IzZzleep Sleep Pods at Mexico City Airport

Benito Juarez International Airport has elevated the travel experience in Mexico City through innovative additions like sleep pod technology, enhancing comfort during layovers and reflecting a commitment to modernizing travel.

This comprehensive Mexico City Airport Sleeping Guide is designed for everyone, from those unfamiliar with the latest in sleep technology to the seasoned traveler who’s logged countless miles in the air. It’s our goal to provide you with all the information you need to make your stay as restful and comfortable as possible with the sleep solutions we recommend.

These pods, alongside amenities such as the 24/7 Chili’s, free WiFi, efficient immigration, and high cleanliness standards, transform layovers from mere waits to opportunities for rest and enjoyment. The airport’s integration of such features showcases its dedication to creating a seamless, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for travelers.

Mexico City International Airport (Code: MEX) is the busiest city in Mexico with an average of 132,000 daily passengers, the airport handled 46,200,529 passengers in 2022 and 48,415,693 in 2023. This large number of passengers calls for innovative sleep solutions and one sleep operator did not disappoint. According to 2021 Passenger Statistics, Mexico City was the 17th busiest airport in the world.

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Sleeping in Mexico City AirportOverview

Reviews of sleeping experiences at Mexico City Airport is mixed with some travelers appreciating the comfort provided by amenities like 24/7 restaurants including Chili’s, and the privacy of capsule hotels like IzZzleep, others encounter difficulties.

Challenges include strict enforcement of sleeping postures by security. Flier reviews indicate that security patrols frequently wake individuals found sleeping in non-seating areas or lying down, enforcing an unwritten rule that sleeping must be done in a seated position. This measure can be particularly distressing for travelers in need of rest during long layovers or delays.

Additionally, noise amplification from architectural acoustics make airport announcements more disruptive. These mixed reviews highlight the need for flexibility and adaptability when looking to rest in this busy airport.

Options include taking advantage of certain restaurant hours or securing a pod at a capsule hotel. Nonetheless, travelers should be prepared for potential issues, such as navigating airport policies on acceptable sleeping areas and positions, especially in landside locations.

Mexico City Airport Sleep Pods and 3 More Sleep Options at MEX

Here’s a table for Mexico City Airport (MEX) indicating the presence or absence of various sleep options:

Sleep OptionAvailability at MEX AirportDetails/Comments
Sleep Pod/Capsule HotelYesizZzleep Capsule Hotel in Terminals 1 and 2 provides compact, private sleeping spaces.
Free Designated Rest AreasNoNo specific equipped sleep/quiet zones within the terminals.
Free Non-Designated/Unequipped Hidden SpotsYesTravelers have identified 10 quieter spots within the terminals ideal for sleeping.
Transit HotelNoThere is no transit hotel in Mexico City Airport.
In-Airport HotelYesThere are three hotels directly within walking distance inside Mexico City Airport terminals: the Hotel NH in Terminal 2, the Hilton Mexico City Hotel in Terminal 1 near Gate F1, and the Courtyard by Marriott Mexico City Airport, which is connected to Terminal 1 via a walkway. izZzleep Capsule Hotel is also located in both landside areas of T1 and T2.
Nearby Hotel with Free ShuttleYesSeveral nearby hotels offer free shuttle services, such as the Camino Real Aeropuerto Hotel and Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe.
This table provides a clear overview of the sleep options available at Mexico City Airport for travelers looking for a place to rest.

At Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport, you have four key options for resting, catering to different needs and preferences.

  1. izZzleep Capsule Hotel Pods: For flexible pay-per-use resting areas, Terminals 1 and 2’s sleeping pods offer private spaces to nap inside cocoon-stype capsules. The izZzleep pods are available for day-use and for overnight stay with rates of about half what you get with the hotels inside MEX Airport or near MEX Airport.
  2. Free Non-Designated/Unequipped Hidden Spots: For casual and accessible spots, Chili’s offers a 24/7 refuge near international departures with free Wi-Fi and power outlets, making it convenient for layovers.
  3. Hotels inside MEX Airport: If you prefer more comfort and more privacy and willing to pay more for a conviniently located hotel, go for hotels located within MEX Airport grounds such as the NH Collection Mexico City Aeropuerto T2 and Hilton Mexico City Airport. The NH Collection is on Level 6 of Terminal 2, accessible from the International Arrivals Area, while the Hilton is located in Terminal 1 near Gate 8 and offers a free shuttle bus to Terminal 2. Skip to Hotels Inside MEX Airport.
  4. Hotels Near MEX with Shuttle Service: If you prefer a hotel but would want to pay less compared to high rates charged by hotels inside the airport, you can considernearby hotels with free shuttle services such as the Camino Real Aeropuerto Hotel, just across from Terminal 1. Another option is the Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe which offers luxurious amenities and a seamless travel experience with its complimentary shuttle service. Skip to Hotels Near MEX Airport with Free Shuttle Service

Can you sleep in Mexico City Airport?

Yes, you can sleep at Mexico City Airport. The airport is safe, well-lit throughout the night, and open 24/7. No policies prohibit overnight stays, although some airside areas are limited during certain hours. Key spots favorable for overnight sleep include the 24/7 Chili’s near international departures and the Izzzleep capsule hotel in Terminal 1 and 2. Both offer amenities such as electrical outlets, free WiFi, and comfortable seating.

Is Mexico City Airport open 24 hours

Yes, Mexico City Airport (Benito Juárez International Airport) is open 24 hours a day. However, some services, such as security checkpoints, close around midnight, limiting access to the airside during these hours. If you need to stay landside, here are seven sleep options:

  1. 24/7 Chili’s (near international departures): Comfortable seating, electrical outlets, and free WiFi.
  2. Izzzleep Capsule Hotel (Terminal 1): Private sleep pods, free WiFi, lockers, and bathrooms.
  3. Starbucks (Terminal 2, near gate 3): Comfortable couches and free WiFi.
  4. Food Court (Terminal 1, near Puerta 8): Various restaurants open all night with seating options.
  5. Benches near the Interjet check-in area (Terminal 1): Limited but available seating for resting.
  6. Upper Level (Terminal 1): Quiet spots with carpeted floors, ideal for sleeping bags.
  7. Near the bus station entrance (Terminal 1): Hostel with basic amenities and beds for a fee.

The airport fully reopens in the early morning, with security checkpoints and other services resuming around 4:00 AM, making it convenient for early morning flights.

Is Mexico City Airport Safe?

Mexico City Airport (Benito Juárez International Airport) is generally considered safe by travelers, though there are mixed reviews regarding specific incidents. Some travelers mentioned that police and security personnel are vigilant and frequently patrol the terminals, which adds to the sense of security. However, there were a few instances where security measures felt excessive or intrusive, such as being woken up by guards during the night. Despite these occasional inconveniences, the consistent presence of security staff helps ensure a safe environment for passengers throughout the airport. Most reviews emphasize the importance of remaining vigilant and aware of personal belongings, as with any busy international airport.

Is Mexico City Airport Dangerous?

Despite the criminal violence in Mexico, which has resulted in over thirty thousand deaths annually since 2018, largely due to gang and drug cartel activities, Mexico City Airport (Benito Juárez International Airport) remains a generally safe environment for travelers.

Importantly, there have been no reported cases of criminal gangs infiltrating the airport, which maintains high-level security clearance necessary for flights to destinations like the United States. The airport’s well-lit areas, 24/7 operational services, and helpful staff further enhance the safety and overall experience for passengers. Nevertheless, travelers are advised to stay alert and secure their belongings, as with any major international airport.

Is there a sleeping lounge in Mexico City Airport?

While traditional lounges at Mexico City Airport, such as the Aeromexico Salon Premier, The Lounge Mexico by Global Lounge Network, United Club, and VIPort Lounge, offer various amenities, they are not equipped with sleeping facilities.

However, the izZzleep Capsule Hotel in Terminals 1 and 2 are at times regarded by some as a sleeping lounge due to its private sleep spaces. This is misleading. It is important to note that unlike other sleep pod brands such as Minute Suites, which provide seating space with a chair, desk, and couch for lounging, the izZzleep pods at MEX do not have these lounging features. They are designed primarily for sleeping, offering a compact and private space for rest.

What type of Sleep Pods are there in Mexico City Airport?

The type of sleep pods available at Mexico City Airport are known as izZzleep Pods which are a type of capsule hotel that draws inspiration from the original Japanese sleepbox capsules.

Capsule hotels designs, which originated in Japan, provide compact, efficient, and private sleeping spaces designed for short stays.

These sleep pods are typically arranged in a row, with one pod stacked on top of another, and feature essential amenities such as a comfortable bed, power outlets, and storage for personal belongings.

Below is an image of the izZzleep Capsule Hotel pods in MEX’s Terminal 1:

Images of stacked pods at MEX's Terminal 1 by Izzzleep
Images of stacked pods at MEX’s Terminal 1 by IzZzleep

The izZzleep Pods in Mexico City Airport continue this tradition by offering travelers a convenient and affordable solution for rest and relaxation during layovers or overnight stays, combining functionality and privacy in a modern, streamlined design.

Mexico City Airport’s Capsule Hotel Called IzZzleep

In 2018, Mexico City Airport introduced compact sleep pods similar to those found in Changi Airport, located across Terminals 1 and 2. Operated by IzZzleep, a local pay-per-use sleep pod provider, the airport features a total of 48 pods, evenly split with 24 designated for women and 24 for men. IzZzleep also operates additional installations at the World Trade Center (WTC) Building in Mexico City.

These pods at Ciudad de México(CDMX) Airport have a design similar to capsule pods in Singapore’s Changi Airport and Thailand’s Bangkok Airport. These private sleeping capsules offer a comfortable and efficient way to rest during layovers or while waiting for flights. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the IzZzleep sleep pods at the airport.

Inspired by a Japanese concept, the Izzzleep Capsule Hotel at Mexico City’s Juarez Airport offers an innovative sleeping solution with its private, secure, and budget-friendly sleeping capsules, commonly known as pods. These facilities are designed to provide travelers with a comfortable and economical alternative to traditional airport lounges and nearby hotels, making it an ideal choice for those with early flights or long layovers.

Check out all the airports with sleep pods such as Don Muang Airport(SleepBox), Cancun Airport, Brasilia Airport, and Hamad Airport.

IzZzleep Sleep Pods at Mexico City’s Terminals 1 and 2 offer a convenient resting solution and feature a flat-screen TV, shared bathrooms, and complimentary WiFi. This accommodation, nestled within the terminals, boasts a 24-hour front desk. With its prime location just 6 km from the city center of Mexico City, izZzleep provides travelers with a practical option for a quick rest or overnight stay during transit.

Video Review of IzZzleep Capsule Pods:

Below is a video by Kara and Nate reviewing IzZzleep Capsule pods in Mexico City Airport. The video is set to start at 4:36, where they provide an in-depth tour of the pods, highlighting the complimentary amenities and features. You can watch their detailed walkthrough to learn more about the services and facilities offered by IzZzleep.

Highlights of the IzZzleep Review on the Video Above

The video above reviews the capsule hotel in Mexico City Airport that the youtubers stayed at during their layover. Here are the highlights about IzZzlep Capsule Hotel:

  • The capsule hotel has separate lockers for men and women to store belongings. The lockers correspond with the capsule you are staying in.
  • The capsule comes with a welcome package that includes hand sanitizer, earplugs, wifi passwords, and a pair of socks that they ask guests to wear before entering the capsule.
  • Each capsule has a control panel with a USB port, light controls, a fan, a safe, a fire extinguisher, a hook to hang clothes, a reading light, and a TV.
  • The capsules are very small and the walls are thin so guests can hear each other. There are two bunk beds in each capsule.
  • The capsule hotel also has showers, restrooms, and sinks that are separate from the capsules.

IzZzleep Pods in MEX Aeropuerto Terminal 1

You can find the IzZzleep sleep pods on the upper floor, specifically situated in the corridor that leads from the foreign buses to the international parking lot. This location offers a convenient spot for passengers to relax and unwind before their flights. Whether you’re arriving from a foreign destination or preparing to depart, this rest area provides a tranquil environment away from the hustle and bustle of the terminal.

Image showing directions to Izzleep Terminal 1. Credit: Booking.com
Terminal 1 location of izzzleep pods

One customer offered a helpful tip on how to get to IzZzleep’s Terminal 1 location. He explained that when heading to Izzleep in Terminal 1 from Mexico City via taxi, instruct the driver to take you to the Courtyard by Marriott at Terminal 1.

Upon arrival, the driver will drop you off at a designated area along the loop airport road. Proceed into the lobby and locate the escalator situated at the back left corner. Ascend the escalator and continue past the Marriott reception desk. Walk straight ahead into the terminal area. Once the short walkway concludes at the main airport hallway, glance to your left; you’ll find the entrance to Izzleep just a brief 15-second walk away.

Below are some images showing IzZzleep pods in T1:

Important tip: If you arrive late and plan to access IzZzleep in Terminal 1, note that the inter-terminal transport ceases operations at midnight. Make sure you plan for this.

IzZzleep Aeropuerto Terminal 2 Mexico City:

The IzZzleep pods in Terminal 2 are located on the first floor in the pre-security area on the ground floor. Adjacent to the national arrivals exit is the bus terminal, and upon entering the bus terminal, you’ll find the IzZzleep pods. Positioned at the heart of the terminal, this landside area on the lower level/ground floor offers easy accessibility for travelers arriving or departing from Terminal 2.

Below is a map I got from IzZzleep’s website showing the T2 location.

 Terminal 2 location of izzzleep pods

Whether you’re waiting for your transportation or taking a break between flights, this ground-floor rest area provides a comfortable space to rest and recharge before continuing your journey.

Below are some images showing IzZzleep pods in T2:

Contact Information

For reservations or inquiries:

  • Terminal 1: +52 55 2599 1434 / 1450
  • Terminal 2: +52 55 4313 0429 / 0437
  • Website:https://izzzleep.mx/

Review of Mexico City Airport IzZzleep Capsule Pods:

According to a detailed review by a seasoned traveler, the IzZzleep sleep pods at Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport surpass any prior experience with sleep pods.

The reviewer praised the ease of locating the facility within the airport, highlighting the welcoming and efficient service at the reception. They were particularly impressed by the comprehensive amenities provided, including all necessary bedding and towels, complimentary WiFi, ample charging points, and sufficient shelving for personal items.

The reviewer noted the provision of fair-sized lockers for storage, which might be a tight squeeze for larger luggage but works perfectly for those traveling light. While the toilets are conveniently situated just outside the pods, navigating to and from the pods during the night was reported to be straightforward.

Despite initial concerns shared by others about potential claustrophobia, similar to the discomfort some feel in elevators, the reviewer found the pod to be warm, comfortable, and conducive to a good night’s sleep — albeit with some disturbance from the comings and goings of other guests.

The available showers were praised for offering a refreshing start before another long flight, eliminating the need to travel to the airport from an external accommodation. All these benefits come at the remarkable price of around $50, making it a highly recommended option for travelers seeking rest and convenience at the airport.


  1. Convenience and Location: The hotel’s location inside the airport terminal is highly praised for its convenience, especially for catching early flights or during long layovers.
  2. Cleanliness and Security: Many reviewers commend the hotel for its cleanliness and security, which are consistently highlighted as major advantages.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: For travelers looking to save money, the hotel offers a practical alternative to more expensive nearby hotels, with options to book by the hour or overnight.
  4. Facilities: The provision of amenities like free WiFi, air conditioning, showers, and personal lockers is well-received.
  5. Efficiency and Staff Service: The check-in process is generally described as quick and efficient, and the staff are often noted for being friendly and helpful.


  1. Space and Comfort Concerns: The capsules are described as small and potentially uncomfortable, particularly for those who are claustrophobic or have difficulty crawling into the lower pods.
  2. Noise Issues: Soundproofing appears to be inadequate, as numerous reviewers report being able to hear noises from adjacent capsules and the airport, disrupting sleep.
  3. Temperature Control: Some guests find the capsules either too cold or too warm, with the air conditioning system not adequately adjustable to their preferences.
  4. Lighting and Privacy: The internal lighting within the capsules can be intrusive for those sensitive to light while sleeping. Additionally, the privacy level is occasionally questioned since staff and other guests can access capsules.
  5. Booking and Administrative Problems: There are occasional complaints about the booking system, particularly with direct bookings through the hotel’s website, which may not always be reliable.
  6. Comfort of Beds: Several reviews mention the mattresses being uncomfortable and not providing sufficient body support, which could affect sleep quality.
  7. Difficulty in Locating: Some guests reported challenges in finding the hotel within the airport, suggesting a need for better signage or directions.

Based on numerous reviews, the Izzzleep Capsule Hotel at Mexico City Airport offers a convenient, budget-friendly, and innovative sleeping option for travelers, with its location inside Terminal 1 making it particularly appealing for those with early flights or long layovers. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons:

Additional Notes

  • Reservations: Available through Trip Advisor and other booking platforms.
  • Location Advantage: Especially convenient for those arriving by long-distance bus or staying in Terminal One.
  • Pod Experience: Equipped with various comforts including a personal safe, ventilation controls, and a unique, quiet sleeping environment.
  • Children under 12 years of age are not accepted.
  • Minors aged 12 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult and sleep in separate capsules.

User Experience

  • The pods offer a stark contrast to uncomfortable airport chairs or floor spaces, providing a much more restful sleep environment.
  • Despite the compact space, many find the experience worth it for the convenience and price point.
  • Communal areas are kept clean and are well-maintained.

IzZzleep Amenities/Services

Each IzZzleep sleep pod in both Terminal 1 and 2 offers the following amenities:

  • Comfortable private capsule
  • 29-inch TV
  • USB ports and a 127-volt power outlet for charging devices
  • Ventilation control
  • Adjustable lighting including a blue relaxation light and a white mirror light
  • Two reading lamps
  • A user-configurable safe
  • Folding utility table
  • Memory foam pillow and mattress with hospital-grade disposable sheet and duvet cover
  • Proximity card for access
  • Complimentary bottle of water
  • Additional services include luggage storage locker, shower with towel, shower gel, and shampoo, and access to restrooms.

Extras available at the front desk include foam ear plugs, shower caps, extra pillows, and blankets.

Types of Services You Can Expect at Mexico C. Airport

IzZzleep offers several types of services tailored to different traveler needs:

  • Stay: Suitable for passengers with a long layover or early morning flights. Check-in is available after 13:00 and check-out is at 11:00 the next day.
  • Day Use: Daytime layover sleep is available from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Payable by the hour with a minimum stay of 2 hours. No reservations are needed, and availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Just proceed to the reception to make a booking.
  • Shower Only: For those needing a quick refresh during layovers, this option provides access to a shower without the need for a full pod rental.

Cost of IzZzleep in MEX Per Night:

Cost for one guest:

The cost for a one-night stay for one guest is listed at US$53, with an additional US$10 for taxes and charges bringing the total to $63. This is for a Standard Single Pod featuring a single bed that sleeps one and amenities such as air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and free WiFi.

Cost of Sleep Pods for single guest at IzZzleep Pods
Cost of Sleep Pods for a single guest at IzZzleep Pods. Check Price Today here.

Additional offerings include free toiletries, towels, and linen. With shared toilet and bathroom facilities, guests can enjoy a comfortable stay at an affordable price. With free cancellation available it gives you flexibility for travelers’ plans. Whether for a short layover or a quick rest between flights, IzZzleep Pods offer a convenient and budget-friendly option for travelers passing through.

Price for Two:

The pricing At izZzleep Aeropuerto Terminal 2 in Mexico City Airport for a one-night stay for two adults is listed at US$107, with an additional US$21 for taxes and charges bringing the total to $128.

With free cancellation included, guests can book with confidence, knowing they have flexibility in their plans. Whether for a layover or a short stay, izZzleep Aeropuerto Terminal 2 provides a welcoming and cost-effective option for travelers passing through Mexico City.

Pricing for Izzzleep sleep pods in MEX Terminal 2
Pricing for Izzzleep sleep pods in MEX Terminal 2. You can check its pricing today here.

Where to Sleep in Mexico City Airport: Free Alternatives to IzZzleep

1. Chili’s (24/7)

Located on the northwest side around the international departures near the Interjet counter, Chili’s offers a welcoming environment for those waiting for their next flight. They are open 24/7 and provide electrical outlets, free Wi-Fi, and a friendly staff who do not mind if patrons rest while waiting for their flights. This spot is ideal for travelers looking to stay warm and connected without needing to spend much.

2. Security Area with Planters (Terminal 2)

In the security area near the international departure gates (far right), there are large planters with carpeted floors, providing a hidden and relatively decent spot for a few hours of sleep. Security is generally understanding and may keep an eye on travelers resting here.

3. Food Court (Terminal 1)

The food court on the second floor, near Puerta 8, offers several restaurants open all night and some comfortable seats. This area is a common choice for travelers looking to rest, with a relatively tolerable noise level and lighting.

4. Third Level (Terminal 1)

Accessible via an escalator opposite the food court, the third level has quiet spots that can be suitable for groups with someone keeping watch. Though it lacks security presence, it offers a relatively peaceful environment for sleeping.

5. Starbucks (Terminal 2)

Near Puerta 3, the second-floor Starbucks has comfortable couches and is open 24/7. It’s a good spot for charging devices and resting, with employees generally not minding travelers using the space for extended periods.

6. Gate B Area (Terminal 1)

Post-midnight, travelers can access the gates area which offers more seating options and protection from the cold drafts common in the main lobby. It is recommended to check-in after midnight for a more comfortable experience.

7. Interjet Check-in Area (Terminal 1)

Opposite the OXXO convenience store, this area has a few spots on the floor next to the check-in counters that, despite being close to a trashcan, provide a relatively quieter and less crowded space for sleeping.


  • Dress Warmly: The airport can get quite cold at night.
  • Bring Sleep Essentials: Carry a blanket, earplugs, and an eye mask for better comfort and noise reduction. Check out our list of airport sleep essentials.
  • Check Wi-Fi Availability: Starbucks receipts often provide Wi-Fi access, making them a convenient stop for connectivity needs.
  • Safety First: Always keep your belongings close and secure while resting in public areas.

These suggestions provide a variety of options for travelers seeking rest at Benito Juarez International Airport, accommodating different needs and preferences for comfort and convenience.

Reviews of MEX Airport Sleep:


There are a few positive aspects that travelers appreciate about Mexico City Airport:

  1. Convenience: Travelers appreciate the airport’s convenience, particularly its proximity to services and facilities like restaurants, shops, and transportation options.
  2. Safety: Despite some negative experiences, some travelers note that the airport feels safe overall, with security guards present throughout the terminal.
  3. Availability of Amenities: The airport offers various amenities such as free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, and 24-hour shops like Starbucks, providing convenience for travelers during layovers or overnight stays.
  4. Staff Friendliness: Several reviews mention friendly and helpful staff members, particularly at establishments like Chili’s or within the airport itself.
  5. Accessibility: While opinions vary on the ease of access to certain areas or services within the airport, some travelers find the airport relatively accessible, particularly for those with early morning flights or long layovers.
  6. Availability of Transportation: The airport’s proximity to transportation options, such as bus stations or Metro stations, makes it convenient for travelers to access the city or nearby accommodations.
  7. Food Variety: With a wide range of food options, from quick snacks to sit-down meals, the airport caters to diverse tastes and dietary needs.


Based on the provided reviews, here are some common complaints and dislikes about Mexico City Airport:

  1. Limited Seating: Many travelers express frustration over the lack of seating options, especially during overnight layovers or delays. Some areas have few or uncomfortable seats, making it difficult for travelers to rest comfortably.
  2. Temperature and Comfort: Several reviews mention discomfort due to cold temperatures within the airport, particularly at night. The cold floors and lack of adequate seating exacerbate the discomfort for travelers trying to rest.
  3. Sleeping Restrictions: Travelers report challenges in finding suitable places to sleep due to strict enforcement of rules against lying down, particularly after a certain time. Security guards may wake up or prevent travelers from lying down, leading to sleep deprivation during layovers.
  4. Inadequate Facilities: Some travelers criticize the cleanliness and maintenance of facilities like bathrooms, seating areas, and sleeping areas. They describe conditions as unclean, uncomfortable, or lacking in amenities.
  5. Security Hassles: Despite the presence of security guards, some travelers feel hassled or discriminated against by security personnel. They report being woken up or asked to sit up, even if they were not asleep, leading to frustration and discomfort.
  6. High Costs: Travelers complain about the high costs associated with amenities like sleeping pods or VIP lounges. They feel that the prices are unreasonable, especially considering the limited comfort and services provided.
  7. Limited Accessibility: Some travelers mention challenges with accessibility, such as a lack of escalators or lifts, making it difficult to navigate the airport with luggage, particularly for those with mobility issues.

What to Expect Sleeping in this Mexico Airport:

Spending the night at Mexico City Airport? Here’s what you need to know to ensure a more comfortable stay:

Temperature Considerations
The airport can be quite cool, especially during the night, due to continuous air conditioning and the frequent opening of doors in landside areas. To stay warm, it’s advisable to bring a blanket or a sleeping bag. Wearing a hoodie can provide additional warmth if temperatures drop further than expected.

Noise Levels
As of the latest updates, there haven’t been significant complaints about noise within the terminals. However, if you’re planning to sleep during the day, be prepared for periodic announcements about boarding, safety warnings, and general airport information which can be disruptive. Despite fewer flights at night, announcements may still occasionally occur. To combat this, consider packing earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones to help ensure uninterrupted sleep.

By being prepared for these conditions, you can make your overnight or extended wait at the airport as comfortable as possible.

Alternatives to izZzleep Nap Pods:

Hotels Inside Mexico City Airport:

Hotel NH Collection Mexico City Aeropuerto T2:

Situated on Level 6 of Terminal 2, this hotel is easily accessible via the elevator from the International Arrivals Area. It offers comfortable rooms and amenities, making it a convenient choice for travelers looking for a more luxurious stay within the airport.

Hilton Mexico City Airport:

Located in Terminal 1, International Arrivals Area, Level 3, near Gate 8, this hotel provides a free shuttle bus service to and from Terminal 2. It offers a range of services and facilities, ensuring a restful and convenient stay for travelers who prefer not to leave the airport premises.

Hotels Near Mex Airport

If you’re seeking an airport hotel with spacious rooms that avoid the claustrophobic feel that some people get with Izzzleep pods, consider Camino Real Aeropuerto. It’s conveniently connected to Terminal 1, Gate B via a pedestrian bridge and offers a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service from Terminal 2.

Here’s a list of the most affordable hotels near Juarez International Airport (MEX) along with their pricing and distance from the airport:

  1. Hotel Panorama
    • Price: $21 per night
    • Distance: 3.9 miles from Juarez Intl Airport, free parking, free WiFI
    • Check Rates: View deal
  2. Hotel Villa del Mar
    • Price: $29 per night
    • Distance: 3.9 miles from Juarez Intl Airportm, free parking
    • Check Rates: View deal
  3. Ayenda Oasis Airport
    • Price: $43 per night
    • Distance: 0.5 miles from Juarez Intl Airport
    • Check Rates: View deal
  4. Hotel MX congreso
    • Price: $51 per night
    • Distance: 2.8 miles from Juarez Intl Airport, free wifi, free parking
    • Check Rates: View deal
  5. Hotel Canada
    • Price: $58 per night
    • Distance: 4.1 miles from Juarez Intl Airport
    • Check Rates: View deal
  6. Hotel Roble
    • Price: $59 per night
    • Distance: 3.9 miles from Juarez Intl Airport
    • Check Rates: View deal
  7. Hotel MX Centro
    • Price: $60 per night
    • Distance: 4.0 miles from Juarez Intl Airport
    • Check Rates: View deal
  8. Fiesta Inn – Free Airport shuttle > Check rates
  9. We Hotel Aeropuerto – Free parking, free airport shuttle > Check rates.
  10. City Express by Marriott CDMX La Villa
    • Price: $66 per night
    • Distance: 4.0 miles from Juarez Intl Airport
    • Check Rates: View deal
  11. Hotel Castropol
    • Price: $48 per night
    • Distance: 4.0 miles from Juarez Intl Airport
    • Check Rates: View deal
  12. Hotel MX Zócalo
    • Price: $73 per night
    • Distance: 4.1 miles from Juarez Intl Airport
    • Check Rates: View deal

Other things to note about MEX Airport:

  1. Arrival and Immigration: Mexico City International Airport is busy, and getting through immigration and customs can take over an hour.
  2. Transportation: The airport has two terminals connected by a tram, and luggage storage is available. Taxis, Uber, or private airport transfers are recommended for transportation into the city.
  3. Lodging Options: Several hotels are located on-site at the airport, including Courtyard by Marriott and Hilton. Other budget options like Hostel Mexico DF Airport and the futuristic Izzzleep Aeropuerto pods offer accommodations inside the airport.
  4. Evening Activities: For those arriving in the evening, activities include Lucha Libre wrestling, Tacos & Mezcal tours, salsa dancing, and visiting iconic locations like the Angel de la Independencia and the Tequila Museum. Mezcal bars are also recommended for nightlife.
  5. Early Morning Activities: Early morning activities can include a visit to the Zocalo, Palacio De Bellas Artes, and the Frida Kahlo Museum if time allows.
  6. Getting Around: The article suggests taking taxis or using Uber for convenience and security within the city. The Mexico City subway is an affordable option but has limited hours.
  7. Local Insights: The author, having lived in Mexico City, recommends visiting neighborhoods like Condesa, Roma Norte, Coyoacan, and Polanco for tourists looking to explore beyond the airport area.

How to Choose the Best Place to Sleep in MEX Airport:

Selecting the optimal sleep spot at Benito Juarez International Airport depends on various factors, including budget, comfort level, and personal preferences. This guide will help you navigate the ten best sleep options available at the airport.

1. Budget-Friendly Options

  • Chili’s (24/7):
    • Ideal for: Travelers who prefer a casual setting with access to food, Wi-Fi, and power outlets.
    • Best Time: Overnight, especially during layovers.
    • Pros: Warm environment, friendly staff, minimal purchase required.
    • Cons: Limited sleeping comfort, primarily suitable for resting rather than deep sleep.
  • izZzleep Capsule Hotel:
    • Ideal for: Budget-conscious travelers seeking privacy and basic amenities.
    • Best Time: Any time, especially for longer layovers.
    • Pros: Affordable, private, secure, with free Wi-Fi and lockers.
    • Cons: Small space, might not suit those who prefer spacious accommodations.

2. Convenience and Accessibility

  • Security Area with Planters (Terminal 2):
    • Ideal for: Travelers who need a quick nap in a hidden spot.
    • Best Time: Late night to early morning.
    • Pros: Carpeted floor, some privacy provided by planters, monitored by security.
    • Cons: Limited comfort, lying on the floor might not be suitable for everyone.
  • Food Court (Terminal 1):
    • Ideal for: Travelers who prefer to be near food options and other people.
    • Best Time: Overnight, when restaurants are open.
    • Pros: Access to food, moderate seating comfort.
    • Cons: Bright lights, potential noise, limited seating availability.
  • Third Level (Terminal 1):
    • Ideal for: Groups looking for a quieter spot to rest.
    • Best Time: Nighttime.
    • Pros: Secluded, less crowded, potential for group watch.
    • Cons: Lack of security presence, might feel isolated for solo travelers.

3. Comfort and Amenities

  • Starbucks (Terminal 2):
    • Ideal for: Travelers needing a comfortable couch and charging facilities.
    • Best Time: Overnight to early morning.
    • Pros: Comfortable seating, open 24/7, access to Wi-Fi.
    • Cons: Limited seating, may get crowded, noise from customers.
  • Gate B Area (Terminal 1):
    • Ideal for: Travelers looking for more seating options and protection from cold drafts.
    • Best Time: Post-midnight to early morning.
    • Pros: More chairs, less exposure to cold.
    • Cons: Need to check-in after midnight, might be competitive for seating.
  • Interjet Check-in Area (Terminal 1):
    • Ideal for: Travelers who need to stay landside and prefer a quieter spot.
    • Best Time: Overnight.
    • Pros: Relatively quiet, some space on the floor.
    • Cons: Close to a trashcan, limited space, cold floor.

4. Luxury and Convenience

  • Hotel NH Collection Mexico City Aeropuerto T2:
    • Ideal for: Travelers seeking luxury and convenience within Terminal 2.
    • Best Time: Any time, especially during long layovers.
    • Pros: Luxurious rooms, full amenities, easy access.
    • Cons: Higher cost compared to other options.
  • Hilton Mexico City Airport:
    • Ideal for: Travelers desiring high comfort and amenities in Terminal 1.
    • Best Time: Any time, especially for overnight stays.
    • Pros: Comfortable rooms, free shuttle to Terminal 2, extensive services.
    • Cons: Higher price point, need to book in advance during peak times.


  1. For Short Layovers: Opt for Chili’s or the food court for convenience and minimal expense.
  2. For Long Layovers: Choose izZzleep Capsule Hotel or the sleeping pods in Terminal 2 for privacy and basic amenities.
  3. For Maximum Comfort: Select Hotel NH Collection or Hilton for a luxurious stay without leaving the airport.
  4. For Quiet and Secluded Spots: Use the third level in Terminal 1 or the security area with planters in Terminal 2.

By considering your budget, desired comfort level, and the length of your layover, you can choose the best sleep option to ensure a restful and stress-free experience at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport.

IzZzleep vs Hotel Pricing: Complete Table:

Hotel NameDistance from MEX AirportAddressPrices Quoted for May 2024
Courtyard by Marriott Mexico City AirportConnected via a covered walkway to Terminal 1. Free airport shuttle to Terminal 2 is available on requestSinaloa 31 Penon de los Banos, Mexico City 15520 Mexico$215
Hilton Mexico City AirportWithin Terminals- Terminal 1, International Arrivals Area, Level 3, Gate 8
Camino Real AeropuertoConnected via a covered walkway to Terminal 1 (Gate B). Free airport shuttle to Terminal 2Calle Puerto Mexico 80 Col Penon de Los Banos, Mexico City 15520 Mexico$130
NH Collection Mexico City Airport T2Inside the Airport(Level 6 of Terminal 2)Capitan Carlos Leon Gonzalez s/n, Mexico City 15620 Mexico$187
Fiesta Inn Aeropuerto Ciudad de Mexico1.0 milesBlvd. Puerto Aéreo 502 Col. Moctezuma 2a. Secc, Mexico City 15530 Mexico$135
Fiesta Americana Viaducto Aeropuerto3.2 milesViaducto Boulevard (Rio de La Piedad) 515 Col. Granjas, Mexico City 08400 Mexico$91
Krystal Urban Aeropuerto Cd De México3.2 milesAvenida Javier Rojo Gomez 630 Col. Leyes de Reforma, Mexico City 9310 Mexico$120
Grand Prix Hotel2.8 milesAv. Rio Churubusco No. 200 Colonia Granjas, Mexico City 06470 Mexico$44
Hotel MX congreso2.8 milesCalle Ferrocarril Interoceanico 9 Col. Morelos, Mexico City 15270 Mexico$98
We Hotel Aeropuerto1.1 milesCalle Boulevard Puerto Aereo 390 Col. Moctezuma, Mexico City 15530 Mexico$119
Hotel Riazor3.6 milesViaducto Miguel Aleman 297, Mexico City 08310 Mexico$73
City Express by Marriott Aeropuerto Ciudad de México1.7 milesBoulevard Puerto Aereo No.90, Santa Cruz Aviacion Santa Cruz Aviacion Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City 15540 Mexico$109
Hotel Catedral3.9 milesCalle Donceles 95 Colonia Centro, Mexico City 06020 Mexico$95
Holiday Inn Express Mexico Aeropuerto, an IHG Hotel2.9 milesRio Churubusco 253 Col. Granjas Mexico, Mexico City 08400 Mexico$158
Hotel Abastos Plaza3.7 milesAvenida Canal de Tezontle N° 133 Distrito Federal, Mexico City 09040 Mexico$79
Holiday Inn Mexico Dali Airport, an IHG Hotel3.6 milesViaducto Rio de la Piedad 260 Col. Magdalena Mixhuca, Mexico City 15860 Mexico$237
Hotel Roble3.9 milesCalle República de Uruguay # 109 Col. Centro, Mexico City 06060 Mexico$114
Casa de la Luz Hotel Boutique3.9 milesCalle Rinconada de Jesus 7 Col. Centro, Mexico City 06000 Mexico$54
Hotel Castropol4.0 milesPino Suarez No. 58 Colonia Centro, Mexico City 06090 Mexico$54
IzZzleep Hotel Aeropuerto Terminal 1 and 2Within Airport TerminalsMexico City International Airport, Terminal 2, suite TT 05, Mexico City 15620 Mexico$63
Hotel Via La Villa3.7 milesAvenida FC Hidalgo 49 Guadalupe Tepeyac, Mexico City 07840 Mexico$73
Holiday Inn Express Mexico Basilica, an IHG Hotel3.9 milesCalzada Guadalupe No. 54 Col. Exhipodromo de Peralvillo, Mexico City 06250 Mexico$237
Circulo Mexicano3.9 milesCalle Republica de Guatemala 20, Mexico City 06000 Mexico$72
Hotel Panorama3.9 milesCalzada de Guadalupe esquina Platino 20, Mexico City 06240 Mexico$21
Colima 71 Art Community Hotel3.9 milesCalle Colima 71 Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City 06700 Mexico$86
Hotel Villa del Mar3.9 milesCalle Juventino Rosas 8, Mexico City 01020 Mexico$254
Hotel Universal3.9 milesCalzada de Guadalupe 25, Mexico City 06270 Mexico$39
Gran Hotel Villa de Madrid3.9 milesCalzada de Guadalupe 195, Mexico City 07840 Mexico$29
Ayenda Oasis Airport0.5 milesCalle Morelos 170, Mexico City 15520 Mexico$43
City Express by Marriott CDMX La Villa4.0 milesCalzada de Guadalupe 23 Vallejo, Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City 07870 Mexico$232
Hotel Azores4.0 milesRepublica de Brasil 25, Mexico City 00601 Mexico$39

I hope you found this guide on IzZzleep’s sleep pods in Mexico City Airport(Aeropurto in Spanish) helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know or if you found any inconsistencies, I welcome your feedback. I am currently working on sleep pod guides for other Mexico Airports, specifically Cancun Airport and Guadalajara International Airport. Stay tuned!


Can you sleep at Mexico City Airport?

Yes, you can sleep in Mexico City Airport. The airport does not have a policy prohibiting overnight stays or sleeping within the terminals. There are various options for resting, including free spots like the third level of Terminal 1 and the food court near Puerta 8. Additionally, the izZzleep Capsule Hotel in Terminal 1 offers private, affordable sleeping pods with amenities like free Wi-Fi and showers. For more comfort, airport hotels such as the NH Collection Mexico City Aeropuerto T2 and the Hilton Mexico City Airport provide luxurious accommodations. Whether you opt for a quiet corner or a hotel room, Mexico City Airport accommodates travelers needing rest during their layover.

Is Mexico City Airport open for 24 hours?

Yes, Mexico City Airport is open 24 hours a day. Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 operate around the clock, offering a range of amenities, including 24-hour dining options, lounges, and services like pharmacies and luggage storage. This makes it convenient for travelers with late-night or early-morning flights to access the airport facilities at any time. Whether you need to rest, dine, or shop, Mexico City Airport provides continuous service to meet your needs.

Is Mexico City Airport safe?

Yes, Mexico City Airport is generally considered safe for travelers. The airport has a strong security presence, with federal police and security personnel patrolling regularly throughout both terminals. Additionally, the airport is well-lit and equipped with numerous surveillance cameras. For added safety, travelers are advised to use official airport taxis, which can be booked at designated counters within the terminals, and to avoid displaying valuables openly. The airport also provides secure options for resting, such as the izZzleep Capsule Hotel and various airport lounges, which offer private, monitored spaces. By following standard travel precautions, visitors can feel secure while navigating Mexico City Airport

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