Sleeping Pods at Schiphol Airport to Nap in Peace

Among the airports that you’ll be lucky to be stuck in during a layover or a canceled flight is Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport which has plenty of sleep options for passengers – including the new innovation of sleeping pods by brands such as YotelAir.

In this guide, I will provide detailed information on places to sleep at Schiphol, amenities you can get at Schiphol’s sleeping pods, cost of the cabins per hour, and how to book, among other relevant topics that will get you sorted in terms of where to sleep.

What is a sleeping pod?

Also called sleep cabins, sleep rooms, sleep capsules or snooze boxes – sleeping pods are soundproof, ventilated and temperature-controlled private spaces that give you the chance to relax or sleep during long layovers or airport delays.

They vary in size and amenities but most of them have charging points for your gadgets, reading lights, a comfy mattress and some even come with a TV and noise-canceling headphones.

Sleeping pods usually have a door that you can close for privacy and some have curtains for extra seclusion. You can book them for a few minutes or hours depending on how long your layover is.

One of the leading brands that manufacture these $10k+ cubicles is called GOsleep which is a Finish company with operations in several airports across the globe including Changi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, JFK, and others. Other companies that run similar model of pay-per-use sleep spaces at airports include RestWorks and Minute Suites. Check out all European airports with sleep pods.

Can I sleep at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport overnight?

Sleeping in Amsterdam Airport is both allowed and feasible, providing travelers with various options for resting during their transit. The airport permits overnight stays in the terminal’s public areas when flights are not operating, but you’ll need to show your ID and boarding pass. During daytime hours, be aware that airport staff may ask you to move if you are found sleeping across chairs or benches.

For seating, the airport is well-equipped with numerous benches and armrest-free seats on the airside, which can be transformed into makeshift beds at night.

Notable sleep spots include the padded chairs, benches, and chaise lounges located in the internet area between Piers E and F.

However, be prepared for potential noise in this area. Another quiet option is the top floor in Lounge 3 near McDonald’s, where armrest-free benches are available. If you’re staying landside before security, the cafe on the terminal’s left side offers comfy seats.

Additionally, Amsterdam Airport offers designated rest zones where weary travelers can relax in reclining relaxation chairs. These zones are conveniently located at Gates D, two spots upstairs at Gates E, and near the entrances to Gates C and D.

These areas provide a stress-free environment for travelers to unwind and recharge. For those seeking more privacy and comfort, transit sleep pod hotels and other in-airport hotels are also available, offering various amenities to enhance your stay at the airport.

Does Schiphol Airport have sleeping pods?

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam offers a range of sleep pod options for travelers seeking rest during layovers or before early flights. While there are three main types identified—Mercure, YotelAir, and GoSleep—recent reports suggest that GoSleep pods may no longer be available at the airport. Despite this, Schiphol remains equipped with transit sleep pod facilities past security, providing convenience for passengers.

YotelAir at Schiphol offers compact yet efficiently designed sleep cabins or pods that measure approximately 7 square meters. These are ideal for solo travelers or couples who need a private space to rest between flights. YotelAir is well-regarded for its modern amenities and comfortable beds.

Mercure Hotel offers slightly larger accommodations within the airport, known as mini-suite pods, which measure about 12 square meters. These suites provide a bit more room and comfort, suitable for travelers who might want extra space or are staying with a companion.

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option near Schiphol, Bunk Hotel provides an alternative type of sleep pod. Located just a short distance from the airport, Bunk Hotel features unique pod accommodations at a cost that is roughly a third of the price of YotelAir. This can be an attractive option for travelers on a tighter budget or those who prefer a less conventional hotel experience.

All these facilities are designed to offer convenience and comfort to travelers passing through Schiphol, ensuring that even brief stays are restful and refreshing.

Amenities at Schiphol Airport’s Sleep Pods?

Here’s a table outlining the amenities provided by Mercure, YotelAir, GoSleep, and Bunk Pods Hotel at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport:

AmenityMercureYotelAirGoSleepBunk Pods Hotel
Free Wi-Fi
Air Conditioning
Private BathroomShared
Room Service
Complimentary Drinks
Meeting Rooms
Dining Options
Accessibility Options
  • Mercure offers a comprehensive set of amenities, including shared bathrooms and dining options
  • YotelAir provides a high level of comfort with amenities such as air conditioning, private bathrooms, and complimentary drinks
  • GoSleep focuses on basic amenities with the absence of air conditioning, private bathrooms, and dining options, offering a more streamlined experience.
  • Bunk Pods Hotel provides a unique blend of hostel-like community spaces and private amenities, allowing pets and offering non-smoking rooms and accessibility options, but lacks in-room TVs.

4 Types of Sleep Pods in Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport:

Mercure Hotel Schiphol

Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal is a unique three-star hotel conveniently situated within Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam that offers compact 12 square meter sleep pods in the form of mini-suites similar to Minute Suites. Being in the airside like YotelAir, it is an ideal choice for travelers in transit.

The primary advantage of Mercure over YotelAir is in pricing and space. Mercure’s smallest pod starts at 158 Pounds, while YotelAir’s Standard room rates begin at 360 Pounds, yet they offer less space. YotelAir’s Standard pods, which are designed to accommodate just one person, measure 75 square feet (approximately 7 square meters). In contrast, Mercure’s smallest pod is significantly larger, measuring 129 square feet (or 12 square meters).

Mercure Hotel Sleep Cabin or Pod in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport airside
Mercure Hotel Sleep Cabin or Pod in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport airside. Check reviews and rates.
  • Location: Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal is located after security in the passage area of Lounge 3, near the beginning of the F Gates, offering both day and night room options to cater to various travel schedules.
  • Access Requirements: Guests must present a valid passport and a flight ticket for either the same day or the next day to access the hotel, ensuring it serves those in transit.
  • Convenience: The hotel’s prime location inside the airport terminal is ideal for those with early flights or long layovers, eliminating the need for exiting the airport or arranging additional transportation.
  • Luggage Policy: Only hand luggage is permitted due to the hotel’s location past airport security, and guests are advised against going to the exit or arrivals hall.
  • Room Amenities: Rooms are basic but functional, equipped with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and complimentary coffee and tea. They provide a quiet environment conducive to rest but can feel small and slightly run-down.
  • Cleanliness: The hotel is generally clean and well-kept.
  • Service Quality: Service experiences vary; some guests report positive interactions with helpful staff, while others encounter issues with unhelpfulness and inefficiency.
  • Pricing Concerns: Many guests view the hotel as overpriced relative to the amenities provided. There are additional concerns about costs for extra services like early check-in and expensive snacks and beverages.
  • Overall Assessment: Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal is practical for travelers seeking convenience within Schiphol Airport. It excels in location and fundamental amenities but has room for improvement in service quality and value for money.

Pros of Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal:

  1. Convenient Location: Situated inside Schiphol Airport, ideal for transit passengers with early flights or long layovers.
  2. Accessibility: Directly accessible after security, eliminating the need for additional transportation.
  3. Room Availability: Offers both day and night rooms to accommodate different travel schedules.
  4. Basic Amenities: Equipped with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and complimentary coffee and tea.
  5. Quiet Environment: Many guests note the rooms as quiet, providing a restful atmosphere.
  6. Cleanliness: Generally reported to be clean and well-maintained.

Cons of Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal:

  1. Service Variability: While some staff are praised, there are numerous complaints about customer service being unhelpful or inefficient.
  2. Value for Money: Many guests feel the pricing is high for the level of amenities and room quality provided.
  3. Room Size and Comfort: Some reviews mention that the rooms can feel small, box-like, and occasionally run-down.
  4. Extra Costs: Concerns include charges for early check-in and high prices for drinks and snacks.
  5. Limited Luggage: Only hand luggage is allowed, which might be inconvenient for some travelers.
  6. Noise Issues: Despite generally being quiet, there are occasional complaints about noise from other guests and the airport.


YotelAir Amsterdam Schiphol is a conveniently located airside hotel with compact sleep pods in the form of mini-suites similar to Minute Suites but with much more moden and tech amenities. The pods in this hotel are perfect for travelers with layovers or early flights.

Situated within Lounge 2 of Schiphol Airport, this hotel offers state-of-the-art compact rooms that maximize space with smart design elements such as adjustable SmartBeds™ and monsoon showers. The rooms are equipped with essential modern amenities like super-fast free WiFi, multiple charging points, and are praised for their cleanliness.

yotel-amsterdam-schiphol sleep cabin
Image of YotelAir Cabin at Schiphol. Check reviews and more pictures.

YotelAir is ideal for guests needing a short stay to refresh and recharge between flights. However, potential guests should be aware of the hotel’s compact nature, which some find cramped, and its sometimes challenging accessibility within the airport. Despite its practicality and strategic location, opinions about the value for money and service consistency vary among travelers.

  • Concept and Design: Yotel at Schiphol is inspired by Japanese capsule hotels but is not a capsule hotel. It features a 1970s “space age” aesthetic with curved lines and indirect lighting.
  • Rooms (“Cabins or pods”): The smallest standard rooms, referred to as “cabins” or “pods” are extremely small, comparable to the room sizes. At just 7 square meters, this space is 42 times smaller than the average hotel room in the US, which spans 300 square feet (approximately 28 square meters), and 24 times smaller than the UK’s average hotel room size of 172 square feet (16 square meters).
  • Stacked Cabins: Some cabins are partially stacked with steps leading up or down to the doors. This setup can make entry awkward, especially with luggage. It is however important to note that they are different from the way some pods such as Narita’s Nine Hour Capsule Hotel pods are stacked together. In the Narita Airport Capsule Hote, independent pods are stacked above each other while YotelAir cabins are stacked as bunk beds within the same room. The stacked pods are twin cabins not the standard cabins that sleeps one.
  • Luxury Features: Despite its compact size, YotelAir does not compromise on luxury features. The premium cabins offer more space and amenities such as adjustable SmartBeds™ and monsoon showers. These additional features make for a comfortable stay, especially
  • High Beds: Beds in the cabins are elevated, requiring a climb to get into bed, further complicating the space usage.
  • Bathrooms: Each cabin has its own bathroom, but it is very narrow and only separated from the rest of the cabin by a glass wall and a shower curtain, offering limited privacy.
  • Amenities: Despite the compact space, cabins are equipped with essential amenities like a pull-out desk, electrical outlets for charging devices, and basic bathroom facilities. The room uses mirrors to visually expand the space and prevent a claustrophobic feel.
  • Lighting Options: The cabin offers various lighting options, including a unique “sex light” which is a pinkish-purple light.
  • Location and Convenience: Yotel’s primary advantage is its location inside Schiphol Airport, making it highly convenient for travelers with early flights or those who prefer to stay within the airport area. This eliminates the need for additional transportation and allows quick access to departure gates.
  • Suitability: Best suited for travelers with only carry-on bags due to its location after security. The hotel is practical for very short stays or overnight layovers when you don’t have checked luggage.
  • Comparison to Other Options: It’s noted that while Yotel is convenient, there may be more comfortable or cost-effective hotel options nearby, such as Citizen M, especially if the flight times allow for it.

What makes YotelAir unique:

YotelAir embodies a modern, tech-savvy, and cool approach to hospitality, particularly appealing to travelers who value efficiency and innovation. Here are some key features that highlight its modernity and tech-forward design:

  1. SmartBeds™: YotelAir rooms are equipped with adjustable SmartBeds™, which can be repositioned with the touch of a button to maximize space or enhance comfort, transforming from a couch to a fully flat bed.
  2. Compact, Modular Design: The cabin-like rooms are designed to optimize space in a way that is both functional and futuristic. The modular design includes collapsible workstations and hidden storage solutions, making the most of the small footprint.
  3. High-Tech Amenities: Guests can enjoy super-fast free WiFi and multiple charging points for devices, catering to the needs of the modern traveler who often carries multiple gadgets.
  4. Monsoon Showers: The en suite bathrooms feature monsoon showers, offering a luxurious and refreshing experience that stands out in the compact space.
  5. Automated Check-in and Check-out: YotelAir provides a seamless arrival and departure process with self-service kiosks, minimizing wait times and human interaction, which appeals to tech-savvy travelers.
  6. Energy Efficiency: The use of advanced technologies extends to energy efficiency, with features designed to minimize the environmental impact of the hotel operations.

Pros of YotelAir Amsterdam Schiphol:

  1. Strategic Location: Located airside in Lounge 2 of Schiphol Airport, YotelAir is praised for its convenience, especially for passengers with layovers, being just minutes from departure gates.
  2. Efficient Use of Space: The compact, state-of-the-art rooms utilize space well and include comfortable SmartBeds™, monsoon showers, and pull-down workstations.
  3. Modern Amenities: Rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, fluffy towels, super-fast free WiFi, and multiple charging points, which are highly appreciated by travelers needing to recharge devices.
  4. Quick and Convenient Services: Many guests appreciate the option for short stays just to shower and refresh, which is a significant benefit for those in transit.
  5. Cleanliness: The rooms and facilities generally receive high marks for cleanliness.
  6. Responsive Service: Some guests commend the staff for being professional and helpful, contributing to a positive experience.

Cons of YotelAir Amsterdam Schiphol:

  1. Challenging to Locate: Despite its convenient location, some guests report difficulties in finding the hotel within the airport.
  2. Room Size and Comfort: The rooms are often described as cramped, with some guests finding the compact size uncomfortable for longer stays.
  3. Value for Money: There is frequent criticism regarding the high cost relative to the size of the rooms and the amenities provided.
  4. Inconsistent Service Quality: While some guests report positive interactions, others experience less satisfactory service, describing staff as unhelpful or the service as impersonal.
  5. Maintenance Issues: Guests occasionally report maintenance issues such as non-functioning features in rooms, including problematic plumbing and air conditioning.
  6. Noise Levels: Despite being designed for tranquility, some guests mention that the soundproofing is not adequate, leading to disturbances from corridor noise or neighboring rooms.

GoSleep Pods:

GoSleep pods at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport provided travelers with a convenient, private, and restful escape amidst the bustling terminal environment. I am using the past tense ‘provided’ as I could not ascertain their availability in 2024.

It appears that despite being listed on GoSleep’s website as located in Schiphol Airport’s main Terminal, Lounge 2, after security, and supposedly operated by XpresSpa, the GoSleep pods are currently absent from the location.

Various searches, including thorough reviews and recent traveler reports on forums like TripAdvisor, indicate a lack of visible presence or operational GoSleep pods at the airport in 2024.

Specifically, a forum member on TripAdvisor confirmed the absence of these sleep pods as of March 2024, noting an inability to find them during a visit aimed at locating them for a forthcoming long layover.

The traveler expressed that the only available option for rest and privacy was Yotel, which, although more expensive, provided the necessary facilities such as a shower. This suggests that the GoSleep pods might have been removed or are temporarily unavailable, despite the listing still being active on the company’s website.

To use the Gosleep pods at Schiphol, you’ll need to access them via the stairs or the lift in Lounge 2. After arrival, follow signs for ‘Gates D-E’ and then take the escalator or lift up a level.

This absence could be due to several reasons such as operational changes, renovations at the airport, or a shift in the management strategies of airport amenities. However, without explicit updates from the airport or GoSleep, travelers are left with limited options like the more expensive Yotel or resting in public areas of the airport. This situation particularly impacts solo travelers seeking privacy and safety, compelling them to opt for higher-priced accommodations.


Based on past informaton on pricing data, using a GoSleep pod at Schiphol Airport previously cost €99 for the first six hours, with an additional charge of €18 for each subsequent hour. Please note that these rates were sourced from an older company presentation and may have changed since then. Generally, you should anticipate spending approximately $100 to $120 for a six-hour stay in a GoSleep pod.


When they were available, GoSleep pods at Schiphol Airport could be found in the main terminal, Lounge 2. To reach them, you would access Lounge 2 via the stairs or lift, follow the signs towards ‘Gates D-E,’ and then take the escalator or lift to the next level. According to GoSleep’s site, the pods were located on the right-hand side as you exit the escalator or lift.

If you were approaching from the main terminal area, you would take a left past the ‘Duty Free Selections.’ The GoSleep pods would then be on your right, just past the Costa Coffee. If these directions seem outdated or incorrect based on your experience, please inform me.

Bunk Sleeping Pods at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport:

Another company called operates what they call Bunk Pods near Schiphol’s Airport. You can choose the cheaper Bunk Pods which start at 24 pounds per night or opt for Bunk rooms which start at 54 pounds per night.

A pod or mini-suite room at Amsterdam's Bunk Hotel.jpg
A pod or mini-suite room at Amsterdam’s Bunk Hotel. Page

Below are more details;

  1. Location and Accessibility:
    • Located at Hagedoornplein 2, 1031 BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As per Google Maps estimates, it is located some 29.2 km away and takes about 21 minutes drive from the airport to the Bunk Hotel Pods.
    • Near several restaurants and attractions within a 0.3-mile radius.
  2. Accommodation Types and Features:
    • Offers both private pods and rooms, accommodating single travelers up to groups/families.
    • Pods are described as comfortable and bigger than expected with privacy curtains, LED light systems, and personal lockers.
    • Rooms are equipped with basic amenities such as housekeeping services, clothes racks, and baths/showers.
  3. Facilities and Services:
    • Free high-speed internet (WiFi), bar/lounge, board games/puzzles, pet-friendly options, banquet room, meeting rooms, and non-smoking throughout the hotel.
    • The restaurant on-site serves various meals; however, some guests noted it as pricey.
    • No prepayment needed for booking, and the prices per night vary, roughly averaging $106 to $111.
  4. Guest Experiences and Atmosphere:
    • Generally positive reviews for cleanliness (rated 4.7) and service (rated 4.6).
    • Some guests found the pod rooms a bit claustrophobic and noted limited social interaction opportunities.
    • The hotel is praised for its unique conversion of a monumental church, offering a blend of modern and quirky elements.
  5. Management Interaction:
    • Active responses from the management team to guest reviews, indicating attentiveness to guest feedback and willingness to improve services.
  6. Miscellaneous:
    • Several guests appreciated the aesthetic and functional design of the hotel, although some noted issues with room and pod accessibility, particularly for those with mobility issues or needing more space.
    • The hotel’s location is described as convenient for public transportation and relatively close to central Amsterdam via a short metro ride or ferry.
Bunk Pods at Amsterdam Airport
Bunk Pods at Amsterdam Airport

Read more about Bunk pods on its website here.

Bunk Amsterdam (Check reviews on Tripadvisor)

Alternatives to sleeping pods at Schiphol Airport:

If you’re not interested in spending money to use a sleeping pod or you can’t find one that’s available, there are other options for catching some shut-eye at Amsterdam’s airport.

Free options:

As mentioned before, the rest zones located near Concourse D and E offer travelers free space to relax in comfortable chairs. If you don’t mind lying on the floor, there are also some couches in these areas.

You can also try to find a spot near one of the airport’s few windows where you can at least enjoy natural light and fresh air while you sleep.

If you don’t mind walking a bit, head to Lounge 1 where there are more free seats and some comfy armchairs that are perfect for napping in.

Paid options:

If you want to be guaranteed a good night’s sleep, you can book a room at the Yotel located in Lounge 2 near Concourse D. Prices start at €49 for 4 hours or €69 for 8 hours.

For something a bit more luxurious, the Hilton Schiphol Hotel is connected to the main terminal building. You can book a room starting at €159 per night.

If you don’t need an entire room, you can also try renting a day bed in the hotel’s Executive Lounge. Prices start at €75 for 4 hours or €95 for 8 hours.

What are the alternatives to sleeping pods at Schiphol Airport?

If you’re not interested in spending money to use a sleeping pod or you can’t find one that’s available, there are other options for catching some shut-eye at Amsterdam’s airport.

The rest zones located near Concourse D and E offer travelers free space to relax in comfortable chairs. If you don’t mind lying on the floor, there are also some couches in these areas.

You can also try to find a spot near one of the airport’s few windows where you can at least enjoy natural light and fresh air while you sleep.

Get a hotel room at airport-based hotels:

You can also book hotels that offer free shuttles from Amsterdam airport such as:


Are passengers allowed to sleep at Schiphol airport?

Yes, you are allowed to sleep at Schiphol airport. There are a few designated areas where you can find comfortable chairs and couches to rest in.

Can I use my own sleeping bag or blanket?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own sleeping bag or blanket to use at the airport.

Do any of the airport lounges offer beds or showers?

Yes, some of the airport lounges do offer beds and showers. The Yotel located in Lounge 2 near Concourse D has rooms starting at €49 for 4 hours or €69 for 8 hours.

The Hilton Schiphol Hotel is also connected to the main terminal building and offers day beds in its Executive Lounge starting at €75 for 4 hours or €95 for 8 hours.

Can I use a credit card to pay for a Gosleep pod?

Yes, you can use a credit card to pay for a Gosleep pod. To check real-time pricing or to book a pod, visit the Gosleep website.

Which other airports have installed sleeping pods;

The following airports have installed sleeping pods:

Is it possible to rent a day bed in the Hilton Executive Lounge?

Yes, it is possible to rent a day bed in the Hilton Executive Lounge. Prices start at €75 for 4 hours or €95 for 8 hours.

Do any of the airport lounges offer beds or showers?

Yes, some of the airport lounges do offer beds and showers. The Yotel located in Lounge 2 near Concourse D has rooms starting at €49 for 4 hours or €69 for 8 hours.

The Hilton Schiphol Hotel is also connected to the main terminal building and offers day beds in its Executive Lounge starting at €75 for 4 hours or €95 for 8 hours.

Which lounge can I access with Priority pass at Amsterdam airport?

You can use your Priority Pass to access the following lounges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol:

– British Airways Lounge

– KLM Crown Lounge

– Air France/KLM Lounge 2

– The Lounge (in partnership with Plaza Premium)

Can I store my luggage at the airport if I’m not flying?

Yes, you can store your luggage at the airport if you’re not flying. There are lockers available to use near Concourse D. The prices for using these lockers start at €6 per day.

You can also check your luggage with one of the services located in the Arrivals Hall. These services will hold onto your luggage for a fee and will give you a ticket to claim your bags when you’re ready to pick them up.

What are the best places to eat at Schiphol Airport?

There are a few good places to eat at Schiphol Airport. If you’re looking for something quick, you can try one of the many sandwich shops or cafes located throughout the airport.

For something a bit more substantial, there are a few restaurants that offer sit-down service. The Brasserie & Sélection is a good option if you’re looking for typical Dutch cuisine.

If you’re in the mood for something international, La Place is a chain of restaurants located throughout the airport that offers a variety of dishes from different countries.

Do any of the airport lounges offer beds?

Yes, some of the airport lounges do offer beds and showers. The Yotel located in Lounge 2 near Concourse D has rooms starting at €49 for 4 hours or €69 for 8 hours.

What are some fun things to do at or near Schiphol during layover?

If you have a layover at Schiphol Airport, there are a few things you can do to pass the time.

One option is to visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol. This museum is located in the airport and features a rotating selection of artwork from the Rijksmuseum’s collection.

If you’re looking to do some shopping, there are a number of shops located throughout the airport, including duty-free stores.

Finally, if you want to get out of the airport for a bit, there are a few hotels located nearby that offer day rates. This can be a good option if you want to take a nap or shower before your next flight.

Does Atlanta airport have sleeping pods?

From what I can tell, Atlanta airport does not have sleeping pods but have a similar sleep cabin model called Minute Suites. Minute Suites is a network of private, day-use suites located in major airports across the United States.

Rates for use start at $28/hour with a 4-hour minimum, or $109/day. Each suite is equipped with a comfortable recliner, desk, direct dial telephone, high-definition television, and an iPod docking station.

Wi-Fi is complimentary for all Minute Suites guests, and laptop workstations are available in some locations. Convenient access to power outlets makes it easy to stay connected and productive while on the go.

Wrapping it up:

I agreed to write that there are supposed Gosleep sleep capsules at Schiphol airport, but I want to make it clear that they may not be available for rent at the moment.I tried to find out from other sources if you can book one of Schiphol’s sleep pods for a day or night stay,but I couldn’t get any conclusive information.

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