Mumbai Airport Sleeping Pods

As one of India’s busiest airports, Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport serves as a critical hub for both domestic and international travelers and navigating sleep options can be daunting. The good news is that it is possible to find comfortable, quiet areas to relax and recharge.

A significant enhancement to the airport’s sleep score has been the installation of sleep pods. These private, secure pods have transformed the sleep experience for travelers, offering a secluded and comfortable environment to rest undisturbed. With amenities like full-body beds, personalized temperature controls, and noise-reduction features, these pods provide an oasis of tranquility amidst the airport’s hustle and bustle.

This Mumbai Airport Sleeping Guide with Pods and Alternatives explores Aviserve Sleep Pods and various sleep-friendly zones, offering practical tips on maximizing your rest during a stopover and highlighting the services and amenities designed to facilitate a refreshing airport stay. Whether you’re planning an overnight sleep or a quick nap, our comprehensive insights will help you navigate Mumbai Airport with ease.

Sleeping in Mumbai Airport – Overview:

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, particularly Terminal 2, offers a commendable array of amenities for travelers needing rest during layovers or delays.

The airport is well-equipped with several designated sleeping areas, including lie-flat benches near gates 45, 67, 78, and 85/86, which provide a relatively quiet and comfortable environment.

For those seeking more privacy and amenities, the Aviserv Lounge in Terminal 2 Arrivals offers sleeping pods, showers, and food services at a reasonable hourly rate. While the airport maintains a quiet policy during night hours to minimize disturbances, occasional announcements and housekeeping activities can still pose a disruption.

Despite the challenges of sporadic WiFi connectivity and limited food options in certain areas, Mumbai Airport stands out for its cleanliness, modern facilities, and commitment to passenger comfort, making it a favorable choice for overnight stays and long layovers.

Can I stay/sleep overnight in Mumbai Airport?

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport operates 24/7, but travelers should be aware of specific operational details regarding security checkpoints and access to airside areas.

Security checkpoints typically remain open throughout the night, although they may experience slower processing times during late hours due to reduced staffing. Passengers must note that while the airport itself is accessible at all times, entry to airside areas (post-security) is regulated based on flight schedules.

Fliers should be aware that access to the terminal is strictly controlled; passengers must present a valid ticket and passport to enter. This regulation means that travelers arriving significantly ahead of their flight’s check-in time may need to wait landside until the check-in counters open, typically around 3-4 hours before departure. It is also important to retain luggage tags and boarding passes, as additional security checks are often conducted at the boarding gates.

For those with long layovers or arriving early, it is advisable to plan for time in landside areas or consider utilizing lounges such as the Aviserv Lounge, which provides facilities for rest and refreshment before passing through security.

Travelers should also anticipate potentially lengthy security and immigration checks, making it essential to allocate ample time for these procedures, especially during peak hours. Understanding these details ensures a smoother experience when navigating Mumbai Airport’s security and airside access protocols.

Best Sleep Locations at Mumbai International Airport

1. Gate 15 Area (International Terminal)


  • Beds Available: There are approximately 12 beds available.
  • Quiet Area: This section is often empty, providing a quieter environment.
  • Amenities Nearby: Close to toilets and water fountains.


  • Limited Number of Beds: Finding an available bed may be challenging during busy times.
  • Bring Essentials: Earplugs and eye masks are recommended to ensure better sleep quality.

2. Gate 85/86 Area (Terminal 2)


  • Lie-Flat Benches: Offers beds and comfortable seating.
  • Quiet Atmosphere: This area is generally less crowded, making it ideal for rest.
  • Accessible Amenities: Nearby to washrooms and water fountains.


  • Potential Noise: While generally quiet, occasional announcements may disrupt sleep.

3. Aviserv Lounge (Terminal 2 Arrivals)


  • Sleeping Pods: Offers clean and affordable sleeping pods.
  • Full Amenities: Includes showers, food, beverage, and cloth press services.
  • Convenient Location: Located close to baggage claim and safe inside the airport.


  • Paid Service: Requires a fee per hour for use.

Mumbai is among the Airports in Asia with sleeping pods including Chennai Airport. New Delhi’s Sam’s Snooze at MySpace Sleep Pods.

4. Gate 45 Area (Domestic Terminal)


  • Bed-Like Benches: Provides soft, bed-like benches for sleeping.
  • Peaceful Environment: Generally quiet and conducive to sleep.
  • Entertainment Nearby: Access to bars, cafés, and even a place to watch football.


  • Crowded at Times: Can be busy depending on flight schedules.

5. Gate 67 and 78 Area (Terminal 2)


  • Long Benches: Designed specifically for sleeping.
  • 24/7 Food Options: Near food stalls that operate round the clock.
  • Relatively Quiet: Fewer disturbances during the early hours.


  • Noise from Announcements: Frequent announcements and housekeeping activities can be disruptive.

6. Level 2 Seating Area (Terminal 2)


  • Comfortable Seating: Features soft chairs and less crowded than other areas.
  • Peaceful Environment: No music or bustling crowds, ideal for sleep or rest.
  • Proximity to Food: Close to small food stands with reasonable prices.


  • Limited Food Options: Only a few food stalls available.

7. General Terminal 2 (Various Gates)


  • Ample Seating: Numerous comfortable chairs, sofas, and benches.
  • Free Showers: Available in certain washrooms.
  • Quiet Policy: Efforts to maintain a silent airport environment at night.


  • Varied Comfort Levels: Quality of seating may vary across different gates.
  • Inconsistent WiFi: Free WiFi available but may have connectivity issues in some areas.

Mumbai Airport Sleep Pods by Aviserve Lounge:

The Aviserv Arrival Lounge at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport offers a convenient and comfortable solution for travelers needing rest, refreshment, and relaxation without the need for a hotel room. Located in Terminal 2, this lounge caters to both business and leisure travelers, providing an array of premium services designed to enhance the airport experience.

Key Features:

  1. Sleeping Pods:
    • Privacy: Each sleeping pod offers 100% privacy, allowing travelers to rest without disturbances.
    • Comfort: Ideal for short naps or overnight stays, the pods are designed to help passengers recover from jet lag and travel fatigue.
  2. Shower Facilities:
    • Refreshment: These facilities provide an excellent way to freshen up, especially after long flights, helping travelers feel rejuvenated.
  3. Dress Steam Press:
    • Convenience: Travelers can have their clothes steamed and pressed, ensuring they are ready for meetings or their next flight without delay.
  4. Food and Beverages:
    • Diverse Cuisines: The lounge offers a wide range of culinary options to cater to various tastes, ensuring that all guests find something enjoyable.
  5. Cloak Room:
    • Secure Storage: Luggage can be safely stored, allowing travelers to relax without worrying about their belongings.
  6. Baggage Transfer:
    • Convenient Transfers: Baggage transfer services are available from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, although not in the reverse direction.
  7. Wheelchair Services:
    • Accessibility: Both automatic and manual wheelchair services are provided, ensuring ease of movement for all passengers.

Additional Services:

  • Meet and Assist: Personalized assistance for smoother airport navigation.
  • Porter Service: Help with carrying luggage.
  • Luggage Retail and Left Luggage: Facilities for purchasing luggage and temporary storage.
  • Indi Tapas Food-Kiosk: Quick food options for travelers on the go.

Access and Payment:

  • Payment System: The lounge operates on a pay-per-hour basis, making it a cost-effective option compared to traditional hotel stays.
  • Accepted Cards: Priority Pass, Lounge Buddy, and Dragon Pass cards are accepted, facilitating easy access for cardholders.

Location and Contact Information:

  • Location: Terminal 2, Level 2, P6, Arrival Hall (West Side), Beside Gate A.
  • Contact Details:


The Aviserv Sleep Pods at Mumbai Airport offer a range of pricing options designed to meet various needs and durations of stay.

For a brief rest, the cost for a Sleeping Pod is Rs. 750 per hour. For travelers looking for a quick refresh, the Meal & Shower Combo is available at Rs. 1,100.

For longer stays, combination packages offer increased value: a two-hour Sleeping Pod and Shower Combo costs Rs. 1,875, while more comprehensive packages that include the sleeping pod, lounge access, and shower facilities are priced at Rs. 3,715 for four hours, Rs. 4,920 for six hours, and Rs. 5,985 for eight hours.

These tiered options provide flexibility and convenience, accommodating different lengths of layovers or delays, ensuring travelers can find a comfortable and cost-effective solution to rest and refresh while at Mumbai Airport.

Below is a table summarizing the pricing options for Aviserv Sleep Pods at Mumbai Airport:

Service CombinationDurationPrice (INR)
Sleeping PodPer Hour750
Meal & Shower Combo1,100
Sleeping Pod + Shower Combo2 Hours1,875
Sleeping Pod + Lounge + Shower Combo4 Hours3,715
Sleeping Pod + Lounge + Shower Combo6 Hours4,920
Sleeping Pod + Lounge + Shower Combo8 Hours5,985
This table provides a clear breakdown of the different services and time options available for the Aviserv Sleep Pods, allowing travelers to easily understand and select the most suitable package for their needs while at Mumbai Airport.

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How Aviserv’s Nap Pods are Solving Sleep Challenges in Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport:

Mumbai Airport presents several sleep challenges for travelers, including noise, light, lack of privacy, and discomfort. Here’s how the Aviserv Sleep Pods are specifically designed to address and solve these common issues:

  1. Privacy and Security:
    • Aviserv Sleep Pods provide enclosed spaces that ensure 100% privacy and security, shielding users from the bustling airport environment and potential theft.
  2. Noise Reduction:
    • The pods are designed with soundproofing materials to significantly reduce ambient noise, such as announcements and the general hum of airport activity, facilitating a quieter resting environment.
  3. Comfortable Bedding:
    • Unlike the often rigid and uncomfortable airport seating, Aviserv Pods include full-body beds with cushions, offering superior comfort and promoting better sleep quality.
  4. Controlled Environment:
    • Each pod comes with personalized temperature controls, allowing users to adjust the setting to their comfort level, countering the typically unpredictable airport climate.
  5. Light Control:
    • The sleep pods are equipped with adjustable lighting, enabling travelers to create a darker environment conducive to sleep, regardless of the time of day.
  6. Amenities at Hand:
    • In addition to the sleeping facilities, the pods are located within a lounge that provides shower facilities, food and beverages, and dress steam press services, ensuring that travelers can refresh and recharge all in one place.
  7. Flexible Access:
    • The pay-per-hour system allows travelers to use the sleep pods only as long as needed, making it a cost-effective option compared to booking a hotel room.

These features make Aviserv Sleep Pods at Mumbai Airport an effective solution to the common sleep challenges faced by travelers, providing a restful and rejuvenating experience.

Aviserve Lounge in Mumbai Airport Operates as a Capsule Hotel and as an Airport Lounge:

The Aviserv Lounge at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport blends the utility of an airport lounge with the privacy of a capsule hotel, catering to a broad range of traveler needs. Located landside at the Arrivals Level, Gate A, this lounge is accessible to all travelers, irrespective of airline or class, and operates 24 hours.

Unique to the Capsule Hotel/Sleep Pods:

  • Sleeping Pods: Offering the privacy and seclusion not typically found in lounges, these pods are available for rent by the hour, providing a quiet and comfortable space for sleep and relaxation.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Comfort: Each pod is designed to minimize noise, with controlled lighting and temperature settings to create an optimal resting environment.

Unique to the Lounge:

  • General Amenities: The lounge area offers comfortable seating, air-conditioning, television, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, creating a relaxing environment for passengers.
  • Connectivity and Entertainment: Free WiFi and multiple charging stations ensure that travelers stay connected, while TV screens offer entertainment options.
  • Food and Beverages: A selection of meals and beverages is available, enhancing the lounge experience with additional comfort for guests.
Aviserv Lounge in MUmbai Airport Serves as Capsule Hotel and as Lounge
Aviserv Lounge in Mumbai Airport Serves as Capsule Hotel and as Lounge. You can purchase the lounge pass here

With services that extend beyond standard lounge offerings to include elements typically seen in capsule hotels, such as the private sleep pods, Aviserv provides a comprehensive service package. Whether a traveler seeks a spot for a quick nap, a shower, or a comfortable place to wait with access to food and internet, Aviserv Lounge meets these needs with its innovative combination of features, ensuring a pleasant stay at Mumbai Airport.

Review of Mumbai Airport Sleep Quality


  1. Designated Sleeping Areas
    • Availability of Beds and Lie-Flat Benches: Areas near gates 15, 45, 67, 78, and 85/86 have lie-flat benches and beds designed for sleeping, offering comfort for weary travelers.
    • Quiet Zones: Certain sections, particularly around gates 85/86, are known for being quieter and less crowded, conducive to restful sleep.
  2. 24/7 Amenities
    • Food and Beverage Options: Multiple 24-hour food stalls and cafés are available, ensuring access to meals and snacks at any hour.
    • Free Showers: Some washrooms offer free shower facilities, enhancing comfort during long layovers.
  3. Lounge Access
    • Aviserv Lounge: Provides sleeping pods, showers, food, and beverage services at a reasonable hourly rate, offering a more private and restful experience.
  4. Cleanliness and Modern Facilities
    • Well-Maintained Environment: The airport is noted for its cleanliness and modern design, creating a pleasant atmosphere for travelers.
    • Comfortable Seating: Various areas are equipped with soft chairs, sofas, and benches, suitable for resting.
  5. Security and Safety
    • Secure Environment: The airport maintains a high level of security, ensuring a safe environment for passengers to sleep.
  6. Silent Airport Policy
    • Reduced Announcements: Efforts are made to minimize public announcements during nighttime, contributing to a quieter sleeping environment.


  1. Access Restrictions
    • Strict Entry Requirements: Entry to the terminal requires a valid ticket and passport, limiting access for early arrivals or those without immediate travel plans.
    • Check-in Time Restrictions: Passengers may be unable to access airside areas until check-in opens, typically 3-4 hours before flight departure.
  2. Potential Noise Disruptions
    • Housekeeping and Trolleys: Noise from cleaning activities and trolley movements can disturb sleep, especially in busier areas.
    • Occasional Announcements: Despite the silent policy, some announcements may still occur, interrupting rest.
  3. Limited Comfort in Some Areas
    • Armrests on Seats: Many seating areas have armrests, reducing the ability to lie down fully.
    • Crowded Spaces: During peak times, finding a free spot in designated sleeping areas can be challenging.
  4. WiFi Connectivity Issues
    • Inconsistent Access: Free WiFi may have connectivity issues in certain areas, limiting internet access for travelers.
  5. Varied Amenities Availability
    • Limited Food Options in Certain Areas: While some food stalls are open 24/7, others may have restricted hours, limiting choices during late-night hours.
    • Paid Lounge Services: Lounges like Aviserv, while comfortable, require payment, which might not be ideal for all travelers.
  6. Security Check Delays
    • Lengthy Security Procedures: Security and immigration checks can be slow, especially during busy periods, requiring extra time allocation.

8 Places to Avoid Sleeping in Mumbai Airport:

Based on hundreds of reviews we analyzed, below is a list of locations to avoid for sleeping at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport:

  1. Near Check-in Counters in Terminal 2: These areas are constantly bustling with passengers and airline staff, and the overhead screens and announcements add to the sensory overload, making it difficult to relax or sleep.
  2. Security Checkpoint Near Gate A (Terminal 2): High security, frequent beeping from scanners, and the shuffle of passengers organizing belongings can be highly disruptive.
  3. Main Terminal Corridors Near Retail Shops: These corridors are lined with bright lighting and digital advertisements which operate all night, leading to a visually and auditorially stimulating environment unsuitable for sleep.
  4. Gate Areas Around Gates 45-50: These gates are a hub for late-night and early-morning international flights, leading to noisy gatherings and constant announcements.
  5. Food Court on Level 4 of Terminal 2: This area remains active with diners and cleaning staff throughout the night. The aroma from the food can also be distracting if you’re trying to sleep.
  6. Baggage Claim in the International Arrival Section: The constant motion of the conveyor belts, announcements for baggage claims, and the general chaos of arriving passengers collecting their luggage create a restless environment.
  7. Arrival and Departure Halls in Terminal 1: The echo of announcements, the flux of greeters and travelers, and the frequent movement of trolleys contribute to a noisy atmosphere.
  8. Near Restrooms Close to Major Junctions: These are high-traffic areas with frequent door movement and the potential for unpleasant odors, which are far from ideal for resting.

Each of these locations in Mumbai Airport features specific factors—such as noise, light, traffic, and operational disturbances—that make them particularly challenging for passengers seeking quiet and restful spots to sleep.

Expert Recommendations for Places to Sleep in Mumbai Airport based on Various Factors:

For those looking to catch some rest at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, here’s a guide to the best locations to sleep, tailored to various needs and preferences:

  1. Sleep Pods at Aviserv Lounge (Terminal 2 Arrivals):
    • Best for Privacy and Comfort: Offers 100% private, enclosed pods ideal for uninterrupted sleep, with access to showers and food services.
  2. Gate 15 Area (International Terminal):
    • Best for Overnight Stays: Quiet and less frequented, with about 12 beds available. Close to toilets and water fountains, ideal for a longer rest.
  3. Silent Lounge Near Gate A4 (Airside):
    • Best for Quiet Environment: This lounge is outfitted with soft seating and is positioned in a quieter part of the terminal, away from the main thoroughfares.
  4. Couches Near Gates C2 and C3 Transfer Area (Airside):
    • Best for Early Morning Flights: Comfortable couches in a low-light area make this a good spot for those with flights in the early hours.
  5. Secluded Space Between Gates A18 – A34:
    • Best for Seclusion and Space: Features padded leather bed-like structures, providing a more private and comfortable sleeping experience away from the bustling airport zones.
  6. Level 2, Terminal 2 Near Small Food Stands:
    • Best for Quiet and Accessibility: Fewer crowds and more comfortable seating options, plus proximity to affordable food choices without the busyness of main food courts.

Each of these locations offers unique benefits, whether you’re looking for privacy, quiet, or proximity to airport amenities. Choose based on your specific needs to enhance your rest during your stay at Mumbai Airport.

10 Practical Tips for Getting Good Sleep in Mumbai Airport:

Here are expert tips for flyers aiming to get good sleep at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport:

  1. Choose Your Spot Wisely:
    • Opt for designated sleep areas like the Aviserv Lounge or quieter gates to avoid high-traffic zones and frequent announcements.
  2. Bring Sleep Accessories:
    • Pack a travel pillow, earplugs, and an eye mask to help block out noise and light, essential for restful sleep in a busy environment.
  3. Arrive Early to Claim Space:
    • If you plan to sleep on benches or in lounge areas, arrive early to claim a spot, as these can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel times.
  4. Use Layers for Comfort:
    • Air conditioning can make areas chilly, so bring an extra sweater or travel blanket to stay warm and comfortable.
  5. Stay Secure:
    • Keep your luggage close and secure it to yourself or a fixed object with a luggage lock or cable to prevent theft while you sleep.
  6. Monitor Your Time:
    • Set an alarm on your phone or watch to ensure you wake up in time for your flight or to periodically check your boarding status.
  7. Stay Hydrated and Snack Wisely:
    • Drink water and avoid heavy meals that might disrupt your sleep. Opt for light snacks that are easy on the stomach.
  8. Explore Paid Lounges:
    • If budget allows, consider booking a spot in a paid lounge for a more comfortable and quieter sleeping environment with added amenities.
  9. Scout for Hidden Gems:
    • Some less popular areas of the airport may offer unexpected quiet spots; it’s worth exploring a bit if you have the time.
  10. Be Prepared for Disturbances:
    • Even in quieter areas, be prepared for occasional disturbances and manage your expectations about sleeping in a busy airport.

By following these tips, you can enhance your chances of getting restful sleep during your layover or wait at Mumbai Airport, making your travel experience more pleasant.

Hotels at/near BOM Airport as Sleepbox Alternatives:

Niranta Airport Transit Hotel & Lounge Details

  • Location: Situated inside Terminal 2 of Mumbai Airport, Niranta Airport Transit Hotel & Lounge is conveniently accessible with entrances both landside and airside. The landside entrance is located on Level 1, and there is an additional entrance on Level 2 specifically for International Departures.
  • Access Requirements: To stay at this hotel, guests must be flying from Terminal 2, ensuring seamless convenience for transit passengers.
  • Amenities: The hotel offers 24-hour dining options to cater to travelers at any time of day or night. Additionally, guests can enjoy a full-service spa and complimentary WiFi throughout their stay, enhancing comfort and connectivity.
  • Booking Options: Niranta offers flexible room bookings available in 4-hour, 7-hour, and 24-hour blocks, accommodating a variety of travel schedules and layover durations. Check rates

Hotels Near the Domestic Terminal (Terminal 1)

  1. Sahara Star
    • Availability: Day rooms offered for 6-hour blocks, available from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
    • Transport: Complimentary roundtrip airport shuttle service.
    • Booking: Check Rates
  2. The Orchid
    • Transport: Free roundtrip airport shuttle specifically to Terminal 1B.
    • Booking: Check Rates
  3. Ibis Mumbai Airport
    • Transport: Complimentary airport shuttle service included with certain room packages.
    • Booking: Check Rates

These hotels provide convenient accommodation options with varying amenities and shuttle services to Terminal 1, catering to travelers’ needs for proximity and comfort near Mumbai’s Domestic Terminal.

Hotels Near the International Terminal (Terminal 2)

  1. JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar
    • Transport: Airport shuttle service available for a fee.
    • Booking: Check Rates
  2. Hilton Mumbai International Airport
    • Transport: No airport shuttle service provided.
    • Booking: Check Rates
  3. The Waterstones
    • Transport: Does not offer an airport shuttle service.
    • Booking: Check Rates

These hotels offer convenient lodging options near Terminal 2, with varying levels of service and accessibility to the International Terminal, allowing travelers to choose based on their specific needs and preferences.


Mumbai Airport provides a generally comfortable and secure environment for sleeping, with several designated areas and lounges catering to travelers’ needs. However, access restrictions, potential noise disruptions, and varying amenities availability should be considered when planning an overnight stay or long layover.

How Different is Mumbai Airport Sleeping Pods from Delhi’s Sleep Pods?

Aviserv Sleep Pods at Mumbai Airport and Sam Snooze Sleep Pods at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport both cater to travelers seeking rest within the airport premises, but there are notable differences in their offerings.

Aviserv, located in Mumbai, emphasizes a full-service experience, providing not only sleep pods but also amenities like showers, food and beverage services, and a dress steam press. This makes Aviserv more akin to a mini-hotel within the airport, offering a holistic rest and refreshment package.

On the other hand, Sam Snooze provides a simpler, more streamlined service focused primarily on the sleep aspect, with the pods designed primarily for short naps without the additional services that Aviserv offers.

While both services provide privacy and comfort, Aviserv’s broader range of amenities caters to a more diverse set of traveler needs, from dining to personal grooming, positioning it as a more versatile option for transit passengers in Mumbai.

FAQs About Sleeping in Mumbai Airport:

  1. What are the best places to sleep in Mumbai Airport?
    • The best places to sleep in Mumbai Airport include the Aviserv Lounge with its private sleep pods, the quieter areas near gates 15 and 85/86, and the silent lounges which are typically less crowded and more conducive to rest.
  2. Are there any free sleeping options available at Mumbai Airport?
    • Yes, there are free sleeping options such as bed-like benches available near gates 15, 45, and 85/86, along with couches near gates C2 and C3. However, these spots are in public areas and can sometimes be noisy.
  3. Do I need to pay for sleep pods at Mumbai Airport?
    • Yes, sleep pods, such as those offered by Aviserv, are available for a fee. Rates vary depending on the duration of use, with options typically available for hourly rates or blocks of time.
  4. Can I access sleep pods without a flight from Terminal 2?
    • Access to specific facilities like the Niranta Transit Hotel requires that guests have a flight from Terminal 2. However, Aviserv Lounge and other similar services within the airport are generally accessible regardless of your terminal, as long as you are within the security zone.
  5. What amenities are available at the Aviserv Lounge?
    • Aviserv Lounge offers sleeping pods, shower facilities, a full-service spa, and a dining area. It provides a comfortable and comprehensive option for travelers needing rest and refreshment.
  6. Is there a 24-hour food service near the sleeping areas?
    • Yes, there are 24-hour food services available in the airport, particularly near major lounge areas and transit hotel locations. However, the availability may vary depending on the specific area within the airport.

These FAQs provide a quick reference for travelers seeking to understand and navigate the sleep options at Mumbai Airport effectively, ensuring a more comfortable transit experience.

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