São Paulo GRU Airport Sleep Pods by ZZZleepandGo & Fast Sleep

Being the busiest airport in Brazil, handling over 41 million passengers annually, São Paulo’s Guarulhos Airport (GRU) recognized the need for innovative compact sleep pod solutions. The airport offers two brands: ZZZleepandGo in Terminal 2 and Fast Sleep in Terminal 3. Whether you are on a layover or need flexible and convenient sleeping facilities within the airport, these sleep pods provide much-needed rest for travelers.

This guide on Sleeping in Guarulhos Airport with sleep pods will provide you with everything you need to prepare for an overnight stay in these innovative compact capsule rooms. You’ll learn the locations of both sleep pod brands, their pricing, review summaries, how to book, and the amenities they offer. Additionally, I’ve included a list of alternative free terminal spots to sleep if you prefer not to pay. For superior comfort, there are also a few airport hotels within GRU and nearby options to consider.

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Summary on the Sleep Situation at GRU Airport Without Sleep Pods

Sleeping at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU) without using sleep pods can be challenging but manageable with some preparation. The airport operates 24/7, but the noise levels from announcements and cleaning activities, coupled with bright lighting, can disrupt sleep.

The temperature can drop significantly at night, making it advisable to bring warm clothing or a blanket. While seating is available, most benches have armrests, limiting comfort.

However, some cushioned seats and armrest-free benches can be found near restrooms and water fountains in Terminal 3, and under escalators in Terminal 3, which are quieter spots.

Security concerns necessitate keeping a close watch on belongings. For a more restful experience, consider bringing earplugs, an eye mask, and a travel pillow. Despite these challenges, strategic planning can help travelers find reasonable rest spots within the airport.

Benefits of Nap Pods at GRU: How Sleep Pods Improved/Solved Sleep Challenges at GRU:

  • Noise Reduction: The soundproof design of sleep pods like ZZZleepandGo significantly reduces noise from announcements, cleaning activities, and passenger movement, providing a quieter sleeping environment.
  • Privacy and Security: Sleep pods offer a private and secure space, mitigating concerns about theft and personal safety, which are common in open public areas of the airport.
  • Comfortable Sleeping Conditions: Equipped with comfortable beds, central air conditioning, and amenities like Wi-Fi and electrical outlets, sleep pods ensure a restful and comfortable sleep compared to standard airport seating.
  • Consistent Lighting: The controlled lighting within sleep pods helps overcome the challenge of bright airport lights, creating a more conducive environment for sleep.
  • Temperature Control: Central air conditioning within sleep pods maintains a comfortable temperature, addressing the issue of cold temperatures in the airport at night.
  • Availability of Showers: Facilities like Fast Sleep include options for showers, allowing travelers to refresh and rejuvenate during long layovers.
  • Flexible Booking Options: Both daily and hourly booking options offer flexibility, catering to travelers with varying layover durations and needs for short-term rest or extended sleep.
  • Accessibility: Convenient locations within the terminals make sleep pods easily accessible without leaving the airport or passing through security multiple times.
  • Bilingual Support: The presence of a bilingual team ensures that travelers from different regions can comfortably use and book sleep pods without language barriers.

By addressing noise, privacy, comfort, lighting, temperature, and accessibility, sleep pods at GRU Airport provide a significant improvement over traditional airport sleeping conditions, enhancing the overall travel experience.

What Are the Sleep Options at GRU Airport?

São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU) provides a range of sleeping options for travelers, though the experience can vary significantly based on the time of day and the specific terminal. The airport operates 24/7, but security checkpoints close overnight, typically reopening around 4:00 AM.

This means that airside access is restricted during these hours, making landside sleeping arrangements necessary for those arriving late at night. Passengers have highlighted several decent spots for resting, such as cushioned seats near restrooms and water fountains in Terminal 3, benches without armrests near gates and food outlets in Terminal 2, and secluded spots under escalators.

For a more comfortable rest, travelers can opt for the ZZZleepandGo sleep pods or the airport hotels like Slaviero Fast Sleep and Tryp by Wyndham, though these come at a cost. The main challenges include cold temperatures, noise from cleaning activities and announcements, and limited availability of armrest-free seating. Proper preparation, such as bringing extra clothing and arriving early to secure a good spot, can significantly enhance the sleeping experience at GRU.

On the official GRU Website, it lists a few hotels.

Table with Accommodation Options at GRU

Accommodation TypeHotel NameLocationSleep Facility Availability at GRU
Sleep Pod/Capsule HotelZZZleepandGoTerminal 2Yes
Sleep Pod/Capsule HotelFast Sleep by Slaviero HotéisTerminal 2 (East)Yes
Designated Rest AreasNoneN/ANo
Free Non-Designated/Unequipped Hidden SpotsVarious locations within terminals7 locations identified including Terminal 3 (Under Escalators), Terminal 2 (Benches with Free Internet)Yes
Transit HotelTRYP by Wyndham São Paulo Guarulhos AirportTerminal 3Yes
In-Airport HotelNonePullman São Paulo Guarulhos Airport is beside the airport but not inside GRU airport.No
Nearby Hotel with Free ShuttleComfort Hotel Guarulhos Aeroporto1.1 miles from the airportYes

Here are Details on Guarulhos Airport’s (GRU) Hours of Operation to Help you Prepare:

Based on the reviews and typical operating procedures for São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU), here are the key details regarding the airport’s overnight closing times and the reopening of security checkpoints in the morning:

Operating Hours:

São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU) operates 24/7, with facilities available around the clock. However, specific services and areas within the airport may have varying hours of operation.

Overnight Closure:

  • Security Checkpoints: Security checkpoints at GRU close during the late-night hours. Specific closing times are not universally provided in the reviews, but it is commonly observed that they close at some point during the night when passenger traffic decreases significantly.
  • General Access: While the airport itself remains open 24/7, the closure of security checkpoints means that access to the airside areas is restricted during these hours.

Morning Reopening:

  • Security Checkpoints Reopen: Security checkpoints typically reopen around 4:00 AM. This timing aligns with the reopening of airport services such as restaurants and check-in counters, which also start operating early in the morning.

Accessing Airside:

  • During Closure: When the security checkpoints are closed, passengers cannot access the airside areas. Travelers should plan to arrive at the airport early enough to clear security before it closes or be prepared to wait until it reopens in the morning.
  • Airside Amenities: Once airside, travelers will find a variety of amenities, including lounges, shops, and restaurants. It is advisable to complete security procedures as soon as the checkpoints reopen to access these facilities.
  • Sleeping Arrangements: If arriving during the night when security is closed, passengers can find sleeping areas landside. Notable options include:
    • Terminal 3: Look for cushioned seats near restrooms and water fountains.
    • Terminal 2: Benches and seating areas near food outlets and Starbucks.
    • Other Public Areas: Secluded spots like under escalators or near quieter gates can provide some rest until security reopens.

What Fliers Should Know:

  • Plan Accordingly: If you have an early morning flight, plan to arrive at the airport after the security checkpoints reopen or be prepared to wait landside if you arrive during the night.
  • Overnight Accommodations: Consider using landside facilities for sleeping, such as benches, cushioned seats, or sleep pods, if arriving at the airport when security is closed.
  • Early Morning Access: Be ready to move through security promptly when it reopens at 4:00 AM to make the most of airside amenities and ensure timely access to your gate.

By keeping these timings in mind, travelers can better manage their time and comfort during overnight stays at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport.

Two Sleep Pod Brands at GRU Airport:

Fast Sleep by Slaviero

Fast Sleep by Slaviero Hotéis is a convenient and practical accommodation option located within São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU). Designed to cater to travelers with long layovers or missed flights, Fast Sleep provides compact, comfortable cabins for rest and refreshment.


  • Address: Rodovia Hélio Smidt, s/nº, Terminal 2 East, Ground Floor, Domestic Arrivals, Guarulhos/SP, CEP: 07190-100.
  • Proximity: Easily accessible within the airport and close to a variety of restaurants, shops, and services.


  • Cabins: Offers 65 cabins ranging from 4 to 7 square meters.
  • Amenities: Central air conditioning, Internet access, options for suites with private or external bathrooms with showers.
  • Room Features: Cabins include a bunk bed, television, hot water, and high-quality bed linens.
  • Comfort: Developed to ensure comfort and practicality during long waits between flights.

Below are some images showing interior and exterior of the cabin rooms;

Amenities of Fast Sleep Capsule Hotel

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Voltage 220V
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Baby Bathtub
    • Subject to availability
  • Maleiro (Luggage Storage)
  • Bilingual Team
  • Family Apartment
  • Suitable for Non-Smokers
  • Suitable for People with Disabilities (PwD)
  • Facilities for People with Disabilities (PcD)

Booking Options:

  • Daily Reservations: Can be made online through the Fast Sleep website. Rates are displayed according to the selected dates.
  • Hourly Reservations: Must be made directly with the hotel via phone or email for rate inquiries and bookings.

Contact Information:

ZZZleepandGo at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport

ZZZleepandGo, an Italian sleep pods operator expanded to São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU) Airport in February 2020 first starting with 2 cabins and has since expanded to nine highly advanced self-service cabins. These cabins are in two locations within the airport and are very close to each other.

Cabins from GRU 01 to GRU 06:

  • Location: Mezanino floor of Terminal 3, right next to the Rascál restaurant.
  • Directions:
    • Access Terminal 3 from the last entrance door of the “Desembarque” level.
    • Look for the Uber collection point of Terminal 3.
    • You will find a Starbucks kiosk right in front of you.
    • Take the closest glass elevator and go up to the upper level (1st floor).
    • The cabins are located right in front of you.

Cabins from GRU 07 to GRU 09:

  • Location: Mezanino floor of Terminal 3, along the pedestrian connection path between Terminal 3 and Terminal 2.
  • Directions:
    • Access the airport from the “Embarque” level through the door indicating “Terminal 2 – Check-in E”.
    • Go to the left and follow the signs for the connection with Terminal 3.
    • You will need to go through a long straight corridor equipped with a walking pad.
    • At the end of the corridor, you will find the three capsules right in front of you.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Security Location: All cabins are located before security checks, making them easily accessible without going through airport controls.
  • Virtual Reception: Each cabin is numbered and features a “Virtual Reception.” A simple touch guides you through the easy check-in procedure.
  • Convenience: Sleeping inside the airport avoids the additional transport costs and risks associated with booking a nearby hotel.
  • Facilities: Although toilet or shower services are not offered within the cabins, travelers can use the airport toilets located a few meters away.

These cabins provide a convenient and cost-effective option for travelers needing rest without the hassle of leaving the airport or going through security checks.


Customer Service:

  • Languages Available: English, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • Hours: Support available from 10:00 to 17:00.
  • Additional Support: English support is available every day at any time.

CHeck our details of airports with nap pods

Contact Methods:

  • Phone/WhatsApp: +39 3331630121 (available for phone calls or messages on WhatsApp).
  • Cabin Touch Screen: Use the touch screen in the cabins to chat with operators in your preferred language at any time of the day.

For further information, visit the “contacts” section on the ZZZleepandGo website or make a booking here

Cost of Sleep Pods at GRU Airport:

Fast Sleep Guarulhos by Slaviero Hotéis offers daily overnight stays starting at R$ 692 (approximately USD 140).

ZZZleepandGo’s rates are currently unavailable, but their overnight stays typically start from 61 Euros (approximately USD 66).

Both Fast Sleep and ZZZleepandGo also provide hourly pricing, similar to other sleep pod brands in airports worldwide. For specific hourly rates, travelers need to contact their respective providers directly. These options offer flexibility for passengers needing short-term rest or a full night’s sleep.

Use this link to check pricing for Fast Sleep.

Where to Sleep at GRU Airport – Viable Free Alternatives to Sleep Pods:

Terminal 3 – Under Escalators

  • Location: Terminal 3, lowest floor, under the escalators near the main concourse.
  • Pros: Quiet during the night as the escalators are turned off.
  • Cons: Limited quantity of benches, which often have armrests, and these spots are usually occupied.
  • Recommendation: Arrive early to secure a spot. It’s a preferred sleeping area due to its seclusion.

Terminal 2 – Benches with Free Internet

  • Location: Terminal 2, near Gates 201-223.
  • Pros: Free internet, food available, and armrest-free benches can be found.
  • Cons: Cold temperatures typical of most airports.
  • Recommendation: Look for benches along the main walkway and near food outlets for easy access to amenities and charging stations.

Terminal 3 – Cushioned Seats and Water Fountain

  • Location: Terminal 3, near the restrooms and water fountain, close to the boarding gates.
  • Pros: Comfortable cushioned seats, free water fountain with both room temperature and cold water, power outlets available.
  • Cons: Seats typically have armrests; busy and noisy at night.
  • Recommendation: Consider moving rows of cushioned seats closer together to create a makeshift bed. Arrive early to find a spot with accessible power outlets.

Starbucks in Terminal 2

  • Location: Terminal 2, landside, near the main entrance and the prayer room.
  • Pros: Comfortable sofas in a relatively quieter area.
  • Cons: Often occupied and can be noisy due to foot traffic.
  • Recommendation: Ideal for short naps if a sofa is available. Consider waiting for a spot to free up.

Gate 4 in Terminal 2

  • Location: Terminal 2, Gate 4, slightly underground.
  • Pros: Secluded and quieter than other gates, armrest-free bench seats.
  • Cons: Can be very cold due to air conditioning.
  • Recommendation: Suitable for a few hours of sleep if you have warm clothing. Arrive early to secure a spot as it tends to be popular among travelers seeking rest.

Terminal 3 – Benches Near Mate Shop

  • Location: Terminal 3, 1st Floor, near the Mate shop.
  • Pros: Benches available for sleeping, free from armrests.
  • Cons: Busy and open space, potential noise disturbances.
  • Recommendation: Use earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to mitigate noise. Secure your spot early as this area can get crowded.

Connection Walkway Between Terminals 2 and 3

  • Location: Walkway connecting Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.
  • Pros: Benches available for sleeping.
  • Cons: Potential for foot traffic and noise.
  • Recommendation: Arrive early to find a suitable spot, and be prepared for possible noise from other travelers passing through.

General Challenges Highlighted by Travelers

  • Security and Safety: Be cautious of personal belongings as there are reports of theft. Limited security presence.
  • Cold Temperatures: Many areas within the terminals are cold; carrying extra clothing or blankets is advised.
  • Noise Levels: High noise levels due to announcements and cleaning activities.
  • Limited Comfortable Seating: Most seating comes with armrests, making it difficult to lie down.
  • WiFi Limitations: Free WiFi is often limited to one hour, with poor connectivity reported.

Recommendations for a Better Sleeping Experience

  • Preparation: Bring extra clothing or a travel blanket for warmth.
  • Strategic Location: Find secluded spots like under escalators or at quieter gates.
  • Use of Airport Facilities: Consider booking sleep pods or airport hotels for better rest and privacy.

Other Alternatives for Sleep at this Airport:

Hotels Inside GRU Airport

  1. Tryp by Wyndham São Paulo Guarulhos Airport
    • Location: Boarding area of Terminal 3, 1st Floor (requires international boarding pass or connection)
    • Features: Unlimited free WiFi, family rooms, and “Fitness” rooms with exercise bikes. Hourly rates available.

What Fliers Should Be Aware of Regarding the Sleep Situation at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

  1. Noise Levels
    • General: The airport can be noisy due to frequent announcements, cleaning activities, and passenger movements, particularly in the main concourses.
    • Specific Location: In Terminal 3, the area near the boarding gates is particularly busy and noisy at night.
  2. Bright Lighting
    • General: Many areas in the airport remain brightly lit throughout the night, which can make it difficult to sleep.
    • Specific Location: The prayer room in Terminal 2 is brightly lit and visible from outside, making it less ideal for sleeping.
  3. Temperature Levels
    • General: The airport can get quite cold, especially during the night. Travelers often report feeling cold and recommend bringing extra layers or a blanket.
    • Specific Location: Terminal 3, especially in the open seating areas, can be particularly cold due to air conditioning.
  4. Seating Comfort
    • General: Most seating areas have armrests, which prevent passengers from lying down comfortably. Armrest-free benches are limited and usually occupied.
    • Specific Location: Terminal 2 has some armrest-free benches near Gates 201-223, but these are often taken.
  5. Security
    • General: There are reports of gangs and petty theft in some areas. Security presence is limited at night.
    • Specific Location: Terminal 2 landside areas are noted to have occasional security issues. It’s important to keep an eye on your belongings.
  6. Best Sleeping Spots
    • Under Escalators in Terminal 3: The lowest floor under the escalators is a quieter spot as the escalators are turned off at night, but this area is often occupied.
    • Cushioned Seats in Terminal 3: Near restrooms and water fountains, these cushioned seats are more comfortable but located in busy areas.
    • Starbucks in Terminal 2: The sofas here are comfortable but often occupied and subject to noise from foot traffic.
    • Gate 4 in Terminal 2: A secluded spot with armrest-free benches, but can be very cold due to air conditioning.
  7. Additional Facilities
    • ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods: Located on the Mezanino floor of Terminal 3 and along the pedestrian connection path between Terminals 2 and 3. These offer a more private and comfortable sleep option.
    • Airport Hotels: Slaviero Fast Sleep and Tryp by Wyndham provide in-terminal accommodations but at a higher cost.

By being aware of these conditions and planning accordingly, travelers can improve their chances of getting some rest during their layover at GRU.

How to Choose a Place to Sleep at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

For Quiet:

  • Free Locations:
    • Under Escalators in Terminal 3: This spot on the lowest floor is quiet as the escalators are turned off at night. However, it can be occupied quickly, so arrive early.
  • Facilities/Hotels:
    • ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods: Located on the Mezanino floor of Terminal 3 and along the pedestrian connection path between Terminals 2 and 3, these soundproof pods offer a quiet, private sleeping environment.

For Comfort:

  • Free Locations:
    • Cushioned Seats in Terminal 3: Near restrooms and water fountains, these seats are cushioned but located in busier areas.
  • Hotels:
    • Slaviero Fast Sleep: Inside Terminal 2, National Wing, ground floor near Arrivals. Equipped with bunk beds, bathrooms, TV, A/C, and WiFi.
    • Tryp by Wyndham: Located in the boarding area of Terminal 3, 1st Floor. Requires an international boarding pass. Offers family rooms and fitness rooms.

For Temperature:

  • Free Locations:
    • General Tip: Bring extra layers or a travel blanket, as many areas can be cold, especially during the night.
    • Gate 4 in Terminal 2: Although secluded and quieter, this area can be very cold due to air conditioning. Be prepared with warm clothing.
  • Facilities:
    • Airport Lounges: Accessing a lounge can provide a more temperature-controlled environment. Lounges like the Admirals Club in Terminal 3 are recommended for their comfort and amenities.

For Security:

  • Free Locations:
    • Starbucks in Terminal 2: Sofas are comfortable but often occupied. The area has a higher foot traffic, providing a sense of security through visibility.
  • General Tip: Always keep an eye on your belongings, especially in landside areas like Terminal 2.

For Accessibility:

  • Free Locations:
    • Terminal 2 Benches Near Gates 201-223: Easily accessible and close to food outlets and charging stations.
  • Facilities:
    • ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods: Conveniently located before security checks, making them freely accessible without passing through airport controls.

By considering these recommendations and selecting the appropriate locations based on your specific needs, you can enhance your chances of having a restful and secure sleep experience at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport.

Places to Avoid Sleeping at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

  • Terminal 2 Main Concourse:
    • Description: Busy and noisy with constant announcements and foot traffic. Seats generally have armrests, making it uncomfortable for sleeping.
  • Prayer Room in Terminal 2:
    • Description: Brightly lit and visible from outside, providing little privacy and restfulness.
  • International Airside Area (After Security):
    • Description: Limited seating with armrests, continuous announcements, and crowded conditions, especially at night.
  • Near Food Courts in Terminal 2:
    • Description: High foot traffic and noise from nearby restaurants and cleaning activities.
  • Gate 4 in Terminal 2 (During Early Morning Hours):
    • Description: Although quieter, the air conditioning is excessively cold, and there may be sudden changes in gate assignments leading to disruptions.
  • Public Areas with Limited Security Presence:
    • Description: Reports of petty theft and gang activities; security guards are less visible during late-night hours.
  • Brightly Lit Areas Near Main Entrances:
    • Description: Bright lighting makes it difficult to sleep, and these areas are usually busier with people coming and going.
  • Seating Areas Without Charging Points:
    • Description: Lack of access to power outlets can be inconvenient, especially for long layovers where charging devices is necessary.

By avoiding these locations, travelers can enhance their chances of finding a more comfortable and secure place to rest at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport.

Review of Sleep Quality at GRU Airport


  1. 24/7 Operation: The airport operates around the clock, providing continuous access to facilities and services.
  2. Variety of Sleeping Options: Offers various sleeping options, including free public areas, sleep pods (ZZZleepandGo), and in-terminal hotels (Slaviero Fast Sleep, Tryp by Wyndham).
  3. Free WiFi: Free WiFi is available, though limited in duration, which can be useful for staying connected.
  4. Convenient Amenities: Numerous amenities, such as restrooms, water fountains, food outlets, and charging stations, are available throughout the terminals.
  5. Comfortable Seating Spots: Some cushioned seats and armrest-free benches are available in certain areas, like near the restrooms in Terminal 3 and specific gates in Terminal 2.
  6. Private Sleeping Pods: ZZZleepandGo sleep pods provide a private and soundproof environment for rest.


  1. Noise Levels: The airport is noisy due to frequent announcements, cleaning activities, and general passenger movement, especially in main concourses.
  2. Bright Lighting: Many areas are brightly lit throughout the night, making it difficult to sleep without an eye mask.
  3. Cold Temperatures: The airport can be very cold, particularly at night, due to air conditioning. Extra clothing or blankets are recommended.
  4. Limited Comfortable Seating: Most seating has armrests, making it uncomfortable to lie down. Armrest-free benches are limited and often occupied.
  5. Security Concerns: Reports of petty theft and limited security presence in certain areas during late-night hours. Travelers need to be cautious with their belongings.
  6. WiFi Limitations: Free WiFi is limited to one hour, and the connection can be unreliable.
  7. Restricted Airside Access: Security checkpoints close overnight, typically reopening around 4:00 AM, restricting access to airside amenities during these hours.
  8. Crowded Areas: High foot traffic in popular areas like food courts and main entrances can make finding a quiet spot challenging.

12 Tips for Getting Good Sleep at São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

  1. Bring Warm Clothing or a Blanket: The airport can get very cold, especially during the night. Dressing in layers or carrying a travel blanket can help you stay warm and comfortable.
  2. Use Noise-Canceling Headphones or Earplugs: To combat the noise from announcements, cleaning activities, and general passenger movement, noise-canceling headphones or earplugs are essential for a peaceful sleep.
  3. Carry an Eye Mask: Bright lighting in many areas can make it difficult to sleep. An eye mask will block out the light and help create a dark environment for rest.
  4. Keep Your Belongings Secure: Given reports of petty theft, use a secure travel lock or keep your belongings close to you at all times. Consider using anti-theft bags for added security.
  5. Stay Hydrated and Snack Prepared: Carry a water bottle and light snacks, as food outlets might not always be open or conveniently located near your sleeping spot.
  6. Choose Your Spot Early: Good sleeping spots, such as cushioned seats or armrest-free benches, can be occupied quickly. Arrive early to secure a prime location.
  7. Use Airport Lounges: If your budget allows, consider accessing an airport lounge. Lounges provide more comfortable seating, quieter environments, and amenities like showers and food.
  8. Check Security Checkpoint Hours: Plan your arrival and departure times around the security checkpoint hours, which close overnight and reopen around 4:00 AM. This ensures you have access to airside amenities when needed.
  9. Bring Body Bug Spray: While not commonly mentioned, it’s wise to carry insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes and other insects, especially if you plan to sleep in open or less busy areas.
  10. Have Backup Power for Devices: Ensure you have a fully charged power bank, as access to charging stations can be limited and you’ll want to keep your devices powered throughout your stay.
  11. Use a Travel Pillow: A good travel pillow can significantly enhance your comfort, especially if you’re sleeping in a seated position or on less comfortable benches.
  12. Stay Near Restrooms and Water Fountains: Position yourself close to restrooms and water fountains for easy access to facilities without having to move too far from your sleeping spot.

15 Hotels Closest to Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)

Hotel NameDistance from AirportAverage RatingReview Highlights
Fast Sleep Suites by Slaviero Hoteis0.5 miles4/5Missed my flight at GRU airport, so I checked for the most modern, value around the area.
Comfort Hotel Guarulhos Aeroporto1.1 miles4/5Helpful, accommodating staff, clean dependencies and rooms, hearty breakfast.
Slaviero Guarulhos Aeroporto4.2 miles4/5Simple hotel near Guarulhos Airport, about 20 minutes.
ibis Guarulhos4.1 miles3.5/5Located in a busy street, lots of restaurants around, kind receptionist.
Pullman Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport1.2 miles4.5/5Good price, modern atmosphere, many options nearby.
Hotel Monreale Plus Guarulhos International Airport4.0 miles4/5Good service, fast check-in, courteous receptionist, comfortable breakfast area.
Hotel Intercity Tatuapé9.6 miles4/5Good room with natural light, very good reception staff.
Luz Plaza Sao Paulo11.9 miles4/5Good service, food, clean bathroom, nice breakfast buffet.
Holiday Inn Sao Paulo Parque Anhembi11.4 miles4/5Beware of surroundings due to homeless people, centrally located.
Sables Hotel3.5 miles4/5Quality, friendly staff, good for a few days stay.
Sao Paulo Airport Marriott Hotel1.7 miles4.5/5Good location for business trips, great services, generous breakfast area.
Hotel Dan Inn Planalto12.2 miles3.5/5Good for a short stay, nice staff, good breakfast.
Ibis Sao Paulo Tatuape9.6 miles4/5Best option close to the airport, shuttle service included.
Hotel Luni10.0 miles3.5/5Comfortable, close to metro and points of interest.
Ibis Styles SP Centro12.1 miles4/5Accessible for wheelchairs, roll-in shower, spacious.
This table summarizes the closest hotels to GRU Airport, highlighting their distance, average ratings, and key points from guest feedback.

7 Cheapest Hotels Near Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)

Hotel NameDistance from AirportPrice (USD)Average RatingReview Highlights
Bristol International Airport Hotel4.0 miles$594/5Best value, modern amenities, convenient location.
Sleep Inn Guarulhos0.8 miles$624/5Close to the airport, comfortable stay, good value.
Hotel Monreale Plus Guarulhos International Airport4.0 miles$624/5Fast check-in, courteous receptionist, comfortable breakfast area.
Wyndham Garden Sao Paulo Convention Nortel9.3 miles$714/5Fully refundable, convenient location, good amenities.
Hotel Panamby Guarulhos4.6 miles$634/5Good service, clean rooms, accessible location.
Comfort Hotel Guarulhos Aeroporto1.1 miles$664/5Helpful staff, clean rooms, hearty breakfast.
Ibis Guarulhos4.1 miles$663.5/5Busy street, lots of nearby restaurants, kind receptionist.
This table lists the seven cheapest hotels near GRU Airport, providing essential details on distance, price, average ratings, and review highlights to help travelers make an informed decision.

Hotels Near Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) with Free Shuttle Service

  1. Comfort Hotel Guarulhos Aeroporto
    • Distance from Airport: 1.1 miles
    • Average Rating: 4/5
    • Review Highlights: Helpful, accommodating staff, clean dependencies and rooms, hearty breakfast.
  2. ibis Guarulhos
    • Distance from Airport: 4.1 miles
    • Average Rating: 3.5/5
    • Review Highlights: Located in a busy street, lots of restaurants around, kind receptionist.
  3. Hotel Panamby Guarulhos
    • Distance from Airport: 4.6 miles
    • Average Rating: 4/5
    • Review Highlights: Good service, clean rooms, accessible location.
  4. Sao Paulo Airport Marriott Hotel
    • Distance from Airport: 1.7 miles
    • Average Rating: 4.5/5
    • Review Highlights: Good location for business trips, great services, generous breakfast area.
  5. Hampton by Hilton Guarulhos Airport
    • Distance from Airport: 0.9 miles
    • Average Rating: 4.5/5
    • Review Highlights: Convenient location, excellent service, comfortable rooms.

These hotels near Guarulhos International Airport offer free shuttle services, making them convenient options for travelers looking for easy transportation to and from the airport.

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