Jeddah Airport Sleeping Pods Guide

King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) offers a range of comfortable and convenient sleep options for layover passengers. This Jeddah Airport Sleeping Pods Guide serves as an expert resource for locating the ideal spot to rest and recharge during your stay.

Whether dealing with a long layover or an overnight stop, this guide provides valuable insights into the airport’s sleeping pods, detailing their amenities, locations, and practical tips to enhance your comfort. Ensure your layover experience at JED Airport is both restful and efficient with the information provided in this comprehensive guide.

Does Jeddah Airport have Sleeping Pods?

While Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport does have a presence of Aerotel, a well-known sleeping pods brands, it’s important to clarify the nature of their accommodations at JED.

Unlike the compact sleeping pods typically found in other airports such as Aerotel Sydney with compact rooms with floor space measuring as low as 7 sq feet, Aerotel in Jeddah offers sleeping rooms that are more akin to regular hotel rooms. These rooms range in size from 28 square meters to a spacious 70 square meters, providing ample floor space and a variety of amenities comparable to those of traditional hotels.

4 Reasons We Do Not Regard Aerotel in JED Airport ‘True’ Sleep Pods

Room Size:

The Aerotel rooms at Jeddah Airport are significantly larger than what is typically considered a “sleeping pod.” With floor space ranging from 28 sqm to 70 sqm, these rooms offer a level of comfort and spaciousness not associated with the compact design of sleeping pods.


These rooms come with standard hotel amenities such as private bathrooms, comfortable beds, and various other facilities aimed at providing a comprehensive hotel experience. This is in stark contrast to sleeping pods, which are designed to be minimalist, focusing primarily on providing a basic, cost-effective sleeping space.


The pricing for Aerotel rooms at Jeddah Airport is comparable to, if not higher than, nearby hotels. This pricing reflects the extensive amenities and larger space offered, unlike traditional sleeping pods, which are usually priced lower due to their limited space and fewer amenities.

Utilization of Space:

A defining characteristic of sleeping pods is their efficient use of limited airport space. However, the Aerotel rooms at Jeddah Airport do not adhere to this principle, as they occupy more space and offer a broader range of services and comfort, diverging from the compact and space-efficient nature of sleeping pods.

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Price of Aerotel Rooms in JED Airport:

Aerotel Jeddah offers a range of rooms tailored to the needs of transit passengers, providing more spacious and well-equipped options compared to typical sleep pods. The pricing reflects the enhanced comfort and amenities provided.

For a Superior Double or Twin Room (B1), the cost is SAR 645.15 (approximately USD 172) when booked 21 days in advance. The standard rate for the same room type increases to SAR 759.00 (approximately USD 202). Deluxe Double or Twin Rooms (B1), booked in advance, are priced at SAR 774.35 (approximately USD 206), with the standard rate being SAR 911.00 (approximately USD 243).

These rooms are significantly larger than traditional sleep pods, ranging from 28 sqm to 70 sqm, and include amenities akin to regular hotel rooms, such as private bathrooms and comfortable beds. Additionally, Smart Traveller members can benefit from further discounts on these rates.

Overall, while Aerotel Jeddah does not offer the compact, budget-friendly sleep pod experience, it provides a high level of comfort and convenience for travelers willing to pay a premium for more spacious and fully-equipped accommodation within the airport.

Here’s a summary table of the Aerotel Hotel Rooms in Jeddah Airport with the prices in SAR and their USD equivalents (using an approximate conversion rate of 1 SAR = 0.27 USD):

Room TypePrice (SAR)Price (USD)OccupancySize (Sq M)
Superior Double Room (B1)645.15174.19228
Superior Twin Room (B1)645.15174.19228
Superior Double Room (B1)759.00204.93228
Superior Twin Room (B1)759.00204.93228
Deluxe Double Room (B1)774.35209.07235
Deluxe Twin Room (B1)774.35209.07235
Deluxe Double Room (B1)911.00246.00235
Deluxe Twin Room (B1)911.00246.00235
Junior SuiteNot AvailableNot Available270

Location of Aerotel in Jeddah Airport:

Aerotel Jeddah Location:

  • Terminal: King Abdulaziz International Airport Terminal 1
  • Area: International transit (airport restricted) area
  • Specific Location: Level 2 of International Departure, next to Duty Free

Access Details:

  • For Transit Passengers:
    • Process: Clear the security checkpoint for transit passengers, then take the escalator to Level 2.
    • Important Note: Do not clear arrival immigration, as re-entry to the restricted area is not possible without a valid onward boarding pass. Check with airlines for re-entry requirements and check-in counter opening hours.
    • Assistance: If you lack a connecting flight boarding pass or your bags are tagged to Jeddah, approach the airline transit counters without clearing immigration.
  • For Departure Passengers from City:
    • Check-In Counters: Generally open 3 hours prior to flight departure. Confirm with airlines directly.
    • Recommendation: Ensure you have sufficient time to utilize the hotel before reserving a room.

Access Restrictions:

  • Domestic Travellers: Access to Aerotel Jeddah is restricted to international departure passengers only. Domestic travellers cannot access the hotel.
  • International to Domestic or Domestic to International Passengers: Contact airlines or Aerotel customer service for specific access details.

Benefits of True Compact Sleep Pods at Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport

  1. Privacy: Offers a private space for undisturbed rest.
  2. Noise Reduction: Provides a quiet environment, reducing noise from announcements and foot traffic.
  3. Comfort: Equipped with comfortable bedding for better sleep.
  4. Compact Design: Utilizes limited airport space efficiently.
  5. Affordable Pricing: Generally more cost-effective than traditional hotel rooms.
  6. Security: Secure locking mechanisms for personal safety.
  7. Convenient Locations: Strategically placed near gates and amenities.
  8. Accessibility: Available 24/7 for travelers at any time.
  9. Amenities: Basic amenities such as charging ports and Wi-Fi.

Where to Sleep in JED Airport:

Transit Area with Side-by-Side Chairs

  • Location: Near gates 15-17 in the transit area
  • Description: This area features many chairs placed side-by-side without armrests, allowing travelers to lie down and sleep. It’s well-lit but can get noisy during the day due to loud passengers and frequent announcements. It tends to be quieter during the night.

Quiet Zones Near Gates

  • Location: Near gates 20-23
  • Description: Some gates, such as gates 20-23, have fewer passengers and offer side-by-side seats without armrests. These areas are ideal for those looking for a quieter spot to catch some sleep. However, be prepared for the air conditioning, which can be uncomfortably cold.

Waiting Area Before Transit Zone

  • Location: Near the entrance to the transit area, before the glass doors
  • Description: There is a small waiting area before entering the transit zone that is relatively quiet and has seats suitable for sleeping. This area is usually less crowded, making it a decent option for a nap.

Corners of Terminal 1

  • Location: Near gate 10 and gate 24
  • Description: Look for quiet corners in the terminal, such as near gate 10 and gate 24, away from main walkways. These areas often have fewer disturbances and can offer some privacy. They are particularly useful for those who prefer a quieter environment.

Near Large Windows

  • Location: Along the main concourse near gates 1-3
  • Description: These spots provide natural light during the day and tend to be less crowded. They can be found along the main concourse near gates 1-3 and offer a more peaceful place to rest.

Reclining Chairs Near Cafes

  • Location: Near the café by gate 7
  • Description: Some cafes, such as the one near gate 7, have reclining chairs or cushioned seats nearby that can be used for sleeping. While these areas might have some foot traffic, they are generally quieter during late-night hours.

Seating Near Information Desks

  • Location: Near the information desk by gate 12
  • Description: These areas often have comfortable seating and are quieter, especially during off-peak hours. They are also conveniently located for travelers needing assistance or information.

These locations provide a range of options for travelers looking to sleep for free in Terminal 1 of Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport. Be sure to carry a travel blanket and earplugs to enhance your comfort.

What to Expect Regarding Sleep at Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport

  1. Noise Levels
    • Locations: Throughout Terminal 1, especially near gates 5-9.
    • Details: Frequent and loud announcements, along with high passenger traffic, make these areas particularly noisy. Consider using earplugs to mitigate noise.
  2. Bright Lighting
    • Locations: Main walkways and gate areas, particularly near gates 2 and 14.
    • Details: The airport is well-lit throughout, making it challenging to find a dark or dim area for sleep. An eye mask is recommended.
  3. Temperature Levels
    • Locations: General areas in Terminal 1.
    • Details: Air conditioning can be uncomfortably cold, so it’s advisable to carry an extra layer or a travel blanket to stay warm.
  4. Seating Comfort
    • Locations: Seating near gates 10 and 24.
    • Details: Some areas have side-by-side chairs without armrests, which can be used for lying down. However, most seating has armrests, limiting the ability to stretch out.
  5. Security
    • Locations: Security checkpoints and general waiting areas.
    • Details: Security checkpoints close for a few hours each night, restricting access to airside areas. Be mindful of your belongings, especially in crowded and busy areas.
  6. Restroom Conditions
    • Locations: Near gates 3 and 20.
    • Details: Restrooms can be crowded and unsanitary, with wet floors from foot washing. It’s advisable to avoid seating near these areas due to the smell and cleanliness issues.
  7. Food and Amenities Availability
    • Locations: Food courts near gates 4 and 11.
    • Details: Limited food options during late-night hours; carry snacks and water if you plan to stay overnight. Note that food courts can be noisy and crowded, impacting sleep quality.
  8. Quiet Zones
    • Locations: Quieter corners near gates 10 and 24.
    • Details: These areas are relatively less crowded and can offer a more peaceful environment for rest, though still subject to occasional noise.
  9. Lounge Access
    • Locations: Aerotel hotel within the airport.
    • Details: Offers comfortable, hotel-like rooms but at a higher price. Provides a private and quiet environment for rest with amenities like showers and Wi-Fi.
  10. General Tips
    • Details: Bring sleep essentials such as earplugs, an eye mask, and a travel blanket. Plan your sleeping spot in quieter, less crowded areas, and be prepared for cold temperatures and bright lights. Secure your belongings, especially if sleeping in public areas.

Review of Sleeping at Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport


  1. 24/7 Operation: The airport operates around the clock, providing a continuous flow of services and accessibility.
  2. Availability of Seating: There are various seating options throughout the airport, particularly in the transit area near gates 15-17 and quieter corners near gates 10 and 24, where side-by-side chairs without armrests can be found.
  3. Aerotel Hotel: For those willing to spend more, Aerotel offers hotel-like rooms within the airport, providing a comfortable and private sleeping environment.
  4. Clean and Modern Facilities: Terminal 1 is relatively new, clean, and equipped with modern amenities, which can enhance the overall comfort for resting travelers.


  1. Lack of Dedicated Sleeping Pods: Unlike other major international airports, Jeddah Airport does not have compact sleeping pods, limiting options for budget-friendly, private sleep spaces.
  2. Noisy and Bright Environment: The airport can be noisy and bright, with frequent announcements and passenger movement, making it difficult to find a peaceful sleeping spot.
  3. Limited Comfortable Seating: Many seating areas have chairs with armrests, which are not ideal for lying down and sleeping.
  4. Cold Temperature: The air conditioning can be uncomfortably cold, so travelers need to be prepared with extra layers or blankets.
  5. Security Checkpoint Closures: Security checkpoints close for a few hours each night, restricting access to the airside areas during these times and potentially causing inconvenience for overnight travelers.
  6. Limited Amenities at Night: While the airport operates 24/7, some restaurants, shops, and lounges may have limited operating hours, reducing available services during late-night hours.


  • Bring Sleep Essentials: To mitigate noise and light, travelers should carry earplugs, an eye mask, and a travel blanket.
  • Use Quieter Corners: Seek out quieter corners and less crowded gate areas, such as those near gates 10 and 24.
  • Consider Aerotel: For a more comfortable sleep, consider booking a room at Aerotel, especially if you prefer a private and quiet environment.
  • Plan for Security Closures: Be aware of the security checkpoint hours and plan accordingly to avoid being stuck landside during closures.

Places to Avoid Sleeping at Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport

  1. Near Security Checkpoints in Terminal 1: Located at the entrances, these areas are noisy due to frequent announcements and high foot traffic.
  2. In Front of Gates 5-9: These gates experience high passenger traffic and boarding activities, resulting in disturbances and lack of privacy.
  3. Restrooms and Nearby Seating in Terminal 1: Located near gates 3 and 20, restrooms can be crowded and unsanitary, making the surrounding seating areas undesirable.
  4. Baggage Claim Areas in Terminal 1: Located on the ground floor, these areas are noisy, busy, and often lack comfortable seating.
  5. Food Courts near Gates 4 and 11: While convenient for meals, these food courts are typically noisy and crowded, with limited comfortable seating options for sleep.
  6. Main Walkways in Terminal 1: High foot traffic and bright lighting make the main walkways unsuitable for sleeping.
  7. Check-In Counters in Terminal 1: These areas, located at the entrance of the terminal, are usually busy with lines and staff announcements, creating a noisy environment.
  8. Near Loudspeakers in Terminal 1: Avoid areas near gates 2 and 14 where loudspeakers are overhead, as frequent and loud announcements will disrupt sleep.
  9. Around Busy Duty-Free Shops near Gates 6 and 12: These areas are bustling with activity and shoppers, resulting in constant noise and movement.
  10. In Front of Airline Lounges in Terminal 1: Located near gates 8 and 18, these areas are busy with travelers entering and exiting, and often not designed for rest, lacking the quiet needed for sleep.

Expert Tips for Getting Good Sleep at Airports

1. Identify Quiet Zones

  • Designated Rest Areas: Many airports have specific rest zones. Look for signs indicating quiet areas, often located away from busy gates.
    • Example: In Terminal 1 of King Abdulaziz International Airport, the lounge near Gate 26 is known for being quieter.

2. Find Comfortable Seating

  • Lounges and Recliners: If you have access to lounges, utilize their more comfortable seating options.
    • Example: The Saudia Lounge in Terminal 1 offers recliner chairs perfect for napping.
  • Padded Benches: Seek out padded benches or long, unoccupied seating areas without armrests.
    • Example: Near Gate 18 in Terminal 1, there are benches without armrests that can be used for lying down.

3. Pack Essential Sleep Gear

  • Eye Mask and Earplugs: Essential for blocking out light and noise in a busy airport.
  • Travel Pillow and Blanket: Bring a compact travel pillow and a lightweight blanket to enhance comfort.

4. Utilize Sleeping Pods if Available

  • Check for Sleeping Pods: Some airports have sleeping pods or mini-rooms available for rent.
    • Example: Although not compact, Aerotel in Terminal 1 offers larger rooms for a more hotel-like experience, ideal for longer layovers.

5. Locate Less Busy Areas

  • Corners and End Gates: Look for spots in the far corners of terminals or near gates that are less frequently used.
    • Example: The area near Gate 34 in Terminal 1 is often less crowded and quieter.

6. Stay Safe and Secure

  • Keep Valuables Close: Use your bag as a pillow or keep it secured to your body to prevent theft.
  • Sleep Near Others: Safety in numbers – choose a spot where other travelers are also resting.

7. Maintain Comfort with Temperature Control

  • Dress in Layers: Airports can be cold, so dressing in layers helps you adjust to varying temperatures.
  • Warm Areas: Find warmer spots away from air conditioning vents.
    • Example: The seating near the airport’s prayer rooms often has a warmer ambient temperature.

8. Utilize Airport Amenities

  • Shower Facilities: Freshening up before a nap can make sleep more comfortable.
    • Example: Shower facilities are available in the Saudia Lounge in Terminal 1.
  • Wi-Fi and Power Outlets: Ensure your devices are charged to set alarms and stay connected.

9. Consider Paid Options

  • Airport Hotels: If your layover is long, consider booking a room in an airport hotel for uninterrupted sleep.
    • Example: Mena Airport Hotel is located just 0.6 miles from the terminal and offers quick access.

10. Plan Around Flight Schedules

  • Check Flight Updates: Stay informed about your flight status to avoid stress and ensure you don’t miss boarding calls.
  • Set Alarms: Use multiple alarms to wake up on time for your flight.

By following these expert tips and utilizing specific locations and amenities within the airport, you can significantly enhance your chances of getting good rest during your layover.

Alternative Sleeping Options at JED – Hotels as Alternatives to Nap Pods:

Here is a detailed table of the closest hotels to Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport, including their distance from the airport, average ratings, and review highlights:

Hotel NameDistance from Airport (miles)Average RatingReview Highlights
Crowne Plaza Jeddah al Salam, an IHG Hotel2.14.5Very spacious room, good for solo female travelers
Park Inn By Radisson Jeddah Madinah Road2.33.8Terrible prices, suggest other places
The Venue Jeddah Corniche3.34.2Fantastic jacuzzi, helpful staff
Temandra Hotel1.83.0Close to airport, basic amenities
Casablanca Grand Hotel3.54.5Great value for money, close to airport
Diamond Elite hotel2.53.0Basic amenities, close to airport
Holiday Inn Jeddah Gateway, an IHG Hotel3.94.3Close to airport, easy booking online
Four Points By Sheraton Jeddah Corniche3.94.0Clean room, good service, modern rooms
Mena Airport Hotel Jeddah0.64.1Convenient location, close to supermarkets
Verta Jeddah Hotel2.22.0Poor service, wrong room provided
Clarion Hotel Jeddah Airport4.44.2Close to airport, recommend staying
Shamaat Jeddah Aparthotel4.03.5Basic amenities, spacious rooms
Crowne Plaza Jeddah al Salam3.83.5Isolated location, close to airport
Radisson Blu Hotel, Jeddah Corniche4.44.1Some issues with pests, helpful staff
Wow Jeddah Hotel4.24.0Exceptional hospitality, comfortable accommodations
This table provides a comprehensive overview of the hotels near Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport, helping travelers choose accommodation based on proximity, rating, and review highlights. ​

7 Cheapest Hotels:

Here is a table with the seven cheapest hotels near Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport, including their distance from the airport, average ratings, and review highlights:

Hotel NameDistance from Airport (miles)Average RatingReview Highlights
Ibis Jeddah Malik Road5.84.0Good location, tasty food, friendly staff.
Temandra Hotel1.83.0Close to airport, basic amenities.
Seasons Park Hotel5.64.0Clean hotel, convenient location on Hira Street.
Jasmine Garden Hotel4.54.5Clean and spacious rooms, highly recommended.
Golden Sea Hotel4.53.5Basic amenities, some complaints about cleanliness.
Funduq ‘Arin Alnaeim4.73.0Good room and bathroom, WiFi service, very good value for money.
Wow Jeddah Hotel4.24.0Good hospitality, clean rooms, some issues with beach maintenance.
This table provides a detailed overview of the cheapest hotels near Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport, helping budget-conscious travelers choose accommodation based on proximity, rating, and review highlights.


Can I Sleep at Jeddah Airport?

Yes, you can sleep at Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport. Here’s what you need to know to prepare:

Airport Hours:

  • The airport operates 24 hours a day, providing continuous service to passengers.
  • However, some facilities, including certain restaurants, shops, and lounges, may have limited operating hours.

Security Checkpoints:

  • Security checkpoints close around midnight and reopen early in the morning, typically around 4:00 AM.
  • During these hours, you cannot access the airside areas and will need to wait landside until the checkpoints reopen.

Accessing Airside:

  • If your flight departs early in the morning, plan to arrive after 4:00 AM to avoid a long wait landside.
  • For overnight layovers, be prepared to spend time landside until the checkpoints open. Utilize available facilities like seating areas, cafes, and rest zones.
  • Verify the operating hours of services you may need, as some may close during the night.
  • Stay updated by checking the airport’s official website or contacting your airline for the latest information.

Security Screening:

  • Once the checkpoints reopen, have your boarding pass and identification ready and follow all security guidelines for a smoother process.

By understanding these details and planning accordingly, you can navigate Jeddah Airport efficiently and ensure a smoother travel experience.

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