Guide to Sleep n’ Fly Sleep Pods

In this guide, we delve into the Sleep n’ Fly brand, a sleeping pod concept founded in 2013 by OnGround Hospitality based in the Middle East.

The brand launched its first airport sleep lounge, offering sleep pods and cabins on a pay-by-the-hour basis, introducing a unique concept that caters specifically to airline transit travelers in need of a power nap, a full night’s sleep, or anything in between. Neither a hotel nor a classic airport lounge, the Sleep Lounge provides a tailored solution for those looking for rest and rejuvenation during layovers.

What is Sleep n’ Fly?

Sleep n’ Fly is a pioneering airport sleep lounge brand that provides travelers with a unique rest experience. Founded in 2013 by OnGround Hospitality, Sleep n’ Fly offers sleep pods and cabins available on a pay-by-the-hour basis.

Unlike Minute Suites, which primarily offer small rooms for short-term use, or YotelAir, which provides more traditional hotel-like rooms within airports, Sleep n’ Fly focuses on creating a dedicated sleep environment specifically for transit passengers.


In 2020, Airport Dimensions acquired OnGround Hospitality and the Sleep n’ Fly brand. Airport Dimensions specializes in designing, building, and operating shared-use lounges and airport experiences.

As one of the fastest-growing lounge operators, Airport Dimensions manages a network of 28 lounges at major airports across the US, United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Since the acquisition, Sleep n’ Fly has expanded to operate four Sleep Lounges in the Middle East and plans to continue its global expansion.

Details on Sleep n’ Fly Innovation

Sleep n’ Fly has revolutionized the airport sleep lounge experience by introducing several key innovations tailored to the needs of modern travelers. Here are the specifics of their unique approach:

1. Variety of Sleep Options

  • FlexiSuite Pods: These signature pods offer a compact, private space for travelers to rest. They are designed for flexibility, accommodating short naps or longer sleep periods.
  • Cabins: Available in various configurations, these provide a more spacious option for travelers looking for a bit more comfort. They are equipped with a bed, storage space, and sometimes even workstations.
  • Power Nap Area: Dedicated spaces where travelers can take quick naps to recharge during long layovers.

2. Innovative Design

  • Split-Level Layout: The lounges feature a split-level design that maximizes space efficiency while providing a variety of seating and sleeping options.
  • Modern Aesthetics: The use of light pine decor and minimalist design elements create a calming environment conducive to rest.

3. Technology Integration

  • Business Pods: Equipped with high-speed WiFi, power outlets, and comfortable seating, these pods cater to travelers who need to work on the go.
  • Automated Booking System: Travelers can easily book their pods or cabins online or via kiosks at the airport, streamlining the check-in process.

4. Enhanced Amenities

  • Free Lockers: Secure storage solutions for personal belongings, allowing travelers to rest without worry.
  • Shower Facilities: Some lounges, like the one in Concourse B of Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport, offer shower facilities for a refreshing break between flights.
  • Lounge Services: Complimentary services such as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are available to all guests, adding an extra layer of comfort and hospitality.

5. Strategic Locations

  • Dubai International Airport (DXB): Sleep n’ Fly lounges are located in multiple concourses, providing easy access for transit passengers.
  • Hamad International Airport (DOH): The lounges at this major hub ensure that travelers have a place to rest and recharge during their journey.

6. Flexible Pricing

  • Pay-by-the-Hour: The flexible pricing model allows travelers to pay only for the time they need, making it a cost-effective solution compared to traditional hotels.
  • Membership Programs: Frequent travelers can benefit from loyalty programs and discounts, enhancing the overall value proposition.

Sleep n’ Fly Pod Types and Features

  • Igloo Sleep Pods: These are designed for solo travelers and come equipped with a comfortable bed, a foldout desk, USB ports, and a reading light. The pods are soundproof, ensuring a quiet environment. Wi-Fi and 220V power outlets are also available for your convenience.
  • FlexiSuite Pod: Luxurious single occupancy pods with fully reclinable beds and ample storage.
  • YAWN Lite Single and Double Cabins: Compact options for solo travelers or couples.
  • YAWN Double Cabin: Ideal for couples or travelers with a young child, featuring a pull-out bed.
  • YAWN Family Cabin: Accommodates up to four occupants, perfect for families.
  • YAWN Bunk Cabin: Features bunk beds, suitable for two travelers.
  • Non-Sleep Pods: Lounge Lite for short rest and refreshments, and Business Pod for private workspaces.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Showers: Available at some lounges, such as Dubai International Airport (DXB), Concourse D, and Concourse B. Guests at any DXB lounge can access showers at Concourse B at a preferential rate.
  • Rest and Quiet Zones: All lounges are designed to be quiet zones, ensuring minimal disturbance from other travelers.
  • CCTV Monitoring: For security, lounges may be monitored by CCTV.
  • Nearby Facilities: While some lounges lack internal WCs, nearby airport facilities are available for guest use.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

  • Booking: Pods and cabins can be reserved online via the Sleep n’ Fly website or on-site, subject to availability. Members of Priority Pass and LoungeKey can also enjoy these lounges.
  • Cancellation Policy: Full refunds are available until two days prior to the scheduled check-in date. Cancellations made later or no-shows are not eligible for refunds. Refunds are processed through the original mode of payment and may take up to 6-8 weeks.

Guest Obligations

  • Respect Privacy and Rest:
    • Guests must respect the privacy and rest of others at all times.
    • Repeated breaches of Terms & Conditions will result in eviction without refund.
  • Food and Beverage Policy:
    • Consumption of food and beverages, especially those with strong odors, is discouraged inside Pods and Cabins.
    • Alcohol and stimulants are prohibited.
    • Intoxicated or unruly guests will be asked to leave without refund.
  • Noise Levels:
    • Lounges are quiet zones; keep noise to a minimum.
    • Mobile phones should be on silent mode, and phone conversations should be taken outside.
    • Guests with noisy children are asked to step out until the child is calm.
  • Soundproofing and Behaviour:
    • Cabins and FlexiSuite Pods are soundproofed, but guests should still minimize noise.
    • Time outside the Lounge due to disturbances is part of the booking period.
    • Additional hours must be booked with reception, subject to availability and payment.

Guest Guidelines

  • Respecting Privacy: Guests are expected to respect the privacy and rest of others. Disturbances or repeated breaches of conduct can lead to being asked to leave without a refund.
  • Food and Beverages: Consumption of food and beverages inside the pods and cabins is discouraged, especially items with strong odors or packaging that may disturb other guests.
  • Noise Levels: Mobile phones should be kept on silent, and conversations should be conducted outside the lounge to maintain a quiet environment.
  • Supervision of Children: Guests with young children should ensure they do not disturb other guests. Unsettled children should be taken outside until they are calm.

How Sleep n’ Fly Differs from Other Sleep Pod Brands:

Sleep n’ Fly stands out by offering a comprehensive range of sleep options and additional lounge amenities, making it a versatile and convenient choice for travelers.

Other brands like YotelAir and Aerotel provide more traditional hotel-like experiences with premium amenities, while brands like Minute Suites and NapCabs focus on privacy and productivity. Each brand caters to different traveler needs, but Sleep n’ Fly’s blend of flexibility, comfort, and modern design makes it a standout choice for airport layover passengers.

Table Comparison of Sleep n’ Fly Vs Other Sleep Pod Brands

BrandLocationKey FeaturesPricingComparison to Sleep n’ Fly
Sleep n’ FlyDXB, DOHFlexiSuite Pods, cabins, Business Pods, showers, lockers, free refreshments, pay-by-hourVaries by duration/locationOffers a variety of sleeping options with additional lounge amenities and flexible pay-by-hour rates.
Minute SuitesUS AirportsPrivate suites with daybed sofa, workstation, sound-masking system~$55 for first hourFocuses on privacy and quiet workspaces, lacks extensive lounge amenities like showers and refreshments found in Sleep n’ Fly.
YotelAirGlobalSmartBeds™, ensuite bathrooms with monsoon rain showers, 24/7 self-service check-in, Food to Go€150 – €400 per nightProvides a more hotel-like experience with premium amenities, suitable for longer stays. More luxurious but also more expensive compared to Sleep n’ Fly.
AerotelGlobalFlexible hourly bookings, comfortable beds, ensuite bathrooms, fitness centers, lounges$60 – $120 for 6 hoursOffers a traditional hotel experience within the airport with spacious rooms and additional amenities. Similar pay-by-hour flexibility but with a more traditional hotel ambiance.
DarakhyuICNCapsule-style pods with personal TV screens, power outlets, WiFi~$10 per hourFocuses on individual capsule experience with high privacy. Less variety in sleep options compared to Sleep n’ Fly but provides a high-tech capsule hotel experience.
BenBoNAPCompact, soundproof pods, essential amenities~$54 overnight rateMinimalist approach with soundproof pods for short naps. Less emphasis on lounge facilities and additional amenities compared to Sleep n’ Fly.
ZZZleepandGoMXP, BGYFully automated sleeping cabins, foreign object detection, remote monitoringFrom €61 overnight rateEmphasizes technological innovation and convenience. Similar compact spaces but with more automated services. Lacks the variety of sleep options and additional lounge services of Sleep n’ Fly.
NapCabsMUC, TXLSoundproof cabins, comfortable bed, workspace, multimedia entertainment€17 – €20 per hourDesigned for both rest and work with multimedia options. Focuses on providing a quiet environment with modern amenities. Lacks additional lounge amenities provided by Sleep n’ Fly.

Key Differences from Sleep n’ Fly

  1. Minute Suites: Prioritizes privacy and quiet spaces, ideal for work and short naps, but lacks additional amenities like showers and refreshments.
  2. YotelAir: Provides a high-end hotel-like experience with premium amenities and ensuite bathrooms, making it suitable for longer stays. It is more luxurious but also more expensive.
  3. Aerotel: Offers a traditional hotel experience with flexible hourly bookings and spacious rooms. Similar pay-by-hour flexibility but with a more traditional hotel ambiance.
  4. Darakhyu: Focuses on high-tech capsule hotels with individual pods, providing high privacy but less variety in sleep options compared to Sleep n’ Fly.
  5. BenBo: Minimalist, soundproof pods for short naps, less emphasis on additional lounge facilities and amenities.
  6. ZZZleepandGo: Emphasizes technological innovation with fully automated cabins. Lacks the variety of sleep options and additional lounge services offered by Sleep n’ Fly.
  7. NapCabs: Provides a quiet environment for rest and work with modern amenities but lacks the comprehensive lounge services and variety of sleep options found in Sleep n’ Fly.

Locations and Availability

  • Terminal 1, D Gates: Located airside, offering YAWN Lite Single and Double Cabins.
  • Terminal 3, A Gates: Features Igloo Pods and YAWN Double Cabins.
  • Terminal 3, B Gates: Includes FlexiSuite Pods, YAWN Double, Family, and Bunk Cabins, as well as Lounge Lite and Business Pods.
  • Terminal 3, C Gates: Offers FlexiSuite Pods, YAWN Double and Bunk Cabins.


  • Terminal 1: Prices range from $31 to $91 depending on the time of day and pod type.
  • Terminal 3 A Gates: Prices range from $62 to $175.
  • Terminal 3 B Gates: Prices range from $80 to $312.
  • Terminal 3 C Gates: Prices range from $62 to $175.

Sleep n Fly Pods Facilities & Amenities

  • Dubai International Airport (DXB)
    • Concourse A, C, D: No washrooms inside lounges; guests can use nearby airport facilities for free.
    • Concourse D: Has its own showers; guests receive a preferential rate.
    • Concourse B: Equipped with its own washrooms and showers; guests from any DXB Lounge can use these showers at a preferential rate.
  • Doha Hamad International Airport (DOH)
    • No washrooms inside the lounge; guests can use nearby airport facilities for free.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds

  • Full Refund: Available until two (2) calendar days prior to scheduled check-in date.
  • Refund Method: Refunds processed through the original mode of payment; allow 6-8 weeks for completion.
  • No Refund: No refunds for cancellations made later than two days prior or for no-shows.
  • Example: For a check-in at 01:30 on 10 December, cancellation must be made by 23:59 local time on 7 December for a full refund.
  • No-Show Policy: Pods/Cabins held for one (1) hour past scheduled check-in time; considered a no-show and released without refund if not notified of delays.
  • Additional Charges: Cancellations made more than 180 days after payment may incur extra charges by PayPal.
  • Credit Card Verification: Random checks conducted to minimize fraud; additional documentation may be required if booking for someone else.

Some History of Sleep n’Fly:

Sleep n’ Fly Launches GoSleep Pods:

In 2017, Dubai International Airport (DXB) enhanced its sleep and relaxation services by launching the Sleep ‘n Fly lounge, featuring 20 state-of-the-art Iglooo sleep pods operated by Sleep ‘n Fly. These Scandinavian-designed pods offer passengers a stylish and comfortable space for rest, whether for a one-hour power nap or an entire night.

dubai-airport-sleeping-pods-iglooo pods launched in DBX Airport
Image showing GoSleep’s Iglooo Pods Arranged in a Row.

The lounge also includes seven premium double cabins with pull-out beds for children, catering to families traveling through the airport. Inspired by nature, the Sleep ‘n Fly lounge provides a variety of options to suit different relaxation needs.

Dubai International Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports, has significantly enhanced its sleep facilities with the introduction of Sleep n’ Fly Sleep Pods. These innovative, space-efficient pods provide comfortable and convenient rest options for passengers, catering to solo travelers, couples, and families across Terminals 1 and 3.

Summary of Sleep n’ Fly


  • Available at Dubai International Airport (DXB) in Concourses A, B, C, and D.
  • Available at Doha Hamad International Airport (DOH).


Pods and Cabins:

  • Igloo Sleep Pods, Egg Sleep Pods, FlexiSuite Pods: Accommodate one guest.
  • YAWN Lite Cabins: Accommodate up to two guests.
  • YAWN Double Cabins: Accommodate two guests and one child (up to 7 years or 115 cm in height) with a pull-out bed.
  • YAWN Bunk Cabins: Accommodate two guests; children should not use the top bunk unsupervised.


  • For passengers traveling to, from, or through DXB and DOH.
  • Minors up to 18 years can use their own pod/cabin but must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
  • Special pull-out beds recommended for young children in YAWN Double Cabins.

Additional Notes:

  • Lounges are monitored by CCTV, and guests consent to potential recording by their presence.
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