Philadelphia Airport Sleep Pods/Minutes Suites Guide

If you’re traveling through Philadelphia International Airport, you’ll want to check out the Minute Suites. These comfortable and convenient mini-suites can make your time in the airport much more pleasant. Here’s what you need to know about them at Philly Airport. 

Does Philadelphia (PHL) Airport have sleep pods or Minute Suites?

Yes, Philadelphia Airport does have Minute Suites! There are four of them located in Terminal A/B Connector (Inside Security). Located at the link between Terminals A and B. There are a total of 13 sleep cabins installed by Minute Suites, a company that provides private, quiet space for travelers to relax and recharge.

Minute Suites started out in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in 2008, and has since expanded to Dallas/Fort Worth, Phoenix, and now Philadelphia.

Minute Suites also has private rooms for nursing mothers to breastfeed or pump milk on the secure-side walkway between Terminal A-East and B. The first 30 minutes in the Mothers’ Nursing Station is free of charge.

What are Minute Suites?

Minute Suites are small, private suites that you can rent by the hour (or day) for some peace and quiet. They’re perfect for taking a quick nap, getting some work done, or just relaxing in between flights.

Each suite comes with a comfortable chair, a desk, a TV, and an alarm clock. You can also order food and drinks from the Minute Suites staff.

Unfortunately, Philadelphia airport doesn’t have Gosleep or Napcabs. Gosleep is basically the same thing as Minute Suites, just with a different design and shape.

Where are Minute Suites at PHL Airport?

The Minute Suites at Philadelphia Airport are located in the Terminal A/B Connector (Inside Security), at the link between Terminals A and B. According to Loungebuddy, this is the only lounge in Terminal A/B Connector.

How do I get to the Minute Suites at Philadelphia Airport?

If you’re inside security, the Minute Suites are located in the Terminal A/B Connector. To get there from Terminal A, take the escalator or elevator down to the connector level. From Terminal B, take the skybridge.

Here is the map of PHIL Airport

As you can see on the map below, it is at the far end of Terminal B, where it meets up with the section linking Terminal B to Terminal A.

The Minute Suites are located close to the shuttle Linking Terminal A, B, C and D and you can use it to get to other terminals. It is open 24 hours and if you want to book or have a problem, or even want to cancel your reservation, you can call Minute Suites at PHIL Airport using this number they provided on its website; +1 (215) 937-1076

Amenities at PHL Minute Suites

  • Wi-Fi
  • TVs – DirecTV, Netflix
  • Private Rooms
  • Bed
  • Beddings
  • Pillow
  • Soundproof quiet room
  • Non-Smoking
  • 18+ Cardholder

Minute Suites provides customers with a daybed and trundle that sleeps two people comfortably in each room. Up to four people can enjoy the room, which also includes a mini-bar with drinks and snacks (items available for purchase). You can read more on the Minute Suites website here


The pricing starts at $45 for the first hour, with a special discount for Priority Pass cardholders who enjoy the first hour free of charge. For stays extending beyond the first hour, the rate for the general public increases by $45 for each additional hour, reaching up to $380 for an 8-hour stay. Priority Pass cardholders benefit from a reduced rate of $34 for each additional hour from the second hour onwards, culminating in a cost of $238 for an 8-hour stay.

Here’s a table showing the rates for PHL Minute Suites for 1 to 8 hours, including Priority Pass rates:

HourStandard Rate ($)Priority Pass Rate ($)

For travelers with overnight layovers at PHL, Minute Suites offers an overnight stay option after 9 PM at a flat rate of $150. This rate presents a notable discount compared to overnight stays in other cities such as JFK and ATL, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious passengers. See ATL Airport Sleep Pods prices here.

The window for final bookings for overnight stays closes at midnight, allowing travelers to plan accordingly. This pricing structure is designed to cater to a variety of needs, offering both comfort and convenience for those passing through Philadelphia Airport.

The first-hour pricing has been on promotion for several months and I noted that a few websites still indicate the $45 or $46 rate for the first hour. I could not confirm if the promotion has ended as per information provided on Minute Suites website. Please check with them to confirm. We’ll update this post once we get confirmation of any changes.

Below is a snapshot from LOungebuddy’s website with a $46 rate for a 1-hour private suite with a day bed that can accommodate 2.

A snapshot showing the Cost of Minute suites through Loungebuddy
A snapshot showing the Cost of Minute suites through Loungebuddy

Here is a link to Loungebuddy booking.

Below is a snapshot from the MInute suites website showing a rate of $48 for the first hour which has since gone up to $55 effective January 1, 2024 but may be possible to get a lower rate booking with loungebuddy or with this other website.

A snapshot showing the Cost of Minute suites through Minute Suites' website
A snapshot showing the Cost of Minute suites through Minute Suites’ website

See more pricing details on Minute Suites site here.

TYpes or sleep rooms you can book at PHIL Minute Suites

There are different types of bookings but the Suite rentals range from 1-hour to 8-hour blocks.

Minute Suite Rentals

Overnight Suites:

If you’d like to sleep overnight at PHIL airport Minute Suites, you can rent overnight suites that start from 10 pm to 8 am. See snapshot below

Snapshot showing overnight slots available at Minute Suites at PHIL Airport
Snapshot showing overnight slots available at Minute Suites at PHIL Airport

Priority Pass Suites

They also have Priority Pass rentals which range from 1 hour to 8 hours as shown in the snapshot below;

Snapshot showing Minute Suites Priority Pass slots at PHIL Airport
Snapshot showing Minute Suites Priority Pass slots at PHIL Airport

English (Black Friday Up to 40% off)

Crew Suite Rental

They also have crew suites that you can rent if you are an employee of one of the airlines. See the snapshot below;

Nursing Moms rental

They also have suites for nursing mothers with slots available from a 30-minutes block to 8 hour block as shown in the snapshot below;

Military and 1st Responders Suites

They also have suites for Military and 1st responders with 1-hour to 8-hour slots as shown in the snapshot below;

Snapshot showing Minute Suites' rooms for Military and 1st responders at PHIL
Snapshot showing Minute Suites’ rooms for Military and 1st responders at PHIL

Shower facilities;

Unfortunately, the Minute Suites rooms do not come with shower facilities. You’ll have to book yourself a 30-minute shower and can also add to your suite when doing the booking for the cabin. See the slots below;

You can book per hour:

As you can see, when making a booking, you select the hours during which you want to sleep which can range from 1 hour to 8 hours.See the screenshot below;

Snapshot showing hourly split of Minute Suites rooms at PHIL Airport
Snapshot showing hourly split of Minute Suites rooms at PHIL Airport

Once you choose, say 4.5-hour slots, you get taken to the next page where you confirm your booking. You’ll see a page similar to the one on the screenshot below;

Snapshot showing booking steps for Minute Suites at PHIL
Snapshot showing booking steps for Minute Suites at PHIL

Are there air mattresses at PHIL AIrport?

I read on site that when the rooms are entirely booked Minute Suites also rent out air mattresses for $40 and have no time limit. I couldn’t independently verify this from any other source so maybe you confirm at their front desk if this is the case. This air mattress option is a great one for those who don’t want to pay the expensive cost starting with $40+ per hour with a max of 8 hours.

Minute Suites Priority Pass at PHIL Airport

You’ll need to book and pay for at least 24 hours for a suite at PHIL airport. You can book a minimum of 1 hour which is $55 and can pay by credit card. Priority Pass and other lounge membership guests may receive 1 free hour of access per walk-up visit (subject to availability). Each following hour can be paid directly to Minute Suites at a rate of $34 USD.

Image of Minute Suites front office/reception area at PHIL Airport with a poster showing directions to Private suites
Image of Minute Suites front office/reception area at PHIL Airport with a poster showing directions to Private suites

You can make a reservation on Minute Suites website here.

If you don’t already have one, you can download the Minute Suites iOS app or Android app.

Reviews of Suites by Minute Suites in PHIL

Overall, the suites have been given an average rating of 4.5/5 by over 3000 customers who’ve reviewed them on the Minute Suites website.

Positive reviews:

  • Happy users noted how they could use Priority Pass to access it
  • It’s next to a food court
  • It’s very comfortable
  • Very friendly and helpful customer service
  • Nice little rooms with TV and a couch/bed.
  • Plenty of outlets for charging.
  • Not bad for a quiet little stop but some free snacks would be great.
  • Free 30 mins for nursing moms
  • Very quiet compared to Gosleep naps cabins.


  • No free food/drinks.
  • No bathrooms in the facility – you have to pay for them separately
  • Relatively expensive

Read more reviews on Loungebuddy here, Yelp here, MInute Suites website here, Loungereview website here, and on Tripadvisor here.

Note the low Tripadvisor rating of just 3.5/5

Overview of Free Sleep Alternatives in the Terminals:

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) offers a variety of options for travelers needing to sleep overnight, both landside and airside. While the airport does not close and occasionaly provides some accommodations(during mass flight cancellations), such as foldable beds and sleep kits (including pillows, blankets, and snacks), the sleep experience can vary widely.

Key sleep-friendly areas include the Quiet Room between Terminals D and E, and the lobby connecting Terminals A and B, where foldable beds are provided. Terminals have areas with large, cushioned seating and relatively quieter corners, though bright lighting and occasional noise can be a drawback. Amenities such as free WiFi, charging ports, and 24-hour food options like Au Bon Pain add to the comfort.

Despite these provisions, reviews indicate mixed experiences, with some travelers noting the cold temperature in various terminals and high foot traffic in others. Overall, while it is possible to get some rest at PHL, the comfort level may not guarantee a good night’s sleep for all fliers.

Free Alternatives to Minute Suites for Sleeping at PHL:

Landside Spot to Sleep:

  • Location: Terminal A’s International Arrivals Hall (landside), 3rd floor
  • Description: 10 large round cushions where one can lie down fully, with restrooms and outlets nearby.
  • Pros: Cushions allow for full stretch, restrooms and outlets available, relatively safe with minimal public traffic.
  • Cons: Bright lighting, Dunkin Donuts closes at 8 PM.

Sleeping Airside

  • Location: Between Terminals A and B, lobby connecting A and B.
  • Description: Foldable beds provided by the airport with sleep kits; round couches also available in Terminal A.
  • Pros: Beds and sleep kits (water and snacks included), security opens at 3:30 AM, plenty of charging ports, free WiFi, no loud announcements after 10 PM.
  • Cons: None specified.

The Quiet Room

  • Location: Between Terminals D and E.
  • Description: Warm room with heaters under benches, surrounded by curtains for privacy.
  • Pros: Quiet, warm, heaters available.
  • Cons: Need to sleep on the floor.

Cots Available

  • Location: Terminal C.
  • Description: Airport employees provide cots.
  • Pros: Availability of cots, cozy terminal, bathrooms nearby.
  • Cons: Noisy intercom.

Nice Staff, but Hard to Sleep

  • Location: Terminals B and C, near B16 and the Independence bar.
  • Description: Amenity kits, pillows, and blankets available; recommended quiet area in Terminal E.
  • Pros: Amenity kits, warmer areas near B16, quiet areas recommended.
  • Cons: Terminals B and C are cold, noisy due to arriving passengers.

Hourly Micro-Hotel

  • Location: Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).
  • Description: Micro-hotel with sleep rooms available for hourly rates.
  • Pros: Best place for a nap, rejuvenation.
  • Cons: Not specified.

Comfy Nap Spot (Terminal D)

  • Location: Entrance to Terminal D.
  • Description: Big comfy chairs and charging ports.
  • Pros: Comfortable chairs, charging ports.
  • Cons: High foot traffic.

Stranded After Midnight

  • Location: Terminal D arrival area.
  • Description: Limited transportation options after midnight.
  • Pros: Not scary.
  • Cons: No train or bus service after midnight until early morning.

Quiet Hallway

  • Location: Skybridge between Terminal A East Baggage Claim and Terminal A West security.
  • Description: Dimly lit and quiet at night.
  • Pros: Quiet, dark.
  • Cons: No seats, floor sleeping required.

Airside Comfort

  • Location: Terminals A, B, C, D, E, F.
  • Description: Comfy chairs, free WiFi, pillows, and foil blankets available.
  • Pros: Comfortable seating, free amenities.
  • Cons: Terminals are cold, long lines for shuttle services, limited food options.

Quiet Corner with Charger

  • Location: Terminal B Gates.
  • Description: Quiet corner with a charger.
  • Pros: Quiet, ability to stretch legs.
  • Cons: Limited USO operation hours, active duty military limited to airport floor if outside hours.

What to Expect Sleeping in this Airport:

At Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), fliers can expect a mixed sleep ambience influenced by several factors:

  1. Noise Levels: While some areas are quieter, the airport generally has a range of noise levels. The Quiet Room between Terminals D and E offers a relatively peaceful environment, but other terminals may have background noise from cleaning crews and early morning passenger traffic. Announcements typically cease after 10 PM, reducing noise disturbances.
  2. Bright Lighting: Many areas of the airport, especially the International Arrivals Hall in Terminal A and various seating areas, are brightly lit throughout the night. This can be disruptive for sleepers, though some areas, like the Quiet Room and certain corners of Terminals B and C, may offer more subdued lighting.
  3. Temperatures: The airport is known for being quite cold, particularly in Terminals B, C, and F. Travelers should be prepared with warm clothing or blankets. Heating is available in the Quiet Room, which is noted for being warmer than other areas.
  4. Security: The airport is generally considered safe, with minimal public traffic in certain areas like the International Arrivals Hall on the 3rd floor of Terminal A. Security presence is active, and security checkpoints reopen early, around 3:30 AM. Travelers with tickets are usually not disturbed by security personnel.

Overall, while PHL provides amenities such as sleep kits and foldable beds, travelers should prepare for bright lighting, potential noise, and cooler temperatures to ensure a more comfortable overnight stay.

Review of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Sleep Quality:


  1. Availability of Amenities: The airport offers foldable beds, sleep kits (including pillows, blankets, and snacks), and 24-hour food options such as Au Bon Pain, enhancing the comfort of overnight stays.
  2. Designated Quiet Areas: The Quiet Room between Terminals D and E provides a relatively peaceful environment with heaters and curtains for added privacy.
  3. Free WiFi and Charging Ports: Ample charging stations and free WiFi are available throughout the airport, allowing travelers to stay connected and charge their devices.
  4. Safe Environment: The airport is generally considered safe, with active security personnel and minimal public traffic in certain areas, especially in the International Arrivals Hall on the 3rd floor of Terminal A.
  5. 24/7 Operation: PHL remains open 24/7, allowing travelers to stay inside the airport overnight without being forced to exit.


  1. Bright Lighting: Many areas are brightly lit throughout the night, which can be disruptive for sleep.
  2. Cold Temperatures: The airport is known for being quite cold, especially in Terminals B, C, and F. Travelers may need additional warm clothing or blankets.
  3. Noise Levels: While some areas are quiet, noise from cleaning crews, announcements, and early morning passenger traffic can be a disturbance.
  4. Limited Comfortable Seating: Not all terminals have comfortable, armrest-free seating, and some areas require sleeping on the floor.
  5. High Foot Traffic: Certain areas, especially near major gates and food courts, can have high foot traffic, making it difficult to find a quiet spot.
  6. Inconsistent Amenities: While sleep kits and foldable beds are available, their distribution and availability may vary, leading to inconsistent experiences for travelers.

Sleep Pods and Suites Alternatives at PHIL Airport?

Philadelphia Airport Marriott

If you aren’t interested in Minute Suites’ sleep suites and would prefer a more traditional hotel, the Philadelphia Airport Marriott is located across the sky bridge from Terminal B. The hotel also offers shuttle service to and from the airport regularly.

Image of PHIL Airport Marriott, an alternative to PHIL Airport's sleep pods/cabins
Image of PHIL Airport Marriott, an alternative to PHIL Airport’s sleep pods/cabins

Guests at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott, connected to Terminal B of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), will find an ideal retreat after a long day of travel. Visitors will love our convenient airport location near downtown Philadelphia’s most celebrated top attractions, including Penn’s Landing, the National Constitution Center, Wells Fargo Center and Eagle’s Stadium in Lincoln Financial Field.

If visiting for business or social gatherings, host events in our hotel’s sophisticated venues with advanced audiovisual technology and enough space for up to 1,050 guests. After a full day of business, shopping or sightseeing, work out your tired muscles in our hotel gym or refuel with classic American dishes at Aviation Grill. In the evening, unpack in spacious hotel guest rooms with soundproof windows, premium bedding and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Over 1000 guests on Tripadvisor that have booked this hotel have given it a decent average rating of 4/5 as shown in the snapshot below;

This hotel will cost you about $300 which is equivalent to about 6.25 hours at Minute Suites. Note that you can check in at the hotel and spend more than 12 hours for that fixed $300 fee while the Suites booking are limited to 8 hours.

Read the reviews and book at Tripadvisor here.

Other Airports Close to Philadelphia Airport:

Tripadvisor has listed 7 hotels that are within 1.5 miles from PHIL Airport with some offering free shuttles to and from the airport.

1. Sonesta Select Philadelphia Airport – 0.9 miles

2. Delta Hotel Philadelphia Airport – 1.7 miles

3. Philadelphia Airport Marriott – 0.4 miles

4. Hampton Inn Philadelphia-International Airport – 1.1 miles

5. Embassy Suites by Hilton Philadelphia Airport – 0.9 miles

6. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Philadelphia Airport– 1.3 miles

7. Aloft Philadelphia Airport – 1.4 miles

Comparison Table of Minute Suites vs Other Sleep Options at PHL

Here’s a comparison table highlighting the key features of Minute Suites sleep pods, free sleep spots (designated sleep areas), and the Marriott Hotels inside Philadelphia International Airport (PHL):

FeatureMinute Suites Sleep PodsFree Sleep Spots (Designated Sleep Areas)Marriott Hotels Inside PHL Airport
LocationInside airport terminals (e.g., Terminal A)Throughout various terminals (e.g., Quiet Room between Terminals D and E, Terminal A International Arrivals Hall)Connected to Terminal B
CostPaid (Hourly rates, approximately $55/hour)FreePaid (Standard hotel rates)
PrivacyHigh (Private enclosed pods)Moderate to Low (Open areas)High (Private hotel rooms)
AmenitiesComfortable bed, work desk, WiFi, nap items (pillows, blankets)Ocassionally – Foldable beds, sleep kits (pillows, blankets, snacks), heaters in Quiet RoomFull hotel amenities (bed, bathroom, room service, etc.)
Temperature ControlClimate-controlledLimited (Some areas like the Quiet Room have heaters)Climate-controlled
Noise LevelLow (Soundproofed)Varies (Some quiet areas, others may have noise from announcements and cleaning)Low (Quiet, hotel environment)
LightingAdjustable (Inside the pod)Generally bright, some dim areas (Quiet Room)Adjustable
AccessibilityConvenient, located in terminalEasily accessible within terminalsConvenient, connected to terminal
SecurityHigh (Private, inside secure area)Moderate (Public areas, but generally safe)High (Secure hotel environment)
AvailabilityLimited number of pods, may need booking in advanceGenerally available, but can be crowdedRequires booking, subject to availability
Check-in/Check-out FlexibilityFlexible, hourly bookingNot applicable (Open access)Standard hotel check-in/check-out times
This table provides a comprehensive comparison to help travelers decide between Minute Suites, free sleep spots, and the Marriott Hotels for their overnight stay at PHL Airport.


Where is the Philadelphia Airport Marriot Parking?

To reach Philadelphia Airport Marriot Parking, continue past the hotel on the Arriving Flights Road. The entrance to Garage C Parking is right after the Marriott on your right. You can park in Garage C’s second level if you’re staying at Marriott. Once you’ve parked there, follow signage that’ll lead you to enter the hotel via a sky bridge. When you finally get into the lobby of hotel, go to its first floor for Registration and Restaurant purposes via elevator.

To get to the Marriott Hotel from any airport terminal, start by going to Concourse B. Once you’re in Concourse B, follow the signs for Baggage Claim and Marriott Hotel. Cross the Skybridge into the hotel through the double doors. The skybridge will take you onto the 2nd floor of Marriott Hotel. From there, go down to Lobby and Registration on 1stfloor if that is your final destination. If you need to retrieve baggage from ground level, please return to 2nd floor via concourse level after picking up luggage so that you can enter through proper channels.

You have the option to use AMTRAK train travel in order to get to and from the PHIL Airport Marriot Hotel by way of Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. You can also take a taxi.

To get to the Marriott Hotel at PHIL Airport using the Garden State Parkway North to the Atlantic City Expressway West. Follow signs for Route 42 North to Interstate 76 North to the Walt Whitman Bridge. Cross bridge to Interstate 95 South to the Philadelphia International Airport, Exit 12. Follow Arrivals signs. Hotel is on the right. You can get more details about directions to get to this airport here.

Are there Sleeping Pods at PHIL Airport?

Yes, Minute Suites is the only operator of Sleeping Pods at PHIL Airport. As per this posting in early November 2022, there are no other pay-per-use operators at PHIL Airport such as GOSleep, Napcabs, Aerotel, YotelAir, or Sleep n Fly. The 13 Suites by Minute Suites are located at Terminal A/B Connector.

The cots provided by Minute Suites are comfortable, but they are not full-size beds. The good news is that the cots can be moved around so that you can make yourself comfortable. There are also pillows and blankets available.

Is Philadelphia Airport open 24 hours?

While the Philadelphia Airport is technically open 24-hours, some terminals may close overnight when Security checkpoints close. If you’re inside Security, you will be able to stay in the airport. If you leave Security, you will not be allowed to re-enter through Security until it opens again.

  • The following are the Security checkpoint hours for each terminal:
  • Terminal A-West – Checkpoint A-West is open from 4:45 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Terminal A-East – Checkpoint A-East is open from 4:15 a.m. – 11:45 p.m.
  • Terminal B/C – Checkpoint B is open from 4:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.; Checkpoint C is open from 4:45 a.m. – Until the last flight
  • Terminal E – Checkpoint E is open from 4:15 a.m. – 10:45 p.m.

Can I sleep at PHIL Airport overnight?

Yes. While PHIL Airport doesn’t have designated rest areas, it does offer 13 private suites through Minute Suites. If you want to get a good night’s sleep between flights without leaving the airport, Minute Suites offers 13 private suites that can be rented hourly or overnight inside the airport. The rates aren’t cheap, but when the suites are booked out, they do rent air mattresses for $40 with no time limit. PHIL Airport Marriott is another option where you can book and sleep in traditional hotel rooms without leaving the area of the airport.

Which other airports have Minute Suites?

Minute Suites has locations in the following airports:

– Atlanta (ATL)

– Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)

– Detroit (DTW)

– Houston Bush Intercontinental (IAH)

– Miami International (MIA)

– Minneapolis St. Paul International (MSP)

– Nashville (BNA)

– Philadelphia (PHL)


-JFK: When we previously wrote about sleep at JFK, Gosleep was the only provider of pay-per-use sleep facilities but I am excited Minute Suites has expanded to JFK.

– Washington Dulles International (IAD)

Read about all US airports with sleep pods/cabins here.

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