and ensure a restful experience

Cost of SGN Airport Sleeping Pods:

The Sleepzone at Ho Chi Minh City Airport offers flexible booking options for its sleep pods, catering to various layover durations.

Pricing starts at $21 for a 3-hour stay, increasing incrementally by $7 for each additional hour: $28 for 4 hours, $35 for 5 hours, $42 for 6 hours, $49 for 7 hours, and $56 for 8 hours. This tiered pricing structure provides travelers with the flexibility to choose a duration that best fits their schedule and rest needs, ensuring a comfortable and cost-effective option for those in transit.

DurationPrice (USD)
3 hours$21
4 hours$28
5 hours$35
6 hours$42
7 hours$49
8 hours$56
This table provides a clear overview of the pricing for booking sleep pods at the Sleepzone in Ho Chi Minh City Airport. You can choose from a range of durations, ensuring flexibility to match your layover needs.

Comparison with Nearby Hotel Pricing:

When comparing the average pricing of hotels near Ho Chi Minh City Airport to Sleepzone sleep pods, the hotels range from $19 to $85 per night, offering a range of amenities and traditional accommodation.

Sleepzone, on the other hand, provides flexible hourly rates from $21 for 3 hours to $56 for 8 hours, making it a cost-effective choice for short rests or layovers. While Sleepzone is ideal for brief stays, nearby hotels may offer better value for longer stays with more amenities.

Review of SleepZone Sleeping Pods at Ho Chi Minh City Airport


  1. Cleanliness:
    • Many reviewers noted that the sleep pods and the surrounding area were clean, providing a hygienic environment for rest.
    • Example: “Clean cabins with enough space to store your luggage.” (Ferry G)
  2. Comfort and Privacy:
    • Despite their small size, the sleep pods are designed to be comfortable, with beds, pillows, and essentials for a short rest.
    • Example: “The bed is very comfortable, and the area is quiet.” (đào t)
  3. Convenient Facilities:
    • The sleep pods include amenities such as alarm systems, lamps, and power outlets, which add to the convenience.
    • Example: “Clean, comfortable and has alarm systems to wake you up to make sure you don’t miss the flight.” (Jessica)
  4. Staff and Service:
    • Positive mentions of friendly and helpful staff enhance the overall experience.
    • Example: “The staff at the check-in counter were very friendly and helpful.” (Alison A)
  5. Security:
    • The sleep pods offer a private and secure space to rest, which is particularly appreciated by travelers.
    • Example: “I felt safe and secure and once the noise level went down I was able to get some rest.” (Jimmy O)


  1. Noise Levels:
    • The pods are not soundproof, leading to disturbances from airport noise and neighboring pods.
  2. Temperature Control:
    • Multiple reviews highlight issues with the temperature inside the pods, which can become uncomfortably hot.
    • Example: “The room was so hot that you can’t sleep.” (Jamie P)
    • Example: “The place can be worth the money if the management paid attention to the complaints raised by customers, such as no fan and extremely hot inside.” (kenrick f)
  3. Comfort of Beds:
    • The beds are described as hard and thin, leading to discomfort during longer stays.
    • Example: “The mattress was 1 inch thick with the smallest pillow which was not enough to be comfortable.” (Rebekah B)
    • Example: “The mattress is REALLY thin, to the point I could feel the hard surface on my hips.” (Just_n8)
  4. Pricing:
    • Several travelers found the service to be overpriced for the level of comfort and amenities provided.
    • Example: “Overpriced for what you get.” (Jamie P)
    • Example: “It was good, but at $7USD per hour it would have been great to have a quiet, dark and softer place to lay your head.” (Alison A)
  5. Operational Issues:
    • There were instances of the Sleepzone being closed or inaccessible, leading to dissatisfaction among travelers with long layovers.
    • Example: “As good as it sounds to get some sleep during a 9.5-hour layover, this place was closed.” (Alexandra S)
    • Example: “The website literally does not allow you to book.” (Kylie R)
  6. Hygiene Concerns:
    • A few reviews mentioned concerns about the cleanliness and maintenance of the pods.
    • Example: “Far too noisy without earplugs. I noticed that the sheets were not changed when the pod next to me was vacated.” (Susan S)
SLeepzone Sleep pOds in SGN Airport

Who is Most Suited to Use Sleepzone Nap Pods?

Sleepzone pods are best for short layovers, families, business travelers, security-conscious individuals, and those with early flights, but may not suit light sleepers, temperature-sensitive individuals, budget travelers, those needing extended rest, and hygiene-sensitive travelers.

Best Suited For:

  1. Short Layovers:
    • Ideal for travelers needing brief rest during 3-6 hour layovers.
  2. Families with Young Children:
    • Provides a secure, private space for kids to rest and play.
  3. Business Travelers:
    • Offers a quiet area to rest or work between flights.
  4. Security-Conscious Travelers:
    • Lockable pods provide safety for belongings.
  5. Travelers with Early Morning Flights:
    • Convenient for those arriving late at night or with early departures.

Not Suited For:

  1. Light Sleepers:
    • Noise and light sensitivity can be an issue due to lack of soundproofing.
  2. Temperature-Sensitive Travelers:
    • Pods can become uncomfortably hot.
  3. Budget-Conscious Travelers:
    • Considered overpriced by some for the level of comfort provided.
  4. Travelers Needing Extended Rest:
    • Beds are uncomfortable for prolonged use.
  5. Travelers Seeking Hygiene Assurance:
    • Reports of cleanliness issues may be concerning.

Alternatives to Sleepzone Pods: Guide to Best Viable Free Alternatives for Sleep

Third Floor Departure Viewing Area

  • Location: International Terminal, 3rd Floor
  • Pros: Comfortable padded chairs, good WiFi, several electrical outlets, quieter environment.
  • Cons: Limited air conditioning, food outlets close at midnight.
  • Review: “I found several other locals and cleaning staff sleeping there. The cafe had big comfy chairs easily pushed together. Slept from 3am to 6am. Good WiFi and plenty of power sockets. Best option for a few hours of rest.” (Guest 3 helpful votes)

Near Gate 27

  • Location: International Terminal, near Gate 27
  • Pros: Rest chairs, benches, children’s playground nearby, beautiful views, free high-speed WiFi.
  • Cons: Limited shower facilities.
  • Review: “There are a lot of rest chairs and benches areas near gate 27 and a children playground area also nearby. Beautiful views all around.” (Guest 10 helpful votes)

Quiet Hallway Near Arrival Hall (Before Immigration)

  • Location: Arrival Hall (before passing immigration)
  • Pros: Quiet with minimal foot traffic, seating without armrests.
  • Cons: Occasional announcements.
  • Review: “If transferring between flights, you can sleep on seating with very little foot traffic passing you. However, the occasional announcement will blare over the loud speakers.” (Guest 1 helpful vote)

Restaurant on Third Floor Near Construction Site

  • Location: International Terminal, 3rd Floor
  • Pros: Comfortable booths, dimly lit, bathrooms nearby.
  • Cons: Noisy cleaners.
  • Review: “The restaurant overlooked the arrival/baggage claim and had booths for patrons to dine in. A construction site sheltered our booth from the main hall and the area was dimly lit. Bathrooms at either end of the floor to wash up.” (Guest 4 helpful votes)

Mezzanine (Third Floor)

  • Location: International Terminal, 3rd Floor
  • Pros: 24-hour access, some restaurant seating available, one open restaurant.
  • Cons: Limited seating options, minimal facilities.
  • Review: “The main floor for international departures (2nd floor) is closed overnight but there is a mezzanine (3rd floor) open 24 hours. One little restaurant is open on this floor.” (Guest 5 helpful votes)

Near Boarding Gate of ANA (Possibly Gate 22)

  • Location: International Terminal, near Gate 22
  • Pros: Metal benches without armrests, working electrical sockets, quieter area.
  • Cons: Not very cool air conditioning.
  • Review: “There are some metal benches without armrests near the boarding gate of ANA. The electrical sockets on the wall along the bench are all working. This area is not that busy and many people sleep in this area.” (Guest 1 helpful vote)

Le Saigonnais Business Lounge

  • Location: International Terminal, easy access location
  • Pros: Comfortable seating, good food, easy access, massage chairs.
  • Cons: Paid access, no showers.
  • Review: “It was very pleasant, friendly staff, comfortable seating, a wide selection of food and beverages. They even have massage chairs that always help!” (Guest 4 helpful votes)

Sleep Conditions – What to expect:

Noise Levels

  • Third Floor Departure Viewing Area: Generally quiet but can become noisy due to cleaning staff and occasional announcements. It’s a quieter option compared to the main floor.
  • Restaurant on Third Floor Near Construction Site: The area is sheltered from the main hall noise, but cleaners can be noisy during the night.

Bright Lighting

  • Third Floor Departure Viewing Area: Lighting is moderate and conducive for rest, though it can be a bit bright in some spots.
  • Quiet Hallway Near Arrival Hall (Before Immigration): Quiet and dimly lit, making it suitable for a nap.

Temperature Levels

  • Third Floor Departure Viewing Area: Limited air conditioning, so it can get warm and stuffy.
  • Near Boarding Gate of ANA (Possibly Gate 22): Air conditioning is not very cool, which might be uncomfortable for some.

Seating Comfort

  • Third Floor Departure Viewing Area: Padded chairs are available, which can be pushed together to create a more comfortable sleeping arrangement.
  • Restaurant on Third Floor Near Construction Site: Comfortable booths that can accommodate lying down.
  • Le Saigonnais Business Lounge: Offers comfortable seating and massage chairs, though it requires paid access.


  • Quiet Hallway Near Arrival Hall (Before Immigration): Security presence is minimal in this area, making it a quieter spot but with less oversight.
  • Near Boarding Gate of ANA (Possibly Gate 22): This area is quieter with fewer people, providing a sense of security, though it is less crowded.

Specific Locations

  • Near Gate 27: Offers rest chairs and benches, and is near a children’s playground with beautiful views and free high-speed WiFi.
  • Mezzanine (Third Floor): Open 24 hours with some restaurant seating available. Limited facilities but quieter than the main areas.

Fliers should be aware that while there are several spots suitable for rest, conditions such as noise, lighting, temperature, and seating comfort can vary significantly. Security presence is generally higher in more populated areas but lower in quieter, more secluded spots.

Alternatives to SGN Sleep Pods: Hotels Near SGN

ibis Saigon Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers looking for convenience and proximity to the airport. Perfect for short stays or those with early morning or late night flights.
  • Additional Features: Offers clean, modern rooms and a breakfast buffet. Great for business travelers or short-term visitors.
  • Check Rates

Holiday Inn & Suites Saigon Airport, an IHG Hotel

  • Shuttle Service: Not specified, but typically available with advance booking.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers seeking a full-service hotel experience with reliable service. Suitable for both business and leisure travelers.
  • Additional Features: Features include spacious rooms, on-site dining options, and excellent customer service.
  • Check Rates

Victory Airport Hotel

  • Shuttle Service: Not specified, but close proximity to the airport.
  • Suitability: Perfect for budget-conscious travelers needing a place to rest before or after a flight. Efficient for overnight stays.
  • Additional Features: Clean rooms with basic amenities, air conditioning, and several nearby eating options.
  • Check Rates

Tan Son Nhat Saigon Hotel

  • Shuttle Service: Not specified.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers who prefer a more traditional hotel stay with added comfort. Good for longer stays and family visits.
  • Additional Features: Offers spacious rooms, friendly staff, and convenient amenities. Close to local attractions.
  • Check Rates

Parkroyal Saigon

  • Shuttle Service: Not specified.
  • Suitability: Suitable for travelers looking for a bit of luxury and comfort. Ideal for business travelers and those seeking additional amenities.
  • Additional Features: Includes perks such as executive rooms, happy hour snacks, and discounts on food and drinks. Offers a comfortable and relaxing stay.
  • Check Rates

Other Hotels Closest to SGN

Hotel NameDistance from AirportAverage Review RatingReview HighlightsPrice (per night)
ibis Saigon Airport0.6 miles4.5/5“Great location, nice and clean rooms, friendly housekeeping staff.”$49
The Airport Hotel0.7 miles4/5“Clean and large room, close to airport, friendly staff.”$26
Prague Airport Hotel1.1 miles4/5“Friendly staff, delicious buffet breakfast, big and clean room.”$27
Holiday Inn & Suites Saigon Airport1.1 miles4.5/5“Nice and safe, clean rooms, friendly staff.”$79
Victory Airport Hotel0.8 miles3.5/5“Efficient for an overnight stay, clean, air-conditioned, hot water.”$21
Tan Son Nhat Saigon Hotel1.5 miles4/5“Highly recommended for those needing a hotel near the airport.”$57
Parkroyal Saigon1.4 miles4.5/5“Great perks for executive room bookings, friendly staff, discounts on food and drinks.”$85
Erato Boutique Hotel0.7 miles3.5/5“Deluxe rooms available, some issues with cleanliness, conveniently located.”$19
First Hotel1.5 miles4/5“Well-located, clean rooms, friendly staff, good for short stays.”$37
Tan Son Nhat 66A1.1 miles3.5/5“Friendly and helpful staff, dated but clean facilities.”$23
TTC Hotel – Airport1.2 miles4/5“Great staff, clean rooms, well-priced, helpful front desk.”$37
Khach san Muong Thanh Luxury Saigon1.7 miles3.5/5“Clean, polite staff, some issues with air conditioning.”$64
Ciao Saigon Hotel and Spa0.8 miles4/5“Great hotel, location can be difficult to find, good for pampering yourself.”$42
Sai Gon’s Book Hotel0.9 miles4/5“Close to the airport, good location and price, friendly staff.”$29
Vissai Saigon Hotel1.6 miles4/5“Convenient location, easy access to the city, clean rooms.”$67
These hotels offer a range of options for travelers seeking accommodation near Ho Chi Minh City Airport, each with unique features and amenities catering to different needs and preferences.

Final Word on Sleeping at Ho Chi Minh City Airport:

Ho Chi Minh City Airport (SGN) offers a range of sleep options for travelers, including the SleepZone sleep pods located airside on the 2nd floor near Gate 27. These pods provide privacy and essential amenities such as beds, pillows, drinks, towels, lamps, and power outlets. While reviews highlight issues with temperature control and noise, the pods remain a secure and private option for those with international flights or transfers.

For those preferring to rest within the airport terminals, some of the quieter areas include corners near the gates and lounges. These spots, though not as private as the pods, can offer a convenient place to catch some rest.

Nearby hotels such as the ibis Saigon Airport, Holiday Inn & Suites Saigon Airport, and The Airport Hotel provide comfortable accommodations and amenities like complimentary shuttle services, clean rooms, and friendly staff. These hotels are ideal for travelers seeking more comfort and fewer disturbances during their layover.


Can I sleep/stay overnight at Ho Chi Minh City Airport Overnight?

Yes, you can sleep or stay overnight at Ho Chi Minh City Airport (Tan Son Nhat International Airport). Here are the details:

Airport Hours The airport operates 24 hours a day, providing flexibility for travelers arriving late at night or with early morning flights. This ensures that you can find rest spots within the airport premises at any time.

Security Checkpoints

  • Closing and Reopening Times: Security checkpoints at SGN do not close entirely but may have reduced staffing during late-night hours, potentially leading to longer wait times, especially during early morning flights when staffing increases again.
  • Impact on Travelers: During these reduced staffing periods, you might experience delays. It’s advisable to arrive earlier than usual to ensure sufficient time for security checks, especially if your flight is during peak hours or early morning.

Accessing Airside

  • General Access: To access the airside areas (post-security), you must go through security checkpoints. Access to these areas is generally restricted to passengers with valid boarding passes for same-day departures.
  • Overnight Stays: If you arrive late at night and have connecting flights early in the morning, it’s possible to stay within the airport’s secure zones. However, without a boarding pass, you may not be able to re-enter the airside areas if you exit.
  • Facilities and Comfort: Airside offers better facilities such as lounges, rest chairs, and more comfortable seating options compared to landside. It’s equipped with charging stations, WiFi, and some 24-hour food options.
  • Immigration and Customs: If you arrive on an international flight and need to re-check in for a domestic flight, be prepared for additional checks at immigration and customs. There have been reports of delays and the need for potential bribes, particularly for travelers with certain profiles.

Tips for Travelers

  • Arrival Time: Arrive well in advance of your flight, especially during late-night or early-morning hours when staffing may be reduced.
  • Overnight Rest: Utilize quieter and more comfortable areas like the third-floor departure viewing area or near gate 27 for rest. Be aware of the noise levels and bright lighting conditions in different parts of the airport.
  • Valuables: Keep all valuable items in your carry-on luggage to avoid potential theft from checked bags, a known issue at this airport.
  • Hydration and Comfort: Bring a water bottle and stay hydrated, as reports indicate that water dispensers might not always be refilled promptly. Additionally, prepare for the airport’s varying temperatures by dressing in layers.

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