Kansai Airport Sleeping Pods & Alternatives

First Cabin, a capsule hotel operator, revolutionized sleep options at Osaka’s Kansai International Airport (KIX) in 2017 by introducing innovative sleep pods. If you’re facing a layover, flight cancellation, or early morning departure, this guide will put your mind at ease with details of First Cabin Sleeping Pods you can opt for.

KIX is now a top-rated airport for overnight stays, offering modern sleep pods and numerous designated rest areas. With these amenities, you can rest comfortably and wake up refreshed.

This KIX Airport Sleeping Pods Guide covers everything you need to know about making the most of your time at Kansai Airport, whether you need a quick nap or a full night’s sleep.

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Kansai Airport Sleeping Pods: First Cabin:

In 2017, First Cabin, a renowned Japanese capsule hotel operator established in 2006 in Tokyo, expanded its presence to Kansai International Airport (KIX). These First Cabin sleep pods feature a superior design compared to the traditional capsule hotels found in other airports like Haneda and Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Unlike regular capsule hotels, First Cabin offers a more spacious and comfortable environment, with larger sleeping areas and enhanced amenities. Each pod includes a high-quality mattress, personal storage, and advanced privacy features, providing a more luxurious and restful experience for travelers. The design improvements also incorporate better soundproofing and lighting, ensuring a quieter and more serene atmosphere for overnight stays.

Read more about First Cabin innovative design in our First Cabin Guide.

This airport now features 153 single-person cabin rooms. These cabins are divided into a male-only area with 94 cabins and a female-only area with 59 cabins.

Travelers can choose between two types of cabins: the First Class Cabin, which is 4.4 square meters, and the Business Class Cabin, which is 2.5 square meters. These pods provide a comfortable and private sleeping option within the airport.

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More About First Cabin Capsule Hotel in Osaka KIX Airport:

First Cabin Kansai Airport is a capsule hotel located in the Aeroplaza, directly connected to Terminal 1 of Kansai Airport and the JR/Nankai Kansai Airport Station. Terminal 2 is accessible via a free shuttle bus. This hotel offers a unique blend of convenience and comfort, catering specifically to travelers.

Cabin Distribution at First Cabin Kansai Airport

SectionNumber of Cabins
Male-only Area94
Female-only Area59
First Cabin Kansai Airport provides a total of 153 single-person cabin rooms, with 94 cabins designated for male guests and 59 cabins for female guests.

The Two Types of First Cabin’s Pods in KIX

First Class Cabin

First Class Cabin
Image of First Cabin’s First Class Cabin
  • Size: 4.4 square meters
  • Amenities: Air conditioning, dimmable lights, 32-inch TV, side counter with power outlets, headphone jack, and lockable safety box.
  • Size: W2.1 x D2.1 x H2.1 meters
  • Area: 4.4 square meters
  • Capacity: 1 person

Read full details of these cabin here.

Business Class Cabin

  • Size: 2.5 square meters
  • Amenities: Similar to the First Class Cabin but in a more compact space.
  • Size: W1.2 x D2.1 x H2.1 meters
  • Area: 2.5 square meters
  • Capacity: 1 person
  • Floor: Separate floors for men and women

Read full details of this Business Class Cabin here.

First Cabin also has two other types of cabis, the Premium Class and Premium Economy Class but are not available in Kansai Airport.

How Much Do Kansai Airport First Cabin Cost?

First Cabin Kansai Airport offers a range of sleep pod options at competitive prices, catering to different preferences and budgets.

The First Class Cabins, which are spacious and equipped with semi-double beds, 32-inch TVs, Wi-Fi, and side tables, start at 8,580 yen per night, with special plans available for late check-out and early check-in priced at 10,080 yen.

The more compact Business Class Cabins, featuring single beds and similar amenities, are priced from 6,880 yen per night, with late check-out and early check-in options available for 7,880 yen. These pricing tiers provide flexibility for travelers seeking comfort and convenience within the airport premises.

Table with Pricing Details of First Cabin Rooms at Kansai Airport

Cabin TypeGenderRoom Size (sq. m.)Bed SizeAmenitiesBase Price (Yen, tax included)Check-in / Check-out TimesSpecial Plans
First Class CabinMale4.40Semi-double (100-120cm width)32-inch TV, Wi-Fi, side table, free ear plugs8,58017:00 – 10:00Late check-out plan (12:00 check-out): 10,080 Yen
Early check-in plan (15:00 check-in): 10,080 Yen
Standard stay near station/airport: 8,580 Yen
First Class CabinFemale4.40Semi-double (100-120cm width)32-inch TV, Wi-Fi, side table, free ear plugs8,58017:00 – 10:00Late check-out plan (12:00 check-out): 10,080 Yen
Early check-in plan (15:00 check-in): 10,080 Yen
Standard stay near station/airport: 8,580 Yen
Business Class CabinMale2.50Single (90-130cm width)32-inch TV, Wi-Fi, compact space6,88017:00 – 10:00Late check-out plan (12:00 check-out): 7,880 Yen
Early check-in plan (15:00 check-in): 7,880 Yen
Standard stay near station/airport: 6,880 Yen
Business Class CabinFemale2.50Single (90-130cm width)32-inch TV, Wi-Fi, compact space6,88017:00 – 10:00Late check-out plan (12:00 check-out): 7,880 Yen
Early check-in plan (15:00 check-in): 7,880 Yen
Standard stay near station/airport: 6,880 Yen

Additional KIX First Cabin’s Info:

  • Contact: 072-456-5526
  • Location: Aeroplaza, directly connected to Terminal 1 and JR/Nankai Kansai Airport Station.
  • First Cabin’s Webpage for Kansai Airport
  • Access: 5-minute walk to Terminal 1, 20-minute shuttle bus to Terminal 2.
  • Facilities: Public bath, private showers, communal lounge, free amenities (toothbrush, towels, pajamas), vending machine, luggage storage.
  • Booking Options: Local payment or web payment available.
  • Member Benefits: Points earned with member reservations, used for discounts on future stays.

First Cabin provides a variety of options catering to different needs, from compact Business Class cabins to more spacious First Class cabins, making it a versatile choice for travelers at Kansai Airport.

Amenities you can expect from first cabin’s pods at KIX

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Disposable slippers
  • Bath and beauty products
  • Bath and face towels
  • Hair dryer
  • Clock
  • Non-smoking environment


  • On-site Dining: None available.
  • Nearby Options: Various restaurants are accessible within walking distance, particularly in the Aeroplaza.

Sleep Facilities and Services at KIX’s Capsule Hotel

Public Bath and Showers

  • Public Bath: Available for both men and women, closed for cleaning between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm.
  • Shower Rooms: Separate for men and women, each with private changing rooms and lockable doors.

Communal Lounge

  • Features: Free Wi-Fi, TV, power outlets.
  • Purpose: Space to work or socialize.

Additional Facilities

  • Luggage Storage: Available from the morning of check-in.
  • Smoking Booth
  • Coin-operated Laundry Room
  • Vending Machine: Snacks available.
  • Alcoholic Drinks: Orderable.

Rental Items

  • Free: Iron, humidifier, mobile phone charger, conversion plug, trouser press.
  • For a Small Fee: Additional bath set (bath towel and face towel).

Location and Booking KIX’s First Cabins

  • Direct Connection: Located on the third floor of Kansai International Airport’s Terminal 1, directly connected to the JR/Nankai Kansai Airport Station.
  • Identification: Grand piano at the front desk.
  • Shuttle Service: Free shuttle bus to Terminal 2.

Transportation Options

  • To Tennoji Station: 34 minutes via JR Limited Express Haruka.
  • To Nankai Namba Station: 44 minutes via Nankai Airport Express.
  • To Shin-Osaka Station: 51 minutes via JR Haruka.
  • Shuttle Buses: Reach Abeno Harukas in 1 hour 15 minutes or Osaka Station in 1 hour.

Booking Information

  • Check Room Rates: Available online.
  • Booking: Online booking options available for convenience.

First Cabin Kansai Airport provides a practical and comfortable solution for travelers needing a quick rest or overnight stay, with easy access to both airport terminals and major transportation hubs.

Snapshot from Kansai Airport First Cabin's Booking Page
Snapshot from Kansai Airport First Cabin’s Booking Page. Here is Reservation Page Link on First Cabin’s website.

You can also book First Cabin on major booking sites such as Booking.com or trip.com. I actually found it to be about $20 cheaper.

Booking First Cabin Kansai Airport on Booking.com site
Snapshot showing prices for booking First Cabin at Kansai Airport on Booking.com and Trip.com site being cheaper than booking on First Cabin’s website. Check Rates today here.

Review of First Cabin Capsule Hotel Pods in KIX:


1. Convenient Location
First Cabin Kansai Airport is ideally situated in the Aeroplaza, directly connected to Terminal 1 and the JR/Nankai Kansai Airport Station. This prime location makes it perfect for travelers with late arrivals or early departures, providing easy access to both the airport terminals and transportation hubs.

2. Excellent Facilities
The hotel boasts modern and clean facilities, including a Japanese-style public bath, private showers, and well-equipped communal areas. Guests appreciate the availability of essential amenities such as toothbrushes, towels, pajamas, and toiletries, which enhance the convenience of their stay.

3. Comfortable and Spacious Cabins
The First Class cabins are particularly praised for their spaciousness, allowing guests to stand and change clothes comfortably. These cabins also feature additional amenities such as a larger TV, more charging ports, and space to store luggage, making them a preferred choice over the Business Class cabins.

4. Helpful and Friendly Staff
Guests consistently highlight the friendly and helpful nature of the hotel staff. Efficient check-in processes and courteous service enhance the overall experience, making travelers feel welcome and well-supported.

5. Value for Money
First Cabin offers a cost-effective accommodation option, especially for short stays or layovers. The combination of comfort, cleanliness, and convenient location provides good value for travelers looking for a budget-friendly stay at the airport.

6. Cleanliness and Hygiene
The hotel is highly regarded for its cleanliness, with spotless bathrooms and well-maintained cabins. The communal areas are also kept in excellent condition, contributing to a pleasant stay for all guests.


1. Noise and Disturbance
Due to the nature of the capsule hotel, noise from other guests is inevitable. Travelers have reported disturbances from snoring neighbors, early departures, and the general comings and goings typical of an airport hotel. Earplugs are recommended to mitigate this issue.

2. Lack of Privacy and Security
The cabins are separated by roll or accordion curtains rather than lockable doors, which can compromise privacy and security. Although security cameras are present, guests must store their luggage in communal areas, which may not be ideal for those with concerns about their belongings.

3. Limited Ventilation
Some guests have mentioned issues with ventilation, noting that the cabins can become hot and stuffy. This lack of airflow can affect the overall comfort of the stay, especially during warmer months.

4. Inconvenient Bathroom Access
For guests staying in First Class cabins on the third floor, accessing the bathrooms and shower facilities on the second floor can be inconvenient. This requires frequent trips up and down, which may not be ideal for all travelers.

5. Restricted Space in Business Class Cabins
The Business Class cabins are noted to be smaller, with limited space for luggage storage and less comfort compared to the First Class cabins. This can be restrictive for travelers with larger luggage or those needing more space.

6. Non-Transgender Friendly Policies
The hotel’s policy of assigning rooms based on ID gender has been problematic for transgender travelers, leading to discomfort and dissatisfaction. This policy does not accommodate the needs of the transgender community, resulting in negative experiences for some guests.

7. Limited Bathroom Facilities for Women
There are only two bathrooms available for female guests, which can lead to waiting times, especially during peak hours. This limitation may cause inconvenience for female travelers needing to use the facilities.

Summary of Flier Comments:
Overall, First Cabin Kansai Airport is valued for its strategic location, cleanliness, and affordability, making it a popular choice for travelers needing short-term accommodation. However, noise, privacy concerns, and ventilation issues are notable drawbacks that potential guests should consider. Despite these cons, many travelers find the hotel a convenient and comfortable option for overnight stays at Kansai Airport.

First Cabin Is An Excellent Addition to Kansai Airport

Unique Accommodation Option
First Cabin Kansai Airport provides a unique and modern accommodation option, blending the concept of a capsule hotel with the comfort of a first-class airline cabin. This innovative design offers travelers a private and comfortable place to rest without leaving the airport premises.

Convenient Location
Strategically located in the Aeroplaza, directly connected to Terminal 1 and the JR/Nankai Kansai Airport Station, First Cabin is easily accessible. This location is particularly convenient for travelers with early morning flights or long layovers.

Variety of Amenities
First Cabin offers a range of amenities that enhance the traveler experience, including:

  • Public Baths and Showers: Available for both men and women, with private changing rooms.
  • Communal Lounge: Equipped with Wi-Fi, a TV, and power outlets, providing a space to work or relax.
  • Additional Services: Luggage storage, vending machines, coin-operated laundry, and rental items such as irons and mobile phone chargers.

Comfort and Privacy
With two cabin types—First Class and Business Class—travelers can choose the level of comfort that suits their needs. Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning, dimmable lights, a 32-inch TV, and a lockable safety box, ensuring a restful stay.

Positive Traveler Feedback
Fliers consistently praise First Cabin for its cleanliness, comfort, and convenience. Many appreciate the private and quiet environment, which is a significant upgrade from the typical airport sleeping experience. The availability of free ear plugs, air conditioning, and secure luggage storage also receives positive mentions.

Summary of Flier Comments:

  • Comfort: Travelers highlight the comfortable beds and quiet atmosphere, making it an ideal place to catch up on rest.
  • Convenience: The proximity to terminals and transportation options is frequently noted as a major benefit.
  • Cleanliness: Fliers commend the hotel’s cleanliness and the well-maintained facilities.
  • Amenities: The availability of showers, free Wi-Fi, and the communal lounge are appreciated features.
  • Safety: The secure environment, with separate areas for men and women, adds to the overall positive experience.

Sleeping in Osaka’s Kansai Airport: Overview

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is considered a favorable location for overnight stays by many travelers due to its 24/7 operations, safety, and extensive amenities.

Overall sentiment from fliers is positive, highlighting the airport’s cleanliness, security, and the availability of convenient amenities such as 24-hour food options, showers, and charging stations.

The airport offers various comfortable spots for sleeping, including benches without armrests and quiet areas near police stations and convenience stores, ensuring a relatively undisturbed and secure environment for travelers needing to rest overnight.

What Stands Out About Kansai Airport Sleep:

Fliers should know that Kansai International Airport (KIX) stands out for its unique combination of safety, convenience, and hospitality, making it a favorable option for overnight stays. Notably, the airport offers:

  • Free Blanket Loans: Available from the information desk, enhancing comfort during overnight stays.
  • Extensive 24/7 Food Options: Including convenience stores like Lawson and various restaurants, ensuring access to food at all hours.
  • Quiet and Safe Sleeping Areas: Particularly near the police stations and convenience stores, providing a secure environment.
  • Sleep Pods: This airport has 153 compact sleep facilities/sleep pods that offer layover passengers flexibility with a pay-per-use sleep option right within the airport’s terminals.
  • Observation Deck: Featuring comfortable seating and scenic views of the runways, adding a unique experience for aviation enthusiasts.
  • Comprehensive Amenities: Including showers, charging stations, and lockers, catering to the needs of overnight travelers.
  • Friendly and Helpful Staff: Known for their politeness and assistance, enhancing the overall travel experience.

These features collectively contribute to the airport’s reputation as a comfortable and accommodating place for travelers to rest overnight.

Best Locations for Sleeping at Kansai Airport (KIX): Free Alternatives to First Cabin’s Pods

1. Aeroplaza

  • Location: Between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
  • Features: Rentable rest spaces, circular couches, benches.
  • Amenities: Showers, 24-hour Nakau restaurant offering Oyakodon, Japanese curry, Katsudon, udon.
  • Pros: Variety of food options, rest spaces for different budgets.
  • Cons: No convenience store in Terminal 2.

2. Nodoka Lounge

  • Location: Aeroplaza, 2nd floor.
  • Features: Large group rooms with extra wide couches, yoga mats, blankets, adjustable lights, and thermostat.
  • Amenities: Private space with temperature control.
  • Pros: Very clean, not crowded, offers privacy.
  • Cons: High cost.

3. Terminal 1

  • Floor 1:
    • Location: Near Arrivals.
    • Features: Quiet, good toilet access.
    • Amenities: Benches with arms, close to restrooms.
    • Pros: Quiet and accessible.
    • Cons: Benches have arms, limiting sleeping comfort.
  • Floor 2:
    • Location: Near Lawson and the police box.
    • Features: Armless benches, charging points.
    • Amenities: 24/7 convenience stores (Lawson), McDonald’s, Sukiya.
    • Pros: Safe, plenty of charging points, food options.
    • Cons: Noisy, bright, cleaning machines operate at night.
  • Floor 3:
    • Location: Central area.
    • Features: Mostly closed shops at night.
    • Amenities: Limited seating.
    • Pros: Quieter than lower floors.
    • Cons: Limited seating options.
  • Floor 4:
    • Location: Around escalators.
    • Features: Chairs with arms, charging banks.
    • Amenities: Close to power outlets.
    • Pros: Plenty of seating around charging stations.
    • Cons: Noisy due to escalator announcements.

4. Near Lawson Convenience Store (2nd Floor, Terminal 1)

  • Location: North end of Terminal 1.
  • Features: 24/7 convenience store, information desk.
  • Amenities: Clean toilets, power points, free blankets.
  • Pros: Bright, accessible, safe.
  • Cons: Bright lights may disturb sleep.

5. Near the Post-Office (2nd Floor, Terminal 1)

  • Location: Close to Domestic Departures.
  • Features: Dim lights, pleather chairs.
  • Amenities: Nearby toilets, water, Family Mart.
  • Pros: Quiet, less bright, convenient amenities.
  • Cons: Limited space.

6. Designated Sleeping Area

  • Location: Near Burger King, Terminal 1.
  • Features: Large benches.
  • Amenities: Free blankets, showers.
  • Pros: Dedicated sleeping space, showers available.
  • Cons: Limited availability of blankets.

7. KIX Lounge

  • Location: Near Gate 26, Terminal 1.
  • Features: Showers, towels, hair dryers.
  • Amenities: Liquid soap, shampoo, lockers.
  • Pros: Comfortable, good water pressure in showers.
  • Cons: Towels not included, must be purchased or brought.

8. Refresh Lounge (2nd Floor, Terminal 1)

  • Location: North side of the 2nd floor.
  • Features: Relaxation lounge, reclining seats.
  • Amenities: Self-service drinks, internet access, DVDs, magazines.
  • Pros: Variety of entertainment options.
  • Cons: Reclining seats only, limited privacy.

9. Near Domestic Departures Gates 8 and 9 (2nd Floor, Terminal 1)

  • Location: Central area near gates.
  • Features: Benches near outlets.
  • Amenities: Quiet corner, safe.
  • Pros: Access to power outlets, quiet.
  • Cons: Limited seating.

10. Near McDonald’s and Sukiya (2nd Floor, Terminal 1)

  • Location: South end of Terminal 1.
  • Features: Benches, charging points.
  • Amenities: 24/7 food options.
  • Pros: Convenient food access, safe.
  • Cons: Noisy, bright lights.

11. Observation Deck (Sky View Building)

  • Location: Adjacent to Terminal 1.
  • Features: Comfortable seating, great view of runways.
  • Amenities: Open-air, viewing telescopes.
  • Pros: Scenic, spacious.
  • Cons: Can be cold and windy.

12. Near Burger King

  • Location: Opposite Burger King, Terminal 1.
  • Features: Large benches, low ceiling, minimal lighting.
  • Amenities: Close to clinic and washrooms, power outlets.
  • Pros: Convenient, low lighting.
  • Cons: Limited seating.

13. Public Lounge (2nd Floor, Terminal 1)

  • Location: Near Information Desk.
  • Features: Showers, charging stations.
  • Amenities: Lockers, 24/7 assistance.
  • Pros: Accessible, safe.
  • Cons: Limited privacy.

14. Near Information Desk (2nd Floor, Terminal 1)

  • Location: Next to Lawson.
  • Features: Benches, power points.
  • Amenities: Information center, clean toilets.
  • Pros: Safe, well-lit.
  • Cons: Bright lights, may be crowded.

15. Near Lawson Convenience Store (2nd Floor, Terminal 1)

  • Location: Central area.
  • Features: Bright, open 24/7.
  • Amenities: Police station nearby, information desk.
  • Pros: Safe, convenient.
  • Cons: Bright and noisy.

16. Around Domestic Departures Gates 8 and 9 (2nd Floor, Terminal 1)

  • Location: Near domestic gates.
  • Features: Benches near outlets.
  • Amenities: Quiet, safe.
  • Pros: Convenient, access to power.
  • Cons: Limited seating.

17. VIP Card Lounge

  • Location: Near Gates 5-7, Terminal 1.
  • Features: Refresh lounge with reclining chairs.
  • Amenities: Blankets, showers.
  • Pros: Comfortable, good for longer stays.
  • Cons: Requires VIP card, cost associated.

Review of Kansai Airport Sleep Quality:

Pros of Sleeping at Kansai Airport

24/7 Operations

Kansai Airport operates around the clock, providing travelers with continuous access to various facilities, shops, and services. This includes 24-hour convenience stores like Lawson and multiple dining options.

High Level of Safety

The airport maintains a high level of security, with regular police patrols ensuring a safe environment for overnight stays. Sleeping areas near police boxes enhance the sense of security for travelers.

Comfortable Sleeping Spots

The airport offers a variety of comfortable sleeping spots, including armless benches and designated areas with free blankets. These options cater to different comfort needs and preferences.

Convenient Amenities

Travelers have easy access to essential amenities such as toilets, showers, and charging points. These facilities are well-maintained and conveniently located near most sleeping areas.

Private and Comfortable First Cabin Hotel

First Cabin Kansai Airport provides private sleeping options with First Class and Business Class cabins, offering a higher level of comfort and various amenities. This option is ideal for those seeking privacy and enhanced comfort.

Free Amenities

The airport offers free amenities, including Wi-Fi, blankets, and water fountains. Information desks also provide blankets and other necessities to enhance traveler comfort.

Scenic Observation Deck

The observation deck offers enjoyable views for aviation enthusiasts, with comfortable seating and a great view of the runway. It provides a unique experience for those interested in watching aircraft.

Cons of Sleeping at Kansai Airport

Bright Lighting

Some sleeping areas are brightly lit, which can be disruptive to sleep. Areas like those near the Lawson Convenience Store may be too bright for comfortable rest.

High Noise Levels

Certain areas of the airport can be noisy due to cleaning machines and the 24/7 operations of food outlets. This noise can be a disturbance, especially in areas close to these activities.

Limited Privacy

Open sleeping areas lack privacy, making it difficult for travelers seeking a more secluded space. Unlike the First Cabin hotel, free areas do not offer curtains or partitions.

Cold Temperatures

Some areas, such as the observation deck, can be quite cold, making it uncomfortable for sleepers. Travelers may need to bring extra layers or blankets to stay warm.

Limited Availability of Free Amenities

Free blankets and pillows can run out quickly, especially during high-demand periods. This limitation means travelers might need to secure these items early.

Popular sleeping spots, like those near McDonald’s and Sukiya, can become crowded quickly. Travelers might find it challenging to secure a spot in these areas.

Cost for Premium Options

While the First Cabin hotel offers enhanced comfort and privacy, it comes with an additional cost. This premium option may not be suitable for all budgets, despite its benefits.

How to Choose the Best Sleeping Location

Factors to Consider

  1. Comfort
    • Top Pick: First Cabin’s First Class Cabin for the most comfort and amenities.
    • Free Option: Aeroplaza or near Lawson Convenience Store for comfy seating and convenience.
  2. Privacy
    • Top Pick: First Cabin with separate male and female areas.
    • Free Option: Near the Post-Office or VIP Card Lounge for quieter, less crowded spots.
  3. Convenience
    • Top Pick: Near Lawson Convenience Store for 24/7 food, toilets, and information desk.
    • Free Option: Designated Sleeping Area near Burger King for easy access to amenities.
  4. Safety
    • Top Pick: Near the police box by Lawson or the public lounge for a secure environment.
    • Free Option: Any area near police presence, such as near McDonald’s and Sukiya.
  5. Budget
    • Top Pick: Free options are ideal for budget-conscious travelers.
    • Paid Option: First Cabin is suitable for those who want added comfort and privacy.


  • For Families: Choose First Cabin’s First Class Cabin or Aeroplaza for larger seating areas.
  • For Solo Travelers: Opt for near Lawson Convenience Store or First Cabin’s Business Class Cabin.
  • For Light Sleepers: Go for First Cabin’s private cabins or quieter areas near the Post-Office.

By considering these factors and options, new fliers can easily find the best sleeping location at Kansai Airport to match their needs.

First Cabin Kansai Airport is seen as a valuable addition to the airport, providing a high-quality, convenient, and comfortable accommodation option for travelers.


Q: Can you stay/sleep at Osaka Kansai Airport Overnight?

A: Yes, you can stay overnight at Kansai International Airport (KIX) as there are no laws prohibiting overnight stays. The airport operates 24/7, providing a range of amenities including 24-hour convenience stores, restaurants, and lounges with showers and charging stations.

According to reviews from travelers, many have comfortably spent the night in various locations within the airport, highlighting the availability of armless benches, safe sleeping areas near police ‘box’ stations, and accessible rest facilities. The airport’s overall safety, cleanliness, and convenience make it a favorable option for overnight stays.

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