Guide to Sleeping in Doha Hamad Airport with Pods + Alternatives

If you’re dealing with a long layover or an early morning flight departure at Doha airport, you may be considering sleep options at Hamad International Airport(DOH) and specifically the innovative sleep pod solutions. Our guide on Hamad/Doha Airport Sleep Pods and Alternative Sleep Solutions has all the info for first-Doha fliers and those with experience through DOH.

Skytrax recently crowned Doha’s Hamad International Airport (HIA) as the world’s best airport at its annual awards, dethroning the 12-time champion, Singapore Changi Airport. The recognition of Doha as a passenger-friendly airport is showcased in the airports design and the amenities that informed the amenities available to passengers in this airport. Its sleep score is in the low 90s thanks to its semi-reclined seats and quiet rooms that fliers can utilize for sleep.

I will include some locations later on this guide with info on the best spots to sleep during a layover within its 5 concourses arranged in one main terminal. But first, I’ll provide some details on sleep pod facilities available in this airport.

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Sleeping in Doha Airport – Overview:

Doha Hamad Airport is a 24-hour facility that offers several options for passengers looking to rest overnight. Free sleeping spots are available throughout the airport, including quiet rooms and family areas near gates in Terminals A, B, C, and D. These areas provide long chairs and comfortable couches suitable for lying down.

Additionally, the airport offers Sleep n’ Fly sleep pods for those seeking more privacy and comfort, though these come at a cost. Passengers are allowed to stay airside throughout the night, making it possible to find a quiet place to rest without leaving the secured area. With a variety of amenities and round-the-clock access, Doha Hamad Airport is well-equipped to accommodate overnight passengers.

Where to Sleep in Doha’s Hamad Airport – The Best Places for Sleeping in Doha Airport:

Level 0 Near Gates C20-C29

Location: Concourse C, Level 0, near gates C20-C29

This hidden gem is a floor below the main concourse, providing a respite from the busy terminal above. With very little foot traffic and quieter surroundings, it offers a peaceful environment for rest. The carpeted floors are soft and clean, and the temperature is more comfortable than elsewhere in the airport. Dozens of travelers have found uninterrupted sleep here, making it ideal for light sleepers.

Family Quiet Room in Concourse C

Location: Concourse C, Level 0, near gates C20-C29

The Family Quiet Room on Level 0 near gates C20-C29 offers a carpeted area with little foot traffic, making it an excellent place for families or anyone seeking a quieter environment. Due to ongoing renovations, the signage can be confusing, so it’s best to ask airport personnel for directions. The room is spacious and relatively peaceful, especially during the night.

Rest Zones: Separate Male and Female Areas

Location: Throughout the terminal

The airport provides separate male and female rest zones equipped with curved, though somewhat stiff, couches. These areas are free of charge and offer a designated space to rest. However, intrusions by male staff and other passengers can disrupt the peace, especially in the female areas. It’s recommended to use earplugs and eye masks to mitigate noise and light disturbances.

Quiet Rooms Near Gates A3 and D21

Location: Gate A3 and Gate D21

For those looking for gender-segregated rest areas, the quiet rooms near Gate A3 and Gate D21 offer long chairs where passengers can lie down. These rooms are generally quiet at night but tend to fill up quickly. The rooms near Gate D21 are specifically designed for families, providing a more inclusive space for those traveling with children.

Sneaky Spot Near Starbucks in Concourse B

Location: Concourse B, to the left of Starbucks

For travelers seeking a more secluded spot, the area to the left of Starbucks in Concourse B offers a carpeted floor behind a pillar. This space is large enough to stretch out and can provide a good spot for some undisturbed rest. It’s also suitable for activities like yoga or meditation, given its relative seclusion.

Oryx Airport Hotel and Lounges

Location: Throughout the terminal, with the main entrance near Concourse C

The Oryx Airport Hotel offers exceptional hospitality with flexible stay durations, starting from as short as five hours. Facilities include a massage and facial center, a swimming pool, and a gym. While this option is more expensive, it provides a comprehensive suite of amenities for those needing a thorough rest and rejuvenation. Lounges like the Oryx Lounge, though often crowded, offer quiet rooms with lounge chairs, showers, and a variety of food and drinks.

Family and Television Areas

Location: Gates A, B, and C

The family and television areas in the A, B, and C gate areas offer some of the best sleeping options. These areas feature comfortable couches, perfect for lying down and catching some rest. They are relatively quieter during the night but can get busy early in the morning. The added advantage of nearby free internet areas with Mac computers makes these spots convenient for both rest and connectivity.

The Quiet Rooms Near E Gates

Location: Near E gates

One of the quieter areas in the airport is the quiet room located near the E gates. This room is actually quiet, with the lights off, providing a more conducive environment for sleep. It’s equipped with recliner chairs, which, although not as comfortable as beds, offer a decent option for resting. The temperature here can be quite cold, so dressing warmly is recommended.

Couches Near Gate A3

Location: Opposite Gate A3

Opposite Gate A3, there is a family and television area with very comfortable soft couches. This spot is particularly quiet at night, though it becomes more active after 6 AM when children start playing. The couches here are some of the best for sleeping, providing a soft surface and a bit of seclusion from the main terminal activities.

Sneaky Spot Near C and K Wings

Location: Confluence of C and K wings, just past the entrance to the Oryx Lounge

At the confluence of the C and K wings, just past the entrance to the Oryx Lounge, travelers have found a sneaky spot to sleep. This area features carpeted floors and little foot traffic, providing a decent space for stretching out and resting. It’s a quiet spot with less through traffic, making it suitable for light sleepers.

The Jungle Oasis at the End of Terminal C

Location: End of Terminal C, near the waterfall

At the end of Terminal C, near the waterfall and jungle-themed area, there are several good sleeping spots. The wooden pyramids and soft carpets in this area offer a natural and tranquil environment for rest. However, travelers should be aware that this area can get moist early in the morning due to the release of moisture from the waterfall.

Couches in the Family Areas Near the Food Court

Location: Food court area

In the food court area, there are some comfortable couches that are relatively empty at night. These couches provide a good place to lay down and rest when other options are full. The food court area is less crowded during the night, making it a quiet spot to catch some sleep.

Playground Areas

Location: Throughout the terminal

While not ideal for sleep due to potential noise, the playground areas offer soft surfaces and open spaces where travelers can find a spot to lie down. If you have earplugs and a sleep mask, these areas can be a viable option, especially when other sleeping spots are occupied.

Quiet Lounges Near Gates C13-14

Location: Near Gates C13-14

Adjacent to the smoking lounge and toilets near gates C13-14, there are separate quiet rooms for men and women. These lounges are less frequented and provide recliners where you can comfortably lie down. The proximity to food courts and escalators leading to the lower floors makes these lounges convenient for a quick nap between activities.

Rest Zones in Terminal A and D

Location: Terminals A and D

In terminals A and D, silent rooms with long chairs are available for free. These zones are usually less crowded and provide a quiet place to rest. If these areas are full, there are additional chairs in the family areas that can be used for sleeping.

General Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Travelers are advised to prepare for the cold temperatures in the airport by bringing extra layers of clothing. Using earplugs and eye masks can help mitigate noise and light, ensuring a better sleep experience. Additionally, exploring multiple areas and being flexible with sleeping spots can help find the best place to rest during long layovers.

By utilizing these various locations and tips, travelers can maximize their chances of getting some quality rest at Doha Hamad Airport.

Does Hamad Airport Have Sleep Pods?

Yes, Doha Airport has installed 50 sleep pods operated by Sleep n Fly in two lounges located within the main Duty-free and transit area of Hamad International Airport in Doha. They are in Duty-Free Plaza South and Concourse C Departures opposite Gates C30/C31 Gate.

The launch of Sleep N Fly in 2020 emerged as a timely solution, responding to the growing demands of Hamad with an innovative approach designed to enhance passenger experiences.

Sleep n fly sleep pods at Doha hamad airport

During the recent redevelopment and expansion, which included the addition of two new passenger concourses, the innovative Sleep n Fly sleep pods were introduced. The same year Airport Dimensions acquired Sleep n Fly, it was granted the concession to operate its first non-traditional lounge in transit areas of both South and North nodes.

This lounge features 50 sleep pods, offering single, couple, and family options to accommodate all passenger needs. These pods provide guests with a chance to relax, unwind, and rest comfortably during their travels.

Since its inception in 2014, Hamad Airport has witnessed remarkable growth, paralleling the expansion of Qatar Airways and the country’s economic surge, largely driven by its oil industry. This growth set the stage for a significant redesign of Hamad Airport ahead of the 2022 World Cup, aspiring to mirror the esteemed model of Singapore’s Changi Airport.

By 2023, the airport boasted an annual passenger traffic exceeding 45 million. The expansion not only increased its capacity but also introduced expansive spaces leased on concessional terms to various service providers, including hotels. These hotels have been innovatively designed to offer sleeping facilities aimed at enhancing passenger relaxation.

The 6 Types of Sleep n’ Fly Sleep Pod at Doha’s Hamad Airport:

Sleeping Pod Options:

  1. FlexiSuite Pods: Ideal for single travelers, resembling business class seats, equipped with features like adjustable air-conditioning, a fold-out bed, overhead storage, and multimedia connectivity.
  2. YAWN Double Cabins: Suitable for single, double use, or families with a child, offering comfortable bedding and privacy.
  3. YAWN Bunk Cabins: Perfect for those traveling together but preferring separate beds, providing all standard amenities.
  4. YAWN Family Bunk Cabins: Combining two YAWN Bunk Cabins, this option accommodates up to four adults or a family, available in Concourse C.
  5. Power Nap Therapy Pods: Located in Concourse C, these offer a vibration mattress and noise-cancelling headphones for a quick rejuvenation.
  6. Economy Pods: A budget-friendly option in Concourse C, offering basic sleeping facilities without soundproofing.

FlexiSuite Pods:

Measuring just 2 meters square, the FlexiSuite Pods is the true innovation of Hamad’s sleep pod facilities. The ingenious design to make a compact comfortable sleeping space in a 2sq meter space is commendable. Ideal for solo travellers, FlexiSuite Pods mimic the luxury of a Business Class seat, complete with adjustable seating that converts to a flat-bed, personal air-conditioning, disposable headrest covers, and a plethora of other amenities. These pods are available in both lounge locations.

Doha_North_FlexiSuite__1_sleep pods

FlexiSuite Pods offer a comprehensive array of amenities designed for comfort and convenience in a compact space:

  • Convertible Seating: Seats adjust from 90° to a fully flat 180° bed configuration.
  • Customizable Comfort: Features individually controlled back and footrests with a fixed ottoman, alongside adjustable air-conditioning.
  • Quality Materials: Equipped with a 200×70 cm leather surface for a superior resting experience.
  • Privacy and Security: Pods are soundproofed and can be locked from the inside for privacy.
  • Storage Solutions: Includes overhead carry-on baggage storage, coat hanger, small waste bin, and additional storage for personal items like shoes, tablets, or mobile phones.
  • Lighting and Ambiance: Fitted with LED indirect lighting with a dimmer switch and a dedicated reading light to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Connectivity: Offers power and USB sockets, along with a 32” screen that connects to devices via HDMI.
  • Workstation Features: Contains a solid wooden folding table that serves as a desk.
  • Convenience Features: Equipped with cup holders and a large mirror.
  • Optional Bedding: Pillows, blankets, and other bedding are available for purchase, sometimes included depending on booking duration.
Doha_South_FlexiSuite sleep pods in the South Node at Hamad Airport

FlexiSuite Pods blend functionality and comfort, making them an ideal choice for travelers seeking a restful experience at the airport.

Duty Free Plaza South and Concourse C near Gates C30 and C31.

YAWN Double Cabins:

If traveling as a couple or as a family with a young baby, the YAWN Double Cabins are perfect. With a bigger floorplan of 4 square meters, these cabins provide comfortable bedding and privacy for single or

They feature a full-size double bed, a pull-out bed for a child, a coat hanger, and a full-size mirror. These cabins offer all the amenities found in the FlexiSuite Pods, with the added bonus of complimentary bed linen.

Duty Free Plaza South.

Yawn Bunk Cabin:

If you’re traveling together but prefer not to share a bed, the Yawn Bunk Cabin offers an ideal solution. Designed with Scandinavian elegance, the YAWN Bunk Cabin features a single size bunk bed (200 x 80 cm bottom, 190 x 80 cm top) equipped with all the amenities necessary for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Duty Free Plaza South and Concourse C near Gates C30 and C31.

YAWN Family Bunk Cabin

Launched towards the end of 2022, the Yawn Family Bunk Cabin is an ideal choice for larger groups, comfortably accommodating four adults or a combination of adults and children. It features two Yawn Bunk Cabins merged into one spacious unit.

Concourse C near Gates C30 and C31.

GoSleep Pods:

GoSleep Pods, available at Hamad’s Concourse C Lounge, offer a restorative haven for those on a brief layover. Each pod features a mattress equipped with low-frequency vibration technology designed to rejuvenate body tissue. Add to this the “sleep-inducing acoustics” through noise-cancelling headphones, and you’re set for a tranquil and relaxing experience. Please note, these pods are available on a walk-in basis only and cannot be reserved through our website or any other online platform.

Concourse C near Gates C30 and C31.

Economy Pods:

Nestled in the sleep ‘n fly Concourse C Lounge, the Economy Pods present an affordable resting solution for travelers seeking comfort without the hefty price tag. Each pod is equipped with an orthopedic latex mattress, soft cotton sheets, a plush pillow, and a warm fleece blanket, crafting a cozy haven for a few hours of tranquility. However, it’s worth noting that these pods lack soundproofing, a detail that might concern light sleepers. Similar to the Power Nap Therapy Pods, the Economy Pods operate on a walk-in basis, meaning reservations cannot be made through our website or any other online platform.

Concourse C near Gates C30 and C31.

Lounge Locations:

  • South Transit Lounge: Near the iconic big Teddy Bear in Duty Free Plaza South.
  • North Transit Lounge: Opposite Gates C30 and C31 in Concourse C.

Booking and Lounge Access

  • Advance Booking: Highly recommended, especially during peak times. Pre-book your pod through the sleep ‘n fly website or inquiry about possible savings with LoungePair.
  • Lounge Companions: Acceptance via waitlist with LoungePair, by day pass from the sleep ‘n fly website, or through lounge membership programs like Priority Pass (subject to on-site availability).
  • Priority Pass: For Priority Pass members, visits can last either two or three hours depending on the time of day (two hours from 10PM to 12PM, three hours from 12PM to 10PM).
  • Book: Check Deal and Book

What is the Cost of Sleep n’ Fly Sleep Pods in Hamad Airport?

At Doha Hamad International Airport, the sleep pod pricing varies by location and pod type. In the South Node, the FlexiSuite Pod is available at $72 for up to four hours, the Yawn Double Cabin is priced at $120, and the Yawn Bunk Cabin costs $111 for the same duration. They no longer allow bookings less than 2 hours but have a flat base rate for periods ranging from 2 to 4 hours.

In contrast, at the North Node, the FlexiSuite Pod costs $76, the Family Bunk Cabin is available for $179, and the Bunk Cabin is priced at $120 for up to four hours. Note that these prices apply regardless of whether the stay is shorter during the designated off-peak hours. Similar to the South Node sleep pods, Sleep n Fly no longer allows bookings below 2 hours. You can choose from 2 hrs to 24 hours but there is a flat rate for bookings lasting for 2 to 4 hours.

Here’s a comparison table for the different sleeping pod options at Doha Hamad International Airport – North Node, which includes their pricing and availability:

Pod TypeLocationBase Rate for 2 HoursBase Rate for 4 Hours
FlexiSuite PodDOH – North NodeUSD 76.00USD 76.00
Family Bunk CabinDOH – North NodeUSD 179.00USD 179.00
Bunk CabinDOH – North NodeUSD 120.00USD 120.00

Here’s a comparison table for the different sleeping pod options at Doha Hamad International Airport – South Node, detailing their prices and additional options for a typical booking scenario:

TypeLocationBase Rate for 2 HoursBase Rate for 4 HoursBase Rate for 5 HoursBase Rate for 6 HoursBase Rate for 7 HoursBase Rate for 8 Hours
FlexiSuite PodDOH – South NodeUSD 72.00USD 72.00USD 84.00USD 96.00USD 108.00USD 120.00
Yawn Double CabinDOH – South NodeUSD 120.00USD 120.00USD 140.00USD 160.00USD 180.00USD 200.00
Yawn Bunk CabinDOH – South NodeUSD 111.00USD 111.00USD 128.00USD 145.00USD 162.00USD 179.00

Price Increment per Additional Hour:

  1. FlexiSuite Pod:
    • The price increases by $12 every additional hour beyond the base 4-hour rate of $72. This results in prices of $84 for 5 hours, $96 for 6 hours, $108 for 7 hours, and $120 for 8 hours.
  2. Yawn Double Cabin:
    • The price increase per hour over the base rate (after the first 4 hours) appears to be $20. Starting from a 4-hour base of $120, the rates incrementally increase to $140 for 5 hours, $160 for 6 hours, $180 for 7 hours, and $200 for 8 hours.
  3. Yawn Bunk Cabin:
    • The rate increases by $17 for each hour beyond the initial 4-hour base of $111. Consequently, prices are $128 for 5 hours, $145 for 6 hours, $162 for 7 hours, and $179 for 8 hours.

Important Information: For all bookings during off-peak hours (08:00 AM to 10:00 PM), stays of four hours or less are charged at the full four-hour rate for the same category. This pricing policy applies regardless of the actual duration within the specified time frame.

This table helps clarify the options and costs associated with each type of pod, providing potential customers with the necessary information to make an informed booking decision at Doha Hamad International Airport.

You can book directly on its website here.

Additional Information

  • Facilities: While direct food, drink, and shower facilities might not be available in all lounges, all are situated conveniently close to airport amenities.
  • Family and Child Policies: Children are welcome, with specific sleeping arrangements available.
  • Wi-Fi and Connectivity: Offered through the airport’s services, ensuring you stay connected throughout your stay.

FAQs and Key Considerations

  • Location: Ensure your flight details as the lounges are situated at Hamad International Airport (DOH), not Doha International Airport (DIA). Check details of Doha Airport sleep pods here.
  • Rates and Booking: Prices vary by pod type, booking length, and travel season. Consider pre-booking for peace of mind.
  • Facility Use: Even if not in transit, you can re-access the lounges post-customs if traveling with hand luggage only

How to Choose the Best Locations to Sleep in this Airport:

For Quiet Spots:

If you want quiet spots to sleep, consider these locations:

  1. Level 0 in Concourse C: Located downstairs from Gates C20-C29, this area provides privacy and comfort with chairs and a carpeted floor. It is generally less crowded and quieter, especially during the night, making it ideal for light sleepers.
  2. Quiet Rooms Near E Gates: These rooms are located near the E gates and are known for being actually quiet with the lights off, providing a more conducive environment for sleep. These rooms are less crowded, especially during late-night and early-morning hours.

For Family-Friendly Areas:

If you are traveling with family and need a comfortable place to rest, consider these locations:

  1. Family and TV Areas: Located in Concourses A, B, and C, these areas offer couches and a relatively tranquil environment, making them suitable for families. These spots are generally quieter and more comfortable during the night.
  2. Children’s Play Areas: Throughout the airport, the children’s play areas are equipped with soft flooring and are quieter at night. These areas can be an alternative for families looking for a place to rest.

For Travelers on a Budget:

If you are on a budget and looking for free places to sleep, consider these locations:

  1. Quiet Rooms in Concourses A, B, and C: These rooms provide semi-reclining lounge chairs for free, offering a place to relax and rest. While they can become crowded, they are a good option for budget-conscious travelers.
  2. General Waiting Areas: Although these areas feature armrest-equipped seats, they are free and available throughout the terminal. Bringing a travel pillow and blanket can make these spots more comfortable.

For Light Sleepers:

If you are a light sleeper and need a quieter environment, consider these locations:

  1. Quiet Rooms Near Gates A3 and D21: These rooms are known to be less crowded and provide a quiet place to rest. Carrying earplugs and an eye mask can further enhance your sleep experience in these areas.
  2. Sneaky Spot Near Starbucks in Concourse B: To the left of Starbucks, this secluded area has a carpeted floor behind a pillar, offering a quiet and relatively private spot for rest.

For Those Needing Privacy:

If you need more privacy and comfort, consider these options:

  1. Level 0 in Concourse C: The secluded area downstairs from Gates C20-C29 is perfect for those seeking privacy. The carpeted floor and minimal foot traffic make it a comfortable spot for rest.
  2. Sleep n’ Fly Sleep Pods: Although these come at a cost, they offer a private and comfortable sleeping environment, making them ideal for travelers needing more seclusion.

For Travelers with Long Layovers:

If you have a long layover and need a comfortable place to rest, consider these locations:

  1. Oryx Airport Hotel: Located near Concourse C, this hotel offers flexible stay durations starting from five hours, providing amenities like massage and facial services, a swimming pool, and a gym.
  2. Quiet Lounges Near Gates C13-14: These lounges provide recliners and are located near food courts and escalators, offering convenience and comfort during long layovers.

By choosing the appropriate location based on your specific needs, you can ensure a more comfortable and restful experience at Hamad International Airport.

8 Locations to Avoid Sleeping in Hamad Airport

  1. General Waiting Area in Terminal A near Gate A10
    • Description: This area features armrest-equipped seats, making it difficult to lie down and sleep comfortably. It is often noisy and busy, especially during peak travel times.
    • Reason to Avoid: Lack of comfort and high noise levels can disrupt sleep.
  2. Children’s Play Area in Terminal B near Gate B4
    • Description: While this area has soft flooring, it can be noisy due to children playing, especially during the day.
    • Reason to Avoid: High noise levels and potential for disturbances from playing children.
  3. Food Court Area in the Main Concourse Near the Teddy Bear Sculpture
    • Description: This area is often crowded and noisy, with constant foot traffic and the hustle and bustle of diners.
    • Reason to Avoid: The noise and activity make it challenging to rest.
  4. Seating Area Near Boarding Gate C8
    • Description: Seats near boarding Gate C8 typically have armrests, and this area is bustling with activity, especially during boarding times.
    • Reason to Avoid: Frequent announcements, passenger movement, and limited sleeping space.
  5. Brightly Lit Area in Terminal D Near Gate D12
    • Description: This part of the terminal is brightly lit 24/7, making it difficult to sleep without an eye mask.
    • Reason to Avoid: The constant bright lighting can prevent restful sleep.
  6. Corridors and High-Traffic Zones Near the Central Plaza
    • Description: These are areas with heavy foot traffic, such as the main walkways and corridors around the Central Plaza.
    • Reason to Avoid: The constant flow of passengers and noise can be very disruptive.
  7. Near Security Checkpoint in Terminal E
    • Description: The security checkpoint area in Terminal E is busy and noisy, with passengers continuously moving through and security announcements being made regularly.
    • Reason to Avoid: High noise levels and constant activity make it an unsuitable sleeping area.
  8. Outside Al Mourjan Business Lounge in Concourse C
    • Description: This area can become crowded with passengers waiting for entry or milling around.
    • Reason to Avoid: The congestion and noise from people entering and exiting the lounge can be disruptive.

By avoiding these specific locations, you can increase your chances of finding a quieter and more comfortable spot to rest during your time at Hamad International Airport.

What to Expect for Sleep Conditions at Hamad International Airport

Noise Levels:

  • General Expectation: Noise levels can vary significantly throughout the airport. Areas near boarding gates, such as Gate A10, Gate C8, and Gate D12, food courts, and high-traffic zones around the Central Plaza tend to be noisier due to frequent announcements, passenger movement, and general airport activity.
  • Quiet Rooms: Located in Concourses A, B, and C, these rooms offer a more serene environment but can still be noisy if crowded. Carrying earplugs can help mitigate this issue.

Bright Lighting at Night:

  • General Expectation: Many areas in the airport are brightly lit 24/7, including general waiting areas and corridors near the Central Plaza. This can make sleeping challenging.
  • Quiet Rooms and Family Areas: While these areas, such as those near Gate A3 and Gate D21, may have dimmer lighting, they are not completely dark. An eye mask can help block out light for better sleep.


  • General Expectation: The airport is known for its strong air conditioning, making many areas, such as the quiet rooms in Concourses A, B, and C, quite cold.
  • Recommendation: Bringing extra layers, such as a sweater, socks, and a blanket, is advisable to stay warm while sleeping.


  • General Expectation: Hamad International Airport is a safe and secure environment with security personnel and surveillance cameras throughout the airport.
  • Sleeping Arrangements: Sleeping in designated quiet rooms and family areas near gates provides a reasonable level of security. However, always keep your belongings close and secure to prevent any potential issues.

Comfort Levels:

  • General Waiting Areas: Seating in areas such as Gate A10, Gate C8, and Gate D12 often has armrests, making it difficult to lie down. These areas are less suitable for sleeping due to discomfort and noise.
  • Quiet Rooms and Family Areas: These areas, such as those near Gate A3 and Gate D21, provide semi-reclined lounge chairs more suitable for resting. Although they can become crowded, they offer a better sleeping arrangement than general waiting areas.
  • Alternative Spots: Level 0 in Concourse C, downstairs from Gates C20-C29, offers carpeted floors and a quieter environment, making it a good spot for sleeping.

Recommendations for a Better Sleep Experience

  1. Bring Earplugs and Eye Masks: To mitigate noise and light disturbances, these items can help improve your sleep quality.
  2. Dress in Layers: Prepare for cold temperatures by bringing warm clothing and a blanket.
  3. Choose the Right Spot: Opt for quieter and less crowded areas like Level 0 in Concourse C near Gates C20-C29 or family and TV areas in Concourses A, B, and C.
  4. Stay Close to Your Belongings: Always keep your personal items secure, especially when sleeping in open areas.
  5. Use Free Wi-Fi Sparingly: While free Wi-Fi is available, connectivity can be spotty. Consider downloading entertainment or work materials beforehand to avoid reliance on airport Wi-Fi.

By being prepared and selecting the right sleeping spots, you can enhance your comfort and rest during your time at Hamad International Airport.

Recent Expansion at Doha’s Hamad International Airport Enhanced Sleep Facilities:

In November 2022, Hamad International Airport (HIA) unveiled Phase A of its ambitious expansion project, initially announced in 2019. The expansion increased the airport’s passenger terminal area from 600,000 square meters to 725,000 square meters, boosting its capacity from 30 million to 58 million passengers per year. This phase included nine projects aimed at enhancing passenger experience and operational efficiency.

Key highlights of the expansion include the installation of a 16-lane transfer hall equipped with state-of-the-art scanners, additional new contact and bus gates, and the creation of ORCHARD, a 6,000 square meter indoor tropical garden featuring over 300 trees and 25,000 plants and shrubs. This garden, complemented by a 575 square meter water feature, provides a tranquil space for passengers. The surrounding area offers 10,000 square meters of retail and dining experiences, including over 65 new stores and 20 F&B options.

The expansion also introduced the Oryx Garden Hotel, the airport’s second hotel, with 100 rooms located near boarding gates. Additionally, four new lounges—Al Mourjan Business Lounge – The Garden, Gold and Platinum lounge, Oryx Lounge, and Al Maha Lounge—were added, enhancing the comfort and convenience for travelers.

Image Showing the Expansion of Hamad Airport
Image Showing the Expansion of Hamad Airport. Credit: Hamad Airport

This development not only improved the overall passenger experience but also expanded the available sleeping spots and amenities, making it easier for travelers to find comfortable and quiet areas to rest. The airport’s focus on sustainability is evident, with several projects achieving a 4-star rating under the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). Looking ahead, Phase B of the expansion, which began in early 2023, will further increase the airport’s capacity to over 70 million passengers and add two new concourses within the existing terminal.

Read details of the expansion on Hamad’s website here.

Hotels Near Hamad Airport as Nap Pod Alternatives:

Here’s a list of the closest hotels to Hamad International Airport (DOH) along with their distances and a brief review of their suitability based on traveler feedback:

  1. Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara – 3.1 miles » Check Rates
    • Described as a “little slice of paradise,” accessible by a short boat ride, ideal for a luxurious stay.
  2. Sharq Village & Spa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel – 3.1 miles» Check Rates
    • A luxurious resort noted for its proximity (10-15 min) to both the airport and central Doha, boasting well-maintained antique furnishings.
  3. Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha – 2.8 miles > Check rates
    • Praised for its professionalism and location near the airport, making it recommended for travelers.
  4. Premier Inn Doha Airport Hotel – 3.4 miles» Check Rates
    • Known for comfort and cleanliness, with helpful staff making it suitable for extended stays during transit.
  5. Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha – 3.1 miles » Check Rates
    • Offers a convenient location near the airport with excellent service, particularly noted for its lively ambiance.
  6. The Plaza Doha, LXR Hotels & Resorts – 3.4 miles » Check Rates
    • Appreciated for its breakfast experience and proximity to the airport, suitable for long-term stays.
  7. Strato Hotel by Warwick – 3.2 miles » Check Rates
    • A decent hotel for short stays, offering basic tourist needs without extravagance.

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