Kuala Lumpur Airport Sleeping Pods

Although I knew about the Kuala Lumpur Airport Sleep Pods, I was surprised to learn that KLIA handles one of the highest volumes of international passengers, with about 68% of all 2023 passenger traffic being international. With high international traffic and being among the busiest airports in Asia, KLIA Airport is prone to have high layover passengers.

This might make you concerned about the availability of sleeping spaces and whether the airport’s sleeping pods will be sufficient and available for booking. This guide on KLIA Sleeping Pods is designed to address these concerns and help you find the best options for rest at the airport.

Does Kuala Lumpur Int’ Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes, Kuala Lumpur International Airport has 4 sleeping pod options for travelers: NapZone KLIA by Sovotel, Capsule Transit Airside, Capsule Landside, and Aerotel.

NapZone KLIA by Sovotel, located in Terminal 1, offers compact sleeping pods equipped with essentials like power sockets and fans. Among the airports with sleeping pods that we track here at Airport ZZZ, KLIA has the most extensive range of sleep pods from the simple capsule hotel designs to premium cabin-design sleep pods by Aerotel distributed in both terminals.

Capsule Transit Airside and Capsule Landside, both in KLIA2, provide various pod types, including single, queen, and private suites, designed for short-term stays with amenities such as WiFi and lockers.

The Aerotel Kuala Lumpur, located landside at Level 2M of KLIA2 Gateway, provides single, double, and family rooms with rates starting at RM 133 for a single room for three hours.

These sleep pods ensure comfort and convenience for transit passengers during layovers.

Among the airports with sleeping pods that we track here at Airport ZZZ, KLIA has the most extensive range of sleep pods from the simple capsule hotel designs to premium cabin-design sleep pods by Aerotel distributed in both terminals. Check out other 48+ airports with sleeping pods such as Riyadh Airport, Jeddah Airport, Changi Airport, Brasilia Airport, NRT Airport, Bergamo Airport, Kansai Airport, JFK Airport, Istanbul Airport, PHL Airport, SLC Airport, Guangzhou Airport, and more.

The Sleeping Pods at Kuala Lumpur Airport:

#1. NapZone KLIA by Sovotel:

NapZone KLIA by Sovotel was an airside sleep pods facility located in the Satellite Building at KLIA, on the Mezzanine Level. They were the perfect sleep pods in the definition of pay-per-use and compact sleep spaces within an airport.

They featured compact sleep spaces similar to those of Minute Suites but were actually a bit smaller. This transit accommodation provided compact sleeping pods, each efficiently designed to maximize the small space with amenities like a foldable table.

The facility included 28 sleep capsules, each equipped with a bed, power socket, light, fan, and WiFi. Additional amenities included lockers and massage chairs for guest use. For shower facilities, guests could access those provided by Sama Sama Express KLIA.

Sama-Sama Express KLIA2 is strategically positioned in KLIA Terminal 2, serving exclusively those in international transit or departing internationally from Terminal 2. Key points to note:

  • Directly accessible within the Satellite Building of Terminal 2, near cafes and fast food outlets.
  • Guests must not clear immigration if arriving internationally and planning to stay at the hotel.
  • Ensure your luggage is checked through to your final destination as you won’t have access to it while staying with us.
  • KLIA Terminal 1 and KLIA Terminal 2 are not connected.
  • Those transferring from an international to a domestic flight must clear immigration and therefore cannot utilize this hotel.
  • A boarding pass for your onward flight is required at check-in.


  • Excellent for overnight stays on layovers, offering rooms booked by the hour (minimum 6 hours), making it convenient regardless of flight arrival time.
  • Rooms are clean, quiet, and well-equipped with comfortable beds and essential toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel, and a toothbrush set.
  • Additional amenities like tea and coffee making facilities and bottled water enhance comfort.
  • The staff are welcoming and provide services such as wake-up calls to ensure guests don’t miss their flights.


  • Food quality at the hotel restaurant can be disappointing, with some guests finding the dinner options unappealing.
  • Some guests reported poor soundproofing in the rooms, leading to disturbances from other guests throughout the night.
  • Limited food choices in the buffet and a preference by some for room service or external eateries due to the limited appeal of offered dishes.
  • The minimum booking time may not align with all travelers’ needs, especially those who require less than the six-hour minimum stay.

Check rates here.

#2. Capsule Transit (Airside)

Conveniently located in the KLIA2 Satellite building at the International Departure Hall on Level L, near Gates Q. Capsule Transit offers three types of capsules: Single, Queen, and Private Suite. These can be reserved in blocks of 3, 6, or 12 hours.

  • Single Capsules: Available in mixed or female-only zones, prices start at RM 145 for 3 hours, RM 155 for 6 hours, and RM 165 for 12 hours.
  • Queen Capsules: Suitable for couples, priced at RM 250 for 3 hours, RM 270 for 6 hours, and RM 290 for 12 hours.
  • Private Suites: Offering more space and privacy, these are available at RM 270 for 3 hours, RM 290 for 6 hours, and RM 310 for 12 hours.
Capsule Transit Sleeping Pods at KLIA 2 Airside
Capsule Transit Sleeping Pods at KLIA 2 Airside

Additionally, a “Shower Only” package is offered, which includes access to a locker, towel, and dental kit, providing travelers a refreshing option during layovers. These facilities aim to offer convenience and comfort to passengers transiting through KLIA2.

Row of capsule pods at Capsule Transit Sleeping Pods at KLIA 2 Airside


  • Ideal for long stopovers with convenient location inside the international departures area.
  • Notable cleanliness and professionalism from staff.
  • Well-functioning amenities such as WiFi, ventilated and comfortable beds.
  • Pricing is transparent with no hidden fees or taxes.
  • Capsule design efficiently uses space, providing essentials like a foldable table.
  • Additional facilities like lockers and massage chairs enhance comfort.
  • Access to external shower facilities if needed.
Image showing interior of Capsule Transit Sleeping Pods at KLIA 2 Airside
Image showing interior of Capsule Transit Sleeping Pods at KLIA 2 Airside. See more on Booking.com here


  • Maintenance issues in shared bathrooms with some showers not working or not draining properly.
  • Capsule hotel design may not suit everyone, particularly those who prefer more traditional hotel accommodations.
  • Slow response times to communications, which may inconvenience guests needing prompt answers.

Check rates of Capsule Transit Hotel on booking.com here

#3. Aerotel

Aerotel Kuala Lumpur, located landside at Level 2M of KLIA2 Gateway, offers convenient accommodation options including single, double, and family rooms. Rates start at RM 133 for a single room for three hours, up to RM 295 for a double room for five hours.

While the hotel is praised for its strategic location and comfortable rooms, some guests have noted issues with noise and limited breakfast options. Additionally, clearer communication about access and booking procedures is needed. Despite these concerns, Aerotel remains a recommended choice for transit passengers and those with early flights due to its convenience and quality accommodations.


  • Convenient Location: Situated in KLIA2, just a minute away from the Air Asia check-in counters, offering easy access to airport facilities.
  • Excellent Room Standards: Rooms are noted for being clean, comfortable, and of excellent standard, providing a good night’s sleep.
  • Amenities: Rooms are equipped with basic amenities like toothpaste and brushes.
  • Staff Efficiency: Front desk staff are highlighted for being helpful, especially in situations of booking errors or check-in issues.


  • Poor Breakfast Quality: The hotel’s breakfast options are limited and disappointing with a small selection of fixed meals, often including unappealing choices like spicy chicken and rice, with no continental options or hot beverages.
  • Noise Issues: Noise from a restaurant located above the hotel can be disturbing due to the sound of moving chairs and tables.
  • Confusion About Booking: Some guests experienced confusion regarding the hotel’s location and access, noting the importance of clearing immigration first.
  • Limited Access to Facilities: Guests have reported that the lounge is not accessible to all, being reserved for certain customers only, which can be misleading and inconvenient.
  • Price Concerns: Some reviews indicate that the pricing might be high considering the overall experience and facilities offered.

Overall, Aerotel Kuala Lumpur offers a convenient and comfortable stay for transit passengers with some areas needing improvement, particularly in terms of food quality and noise control.

Check rates here.

#4. Capsule Landside:

Capsule Transit, located landside at Level 1 near the Transportation hubs’ ticketing counter in KLIA1, can be accessed via a free shuttle bus.

This minimalist capsule-style hotel, the first in Malaysia, caters to transit travelers and backpackers with single capsules available in female-only or mixed options, booked in 3, 6, or 12-hour blocks. Prices start at RM 145 for 3 hours and go up to RM 165 for 12 hours. For those requiring less, shower-only packages provide warm water, a locker, towel, and dental kit.


  • Convenient location within the airport, perfect for layovers.
  • Generally clean and comfortable accommodations.
  • Facilities such as showers and lockers are available.
  • Good value for money with options for different stay durations.
  • Efficient and friendly reception staff.
  • Good bed comfort and capsule privacy.


  • Can be noisy due to the constant movement and social behavior of other guests.
  • Some customers reported maintenance issues in bathrooms.
  • Limited food options and service areas nearby.
  • Issues with room temperature control and air conditioning noise.
  • Some operational issues such as delayed refunds and communication problems with management.

Check rates of Landside Capsule Hotel 

Check rates of Capsule Hotel in the Airside.

Does Kuala Lumpur Airprt Have Hotel(s) Inside the Airport?

Yes, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) has 3 hotels inside the airport to accommodate transit and layover passengers.

These include the Sama-Sama Express KLIA, located at Gate C5 in the Satellite Building of KLIA Terminal 1, which is exclusively for international transit passengers and offers short stays with comfortable rooms.

Another option is the Sama-Sama Hotel, a 5-star hotel connected to KLIA via a covered sky bridge, providing luxurious amenities and direct airport access. Additionally, the Tune Hotel KLIA2 is near the KLIA2 Arrivals Hall, offering convenient and comfortable rooms with flexible day-use options for travelers.

Below are more details of the 3 hotels that are direct competitors to the above 4 sleeping pods;

#1. Tune Hotel KLIA 2:

Tune Hotel KLIA-KLIA2 offers convenient and comfortable accommodations for business and transit travelers near KLIA2 and KLIA.

  • Room Features: Air-conditioned rooms equipped with 5-star beds, ensuite bathrooms, TVs, safes, and essential toiletries.
  • Wi-Fi Access: Complimentary Wi-Fi available throughout the property.
  • Day Rooms Availability: Day rooms accessible from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, with rates starting at RM 140 for 6 hours, RM 170 for 12 hours, and RM 300 for overnight stays.
  • Dining Options: The MAKAN restaurant provides all-day dining, while the MINUM bar and lounge offers weekly promotions and live sports screenings.
  • Additional Services: Fee-based services include KLIA shuttle, baggage storage, transportation bookings, extra toiletries, and self-service laundry.
  • Local Attractions: Close proximity to Sepang F1 circuit and Mitsui Outlet Shopping Park.

Pros of Tune Hotel KLIA-KLIA2:

  • Proximity to KLIA2: The hotel is conveniently connected by a covered walkway, only a 10-minute walk from the Arrivals Hall, and a brief train ride via KLIA Ekspres from KLIA.
  • Comfortable Facilities: Offers well-equipped, clean, and comfortable rooms with essential amenities like a safe, TV, and free Wi-Fi.
  • Dining Options: Features an all-day dining restaurant, MAKAN, and a bar and lounge area, MINUM, which is popular for its weekly promotions and live sports screenings.
  • Additional Services: Provides various paid services like shuttle service to KLIA, baggage storage, and self-service laundry.
  • Affordable Day Rooms: Offers flexible booking options for day rooms between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, ideal for short stays.

Cons of Tune Hotel KLIA-KLIA2:

  • Noise Issues: Some rooms, especially those facing the inner yard, can experience noise from the lively bar and restaurant area.
  • Limited In-Room Amenities: Basic toiletries and lack of in-room kettles or ironing facilities could inconvenience some guests.
  • Confusing Branding: Potential confusion with a similarly named sister hotel, Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis, which is further away.

Check rates here

#2. Sama-Sama Express KLIA

Sama-Sama Express KLIA, situated at Gate C5 in the Satellite Building of KLIA Terminal 1, is a transit hotel designed exclusively for guests transiting through or departing from KLIA Terminal 1 on international flights. The hotel offers comfortable rooms equipped with free WiFi, available for short stays with prices starting at RM 288.00.

Key points for travelers considering Sama-Sama Express KLIA include:

  1. Transit Use Only: The hotel serves only transit passengers or those departing internationally from KLIA Terminal 1.
  2. Baggage Handling: Travelers should ensure their baggage is checked through to their final destination since access to checked luggage will not be available during the stay.
  3. Immigration and Customs: Transit passengers should not clear immigration but instead proceed directly to the hotel located next to boarding Gate C05.
  4. International Arrivals: International guests who wish to stay at the hotel should proceed directly for check-in upon arrival. After checking out, luggage can be retrieved from the Lost and Found department post-immigration clearance.
  5. Terminal Information: It’s important to note that KLIA Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are not interconnected, which might require additional planning for travelers.

The Sama-Sama Express KLIA offers a practical and convenient lodging option for international travelers needing a rest between flights, without the need to leave the airport or clear immigration.


  • Comfort and Quietness: The rooms are described as very comfortable and quiet, ideal for layover sleep, with effective soundproofing even close to the tarmac.
  • Facilities and Cleanliness: Rooms are well-equipped with necessary amenities, and the hotel maintains high cleanliness standards.
  • Convenient Location: The hotel’s location inside the airport near Gate C5 makes it easily accessible for transit passengers.
  • Service Quality: Reviews consistently praise the friendly and professional service from staff across all levels.
  • Food Quality: The room service food is noted as excellent, with options like high-quality burgers and a good selection at the buffet breakfast.
  • Efficient Booking and Check-In: The online check-in process is straightforward, and the front desk check-in and out processes are quick and efficient.


  • Booking Duration Clarity: There seems to be some confusion regarding the duration of stay as standard bookings are for 6 hours, which can be misleading if guests expect a full day’s stay.
  • Room Size: Rooms are somewhat small, which is expected for a transit hotel but might be an issue for guests needing more space.
  • Price for Extensions: While the hotel offers extensions, they come at an additional cost which might add up, especially for longer waits.
  • Limited Duration of Stay: The hotel is sold by the hour with a minimum stay requirement, which might not be suitable for all types of travelers.

Overall, the Sama Sama Express KLIA (Airside Transit Hotel) offers a highly convenient and comfortable option for travelers looking for a restful layover at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, with exceptional service and good facilities. However, guests should be mindful of the booking terms regarding the duration of stay and room sizes.

You can book Sama Sama Express Airside here.

#3. Sama Sama Hotel

Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA is a 5-star hotel conveniently connected to KLIA via a covered sky bridge, just a 5-minute walk from the Arrivals Hall, with an optional free buggy ride that takes about 3 minutes and operates 24/7.

  • Location and Access: Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA is directly connected to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) via a covered sky bridge. It’s a 5-minute walk from the Arrivals Hall, with a complimentary 24/7 buggy service available that takes about 3 minutes.
  • Accommodations: The hotel offers modern rooms and suites that are air-conditioned and equipped with free WiFi. The rooms provide scenic views of the airport quarter.
  • Amenities: Features include a luxurious swimming pool and a highly praised breakfast buffet. The hotel is known for its upscale ambiance and comprehensive amenities that cater to both leisure and business travelers.
  • Service: The staff is recognized for their efficiency and friendliness, particularly the buggy service team, enhancing the overall guest experience.
  • Areas for Improvement: Some guests have noted that certain parts of the hotel could benefit from updates to maintain a fresh and modern feel.
  • Ideal for Transit Travelers: With its proximity to KLIA and range of high-quality facilities, Sama-Sama Hotel is particularly popular among transit travelers looking for comfort and convenience.

Pros of Sama Sama Hotel:

  • Convenient Location: Directly connected to KLIA via a sky bridge, offering easy access with a short walk or a quick, free buggy ride.
  • Comfortable and Well-Appointed Rooms: Rooms and suites are modern, clean, and equipped with amenities such as air conditioning and free WiFi. Many rooms offer scenic views of the airport or surroundings.
  • Luxurious Amenities: Features a beautiful swimming pool, a praised breakfast buffet, and a variety of dining options. The hotel is noted for its upscale ambiance.
  • Exceptional Service: Staff are consistently described as friendly and helpful, enhancing the guest experience with services like the efficient buggy shuttle.

Cons of Sama Sama Hotel:

  • Inconsistencies in Service: While generally praised, there are occasional reports of hiccups in service consistency.
  • Dining Quality Varied: Some guests felt the food, especially in certain restaurants like the Degree restaurant, was overpriced and underwhelming in quality.
  • Potential for Modernization: Some guests noted that certain areas of the hotel could benefit from updates to maintain the high standards expected.
  • WiFi Issues: A few reports of weak WiFi signals in some parts of the hotel, affecting connectivity.

Check rates here.

Table Summary of KLIA Sleep Pods and Hotels Near KLIA

Here is a table summarizing the top 20 hotels near Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL), including their distance from the airport, price, and address:

Hotel NameDistance from AirportPriceAddress
Sama-sama Hotel1.1 miles$121 – $145Jalan CTA 4B KLIA International Airport, Sepang 64000 Malaysia
Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis1.4 miles$20 – $23Lot PT29, Jalan KLIA S4 Low Cost Carrier Terminal, Sepang 64000 Malaysia
Sama-Sama Express Hotel KLIA Terminal 21.0 miles$73L3 Satellite Building, KLIA2 Airport Terminal Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang 64000 Malaysia
Tune Hotel KLIA-KLIA21.5 miles$37 – $55Lot Pt 13 Jalan KLIA 2/2 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Sepang 64000 Malaysia
Mövenpick Hotel And Convention Centre Klia3.8 miles$94Kompleks TH Sepang, Jalan Masjid KLIA, Sepang, Sepang 64000 Malaysia
DoubleTree by Hilton Putrajaya Lakeside11.4 miles$60 – $772, Jalan P5/5 Presint 5, Putrajaya 62200 Malaysia
Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort9.6 miles$98 – $132No 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang, Kg Bagan Lalang, Sungai Pelek 43950 Malaysia
Dorsett Putrajaya12.6 miles$43 – $69Precinct 3, Putrajaya 62000 Malaysia
Orange Hotel KLIA & KLIA25.6 miles$2425, Jalan Warisan Sentral 1 Kota Warisan, Sepang 43900 Malaysia
Cyberview Resort & Spa13.1 miles$44 – $67The Lodge, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 7, Cyberjaya 63000 Malaysia
Hotel 99 Sepang KLIA5.7 miles$15 – $25No 51, Jalan Warisan Sentral 1 Kota Warisan, Sepang 49300 Malaysia
S Rose Hotel6.0 miles$11 – $16NO 43 Jalan Warisan Megah 1/5, Sepang 43900 Malaysia
The youniQ Hotel, Kuala Lumpur International Airport4.9 miles$14 – $3042, Jalan 2 Business Park, Medan 120, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang 43900 Malaysia
Sri Enstek Hotel4.3 miles$3061 Jalan Timur 6/1B, Bandar Baru Enstek 71800 Malaysia
d’Sora Boutique Business Hotel10.6 miles$43 – $5839 Jalan Bukit Sendayan Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban 71950 Malaysia
Dash Box Hotel Cyberjaya12.1 miles$51 – $59Persiaran APEC Cyber 8, Cyberjaya 63000 Malaysia
The Everly Putrajaya13.8 miles$48No. 1 Jalan Alamanda 2 Precint 1, Putrajaya 60520 Malaysia
FOX Lite Hotel DPulze – Cyberjaya13.2 miles$28Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 12, Cyberjaya 63000 Malaysia
Zenith Putrajaya13.3 miles$78No 1 Jalan P2A Presint 2, Putrajaya 62100 Malaysia
Qlassic Hotel5.0 miles$16 – $27No. 20 & 22 Jalan 3, Medan 120, Sepang 43900 Malaysia
This table includes the hotel name, distance from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, a range of prices, and their respective addresses, providing a quick overview for travelers looking for accommodation near the airport.

Where to Sleep in KLIA1 and KLIA 2 for Free

Places to Sleep at KLIA1

If you prefer DIY sleep arrangement at KLIA1, you have six locations suggested by other fliers for catching some Zs in this airport:

  1. Fifth Floor Long Seats
    • Location: Back of the fifth floor.
    • Pros: Offers privacy, away from busy counters, relatively quiet.
    • Tips: Recommended to use a sleeping mask and earphones for better sleep.
  2. Fourth Floor Opposite the Eateries
    • Location: Seating area with padded leather couches.
    • Pros: Comfortable, private, fast internet, close to power points and restrooms.
  3. Satellite Terminal Above Gate C12
    • Location: Small, cozy area with bench seating.
    • Pros: Quiet and dark environment, air-conditioned, nearby restroom facilities, free Wi-Fi.
  4. Samsung Lounge
    • Location: International Terminal.
    • Pros: Comfortable sofas in a quiet setting.
    • Cons: Colder temperatures and occasional lack of available seating.
  5. Seating Area Near Checkin A20
    • Location: Fifth Floor near Checkin A20.
    • Pros: Quiet area with power outlet availability.
    • Cons: Needs adapters for British-style outlets.
  6. Airside Bench Seating
    • Location: Near various gate areas.
    • Pros: Long benches ideal for sleeping, generally quiet post-midnight.

Places to Sleep at KLIA2

You have 4 choices of locations to sleep at KLIA2 without paying a dime and are perfect alternatives to sleeping pods above.

  1. Third Floor Near KFC/Domestic Departure Entrance
    • Location: Near food outlets and power plugs.
    • Pros: Access to free cold-water showers, close to dining and charging options.
    • Cons: Difficulties in securing belongings, limited space for toiletries.
  2. Landside Seating Areas
    • Location: Various levels across the terminal.
    • Pros: Accessible power outlets, near amenities.
    • Cons: Hard seats and varying levels of privacy.
  3. Airside Seating Near Gates P and Q
    • Location: Comfortable seating in the transfer area.
    • Pros: Cozy red sofas, carpeted area, free showers, excellent Wi-Fi.
    • Tips: Offers a more quiet and secure environment, superior to typical backpacker spots.
  4. Level 3 Gateway
    • Location: Next to Exit Door 3.
    • Pros: Private, cooler, and darker; somewhat secluded.
    • Cons: Hard floors, less comfortable without additional cushioning.

All Places to Sleep at Kuala Lumpur Airport: Nap Pods and Alternatives

At Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), there are 12 notable spots for sleep, with six paid options and six free options available for travelers.

Paid options include sleep pods and transit hotels such as Sama-Sama Express KLIA, NapZone KLIA by Sovotel, Capsule Transit (airside and landside), Aerotel Kuala Lumpur, and Tune Hotel KLIA2.

These paid facilities offer varying degrees of comfort, amenities, and privacy, catering to both short and extended layovers.

Free sleeping spots are scattered throughout the airport, with the most favored locations including long benches on the 5th floor, padded couches on the 4th floor, and cozy areas near gate C12 in the Satellite Terminal of KLIA.

In KLIA2, travelers often utilize carpeted areas near gates P and Q, as well as quiet corners near food courts and shopping areas. Each option has its unique pros and cons, ensuring a range of choices to accommodate different needs and preferences for transit passengers seeking rest.

Nap Pods + Hotels within KLIA

Yes, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) offers a variety of sleeping pods and transit hotels, providing a total of seven different sleep options across KLIA Terminal 1 and KLIA2.

The table below has summary of the 4 sleep pods and 3 hotel options:

Sleep OptionLocationTypeProsCons
Sama-Sama Express KLIAKLIA Terminal 1, Gate C5Transit HotelComfortable, quiet rooms; good amenities; efficient check-in/outSmall room size; extra cost for extensions; minimum stay requirement
Sama-Sama HotelKLIA, connected by sky bridge5-Star HotelConvenient location; luxurious amenities; exceptional serviceInconsistent service; varied dining quality; some areas need updates
NapZone KLIA by SovotelKLIA Terminal 1, MezzanineSleep PodsCompact design; clean; efficient use of spaceLimited space; shared bathroom issues; minimal privacy
Capsule Transit (Airside)KLIA2, near Gates QSingle, Queen, Private Suite PodsConvenient; clean; transparent pricing; good amenitiesBathroom maintenance issues; slow response times; capsule design may not suit everyone
Aerotel Kuala LumpurKLIA2, Level 2MTransit HotelConvenient location; comfortable rooms; helpful staffPoor breakfast quality; noise issues; booking confusion
Capsule Transit (Landside)KLIA1, near ticketing counterSingle CapsulesConvenient; good value for money; clean and comfortableNoisy; bathroom maintenance issues; limited nearby food options
Tune Hotel KLIA2KLIA2, near Arrivals HallHotel RoomsProximity to KLIA2; comfortable facilities; all-day dining optionsNoise issues; limited in-room amenities; potential branding confusion
These sleeping options at KLIA cater to a variety of needs, from short naps to overnight stays, ensuring travelers can find a suitable place to rest during their transit. Each facility offers unique features and amenities to enhance the comfort and convenience of passengers.

Review of KLIA Airport Sleep Quality:


Here are several things fliers appreciate about the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) based on reviews:

  1. Comfortable Sleeping Areas: Travelers value the various comfortable spots available for sleeping, such as long, flat benches and leather couches in quieter areas of the airport.
  2. 24-Hour Availability: The airport offers 24-hour restaurants and food options, providing convenience for passengers regardless of their arrival or departure time.
  3. Affordable Transit Options: The availability of affordable shuttle buses and other transit options between terminals and to the city center is highly appreciated.
  4. Clean Facilities: Many reviews mention the cleanliness of the bathrooms and other public areas within the airport, which are maintained around the clock.
  5. Safety and Security: Passengers feel safe due to the visible presence of security personnel and the design of the sleeping areas that provide some privacy.
  6. Free Wi-Fi: The availability of free Wi-Fi throughout the airport is a significant plus, especially for those who need to stay connected.
  7. Ample Charging Stations: The presence of numerous charging points near seating areas and eateries allows travelers to easily recharge their electronic devices.
  8. Diverse Food Options: The airport offers a wide range of dining options, from fast food to more traditional Malaysian cuisines, catering to diverse tastes and dietary needs.
  9. Helpful Staff: Many travelers noted the friendliness and helpfulness of the airport staff, which enhances the travel experience.
  10. Additional Amenities: Other amenities like showers, prayer rooms, and water fountains are well-regarded features that meet the needs of transiting passengers.
  11. Exercise and Relaxation Options: Some travelers mentioned facilities like gym and pool access through nearby hotel day passes, offering a chance for exercise and relaxation.
  12. Shopping Options: The airport features a variety of shopping opportunities, from last-minute travel necessities to luxury goods, making it easy for travelers to pick up items they need or gifts.
  13. Spacious and Well-Designed Terminals: Passengers often commend the spacious layout of the terminals, which helps reduce the feeling of crowding and makes it easier to navigate to gates, shops, and restaurants.
  14. Efficient Immigration and Security Processes: Many reviewers have found the immigration and security processes at KLIA to be streamlined and efficient, contributing to a smoother transit experience.
  15. Quiet Zones: Despite the hustle and bustle typical of a major international airport, there are designated quiet zones where passengers can relax or nap without much disturbance.
  16. Good Signage: Effective signage throughout the airport assists travelers in finding their way around easily, reducing stress and confusion.
  17. Cultural Displays: The airport occasionally features cultural displays and events, giving travelers a taste of Malaysian culture and a pleasant distraction during their wait.
  18. Family-Friendly Facilities: Facilities like nursing rooms and children’s play areas make the airport a more comfortable place for families traveling with young children.
  19. Scenic Views: Some parts of the airport offer scenic views of the runway and aircraft, which can be a delight for aviation enthusiasts and children alike.
  20. Environmental Initiatives: Efforts to include green spaces like the indoor rainforest garden provide a refreshing touch of nature and a more pleasant environment for travelers.

Cons: 9 Things Fliers Dislike About Sleeping Here:

Based on various reviews, some aspects fliers dislike about Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) include:

  1. Staring Passersby: Occasionally, travelers may encounter others who stare, which can be uncomfortable.
  2. Noise from Announcements: Frequent flight announcements can disrupt sleep and relaxation, especially at night.
  3. Temperature Variations: The airport can become quite cold during the night, necessitating extra layers or blankets for comfort.
  4. Limited Sleeping Lounges: Despite the availability of some areas for sleeping, there are complaints about the lack of proper sleeping lounges or facilities, especially in comparison to other international airports.
  5. Challenges with Facilities: While bathroom facilities are generally clean, they can vary, with some users finding them less maintained, especially during night hours.
  6. Difficulties in Accessing Power Outlets: Power outlets are not always readily available or conveniently located, making it difficult for travelers to charge their devices.
  7. Problems with Airport Staff and Security: There are reports of rude or unhelpful staff, and security being overly strict about where passengers can rest, sometimes leading to discomfort for those who need to stay overnight.
  8. Inconsistent Policies on Sleeping Areas: The airport has inconsistent policies regarding where passengers are allowed to sleep, which can lead to confusion and inconvenience.
  9. Lack of Warm Water Showers: Although there are shower facilities, the lack of warm water can be a drawback for some travelers.

What to Expect Sleeping in Kuala Lumpur Airport:

From the reviews of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), fliers should expect the following in terms of noises, bright lighting at night, and temperatures:

Noise Levels

  • Satellite Terminal, Above Gate C12: This area is generally quiet and dark, making it suitable for undisturbed sleep. However, noise can still be an issue depending on nearby activity.
  • 5th Floor Benches: While this area is relatively quiet after midnight, occasional airport announcements can still disturb sleep.

Bright Lighting

  • 4th Floor Seating Area: Opposite the eatery, this area features long, padded leather couches with relatively subdued lighting, offering a more private and comfortable environment for sleep.
  • Satellite Terminal: The lighting here can be dimmed, providing a better sleep environment compared to other brightly lit areas of the airport.

Temperature Levels

  • 5th Floor Benches: It can get cold at night in this area, so it’s recommended to bring a blanket or extra clothing to stay warm.
  • Satellite Terminal, Above Gate C12: This spot can also be quite chilly, necessitating additional layers or a travel blanket for comfort.

Seating Comfort

  • 4th Floor Seating Area: Features long, padded leather couches which are comfortable and close to restrooms and power outlets, making it a popular spot for travelers needing rest.
  • Carpeted Areas Near Gates P and Q (KLIA2): These areas have comfortable red sofas and carpeted floors, providing a good alternative for sleep.


  • NapZone KLIA by Sovotel: Offers secure sleeping pods with individual locks, making it a safer option for those concerned about their belongings.
  • Capsule Transit (Airside and Landside): These facilities provide secure, lockable capsules, ensuring privacy and safety for travelers.

Seating Availability

  • 5th Floor Benches: Long, movable benches without armrests can be rearranged to create makeshift beds. This area is good for sleeping but tends to fill up quickly.
  • Satellite Terminal: Cozy spaces with 4-6 bench seats are available, but early arrival is recommended to secure a spot.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Sama-Sama Express KLIA: Offers well-equipped rooms with amenities like free WiFi, making it ideal for a restful layover without leaving the airport.
  • Tune Hotel KLIA2: Provides clean, comfortable rooms with essential amenities and flexible day-use options for short stays.

Overall, while KLIA offers various sleeping options ranging from free in-terminal spots to paid sleep pods and hotels, travelers should be aware of the conditions in different areas to ensure a comfortable and secure rest.

Which Terminal is Best for Sleep at Kuala Lumpur A.?

Based on detailed traveler reviews, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) provides suitable conditions for sleeping, particularly in KLIA1. Here are specific areas highlighted as conducive to sleeping:

  1. Fifth Floor of KLIA1: Travelers have noted the long benches at the back of the fifth floor near food areas as good sleeping spots. These benches are positioned away from busier airport zones, offering some degree of privacy. Passengers can rearrange the seating to create more comfortable sleeping arrangements, and the area is deemed safe.
  2. Fourth Floor of KLIA1: A lesser-known seating area on the fourth floor, opposite an eatery, features long, padded leather couches. This spot is praised for its privacy and comfort, with the added benefits of fast internet, proximity to power outlets, and nearby restrooms.
  3. Near Food Courts in KLIA1: The area near the food courts in the main terminal offers movable benches without armrests, allowing travelers to adjust them into makeshift beds.

KLIA1 is well-equipped with facilities such as bathrooms, a variety of food options, and free showers, making it a preferred terminal for resting.

While there are some downsides, such as frequent flight announcements and bright lighting, these areas generally provide a favorable environment for sleeping. Travelers suggest bringing a sleeping mask, earphones or earplugs, and personal travel blankets or sleeping bags to enhance comfort during their stay.

Expert Tips for Getting Good Sleep at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

  1. Choose the Right Terminal and Location:
    • KLIA: Opt for the 5th floor near airline counters for long, movable benches, or the 4th floor opposite the eatery for padded leather couches. The Satellite Terminal above gate C12 offers quiet, dark spaces with bench seats.
    • KLIA2: Look for carpeted areas near gates P and Q with comfortable red sofas, lounges with large screens, or quieter spots near food courts and within carpeted corridors.
  2. Bring Essential Sleep Gear:
    • Blanket or Extra Clothing: The airport can get cold at night, so having a blanket or warm clothing is essential.
    • Sleeping Mask and Earplugs: To block out LED lights and frequent flight announcements, use a sleeping mask and earplugs or noise-canceling headphones.
  3. Utilize Airport Amenities:
    • Showers: Free cold-water showers are available in KLIA on the 4th floor near the prayer room. Paid showers are available at Capsule by Container Hotel and Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA2.
    • WiFi and Power Outlets: The fastest internet is on the 5th floor of KLIA, especially near Old Town White Coffee. Power points are mainly around eateries on the 5th floor and scattered throughout KLIA2.
  4. Consider Sleep Pod Options:
    • Sama-Sama Express KLIA: Located airside at Gate C5 in the Satellite Building, offering comfortable rooms with free WiFi for short stays.
    • NapZone KLIA by Sovotel: Provides compact sleep capsules with essential amenities like a bed, power socket, light, and fan.
    • Capsule Transit (Airside): Offers Single, Queen, and Private Suite capsules in KLIA2, ideal for long stopovers.
    • Aerotel Kuala Lumpur (Landside): Conveniently located in KLIA2 Gateway, providing single, double, and family rooms.
  5. Plan for Noise and Light:
    • Quiet Areas: Seek out designated quiet zones like the 4th floor seating area in KLIA or the carpeted areas near gates P and Q in KLIA2.
    • Dimmed Lights: Areas like the 5th floor of KLIA dim lights after midnight, providing a better sleep environment.
  6. Stay Safe and Secure:
    • Keep Belongings Close: Always keep personal belongings close and secure while sleeping.
    • Sleep Near Others: Sleeping in areas where other travelers are also resting can enhance safety and security.
  7. Prepare for Temperature Changes:
    • Dress in Layers: Airports can be cold, especially at night, so dressing in layers can help you stay comfortable.
    • Carry a Travel Blanket: A travel blanket can be useful to stay warm and comfortable.
  8. Use Lounge Access Wisely:
    • AirAsia Red Lounge: Offers food, drinks, showers, and comfortable sleeping areas for a fee, providing a more formal sleeping arrangement in KLIA2.
    • Check for Lounge Access: Some lounges may be available for passengers with certain airline tickets or membership programs.

By following these expert tips, travelers can ensure a more comfortable and restful sleep experience at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Sleeping in Kuala Lumpur Airport:

As per hundreds of reviews, including some at sleepinginairports.net, travelers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) find it generally conducive for sleeping, with multiple favored spots across both terminals.

In KLIA, popular locations include the 5th floor near airline counters with long, movable benches, and the 4th floor opposite the eatery with padded leather couches. The Satellite Terminal above gate C12 also offers cozy, quiet spaces. In KLIA2, carpeted areas near gates P and Q with comfortable red sofas, and lounges with large screens showing movies or sports, are preferred.

However, travelers should note the airport can get cold at night, so bringing a blanket or extra clothing is recommended. Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones are useful for blocking frequent flight announcements.

For those seeking more formal sleeping arrangements, options like the Sama-Sama Express KLIA, NapZone KLIA by Sovotel, and Capsule Transit in KLIA2 provide compact, comfortable sleep pods. Overall, KLIA provides a variety of sleep-friendly spots, but travelers should prepare for noise and temperature variations.

Other Amenities At this Airport to Enhance Layover Experience

24-Hour Food Options

Food Options in KLIA Terminals

Here’s a table representation of the 24-hour food concessions available at KLIA and KLIA2:

KLIA4 FingersLevel 3
Boost Juice BarSatellite, Mezzanine
Burger KingArrival Hall, Satellite, Mezzanine
Costa CoffeeDeparture Level
Dunkin DonutsDeparture Level, Contact Pier
Flight Club Grab & GoSatellite, Mezzanine
Flight Club SignatureSatellite Building, Mezzanine Level
Fukuya @ KLIASatellite, Mezzanine
Gloria Jean’s CoffeesLevel 5
Grandmama’sSatellite Building, Mezzanine Level
Hameed Dalca CurryhouseArrival Hall
Jamie Oliver’s PizzeriaLevel 5
KFCMain, Departures Level
Krispy KremeLevel 5
McDonald’sMain, Departures Level
NooodlesSatellite, Mezzanine, Level 5
O’BriensPassenger Satellite
Old Town White CoffeeMain, Departures Level, Contact Pier, International Level
Sports Bar by BonesSatellite, Level 2
StarbucksContact Pier, International Level
The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafArrival Level, Satellite Building Passenger, Level 1
The LoafSatellite Building, Mezzanine Level
KLIA2Ahh-YumInternational Departures
Bar MetropoleSkybridge, Level 3
Bibik HeritageDepartures, Level 3
Burger KingSatellite, Level 3
Costa CoffeeInternational Departure, Level 2
Dunkin DonutsGate J
Kopi KitaLevel 3
NoodlesDepartures, Level 3A
O’Brien’sSatellite, Level 2
StarbucksSatellite Building, Level 2, near Gate C30, Departure Hall, Level 3
The Chicken Rice ShopSatellite, Level 3
The RefineryInternational Departures, Level 2
Uncle Lim’sLevel 1A, Gate J
WincaaDepartures, Level 3
This table organizes the various 24-hour food options available at both airports by location, concession name, and specific level or area, offering a clear overview for travelers looking for refreshments at any hour.

Free WiFI

Free internet is available at both KLIA terminals. Just connect to “FREE_WIFI@KLIA”


Freshen up before your flight at various shower facilities in KLIA:

  • Free cold water showers are located on the 4th floor, past the eateries.
  • Additional showers are available on Levels 2 and 3 in the Main Terminal and Level 2 in the Satellite Building; it is unclear whether these are free or provide hot water.
  • Hot-water showers are accessible for a fee at Sama-Sama Express and Capsule Transit Hotel, ranging from RM 29-32, including a towel, soap, and shampoo.

Final Word on KLIA Airport Sleep Pods and KLIA Sleep:

KLIA offers four types of sleep pods, three hotels, and more than ten spots to sleep within KLIA and KLIA2, making it one of the most accommodating airports for weary travelers.

The sleep pods, including options like Capsule Transit (both airside and landside), NapZone by Sovotel, and Aerotel, provide compact, efficient sleeping spaces designed for short stays, complete with amenities like power sockets, WiFi, and private capsules or suites to ensure privacy and comfort.

For those seeking more traditional accommodations, Sama-Sama Express KLIA and Sama-Sama Hotel offer convenient and comfortable options directly within the airport, with amenities such as soundproof rooms, free WiFi, and luxury facilities. Tune Hotel KLIA2 is another excellent choice, offering flexible day-use options and proximity to KLIA2.

Additionally, free in-terminal spots, like the 5th-floor benches, 4th-floor seating area, and cozy spaces near various gates, provide practical solutions for budget-conscious travelers looking to catch some sleep between flights. Overall, KLIA is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of travelers seeking rest and relaxation.


Can you sleep at Kuala Lumpur Airport?

Can I Sleep/Stay Overnight at KLIA?

Yes, you can sleep or stay overnight at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The airport operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, security checkpoints close around midnight and reopen at 4:00 AM. During this period, you won’t be able to access the airside (the area beyond the security checks, including departure gates, lounges, and duty-free shops).

To ensure a comfortable overnight stay, it’s recommended to clear security before midnight if you need to access airside amenities. If not, there are various landside facilities available, such as restaurants, lounges, and designated sleeping areas, where you can rest until the security checkpoints reopen.

Planning ahead and understanding the operational hours of security checkpoints will help you make the most of your overnight stay at KLIA, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience.

Where can I Sleep and shower at KLIA?

At Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), you have several options for sleeping and showering:

  1. Sama-Sama Express KLIA (Airside, Satellite Building, near Gate C5):
    • Transit hotel with comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi, and private shower facilities, ideal for international transit passengers.
  2. NapZone KLIA by Sovotel (Airside, Satellite Building, Mezzanine Level):
    • Compact sleep pods with beds, power sockets, lights, fans, and Wi-Fi. Access to lockers, massage chairs, and showers.
  3. Capsule Transit (Airside) (KLIA2, Satellite Building, Level L, near Gates Q):
    • Single, Queen, and Private Suite capsules available in 3, 6, or 12-hour blocks. Additional amenities include lockers, massage chairs, and “Shower Only” packages.
  4. Capsule Transit (Landside) (KLIA1, Level 1, near Transportation hub’s ticketing counter):
    • Minimalist capsule-style hotel with single capsules available in 3, 6, or 12-hour blocks. Shower-only packages include warm water, a locker, towel, and dental kit.

These options provide comfortable and convenient facilities for resting and refreshing during your time at KLIA.

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