Warsaw Chopin Airport Sleeping Pods Guide

Warsaw Chopin Airport has undergone significant growth and modernization, cementing its status as the busiest airport in Poland. Recent expansions have enhanced its capacity and facilities, allowing it to handle up to 25 million passengers annually, ensuring that it can meet the demands of increasing passenger traffic while providing top-notch amenities and services. As part of these advancements, the airport introduced GoSleep pods, offering an innovative solution to improve layover sleep for travelers.

Whether you’re on a brief stopover or an extended layover, Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) offers a variety of sleeping and accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs. From these innovative sleep pods within the terminal to nearby hotels with free shuttle services, you can find the perfect place to rest and recharge.

Does WAW Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes, Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) launched GoSleep Pods in August 2023. The airport management announced the launch of four GoSleep pods in a separate rest zone located on Terminal A’s departures level 100, near Gate 2N/3N. These pods are situated in the non-Schengen restricted zone, approximately 25 meters behind the +48 (Food Hall) restaurant.

GoSleep Pods are designed to provide a private and comfortable space for travelers to rest and recharge. Each pod features a reclining flat-bed seat with a retractable privacy shade that blocks out light and noise, ensuring a secluded environment for optimal rest.

The pods also include secure storage compartments under the seat for personal belongings, USB charging ports, and breathable materials to ensure good air circulation within the pod​.

Dimensions, Design, and Functionality of GoSleep Pods


The GoSleep Pods are designed with the following dimensions:

  • Width: 100 cm (39.4 inches)
  • Height: 117 cm (46.1 inches)
  • Length: 226 cm (89 inches)
  • Weight: 185 kg (408 lbs)
Gosleep Pod Recovery Pod
Gosleep Pod Recovery Pod

These dimensions ensure that the pods are compact and can be placed closely together while still providing enough space for a comfortable rest.


GoSleep Pods feature a sleek and modern design, combining functionality with aesthetics. Key design elements include:

  • Enclosed Privacy: The pods have a retractable privacy shade that can be pulled down to create a fully enclosed, private space. This shade blocks out light and ensures privacy.
  • Breathable Materials: The privacy cover is made of breathable material, allowing for natural air circulation inside the pod. The pod walls are made of birch plywood with textile upholstery, and the side panels are made of glass fiber, providing a sturdy yet comfortable enclosure.
  • Comfortable Bedding: Inside the pod, there is an artificial leather mattress and a matching neck pillow, providing a comfortable lying-down position.
  • Secure Storage: Beneath the mattress, there is a storage compartment designed to fit carry-on luggage, ensuring travelers can keep their belongings secure and close by.

How They Work

Using a GoSleep Pod is straightforward:

  1. Lie Down: Travelers lie down inside the pod and pull down the retractable privacy shade to close themselves off from the surrounding area.
  2. Ventilation: The breathable cover and natural air ventilation ensure fresh air circulation inside the pod, maintaining a comfortable environment.
  3. USB Charging: Each pod is equipped with double USB power outlets, allowing travelers to charge their devices while they rest.
  4. Security: The storage compartment under the mattress allows travelers to store their personal belongings securely. The pods are designed to be manually operated, and in case of emergency, the cover can be easily removed to ensure safety.

The GoSleep Pods at Warsaw Chopin Airport provide a practical and comfortable solution for travelers looking to rest during their layovers. They combine privacy, comfort, and functionality in a compact, well-designed unit​

Reviews of GoSleep Pods at Warsaw Chopin Airport


  1. Comfort and Privacy:
    • The GoSleep pods offer a comfortable place to rest, similar to a business class sleep pod on a flight. They are designed to provide a private space for sleeping, equipped with a retractable privacy shade that blocks out light and noise, ensuring a secluded environment for optimal rest.
    • Reviews highlight the adequacy of the storage space and the helpfulness of the staff. The pods come with amenities like a blanket, earplugs, an eye mask, and slippers, contributing to a more comfortable sleep experience.
    • Located conveniently within the airport, near restrooms and food stores, these pods provide a practical solution for travelers with long layovers, offering a quiet and comfortable place to sleep during the night before departure.
  2. Positive User Feedback:
    • Many users appreciated the convenience and comfort provided by the GoSleep pods. Travelers who had the chance to use them often rated their experience highly, noting that the pods are well-maintained and offer a good rest solution for a short period.
    • The staff’s friendliness and assistance were often mentioned positively, enhancing the overall user experience.


  1. Accessibility Issues:
    • A significant number of reviews noted problems with accessing the pods due to their location in a non-Schengen restricted area. Travelers without the proper boarding passes for the next day faced difficulties and often were not allowed access, leading to frustration and wasted money on bookings they couldn’t use.
    • Some users had to plead with security to gain access or found it difficult to navigate the passport control issues to reach the sleeping area​.
  2. Noise and Disturbances:
    • While the pods are designed to block out noise, some travelers reported disturbances from airport announcements, cleaning activities, and other travelers in the vicinity. This affected the quality of rest they could get, particularly during busy or maintenance periods.
    • Security checks and disruptions in the middle of the night were also a concern, as guards sometimes woke travelers to check their location, adding to the anxiety and inconvenience​.
  3. Value for Money:
    • Several reviews mentioned that the pods were overpriced compared to other accommodation options, such as nearby hotels. The lack of additional amenities like free coffee or a more secure charging station for laptops was also a downside for some users​.
    • The cost was particularly highlighted as a concern for solo travelers who found the pods to be more expensive than expected for the limited services provided​.

Overall, while GoSleep pods at Warsaw Chopin Airport provide a comfortable and private resting solution for many travelers, issues related to accessibility, noise, and cost may detract from the experience for some users.

Cost and Policies of GoSleep Pods at Warsaw Chopin Airport

The cost of staying in a GoSleep Pod at Warsaw Chopin Airport varies depending on the cancellation policy chosen. A single pod costs $69 per night if booked with no option to cancel, which requires advance payment.

For travelers who prefer the flexibility of canceling up to a day before arrival, the cost is $73 per night, and this option does not require prepayment. Each pod offers a sleeping space for one person, featuring a single bed within a compact 2 m² area. Additional amenities include free WiFi, slippers, a wake-up service, and a ground floor location for easy access.


  • Check-in: From 19:00 to 00:00
  • Check-out: Available 24 hours
  • Child Policies: Children are not allowed.
  • Cot and Extra Bed Policies: Cots and extra beds are not available at this property.
  • Age Restriction: The minimum age for check-in is 18.
  • Pets: Pets are not allowed.

These policies ensure a streamlined experience for solo travelers looking for a convenient and private rest solution during their layover at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

You can book on Booking.com here.

Best Sleep Locations at Warsaw Chopin Airport – Best Free Alternatives to Nap Pods:

Warsaw Chopin Airport offers a variety of sleeping options for travelers needing rest between flights. Based on reviews and expert recommendations, here are the best spots to catch some sleep, ensuring comfort and minimal disturbance.

Costa Coffee (Upper Floor)

  • Description: Located on the second floor next to the escalator, Costa Coffee offers tall-backed chairs with headrests and power outlets. The 24-hour outlet provides a cozy atmosphere and a quieter environment than other airport areas. Even when the café is closed, the staff does not restrict access to the chairs.
  • Review Highlight: “Comfy chair, 24h access, coffee, mostly quiet.”

Costa Coffee (Ground Floor)

  • Description: Another Costa Coffee location on the ground floor provides similar comfort with tall-backed chairs. It’s an excellent spot to fall asleep undisturbed, even after the café opens in the morning.
  • Review Highlight: “You can eat, drink hot tea, fall asleep all night long on a comfy couch.”

Metal Benches (Main Terminal Lobby)

Description: Upstairs in the main terminal lobby, these 4-seater metal benches without armrests are a good option for overnight stays. They are located in a quieter part of the terminal, with minimal disturbance from security. Review Highlight: “It was a quiet night with only the cleaners making any noise.”

Children’s Waiting Area (International Check-in Area)

Description: Near pillar D in Terminal A, the Lot kid zone offers carpeted floors and cushioned seating. This area provides a comfortable sleeping environment with moderate temperature. Review Highlight: “Sleeping on cushions, carpeted floor too. Temperature was ok.”

Benches near Gates 28-29

Description: There are two big, comfortable couches between gates 28 and 29. This spot is quiet from 11 PM until 5 AM, making it a great place for families to sleep. Review Highlight: “Two big and comfortable couches. Easy to sleep 2 adults with 2 kids.”

Observation Deck Area (Third Floor)

Description: This area features sofas and armrest-free seats. It’s quieter and darker than other parts of the airport, providing a better sleeping environment. Review Highlight: “It’s also got a restaurant. Not only does no one seem to bother anyone up there, but by morning I noticed that almost every row of chairs was taken.”

Benches near McDonald’s (Gates 31/32)

Description: The benches here are padded and offer a decent place to sleep until McDonald’s opens at 4 AM. This area is suitable for short naps and undisturbed rest. Review Highlight: “Great benches with padding! So I slept on it for 2-3 hours.”

Leather Sofas (Behind Costa Coffee)

Description: Located behind Costa Coffee on the departures level, these leather-bound sofas are in the Lot Airlines Business Class check-in area. They provide a comfortable resting place with padded armchair-like seating. Review Highlight: “Comfy leather sofas with outlets, working wi-fi as long as you use the coffee shops’.”

These locations have been recommended based on their comfort, quietness, and accessibility, ensuring a good night’s sleep at Warsaw Chopin Airport. Always bring an extra layer of clothing, as the terminal can get quite cold at night.

Reviews of Sleeping at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)

Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland’s busiest, has seen significant modernization and expansion, offering various sleep and accommodation options for layover passengers. While the airport provides convenient solutions like GoSleep pods and nearby hotels with shuttles, travelers still face some challenges. Here’s an expert summary of the pros and cons of sleeping at WAW:


  1. GoSleep Pods Availability: Secure, private sleep pods with modern amenities like WiFi and a wake-up service.
  2. Free Designated Rest Areas: Quiet zones accessible at no extra cost, suitable for budget-conscious travelers.
  3. Proximity of Hotels: Nearby hotels with free shuttles, such as Courtyard by Marriott, offer convenient accommodation.
  4. Modern Facilities: Recent expansions have enhanced airport facilities, ensuring top-notch services.
  5. Helpful Staff: Friendly and polite staff improve the overall layover experience.
  6. Clean Environment: A modern and well-maintained airport provides a pleasant atmosphere for resting.


  1. Pod Accessibility Issues: Difficulty accessing sleep pods in the non-Schengen area, causing inconvenience.
  2. Noise Levels: Noise from gates and cleaning activities can disturb sleep, even in designated rest areas.
  3. Security Concerns: Insufficient privacy and lack of secure storage in rest zones and pods.
  4. Unclear Pod Descriptions: Ambiguity in location and accessibility descriptions leading to misunderstandings.
  5. Limited Space in Pods: Compact nature of pods can feel restrictive, especially for larger individuals.
  6. Midnight Disturbances: Security checks during the night disrupt sleep, causing discomfort for travelers.

Can I Sleep at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) Overnight?

Yes, you can sleep at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) overnight, but there are some important details to consider regarding airport hours, security checkpoint operations, and access to airside areas.

Airport Hours and Security Checkpoints

Warsaw Chopin Airport operates 24 hours a day, providing continuous access to various facilities and services. However, security checkpoints and certain sections of the airport might not be accessible throughout the night.

  • Security Checkpoints: Typically, security checkpoints close late at night and reopen early in the morning. The exact closing and reopening times can vary, but checkpoints often close around midnight and reopen at around 4:00 to 5:00 AM. It’s crucial to plan your layover accordingly if you intend to access the airside (post-security) areas during the night.

Accessing Airside

If you plan to sleep airside (post-security), you need to be aware of the following:

  • Timing Your Entry: Ensure you pass through security before the checkpoints close for the night. Once security checkpoints close, you won’t be able to move from the landside (pre-security) to the airside areas until they reopen in the morning.
  • Overnight Amenities: Airside areas offer various amenities, including the recently introduced GoSleep pods, which provide a secure and comfortable sleep environment. These pods are located in a dedicated rest zone in Terminal A’s departures level 100, near Gate 2N/3N.

Tips for Overnight Stay

  • Booking in Advance: If you plan to use the GoSleep pods, booking in advance is recommended to ensure availability. These pods offer privacy and amenities like free WiFi and a wake-up service.
  • Preparing for the Night: Bring essentials such as a travel blanket and earplugs. Although the airport is generally clean and modern, noise from cleaning activities and announcements might disturb your sleep.
  • Alternative Options: For those who prefer not to sleep in the airport, several nearby hotels offer free shuttle services and are ideal for a comfortable overnight stay. Hotels like Courtyard by Marriott Warsaw Airport provide convenient access and additional amenities.

By understanding the operational hours of security checkpoints and preparing accordingly, you can ensure a more comfortable and restful overnight stay at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

5 Alternatives to WAW Sleep Pods: Hotels Near Warsaw Chopin Airport

Hampton by Hilton Warsaw Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1 mile from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Ideal for business and solo travelers needing convenient access to the airport.
  • Additional Features: Offers free breakfast, clean rooms, and friendly staff.
  • Check rates

Airport Hotel Okecie

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1 mile from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Suitable for all travelers, especially those with early flights.
  • Additional Features: Features a restaurant, friendly staff, and a modern fitness center.
  • Check rates

Novotel Warszawa Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1.8 miles from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers looking for comfort and convenience.
  • Additional Features: Includes a restaurant, fitness center, and well-soundproofed rooms.
  • Check rates

Air Hotel

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1.3 miles from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Great for solo travelers and business travelers in transit.
  • Additional Features: Free parking, friendly staff, and modern facilities.
  • Check rates

Holiday Inn Express Warsaw – Mokotow

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1.5 miles from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Perfect for travelers seeking quality accommodation near the airport.
  • Additional Features: Offers free breakfast, modern rooms, and a business center.
  • Check rates

Cheapest Hotels Near WAW with Free Shuttle:

If you’re traveling through Warsaw Chopin Airport and looking for budget-friendly accommodations with convenient shuttle services, here are some of the best options:

Air Hotel

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1.3 miles from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Ideal for budget travelers needing basic, comfortable accommodation near the airport.
  • Additional Features: Free parking, friendly staff, modern facilities.
  • Review Rating: 8.0
  • Cost: $64 per night(Check today’s price)

B&B Hotel Warszawa-Okęcie

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1.5 miles from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Great for travelers seeking affordability and convenience.
  • Additional Features: Spacious rooms, friendly service, free Wi-Fi.
  • Review Rating: 8.0
  • Cost: $56 per night(Check today’s price)

Smart2Stay Magnolia

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1.5 miles from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Best for solo travelers and short stays.
  • Additional Features: Clean rooms, 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi.
  • Review Rating: 8.5
  • Cost: $52 per night(Check today’s price)

Motel Subaru

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1.3 miles from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers needing a quick, budget-friendly overnight stay.
  • Additional Features: Free breakfast, quiet location, free parking.
  • Review Rating: 7.5
  • Cost: $61 per night(Check today’s price)

Hotel Ajax

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available.
  • Distance: 1.9 miles from Warsaw Chopin Airport.
  • Suitability: Suitable for travelers looking for a comfortable stay on a budget.
  • Additional Features: Clean, spacious rooms, friendly staff.
  • Review Rating: 7.0
  • Cost: $50 per night(Check today’s price)

These hotels offer great value for money and are equipped with essential amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay close to Warsaw Chopin Airport.

WAW Sleep Pods vs Cheap Hotels’ Pricing:

When comparing GoSleep Pods at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) to budget hotels with free shuttle services near the airport, there are several key differences and considerations.

GoSleep Pods at WAW

Cost and Convenience:

  • Cost: $69 per night (non-cancellable) or $73 per night (cancellable a day before).
  • Location: Inside Terminal A, making it highly convenient for transit passengers.
  • Accessibility: Only accessible to passengers in the non-Schengen restricted zone.
  • Features: Small single bed, free Wi-Fi, slippers, wake-up service, and basic amenities.
  • Suitability: Ideal for solo travelers with layovers who need a quick rest without leaving the airport premises.

Budget Hotels with Free Shuttle Service

Cost and Convenience:

  • Cost: Typically ranges from $50 to $70 per night.
  • Location: Within 1-2 miles from the airport, providing easy access via free shuttle service.
  • Accessibility: Open to all travelers regardless of their transit status.
  • Features: More spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and additional amenities such as free parking, 24-hour reception, and sometimes dining options.
  • Suitability: Suitable for all types of travelers, including families and groups, looking for more space and full-service hotel experience.

Expert Insight

GoSleep Pods offer unmatched convenience for those who prefer not to leave the airport, ideal for very short stays or layovers. However, the restrictive access and lack of amenities beyond the basics can be a downside.

Comfort and Amenities:
Budget hotels, while slightly further away, provide more comprehensive services and amenities. They offer greater comfort, especially for longer stays, and can be more cost-effective for travelers needing more than just a place to sleep.

Accessibility and Flexibility:
Budget hotels are generally more accessible and flexible for all travelers, including those arriving from or departing to non-Schengen areas. The free shuttle service adds to the convenience, ensuring easy transit to and from the airport.

In summary, GoSleep Pods are best for short, quick rests within the airport, whereas budget hotels offer a fuller, more comfortable experience with additional amenities and services.

Recommendation for Choosing Between Budget Hotels with Shuttle vs. Sleep Pods for Layover Sleep

When to Choose Budget Hotels with Shuttle


  • Long Layovers: Ideal for layovers longer than 6 hours.
  • Comfort and Amenities: Suitable for travelers seeking more comfort and amenities such as larger rooms, breakfast, and additional services like a gym or restaurant.
  • Groups and Families: Perfect for families or groups needing more space and facilities.
  • Accessibility: Accessible for all travelers, regardless of their transit status.


  • More spacious rooms.
  • Full-service amenities (Wi-Fi, breakfast, etc.).
  • Free shuttle service ensures easy transit.


  • Requires leaving the airport premises.
  • Slightly longer transit time compared to staying within the terminal.

When to Choose Sleep Pods


  • Short Layovers: Best for layovers shorter than 6 hours.
  • Convenience: Ideal for solo travelers needing quick rest without leaving the airport.
  • Late-night/Early-morning Flights: Perfect for those arriving late at night or departing early in the morning.


  • Located within the airport terminal, saving transit time.
  • Provides essential amenities for a brief rest.
  • Cost-effective for short stays.


  • Limited space and privacy.
  • Basic amenities compared to full-service hotels.
  • Restricted access depending on flight status.

Key takeaway:

Choose budget hotels with shuttle for longer layovers, more comfort, and additional amenities, especially when traveling with family or in groups. Opt for sleep pods for shorter layovers, convenience, and quick rest without leaving the airport.

Conclusion Summary of WAW Airport Accommodation Options:

Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) offers a range of accommodation options to suit various traveler needs. These options include sleep pods/capsule hotels, free designated rest areas, free non-designated hidden spots, transit hotels, in-airport hotels, and nearby hotels with free shuttle services.

Whether you’re looking for a quick nap during a layover or a comfortable overnight stay, WAW provides several convenient solutions.

Accommodation OptionAvailabilitySleep Facility
GoSleep PodsTerminal A, near Gate 2N/3NYes
Free Designated Rest AreasNot availableNo
Free Non-Designated/Unequipped SpotsHidden spots identified throughout terminalsNo
Transit HotelsNot availableNo
In-Airport HotelsCourtyard by Marriott Warsaw Airport, Renaissance Warsaw Airport HotelYes
Nearby Hotels with Free ShuttleHampton by Hilton Warsaw Airport, Airport Hotel Okecie, Air Hotel, Hotel Witkowski, Golden Tulip Warsaw AirportYes

Key Points:

  • GoSleep Pods: Ideal for short naps and located conveniently within the airport.
  • Nearby Hotels with Free Shuttle: Offer more space and amenities, suitable for longer stays or travelers needing more comfort.
  • Hidden Spots: For those looking for a free place to rest, though not equipped with facilities.

These options cater to different preferences and needs, ensuring that every traveler can find suitable accommodation during their time at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

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