New Delhi Airport Sleep Pods

From 2015 to 2023, passenger traffic at New Delhi Airport skyrocketed by approximately 57.05%, highlighting its status as Asia’s busiest and the world’s 10th busiest airport. In 2023, it served 72,214,841 passengers, a stark contrast to its rank as the 25th busiest from 2010 to 2015 with 45,981,773 passengers.

To accommodate this surge, DEL expanded its capacity from two to three terminals and launched Sam Snooze pods in 2017, providing travelers with essential rest spaces during layovers but are no longer available.

To continue offering travelers a comfortable resting option, New Delhi Airport introduced the luxurious Infinity Sleeping Pods in March 2024. Operated by Infinity Hospitality Services, these pods are strategically located in three different areas within Terminal 3.

If you’re on a layover at New Delhi Airport and looking for a place to rest, you might be curious about the sleep pod options available. This guide has details of the sleep pod facilities available as well as alternative DIY sleep options and nearby affordable hotels with free shuttle.

Does New Delhi Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes, New Delhi Airport does have 20 sleeping pods launched in March 2024. The pods in the form of mini-suites are operated by Infinity Sleeping Pods, and Indian Sleep Pod operator operating the sleep pod facilities located in three areas within Terminal 3, offering travelers high-quality beds, dedicated workspaces, flat-screen TVs, secure luggage storage, mini fridges, and soundproofing for a restful sleep.

These luxurious pods provide a private, compact and comfortable space for resting during layovers or long connecting flights, with flexible hourly booking options and attractive dining deals. Rates start from ₹3,305 ($39.66) for 4-5 hours for single occupancy. More details below.

Previously, the airport had Sam Snooze pods, which were launched in 2017 but ceased operations by 2024. The new Infinity pods represent a significant upgrade, offering enhanced amenities and a more comfortable, convenient experience for travelers.

New Delhi Airport Sleeping Pods: Sam’s Snooze at MySpace

In 2017, Sam’s Snooze at MySpace launched sleep pods facility within New Delhi’s Terminal 3 MLCP Building but a check in 2024 reveals that this facility is no longer operational.

Previously, these pods catered to passengers with domestic flights and onward connections, offering amenities like private toilets and showers.

Below is a snapshot from its website with details indicating no operations of Sam’s Snooze at MySpace sleep pods at New Delhi Airport;

Snapshot from Snooze at Myspace Sleeping Pods website indicating that sleep pods at New Delhi Airport are currently not operational

As of early May 2024, their website recommends nearby hotel accommodations as alternatives.

The service previously offered in-transit sleeping pods known as “Sam’s Snooze at My Space,” with rates starting at $36 for a single pod and $65 for a double pod for three hours.

The facility’s website now directs customers to an affiliate hotel approximately 5.3 km from the airport, offering various hourly stay options. For updates or changes, please refer to their official website or customer service.

Snapshot from Snooze at My Space Website indicating that the sleep pods services are not currently being offered at New Delhi Airport
Snapshot from Snooze at My Space Website indicating that the sleep pods services are not currently being offered

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Benefits of Sam Snooze Sleeping Pods at New Delhi Airport

  1. Privacy and Security: Offers a private, secure environment to rest, away from the bustling crowds and noise of the airport. Unlike the open seating areas and lounges, Sam Snooze Sleep Pods provide a personal, enclosed space where travelers can safely store their belongings and sleep without disturbance.
  2. Comfort and Amenities: Equipped with comfortable bedding and essential amenities such as power outlets and adjustable lighting. The pods feature a reclining seat that converts into a bed, offering a more restful sleep compared to standard airport seating. Travelers can also charge their devices and control their lighting to create a more conducive sleep environment.
  3. Convenience and Accessibility: Located within the airport, making it easy for travelers to access them without leaving the terminal. Positioned conveniently for transit passengers, the sleep pods eliminate the need to exit the airport or go through additional security checks, saving time and hassle.
  4. Hourly Rates: Available for short-term use, allowing travelers to pay only for the hours they need. Unlike traditional hotels that require booking for an entire night, Sam Snooze Sleep Pods can be rented on an hourly basis, making them cost-effective for short layovers or delays.
  5. Quiet Environment: Designed to block out airport noise, providing a quiet space for rest. The pods are soundproofed to minimize the impact of announcements and the general hustle and bustle of the airport, ensuring a more peaceful sleeping environment.
  6. Cleanliness and Hygiene: Maintained to high standards of cleanliness. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that each pod is fresh and hygienic for every user, a significant advantage over some of the less clean public seating areas.
  7. Additional Services: May offer additional services like wake-up calls. Some sleep pods provide features such as alarm services to wake travelers up in time for their next flight, adding an extra layer of convenience and reliability.
  8. Space Efficiency: Utilizes minimal space effectively. The compact design of the sleep pods maximizes available space within the terminal, providing comfortable sleeping quarters without requiring large areas.

The absence of Sam Snooze Sleep Pods at New Delhi Airport means travelers miss out on these tailored benefits, especially the privacy, comfort, and convenience they offer. Reintroducing such facilities could significantly enhance the overall travel experience at the airport.

Drawbacks of Sam Snooze at MySpace Nap Pods:

  1. Limited Availability: The number of sleep pods is limited, which means they can quickly become fully booked, especially during peak travel times. This can leave travelers without access to the pods when they need them the most.
  2. Cost: While the hourly rate is beneficial for short-term use, the overall cost can add up quickly for longer stays. This may make the pods less economical compared to other options like lounges or budget hotels nearby.
  3. Size Constraints: The sleep pods are compact, which may not be comfortable for all travelers, especially those who prefer more spacious sleeping arrangements. Tall individuals or those with a lot of luggage might find the space too cramped.
  4. Temperature Control: Some users have reported issues with temperature control inside the pods. They can become too warm or too cold, and adjusting the temperature may not always be possible, leading to an uncomfortable sleeping environment.
  5. Noise Isolation: Although the pods are designed to block out noise, they are not completely soundproof. Loud announcements or noise from nearby areas can still disturb sleep.
  6. Cleanliness and Maintenance: Despite regular cleaning, there can be occasional issues with cleanliness or maintenance. If a pod has not been properly cleaned or maintained, it can detract from the overall comfort and experience.
  7. Accessibility: The location of the sleep pods within the airport may not be convenient for all travelers, particularly those with limited mobility or those located far from their departure gates.
  8. Lack of Additional Amenities: While the pods offer basic amenities, they lack additional features such as bathrooms or showers. Travelers needing these facilities will have to leave the pod area and use the airport’s public facilities.

While Sam Snooze Sleep Pods offer several benefits for travelers at New Delhi Airport, they also come with certain drawbacks. Limited availability, cost, size constraints, and occasional maintenance issues can impact the overall experience. Travelers should weigh these factors when considering using the sleep pods to ensure they meet their needs and preferences.

Infinity Sleeping Pods in New Delhi Airport:

In March 2024, New Delhi Airport announced the launch of Infinity Sleeping Pods operated by Infinity Hospitality Services company in Terminal 3’s 3 different locations.

An image showing Infinity Sleeping Pod's interior with bed, bedding(3 pillows, blanket) and a fan
An image showing Infinity Sleeping Pod’s interior with bed, bedding(3 pillows, blanket) and a fan

The pods by Infinity are different from the Sam Snooze pods with more amenities and are akin to Minute Suites operating in several US Airport. These luxurious Infinity Sleeping Pods in Terminal 3, offering travelers a private, comfortable space to rest during long layovers and connecting flights.

Amenities of Infinity Sleeping Pods at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3

  1. Comfortable Beds: High-quality beds for maximum comfort and peaceful rest.
  2. Work Desk: Dedicated workspace for productivity or planning.
  3. Entertainment: Flat-screen TV offering various entertainment options.
  4. Luggage Storage: Secure storage facilities for your belongings.
  5. Mini Fridge: Keeps food and beverages cool and fresh.
  6. Hourly Booking: Flexible hourly booking for cost-effective stays.
  7. Food and Beverage Deals: Attractive dining deals through local restaurant partnerships.
  8. Versatile Installation: Portable pods can be set up in various airport locations.

Location and Accessibility:

The pods are strategically located in Terminal 3, easily accessible to both domestic and international travelers, ensuring convenience without straying far from boarding gates. Clear signage and staff assistance are available for a smooth experience.

Cost of Infinity Sleep Pods in Delhi Airport:

The price of an Infinity sleep pod at Delhi Airport varies by duration and occupancy. Single occupancy rates are ₹3,305 ($39.66) for 4-5 hours, ₹4,175 ($50.10) for 6-8 hours, and ₹5,566 ($66.79) for 9-12 hours. Double occupancy rates are ₹4,609 ($55.31) for 4-5 hours, ₹6,000 ($72.00) for 6-8 hours, and ₹8,696 ($104.35) for 9-12 hours. These rates apply across all transfer types.

Here is the combined table with pricing for Infinity Sleeping Pods, including the USD equivalent in brackets:

TypeDurationOccupancyINR (USD)
International9 to 12 hoursSingle5566 (66.79)
International9 to 12 hoursDouble8696 (104.35)
International6 to 8 hoursSingle4175 (50.10)
International6 to 8 hoursDouble6000 (72.00)
International4 to 5 hoursSingle3305 (39.66)
International4 to 5 hoursDouble4609 (55.31)
International to International Transfer9 to 12 hoursSingle5566 (66.79)
International to International Transfer9 to 12 hoursDouble8696 (104.35)
International to International Transfer6 to 8 hoursSingle4175 (50.10)
International to International Transfer6 to 8 hoursDouble6000 (72.00)
International to International Transfer4 to 5 hoursSingle3305 (39.66)
International to International Transfer4 to 5 hoursDouble4609 (55.31)
Domestic to International Transfer9 to 12 hoursSingle5566 (66.79)
Domestic to International Transfer9 to 12 hoursDouble8696 (104.35)
Domestic to International Transfer6 to 8 hoursSingle4175 (50.10)
Domestic to International Transfer6 to 8 hoursDouble6000 (72.00)
Domestic to International Transfer4 to 5 hoursSingle3305 (39.66)
Domestic to International Transfer4 to 5 hoursDouble4609 (55.31)

This table consolidates the pricing information for all three types of transfers, providing a clear and comprehensive overview.


Travelers can book the pods in advance via Infinity’s official website or on booking sites such as Tripadvisor.

Review of Infinity Sleeping Pods:


  1. Comfortable Bedding: Many users appreciate the high-quality mattresses and fresh linens, which provide a comfortable sleeping experience similar to that of a premium hotel.
  2. Privacy and Security: Enclosed, lockable pods offer a private and secure environment, highly valued by travelers.
  3. Soundproofing: Effective soundproofing minimizes external noise, allowing for a peaceful and undisturbed rest.
  4. Climate Control: Adjustable temperature settings enable users to customize their environment for optimal comfort.
  5. Convenient Location: The strategic placement within Terminal 3 ensures easy access, making it convenient for travelers with tight layovers.
  6. Power Outlets and USB Ports: Multiple charging options are appreciated, especially by business travelers who need to keep their devices powered.
  7. Booking Flexibility: Availability of both advance booking and on-the-spot reservations provides flexibility for travelers.
  8. Cleanliness: Consistently noted for their cleanliness, ensuring a hygienic resting space.


  1. Limited Availability: During peak travel times, pods can be fully booked, leading to unavailability for some travelers.
  2. Cost: While competitively priced, some users find the cost relatively high, especially for longer stays.
  3. Space Constraints: The compact nature of the pods may feel restrictive to some users, particularly those with claustrophobia or those traveling with large amounts of luggage.
  4. Limited Amenities: While basic needs are met, some travelers miss additional amenities like in-room dining or more extensive entertainment options.
  5. Variable Climate Control: A few users have reported issues with the effectiveness of the climate control system, noting that it can sometimes be difficult to achieve a comfortable temperature.
  6. Staff Availability: Occasional feedback indicates that staff assistance may not always be readily available, potentially causing delays or inconvenience.

These pros and cons provide a comprehensive overview of the user experience with Infinity Sleeping Pods at Delhi Airport, helping future travelers make informed decisions.

Sleeping in New Delhi Airport – Overview:

Navigating sleep options at New Delhi Airport can lead to a mixed but manageable experience. The best sleep spots are generally found in Terminal 3, particularly at the far end, which features quiet zones and sleeping pods that provide a peaceful environment. Airport lounges in Terminal 3 offer comfort and amenities but are only accessible a few hours before flights.

Landside areas, especially near shopping sections and gate information desks, provide armrest-free seating and couches, though they can be noisy and less comfortable. Temperature control can be an issue, with areas often being too cold, so extra layers are recommended.

The domestic terminal remains busy and well-lit, offering a safe but noisy option for overnight stays. Overall, while New Delhi Airport has several good spots for sleep, travelers should be prepared for varying levels of comfort and noise.

Can I sleep at New Delhi Airport?

Yes, you can sleep at New Delhi Airport as it is open 24 hours and is accessible to fliers at all times of the day. However, access to airside is restricted at night after security checkpoints close and airline check-in and baggage drop hours vary with reports of them being closed for the night as well.

You will have to wait in the landside if your flight is the next day when the security checkpoints open at 3:00AM. The majority of seating is equipped with armrests, making it uncomfortable for sleeping. However, there are designated rest zones with reclining chairs in Terminal 3 offering a more comfortable option.

Details of Airport Hours:

New Delhi Airport operates 24 hours a day, making it accessible for travelers at any time. However, it’s important to note that while the airport itself remains open, security checkpoints and certain facilities may have restricted operating hours.

Airport Hours and Security Checkpoints

  • 24-Hour Operations: The airport, including its terminals, remains open around the clock.
  • Security Checkpoints: These are generally not open 24/7. Security checkpoints typically close late at night and reopen early in the morning, usually around 2:30 AM – 3:00 AM. This means that during the hours when the checkpoints are closed, access to the airside is restricted.
  • Airside Access: To access the airside area, travelers must have a valid boarding pass for a flight departing within a few hours. Security will not allow entry to the airside if the flight is not imminent.

Recommendations for Fliers

  • Plan Accordingly: If you arrive at the airport during the hours when security checkpoints are closed, be prepared to stay landside until they reopen.
  • Landside Conditions: The landside areas remain operational and provide various amenities, though they might not be as comfortable or quiet as the airside. There are some seating areas and lounges available, but they can be busy and noisy.
  • Overnight Stays: For those needing to stay overnight, consider bringing essentials like earplugs, eye masks, and extra layers or a travel blanket, as the temperature can drop and the environment might be loud.
  • Lounge Access: Airport lounges offer more comfort but typically only allow entry a few hours before your flight. Pre-booking a lounge pass can ensure a more restful wait.

By understanding these aspects of New Delhi Airport’s operations, travelers can better prepare for overnight stays and ensure a smoother transit experience.

Chennai Airport also has sleep pods and can find info on Mumbai Airport Sleeping Pods here.

Where to Sleep in New Delhi Airport: Alternatives to Nap Pods:

Here is an expert list of the best sleeping locations at Delhi Airport (Indira Gandhi International Airport, DEL) with more specific information on their locations:

Terminal 3 (T3)

Pros: Modern, clean, well-lit, numerous amenities. Cons: Busy, can be loud, limited privacy.

Armrest-Free Seats

  • Locations: Near gates 14, 15, 17, 18, and the shopping area near the international departure gates.
  • Features: Comfortable seating with armrest-free options allowing you to stretch out. These areas are quieter and have less foot traffic.

Carpeted Areas

  • Locations: Near gates 20-23 and the large duty-free shopping area on Level 3.
  • Features: Spacious and comfortable for lying down, though a travel blanket or mat would enhance comfort.

Reclining Chairs

  • Locations: Near gates 31-35 and in the quieter sections of the international terminal.
  • Features: Free-to-use reclining chairs offering a more restful position.

Plaza Premium Lounge

  • Locations: Multiple lounges are located throughout T3, specifically near gates 6, 11, and 25.
  • Features: Comfortable seating, food, showers, and a quieter environment. Note that access may be limited to certain passengers or require a fee.

Terminal 1 (T1)

Pros: Spacious, less crowded. Cons: Fewer amenities compared to T3, less modern.

Seating Areas

  • Locations: Throughout the terminal, especially near gates 1A, 1C, and the waiting areas close to the food court.
  • Features: Comfortable seating options, though fewer armrest-free seats compared to T3.

Carpeted Areas

  • Locations: Near gates 4 and 6, and the larger waiting areas around the main concourse.
  • Features: Ample space to lay down, but may not be as comfortable as designated sleeping areas.

Sleep at Private Nap Room at Plaza Premium Lounge

The Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), near Gates 27 and 33, offers private napping rooms within their pay-to-use lounges. These rooms come with attached toilets and shower facilities.


  • Private napping rooms for single or double occupancy.
  • Shower rooms with complimentary items (shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, bath towels, dental kits, hair dryers, combs, shower caps, vanity kits).
  • Various dining options, including vegetarian choices, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and premium drinks.
  • Accessible washrooms, baby changing station, computer stations, flight information display, and Wi-Fi.


  • Single occupancy: Starting at 2650 INR for a minimum of three hours.
  • Double occupancy: Starting at 3725 INR for a minimum of three hours.


  • Domestic Arrivals in Terminal 3
  • International Arrivals in Terminal 3
  • Domestic Arrivals Landside in Terminal 1

Note: The Plaza Premium Lounge Transit Hotel in Terminal 3 is temporarily closed. More details here.

How to Choose Best Location to Sleep at New Delhi Airport

Sleeping at New Delhi Airport can be comfortable and convenient if you choose the right locations based on your needs. Here are some expert recommendations to help you find the best spots:

For Quiet:

To ensure a peaceful rest away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, consider these locations:

  • Terminal 3 Far End: The far end of Terminal 3 offers quiet zones and sleeping pods designed to block out noise.
  • Near Gate Information Desks: Areas near gate information desks in Terminal 3 are generally quieter, especially during off-peak hours.

For Comfort:

If comfort is your priority, opting for more comfortable seating or accommodation can make a significant difference:

  • Airport Lounges: Lounges in Terminal 3 provide comfortable seating and additional amenities, though access is typically limited to a few hours before your flight.
  • Transit Hotel Inside the Airport: Booking a room at the transit hotel within Terminal 3 offers the highest comfort level, with proper beds and private spaces.

For Temperature Control:

Managing the temperature can be crucial for a good sleep, especially in an air-conditioned environment:

  • Carry Extra Layers: Always have a sweater or travel blanket handy, as the airside and lounges can get quite cold.
  • Quiet Zones and Sleeping Pods: These areas are typically better insulated and offer some level of temperature control compared to open seating areas.

For Safety:

Safety is paramount, especially for solo travelers or those with valuable belongings:

  • Domestic Terminal: The well-lit and busy domestic terminal is a secure place to stay overnight, with constant surveillance and activity.
  • Armrest-Free Seats: These can be found in various locations, providing a comfortable yet safe option as they are in visible, populated areas.

For Convenience:

Ease of access to amenities and proximity to gates can enhance your overall experience:

  • Near Shopping Areas: Seats and couches near shopping sections in Terminal 3 are convenient for accessing food, drinks, and other necessities.
  • Landside Areas: If you don’t have immediate airside access, landside areas offer various seating options and are close to services like restrooms and eateries.

By selecting the right location based on your specific needs, you can significantly improve your sleep experience at New Delhi Airport. Whether you prioritize quiet, comfort, temperature control, safety, or convenience, there are suitable spots throughout the airport to ensure you rest well during your layover.

Review of DEL’s Airport Sleep Quality:


  1. 24-Hour Operation: The airport remains open 24/7, allowing for overnight stays.
  2. Quiet Zones: Terminal 3 offers quiet zones and sleeping pods at the far end, providing a peaceful environment.
  3. Comfortable Seating: Armrest-free seating and couches are available in various locations, particularly near shopping areas and gate information desks.
  4. Safety: The domestic terminal is well-lit and busy, offering a secure environment for solo travelers.
  5. Airport Lounges: Lounges in Terminal 3 provide additional comfort and amenities, such as reclining chairs and refreshments.
  6. Transit Hotel: An on-site transit hotel(Holiday Inn Express New Delhi International Airport T3, an IHG Hotel) in Terminal 3 offers private, comfortable rooms for resting between flights.
  7. Accessibility: Located within the airport, sleep pods and lounges are convenient for transit passengers.


  1. Noise: Many areas, especially landside, can be noisy due to continuous flight operations and passenger activity.
  2. Temperature Control: The airport can get very cold, especially in airside and lounge areas, so travelers need to bring extra layers.
  3. Limited Availability: Sleep pods and quiet zones have limited availability and can be fully booked during peak times.
  4. Cost: While convenient, the hourly rates for sleep pods and lounges can add up quickly, making them less economical for longer stays.
  5. Restricted Access: Airport lounges and some quiet zones are only accessible a few hours before your flight.
  6. Size Constraints: Sleep pods may be too cramped for tall individuals or those with a lot of luggage.
  7. Cleanliness Issues: Despite regular maintenance, occasional cleanliness issues can detract from the overall comfort.
  8. Lack of Amenities: Sleep pods lack additional features like bathrooms or showers, requiring travelers to use public facilities.

10 Locations You Should Avoid for Sleeping:

  1. High-Traffic Areas: Locations near major entrances, exits, and busy walkways, such as the main entrance of Terminal 3, are continuously trafficked by passengers, making them noisy and disruptive for sleep.
  2. Near Security Checkpoints: Areas close to security checkpoints in Terminal 3, especially near gates 1-10, are often crowded and noisy with ongoing security procedures and announcements, making it difficult to rest.
  3. Close to Food Courts and Restaurants: Food courts and restaurants, particularly the one near Gate 27 in Terminal 3, tend to be bustling with activity, especially during meal times, resulting in a noisy environment that is not conducive to sleep.
  4. Near Boarding Gates During Peak Hours: Boarding gates, such as those in Terminal 3 between Gates 15 and 25, can become extremely crowded and loud during peak departure times, making it hard to find a quiet moment to rest.
  5. Restrooms and Bathroom Vicinities: Areas near restrooms in Terminal 3, especially those by Gate 18, experience high foot traffic and noise, along with potential cleanliness issues, which can be unpleasant for sleeping.
  6. In Front of Shops and Duty-Free Stores: Locations near shops and duty-free stores, particularly those close to Gate 10 in Terminal 3, are often busy with shoppers and announcements, creating a disruptive environment for sleep.
  7. Near Baggage Claim Areas: Baggage claim areas in Terminal 3 are noisy and crowded as passengers collect their luggage, making them unsuitable for rest.
  8. Adjacent to Vending Machines and Public Phones: Locations near vending machines and public phones, such as those found near Gate 20 in Terminal 3, can be noisy due to the constant use by passengers purchasing items or making phone calls.
  9. Emergency Exits and Fire Escape Routes: Areas around emergency exits and fire escape routes, like those near Gates 5 and 6 in Terminal 3, need to be kept clear at all times for safety reasons, and any disruptions can lead to safety violations.
  10. On Hard, Uncomfortable Floors: Avoid sleeping directly on hard floors, especially in high-traffic areas like the central concourse of Terminal 3. Look for carpeted areas or bring a travel mat for added comfort.

By avoiding these high-traffic, noisy, and less comfortable locations, travelers can better manage their rest and find more suitable spots for sleeping at New Delhi Airport.

Alternatives to Delhi Airport Sleep Pods – Hotels Near Delhi Airport

Holiday Inn Express New Delhi International Airport is conveniently located within the transit area of Terminal 3 and spans two wings, with rooms available in both the International and Domestic sections. Access the hotel from Level 5 of Terminal 3. For short stays, both hourly rates and day rooms are offered. Check rates for more details.

Hotels outside/near the airport:

  1. Roseate House
    • Price: $125 – $181(check rates today)
    • Distance: 1.4 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suitable for: Luxury travelers and business professionals
  2. Red Fox Hotel, Delhi Airport
    • Price: $86 – $116(check rates today)
    • Distance: 1.4 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suitable for: Budget-conscious business travelers and short stays
  3. Lemon Tree Suites, Whitefield, Bengaluru
    • Price: $82 – $98
    • Distance: 1.4 miles from DEL
    • Tags: All-inclusive, breakfast included
    • Suitable for: Extended stays and family travelers
  4. Aloft New Delhi Aerocity
    • Price: $120 – $126
    • Distance: 1.5 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Modern amenities
    • Suitable for: Young professionals and couples
  5. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Delhi Airport
    • Price: $102 – $114
    • Distance: 1.6 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suitable for: Business travelers and transit passengers
  6. JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi Aerocity
    • Price: $180
    • Distance: 1.4 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Luxury amenities
    • Suitable for: Luxury and business travelers
  7. Ibis New Delhi Aerocity
    • Price: $108 – $114
    • Distance: 1.5 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Economical and efficient
    • Suitable for: Short stays and budget travelers
  8. Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity New Delhi
    • Price: $98 – $111
    • Distance: 1.5 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suitable for: Business and leisure travelers
  9. Pullman New Delhi Aerocity
    • Price: $170
    • Distance: 1.5 miles from DEL
    • Tags: High-end amenities
    • Suitable for: Luxury and business travelers
  10. Holiday Inn New Delhi Int’L Airport, an IHG Hotel
    • Price: $126
    • Distance: 1.6 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Brand reliability
    • Suitable for: Business travelers and families
  11. Hotel Novotel New Delhi Aerocity
    • Price: $114 – $117
    • Distance: 1.5 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Reliable service
    • Suitable for: Business meetings and leisure
  12. Hotel Delhi Aerocity
    • Price: $19 – $23
    • Distance: 1.6 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Breakfast included, budget-friendly
    • Suitable for: Budget solo travelers and short layovers

Budget Hotel Options to Sleep at:

  1. Hotel Delhi Aerocity
    • Price: $19 – $23(check rates today)
    • Distance: 1.6 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suitable for: Budget solo travelers and short layovers
  2. Hotel Aerocity Purple Orchid
    • Price: $20 – $22 (Check rates today)
    • Distance: 1.6 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Economical
    • Suitable for: Budget-conscious travelers seeking basic amenities
  3. Red Crown Hotel
    • Price: $16(Check rates today)
    • Distance: 1.8 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Basic lodging
    • Suitable for: Travelers looking for the most affordable stay with minimal expectations
  4. Hotel GT at Delhi Airport
    • Price: $18(Check rates today)
    • Distance: 1.7 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Basic lodging
    • Suitable for: Guests needing a very economical stay close to the airport
  5. Hotel The Cube Stay
    • Price: $23(Check rates today)
    • Distance: 1.0 mile from DEL
    • Tags: Basic facilities
    • Suitable for: Travelers prioritizing proximity to the airport at a low cost
    • Price: $24(Check rates today)
    • Distance: 1.7 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suitable for: Guests seeking value with basic amenities and meals included
  7. The R Blues Hotel
    • Price: $24(Check rates today)
    • Distance: 1.9 miles from DEL
    • Tags: Breakfast included
    • Suitable for: Budget travelers looking for included amenities like breakfast


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