MetroNaps Sleep Pods Guide

MetroNaps, a pioneer in workplace wellness and productivity solutions, is renowned for its innovative sleep pod technology. Founded in 2003, the company addresses a crucial need for restorative naps in professional environments.

Recognizing that sleep deprivation impacts focus, productivity, and overall well-being, MetroNaps developed the EnergyPod, the world’s first office nap chair.

With a mission to enhance workplace efficiency and employee health, MetroNaps offers state-of-the-art solutions that integrate seamlessly into diverse settings, including offices, hospitals, universities, and fitness centers.

Their cutting-edge technology and scientifically-backed designs provide a rejuvenating rest experience, making MetroNaps a leader in the field of corporate wellness.

About Restworks

Restworks is a leading provider of workplace sleep technology and rest facilities, catering to various industries including corporations, hospitals, and universities worldwide.

Their product offerings include innovative nap pods, massage chairs, and zero gravity recliner chairs, designed to enhance employee well-being and productivity by integrating rest into the work environment.

Key Products

  1. Nap Pods:
    • MetroNaps EnergyPod: The world’s first chair designed for workplace napping, featuring ergonomic design, privacy visor, built-in timer, and advanced wake-up technology.
    • Podtime Original: A cost-effective, stackable sleep pod offering privacy, comfort, and noise reduction, ideal for organizations with large staff numbers.
    • Podtime Ultra: A spacious, durable sleep pod with adjustable mattress frames, providing a luxurious rest environment suitable for workplaces, airports, and hospitals.
  2. Massage Chairs:
    • A range of massage chairs designed to relieve stress and promote relaxation during work breaks.
  3. Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs:
    • Recliners that position the body in a way that reduces pressure on the spine and promotes optimal relaxation and rest.

Benefits of Napping at Work

Restworks emphasizes the significant benefits of incorporating napping into the workplace, supported by various studies. These benefits include:

  • Increased Creativity: Short naps can refresh the mind and boost creative thinking.
  • Higher Productivity: Well-rested employees are more alert and productive.
  • Reduced Stress: Regular napping can lower the risk of stress-related diseases, contributing to overall employee health and well-being.

MetroNaps EnergyPod:

The MetroNaps EnergyPod is a revolutionary nap pod designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation in the workplace. Engineered for ergonomic perfection and equipped with advanced technology features, the EnergyPod offers a comprehensive solution for on-the-go rest and productivity enhancement.

Key Features and Innovations

1. Ergonomic Design:

  • Zero Gravity Position: Reclines to elevate the feet and reduce pressure on the cardiac system. The seat contour relaxes lower back muscles with a slight bend in the knees.
  • Comfort: High-quality synthetic leather upholstery ensures durability and ease of cleaning. The cushion is soft and smooth for maximum comfort.

2. Privacy and Security:

  • Privacy Visor: A semi-enclosing visor that can be adjusted to block out distractions and provide a sense of privacy without feeling overly enclosed.
  • Safe Storage: Two internal compartments for personal belongings, including ample space for a bag.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Simple Controls: Timer with a one-touch start button for a pre-programmed 20-minute nap. The built-in music player with Bose speakers enhances the relaxation experience, which can also be used with headphones.

Technology Features

1. MetroNaps Music:

  • Custom Composed Music: Developed in collaboration with a sleep doctor and concert pianist, MetroNaps Music optimizes rest by playing unique content for each phase of short sleep: hypnogogic (sleep-inducing), rest (maintaining), and hypnopompic (waking).

2. Timed Waking:

  • Gentle Wake-Up: Combines light, sound, and vibration to wake the user gently but effectively, preventing oversleeping.

3. Guided Relaxation:

  • Pzizz Integration: Features a guided relaxation session with vocal support to help users achieve a brief, effective rest.

4. Status Indicator:

  • Occupancy Lights: Red and green lights indicate availability and remaining time during use, making it easy to see when the pod is free.

5. Usage Tracking:

  • i20 System: Records usage data for individual device reports, allowing facility management to compare effectiveness across multiple devices.


  • Height (H): 147 cm / 58 in
  • Width (W): 122 cm / 48 in
  • Length (L): 212 cm / 83.5 in
  • Power: One grounded power outlet, 120V, max draw of 100 watts.

Design and Aesthetic

  • Versatile Placement: The sleek and modern design makes the EnergyPod suitable for various environments, including corporate offices, university libraries, and other public spaces.
  • Visual Appeal: The EnergyPod’s stylish look ensures it will be a standout feature in any setting, providing an inviting space for rest and relaxation.

How to Use the EnergyPod: A Step-by-Step Guide

The EnergyPod is designed for ease of use, offering a simple yet effective way to take a refreshing nap. Follow these steps to enjoy your EnergyPod experience:

Snapshot Showing How to use EnergyPods
Snapshot Showing How to use EnergyPods. Source.
  1. Start Your Nap:
    • Press the Green Start Button: Initiate a programmed 20-minute nap by pressing the green start button.
  2. Customize Your Nap:
    • Adjust Timer:
      • Timer Down (-): Decrease the nap time.
      • Timer Up (+): Increase the nap time.
    • Recline the EnergyPod:
      • Recline: Use the down arrow to recline the EnergyPod to your preferred position.
      • Incline: Use the up arrow to return the EnergyPod to a more upright position.
    • Select Vibration Program:
      • Vibration Button: Press to select the vibration program.
      • P01: 3-minute relaxation.
      • P02: Continuous vibration.
      • P03: Vibration off.
    • Adjust Music Volume:
      • Volume Down (-): Decrease the music volume.
      • Volume Up (+): Increase the music volume.
    • Select Music Program:
      • Music Note Button: Press to select the music program.
      • P01: Relaxation music.
      • P02: Guided meditation.
      • P03: Music off.
    • Select Light Program:
      • Light Bulb Button: Press to select the light program.
      • P01: 3-minute relaxation light.
      • P02: Light on.
      • P03: Light off.
  3. Use Headphones (Optional):
    • Headphone Jack: Plug in any set of headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. The built-in speaker will turn off automatically.
  4. End Your Nap:
    • Revive Function: The EnergyPod will wake you up with a combination of vibration, light, and music and will automatically return to its original position.

By following these steps, you can fully customize your EnergyPod experience for a restful and rejuvenating nap. Enjoy the benefits of improved alertness, mood, and productivity with this innovative nap solution.

Summary of the Tech Innovation of EnergyPods

EnergyPods by MetroNaps incorporate advanced i20® technology, designed around the scientifically proven principle that a 20-minute nap significantly boosts well-being and productivity. This innovative firmware also serves as a robust facility management system, enhancing operational efficiency.

Key Technological Features:

  1. i20 Technology:
    • Powers the EnergyPods, providing an optimal 20-minute nap experience.
    • Supports facility management with integrated control and monitoring systems.
  2. MetroNaps Music:
    • Developed in collaboration with a sleep doctor and a concert pianist.
    • Customizes rest sessions through three phases of sleep: hypnologic (inducing), rest (maintaining), and hypnopompic (waking), ensuring a scientifically optimized nap.
  3. Status Indicator:
    • Features red and green lights to indicate occupancy status.
    • Communicates time remaining during use, helping users and facility managers efficiently manage pod availability.
  4. Pzizz Guided Relaxation:
    • Provides a unique relaxation experience with vocal support and specially composed tracks.
    • Enhances the nap experience by combining proven relaxation techniques with the comfort of the EnergyPod.

EnergyPods leverage these technological innovations to offer a superior napping experience, enhancing user well-being and productivity in various environments, including offices, hospitals, universities, and fitness centers worldwide.

Airports with Metronap’s EnergyPods Sleeping Pods

Heathrow Forty Wink Sleeping Lounge:

In 2021, British Airways introduced the Forty Winks Nap Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5, offering a new level of comfort and relaxation for travelers. This innovative lounge features EnergyPods by MetroNaps, designed to provide a private, restful space for passengers needing a quick nap.

Key Features of the Forty Winks Nap Lounge:

  • Location: Situated within the British Airways First Lounge at Terminal 5, providing easy access for eligible passengers.
  • EnergyPods: Equipped with state-of-the-art nap pods that allow users to take a 20-minute power nap. The pods offer a combination of comfort, privacy, and convenience, designed to enhance well-being and productivity.
  • Complementary Access: The lounge is available to First Class passengers, as well as Gold and Silver Executive Club members, making it a premium, exclusive service for British Airways’ elite travelers.
  • Health and Hygiene: The EnergyPods are regularly sanitized to ensure a clean and safe environment for users, aligning with the highest health and safety standards.

Read more about MetroNaps in Terminal 5.

Changi Airport MetroNaps in Changi’s Jewel Lounge

Changi Lounge, located in the Jewel building of Singapore’s Changi Airport, offers MetroNaps nap pods as part of its range of services for transiting passengers. Open daily from 6 am to 10 pm, the lounge requires passengers to clear immigration to access its facilities.

The nap pods, priced at $22 per hour for the first hour and $18 for each subsequent hour, provide a comfortable but not fully flat sleeping arrangement, recommended for use up to three hours for optimal health benefits.

Lounge package holders can access the nap pods for an additional $15 per hour. Reservations for the nap pods are available onsite, subject to availability, ensuring a restful and convenient experience for travelers passing through Changi Airport. Read more about Singapore’s Changi Airport Sleeping Pods.

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