JFK Sleep Pods (T4,T5,T8) + Alternatives

If you have a long layover, a canceled flight, or simply need a place to rest at JFK Airport, and you’re curious about their innovative sleep pods, you’re in for a treat and this guide is for you.

We have put together this JFK Airport Sleep Pods Guide with other alternative sleep pod options to give you a holistic view of all available snooze options.

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JFK Sleep Pods and Other JFK Sleeping Options:

Aside from sleeping pods currently available offered by Minute Suites in Terminal 7, layover passengers also have the option of relying on a few terminal spots as well as in-airport TWA Hotel and a host of several nearby hotels with free shuttle service.

Sleep is possible overnight at JFK Airport, particularly in Terminals 4, 5, and 8, which offer relatively quieter and safer areas for rest.

In Terminal 8, travelers often find secluded corners behind plants or opt for the American Airlines Lounge, which opens at 4:30 am and provides amenities akin to a hotel, making it a cost-effective alternative.

Terminal 4 is known for its fully padded benches between gates A and B, Minute Suites located near Gate B39 at Concourse B, and window sills in the arrivals area, though it can be noisy and bright.

Terminal 5 features lounge chairs at Gate 14, with the added benefit of 24-hour food options like Dunkin’ Donuts. Despite these resting spots, challenges such as constant noise from announcements and cleaning machines, bright lights, and cold temperatures are prevalent, especially in the main seating areas of these terminals.

For those who prefer comfort and don’t mind paying more, the TWA Hotel in Terminal 5 provides a luxurious sleep solution with comfortable rooms and amenities.

Travelers are advised to bring sleep essentials like blankets, earplugs, and eye masks to mitigate these discomforts.

Yes, JFK Airport Has Sleeping Pods

JFK Airport, in partnership with Minute Suites, has introduced 7 sleep pods in the form of mini-suites as per this Annoucenment. These pods by Minute Suites are in the form of mini-suites which are small compact rectangular cabins offering amenities such as a pull-out trundle bed, and are more spacious and private compared to the traditional capsule-pod designs like GoSleep and RestWorks.

A snapshot of Press release announcing opening of Minute suites at JFK Terminal 4.

Additionally, JFK features Escape Pods, which are work-booths that, while not true sleep pods, are often categorized similarly due to their space-efficient design.

Previously, JetBlue offered sleep pods called JetNaps in Terminal 5, but these have since been discontinued. Minute Suites now provide the most comprehensive sleep solution at JFK, combining comfort and privacy in a convenient mini-suite format.

JFK was among the first airports to install sleeping pods in 2016 when JetBlue launched MetroNaps in Terminal 5. Unfortunately, JetBlue discontinued the sleep pods in 2020 but 2 years later, Escape Pods introduced work booths that some travelers convert into nap pods.

It is worth noting that the 5 Escape Pods don’t have beds and only offer a bed and a desk which is fine if you are comfortable with table naps. However, if you want to sleep in a real bed, your best option is to book Minute Suites in JFK’s Terminal 4(more details below).

JFK isn’t the only airport to benefit from recent airport sleep innovations. In the US, at least 10 airports are now served by Minute Suites and GoSleep, Sleen n Fly, NapCity, NabCaps, and YotelAir serve several foreign airports such as Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Beijing, Bergamo, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Vienna, Warsaw, Brasilia, Mexico City Airport, and Amsterdam. Atlanta and Philadelphia Airports have installed Minute Suites.

Some of the busiest airports in the US such as Seattle Tacoma, DFW, Salt Lake City and Houston’s George Bush Airports have not installed sleep pods but several news outlets have reported plans to have them installed shortly.

Image of GoSleep Pod that used to be installed at JFK

Check out Airports with Nap Pods such as Mexico City, Changi Airport, and Beijing Airport.

Comparing JFK’s Sleeping Pods: Minute Suites vs GoSleep Pods vs Escape Pods

FeatureMinute Suites (T4)GoSleep Pods (JetNaps & MetroNaps) (T5)Escape Pods (T8)
LocationTerminal 4, Concourse B, near Gate B39Terminal 5 (Discontinued)Terminal 8, between Gates 8 and 10
DesignRectangular mini-suitesCapsule-style podsWork booths
SizeSpacious, accommodates up to 4 people but sleeps 2Compact, single occupancyCompact, designed for one person
Sleeping ArrangementSofa transforms into a bed with a pull-out trundleReclining chair inside a podDesk and chair, no bed. Space not enough for a bed or for an adult to lie down flat
Equiped for SleepingYesYesNO
Privacy LevelHigh, with enclosed cabinsModerate, with semi-enclosed podsHigh, the booths have a door
Noise ControlSound masking systemBasic noise reductionBasic noise control
Climate ControlPersonal thermostatNo personal controlNo personal control
AmenitiesComplimentary WiFi, Smart TV, flight tracker, showersWiFi, reading light, USB portsWiFi, power outlets, desk
SecurityHigh, with secure entryModerate, with secure storage spaceHigh with secure entry
Booking MethodPay-per-use, minimum 2 hoursPay-per-use, by the minute (discontinued)Pay-per-use, minimum 15 minutes
Additional ServicesTemporary office space, fax services, no smokingNo additional servicesNo additional services
Availability24/7Previously 24/7 (discontinued)24/7
Ideal ForTravelers needing rest and workspaceShort naps for solo travelersQuick rest or work sessions
CostHigher, premium amenitiesIt was offered by JetBlue as a complimentary service in its T5 LoungeModerate, cost-effective
Details and ReviewsJump to Minute Suite at JFK DetailsJump to JetBlue GoSleep Pods and MetroNaps in JFK’s T5Jump to Escape Pods Details in T8

Minute Suites provide the most comprehensive sleep solution, combining comfort and privacy, whereas Escape Pods offer a functional space for brief rests or work.

14 Ways Sleep Pods Improve Sleep at JFK/Benefits:

The introduction of sleep pods at JFK Airport has been a welcome relief for travelers for several reasons, addressing several common issues faced by passengers during layovers or extended waiting times at the airport:

  1. Overcrowding: JFK is one of the busiest airports globally, often leading to overcrowded terminals. Sleep pods offer a private escape from the bustling crowds, providing a much-needed sense of personal space and tranquility.
  2. Loud Terminals: The constant announcements, conversations, and other noises in the terminals can make it hard to relax. Sleep pods’s sound masking and white noise machines enable you to get minimal noise disturbance, offering a quiet environment conducive to rest.
  3. Lack of Designated Rest Zones: JFK does not have areas designated for rest, making it challenging for travelers to find a comfortable spot to relax or nap.
  4. Insufficient Seating with Armrests: The availability of chairs with armrests is often limited, making it uncomfortable for passengers wanting to rest while sitting up. Sleep pods eliminate this issue by providing a comfortable bed.
  5. Lack of Affordable In-Airport Hotels: In-airport(TWA) or nearby hotels can be expensive and may not be a viable option for travelers with long layovers or unexpected delays. Sleep pods offer an affordable alternative for short-term rest.
  6. Bright Lighting at Night: Airport terminals are well-lit at all hours, which can interfere with the body’s natural sleep cycle. Sleep pods allow for a controlled lighting environment, enabling passengers to rest properly regardless of the time of day.
  7. Limited Privacy: Finding a private space at JFK’s terminals is challenging. Sleep pods offer a secluded and secure area for passengers to rest without the concern of being disturbed.
  8. Need for Recharging Personal Devices: Sleep pods come equipped with charging stations, addressing the challenge of finding available power outlets in busy terminals.
  9. Desire for Short-Term Accommodation: For passengers with layovers or delays, there’s often a need for short-term lodging to rest comfortably without leaving the airport. Sleep pods perfectly fill this gap.
  10. Entertainment: If you don’t have much to do at JFK, there is basically no entertainment options within the terminals. Minute Suites come with a complimentary 32-inch SmartTV with DirecTV and Netflix for you to enjoy if you need it.
  11. Cold Temperatures: Fliers have reported super cold temperatures within the terminals especially at night. The temperature in the pods are controlled to be no lower than 60° F and no more than 70° F, the ideal temperature for sleep.
  12. WiFi: JFK’s free public Wi-Fi may not give you the download speed you need. With Minute Suites, you can access a download speed of up to 90mbs.
  13. Better Sleep: JFK terminals have chairs fitted with armrests and does not have designated rest areas as other airports. Minute Suites pods with pullout trundle bed for two adults give you a chance to get real in actual bed, much better compared to what you’d get pulling chairs together for a makeshift bed or sleep in a chair.
  14. Enhanced Overall Travel Experience: Providing a space to rest, recharge, and enjoy a moment of quiet significantly improves the overall travel experience, particularly for international travelers or those with extended journeys.

Drawbacks of JFK Sleeping Pods

  1. The cost of using the pods might be a deterrent for some travelers.
  2. Limited availability as there are only a few pods and suites at JFK Airport.
  3. Accessing the pillow and blanket comes at an extra cost of up to $25 which can be on the higher side for some.
  4. Cost of snacks which average $2 to $3 can add up quickly.
  5. Sleeping in public spaces is not always the most comfortable option and some have reported still hearing some terminal noises.
  6. Some pods do not have a bathroom, so you will need to leave the pod to use one.
  7. Pods are only available only for those departing or arriving through Terminal 4, so if your flight is in another terminal, you may not have access to them.
  8. Some travelers may prefer traditional hotel rooms for longer layovers instead of spending money on a short stay at the airport.

Why Minute Suites at JFK is Considered Both a Capsule Hotel and a Sleeping Lounge

Minute Suites at JFK Airport uniquely blend the characteristics of a capsule hotel and a sleeping lounge, making them a versatile option for travelers seeking rest and comfort. Here’s why:

Capsule Hotel Attributes:

  • Transforming Sofa-Bed: The inclusion of a sofa that converts into a bed provides a functional sleeping arrangement, akin to the compact yet efficient sleeping spaces found in capsule hotels.
  • Sound Masking System: This feature effectively reduces terminal noise, creating a quiet, capsule-like environment conducive to rest.
  • Personal Thermostat: Allows precise control over the room’s temperature, enhancing the personalized comfort typical of capsule hotels.
  • Spacious Rooms: Unlike traditional capsule hotels, Minute Suites offer more spacious rooms that can accommodate up to four people, making them suitable for families or small groups.
  • Complimentary Amenities: With free WiFi, Smart TVs, and access to a flight information tracker, the suites provide the technological conveniences often associated with modern capsule hotels.
  • Disabled Access: Ensuring inclusivity, much like newer capsule hotel designs that cater to diverse traveler needs.
  • Air Conditioning: A standard feature in capsule hotels, ensuring a comfortable environment.

Sleeping Lounge Attributes:

  • Temporary Office Space: Minute Suites double as a workspace, providing the flexibility of a sleeping lounge where travelers can both rest and work.
  • Relaxing Environment: The spacious and well-equipped rooms offer a tranquil setting, unlike the confined nature of typical capsule hotels, aligning more with the ambiance of a sleeping lounge.
  • Additional Amenities: Access to showers (for an additional fee) and fax services enhance the overall convenience, similar to high-end sleeping lounges.
  • Flight Information Tracker: This amenity keeps travelers informed of their flight status, a common feature in premium sleeping lounges.
  • No Smoking Environment: Ensuring a clean and comfortable atmosphere, typical of sleeping lounges.

Summary: Minute Suites at JFK Airport effectively combine the compact, efficient sleeping arrangements of a capsule hotel with the spacious, amenity-rich environment of a sleeping lounge. This unique combination caters to a wide range of traveler needs, offering a quiet, comfortable, and functional space for rest. Whether for a quick nap, an extended rest, or a productive work session, Minute Suites provide a versatile solution that encompasses the best features of both capsule hotels and sleeping lounges.

Minute Suites at JFK(T4)

Your best in-airport sleep pod solution to catch some Zs at JFK is by booking a suite operated by Minute Suites. There are 7 of them and are located near Gate B39 at Concourse B in Terminal 4. If you arrive at Terminal 4 and have a connecting flight at the same terminal, you can easily move between the arrivals level and the concourse level using the connecting walkway.

Aside from Escape Pods which offers a work booth, you will also find various lounges in this terminal Centurion, Air India Maharajah Lounge, Delta Sky Club, Emirates Lounge, and Virgin Atlantic Lounges. However, among these options, Minute Suites stands out as the only facility that offers the convenience of a bed, complete with bedding and pillows.

Location of Minute Suites at JFK:

Located conveniently near Gate B39 in Concourse B of Terminal 4, the Minute Suites at JFK are situated in a corridor. With 7 comfortable suites available, it’s the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. To access Minute Suites in JFK Airport, you must possess a valid boarding pass specifically designated for Terminal 4. Your flight must either arrive at or depart from Terminal 4.

If you are coming from other terminals, you can use the free AirTrain. Follow the AirTrain sign and take any available train to Terminal 4.

As you can see from the map below, some terminals are closer to Terminal 4 than others. You can easily walk from Terminal 5 to 4, for example but may take longer to walk from Terminal 7 to 4 or from T8 to T4.

JFK Airport Terminals Map

Terminal 4 is comprised of 42 gates, distributed between 2 concourses, facilitating both international and domestic flights. Situated at the southern terminus of the airport, the terminal offers convenient parking options in the blue garage located adjacent to the terminal building.

Important Note About Accessing Minute Suites in T4
Minute Suites sleep pods are located past security in Terminal 4 near Gate B39, and it is essential to plan your stay thoughtfully given the airport’s security policies and terminal layout. With them being located past TSA checkpoint, they are only accessible is you have a valid boarding pass to flight leaving from T4 or arriving to JFK through any of the gates in T4(airlines operating out of T4 are below). For travelers arriving internationally, be aware that entry into the U.S. typically necessitates exiting the secure area, and re-entry is only permitted with a boarding pass for a same-day flight. Thus, if your connecting flight is the next day, accessing the sleep pods won’t be possible. In summary, you need a boarding pass for a flight departing from or arriving at Terminal 4 on the same date as your reservation. It’s also worth noting that, apart from a bus link between Terminals 5 and 8, JFK’s terminals are not interconnected beyond security checkpoints, which could affect your ability to reach the sleep pods based on your arrival or departure terminal.

Airlines Out of T4

Below are all the airlines operating out of Terminal 4:

  • AeroMexico
  • Air India
  • Air Europa
  • Avianca
  • Caribbean
  • China Airlines
  • China Southern
  • Copa Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • ELAL Israel Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • jetBlue
  • Kenya Airways
  • KLM
  • Kuwait Airways
  • LATAM Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Uzbekistan Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • WestJet
  • Xiamen

On this Terminal, there is also Primeclass Lounge, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse and Air India Maharaja Lounge which are all accessible with Priority Card membership.

Minute Suites Amenities at JFK:

Below is a list of all the amenities at JFK’s Minutes;

  • A sofa that transforms into a bed,
  • Sound masking system to help reduce the loud noises in the busy terminal
  • A personal thermostat enables precise control over the environment, providing optimal comfort and convenience.
  • Temporary office space for guests
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Complimentary Smart TV’s
  • Spacious rooms that comfortably accommodate two adults(although 4 people are allowed in)offering a relaxing environment unlike Escape Pods and GoSleep pods, which can only fit one person.
  • Disabled access
  • No smoking environment
  • Air conditioning
  • Shower at an additional fee
  • Flight information tracker
  • Fax

Not all suites are equipped with toilets and washrooms, however, shower facilities are available for rent at an additional fee.

The amenities offered at Minute Suites are comparable to those available at Centurion Lounge, which can also be accessed with a Priority Pass membership. All private suites at JFK’s Minute Suites include free DirecTV, Netflix and Wi-fi. A daybed that pulls out into a trundle bed sleeps two people comfortably and is in each room. Up to four people can fit in each room. There is also a mini-bar with drinks and snacks that you can purchase items from.

You are allowed to bring food and beverages to your Minute Suites at JFK. However, please note that if additional or extensive cleaning is necessary to prepare the suite for the next guest, a cleaning fee may be applied to the card on file.

Smoking is strictly prohibited at JFK’s Minute Suiby with airport and federal regulations. If you disregard this policy you may be charged a fine they call a smoking fee and they also indicate on its website that they may call Airport security on you. So, don’t count on smoking as an amenity you can enjoy here.

Minute Suites Pricing at JFK (+ Priority Pass Pricing)

Minute Suites at JFK Airport offer a range of pricing options, starting at $55 for the first hour. After the initial hour, the cost is $13.75 for each additional 15 minutes up to the second hour, and then $11.25 for each 15-minute increment from the third hour up to eight hours.

The rate for a seven-hour stay is $335, while an eight-hour stay costs $380. An overnight flat rate of $195 is available for bookings between 9 PM and midnight, extending up to 8 AM. Priority Pass members enjoy the first hour free and pay $34 for each additional hour.

Military personnel and airline crew members receive a 20% discount, reducing the first hour to $44 and adjusting subsequent hourly rates accordingly. This pricing structure ensures flexibility and affordability for various needs and schedules.

Pricing Table for Minute Suites at JFK (0 to 8 Hours)

Duration (Hours)Standard PricingPriority Pass PricingMilitary/Airline Discount Pricing
0 – 1$55Free$44

Key Notes:

  • Standard Pricing: Incrementally increases by $13.75 per 15 minutes up to 2 hours, then $11.25 per 15 minutes up to 8 hours.
  • Priority Pass Pricing: First hour is free, with subsequent hours charged at $34.
  • Military/Airline Discount Pricing: 20% discount applied, reducing the hourly rates accordingly.
  • Nursing Mothers: 30 minutes free.
  • Minute Suites at JFK offer pricing per suite rather than per person, ensuring fairness and transparency.
  • As of January 2024, the rates were updated, with the one-hour fee increasing from $48 to $55, and the 8-hour overnight rate rising from $175 to $195.
  • All suites are uniformly sized and priced similarly, maintaining a consistent and straightforward pricing structure.

Minute Suites Overnight and Extended Stay Costs at JFK

Minute Suites at JFK provide flexible options for overnight and extended stays. The overnight flat rate is $195, applicable for bookings made between 9 PM and midnight, extending until 8 AM. For extended stays, Minute Suites offers a 24-hour rate of $450.

Pricing Table for Overnight and Extended Stay

DurationRate ($)
8 Hours195
24 Hours450

More on Priority Pass Pricing and conditions:

With effect from January 1, 2024, Minute Suites pricing went up and affected the discounted pricing that Priority Pass cardholders get. You can see the table with old rates here and the table blow has new rate applicable as of April 2024.

As a Priority Pass Cardholder, you can enjoy complimentary access to Minute Suites for up to 1 hour, accompanied by up to 3 guests. If you wish to extend your stay, Minute Suites will require to make a payment upfront for any additional time beyond the first hour.

Your Priority Pass gets you the first hour for free and will have to pay an additional $34 for each additional hour. Instead of paying $13.75 for an additional 15 minutes up to 2 hours, you pay $8.5 and instead of paying $155 for 3 hours, you just pay $68.

Image Showing New Minute Suites Pricing for Priority Pass Cardholders in 2024
Image Showing Minute Suites New Pricing for Priority Pass Cardholders in 2024
More Details from Priority Pass' Website:
Conditions: -Cardholders can use their lounge visit entitlement for a 1-hour stay in a Minute Suite. This counts as a single lounge visit within their existing allocation, with any additional hours charged at a discounted rate of US$34 directly to Minute Suites. -Up to 3 guests accompanying the Cardholder can use the same Minute Suite at no extra charge. -Cardholders are responsible for any extra charges. A payment card may be required for incidentals at check-in. -Suites include a daybed sofa (sleeps two), pillows, blankets, a workstation, free Wi-Fi, Smart TV, Amazon Alexa, and a sound masking system. -Suite usage is based on availability. -Additional Information: Showers are available at a discounted rate of US$20 per 30 minutes, subject to availability.

Read more about JFK’s Priority Pass here.

How to Book Minute Suites at JFK:

You need to use Minute Suites’ booking page on its website to create an account and make a booking. If you have any issues or need to ask questions before booking, you can reach them using this email; info-jfk@minutesuites.com

Upon booking your reservation online, you will receive a confirmation email. When creating your guest account, you need to provide them with a valid email address for the receipt of the confirmation email. Kindly note that a valid credit or debit card must be saved to your account to secure your reservation.

I also like that you can book JFK’s Minute Suites on behalf of someone else.  If you’re booking on behalf of someone else, the name of the person you’re booking for doesn’t have to match the names on your payment card. They, however, advise that you indicate the name of the person who will be checking in.

Below is a snapshot showing your first step to book Minute Suites at JFK;

snapshot showing steps to create account when booking Minute suites at JFK

Here is a link to make a booking.

Unlike other Minute Suites locations, JFK location does not have a phone number you can call in case you have issues with your booking. If you really have to call, use this general line; (972) 973-4235.

Minute Suites Military & Airline Crew Discount:

While JFK’s USO Lounge lacks sleep facilities, military, and flight crew can get a 20% discount at Minute Suites, reducing the first hour’s cost to $44 from $55.

Flight crews or military personnel interested in taking advantage of Minute Suite’s special discount are required to present a valid ID in person. The name on the ID doesn’t need to match the name on the reservation. However, if the person checking in has a different name, it should be noted in the reservation. Please note that flight crew or military discounts can only be applied after presenting a valid ID in person.

Additionally, military personnel with Priority Pass enjoy their first hour free, and subsequent hours are discounted to $27.2, thanks to the 20% deduction.

Cancelation Policy for Minute Suites at John F. Kennedy Airport:

  • Hourly reservation: For hourly reservations, cancellations must be made at least 3 hours before the scheduled arrival time to be eligible for a refund.
  • Overnight Reservations – To be eligible for a refund if you had booked an overnight booking, you must cancel at least 12 hours before the scheduled arrival time.
  • No-show: If you do not arrive within 15 mins of your scheduled arrival time, Minute Suites states on its website that they can cancel your reservation without any refund

Review of Minute Suites at NY’s John. F. Kennedy Airport


  1. Convenient Location: Minute Suites offers a refuge from the bustling airport environment, providing travelers with a private space to unwind during layovers.
  2. Cleanliness: Several reviewers highlighted the cleanliness of the rooms, which adds to the comfort and appeal of the service.
  3. Friendly and Attentive Staff: Many reviewers praised the staff for their helpfulness and friendly demeanor, which enhances the overall experience.
  4. Additional Amenities: Amenities such as showers, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are appreciated, especially for travelers who need to freshen up.
  5. Effective Management: Instances of management responding promptly and effectively to feedback and complaints, indicating good customer service practices.
  6. Technology Amenities: Features like AppleTV and Echo in rooms were positively noted, adding a modern touch to the guest experience.
  7. Flexible Booking Options: The ability to book for short stays or overnight layovers offered flexibility to travelers with varying needs.


  1. Bedding Quality: A common complaint is the discomfort of the beds, pillows, and sheets, described as too firm, detracting significantly from the primary purpose of resting.
  2. Noise Issues: There were mentions of construction noise and loud neighbors during the night, which disrupted the peace expected in such facilities.
  3. Limited Access to Facilities: Some guests were frustrated by policies like the inability to use the toilet without paying extra for a shower, or issues with reservation fulfillment.
  4. Complex Booking and Pricing: Challenges with booking, especially for Priority Pass members, and issues with charges that do not always align with advertised benefits.
  5. Inadequate Furnishings: Some guests found the furnishings, such as hair dryers and couches, to be inadequate or uncomfortable.
  6. Lack of In-Suite Restrooms: To the dismay of many, unless a shower is booked, access to a toilet requires a venture back into the airport.
  7. Misleading Discounts: Some members have reported that the advertised discounts for Priority Pass members do not apply to all, notably those who got their Priority Pass through certain credit cards like the Capital One Venture X. This has led to dissatisfaction right at the start of their experience, especially when this information is not clearly communicated beforehand.
  8. Access Restrictions: Members have found that unless they pay extra to book a shower, they do not have access to toilets, which requires them to leave the suite and use airport facilities. This has been a significant inconvenience, particularly for those who paid expecting full amenities.
  9. Booking Issues: There are reports of Priority Pass reservations not being honored due to overbooking or the suites being given to guests who wish to extend their stay beyond their initial reservation time.

Escape Pods at JFK Terminal 8:

If you feel at ease dozing off at a desk or taking a quick nap in a serene, compact room measuring approximately 3.25 ft by 3.25 ft, Escape Pods is the perfect solution for you. Though not strictly a sleep pod as it doesn’t have a bed, it provides a tranquil and cozy environment to give your eyes some well-deserved rest from the busy JFK terminals.

Escape Pods is the newest player in JFK’s innovative sleep tech space, launching with a total of 5 sleep pods distributed between Terminal 4 and 8. Escape Pods’ website indicates that bookings for pods are available at both Terminal 4 and 8. However, when I attempted to make a booking, only slots at Terminal 8 were accessible. I am uncertain whether slots for Terminal 4 are typically reserved in advance or if they have not yet opened bookings for Terminal 4 pods.

Escape Pods have a unique design that distinguishes them from Minute Suites and GoSleep Pods. Unlike their counterparts, Escape Pods do not include a bed or sleep-enhancing amenities like sound masking technology, thermostat control, or opaque walls and doors. Featuring a transparent door that mimics an office setting, it truly puzzles me how some individuals consider this to be an ideal choice for sleep.

On its website, it defines itself as “A technology-equipped workspace that is plush, and quiet” and that its pods are “designed for the mobile workers of the world who need a better work environment on the go!”

In my opinion, Escape Pods are the perfect compact workspace for individuals who want a quiet room for a short time to accomplish some work-related tasks. Whether it’s computer work, phone calls, or online video/conferencing calls, this functional design offers a productivity haven with seamless communication.

Location of Escape Pods:

I was unable to locate the precise whereabouts of the Escape Pods in Terminal 4. However, I was fortunate enough to obtain information regarding the location of the Escape Pods in Terminal 8. In Terminal 8, you will find the Escape Pods situated at the Departures Level Concourse B, more specifically at B2 and B3, nestled between Gate 8 and 10.

It is next to the recently opened Greenwich Bar and opposite British Airways Lounge. Here is the exact Google Map location.

Escape Pods Amenities:

Here is a list of all the amenities you can find from Escape Pods;

  • Encrypted Wi-Fi
  • Power Outlets
  • Adjustable Fan
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Built-In Speaker
  • Bluetooth Capabilities
  • USB Ports
  • Adjustable Lights
  • Digital Lock
  • Web Camera

Escape Pod Pricing and Booking

Escape Pods can be reserved for various durations at affordable rates. Starting from just 15 minutes for $10, you can also choose 30 minutes for $15, 45 minutes for $25, 60 minutes for $30, 90 minutes for $45, and 120 minutes for $60. Below is a snapshot of the booking page, providing a clear overview of the options available to you.

Snapshot showing Escape Pods Booking at JFK Terminal 8
Snapshot showing Escape Pods Booking at JFK Terminal 8

Here is a link to book Escape Pods at Terminal 4 and this link is for booking Escape Pods at Terminal 8. From the information I found online, Priority Pass currently does not have a formal agreement in place to facilitate their members’ access to Escape Pods.

JetBlue Sleep Pods in Terminal 5:

JetBlue took the lead in 2016 by introducing the revolutionary sleep modules, designed by MetroNaps and branded ‘JetNap EnergyPods’. According to press releases dating back to 2016, JetBlue initially introduced these pods for their Business Lounge Guests.

However, negative customer feedback has prompted the gradual disassociation of the JetBlue brand from this service, and in 2020 right when COVID-19 hit the travel industry badly, the glaring issue of poor sanitation of the pods led to JetBlue removing them entirely. As of December 2023, JetBlue has not re-introduced the pods and are currently unavailable. While COVID-19 gave JetBlue the last morale to abolish the pods, customer feedback from back in 2016 – barely months after its introduction led JetBlue to slowly rethink these technologies.

I will provide more explanation below.

However, let me first share some details about the MetroNaps, which were initially introduced by JetBlue in 2016, and the GoSleep pods that were introduced between 2017 and 2019 following privacy-related concerns with Metronaps. Unfortunately, these pods were completely phased out in early 2020.

The EnergyPods played soothing rhythms, promoting a sense of calm and minimizing distractions. Upon completion of the nap, the chair gently awakened the user with a harmonious combination of lights, music, and vibrations.

Below are images of two Metronap Energypods at JetBlue’s Terminal 5;

jetnaps energy pods at terminal 5 jfk
JetNaps at Terminal 5, JFK Airport; Photo courtesy of Metronaps

While the Metronaps above have a great design with leather reclining bed for power naps, the main concern clients had right after its unveiling was its lack of privacy for the entire lower end of the body. See the image below of a person taking a nap on the pod with his half of the body exposed;

Image showing JetBlue's Metronaps lacking privacy
Image showing JetBlue’s Metronaps lacking privacy

To demonstrate JetBlue’s commitment to adopt this innovative airport sleep technology, they went ahead to procure GoSleep pods developed by a Finnish company called Gosleep.fi with a similar capsule-like design as Metronaps but which offered more privacy to satisfy customers who had complained of Metronap’s lack of privacy.

Image showing JetBlue GoSleep Pod by GoSleep and a JetNap EnergyPod by MetroNaps
Image showing JetBlue GoSleep Pod by GoSleep and a JetNap EnergyPod by MetroNaps

Below is an image of the latest GoSleep Pods with fully-closing opaque doors with beds that recline fully from a chair to give you a fully flat bed position.

Watch the short video below to get an idea of the sleep pod design;

Below is another video demonstrating GoSleep pods;

The pod designs were truly futuristic, reminiscent of the nine hours sleeping capsules found in Japan’s Narita Airport. However, unlike Narita Airport sleep capsules organized in rows with an upper and lower level, the GoSleep pods in JFK’s Terminal 5 are individual modules, each equipped with a comfortable leather mattress and a lockable sliding screen.

Does JetBlue still offer the Sleep Pods in Terminal 5?

Unfortunately, I was able to confirm that as of 2024, JetBlue no longer offers their pioneer sleep pods which featured futuristic reclining chairs, designed by New York-based MetroNaps or by the Finnish Company GoSleep(also called RestWorks). If you try finding information about JetBlue’s sleep pods on its website, you’ll note that the activities of things to do in JFK’s Terminal 5 website do not list the availability of sleeping pods.

Below is a snapshot of JetBlue’s website page listing the amenities available at JFK’s Terminal 5 and conveniently fails to mention the existence of sleeping pods.

Snapshot showing Gosleep locations excluding JFK. Credit: Gosleep Website
Snapshot showing Gosleep locations excluding JFK. Credit: Gosleep Website

Here is a link to JetBlue’s webpage with the amenities at T5.

The only thing closest to a GoSleep sleeping pod listed by JetBlue in the webpage above is Mamava Lactation Pods which they describe as a “private, peaceful, practical room for on-the-go nursing moms who need to pump or breastfeed.” They are located at Gates 1, 12 & 28.

While the USO Lounge at JFK doesn’t have sleep facilities, you can get nice seating spaces compared to what is available in this terminal(T5). Read more about USO Lounge at JFK’s T5 here.

So, what led to JetBlue stopping the Sleep Pods Services at JFK?

JetBlue has thoughtfully designed the pods to ensure that customers can conveniently access them on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, customers are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness of the pods using the cleaning materials provided by JetBlue.

I believe JetBlue may have considered that implementing a self-cleaning service would be comparable to the efficient self-check-in services offered by Yotel at Heathrow and similar sleep suites like NabCaps in Germany.

I seriously doubt that trusting a random person to clean up after their nap in the pod was a wise decision on the part of the JetBlue team that introduced these pods. Who knows what kind of germs or, God forbid, some new foreign virus might be lurking around? I don’t want to be labeled as patient number 1 in the US because I was dying for a 1-hour nap in some unsanitary pod.

Some customers were quite pleased with the service. Take a look at this tweet by Paul Brown from 2017, where he gave a thumbs up (with an emoji) to the JetBlue sleep pods, praising them for making canceled flights and long layovers more bearable. He also mentioned that the pods were always in use for the first time.

The majority didn’t like or appreciate the pods:

I looked online to get a feel of what other customers had to say and found several unsatisfied customers who complained of dirty pods, lack of privacy, and lots of noise in the terminals while others had issues with booking them as there was little information about them online.

One Reddit user named ShipWRX pointed out that the lack of privacy was a big turn-off explaining how he got a weird feeling sleeping in the pods knowing that several eyes were likely fixated on his lower half, yet he remained oblivious to them. Eventually, the time comes to unveil himself, which, once again, feels rather weird. His analogy gives some clarity. He said that it’s almost like being a spaceman opening your ship on a bustling/crowded alien planet. Talk about an out-of-this-world experience!

You can read SHIPWRX’s full comment and other reactions to the JetBlue Pods on Reddit by clicking here.

Below is a comprehensive 2016 article from The New Yorker that captures the collective criticism customers expressed regarding these pods.

The New Yorker’s Article Reviewing the Pod: “Loaded with Germs”

In 2016, the New Yorker ran a story titled With Elizabeth Rosner, the writer claiming that the “JetNap EnergyPod is ‘more like an uncomfortable, $12,985 lounge chair loaded with germs.” Ouch!

She proceeded to assert that despite JetBlue’s assurance of privacy in the pods, she encountered a medley of airport scents, lights, and sounds that were not effectively blocked out by the promised privacy visor. Furthermore, she lamented the fact that she was compelled to leave her belongings in an inconspicuous storage compartment(out of her sight), which gave rise to concerns about potential accessibility while she peacefully dozed off for a mere 20 minutes.

However, what caught my attention in the article about the Pods was the unsanitary condition they were in.  Brian Skelly, a Long Island resident interviewed by New Yorker, expressed his concern by stating, “I’d be a little skeeved out about how dirty it is.”

Below is a snapshot of a New Yorker article reviewing the pods and you can read the entire article here.

Snapshot of New York Post Review of JetBlue GoSleep Pods JFK T5
Snapshot of New York Post Review of JetBlue GoSleep Pods JFK T5

How JetBlue Had Priced the Pods Service:

During the initial 20 minutes, these pods were available free of charge, but an additional $15 fee applies for each additional hour. Offering essential amenities such as a blanket, pillow, light, and power outlets, the fee is quite reasonable when considering that Escape Pods’ work booths cost $60 for the first 2 hours. In comparison, JetNaps could cost you $30 for a 2-hour sleep session if they were still available.

Although JetNap Pods were smaller than Minute Suites or Escape Pods, they featured a convenient storage space beneath the mattress. What sets GoSleep Pods apart is that guests are responsible for cleaning the sleep surface using the cleaning supplies provided when you show up after making a booking.

Sleep Pods at JFK Airport Prices: Comparison:

Minute Suites offers flexible pricing options to suit your needs. For the first hour, it’s $55, with an additional $13.74 for every 15-minute increment up to 2 hours and incremental $11.25 from the third to the 8th hour. Overnight, you can opt to book an 8-hour block at just $195.

Escape Pods offers a slightly lower price to access their pods with a maximum duration of 2 hours. You can get a 15-minute napping session for just $10, or choose from longer durations like 30 minutes for $15, 45 minutes for $25, 60 minutes for $30, 90 minutes for $45, and 120 minutes for $60. Escape Pods doesn’t offer periods of over 2 hours.

I also like that I can access Minute Suites as a Priority Pass Cardholder with complimentary 1-hour access. You should, however, note that you have to pay for any additional period at a discounted price of $34 instead of the regular $48/hr pricing. To top it up, Minute Suites allows Priority Pass Cardholders to bring up to 3 guests.

When comparing the two options, Minute Suites nap suites offer great value if you prefer sleeping in a proper bed. Other in-terminal or nearby hotels charge at least $200 for a similar one-hour period. Additionally, when you book a Minute Suites nap suite, you get a discounted fee of $30 to access their showers with toilets. Considering these factors, I believe Minute Suites offers better value for your money over Escape Pods.

I also value the fact that Minute Suites offers a wider range of amenities, perfect for those who are exhausted and seek a comfortable place to rest. On the other hand, Escape Pods are a budget-friendly option for shorter periods of rest, but their pricing seems high considering the absence of beds or shower facilities.

Sleeping Pods Near JFK Airport:

Nap York:

Nap York sleep pods are an excellent alternative to JFK’s Minute Suites for those with a long layover who don’t mind leaving the airport for a trip to Midtown.

Sleep Pod at NYC's Nap York
Sleep Pod at NYC’s Nap York. See more on Booking.com

Opened in February 2018, Nap York provides private, dark sleep pods where visitors can recharge with a short nap or an extended rest. Each pod is equipped with a bed, light, fan, reading light, clock, power button to turn on starry lights, outlets, and USB ports. Additionally, guests receive complimentary eye masks, earplugs, and face masks..

Nap York is designed primarily for daytime naps rather than overnight stays, offering hourly bookings for up to 12 hours but you can still book overnight sleep here. For those needing overnight accommodations, hostel-style bunk rooms are available. A pod rental rates starts from $78 for overnight stay or $93 for 12-hour period and includes a locker and access to a bathroom with a shower.

Overview of Nap York Services in Central Park
Overview of Nap York Services in Central Park.

The facility offers a range of amenities such as free Wi-Fi, luggage storage, lockers, washer and dryer, and complimentary eye masks, earplugs, and face masks, ensuring a comfortable and convenient rest for all guests. If you don;t have your own lock, you can purchase it at their front desk for $5.

Nap York Central Park Location

Nap York’s Central Park location provides flexible and affordable hourly rates and overnight for travelers looking to rest and recharge. The pricing structure is designed to accommodate short naps from 1 hour period or extended rest periods with convenient amenities like privacy curtains, USB and wall outlets. Below is a detailed table summarizing the hourly pricing options available at the Central Park location.


  • Address: 940 8th Avenue, New York, NY, USA
  • Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Hourly Pricing Table

DurationPrice (USD)Description
1 Hour$27.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
2 Hours$33.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
3 Hours$39.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
4 Hours$45.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
5 Hours$51.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
6 Hours$57.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
7 Hours$63.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
8 Hours$69.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
9 Hours$75.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
10 Hours$81.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
11 Hours$87.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
12 Hours$93.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
Table below shows quotes for hourly stays at Nap York in Central Park location when booked on Nap York’s website 30 days before arrival. You can check rates and book here. There is no hourly booking option on other websites such as booking.com.

Overnight Rates

Pod TypeMaximum PersonsPrice (USD) (Excluding Taxes & Fees)
Business Pod (2 Bed Mixed Shared Room)1$110.00
Economy Pod (6 Bed Mixed Shared Room)1$78.32
Economy Pod (4 Bed Mixed Shared Room)1$87.12
Economy Pod (6 Bed Female Shared Room)1$82.72
Economy Pod (4 Bed Female Shared Room)1$87.12
Private Cabin2$189.20
Table below shows quotes for overnight stays at Nap York in Central Park location when booked on their website 30 days before arrival. You can check rates and book on its booking site here. I notice that the rates on Booking.com are higher than rates on its booking site. Check Booking.com rates here.
Additional Information
  • Booking Options: Travelers can book pods online or on-site, with flexible durations to suit their needs.
  • Amenities: Each pod is equipped with a privacy curtain, USB and wall outlets for charging devices.
  • Taxes and Fees: The prices listed above are exclusive of taxes and fees, which will be added at the time of booking.

Nap York’s Central Park location offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for travelers needing rest in a busy city environment, with a range of hourly pricing options to meet different needs and durations.

Nap York Empire Express Location

Nap York’s Empire Express location offers a range of flexible and affordable hourly rates for travelers in need of rest and recharge. Located conveniently in New York, this location provides a variety of amenities and services designed to meet the needs of short-term and extended stay travelers. Below is a detailed table summarizing the hourly pricing options available at the Empire Express location.

Nap York Empire Express Location

  • Address: 385 5th Avenue, New York, NY, USA
  • Operating Hours: 5 AM – 5 PM
DurationPrice (USD)Description
1 Hour$27.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
2 Hours$33.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
3 Hours$39.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
4 Hours$45.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
5 Hours$51.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
6 Hours$57.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
7 Hours$63.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
8 Hours$69.00Nap pod with privacy curtain, USB & wall outlets
Table below shows quotes for hourly stays at Nap York in 5th Avenue location when booked on Nap York’s website 30 days before arrival. You can check rates and book here.
DurationPrice (USD)Description
1 Hour$34.00Relax & rejuvenate in our first class cabin
2 Hours$41.00Relax & rejuvenate in our first class cabin
3 Hours$48.00Relax & rejuvenate in our first class cabin
4 Hours$55.00Relax & rejuvenate in our first class cabin
5 Hours$62.00Relax & rejuvenate in our first class cabin
6 Hours$69.00Relax & rejuvenate in our first class cabin
7 Hours$76.00Relax & rejuvenate in our first class cabin
8 Hours$83.00Relax & rejuvenate in our first class cabin
Table below shows quotes for overnight stays at Nap York in their 5th Avenue location when booked on Nap York’s website 30 days before arrival. You can check rates and book here.
ServicePrice (USD)Description
Shower$19.00Includes towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and shower sandals
Additional Information
  • Booking Options: Youcan book pods and cabins online or on-site, with flexible durations to suit their needs.
  • Amenities: Each pod and cabin is equipped with privacy curtains, USB and wall outlets for charging devices. The first-class cabins offer enhanced relaxation amenities.
  • Taxes and Fees: The prices listed above are exclusive of taxes and fees, which will be added at the time of booking.

Nap York’s Empire Express location provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for travelers needing rest in a busy city environment, with a range of hourly pricing options to meet different needs and durations.

Getting from JFK to Nap York Central Park

Traveling from JFK Airport to Nap York Central Park Sleep Station in Midtown Manhattan offers several transportation options based on time, cost, and convenience. Here are the detailed steps for each method:

  • Total Time: Approximately 52 minutes
  • Cost: $8–11


  1. AirTrain: From any terminal at JFK, take the AirTrain to Howard Beach Station.
    • Duration: 6 minutes
    • Frequency: Every 10 minutes
    • Cost: $5
  2. Subway: At Howard Beach Station, transfer to the A subway line heading towards Manhattan. Get off at 59th Street – Columbus Circle.
    • Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
    • Cost: $2.75
  3. Walk: From 59th Street – Columbus Circle, walk to Nap York Central Park Sleep Station, located at 940 8th Avenue.
    • Duration: About 7 minutes (580 meters)
  • Total Time: Approximately 23 minutes
  • Cost: $100–120


  1. Taxi: From any terminal at JFK, take a taxi directly to Nap York Central Park Sleep Station.
    • Duration: Approximately 23 minutes depending on traffic
    • Cost: $100–120

Review of Nap ork

Nap York in NYC offers a unique and flexible accommodation option with a focus on short naps and wellness. Its convenient location, private sleep pods, and additional amenities make it a great choice for travelers needing rest during the day. However, you should consider the compact pod sizes, lack of traditional hotel amenities, and the primary focus on daytime use when deciding if Nap York meets their needs.

  1. Convenient Location
    • Strategic Placement: Nap York is located in Midtown Manhattan, a prime location with easy access to public transportation, making it convenient for travelers and locals alike.
    • Accessibility: Ideal for travelers arriving from or heading to JFK Airport, with easy access via public transport, buses, and taxis.
  2. Flexible Booking Options
    • Hourly Rates: Offers flexible booking options with hourly rates, allowing for short naps or longer rest periods based on individual needs.
    • Membership Plans: Various membership plans, including daily and monthly options, provide cost-effective solutions for frequent users.
  3. Comfort and Amenities
    • Private Sleep Pods: Each pod is designed for privacy and comfort, equipped with a comfortable mattress, pillows, blankets, and a starry ceiling.
    • Additional Comforts: Complimentary eye masks, earplugs, and face masks enhance the sleeping experience.
    • Quiet Environment: Soundproofing and climate control ensure a peaceful and comfortable environment for rest.
  4. Additional Services
    • Showers and Massages: Facilities include showers for freshening up and massage services to help guests relax.
    • Healthy Refreshments: An “ultra quiet cafe” with a unique ordering system via tablets and silent conveyor belt delivery ensures a tranquil dining experience.
    • Rooftop Hammocks: An outdoor option for relaxation, offering a unique and serene experience.
  5. Health Benefits
    • Promotes Wellness: Short naps and rest periods have been shown to improve immune health, energy levels, cognitive function, and emotional control, addressing the needs of sleep-deprived individuals.
  1. Limited Overnight Stays
    • Daytime Focus: Designed primarily for daytime naps rather than overnight stays, which might not suit all travelers.
    • Booking Restrictions: Restrictions on booking multiple long sleep sessions in a row can be a limitation for those seeking extended rest.
  2. Space Constraints
    • Compact Pods: Sleep pods are compact and may feel cramped for some users, especially those who prefer more spacious accommodations.
    • Minimal Storage: Limited space for luggage and personal belongings within the pods.
  3. No Traditional Hotel Amenities
    • Lack of On-Site Dining: No traditional hotel dining options or room service available, requiring guests to seek food outside or use the self-service cafe.
    • No Dedicated Fitness Facilities: Unlike some hotels, Nap York does not offer gym facilities, although it does provide massage services and yoga classes.
  4. Price Considerations
    • Hourly Costs: While flexible, the hourly rate structure might become expensive for longer stays compared to traditional hotels.
    • Membership Costs: Monthly membership plans – including the upcoming crashpods starting at $449 per month, while offering value, may still be considered pricey for some users.
  5. Privacy and Security
    • Shared Spaces: Some areas, like showers and relaxation zones, are shared, which might not appeal to all guests.
    • Security Concerns: While pods offer privacy, they might not provide the same level of security as traditional hotel rooms with lockable doors and safes.

Pod Hotel:

Pod Hotel is a NYC-based capsule hotel chain with four locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. If you’re considering this sleep option during a layover at JFK Airport in Queens, you’ll need to plan your travel using the city-wide subway system, buses, or taxis to reach any of the Pod Hotel locations.

Pod Hotel Locations in NYC

Pod 51230 E 51st Street, New York, NY 10022Manhattan1-212-355-0300Pod 51
Pod Brooklyn247 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211Brooklyn1-844-763-7666Pod Brooklyn
Pod 39145 East 39th Street, New York, NY 10016Manhattan1-212-865-5700Pod 39
Pod Times Square400 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036Manhattan1-844-763-7666Pod Times Square
This table provides the addresses and contact information for all four Pod Hotel locations in New York City.

Amenities at Pod Hotel Locations

Pod Hotel offers efficient and functional accommodations across its four NYC locations, providing all the essentials for a comfortable stay. Below is a summary of the amenities available at the Pod Hotels:

  • Free Wi-Fi: Available in all rooms and public areas.
  • Air Conditioning: Climate control in all rooms.
  • Flat-Screen TVs: With cable and ports for streaming.
  • Laptop-Sized Safes: Secure storage for valuables.
  • Soundproof Windows: To ensure a quiet stay.
  • Work Desk and Chair: Functional workspace in each room.
  • Hairdryer: Provided in all bathrooms.
  • Private Bathrooms: Most rooms have private bathrooms with rain showerheads.
  • Multiple Power Sources: Plenty of outlets and USB ports for charging devices.
Queen Pod at the Pod Hotel
Queen Pod at the Pod Hotel
Room TypeDescriptionAdditional Amenities
Bunk PodTwo twin beds, ideal for value-minded friends or familiesIndividual flat-screen TVs, private bathroom
Single PodSingle bed, perfect for solo travelersSleek workspace, open closet, chic bathroom
Full PodDouble bed, cozy for solo travelers or couplesPrivate bathroom, two flat-screen TVs
Queen PodQueen bed, ideal for couplesGlass-enclosed bathroom, two flat-screen TVs
Standard One Bed + One Bath Pod PadFully furnished, accessible, stunning city or river viewsKitchen, living room, dining area, access to social lounge, terrace, gym, laundry facility, private Wi-Fi network, free local calls, floor-to-ceiling shutters, large bathroom with rainfall shower
Large One Bed + One Bath Pod PadOne bedroom, one bath, dedicated workspace, extra storage, skyline viewsSame amenities as the Standard One Bed + One Bath Pod Pad
Standard Two Bed + Two Bath Pod PadTwo bedrooms, two bathrooms, sitting room, dining table, stunning viewsSame amenities as the One Bed Pod Pads, plus two Queen beds
Deluxe Two Bed + Two Bath Pod PadLarge two bed, two bath apartment, stunning south-facing NYC skyline viewsWalk-in closet, full kitchen, same amenities as other Pod Pads
Bunk Pod
Bunk Pod

Additional Facilities:

  • Social Lounge, Terrace, Gym, and Laundry Facility: Access available for guests staying in Pod Pads.
  • Kitchen and Dining Areas: Available in Pod Pad accommodations for a more home-like stay.

Reviews of The Pod Hotel

  1. Affordability
    • Cost-Effective: Pod Hotels provide an economical alternative to traditional hotels in New York City, with competitive rates for both short and extended stays.
    • Value for Money: Amenities such as free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and air conditioning are included in the room rates, offering great value.
  2. Convenient Locations
    • Prime Locations: With four locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Pod Hotels are situated in convenient areas close to major attractions and public transportation, making it easy to explore the city.
    • Accessibility: Easy access to public transportation (subway and buses) for seamless travel to and from JFK Airport.
  3. Efficiency and Functionality
    • Modern Design: Rooms are designed to maximize space and functionality, with sleek, modern furnishings and thoughtful layouts.
    • Essential Amenities: Each room includes essentials such as a comfortable bed, private or shared bathrooms with rain showerheads, soundproof windows, and plenty of charging ports.
  4. Additional Facilities
    • Social and Recreational Spaces: Access to social lounges, terraces, gyms, and laundry facilities in Pod Pad accommodations enhance the overall stay experience.
    • Safety and Security: Rooms are equipped with laptop-sized safes for secure storage of valuables.
  5. Unique Room Options
    • Variety of Pods: Offers different types of pods, including bunk pods, single pods, full pods, and queen pods, catering to solo travelers, couples, and friends.
    • Extended Stay Options: Pod Pads provide more space and amenities, including kitchens and living areas, suitable for longer stays.
  1. Limited Space
    • Small Room Size: Pods are designed to be compact, which might not be suitable for travelers who prefer more spacious accommodations.
    • Minimal Storage: Limited storage space for luggage and personal items, which can be a challenge for guests with large amounts of luggage.
  2. Shared Bathrooms
    • Shared Facilities: Some pod types have shared bathrooms, which might not be ideal for guests who prefer private facilities.
    • Potential Wait Times: During peak hours, there might be a wait for shared bathroom facilities.
  3. No On-Site Dining
    • Lack of Dining Options: Unlike traditional hotels, Pod Hotels do not have on-site restaurants or room service. Guests need to venture out for meals.
    • Self-Service: While there are kitchen facilities in Pod Pads, guests must prepare their own meals or dine out.
  4. Privacy Concerns
    • Open Layout: The compact and efficient design may compromise on privacy, especially in bunk pods shared with others.
    • Noise: Despite soundproof windows, the close quarters can sometimes result in noise from adjacent pods or common areas.
  5. Booking Restrictions
    • Limited Availability: Pod Hotels can be in high demand, leading to limited availability, especially during peak travel seasons.
    • Cancellation Policies: Advance purchase rates are typically non-refundable, which might not be flexible for travelers with uncertain plans.

Pricing Table for Pod Hotel Locations in NYC

Here is a comprehensive pricing table for the four Pod Hotel locations in New York City: Pod 51, Pod Brooklyn, Pod 39, and Pod Times Square.

LocationPod TypeDescriptionPrice (USD) (Excluding Taxes & Fees)
Pod 51Bunk PodTwo twin beds, bunk-style, shared bath$130.00 – $144.00
Single PodSingle bed, shared bath$130.00 – $144.00
Single PodSingle bed, private bath$130.00 – $144.00
Full PodDouble bed, shared bath$137.00 – $153.00
Full PodDouble bed, private bath$168.00 – $187.00
Queen PodQueen bed, private bath$183.00 – $204.00
2 Full Bed PodTwo double beds, private bath$252.00 – $280.00
Veranda PodDouble + single bed, private bath$283.00 – $314.00
Studio PodQueen bed, twin bed with trundle, sitting area$329.00 – $365.00
Pod BrooklynBunk PodTwo twin beds, each with its own TV$145.00 – $161.00
Queen PodQueen bed, glass-enclosed bathroom, TV$153.00 – $170.00
Queen Pod PlusQueen bed, extra space$214.00 – $238.00
Pod Mini SuiteQueen bed, sitting area, for families$290.00 – $323.00
Pod 39Bunk PodTwo twin beds, efficient and fun$214.00 – $238.00
Single PodSingle bed, sleek workspace, chic bathroom$222.00 – $246.00
Full PodDouble bed, perfect for solo travelers$229.00 – $255.00
Queen PodQueen bed, great for couples$245.00 – $272.00
Pod Times SquareBunk PodTwo twin beds, maximize privacy & comfort$137.00 – $153.00
Full PodDouble bed, cozy nest for solo travelers$160.00 – $178.00
Queen PodQueen bed, perfect for couples$176.00 – $195.00
This table provides a clear overview of the various pod types and their corresponding prices across the four Pod Hotel locations in New York City when you book on Synxis.com, The Pod Hotel’s main booking website.

Minute Suites vs Nap York vs Pod Hotel:

Nap York, Pod Hotel, and Minute Suites at JFK’s Terminal 4 are three innovative accommodation options in New York City that cater to layover passengers seeking affordable, flexible, and efficient lodging solutions.

Nap York focuses on providing private sleep pods for short naps and relaxation in a wellness-oriented environment, ideal for those needing rest during the day making it suitable for those with daytime layovers at JFK.

Pod Hotel offers compact, functional rooms designed for both short and extended stays, with multiple locations throughout the city.

Minute Suites, located within JFK’s Terminal 4, provides convenient short-term rest solutions for travelers in transit. Each establishment provides unique amenities and caters to different needs, making them attractive choices for various types of travelers.

Comparative Table:

FeatureNap YorkPod HotelMinute Suites at JFK
Primary FocusShort naps and daytime restOvernight stays and extended accommodationsShort-term rest for travelers in transit
Locations2 Locations in NYCFour locations: Pod 51, Pod Brooklyn, Pod 39, Pod Times SquareJFK Terminal 4
Booking OptionsHourly rates, overnight rates, daily and monthly membershipsNightly rates with advance purchase discountsHourly rates and overnight rates
Room TypesPrivate sleep podsBunk Pods, Single Pods, Full Pods, Queen Pods, Pod PadsPrivate suites
AmenitiesPrivate sleep pods, Complimentary eye masks, earplugs, face masks, Showers, Massages, Rooftop hammocks, Ultra quiet cafe Free Wi-Fi, Flat-screen TVs, Air conditioning, Laptop-sized safes, Soundproof windows, Work desk and chair, Kitchen and living areas (Pod Pads)Daybed sofa, Sound masking system, Nap audio, Work desk, chair, HDTV, flight tracker, Wi-Fi
Comfort Features Comfortable mattress, pillows, blankets, Starry ceiling, Soundproofing, Climate control– Comfortable beds, Rain showerheads, Modern furnishings, Multiple power sources, Floor-to-ceiling shutters (Pod Pads)– Comfortable daybeds, Quiet, private environment
Health and WellnessFocus on improving sleep quality and overall wellness with short naps and relaxation servicesFunctional, efficient accommodations for rest and workFocus on providing a quiet, restful environment for short naps
Target AudienceTravelers needing short-term rest, wellness enthusiastsBudget-conscious travelers, solo travelers, couples, and small groupsTravelers in transit needing short-term rest
AccessibilityEasy access via public transport, ideal for travelers from JFKLocations in convenient areas with access to public transportation and city attractionsLocated within the airport terminal
Privacy and SecurityPrivate pods with limited security featuresRooms with lockable doors, safes for valuablesPrivate suites with secure access
Dining OptionsUltra quiet cafe with tablet ordering systemNo on-site dining, but access to nearby restaurants and self-service kitchen in Pod PadsNone, but located within the airport with access to dining options

Alternatives to Sleep Suites & Pods – Book a Hotel

In addition to GoSleep pods, passengers can also choose to book a room at the TWA Hotel located inside JFK Airport. Opened in 2019, the hotel boasts soundproof windows and blackout curtains for those needing complete rest while waiting for their flight.

The TWA Hotel day packages are available daily from 6 AM to 8 PM ET for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of 12 hours. Their cheapest rate is $149 for a max of 4 hours. You can check prices on its website here for all options here or on Booking.com. When you add the tax, it costs almost $200 as shown in the snapshot I took below;

Alternatively, I found 3 budget-friendly hotel options located within a mile of JFK Airport. With rates less than half of what the TWA Hotel offers, you can enjoy 24/7 complimentary shuttle service.

Below are some others close to JFK

Check out these hotels with free shuttles to and from JFK Airport

Best Location for Sleep at JFK Airport for Free: Pods Alternatives

For the best sleep experience at JFK Airport, Terminal 4 stands out as the most suitable option. It operates 24/7 and offers a variety of sleep-friendly amenities, including comfortable yellow and red couches near Gate A4 and quieter spots around Gates A9-A21. Travelers can find areas with dimmed lighting and security presence, enhancing the overall safety and comfort.

Terminal 4 also has the advantage of several food options and continuous activity, which can be reassuring for overnight stays. The terminals also has Minute Suites Sleep Pod Cabins, and Terminal 8 provides secluded corners, steel benches near the AirTrain exit, and access to the AA Lounge. Terminal 4’s combination of round-the-clock operations, diverse seating options, and general ambiance makes it the top choice for catching some sleep during layovers.

Terminal 1

  • General Environment: Terminal 1 is not sleep-friendly and closes around midnight and 1 AM, making it unsuitable for overnight stays.
  • Free Sleeping Spots: Look for sleep benches located near the check-in counters. These benches provide a somewhat comfortable option for brief rest.
  • Operational Hours: Restricted to daytime operations, travelers often need to relocate to other terminals for overnight stays.
Free sleeping spots in Terminal 1 -sleep benches in JFK
Terminal 1 sleep benches in JFK

Terminal 4

  • Gate 1: Offers a quieter environment with dimmed lighting and a security guard presence. Though the seating has armrests, the floor can serve as a makeshift bed if equipped with a sleeping bag or blanket.
  • Gates A9-A21 Area: Known for travelers using blankets and pillows, indicating a quieter spot for sleep. This area varies in temperature and noise levels, providing more comfortable environments for rest.
  • Near Gate A4: This spot features 13 yellow and red couches opposite the “Kate Spade” and “Guess” showrooms after check-in, perfect for lying down and resting.
  • 24/7 Operations: Terminal 4 operates 24 hours a day, making it a prime location for overnight stays. Despite noise and light issues, this terminal offers the best sleeping positions with mitigations like noise-canceling headphones.
  • Window Sill by Duty-Free Store: Provides a flat, slightly elevated sleeping spot near the escalator. It’s off the ground, offering some comfort despite noise levels.
terminal 4 sleeping couches to use at JFK
Terminal 4 sleeping couches to use at JFK for free

Terminal 5

  • Free WiFi & Food Options: Free WiFi throughout the terminal and a 24/7 Dunkin’ Donuts in the baggage claim area.
  • JetBlue MetroNap Pods(no longer available): Located at Gate 16, these pods offer a semi-private sleeping experience with ambient music and gentle vibrations.
  • Floor Sleeping: The AirTrain level above departures has open areas where travelers can lay out blankets and mats for sleep.
  • British Airways Lounge: Offers two full-size couches but is restricted to airside access for passengers with departing flights within the next 3 hours.

Finding suitable places to sleep in Terminal 5 is challenging due to limited seating with armrests, excessive noise, frequent cleaning, and cramped spaces. Restful sleep is difficult to achieve, but those with sleeping bags willing to sleep on the concrete floor can manage.

image showing someone sleeping in terminal 5

Terminal 7

  • Near Duty-Free Store: A spot by the windows near the duty-free store offers a flat, elevated sleeping area. It’s near an escalator, which can be noisy but provides some comfort.
  • High-Back Chairs: While comfortable for sitting, the chairs have armrests and are not ideal for sleeping. Limited food establishments and non-24/7 operations further detract from sleep quality.
Terminal 7 chairs with armrests you can sleep on while seated
Terminal 7 chairs with armrests you can sleep on while seated

Terminal 8

  • General Area: Offers secluded corners and benches behind plant decorations for more private resting spots. It’s known for being somewhat cold and noisy, so warm clothing is essential.
  • AirTrain Exit: Secluded steel benches near the AirTrain exit offer privacy and quiet for those looking to stretch out and sleep.
  • Specific Location: Near the elevators beside two stainless steel banks, providing space for multiple people to sleep comfortably.
  • AA Lounge: Opens at 4:30 am with a $59 entry fee, offering breakfast, comfy seating, and a large shower room with amenities, making it a great option to freshen up and relax.

These detailed recommendations are based on multiple reviews, highlighting the best practices and spots for catching some sleep during layovers at JFK Airport.

If you’d rather not spend money on airport sleep technologies like Escape Pods and Minute Suites, or the in-airport TWA Hotel for some rest, there is an alternative option of free sleeping arrangements at the airport. Although this airport doesn’t have designated rest areas, you might come across benches or even floor space that can be used as a makeshift bed.

What to Expect Sleeping at JFK Airport:

  1. Noise Levels
    • Terminal 4: Generally noisy with frequent announcements and cleaning activities, particularly around gates A9-A21 and the check-in areas. Use noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.
    • Terminal 5: Excessive noise from frequent announcements and cleaning crew, especially in the Airside area. Limited quiet spots available.
    • Terminal 7: Noisy near the windows by the duty-free store and escalator. This terminal lacks quieter areas for restful sleep.
  2. Bright Lighting
    • Terminal 4: Bright lighting in most areas, including around gates A9-A21 and near Gate 1. Consider using a sleep mask for better rest.
    • Terminal 5: Brightly lit throughout, with limited shaded spots. Sleep masks are recommended.
  3. Temperature Levels
    • Terminal 1: Temperature control issues, with areas becoming uncomfortably cold. Bring warm clothing or a blanket.
    • Terminal 4: Varied temperature levels, especially around gates A9-A21, where it can get quite chilly. Warm clothing is advisable.
    • Terminal 8: Known for being cold, particularly in secluded corners and near the AirTrain exit. Ensure you have sufficient layers.
  4. Seating Comfort
    • Terminal 1: Sleep benches near check-in counters provide some comfort, but availability is limited.
    • Terminal 4: Comfy yellow and red couches near Gate A4 are ideal for lying down. Other areas have armrest-equipped seats, which are less comfortable.
    • Terminal 5: Limited seating options with armrests, making it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Floor sleeping with a sleeping bag may be necessary.
    • Terminal 7: High-back chairs with armrests are comfortable for sitting but not for sleeping.
  5. Security
    • Terminal 1: Closes at 2 AM, restricting access to sleeping areas. Security may prompt relocation.
    • Terminal 4: Security is present 24/7, providing a safer environment for overnight stays.
    • Terminal 8: Closes from midnight to 3 AM, with security reopening around 4:30 AM. Secluded corners may be available but expect noise and cold.

Take Note of Airport Hours to Plan Effectively:

JFK Airport is open 24 hours, but airiside access varies by terminal. Terminal 4 operates around the clock, providing continuous access to both airside and landside areas, making it the best option for overnight stays.

However, Terminals 1 and 8 close from midnight to early morning, typically reopening around 4:30 AM. Travelers in these terminals may need to relocate to Terminal 4 or landside areas, where sleeping conditions can be less comfortable due to noise, bright lighting, and limited seating options. Airside access is restricted during closed hours, so plan accordingly for a more restful and secure sleep environment.

Here’s a comprehensive overview based on traveler reviews:

General Hours and Security Checkpoints

  • Terminal 1: Closes around midnight to 1 AM, restricting overnight stays. Security checkpoints and access to airside areas are unavailable during this time.
  • Terminal 4: Operates 24/7, making it the most reliable terminal for overnight stays. Security checkpoints remain open, allowing continuous access to airside areas.
  • Terminal 5: Known for limited seating and noise, but offers 24/7 access to amenities like Dunkin’ Donuts. Security checkpoints generally open early, around 2 AM.
  • Terminal 7: Limited food and seating options, with checkpoints likely closing late at night. Travelers report being moved to other terminals for overnight stays.
  • Terminal 8: Closes from midnight to 3 AM, restricting access during these hours. Security reopens around 4:30 AM, allowing access to airside areas and facilities like the AA Lounge.

Landside Locations to Stay/Sleep at JFK Airport When Terminals Close Overnight

When Terminals 1, 5, 7, and 8 close overnight, travelers can find some landside locations to rest until these terminals reopen. Here are the recommended spots:

Terminal 4

  • 24/7 Operations: Open around the clock, making it the most reliable option for overnight stays.
  • Landside Areas: Arrivals hall and check-in areas offer seating options. Look for quieter corners near the food court or rest areas.
  • Seating Comfort: Seating may have armrests; bringing a blanket or sleeping bag can help improve comfort.

Terminal 5

  • Baggage Claim Area: 24/7 Dunkin’ Donuts offers seating and refreshments.
  • AirTrain Level: Open areas for laying out blankets or mats, relatively quieter than other parts of the terminal.

Terminal 8

  • Public Area Near Check-in: Find a spot near the check-in counters before the terminal closes at midnight. Quieter with less foot traffic.
  • AirTrain Exit: Secluded steel benches near the AirTrain exit provide privacy and quiet.

Terminal 7

  • Near the Duty-Free Store: A flat spot by the windows near the duty-free store can be used for resting. Close to the escalator and can be noisy, but offers a place to lie down.

Key Tips for Fliers

  1. Plan for Terminal Closures: Be aware of terminal-specific closing times to avoid disruptions, particularly in Terminals 1, 7, and 8.
  2. Seek 24/7 Operations: For uninterrupted overnight stays, choose Terminal 4, which offers round-the-clock operations and amenities.
  3. Early Checkpoints: Security checkpoints in most terminals reopen early in the morning, typically between 2 AM and 4:30 AM, providing early access to airside areas.
  4. Access to Airside: Ensure you have a boarding pass for the next day to clear security and access airside amenities. In some terminals, pre-security areas may lack sufficient facilities and comfort.

By understanding these operational nuances, travelers can better navigate JFK Airport, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable layover or overnight stay.

Review of JFK Airport Sleep Quality:


  1. 24/7 Operations (Terminal 4): Terminal 4 is open around the clock, offering continuous access to both airside and landside areas. It has comfortable couches and quieter spots, making it the best option for overnight stays.
  2. Multiple Terminals: Various terminals provide different sleeping spots, amenities, and facilities. Terminals 4 and 5 offer comfortable seating and useful amenities.
  3. Availability of Amenities: Free WiFi in Terminal 5, 24/7 Dunkin’ Donuts in Terminal 5, and MetroNap pods at Gate 16 in Terminal 5.
  4. Security Presence: Consistent security patrols, especially in Terminal 4, enhance safety.


  1. Terminal Closures: Terminals 1, 5, 7, and 8 close at night, reopening around 4:30 AM, restricting access to sleep-friendly spots.
  2. Noise Levels: High noise from announcements, cleaning crews, and general activity, notably in Terminals 4, 5, and 7.
  3. Bright Lighting: Bright lighting disrupts sleep, particularly near check-in counters and gate areas in Terminals 4 and 5.
  4. Seating Comfort: Limited comfortable seating with many chairs having armrests, especially in Terminals 1, 5, and 7.
  5. Temperature: Many areas can be uncomfortably cold, particularly in Terminals 1, 4, and 8.
  6. Limited Food Options: Some terminals, like 7 and 8, have limited food and beverage options during late-night hours.
  7. General Inconvenience: Moving between terminals when some are closed can be inconvenient and exhausting, especially with heavy luggage or tight schedules.

11 Locations to Avoid Sleeping at JFK

  1. Terminal 1
    • General Areas: Terminal 1 closes overnight, making it unsuitable for overnight stays. Security may prompt relocation, and it lacks sleep-friendly facilities.
    • Near Check-in Counters: Brightly lit areas with constant activity make it difficult to rest.
  2. Terminal 5
    • Airside: Limited seating with armrests and excessive noise from announcements and cleaning crews, especially near Gate 16. Finding a quiet, comfortable place to sleep is challenging.
    • Floor Sleeping: Sleeping on the concrete floor in the AirTrain level or general seating areas is not ideal due to cold and hard surfaces.
  3. Terminal 7
    • Near Duty-Free Store: The area by the windows near the duty-free store and close to the escalator is noisy, making it a poor choice for rest.
    • General Seating: High-back chairs with armrests are uncomfortable for sleeping, especially in the main concourse areas.
  4. Terminal 8
    • General Areas: Closes from midnight to 3 AM, restricting access during these hours. Known for being cold and noisy, with limited sleep-friendly spots.
      • Public Area Near Check-in: Often crowded and noisy, with bright lighting that disrupts sleep.
  5. General High-Traffic Areas
    • Check-in Counters and Security Checkpoints: High activity levels and noise make these spots unsuitable for rest, particularly in Terminals 1, 5, and 8.
    • Near Gates with Frequent Announcements: Constant boarding calls and other announcements can disrupt sleep, especially in Terminals 4 and 5.
  6. Floor Sleeping in Any Terminal
    • Cold and Hard Surfaces: Sleeping on the floor is generally uncomfortable due to cold temperatures and hard surfaces. It’s best avoided unless absolutely necessary.

By steering clear of these specific locations, travelers can better manage their rest and comfort during layovers at JFK Airport.

JFK Sleep Tips on NYC Weather and What to Wear/Bring:

Winter (December to February)

  • Temperature Range: Average highs are around 38-45°F (3-7°C), while lows can drop to 26-35°F (-3 to 2°C).
  • Weather Conditions: Snow is common, as are cold winds and occasional ice storms. Days can be quite short and overcast.
  • What to Wear/Carry: Thick coats, gloves, scarves, and warm hats are essential. For sleeping at JFK, consider a warm travel blanket or sleeping bag.

What to Bring during Winter

Winter (December to February)

  • Insulated Sleeping Bag: Choose one rated for low temperatures to ensure warmth throughout the night.
  • Portable Mattress Pad: Provides insulation from the cold floor.
  • Thermal Clothing: Thermal underwear or layers can provide extra warmth without the bulk.
  • Warm Socks and a Beanie: Protect against heat loss from your extremities.
  • Earplugs and Eye Mask: To block out noise and light during shorter winter days

Spring (March to May)

  • Temperature Range: Temperatures gradually warm, with average highs moving from the mid-40s to the high 60s°F (7-20°C) by the end of May. Lows range from the low 30s to the high 40s°F (0-9°C).
  • Weather Conditions: Conditions are variable, with some days sunny and others bringing rain. Late snowstorms can occur in early March.
  • What to Wear/Carry: Layered clothing is key, including light jackets, sweaters, and possibly an umbrella for rainy days. For comfort while sleeping, a light blanket should suffice.

What to Bring in the Spring

  • Lightweight Sleeping Bag: A bag suitable for mild weather will keep you comfortable.
  • Travel Blanket: For extra warmth on chillier spring nights, a travel blanket can be a versatile addition.
  • Layered Clothing: Dress in layers that can be easily added or removed as temperatures fluctuate.
  • Rain Gear: An umbrella or waterproof jacket can be handy for sudden spring showers.
  • Earplugs and Eye Mask: Useful for longer daylight hours closer to summer.

Summer (June to August)

  • Temperature Range: Average highs are in the low to mid-80s°F (27-30°C), with occasional peaks into the 90s°F (32°C+). Nighttime lows are usually in the high 60s to low 70s°F (20-22°C).
  • Weather Conditions: Summers are hot and humid, with frequent thunderstorms, especially in the afternoons and evenings.
  • What to Wear/Carry: Light and airy clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen are advisable. For resting in the airport, consider a light sheet or sleep liner, as air conditioning can make indoor areas cooler.

What to Bring in the Summer:

  • Sleep Liner: Instead of a sleeping bag, a sleep liner or lightweight sheet can provide comfort without overheating.
  • Portable Fan: A small, battery-operated fan can help keep you cool.
  • Light Clothing: Breathable fabrics like cotton or linen are ideal.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones or Earplugs: To drown out the noise of air conditioners and fellow travelers.
  • Eye Mask: To block out early sunrises and late sunsets.

Fall (September to November)

  • Temperature Range: Temperatures start warm but gradually cool, from highs in the 70s°F (21-26°C) in September to the 50s°F (10-15°C) by November. Lows drop from the 60s°F (15-20°C) to the 40s°F (4-9°C).
  • Weather Conditions: Fall brings a mix of sunny days and increasing cloudiness with a chance of rain. Early snow is possible in late November.
  • What to Wear/Carry: Layering is again important, with the addition of warmer clothes as the season progresses. A medium-weight blanket might be needed for sleeping comfortably at JFK during the cooler nights of late fall.

What to Bring for Comfortable JFK Sleep in the Fall:

  • Medium-Weight Sleeping Bag: As temperatures start to drop, a medium-weight bag will keep you comfortable.
  • Travel Blanket: Good for layering if nights become cooler than expected.
  • Layered Clothing: Preparation for variable temperatures is key, with the ability to adjust layers easily.
  • Earplugs and Eye Mask: As daylight decreases, these can help maintain a comfortable sleep environment.

Minute Suites Sleep Pods vs Hotels Near JFK Airport

Hotel Name Distance from JFK Airport Price Based Quoted 30 Days Ahead (subject to Change) Address Average Rating/Number of Reviews
Minute Suites Inside JFK, in Terminal 4 Concourse B near Gate B39 $195(overnight rate) 303 30th St, Queens, NY 10001, USA 4/5 from 50+ Reviews
JetBlue JetPod/Sleep Pod Terminal 5 It was complimentary(No Longer Available) Jamaica, NY 11430 Mostly bad reviews.
Escape Pods- Not equipped with sleep amenities Terminal 8 From $10(15 mins) Jamaica, NY 11430
TWA Hotel Inside the Airport, Near Terminal 5 $337 1 Idlewild Dr, Queens, NY 11430, USA 3.5 from 2505 Reviews
Courtyard New York JFK Airport 1.5 miles $254 145-11 North Conduit Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11436 4/5 from 1,183
Radisson Hotel JFK Airport 1.6 miles $254 135-30 140th Street, Jamaica, NY 11436 3.5/5 from 2,167
Fairfield Inn By Marriott Jfk Airport 1.4 miles $269 156-08 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11434 4/5 from 1,081
Hampton Inn NY-JFK 1.5 miles $265 144-10 135th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11436 4/5 from 2,324
Hyatt Place Flushing/LaGuardia Airport 8.2 miles $260 13342 39th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354-4515 4.5/5 from 1,055
Allegria Hotel 7.6 miles $339 80 W Broadway, Long Beach, NY 11561 3/5 from 2,245
The Rockaway Hotel 5.1 miles $282 108-10 Rockaway Beach Drive Rockaway Park, Rockaway Park, NY 11694 4.5/5 from 185
Adria Hotel & Conference Center 8.1 miles $298 221-17 Northern Blvd, NY 11361-3600 3/5 from 359
Hyatt Regency JFK Airport at Resorts World New York 3.1 miles $309 110-00 Rockaway Boulevard, New York City, NY 11420 4.5/5 from 565
Renaissance New York Flushing Hotel at Tangram 8.3 miles $288 133-36 37th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354 4.5/5 from 107
Best Western Jamaica Inn 4.5 miles $178 8707 Van Wyck Expy, Jamaica, NY 11435 4/5 from 609
Asiatic Hotel 8.3 miles $209 135-21 37th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354-4119 4/5 from 295
Hilton Garden Inn Queens / JFK Airport 1.7 miles $292 148-18 134th Street, Jamaica, NY 11430 4/5 from 1,668
Residence Inn by Marriott New York JFK Airport 1.6 miles $297 142-30 135th Ave Jamaica, South Ozone Park, NY 11436 4.5/5 from 72
The Brooklyn 9.0 miles $148 1199 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216-2709 4/5 from 453
Fairfield Inn New York LaGuardia Airport / Flushing 9.2 miles $251 2866 College Point Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354-2512 4/5 from 588
Marco LaGuardia Hotel & Suites 8.5 miles $228 137-07 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11354-4116 4.5/5 from 488
Best Western Mill River Manor 7.2 miles $279 173 Sunrise Hwy, Rockville Centre, NY 11570 4/5 from 935
LaGuardia Plaza Hotel 9.4 miles $314 104-04 Ditmars Blvd., East Elmhurst, NY 11369 3.5/5 from 1,208
Hampton Inn New York – LaGuardia Airport 9.4 miles $339 102-40 Ditmars Blvd, East Elmhurst, NY 11369 4/5 from 1,523
Four Points by Sheraton Flushing 8.6 miles $359 33-68 Farrington St, Flushing, NY 11354 4/5 from 40
The Parc Hotel 8.2 miles $246 3916 College Point Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354 4/5 from 342
Flushing Central Hotel 8.3 miles $229 135-33 38th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354-4416 3.5/5 from 170
Marriott New York JFK Airport 1.6 miles $297 13525 142nd St, Jamaica, NY 11436 4/5 from 28
New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott 9.5 miles $379 102-05 Ditmars Blvd, East Elmhurst, NY 11369 4.5/5 from 671
Best Western Plus Brooklyn Bay Hotel 9.1 miles $295 3003 Emmons Ave Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY 11235 4/5 from 398
Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel 8.2 miles $289 13520 39th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354-4450 4/5 from 390
Courtyard New York Queens / Fresh Meadows 6.5 miles $314 183-15 Horace Harding Expressway, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 4/5 from 78
Extended Stay America – New York City – Laguardia Airport 9.7 miles $266 18-30 Whitestone Expressway, Whitestone, NY 11357-3061 4/5 from 237
Hampton Inn & Suites Rockville Centre 7.0 miles $751 125 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre, NY 11570 4.5 from 822

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Q: Can you sleep at JFK during layovers?

A: Yes, you can sleep at JFK during layovers. In fact, JFK and a number of airports offer sleep pods for travelers but also have nearby hotels.

Q: How much do the sleep pods cost?

A: The JFK sleep pods are free to use.

Q: How long can I use the sleep pod for?

A: You can use the sleep pod for up to two hours.

Q: How do I book a sleep pod at JFK?

A: The sleep pods are available on a first-come, first-served basis so there is no need to book in advance. Just head over to the airport and look for the nearest sleep pod.

Q: Does JetBlue have a lounge at JFK?

A: Yes, JetBlue has a lounge at JFK. The lounge is located in Terminal 5 and offers a variety of amenities such as Wi-Fi, charging stations, food and drinks, and more.

Q: What are the hours of the JetBlue lounge?

A: The hours of the JetBlue Lounge vary depending on the day. However, the lounge is typically open from early morning to late evening.

Q: What is the cost of the JetBlue lounge?

A: The cost of the JetBlue Lounge varies depending on the day. However, it typically costs between $35 and $50 to enter or can book one of the hotels close to JFK

Q: Can I leave JFK Airport during a layover?

A: Yes, you can leave JFK Airport during a layover. In fact, there are a number of things to do in the city of New York and the surrounding areas.

Q: What is the best way to get from JFK Airport to Manhattan?

A: The best way to get from JFK Airport to Manhattan is by metro train, taxi or Uber.

Q: What is the cost of a taxi from JFK Airport to Manhattan?

A: The cost of a taxi from JFK Airport to Manhattan typically costs between $55 and $75 depending on the time of day. There are also other places or things to do around JFK.

Q: Are there sleep pods at JFK terminal 4

A: In early 2022, we just checked and it is still under planning to be launched in the future.


John F. Kennedy Airport ZZZ/Sleep Score:59.5/100

Sleep Accommodations (23.5/37 Points)

Innovative Sleep Sleep Pods: 7/10

JFK has installed Minute Suites sleep pods in Terminal 4, airside area. Drawback is that fliers have to be flying to or from T4. Cost starts at $55 for non-discounted passengers and overnight rate is flate rate of $195. JFK earned full points for installation of sleep pods despite JetBlue’s JetNap Pod being discontinued in T5. Also, Escape Pods in T8 despite not being equipped with sleep amenities give fliers variety of privacy spaces to consider as alternative to crowded JFK terminals.

In-Airport Hotel: 6/8

JFK earned 6points out of 7 for presence of TWA Hotel in Terminal 5 losing a point for TWA’s expensive rates. The key drawback of TWA as an accommodation option inside JFK is that its rates starts at over$250/night.

I do, however, acknowledge that they offer day-rooms and are right within the terminals. Another advantage is that it also offers parking for $25/day and rooms are soundproofed despite being right next to the runways.

There are barely any affordable alternatives nearby. Street Broadway Hotel at times sells discounted rates of less than $80 but is located 12.7 miles away. Another affordable option below $100 is the Bowery Grand Hotel located some 12.1 miles away. Affordable options at about $130 are rated low including the US Pacific Hotel(12.1 miles away), West Club(12.8 miles away) and Park Avenue North Hotel.

Hotels with Free Shuttle Service: 4/5

While there are several hotels near JFK offering free shuttle, their are quite pricey. The average room price is $321 with barely any option below $150. All options under $150 are small little-known brands and Courtyard and Comfort Inn are the only good options in the $200 range with good reviews.There are more than 10 JFK hotels with free shuttle within a 2-mile radius. Check out our full guide on Hotels Near JFK Airport with Free Shuttle. You’ll note from the list that most of them run on schedules and not on demand and will have to wait for some period.

Designated Rest Zones: 0/5

There are no designated rest areas. The only great spot to relax in is the JetBlue Rooftop Lounge in Terminal 5 but is not equipped for sleep.

Availability and variety of sleeping areas/solutions:1/3

JFK’s sleep areas are limited with some terminals such as T1 lacking any good spots to sleep. Most of the good locations are in T4. Reviews suggest difficulties finding suitable spots for rest, indicating issues with accessibility with some fliers getting kicked out of some terminals such as T7 and T8.

While it is relatively easy to find spots in T4 and 5, T8 has its challenges. Although not hard to find spots per se to sleep in T8, the areas suitable for overnight stays aren’t immediately obvious or comfortable, requiring fliers to settle near luggage areas or on cold, hard floors without much in terms of comfort or privacy.
Several fliers indicated they had to explore multiple terminals to find a quiet or comfortable spot.

For instance, one had to move from a noisy area to find a quiet corner behind some plants in Terminal 8, suggesting a lack of easily accessible and comfortable resting places. Fliers found it relatively easier to find spots to catch some ZZZs in Terminal 4. Overall, T1 is the worst in terms of sleeping spots, and both T7 and T8 lack comfortable sleep spots. Only T4 has good sleep chairs without armrests but are very few.

Do Fliers Get Actual Long Night Sleep? 1.5/3

Passengers have reported getting full-night sleep in few locations in Terminal 4. One guest spent from 9 pm to 6 am in Terminal 4 and was able to find two sets of fully padded 6-feet long benches that allowed them to stretch out completely undisturbed.

Another got some good number of hours of sleep by the window near the duty free store in T4 and another got good hours of sleep in gates A9-A21 area. Another found floor sleeping suitable in the dimly lit area of Terminal: 5, Gate 1 from 12 am to 5 am when it was quiet and great for good night sleep.

What Those Who Didn’t Get Sleep Say:

Access to Day-rooms in Airport Hotels or by Nearby Hotels: 3/3

The TWA Hotel, conveniently located inside JFK’s Terminal 5, offers day-use rooms available for booking from 6 AM to 8 PM EST, requiring a minimum stay of four hours. The cost for a Standard Queen Room for four hours is approximately $155 USD. Additionally, Minute Suites provides day rooms starting at $55 for the first hour, with rates decreasing slightly for longer stays.

For more budget-friendly options, the Courtyard by Marriott New York JFK Airport offers day-use rooms from 8 AM to 6 PM starting at $119. Meanwhile, the Hilton Garden Inn offers rooms from 7 AM to 4 PM with rates beginning at $94. Several other nearby hotels also provide day-use rooms, offering flexibility and convenience for travelers.

Seating and Space Availability (3.5/10 Points)

Armrest-Free Chairs: 1/5

JFK does not have a widespread availability of armrest-free chairs designed for comfortable sleeping, reflecting the airport’s limited accommodation for overnight stays. Travelers seeking to rest at the airport should be prepared for the likelihood of conventional seating, which may not be ideal for sleeping.

There were mentions of a food court in Terminal 1 and few benches in T4 that have armless chairs. This area could potentially be used for sleeping if one manages to rearrange chairs into a makeshift bed. However, it’s important to note that this area might not always be accessible during late hours as food courts typically have operating hours that might restrict overnight access.

Availability of Seating Spaces: 2.5/5

While seating is generally available, it can be scarce during peak hours or in certain areas, especially post-security. Pre-security areas often feature less comfortable seating options, like metal chairs with armrests, making it challenging to find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down.

Nighttime does see reduced foot traffic, but this does not always translate into increased seating availability as passengers tend to occupy spaces for extended periods. Overall, passengers may face difficulties finding comfortable and accessible seating, particularly during busy periods or flight disruptions.

Ambient Environment for Sleep (8/16 Points)

Lighting: 3/6

Feedback from travelers indicates that several areas at JFK Airport are excessively bright throughout the night, making them less conducive to sleep. Specifically, Terminals 1 and 8 are noted for their un-dimmed lights, which, along with ambient noise, pose challenges for sleeping.

Common areas such as food courts and gate areas also maintain bright lighting for safety and operational purposes. Similarly, the pre-security sections and high-traffic corridors, including near check-in counters, are brightly lit to facilitate movement and security, further detracting from the comfort required for restful sleep. These conditions reflect the airport’s emphasis on security and operational efficiency, which can compromise sleep quality.

Areas with Dim Lighting

Sound Level at Night: 2/5

Reviews indicate the airport is noisy, with loud music and announcements, hindering sleep.

Terminals with high traffic, like Terminal 1 and Terminal 8 at JFK Airport, are typically the noisiest due to ongoing announcements, people movement, and cleaning activities. Quieter spots tend to be in secluded areas or shielded by physical barriers like plants in less busy parts of terminals, such as some corners of Terminal 4.

Although some terminals see reduced noise during late-night hours with fewer flights and less foot traffic, disruptions from announcements and cleaning operations persist.

Temperature: 3/5.

Several complain that it gets super chilly at night.

Travelers have found the terminals uncomfortably cold, especially during nighttime when fewer people are present to contribute to ambient warmth. The robust use of air conditioning exacerbates this in large, open spaces like gate areas and pre-security zones.

Reviews frequently advise bringing warm clothing or travel blankets for extended stays, underscoring a need for improved temperature management to enhance passenger comfort.

Operating Hours and Accessibility (8.5/15 Points)

24/7 Operation: 3/5

JFK is operational 24/7, allowing for overnight stays, albeit with comfort challenges and unpredictable policies in all Terminals except T4. Only T4 remains open and accessible throughout the night while others are closed between 11 PM and 2 AM. T2 is the last to close at 2AM.

While the airport operates 24/7, airside access varies by terminal. Terminals like 1 and 8 close their airside overnight, forcing passengers to the less comfortable landside areas until reopening in the morning. In contrast, Terminal 4 remains open 24/7, providing uninterrupted access to both landside and airside, and more comfortable options for overnight stays. T1 and T8 close by 11 pm while T2 close shortly after midnight. Most Terminals start opening at around 4 am. More details below.

TSA Hours

Wait Times to Expect

Walking Times to Gates

Ease of Overnight Stay: 2.5/5

While overnight stays are possible, reviews indicate various comfort and convenience challenges.

Overnight sleeping is generally allowed at JFK Airport with no specific regulation prohibiting stay or access to airport grounds at any time of day. However, some terminals such as Terminals 1, 5, 7 and 8 close their airside sections overnight, requiring passengers to move to landside due to cleaning and security operations when there are no flights scheduled for several hours.

Access to amenities after hours such as food: 1/3

Most dining facilities at JFK Airport close at night after the last flight or in the late evening, aligning with flight schedules and passenger flow. However, JFK operates 24/7, and exceptions include 24-hour options like McDonald’s in Terminal 4 and Dunkin’ Donuts in Terminal 1, plus vending machines available across various terminals for late-hour needs.

Get details of all JFK Terminals Shops and Food Options in our JFK Airport Guide here.

Accessibility of Transport Services:2/2

Navigating JFK Airport and accessing public transportation is straightforward, thanks to clear signage and organized services. The AirTrain operates 24/7, connecting all terminals to Jamaica and Howard Beach stations where passengers can access the subway and Long Island Rail Road. It’s free within the airport, and digital tools like the MTA’s website and Google Maps assist with real-time navigation. Payment systems like MetroCard(now OMNY), facilitate seamless travel across NYC’s transit network. Taxis and rideshare services are also readily available, making transport from JFK to the city efficient for both newcomers and frequent travelers.


Amenities (16/22 Points)

Cleanliness: 1/2

One review noted unclean washrooms in T4, especially during rush hours. Relaxed cleaning schedules.

The cleanliness of sleeping areas and restrooms varies, often depending on the terminal, time of day, and passenger traffic. While some areas are well-maintained, others may become less clean during peak times or overnight due to reduced staffing. Ongoing renovations seek to enhance these facilities, yet passenger experiences vary widely. Travelers should anticipate fluctuating conditions and may wish to bring personal comfort items if planning to rest at the airport.

Security: 1/1

While one review noted ‘no security in sight’ I did not find a review of someone who got robbed or stolen from. Other reviews noted presence of security.

This airport is generally safe, with standard security measures including regular patrols and extensive CCTV coverage throughout its terminals. Despite this, the risk of theft exists, especially in crowded and less monitored areas. Travelers are advised to keep a close watch on their luggage, use luggage locks, and utilize secure storage facilities for unattended bags. Vigilance and common sense precautions can significantly mitigate theft risks.

Wi-Fi: 2/2

JFK offers Wi-Fi, indirectly suggested by passengers’ usage of digital devices in their reviews. 

WiFi at JFK Airport is generally reliable and free throughout the terminals, accessible by connecting to the “_Free JFK WiFi” network. Passengers usually experience good WiFi coverage in public areas like gate lounges and dining sections. However, signal strength and speed may decrease in more remote or lower-level areas like some baggage claims. While coverage is widespread, WiFi quality at JFK can vary based on location.

Read JFK Airport Guide with details to connect to JFK Free WIFi.

Charging: 1.5/1.5

Charging ports are abundantly available in newer or recently renovated terminals like Terminal 4 and Terminal 5, where travelers can find multiple charging stations and outlets in seating areas and near gates. However, charging options are more limited or inconsistent in older terminals or less renovated areas, where passengers might struggle to find available ports, especially during busy periods.

Areas such as some older gate lounges or remote sections of terminals may have fewer charging facilities, requiring passengers to scout locations near dining areas or main corridors where such amenities are typically concentrated.

Showers: 2/3

JFK Airport does not provide public shower facilities as other airports such as Seoul Incheon Airport. shower facilities are primarily available through airline lounges, which generally require a membership, premium ticket, or day pass for access.
Shower facilities are accessible within several lounges at JFK Airport, including the Air France Lounge, KAL Business Class Lounge, Primeclass Lounge, and Swiss Business Class Lounge. For specific locations and details on how to gain entry, refer to the Airport Lounges section mentioned above. PrimeClass Lounge is the cheapest with day pass going for $54.

Reviews suggest limited late-night food options at night, impacting the overall comfort of overnight stays. There are plenty of food options during the day though. Mcdonald’s in T4 on the airside is open 24/7 and Farmer’s Fridge in T4 which serves sandwiches is also open 24 hours. Also, check out Vinny’s Panini – TWA Hotel in T5 which is also open 24 hours. Others such as Dunkin Donuts close by 11.

Read our JFK Airport Guide for shower details here.

Lounge and Accessibility: 1.5/2

There are over 10 lounges at JFK some operated by airlines such as Admirals Club, and Delta Skyclub. There are also some operated by non-airline brands such as Centurion Lounge and Primeclass. Several of them are accessible with Priority Pass and a few such as Primeclass are accessible with a purhcase of a day pass. PrimeClass’ day pass goes for $54.

Luggage Storage Facilities: 1/2

JFK Airport offers short-term luggage storage services at various terminals. In Terminal 1 and International Terminal 4, storage options are available in the Arrivals area landside, provided by SmartCarte and Accommodations Plus. Additionally, in International Terminal 8, Meehgan Services provides luggage storage facilities for travelers needing temporary storage solutions.

Wellness Facilities: 1/2

Travelers at JFK Airport can access spa and salon services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages at XpresSpa and BeRelax. BeRelax is situated airside in Terminal 5, opposite Gates 6 & 7, and XpresSpa is located airside in Terminal 1 near Gates 3 and 6. Additionally, the Interfaith Chapel in Terminal 4 is available on the Departures level before security.

Entertainment options: 0/1

This airport lacks in-airport entertainment facilities such as cinemas, movie theaters, libraries or interactive exhibits.

Pet Friendliness:2/2

JFK Airport provides pet owners with various pet relief areas across multiple terminals. Terminal 1 features an outdoor area on the Arrivals level, while Terminal 2 has outdoor spots at the Arrivals level’s west end and an indoor area near Gate C60. Terminal 4 offers outdoor facilities on the Arrivals level’s east end and an indoor spot near Gate 31.

Terminal 5 includes an outdoor relief area on the north end of the Arrivals level and an indoor option near Gate 28. Terminal 7 has outdoor areas on the Arrivals level’s west end and an indoor facility behind Hudson News at Gates 9–10. Terminal 8 provides an outdoor area on the Departures level and an indoor facility near Gate 38.

Parent and Child-friendly facilities: 2/2

JFK Airport provides convenient baby care facilities for families traveling with small children. Nursing stations, available airside, are located in Terminals 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8, with various gate proximity. Additionally, family washrooms are accessible both landside and airside in Terminals 4, 5, 7, and 8, offering added convenience for parents. However, specific operating hours for these facilities are not provided.

Access to Smoking Areas: 1/1.5

Smoking not allowed inside the terminals but can smoke outside the terminals in designated smoking areas

Total JFK Slep Score: 59.5/100(Average)

Remarks on JFK’s ZZZ Score Rating:

JFK Airport’s overall sleep quality is average with a ZZZ/Sleep Score of 59.5/100. While some efforts have been made to enhance sleep accommodations, such as the inclusion of Minute Suites in Terminal 4 and the upscale but expensive TWA Hotel in Terminal 5, these are not sufficiently accessible or affordable to significantly raise the airport’s score.

The absence of designated rest zones and limited availability of comfortable, armrest-free seating further detract from the airport’s ability to provide a restful environment for travelers. Despite operating 24/7, accessibility issues and restrictive overnight policies in terminals other than T4 complicate stays, with many areas closing overnight and re-opening in the early hours.

The ambient environment is also less than ideal for sleep, highlighted by bright lighting and persistent noise levels throughout the night, coupled with complaints about chilly temperatures.

Amenities do offer some consolation; JFK provides reliable Wi-Fi and a range of dining options during the day, though the nighttime offerings are sparse. Security presence is noted, although concerns about cleanliness, particularly in bathrooms during peak times, are drawbacks.

In terms of convenience, the lack of luggage storage facilities and limited shower amenities pose additional challenges for overnight or long-haul travelers.

In conclusion, while JFK provides basic necessities for overnight stays, its facilities and environment present significant challenges that impact the overall comfort and feasibility of resting effectively within the airport premises.

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