Minute Suites Charlotte(CLT) Sleep Pods + Cost 2024

Unlike in DFW and in Atlanta, Minute Suites is way more generous when it comes to places to sleep at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. This article is part of our guides on sleep options at different airports and how you can be smart about it to save money and get more Zzzzz…..

About Minute suites CLT;

After the launch of the first Minute Suites in Atlanta Airport in 2009, Minute Suites also launched in CLT not long after. My research indicates that the earliest they launched in CLT was in 2012 but happy to get feedback or comment that that’s not true. Four of CLT’s Minute Suites can accommodate up to 4 travelers. These packages include First in Flight, Caroline, Panther, and Queen City Suites. For solo fliers, the smaller Uptown or Speedway Suites are more appropriate.

Minute suites CLT Reviews:

As of August 2022, CLT’s MInute Suite reviews have an average of 4.6/5, representing about 92% approval rating. On birdeye.com, I read about very inspiring reviews of customers getting help from things ranging from being ‘very comfortable’ to how the staff went ‘out of their way’ to accommodate a customer. Compliments are also given to how clean the space is and how it offers ‘all the amenities one could want.’

Minute Suites in Charlotte Douglas Airport Operates as a Transit Hotel:

Minute Suites at Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT) operates as a transit hotel, offering a range of facilities and amenities designed to accommodate travelers who need to rest, sleep, or stay overnight between flights without leaving the secure airside areas. These suites provide private, comfortable sleeping pods within the airport, allowing passengers to relax and recharge without the hassle of passing through TSA security again.

Minute Suites CLT Atrium Prices:

If you’re planning to use Minute Suites at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), either at the Atrium or Near the Plaza, here’s a guide to their updated pricing effective from January 1, 2024:

  • Initial Hour: The cost for the first hour is now $55.
  • First Two Hours: After the initial hour, the rate increases by $12.75 every 15 minutes, totaling $110 for two hours.
  • Extended Stay: For stays from the third to the eighth hour, the cost increases by $11.25 every 15 minutes. This brings the total to $155 for three hours, $200 for four hours, $245 for five hours, $290 for six hours and $380 for 8 hours. Full day booking for 24 hours is $450
  • Overnight Booking: If you book between 9 PM and Midnight for an overnight stay, there’s a flat rate of $195.
  • Priority Pass Holders: If you have a Priority Pass, your first hour is complimentary, and subsequent hours are charged at $34 each.

Below is an updated table with the current 2024 pricing structure for both Minute Suites(Atrium and near the Plaza) at CLT :

Duration (hrs)Rate ($)
Overnight Rate(8 hours)$195
30-mins Shower as add-on to suite rental$20
30-mins Shower as add-on to suite rental$30

The snapshot below shows the OLD pricing in detail including the $30 for shower. The 1-hour price is now $55, incremental for first 12 hours every 15 mins is now $13.75, up from $12 and cost of overnight stay is now $195, up from 2023 fee of $175.

Snapshot of Minute Suites Pricing at CLT Airport: Credit; minutesuites.com
Snapshot of Minute Suites Pricing at CLT Airport: Credit; minutesuites.com

As you can see, there is a lot to unpack when it comes to the cost of Minute Suites. However, if you are strategic about it and take advantage of their long-term stay option, you can save a significant amount of money.

If you are a Priority Cardholder, you will access Minute Suites for a full hour at no cost to you. For every additional hour, you will have to pay a discounted rate of $34/hour.

Extended Stay Option:

As I’ve briefly mentioned, one way to save on the cost of Minute Suites is to take advantage of their extended stay option. For $15, you can have access to the suite for up to 8 hours which is a steal if you compare it to the hourly rate.

To make the most of this option, I recommend that you arrive at the airport early so that you can check in, drop off your luggage, and relax in the suite before your flight. This way, you can maximize your time and get a good night’s rest before your flight.

If you have an early morning flight, I also recommend that you take advantage of the extended stay option so that you can use the shower facilities and freshen up before your flight. The $195 divided by 8 comes to about $22 which is still cheaper than the hourly rate.

image of minute suites bed at atrium clt

Minute Suites CLT Priority Pass:

If you are a Priority cardholder, you get 1 hour of free suite time which can be used for work, rest, or play. If you want to add additional time, you can do so at the hourly rate which will cost you a discounted rate of $34 per hour compared to a normal rate of $55.

It is, however, important to note that the discounted fees you pay for your sleeping pod do not include the cost to use the shower facilities. Regular, non-Priority-pass customers pay $30 for a 30-mins shower session but Priority Cardholders get a $10 discount and only have to pay $20.

The pricing for Priority Pass holders at Minute Suites located both at the Atrium and Near the Plaza at Charlotte Douglas International Airport mirrors the structure used at Nashville Airport, Houston Airport and other Minute Suites locations.

Below is the breakdown of the pricing for those with Priority Pass:

Time (Hours)Cost (USD)

One thing I like about the Minute Suites here in Charlotte and in other locations is that each bed is equipped with a comfy daybed that sleeps two and comes with pillows, clean blankets, a workstation, a sound masking system to help neutralize noise, and an addedNap26 audio program to help deliver a refreshing powernap.

For non-priority cardholders, it costs $55 for the first 1 hour and $13.75 for every additional 15 mins over the next two hours. After the additional 2 hours, the incremental 15-minutes comes down to $11.75 over the next two hours.

If you arrive late in the evening and have a long layover, you can opt for an extended 8-hour stay starting from 9 Pm for a rate of $195. Note that the fee for the shower is not included and will cost you $30.

Military and Airline Crew Discount of Minute Suites at CLT:

Below is a table detailing the standard rates alongside the discounted rates for military members and airline crew, which include a 20% discount on the cost for each hour:

Time (Hours)Standard Cost (USD)Discounted Cost for Military & Airline Crew (USD)

Below is an image of Priority Pass reception at CLT that can be helpful if you have any questions;

Minute Suites, Charlotte NC Douglas Intl, USA
Image of Minute Suites entrance at Charlotte.Credit: Priority Pass CLT Page

To access Minute Suites with your Priority Pass, you will need to go to the customer service desk and they will give you a voucher to use at the Minute Suites.

Minute Suites CLT Locations:

As of August 2022, the Minute Suites at CLT has two locations where you can book and get your nap or sleep. Important to note that they are currently on limited hours for a temporary period. They are open from 6am to 10pm – essentially not doing the night shifts.

Minute Suites CLT Atrium:

On the Airside, in the Atrium, near the entrance of Concourse B and C – near the Food Court is where the customer service desk is located. It is open 24 hours and has the following amenities;

Atrium CLt minute suites
  • Flight Monitors
  • TVs
  • Private Rooms include one day bed that can accommodate up to 2 people.
  • Non-Smoking
  • 18+ Cardholder
  • Wi-Fi
  • Showers

To get the exact location of the CLT Atrium Minute Suites, use this pin.

  • Phone No: +1 (980) 299-1542

Read more reviews of CLT Suites here.

Minute Suites at CLT Near the Plaza

A few yards from the Atrium Minutes Suites location is the second location of sleep pods installed by Minute Suites. This second location is near the Plaza, right after security on Level 2. Below is an image of its entrance;

  • Call: +1 (980) 219-7145

Sleep Pods/Minute Suites Alternatives at Charlotte Airport:

  • Hampton Inn & Suites Charlotte Airport – They provide a free shuttle from CLT airport and is about 3 miles from the CLT airport. You can get rooms from as low as $106 but you can check today’s rates on tripadvisor here.
  • Holiday Inn Charlotte-Airport Conf Center – For about $30 extra, you can also get some rooms to sleep for about $145 at Holiday Inn CLT Airport Conference Center which is about 3 miles away from the airport. You can check today’s rates here.



Q: Are 50 minutes enough layover in charlotte?

A: This really depends on your flight and how you feel about making connections. If you have a domestic flight, you may be able to get away with even a 30-minute layover. However, if you have an international flight or are connecting to a different terminal, I would recommend giving yourself more time. \

According to Sansporter, you need a minimum layover of 45 minutes when connecting from a domestic flight to an international one in Charlotte. The only reason it takes longer than a domestic to domestic connection is that (according on FAA rules), you must be aboard an international flight some minutes prior to departure.

UKWildCats, a contributor at TripAdvisor Forum explained that time such as 35 minutes before your connection would barely be enough time to get to your gate IF it arrives in time. He also emphasized that Charlotte airport is a good size, not massive but each concourse is very long.

Q: What’s the minimum layover time charlotte?

A: It is advisable to set aside a whole 1.5 hours to account for any delays that may occur. According to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s website, they recommend a minimum of 1 to 1.5 hours for domestic connections and 2 hours for international connections. However, if you are familiar with the airport and know that your gates are close to each other, you may be able to get away with less time.

Q: What is the best way to get to charlotte airport?

A: The best way to get to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is by taking the light rail, which is operated by the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS). The LYNX Blue Line runs every 20 minutes and takes approximately 38 minutes to get from Charlotte center city to the airport. The fare is $2.20 for a one-way trip.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi or an Uber/Lyft which will take you directly to the airport. The fare will depend on your starting point but expect to pay around $30-$40 for a one-way trip.

If you are driving to the airport, there are several parking options available. The Hourly Deck is the closest to the terminal and costs $2 per hour. The Daily Lot is a little further away but costs $10 per day. Lastly, there is the Economy Lot which is the farthest away but also the cheapest at $7 per day.

Q: Is charlotte airport easy to navigate?

A: Yes, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is relatively easy to navigate. It is a hub for American Airlines so if you are flying with them, there is a good chance you will have a layover here. The airport has four concourses (A, B, C, D) and the main terminal building in the center.

Concourse A is used for domestic flights while Concourses B, C, and D are used for international flights. If you are flying domestically, you will likely arrive at Concourse A and depart from Concourse D. If you are flying internationally, you will likely arrive and depart from the same concourse.

The main terminal building houses the ticketing counters, security checkpoints, and baggage claim. It is also where you will find some food options and shops. After passing through security, there are plenty of restaurants and stores located in each concourse.

To help you get around, there are plenty of signs and airport staff that can assist you. If you need help, look for the purple jackets which indicate airport ambassadors. You can also download the CLT Airport app which has a map of the airport and can help you find your way.

In summary, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is easy to navigate and has plenty of amenities for passengers. If you have a layover here, you should have no trouble finding your way around.

Q: Is there a hotel inside CLT airport?

A: No, there are no hotels inside the airport. However, there are several hotels located near the airport and Minute Suites inside the Terminals. The closest hotel is the Hampton Inn & Suites Charlotte Airport which is just 0.3 miles away from the airport.

Other nearby hotels include the Fairfield Inn & Suites Charlotte Airport, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Charlotte Airport, and the Courtyard by Marriott Charlotte Airport. These hotels are all located within 1-2 miles of the airport and offer free shuttle service to and from the airport.

If you have a long layover or an early morning flight, you may want to consider staying at one of these hotels. They are all conveniently located and will make your travel experience much more enjoyable.

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.