Istanbul Airport’s iGA Sleep Pods & YotelAir

Istanbul Airport (IST) aims to handle 85 million passengers in 2024, a 12.77% increase from the previous year. The number of flights is expected to rise to 532,000. This growth will further bolster Turkey’s position as a major global travel hub.

Another metric I found interesting is the flier satisafaction. The airport’s passenger satisfaction rate reached 89% in 2023 and is expected to rise further with new developments, including improved metro connectivity. Part of the reason for this improved satisfaction is the improved sleep facilities within the airport’s terminals with the installations of sleep pods.

In this IST Sleeping Pods Guide, you’ll find detailed information on iGA Sleep Pods and YotelAir’s Sleep Cabins. Get to know of their pricing, location, how to book, review and suitability. You’ll also find alternatives to sleep pods for sleep at IST including in-terminal spots and nearby hotels to consider.

Does Istanbul Airport have sleeping pods?

The IGA Lounge at Istanbul Airport features 44 sleep pods, known as “iGA Sleepods.” When Istanbul Airport launched the iGA Sleep Pods on January 20, 2020, there were only 25 pods but has since expanded to 44. These sleep pods offer travelers a private, comfortable space to rest, equipped with amenities like USB ports, power outlets, and luggage storage. They are available for rent on an hourly basis, with prices varying depending on the time of day.

In August 2022, IST increased the number of iGA Sleep Pods from 25 to 44.

The iGA Sleep Pods or “iGA Sleepod service” feature GoSleep’s Recovery Pods, which are capsule-design pods available on an hourly basis, offering a private and comfortable space for passengers. They are located in the 24/7 iGA Lounge, which also offers amenities such as showers, nap rooms, a gym, and a quiet area for work or relaxation.

GoSleep Recovery Pods
Image showing Recovery Pod, a model of GoSleep Pods at IST’s iGA Lounge.

Additionally, Istanbul Airport features YotelAir, offering 280 airside and 171 landside cabins. These premium compact cabins provide modern furnishings, comfortable beds, access to showers, and essential amenities like toiletries and complimentary bottled water.

Below is a short video to give you an idea of what to expect from the iGA sleep pods;

Similar to GoSleep pods, which are available in the Eastern European city of Helsinki these pods are equipped with a foldout bed, USB and power outlets, and a privacy screen that slides.

What Sleeping Pods Types at Istanbul Airport?

Istanbul Airport has two main types of sleeping pods: iGA Sleep Pods and YotelAir cabins;

iGA Sleep Pods:

IGA Sleep Pod
IGA Sleep Pod

Located in the IGA Lounge, these Recovery Pod models by GoSleep feature foldout beds, USB and power outlets, and privacy screens.

Unlike most sleeping lounges which often close overnight, iGA Lounge which operates and rents out the pods are available 24/7. iGA Sleep Pods are branded “iGA Sleepod”.

They can be rented on an hourly basis, costing €15 per hour during the day and €22 per hour at night. While these pods provide a private and comfortable space for rest, they do not offer free WiFi.

YotelAir Cabins:

YotelAir provides 280 airside and 171 landside cabins at Istanbul Airport. These cabins offer modern furnishings, comfortable beds, and access to showers.

Airside cabins are priced between $254 and $346 per night, while landside cabins range from $200 to $305 per night. YotelAir’s strategic locations near gates and terminals make them ideal for transit passengers seeking comfort and convenience during layovers.

Read details of Yotel and YotelAir Sleep Pods brand here.

iGA GoSleep Sleep Pods

The first sleep pods to consider at Istanbul Airport are the iGA Sleep Pods branded ‘iGA Sleepods’, located within the IGA Lounge. These innovative Recovery Pod models by GoSleep are designed to provide travelers with a comfortable and private space to rest during their layovers. Each pod features a foldout bed, USB and power outlets, and a privacy screen, ensuring a restful environment.


  1. Foldout bed
  2. USB and power outlets
  3. Privacy screen
  4. Storage space for luggage.
  5. Easy access to restroom facilities.
  6. Add-on (blanket, pillow, pillow case) are available at $3 extra

Unfortunately, WIFI is not free.

How much do iGA Sleepods Cost?

The cost of renting the sleep pods at Istanbul Airport in 2024 during the day is 15 pounds for a single hour and can book for any period between 7 am and 7 pm.

The rate for overnight sleep from 7 pm to 7 am is €22 pounds per hour, an increase from 2023’s price of €20/hr. To access the add-ons – a blanket, pillow, and pillowcase – there is an extra charge of €5. This marks a €2 increase from the 2023 prices and if you want to get an orthopedic pillow case, and all other add-ons, you’ll need to pay €7.

Below is a table with current pricing for Istanbul’s IGA sleeping Pods:

ServicePrice (VAT Included)Opening Hours
IGA Sleep Pod Price (Day)€15 per hour07:00 – 19:00
IGA Sleep Pod Price (Night)€22 per hour19:00 – 07:00
Add-on: Blanket, Pillow, Pillowcase€5
Add-on: Blanket, Pillow, Orthopedic Pillowcase€7
Table showing pricing for Istanbul Airport’s iGA Sleep Pod Prices during the day and at nightime including cost of add-on amenities such as blankets and pillow.

During their initial launch, they charged €6 per hour from 7am to 7pm, and €9 per hour from 7pm to 7am.

Upon checking in 2024, below is a snapshot of pricing table with new pricing details of iGA sleep pod prices:

Istanbul Airport Sleep Pod Price 2024

Below is a snapshot showing prices from 2023;

Istanbul Sleep Pods 2023 prices

iGA Sleepod Location:

The sleeping pods at this airport are conveniently situated near the start of the D or International Terminal, just before the D1 Gate. They are also near the Via Kiosk and several washrooms. Check out the pods’of the pods location here. To reach where IGA pods are, start by locating the IGA Lounge. It is located inside the IGA Lounge. From there, take the elevator to the upper level where you’ll find the adjacent SkyTeam Lounge.

Istanbul Sleeping Pods Location Snapshot

Here is another helpful map with a red arrow pointing to the location of the pod;

How to Book iGA Sleep Pods(+ Priority Pass)

Booking a sleeping pod at Istanbul Airport is easy and can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Visit the official website of iGA Sleepod service or download their mobile app.
  2. Select your desired location, which in this case would be Istanbul Airport.
  3. Choose your preferred date and time for the sleep pod rental.
  4. Fill in your personal information and any additional requests, such as add-ons.
  5. Confirm your booking and payment through the secure online system.

The iGA lounge, which offers sleeping pods in Istanbul Airport, is open to Priority Pass members and passengers flying in Premium Cabins with Oneworld or other airlines.

iGA Sleep Pod Reviews:

I was able to get a few short reviews left by fliers who have tried Istanbul’s sleep pods from different forums and review sites such as sleepinginairports. Some helpful photos were also posted by here who noted that the pods were “surprisingly spacious and comfortable” and that “they come complete with luggage storage and charging ports.”

Below are all the pros and cons of these sleep facilities;


  1. Comfort: The sleeping pods are praised for providing a comfortable environment for a nap or rest, offering a more private and quiet space compared to open areas in the airport.
  2. Amenities: Some reviews highlight that the pods are well-equipped and clean, making them an appealing option for those seeking a more upgraded rest experience during their layover.
  3. Convenience: For travelers with shorter layovers who do not want to venture far from their departure gate, sleeping pods offer a convenient solution without the need to leave the secure area of the airport.


  1. Wake-Up Service Reliability: A significant concern mentioned is the reliability of the wake-up service. One traveler recounted an experience where they were not woken up as promised, which could lead to missed flights or other time-sensitive issues.
  2. Cost and Billing Issues: The cost of using the sleeping pods and potential billing issues were mentioned as cons. Specifically, a traveler was asked to pay for additional hours after the staff failed to wake them up as initially agreed upon, leading to a dispute over the extra charges.
  3. Booking process isn’t very transparent
  4. Not inexpensive: IGA’s sleep pods are priced at €176 ($224) for an 8-hour block, which is $49 more than Minute Suites charging $175 for the same duration.

YotelAir Sleep Pods in Istanbul Airport:

Another sleeping pod option to consider at Istanbul Airport is YotelAir, a premium brand offering a more luxurious and amenity-rich experience compared to the GoSleep Pods in the International/D Terminal.

YotelAir features 280 airside and 171 landside cabins, providing modern furnishings, comfortable beds, access to showers, and essential amenities such as toiletries and complimentary bottled water.

These cabins, strategically located near departure gates and terminal entrances, are significantly more expensive, with rates ranging from $254 to $325 per night for airside cabins and $240 to $290 per night for landside cabins, making them multiple times more costly than the GoSleep Pods.

YotelAir cabins also include conveniences like TV, adjustable lighting, and access to free hot drinks, catering to travelers seeking a higher level of comfort and convenience during their layovers.


Yotel’s landside cabins, located in the main terminal of Istanbul Airport, are conveniently situated near entrance #7 and check-in counter “R”. Perfect for travelers looking for a place to rest, whether it’s for a few hours, overnight, or before an early morning flight, YOTEL Istanbul Airport (landside) offers a comfortable and convenient lodging option.

On the other hand, Yotel’s airside cabins boast an excellent location for transit passengers, conveniently situated near departure gates A and B. Their central placement within the airport also provides superb access to dining and shopping options.

Reviews of YotelAir Airside at Istanbul Airport:


  1. Convenience: Located airside, allowing easy access to the departure gates without the need to pass through immigration.
  2. Tranquility: Provides a peaceful and quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the airport crowd.
  3. Comfortable Accommodation: Offers modern, clean, and sensibly furnished rooms with comfortable bedding.
  4. Amenities: Provides essential amenities such as an iron, safe, toiletries, and complimentary bottled water.
  5. Entertainment Options: Offers TV with international news channels and a dial to change the lighting hue in the room.
  6. Refreshing Shower: Access to a refreshing shower during the layover.
  7. Free Hot Drinks: Vending machines offering free hot coffee/tea/chocolate drinks.
  8. Relaxation: Opportunity to rest, sleep, and take naps in a comfortable environment.
  9. Leisure Activities: Ability to walk around the transit hall shopping area and engage in leisure activities.
  10. Connectivity: Adequate WiFi connection for staying connected and video chatting with family.

Cons :

  1. Fixed Check-in/Check-out Times: Limited flexibility with check-in/out times, may require emailing directly for customized hours.
  2. Limited TV Channels: Limited selection of English channels on TV.
  3. Out-of-Order Features: Some features like Chromecast may be out of order.
  4. Limited Room Amenities: Lack of usual amenities such as a mini-fridge, coffee/tea packets, and water kettle.
  5. Additional Costs: Higher cost compared to lounge options.
  6. Room Size: Rooms may be smaller in size, especially for Premium Queen rooms.
  7. Maintenance Issues: Possible maintenance issues like flooded showers reported by some guests.
  8. Pricing Transparency: Some guests reported unclear pricing and high rates for unconventional hours.
  9. Lack of Hairdryers: Hairdryers may not be readily available in rooms.
  10. Inconvenience: Some inconveniences reported, such as flooded showers or malfunctioning facilities.

Check YotelAir’s Airside Rates

Review of YotelAir in Istanbul Airport’s Landside:

Based on the reviews provided, here are the pros and cons of staying at YOTEL Istanbul Airport Hotel (Landside):


  1. Convenient Location: Directly located in the check-in area of the airport, making it extremely convenient for travelers with early or late flights.
  2. Clean and Modern Rooms: Guests consistently praised the cleanliness and modern design of the rooms.
  3. Friendly Staff: Many guests mentioned the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, which enhanced their overall experience.
  4. Fast Wi-Fi: The hotel offers fast and reliable Wi-Fi, which is essential for travelers who need to stay connected.
  5. Great Breakfast: The breakfast options received positive feedback, with guests appreciating the variety and quality of the food.
  6. COVID-19 Measures: The hotel has implemented thorough COVID-19 safety protocols, providing reassurance to guests concerned about health and safety.
  7. Convenient Amenities: Features like adjustable memory foam beds and controllable lighting add to the comfort and convenience of the rooms.
  8. Catering to Different Needs: The hotel caters to travelers with different flight schedules by offering breakfast early and late, accommodating various arrival and departure times.


  1. Pricey Food: Some guests found the food at the hotel’s restaurant to be expensive, which is understandable given its location within the airport.
  2. Limited Food Options: While the hotel offers dining options, some guests felt that there could be a better variety of dishes, especially considering the prices.
  3. Small Rooms: A few guests mentioned that the rooms felt small or claustrophobic, especially when traveling with children.
  4. Additional Charges: Some guests were disappointed by extra charges for services like using the shower, which they felt should have been included in the room rate.
  5. Limited Smoking Areas: For smokers, the hotel’s non-smoking policy and lack of designated smoking areas within the airport complex were inconvenient.

Overall, YOTEL Istanbul Airport Hotel (Landside) appears to offer convenience and comfort for travelers with flights at different times, but it’s essential to consider factors like pricing and room size when making a decision.

Check YotelAir’s Landside Rates

Yotel is also available in other airports including London’s Gatwick Airport, Amsterdam Airport, and Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Cost of IST Sleeping Pods

The cost of renting iGA sleeping pods at Istanbul Airport varies based on the time of day. For the iGA Sleep Pods, during the day (7:00 AM to 7:00 PM), the rate is €15 per hour, while overnight (7:00 PM to 7:00 AM), the rate increases to €22 per hour. Additional amenities such as a blanket, pillow, and pillowcase are available for an extra €5, and an orthopedic pillowcase set costs €7.

Alternatively, YotelAir, another type of sleep pod, offers more comprehensive amenities and services with ‘premium’ sleep pod cabins. The YotelAir Landside at IST costs around $240 per night, while the YotelAir Airside costs approximately $325 per night. These pods provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for travelers needing short-term rest within the airport, with the added convenience of premium services and accessibility.

Here’s a table comparing the pricing of iGA Sleep Pods and YotelAir’s Landside and Airside cabins at Istanbul Airport:

ServicePrice (VAT Included)Opening Hours
iGA Sleep Pods (Day)€15 per hour07:00 – 19:00
iGA Sleep Pods (Night)€22 per hour19:00 – 07:00
YotelAir Landside Cabin$240 – $290 per night (approx.) – Check rates today24/7
YotelAir Airside Cabin$325 per night (approx.) Check Rates today24/7
This table summarizes the hourly and overnight rates for the iGA Sleep Pods and the nightly rates for YotelAir’s Landside and Airside cabins, highlighting the options available for travelers seeking rest at IST Airport.

Comparing Istanbul Airport Nap Pods Pricing to Hotels’ Pricing:

Here’s a detailed comparison of the pricing for hotels and sleep pods near Istanbul Airport (IST), including YotelAir and iGA Sleep Pods. This analysis will help you understand how these options compare to other nearby hotel accommodations in terms of cost.

AccommodationPrice (per night)Distance from AirportAdditional Features
YotelAir Istanbul Airport (Landside)$2400.1 milesConvenient for transit passengers, modern amenities, high-speed Wi-Fi
YotelAir Istanbul Airport (Airside)$3250.1 milesLocated inside the terminal, ideal for long layovers, luxury amenities
Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Arnavutkoy$1153.7 milesAffordable, great for short stays, includes breakfast
Nova Plaza Prime Hotel$8914.4 milesBudget-friendly, includes breakfast, modern amenities
Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Kayasehir$7810.6 milesAffordable, clean and comfortable, includes breakfast
İstanbul Airport Durusu Club Hotel$667.0 milesBudget option, cozy accommodations, includes breakfast
La Quinta by Wyndham Istanbul Gunesli$6515.9 milesBudget-friendly, modern amenities, includes breakfast
Radisson Residences Avrupa TEM Istanbul$19914.6 milesSpacious accommodations, ideal for extended stays, luxury amenities
Sheraton Istanbul Esenyurt$12814.6 milesMid-range pricing, luxury amenities, convenient for business travelers
Hilton Mall of Istanbul$24213.9 milesHigher-end option, luxury amenities, ideal for travelers looking for comfort and convenience
iGA Sleep Pods (Day)€15 per hour0.1 milesAvailable 07:00 – 19:00, basic amenities
iGA Sleep Pods (Night)€22 per hour0.1 milesAvailable 19:00 – 07:00, basic amenities

Expert Insight on YotelAir and iGA Sleep Pod Pricing

  • YotelAir Istanbul Airport (Landside) and YotelAir Istanbul Airport (Airside) are premium sleep pod options located within the airport itself, providing unparalleled convenience for travelers with layovers or early morning flights. The YotelAir Landside is priced at $240 per night, while the Airside option is $325 per night. These prices are significantly higher compared to other nearby hotel options, reflecting the premium services and direct access to the airport terminals.
  • iGA Sleep Pods, operated by iGA Lounge, offer a more flexible and budget-friendly alternative. The iGA Sleep Pods are priced at €15 per hour during the day (07:00 – 19:00) and €22 per hour overnight (19:00 – 07:00). Additional amenities, such as blankets and pillows, are available for a small extra charge (€5 for standard, €7 for orthopedic pillowcase). This pay-as-you-use model can be particularly cost-effective for short naps or brief rests between flights.

Comparison to Nearby Hotels:

  • The Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Arnavutkoy offers a much more budget-friendly rate at $115 per night, providing essential amenities and proximity to the airport.
  • The Nova Plaza Prime Hotel and La Quinta by Wyndham Istanbul Gunesli are among the most affordable options, with rates around $65-$89 per night, making them suitable for budget-conscious travelers.
  • İstanbul Airport Durusu Club Hotel offers a cozy stay at $66 per night, ideal for short layovers.
  • Radisson Residences Avrupa TEM Istanbul and Hilton Mall of Istanbul cater to travelers looking for luxury and comfort, with prices ranging from $199 to $242 per night.

Suitability for Travelers:

  • YotelAir Sleep Pods are ideal for travelers who prioritize convenience and are willing to pay a premium for the proximity and luxury.
  • iGA Sleep Pods provide a cost-effective solution for short-term rest, especially for those who only need a few hours of sleep and prefer not to leave the airport.
  • Budget-conscious travelers will find excellent value in hotels like La Quinta by Wyndham and İstanbul Airport Durusu Club Hotel, which offer lower rates and include essential amenities.
  • For those looking for a balance between cost and luxury, Hampton by Hilton and Sheraton Istanbul Esenyurt provide mid-range options with comprehensive services.

Overall, while YotelAir Sleep Pods offer unmatched convenience and premium features, the iGA Sleep Pods present a more affordable and flexible alternative for short stays. Additionally, there are numerous affordable hotel options near Istanbul Airport that cater to different budgets and preferences, ensuring all travelers can find suitable accommodations.

Can you sleep at Istanbul Airport?

Yes. Sleeping at Istanbul Airport is feasible, with various spots recommended by fellow travelers for different needs and preferences ranging from free napzone spots inside the terminals to fancier paid sleep pod facilities located in the iGA Lounge.

While the experiences can vary based on the exact location within the airport and the time of day, there seems to be a consensus that finding a quiet spot for a nap or a restful sleep is possible, especially if you’re prepared with the right expectations and precautions.

Sleeping at Istanbul Airport offers a mixed bag of experiences according to various travelers. The airport’s vast spaces and modern amenities provide several options for those looking to rest or nap during their layovers.

Best Places to Sleep in Istanbul Airport: Viable Free Alternatives to Sleep Pods:

Here’s a detailed review of the sleep quality at Istanbul Airport, highlighting the pros and cons as gathered from traveler feedback.

Free Lounge Area Near E1 & E2 Sections

On the upper level near the E1 and E2 gates, travelers will find a lounge area surrounded by faux bamboo walls. This area boasts over 20 moveable chaise lounge chairs, offering a comfortable and somewhat private space for resting. It’s an excellent spot for those looking to relax without spending extra.

Soft Couches in Public Areas

Throughout the middle terminals, next to walkways and restaurants, are numerous soft, curved couches. While these couches are in busier areas, they can still provide a decent spot for a nap.

Dedicated Rest Areas

For a more secluded sleep, look for the dedicated rest areas. These are easy to identify by their fake tree garden privacy walls and soft chaise loungers. Although these areas tend to fill up in the early morning hours, they offer a tranquil place to rest if you find an open spot.

Review of IST’s Sleep Quality:


  1. Variety of Sleeping Spots: Travelers have access to a range of sleeping options including free lounge areas with chaise lounge chairs, soft couches scattered around the terminals, dedicated rest areas with added privacy, and multiple armless chairs across the gates. This variety caters to different preferences and needs.
  2. 24-Hour Access: As a 24-hour operational airport, Istanbul Airport accommodates sleeping for travelers at any time of the day or night, making it a flexible option for those with odd-hour layovers or unexpected delays.
  3. Relatively Peaceful Environments: Certain areas of the airport, especially around the gates and dedicated rest zones, are noted for being relatively peaceful, particularly during the early morning hours, facilitating undisturbed rest.
  4. Amenities: With free WiFi for an hour (requiring a phone number for activation), numerous charging points, and clean facilities, the airport provides a comfortable environment for resting. Additionally, the presence of food vending machines and shops that are open 24/7 means that refreshments are readily available.


  1. Security Concerns: Some travelers have reported security issues, including theft, particularly when sleeping in more secluded areas. This necessitates constant vigilance and could detract from the quality of rest due to safety worries.
  2. Comfort and Privacy Issues: While there are many places to lay down, not all are comfortable for everyone. The couches and loungers are often in open areas, leading to potential disturbances by passing travelers or airport announcements. Privacy is limited, which might not suit everyone’s preference.
  3. Limited Free WiFi: The airport’s free WiFi is available for only an hour, and obtaining access requires a phone number. This could be inconvenient for travelers looking to use their devices for entertainment or communication before sleeping.
  4. Overcrowding: Some of the designated sleeping areas and rest zones can become crowded, especially during peak travel times. Finding a spot can be challenging, and the availability of more comfortable options, like the chaise lounge chairs, might be limited.
  5. Expensive Amenities: While the airport boasts numerous dining and shopping options, prices can be high. This might affect travelers looking to purchase food or drinks before settling down to rest, especially if they’re on a tight budget.

IST Airport Operating Hours

Istanbul Airport operates 24 hours a day, making it accessible for sleeping at any time. However, the ambiance and crowd level can vary significantly between day and night.

Recent Updates/Introduction of Pods at IST:

  • IGA Sleeping Pods: There have been mixed reviews regarding the introduction of sleeping pods at Istanbul’s IGA Lounge. One traveler appreciated the comfort and nap opportunity but mentioned a lack of wake-up service despite payment and prior arrangement, leading to overcharging concerns.
  • Security and Safety: A few travelers expressed concerns about security, mentioning instances of theft while sleeping, particularly in Area F. It’s advisable to stay vigilant and secure your belongings while resting.

General Advice for Sleeping at Istanbul Airport

  • Comfort: While there are many options for resting, from chaise lounges to armless chairs, the comfort level can vary. Bringing a travel pillow or blanket might enhance your experience.
  • Safety: Always keep your belongings secure. Some travelers suggest sleeping with luggage under your head or using alarms to stay alert.
  • WiFi Access: Free WiFi is available for an hour, requiring a phone number for activation. Planning ahead for your connectivity needs is advisable.
  • Food and Amenities: Though the airport offers a wide range of dining and shopping options, prices can be high. Vending machines and certain shops provide 24/7 snack options, but it’s wise to bring your own water bottle and snacks if possible.

5 Alternatives to Sleep Pods at IST: Hotels Near IST:

Below are summary details of hotels close to IST Airport that you can book with some providing seamless transfer to and from airport with free shuttle service;

Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Arnavutkoy

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance from Airport: 3.7 miles
  • Suitability: Excellent choice for travelers seeking a new, clean, and comfortable hotel close to the airport. Suitable for those with morning flights due to its proximity.
  • Additional Features: Features a restaurant, 24-hour service, and well-maintained facilities.
  • Check Rates

İstanbul Airport Durusu Club Hotel

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance from Airport: 7.0 miles
  • Suitability: Suitable for travelers needing an emergency stay or those with layovers, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment.
  • Additional Features: Features warm reception even during late hours and clean, cozy accommodations.
  • Check Rates

La Quinta by Wyndham Istanbul Gunesli

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance from Airport: 15.9 miles
  • Suitability: Ideal for those seeking high-quality service and a friendly, professional staff.
  • Additional Features: High Wyndham standards, fast check-in processes, and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Check Rates

Park Inn by Radisson Istanbul Airport, Odayeri

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance from Airport: 6.0 miles
  • Suitability: Suitable for travelers wanting a spacious room and modern amenities within a reasonable distance from the airport.
  • Additional Features: Offers good bathroom amenities, spacious rooms, and a quiet environment.
  • Check Rates

Radisson Residences Avrupa TEM Istanbul

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance from Airport: 14.6 miles
  • Suitability: Great for families and long stays, offering well-equipped rooms and excellent service.
  • Additional Features: Comfortable and clean accommodations, friendly staff, and convenient for business and leisure.
  • Check Rates

Comparison Table of Hotels Near IST:

Here’s a table containing the details of hotels near Istanbul Airport:

Hotel NameAddressPrice(Price Quoted 30 Days to Arrival – Subject to change)Distance from AirportCheck Rates Today
Hampton by Hilton Istanbul ArnavutkoyGörele Sk No:1 Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mah, Arnavutköy$1243.7 milesCheck Rates
Radisson Residences Avrupa TEM IstanbulAbdi Ipekci Cad. No: 30 Karayolları Mah, Istanbul$15714.6 milesCheck Rates
Hampton by Hilton Istanbul KayasehirKayabaşı Mah. Şehit Mustafa Bozoklu Cad. No:5/1$7610.5 milesCheck Rates
Hilton Mall of IstanbulZiya Gokalp Mah Suleyman Demirel Bulvari No 7$21113.9 milesCheck Rates
Centro Westside By RotanaTasocagı Yolu Cad. 2664. Sokak No:39/A Bagcilar$8515.2 milesCheck Rates
Sheraton Istanbul EsenyurtKoza Mahallesi 1638 Sokak No 4, Esenyurt$14914.6 milesCheck Rates
İstanbul Airport Durusu Club HotelDurusu Park Cd. Boyalik Mahallesi, Arnavutköy$747.0 milesCheck Rates
La Quinta by Wyndham Istanbul Gunesli15 Temmuz Dist. Bahar Ave. No 61$8615.9 milesCheck Rates
Serenity Comfort HotelMahmutbey Mh. Peyami Safa Cd. No:16$9014.5 milesCheck Rates
Villa Siesta Boutique HotelSahil Cd. Elmas Sk. No: 34/B$1046.1 milesCheck Rates
Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Istanbul TekstilkentOrucreis Mh. Tekstilciler Cad. 3 Esenler$12414.7 milesCheck Rates
Park Inn by Radisson Istanbul Airport, OdayeriOdayeri Mah. Selcuk Bey Sok. No. 27 Eyup Sultan$1546.0 milesCheck Rates
The Pearl Airport HotelSelçuklu Cd. No: 61 Karlıbayır Neighborhood$345.4 miles
Delta Hotels Istanbul WestFatih Caddesi, Dereboyu Sokak No 2A Halkali$8216.3 miles

These prices are based on the information provided and may vary based on factors such as availability and booking conditions.

Final Word on Istanbul Airport Sleep Pods and IST Sleep:

Istanbul Airport (IST) offers two primary sleep pod brands for travelers: GoSleep pods operated by the IGA Lounge and YotelAir cabins operated by Yotel.

These options provide varying levels of comfort and amenities, with GoSleep pods being a more economical choice and YotelAir cabins offering a premium, amenity-rich experience. In addition to these sleep pods, travelers can also opt for in-terminal locations to rest at no cost or choose from nearby hotels for a more traditional overnight stay.

For those preferring to sleep within the airport, several in-terminal spots offer comfortable rest areas at no fee. The free lounge area near E1 & E2 sections, with its moveable chaise lounge chairs, provides a somewhat private space for relaxation.

Soft couches in public areas and dedicated rest areas with fake tree garden privacy walls are also popular spots. Additionally, each gate offers seating options, including armless chairs that are flat enough for sleeping across a row. These areas, particularly in the early hours, maintain a relatively calm atmosphere conducive to peaceful sleep.

Travelers seeking more comfort and amenities can consider nearby hotels with free shuttle services. The Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Arnavutkoy, Radisson Residences Avrupa TEM Istanbul, and Park Inn by Radisson Istanbul Airport Odayeri are excellent choices. These hotels offer convenience, comfort, and complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport, making them ideal for a restful overnight stay before or after a flight.

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.