Zurich Airport Sleep Pods Guide

We were among the first online publications to report that Zurich Airport had installed sleep pods or developed sleep capsules similar in use with sleeping pods but are more spacious and with more amenities.

By optimizing the limited airport space, similar to other compact airport sleep technologies, this Zurich Airport sleep space offers affordability that surpasses traditional hotel accommodations, with prices under $100. As of January 2024, the site advertises rates ranging from $74 to $78 per bed per night.

The Capsule Hotel at Zurich Airport, inaugurated in February 2022, boasts the largest deployment of airport sleep technology on a large scale, featuring a reported 144 beds. No other airport we have written about here at Airport ZZZ has this much number of sleeping beds located right within the airport terminals.

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Can you sleep at Zurich Airport?

Zurich Airport terminals offer numerous armrest-free chairs, particularly in the airside area. Additionally, within Transit Area D, there is a dedicated rest zone available for a fee. For CHF 25, you can enjoy 3-hour access to 12 reclining chairs and cozy wool blankets, conveniently located near the Transit Hotel.

If you want a more comfortable paid option, you can also opt for the capsule hotel within the airport.

Does Zurich Airport have sleeping pods?

In early 2022, as the COVID-19 Pandemic was winding down, the Lucerne-based unveiled Europe’s largest capsule hotel at Zurich Airport. This remarkable establishment boasts 144 sleeping pods, offering unparalleled comfort and convenience for travelers.

The hotel operator specializes in capsule hotels and the Alpine Garden operating the sleeping capsules in Zurich is its third capsule hotel.

Capsule Hotel Amenities:

Below are the amenities found on its website;

  • Privacy on small enclosed space
  • Lockable and secure
  • Swiss quality mattress 90cm x 210cm
  • Powerful ventilation with automated air exchange
  • Dimmable light, mirror and storage area
  • Developed and produced in Switzerland
  • Lower Capsule: Comfortable access at ground level
  • Upper Capsule: Access via ladder to upper level
  • Gender-specific accommodations with two bedrooms reserved exclusively for women and additional capsules that are accessible and one specifically wheelchair-accessible.
  • Segregated washrooms for men and women, each with individual shower stalls.
  • Spa and relaxation amenities, including a spa with hot pots and a coffee lounge for guests to unwind.
  • Co-working area, bar & snack counter, and a shop featuring unique Swiss products from small regional producers.
  • Cultural and ecological emphasis, with the capsule hotel’s design focusing on reducing the ecological footprint by 80% compared to traditional hotels. The interior decor includes images by nature photographer Fabio Zingg, bringing Switzerland’s Alpine flair to the hotel.
  • 24/7 staff availability to ensure guests have everything they need for a restful stay.
  • Educational and experiential offerings like daily story times with product samples for guests to try.

Location of Zurich Airport Sleep Pods:

The pods are conveniently situated in Check-in 1, just under five-minute walk from the train station. They are located in the landside public area, and are available for day use (8:00AM – 7:00PM) as well as overnight stays.

From Google Maps estimates, its only 220 meters to get from Alpine Garden Capsule Hotel to Zurich Airport and takes only 3 minuites to walk.

Map of Zurich Airport and Capsule Hotel Locations

Below is an image of Gosleep pods;

Image of Gosleep Pods
Image of Gosleep Pods

Notice how they have a reclining chair/bed which can be transformed into a bed. They also have a privacy curtain, reading light, and power outlet.

Check out the image of the sleep capsule below with a gentleman comfortably working on his computer and sitting on a comfy bed;

Image of Swiss Capsule Sleep Pods
Image of Swiss Capsule Sleep Pods

Image credit: Swiss Capsule website

Unlike the Gosleep pods, the Swiss Capsules are not designed to appear as cocoons. They are rectangular-shaped mini-cabins similar to Minute Suites in Atlanta with the additional advantage of enough space to store your luggage as you sleep.

Does Zurich Airport have sleep pods?

Yes, Zurich Airport has sleep pods and they installed them earlier this year in February 2022. According to a press release from Feb 2022, the so-called Capsule hotel formally opened its doors to the public on February 12, 2022, and is operated by a new hotel called Alpine Garden. This was welcomed news to many travelers who were looking for a place to sleep at the airport.

How many sleep pods at Zurich Airport?

Swiss firm capsule hotel has opened Europe’s largest capsule hotel with 144 sleeping pods at Zurich Airport, according to a press release. The interior design was entrusted to Swiss nature photographer Fabio Zingg. In addition to the capsules, the hotel also offers co-working spaces and a small wellness area.

Snapshot of a press release announcing the introduction of sleep pods at Zurich Airport
Snapshot of a press release announcing the introduction of sleep pods at Zurich Airport

The Zurich Airport hotel sleep pods which are direct across from Check-in 1, have 144 sleeping pods in an area that spans approximately 1,100 square meters. This beats the size of pods at Schipol, Heathrow, or in any other European City.

Capsule Hotel Zurich in Switzerland

Nestled in Kloten, 4 miles away from Zurich Exhibition Hall, Capsule Hotel – Alpine Garden Zurich Airport offers rooms with air-conditioning and a bar. This property provides guests with numerous services and amenities, such as a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage space, free WiFi access throughout the hotel, and a snack bar.

From Booking.com’s website, it appears that the Capsule Hotel lists Upper level and lower levels of their bunked beds. The lower-level beds are more expensive going for over $100 while upper-level beds cost around $90.

Snapshot from Booking.com showing cost of Zurich Airport sleep capsules
Snapshot from Booking.com showing cost of Zurich Airport sleep capsules

Swiss Capsule – lower level

Image of Swiss Capsule Lower level
Image of Swiss Capsule Lower level
  • Capsule lower level
  • Ventilation
  • Side access
  • Mirror
  • Mood lighting
  • Power plug
  • USB-C
  • Lockable
  • Comfortable single bed with bedding
  • Towel

Swiss Capsule Upper-level Amenities:

Image of Swiss Capsule Upper level
Image of Swiss Capsule Upper level
  • Capsule upper level
  • Ventilation
  • Side access
  • Mirror
  • Mood lighting
  • Power plug
  • USB-C
  • Lockable
  • Comfortable single bed with bedding
  • Towel

Check out this detailed FAQ page on Swiss Capsule’s website;

You can book Swiss Capsule’s room on their website here;

You’ll be taken through a registration page shown in the screenshot below;

Snapshot showing how to book Zurich Airport sleep capsule hotel rooms/pods/capsules
Snapshot showing how to book Zurich Airport sleep capsule hotel rooms/pods/capsules. Image credit: Capsule Hotel

Overview of Sleep at Zurich Airport:

The general consensus on sleeping at Zurich Airport, derived from passenger feedback and reviews, presents a somewhat mixed but generally positive picture, especially for those who come prepared with personal comfort items like pillows and blankets.

Travelers praise the presence of quiet, comfortable zones, particularly beyond the security checkpoint, and value the convenience of amenities such as potable tap water and charging stations.

The airport tends to quieten down after 11:00PM, and there are benches that provide opportunities to stretch out. The primary grievances include the chilly temperatures and harsh lighting—issues readily resolved with an extra layer of clothing and an eye mask. Nevertheless, sporadic noise from cleaning activities or background sounds is a persistent annoyance.

Despite these slight discomforts, the prevailing view is that, with some forethought and selecting the appropriate location, Zurich Airport can offer a fairly pleasant overnight experience. This underscores the significance of adaptability and self-reliance in enhancing the airport sleeping experience.

If you’re interested in exploring the growing trend of compact sleeping accommodations, the airport houses a capsule hotel and a transit hotel. Additionally, several nearby hotels provide complimentary shuttle services.

Review of Zurich Airport Stay/Sleep Overnight:

Overall, Zurich Airport is considered a decent option for overnight stays, with several areas offering comfortable and quiet environments for sleeping. The availability of amenities like drinkable water and charging ports adds to the convenience. However, potential sleep disturbances due to light, noise, and the early closure of facilities are points to consider. Preparing with appropriate sleep aids and arriving early to secure a good spot are advisable strategies based on the reviews.

Below are some pros and cons;


  • Space and Comfort: Many reviewers appreciated the availability of space and comfortable areas to sleep overnight, including cushioned benches and areas where they could lay down without being disturbed. Specific areas like gate 52 near the Wi-Fi activation kiosk and Terminal B were highlighted for their comfortable sleeping arrangements.
  • Amenities: Availability of drinkable water from the taps, power outlets for charging devices, and dimmed lights during certain hours were frequently mentioned advantages.
  • Availability of Comfortable Seating: Certain areas in the airport, like Terminal B and the Center Bar near E Gates, offer chairs without armrests or even couches, providing a relatively comfortable place to rest compared to typical airport seating.
  • Quiet Zones: During less busy times, especially late at night, parts of the airport can be quite peaceful, offering a good environment for sleep. Some secluded spots and quieter terminals like Terminal D can provide a more restful experience.
  • Clean Facilities: Zurich Airport is generally well-maintained, with clean bathrooms and well-kept public areas, which is a significant comfort factor for overnight stays.
  • Security: The presence of security personnel throughout the airport can make travelers feel safer when sleeping in public areas.
  • Amenities: Availability of free Wi-Fi for limited periods, vending machines, and power outlets in several areas helps meet the basic needs of travelers staying overnight.


  • Noise and Light: Some reviews cited issues with noise from floor sweepers, music, and announcements, which could disrupt sleep. Light levels were also a concern for some, suggesting the need for eye masks to block out light for better sleep quality.
  • Limited Food and Beverage Options: Several reviewers mentioned the early closure of food outlets and vending machines as a downside, highlighting a lack of access to meals and drinks during the night.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Activities: The presence of cleaning staff and machines during the night was mentioned as a disturbance, although not extensively problematic.
  • Cold Temperature: Like many airports, Zurich can be chilly at night, necessitating warm clothing or a blanket for comfort.
  • Hard to Find Privacy: While there are quieter spots, finding a private place to sleep without disturbances can be challenging, especially during busier times.

Special Considerations:

  • Early Closures: It was noted that the airport and certain lounges close relatively early, requiring passengers to find alternative sleeping spots or pay for accommodations like the Transit Hotel, which might not always be available or budget-friendly.
  • Preparation: Reviews suggested that bringing items like a sleeping bag, inflatable pillow, or down blanket could enhance comfort during the overnight stay. Additionally, wearing an eye mask and earplugs was recommended to mitigate light and noise disturbances.

Best Places to Sleep in Zurich Airport – Viable Alternative to Sleep Pods:

Here are specific locations within Zurich Airport where flyers reported having a good sleep experience, along with their respective descriptions:

Internet Area in Terminal A:

This area is preferred due to its amenities such as power outlets, proximity to clean bathrooms, and a couple of vending machines. It is generally populated by other travelers, which can offer a sense of security and community. However, the area is brightly lit and can be noisy due to night-time cleaning, so travelers recommend bringing a sleep mask and earplugs.

Gates with Armless Chairs in Terminal B:

Various gates in Terminal B have chairs without armrests that are suitable for lying down. This area was especially quiet during the COVID-19 lockdown, providing a sense of solitude and plenty of space. It’s ideal when the terminal is less crowded, though amenities like food outlets may be closed.

Secluded Areas near Gates in Terminal D:

Some travelers found quiet corners or less trafficked areas near the gates in Terminal D. These spots are quieter and darker at night, making them suitable for a more uninterrupted sleep. However, the constant lighting still necessitates an eyemask.

Center Bar Area near E Gates:

This location is noted for its long flat couches in enclosed booths, which are perfect for sleeping once the bar closes. It tends to be quieter, with cleaning staff passing through only after the bar closes and before it reopens in the morning.

Benches by the Duty-Free Area in Terminal B:

This area has benches that are darker and quieter, making it suitable for sleep. Travelers recommend this spot for its relative tranquility compared to other areas of the airport.

Starbucks near Gate 52 in Terminal E:

This spot has leather padded cushions on benches and is particularly comfortable. It is accessible for sleeping until Starbucks reopens in the morning. It’s also close to amenities like washrooms and vending machines.

Bonus Paid Location: Transit Hotel in Terminal D:

This hotel offers private, comfortable rooms within the airport, making it a convenient option for those willing to spend more for comfort. It’s particularly useful for travelers who arrive late or have early morning flights and prefer not to worry about securing a sleeping spot in public areas. I have shared more details on Transit Hotel below.

Hotels at/Near Zurich Airport as Sleep Pod Alternatives:

Transit Hotel

For those seeking a cozy alternative to capsule hotels and complimentary sleep solutions, consider the Transit Hotel situated in the transit area of Gate D, 1st Floor (non-Schengen zone) at Zurich Airport.

This hotel provides the comfort of private rooms complete with beds, television, and a sink, alongside a tranquil rest and relaxation area featuring 12 bed-style seats nestled within private cubicles, with blankets for added warmth. Included in your stay are shower facilities, complete with bath towels, toiletries, and hair dryers for a refreshing experience.

Pricing for Private Rooms (Daytime Rates):

  • Single Occupancy: CHF 49 for 3 hours, CHF 59 for 6 hours, CHF 79 for stays exceeding 6 hours.
  • Double Occupancy: CHF 65 for 3 hours, CHF 79 for 6 hours, CHF 99 for stays exceeding 6 hours. Options for triple rooms and overnight accommodations are also available.

Rest & Relaxation Area Rates:

  • CHF 25 for 3 hours, CHF 30 for 6 hours, CHF 35 for durations beyond 6 hours.

Please note, access to the Transit Hotel from the Schengen area is restricted between 11:00 PM and 5:30 AM. To book your stay and for further inquiries, reach out via email at transithotel@zurich-airport.com

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Hyatt Place Zurich Airport The Circle

The Hyatt Place Zurich Airport The Circle is an iconic choice for travelers seeking both comfort and proximity to Zurich Airport, situated a mere 0.9 miles away.

It is especially appealing for its modern amenities and direct access, ideal for a short-stay. Guests commend its convenient location and sophisticated environment, making it a preferred stop for business executives and families alike. Its restaurant offers a diverse menu, catering to various palates, ensuring a memorable dining experience during your stay.

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Hotel Allegra Lodge

Located 1.8 miles from Zurich Airport, Hotel Allegra Lodge is a hidden gem offering a rare blend of home-like comfort and exceptional service. With its cozy beds, clean rooms, and a breakfast that receives high praise for its variety and quality, this hotel ensures a delightful stay. Its vicinity to supermarkets and restaurants adds an extra layer of convenience for guests, making it an excellent choice for those in transit or exploring Zurich.

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Hilton Zurich Airport

The Hilton Zurich Airport, located 1.9 miles from the airport, is distinguished by its exceptional service, nicely appointed rooms, free shuttle, great parking, and strategic location, perfect for business travelers and leisure guests alike. The hotel boasts great parking facilities and a friendly, informative staff, making it a standout option for anyone looking for a hassle-free stay close to Zurich Airport.

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Hotel Welcome Inn

A mere 1.6 miles from Zurich Airport, the Hotel Welcome Inn is celebrated for its helpful staff and strategic location. It was among the top-rated hotels in 2023 – had a 2023 Recommended Stay on Tripadvisor and 4.5/5 rating. It provides a welcoming, convenient base for travelers, underlined by its commitment to comfort and guest satisfaction. The hotel’s proximity to the airport makes it a favored choice for those seeking ease of movement during their travels.

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Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport

The Radisson Blu Hotel, located at Zurich Airport, offers unrivaled convenience and comfort for travelers. It is connected to airport terminal via a walkway making it the closest hotel and optimal choice for anyone prioritizing immediate access to the airport. Guests laud its comfortable accommodations and the high level of service, recommending it as the ultimate stay for a hassle-free travel experience.

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Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle

Boasting luxurious amenities and situated just 1.0 mile from Zurich Airport, the Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle offers an experience of opulence. From quality linen to Nespresso machines in the rooms, this hotel goes above and beyond to ensure guests’ comfort. Its lounge area serves as a tranquil retreat, emphasizing the hotel’s commitment to providing a lavish stay.

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Holiday Inn Express Zürich Airport

The Holiday Inn Express Zürich Airport, located 0.9 miles from the airport and offering a complimentary shuttle, stands out for its excellent service and front desk staff, particularly noted for their helpfulness. This hotel balances convenience with comfort, providing an exceptional stay for travelers seeking proximity to Zurich Airport.

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Dorint Airport Hotel Zurich

The Dorint Airport Hotel Zurich, placed 1.6 miles from the airport, is a perfect example of location meeting quality. With quiet, clean, and spacious rooms, it promises a restful stay complimented by a generous breakfast. The professional and service-oriented staff enhances the overall experience, making it a top pick for proximity and comfort.

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Hotel Sternen Oerlikon

Hotel Sternen Oerlikon, 3.6 miles from Zurich Airport, offers a unique blend of traditional cooking and old-style service. Not just for guests, its restaurant welcomes outsiders to enjoy its house specialty, mussels, ensuring a memorable dining experience. This hotel is appreciated for its exceptional hospitality and culinary delights.

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Movenpick Hotel Zurich-Airport

Situated 1.6 miles from Zurich Airport, Movenpick Hotel Zurich-Airport is known for its accessibility and close proximity to public transport. The hotel excels in providing a straightforward and pleasant end-of-stay travel, with a tram station just a few minutes’ walk away, emphasizing convenience and ease for its guests.

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Holiday Inn Zürich – Messe

The Holiday Inn Zürich – Messe, located 3.4 miles from the airport, is perfectly positioned for business travelers. Its proximity to the airport and the exhibition center makes it an ideal choice for guests attending events or meetings in Zurich. The hotel’s commitment to quality and comfort ensures a satisfactory stay for all.

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Acasa Suites

Acasa Suites offers a boutique hotel experience 3.2 miles from Zurich Airport. Its cozy, welcoming atmosphere, paired with a location convenient for both the airport and the train station, makes it a sought-after choice for travelers in search of a blend of comfort and accessibility.

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Zurich Airport Sleep Score: 89.5/100

Sleep Accommodations (34.5/37.5 Points)

  • Innovative Sleep Technology (Pods/Suites): 8/8: Zurich Airport has installed 144 capsule hotel units available for day use or overnight sleep. These pods are similar in design to those of Narita Airport but not as compact.
  • In-Airport Hotel: 7/7: Transit Hotel is located in the transit area at Gate G and both Alpine Garden Capsule Hotel, and Radisson Blu Hotel Zurich Airport are connected to the airport terminals. You won’t need a shuttle to get to them.
  • Hotels with Free Shuttle Service: 5/5: Nearby hotels provide free shuttle services, underlining Zurich Airport’s commitment to facilitating smooth transitions for travelers.
  • Designated Rest Zones: 3/5: Zurich Airport has designated rest zones, ensuring spaces for quiet and comfortable rest away from the terminal hustle. 2 points deducted as the designated rest area with 12 reclining chairs is paid at atbout CHF 25 for 3-hour access near Tranist Hotel
  • At Least One Identified Sleeping Spot in Each Terminal: 5/5: The inclusion of at least one identified sleeping spot in each terminal signifies Zurich Airport’s effort to cater to travelers’ rest needs throughout its facilities. 1
  • Ease of Access to Free Sleeping Spots: 4/5: The availability and easy access to free sleeping spots within the airport highlight its commitment to inclusive rest options for travelers. Only a few reviews mentioned to having moved around for some period before finding a spot.
  • Access to Day-rooms in Airport Hotels or by Nearby Hotels: 2.5/2.5: The presence of day-rooms in airport hotels or nearby enhances flexibility for travelers seeking short-term rest.

Seating and Space Availability (10/10 Points)

  • Armrest-Free Chairs: 5/5: The airport provides armrest-free chairs, accommodating comfortable rest for passengers.
  • Availability of Seating Spaces: 5/5: Ample and diverse seating options prevent overcrowding and contribute greatly to passenger comfort.

Ambient Environment for Sleep (15/20 Points)

  • Lighting: 6/8: Airport’s Terminals such as Terminal E dims lights and dark sleeping areas denote a well-though-out lighting strategy supporting restful sleep. However, a few reviews indicate that some areas in Terminal A/1 and 2/B do not dim the lights.
  • Sound Level at Night: 4/7: Efforts to minimize noise pollution through measures like limiting announcements during rest hours are commendable. At least 3 reviews reviewed mention of some loud blasting music in the middle of the night. Woke one flier up in Terminal B.
  • Overnight Temperatures: 5/5: Keeping a comfortable temperature overnight signifies the airport’s dedication to ensuring a conducive resting environment. Only one 2013 review mentioned of cold but most reviews talk of controlled temperatures that makes it warm and comfortable. Still recommend having backup sweater though.

Operating Hours and Accessibility (10/10 Points)

  • 24/7 Operation: 5/5: Operating round the clock offers flexibility and accessibility to passengers for overnight stays.
  • Ease of Overnight Stay: 5/5: Welcoming overnight guests with open policies underscores the airport’s commitment to accommodating travelers during lengthy layovers or delays.

Amenities (20/22.5 Points)

  • Cleanliness: 3/3: High hygiene standards across rest areas showcase Zurich Airport’s dedication to passengers’ comfort and health.
  • Security: 3/3: Providing secure storage options ensures travelers’ peace of mind while resting.
  • Wi-Fi and Charging Stations: 3/3: Comprehensive Wi-Fi and ample charging stations address the digital needs of modern travelers.
  • Food and Beverage: 1.5/3: The availability of food services around the clock caters to travelers during overnight stays. Lost a point for food outlets closing early, food prices being high, and limited food options past security.
  • Shower Amenities: 2/3: No free public shower facilites at this airport. Accessible shower facilities at pay-per-use facilities charge rates starting at CHF 20 and includes a towel and bodycare products. Renting a dayroom at Transit Hotel seems to be the go-to shower solution but there is also a shower facilities in the landside at a Service Center – a multi-storey car park 2, level 1 that also charges CHF 20. Primeclass Lounge near Gate E52 also offers showers but access is 42 Pounds.
  • Pay-Per-Use Lounge: 2.5/2.5: Primeclass charges CHF 42 while Aspire and Marhaba lounges charge CHF 35 per person.
  • Luggage Storage Facilities: 2.5/2.5: Secure luggage storage services offered -Service Center in car park 2 (level 1)
  • Access to Smoking Areas: 2.5/2.5: Well-ventilated, designated smoking areas cater to smokers while considering the comfort of all travelers. Has several smoking lounges; near Gate A50, near GateB35, in Transit Hotel. Here is the smoking map.

Total ZZZ Score: 89.5/100

Closing Remark:

Zurich Airport’s impressive overall sleep score of 89.5/100 reflects its comprehensive commitment to providing a comfortable, secure, and accessible environment for travelers needing rest during their journeys. This score places Zurich Airport among the top airports worldwide in terms of sleep accommodations, showcasing its dedication to meeting the needs of various travelers, from those seeking innovative sleep technology to those needing basic amenities for a comfortable stay.

The high marks in sleep accommodations highlight Zurich Airport’s forward-thinking approach, offering 144 capsule hotel units, in-airport hotels accessible without shuttle service, and nearby hotels with shuttle services. However, the deduction in points for the designated rest zones indicates an area for improvement, specifically in making these zones more accessible and possibly free to enhance the overall traveler experience.

Seating and space availability scored perfectly, indicating that travelers have ample options for finding a comfortable spot to rest, with the presence of armrest-free chairs being a particularly appreciated feature. The ambient environment scores, while commendable, suggest room for enhancement in lighting and noise control in specific terminals, which could further improve the resting conditions for travelers.

Operating hours and accessibility also scored perfectly, underscoring Zurich Airport’s 24/7 operational model and its welcoming attitude towards overnight guests. This aspect is crucial for travelers with lengthy layovers or unexpected delays, providing them peace of mind that they have a place to rest at any hour.

The amenities score, near perfect, demonstrates Zurich Airport’s comprehensive range of services, from cleanliness and security to Wi-Fi and charging stations. The slightly lower score in food and beverage and shower amenities points to areas where the airport could potentially enhance its offerings, such as extending food service hours, reducing prices, or providing more accessible shower facilities to accommodate the needs of all travelers.

In conclusion, Zurich Airport’s high ZZZ Sleep Score underscores its status as a leader in offering sleep accommodations at the airport. The detailed analysis suggests that while the airport excels in many areas, there are opportunities for further enhancements, especially in making rest zones more accessible and improving the ambient environment in specific terminals. Addressing these areas could propel Zurich Airport to even higher levels of traveler satisfaction, reinforcing its position as a top choice for those seeking rest and relaxation during their travels.


Are sleep capsules same as sleep pods?

Yes, sleep capsules is just a different name given to sleep pods designed by Swiss Capsule and sleep pods as a name was originally used to refer to earlier models of Gosleep and RestWorks sleeping pods. They mean the same thing, though varying in their make and design.

Where can I sleep at Zurich Airport?

For those of you with airline lounge access, there are a few lounges at Zurich Airport that would be ideal for a quick nap. The Swiss International Air Lines First and Business Class Lounge as well as the Lufthansa Senator and First Class Lounge both have shower facilities which you could use to freshen up after your rest. Lounges are great if you have the proper access, but they’re not ideal for everyone. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, there is now a capsule hotel at Zurich Airport.

What are some Zurich airport lounges;

  • Aspire Lounge (Non-Schengen)Location: Terminal E, Airside, Non-Schengen Area, 3rd Floor, near Gate E45
  • Aspire Lounge (Schengen)Location: Airside, Schengen Area, 3rd Floor.
  • Dnata Skyview LoungeLocation: Airside, Airside Center, 3rd Floor.
  • Primeclass LoungeLocation: Airside, Non-Schengen Area, 3rd Floor, near Gate E52.
  • Swiss Lounge DLocation: Airside, Non-Schengen Area, Transit Area D.

You can check Zurich pod’s prices today on Tripadvisor here.

How much does a capsule hotel cost?

As per their booking website info in October 2022, the cost of a lower-level capsule is 63.70 CHF per night and the cost of an upper-level sleep pod is 70.90 CHF per night. In USD, this translates to $69 and $77 per night respectively.

What are the hours of Zurich Capsule Hotel?

The capsule hotel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I get to Zurich Capsule Hotel?

The capsule hotel is located at Kloten, 4 miles away from Zurich Exhibition Hall. You can take the S-Bahn train from Zurich city center to Zurich Airport. The journey takes around 10 minutes and trains depart every 15 minutes.

What are the check-in and check-out times at Zurich Capsule Hotel?

Check-in at the capsule hotel is from 2:00 PM onwards and check-out is until 10.30 am the next day.

Is breakfast included in the price of Zurich Capsule Hotel?

No, breakfast is not included in the price but there are vending machines available at the capsule hotel that sell snacks and drinks. There’s also a 24-hour airport restaurant located nearby.

Can I cancel my booking at Zurich Capsule Hotel?

Yes, you can cancel your booking but please note that cancellations made within 24 hours of the check-in date will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Is there Wi-Fi at Zurich Capsule Hotel?

Yes, there is free Wi-Fi available at the capsule hotel.

What are the other amenities at Zurich Capsule Hotel?

Other amenities available at Zurich Capsule Hotel include:

– Showers

– Lockers

– Towels

– Earplugs

– Eye mask

– Toothbrush & toothpaste

– razor

– Shaving cream

– Deodorant

– Hairdryer

– Laptop table

– Power outlet

– Reading light

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.