Rome FCO Airport Sleeping Pods + Alternatives

Rome Fiumicino Airport, with its extensive facilities and improvements post the 2015 fire, stands as a significant hub for travellers. Recent notable addition is the compact sleep pods in the form of mini-suites.

In this Rome Fiumicino Airport Sleeping Guide, we have shared detailed info on all spots you can find sleep within the terminals and have provided details guide on the HotelSky’s sleep pods in T1 and T3 covering pricing, location, review of pros and cons and how you can book. You’ll laos find a number of suggestion for nearby hotels to consider.

Let’s start with an overview of sleep situation in this Airport.

Sleeping in Rome Fiumicino Airport – Overview:

At Rome Fiumicino Airport, Terminal 3 (T3) is noted for its potential to provide a relatively undisturbed rest, complemented by amenities like clean restrooms and a secure environment with minimal staff interruptions, catering to basic needs for overnight stays. However, comfort levels can vary significantly due to factors such as uncomfortable chairs and a shortage of power outlets.

Reviews paint a mixed picture, with some travelers experiencing straightforward overnight stays while others face challenges due to uncomfortable seating and excessive brightness. Notably, the availability of free lounges and areas with softer seating can provide some relief for weary travelers.

In summary, while sleeping at Rome Fiumicino Airport is feasible, it is advisable to prepare in advance and seek out the best facilities for a more comfortable rest.

Some info on recent strikes and flight cancellations calls for more sleep amenities:

Rome–Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino International Airport (Code: FCO), Italy’s premier gateway, ranks as the busiest airport in the nation and the 9th busiest in Europe, with a passenger volume exceeding 40 million in 2023. Amidst a tumultuous previous year, the airport witnessed an unprecedented number of flight cancellations due to strikes, as unions advocated for improved employment contracts and working conditions.

This disruption occurred during the peak tourist season, leading to a surge in demand for overnight accommodations.

In response to arbitrary flight cancellations, the airport authority implemented a policy, penalizing airlines and ensuring passengers are eligible for compensation up to $650 per cancelled flight. This measure, however, only scratches the surface of broader efforts by airport administrations to enhance passenger experience during delays, rescheduling, or cancellations.

Fortunately, FCO Airport Now Has Sleep Pods:

Fortunately for travelers seeking rest and convenience within the bustling confines of Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, HelloSky has introduced an innovative solution.

Positioned strategically landside in the public area between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, HelloSky provides a serene oasis accessible via a covered walkway.

This in-airport hotel features “air rooms,” offering travelers the choice of compact, pay-per-use rental rooms equipped with either a double or single bed. Each room is complemented by a private bathroom and shower, catering to the needs of both short-stay travelers and those facing extended layovers.


HelloSky is an in-airport hotel located at Fiumicino Airport (FCO), situated landside in the public area between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. The hotel is easily accessible via a covered walkway. HelloSky offers various accommodations and amenities including “air rooms” equipped with either a double or single bed, each with a private bathroom and shower.

For travelers needing a short rest, day-use rooms are available for 3 or 6 hours, operational from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The day rates are priced at 103€ for 3 hours and 124€ for 6 hours for a single room, and 133€ for 3 hours and 146€ for 6 hours for a double room. Overnight stays start at 332€ for a single room and 3533€ for a double room.

If you are connecting through Rome after a flight from another city, such as Venice, and need to stay overnight, you will need to exit the airport as though you are entering Rome, retrieve any baggage if necessary, and then proceed to the second floor to access HelloSky.

HelloSky stands out as an in-airport hotel at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport (FCO) for several key reasons:

  1. Convenience of Location: Being located directly adjacent to the terminals, HelloSky offers unparalleled convenience for travelers. This is especially beneficial for those with early flights, long layovers, or late arrivals who want to minimize additional travel time and stress associated with airport transfers.
  2. Flexible Booking Options: HelloSky caters to a range of needs with its flexible booking options. It provides rooms for both short stays (available in slots of 3 or 6 hours) and overnight accommodations. This flexibility is ideal for travelers looking for a quick rest between flights or those who need a place to stay close to the airport.
  3. Modern Amenities: Despite being designed for short stays, HelloSky does not compromise on comfort and modern amenities. Rooms are equipped with essentials such as a private bathroom and shower, offering a comfortable and private space right at the airport.
  4. Business Facilities: For business travelers, the availability of meeting rooms and high-speed internet ensures productivity even during transit. This makes it an excellent choice for business meetings or catching up on work before a flight.
  5. Ease of Access: The hotel’s connection to the airport via a covered walkway allows easy and quick access to check-in counters and terminal services. This is particularly advantageous for those with heavy luggage or mobility concerns.
  6. Value-Added Services: Additional services such as luggage storage and the availability of a lounge enhance the travel experience, providing more than just a room but a comfortable and convenient stay at the airport.

Where Else to Sleep in FCO Airport? Here are 17 Good Snooze Spots

Here are eight locations identified by fliers as good for sleeping in Rome’s Fiumicino Airport (FCO):

Back of Check-in Desks and Lounges (T3, Level 2):

Pros: Relatively quiet, staff do not disturb.

Cons: Few power outlets, uncomfortable chairs.

Details: Located above the departures area, this spot is less frequented and offers a decent stretch for sleep, especially during the pandemic closures.

Café Bench (T3, Upstairs Floor):

Pros: Comfortable bench.

Cons: N/A.

Details: Ideal for a night’s rest, especially if your transit flight departs from T1 but you arrive at T3.

Blue Sofas (T1, Near Section E):

Pros: Soft and comfortable.

Cons: Excessive lighting throughout the night.

Details: Located at the very end of T1, these sofas provide a comfy resting spot away from the busier areas of the terminal.

Free Lounges (T1, Between Gates A27 and A31):

Pros: Quiet environment.

Cons: N/A.

Details: These lounges offer a tranquil space to rest without any disturbance.

Black Comfortable Reclining Chairs (Near Gate B11):

Pros: Comfortable for sleeping.

Cons: N/A.

Details: Positioned strategically near the smoking area, these chairs are ideal for travelers needing to catch some sleep during long layovers.

Reclining Chairs (T2, Upper Floor):

Pros: Quiet area, not crowded.

Cons: Limited number.

Details: These 12 sleeping chairs offer a peaceful resting area away from the terminal’s hustle.

Rest Area (T1, Near Gate D1 Airside):

Pros: Comfortable reclining chairs.

Cons: Possible noise from nearby activities.

Details: This area is well-equipped for overnight travelers looking for a bit of comfort.

Lounge Chairs (E Terminal, Between Gates E12 & E14):

Pros: Comfortable reclining chairs, quieter area due to less foot traffic.

Cons: Soft plastic might not suit everyone.

Details: With 20 reclining chairs and nearby amenities like cafes and charging stations, this spot is ideal for a comfortable rest.

Baggage Claim Area (T1):

Pros: Availability of seats with one armrest removed for laying down.

Cons: Very bright lighting.

Details: Located in the baggage claim area, travelers have found a row of chairs suitable for laying down after a flight.

T3 E52 & E51 Gates:

  • Pros: Large couch-like seating and nearby charging points.
  • Cons: Nightly floor cleaning can be noisy.
  • Details: These gates offer large, soft couches that are ideal for resting, complete with nearby amenities such as toilets with drinking water taps.

Relax Zone – Bar Bench (T3):

  • Pros: Soft surface for resting.
  • Cons: Affected by noise and bright lights.
  • Details: This location offers a bar bench with a soft surface, suitable for resting before early flights.

Rest Place in Rome Fiumicino (Near D7 Gate, Second Floor):

  • Pros: Comfortable sofas in a tranquil area.
  • Cons: Limited facilities nearby.
  • Details: This spot provides comfortable sofas in a quiet zone, making it an excellent place for a restful stop.

Best Place to Sleep (T3, Near Gate E41):

  • Pros: Flat loungers and access to basic amenities.
  • Cons: Noisy environment, few shops open at night.
  • Details: Located near Gate E41, this area offers flat sofas for maximum comfort during long transits or waits.

Upstairs from D Gates (T3):

  • Pros: Good lounge chairs in a quiet corridor.
  • Cons: Limited accessibility during late hours.
  • Details: Found in the corridor upstairs above the D gates, this area is praised for its good lounge chairs and quieter setting, ideal for resting away from the busier parts of the airport.

Hidden Spot (T2, Between Gates A61-83 and A1-10):

  • Pros: Quiet, secluded, and dark.
  • Cons: Noise levels increase around 7:00 AM.
  • Details: This hidden spot behind the “change cambio” kiosk between specific gate ranges in Terminal 2 offers a lot of privacy and is ideal for travelers seeking a more secluded area.

Near the Entrance Before Security (T3):

  • Pros: Indoor and accessible.
  • Cons: Hard floor, only suitable for sitting or using sleeping mats.
  • Details: Found near the entrance of Terminal 3, this large indoor area allows for overnight stays before passing through security, with the hard floor being the main drawback.

Rest Area Near Gate B9 (T1):

  • Pros: Sleeper seats available.
  • Cons: Limited number of seats and amenities during off-hours.
  • Details: Located near Gate B9 in Terminal 1, this rest area offers sleeper seats which can be quite comfortable for travelers needing to catch some rest between flights.

Here are great things about sleeping in Rome FCO Airport:

Travelers have highlighted several aspects they appreciate about sleeping at Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO), which include:

  1. Quiet Areas: Many fliers appreciate the quiet spots found throughout the airport, especially in terminals that are less frequented at night. These areas allow for uninterrupted sleep, which is valued by those needing to rest between flights.
  2. Comfortable Seating: Various locations in the airport offer comfortable seating options such as reclining chairs, lounge chairs, and soft benches or couches. These facilities are crucial for travelers looking to sleep comfortably without having to lie on the floor.
  3. Accessible Amenities: Proximity to amenities such as bathrooms, charging stations, and cafes is highly appreciated. Even during nighttime, having access to such facilities makes the stay more comfortable and convenient.
  4. Free Lounges: The presence of free lounges, particularly in Terminal 1, is a significant plus for fliers. These lounges offer a more relaxed environment away from the general bustle of the airport terminals.
  5. Safety and Security: The sense of safety, due to the presence of other travelers and occasional security patrols, reassures those spending the night at the airport. The general feeling of safety helps travelers relax and sleep better.
  6. Non-Disruptive Staff: Travelers have noted that the staff at FCO tend to be non-intrusive and do not disturb those sleeping, unless absolutely necessary. This respectful attitude helps create a more sleep-friendly environment.
  7. Overnight Accessibility: Even during unusual hours, parts of the airport remain accessible, providing refuge for those who arrive late or have early morning flights. This continuous accessibility is crucial for transit passengers.
  8. Tolerant Environment: The airport’s overall tolerance towards sleepers, including those who choose to stay on the floor or on benches, is particularly valued by budget travelers and those with lengthy layovers.

These attributes make Rome Fiumicino Airport a relatively favorable option for travelers needing to rest or sleep during their journeys, according to the feedback from various fliers.

Here are complaints about sleeping in this airport:

While some aspects of sleeping at Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) are appreciated, travelers also point out several drawbacks:

  1. Hard and Uncomfortable Seating: Many chairs in the airport have armrests that prevent laying down, and some areas only offer hard benches or metal chairs, which are not suitable for a comfortable sleep.
  2. Bright Lighting: Several travelers have complained about the bright lights throughout the airport, which can make it difficult to sleep comfortably without an eye mask.
  3. Noise: The airport can be noisy, with announcements, cleaning machines, and foot traffic. This continuous noise can disrupt sleep, particularly in busier terminals or near main thoroughfares.
  4. Lack of Privacy: Some sleeping areas are in open spaces, which can feel exposed and uncomfortable for those seeking some privacy.
  5. Cold Temperature: The airport can be quite cold at night, particularly in areas with high air conditioning. Travelers often mention the need for a blanket or warm clothing to sleep comfortably.
  6. Limited Power Outlets: Charging devices can be a challenge, as power outlets are not always readily available or conveniently located, which is a significant inconvenience in today’s digitally connected world.
  7. Cleanliness: Some areas, especially those less frequently maintained during the night, can be less clean, which may deter sleepers.
  8. Interruptions by Staff or Security: Although generally non-intrusive, there are instances where staff or security may wake sleepers, especially when cleaning or in situations requiring verification of travel documents.
  9. Occasional Overcrowding: Depending on the time and season, some designated sleeping spots can become quite crowded, making it hard to find a good place to rest.
  10. Floor Sleeping: Often, the best option might be the floor, especially when all chairs are taken or uncomfortable, which is not ideal for everyone.

These issues reflect the challenges and discomforts faced by travelers attempting to rest at FCO, indicating that while the airport does provide some accommodations for sleep, there are significant areas for improvement.

12 Helpful Flier Tips for Sleep at FCO Airport:

Here are 12 tips based on traveler feedback for those planning to sleep at Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO):

Tip #1: Bring an Eye Mask and Earplugs FCO is known for its bright lights and occasional noise from announcements and cleaning machines. To ensure a better sleep experience, always carry an eye mask and earplugs.

Tip #2: Carry a Blanket or Wear Extra Layers The airport can get quite cold at night, especially in areas with strong air conditioning. Bringing a travel blanket or wearing extra layers of clothing can help you stay warm and sleep more comfortably.

Tip #3: Scout for Sleeping Spots Early Popular sleeping spots at FCO can fill up quickly, especially during the tourist season or on busy nights. Arrive early to find a good place, preferably one with comfortable seating and less foot traffic.

Tip #4: Use Lounges for a Quieter Environment If you prefer a quieter and more comfortable environment, consider using airport lounges. Some lounges are accessible with a day pass, which can be a worthwhile investment for a peaceful rest.

Tip #5: Charge Your Devices Beforehand Due to a scarcity of power outlets in some areas, it’s a good idea to charge your electronic devices before settling down for the night. This way, you won’t have to worry about your phone or tablet running out of power when you need it most.

Tip #6: Choose Light-Protected Areas For those sensitive to light while sleeping, try to find spots behind information booths, under staircases, or near walls where overhead lights are less intrusive. These areas can provide a darker environment conducive to sleep.

Tip #7: Use Baggage as a Makeshift Bed If the seating is uncomfortable or limited, you can use your own luggage as a makeshift bed. Lay out a large scarf or blanket over your bags to create a more comfortable resting surface.

Tip #8: Stay Hydrated and Snacked Airport environments can be dehydrating, and amenities might be limited during late hours. Pack a refillable water bottle and some snacks to stay hydrated and energized without having to search for open concessions during off-hours.

Tip #9: Locate Bathrooms and Essential Services Early Upon arrival, locate bathrooms and other essential services like information desks. Knowing where these facilities are ahead of time can save you hassle when it’s late, and visibility or staff availability might be reduced.

Tip #10: Dress Appropriately for Comfort Wear comfortable, loose clothing and easy-to-remove layers. Being able to adjust to varying temperatures and conditions within different parts of the airport can make your stay much more pleasant.

Tip #11: Identify Quiet Corners and Nooks Some areas of the airport are less traveled and quieter than the main concourses. Look for hidden nooks or corners that are away from the main flow of passengers — these spots often provide a quieter and more secluded setting for sleep.

Tip #12: Secure Your Belongings Always keep your luggage and personal items secure while you sleep. Use a luggage lock, and consider a travel alarm or securing your bags to a stationary object. Keeping your belongings safe will allow you to rest without worry.

Hilton Hotel Rome Airport is Inside the Airport:

Consider the Hilton Hotel inside FCO Airport for its convenience, featuring a moving walkway that connects you directly from the Terminals to the Hotel in just a five-minute walk. It offers easy access to Terminals 1, 2, and 3 via a covered walkway from the hotel’s upper level.

For those traveling to or from the city center, the Leonardo Express from Termini station is a brief 10-minute walk from the hotel. This makes for a swift 10-minute journey to Terminal 3 for international flights. Conversely, for arrivals, Terminal 1 caters primarily to intra-European (Schengen) flights, showcasing the hotel’s perfect positioning for varied travel needs.

Hilton impresses with its excellent location. Both the food and the room meet expectations. However, to access the terminal, guests must navigate a walkway leading to an elevator, which presents a challenge as one review noted.

Italy’s beauty is undeniable, but the elevator technology falls short. With the elevator accommodating only two people at a time, over 30 guests were seen waiting to access the terminal walkway. To ensure a smooth departure, it’s advisable to allocate the full three hours to make your flight.

Where to Sleep at FCO: Summary

At Fiumicino Airport (FCO), for sleeping options:

  • Airside: Look for areas with reclining chairs, sofas, or armrest-free benches. Security passage times can vary, so verify ahead based on your flight schedule whether you can access these spots early.
  • Landside: Many seats have armrests, which might limit comfort, potentially leaving the cold, tiled floor as your only option if you cannot access the airside areas.

FCO is an old airport that opened in 1961 but has still managed to win a prestigious award of “Best Airport Award” for the category of airports handling over 40 million passengers. I believe the improved seating with sleep-friendly armfrest-free benches significantly enhanced the outlook of this airport to passengers with layovers here.

Hotels Closest to FCO:

Here are the details of 7 closest hotels to Fiumicino Airport (FCO) in Rome, including their distances and brief reviews:

  1. Intorno al Fico – Hotel al Mare
    • Distance: 1.9 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Offers proximity to the airport and local beach community, suitable for a relaxing stay near the sea.
  2. Hotel De La Ville Relais
    • Distance: 3.3 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Convenient for travelers seeking a hotel close to the airport for overnight stays.
  3. Hotel Isola Sacra Rome Airport
    • Distance: 3.5 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Known for its serene setting and spacious rooms, ideal for travelers seeking comfort near the airport.
  4. Hotel Riviera Fiumicino
    • Distance: 3.6 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Offers a reasonable place to stay with close proximity to the airport.
  5. B&B Hotel Roma Fiumicino Aeroporto Fiera 1
    • Distance: 2.2 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Well-rated for its location near the airport, train station, and shopping centers.
  6. Seccy Hotel Boutique
    • Distance: 2.5 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: A quaint and charming boutique hotel known for its close location to the airport.
  7. Hotel Tiber Fiumicino
    • Distance: 2.8 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Offers easy access to the airport with shuttle services, and known for its rooftop views and modern amenities.

Hotels Near FCo with Free Shuttle:

  1. Mercure Roma West
    • Distance: 9.4 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Price: $119 per night
  2. Warmthotel
    • Distance: 11.4 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Price: $109 per night
  3. Hotel Petra
    • Distance: 18.4 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Price: $126 per night
  4. Hotel Villa Eur Parco Dei Pini
    • Distance: 11.4 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Price: $90 per night
  5. Crowne Plaza Rome – St. Peter’s, an IHG Hotel
    • Distance: 10.5 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Price: $193 per night
  6. Hotel Nord Nuova Roma
    • Distance: 14.2 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Price: $172 per night
  7. Villa San Lorenzo Maria Hotel
    • Distance: 14.9 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Price: $127 per night

Hotels Near FCO with Pool:

Here are hotels near Fiumicino Airport (FCO) in Rome that feature a pool, along with their distance from the airport and additional details:

  1. Crowne Plaza Rome – St. Peter’s, an IHG Hotel
    • Distance: 10.5 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Offers a beautiful outdoor pool and patio area, providing a clean, spacious, and accommodating environment. Not walkable for Rome sightseeing without a taxi or other transportation.
  2. A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel
    • Distance: 10.4 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Features a pool and is located a bit outside the city center, offering a tranquil retreat from the bustling city with comprehensive amenities.
  3. Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel
    • Distance: 12.6 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Luxurious hotel offering a high-end experience with pool facilities and extensive services, located in a more secluded area of Rome.
  4. Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & SPA
    • Distance: 14.5 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: A luxury hotel offering a spa and pool, set in a peaceful location near Rome’s historic sites, providing a serene escape with modern amenities.
  5. Mercure Roma Centro Colosseo
    • Distance: 13.8 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Positioned close to the Colosseum, this hotel offers a unique stay experience with modern comforts, including a pool.
  6. The Westin Excelsior, Rome
    • Distance: 14.0 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: Known for its grandeur and luxury, this hotel provides top-notch amenities including a pool, located in the historical center of Rome.
  7. Trilussa Palace Hotel
    • Distance: 12.1 miles from Fiumicino Airport
    • Details: A boutique hotel with a focus on luxury and comfort, offering a pool and spa facilities, nestled in a charming area of Rome close to major attractions.

These hotels provide various levels of luxury and amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay whether you’re looking for a lavish retreat or a cozy place near the airport with a pool.

Hotels Near FCO and Train Station:

Hotel Columbia

    • Distance: 21.2 miles from Fiumicino Airport, few blocks from Termini StationDetails: A charming family-run hotel with simple yet comfortable rooms, conveniently located near both the airport and train station for easy access to Rome’s sights.
    Hotel Artemide
    • Distance: 21.9 miles from Fiumicino Airport, walking distance from Termini StationDetails: A boutique hotel known for its elegant design and friendly staff, providing a luxurious stay with a rooftop terrace offering stunning views of Rome.
    Hotel Quirinale
    • Distance: 22.0 miles from Fiumicino Airport, walking distance from Termini StationDetails: A historic hotel with a classic vibe, boasting a beautiful garden terrace and spacious rooms to make your stay in Rome truly comfortable.
    When it comes to convenience, these hotels near FCO and the train station offer easy access to transportation for exploring the city. With stylish accommodations and various amenities, they provide a perfect balance between comfort and location.

Showers at FCO:

At FCO airport, you have two options for taking a shower. HelloSky offers a shower-only package for €25, available landside, across from Terminals 1 and 3. This package includes access to showers, towels, a hairdryer, and toiletries. HelloSky is open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Alternatively, you can access shower facilities through the Plaza Premium Lounge. This lounge is located in Terminal 1, Landside in the Schengen Area, after Security Control on the Mezzanine Level, with hours from 4:30 AM to 9:30 PM. It’s also available in Terminal 3, Airside in Area E (Upper Level) for Extra Schengen flights only, from 5:00 AM to 9:30 PM.

Walk-in rates for the Plaza Premium Lounge are US$47 for a 2-hour stay or US$89 for a 5-hour stay. Buying the day pass online is cheaper. For Terminal 1, the rates are GBP 33.00 for a 3-hour stay or GBP 76.00 for a 6-hour stay. In Terminal 3, the rates are GBP 47.00 for a 3-hour stay or GBP 89.00 for a 6-hour stay. Lounge passes can be purchased in advance to ensure availability.

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