Guide to Vienna Airport Sleeping Pods by ZZZleepandGo

Vienna Airport now features 16 sleeping pods as part of its proactive strategy to accommodate increasing international passenger traffic and this should put your mind at ease if you are wondering about sleep options in this airport.

This Vienna Airport Sleeping Pods Guide covers everything you need to know about ZZZleepandGo pods, including their location, pricing, reviews, tips, and booking process. Additionally, I’ve outlined several free alternatives for sleep in the next section, along with a summarized review of sleeping conditions at the airport. Lastly, I’ve included recommendations for nearby hotels to consider.

Vienna Airport Sleeping Pods: ZZZleepandGo

There are 16 soundproof sleeping pods available in Vienna Airport, each outfitted with a comfortable bed, a screen displaying flight statuses, and electrical outlets for charging devices.

In 2022, Vienna Airport Authority granted ZZZleepandGo, an Italian firm specializing in smart lounge operations, a concession to install sleep pods within its terminals.

These were strategically placed on the second floor of Terminal 3’s Airside area. ZZZleepandGo has a track record of establishing similar facilities, having installed sleep pods in five Italian airports, including Bergamo, Malpensa, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Torino and Venezia.

The capsule pods at Vienna Airport are similar in design to NapCabs sleep pods offered in German Airports such as Munich and Frankfurt with rectangular mini-suites equipped with a narrow bed. They have also been customized to provide good sleep experience with soundproofing.

Check out more airports with capsule pods here such as First Cabin Capsule Hotel in Kansai Airport and in Haneda Airport.

Below are some picture os the sleep pods:

ZZZleepandGo Amenities:

Below is a list of amenities you can find at this Wuen Airport ZZZleepandGo Pods:

List of ZZZleepandGo Amenities at VIECustomer Feedback on the Amenities
BeddingBasic Bedding: The pods typically include a bed with a basic mattress. However, many reviewers noted that the bedding is minimal, often just a thin, hygienic paper-like cover, and lacks additional comforts like pillows or proper blankets.
Digital Touchscreen ControlDigital Touchscreen: Each pod is supposed to be equipped with a touchscreen that controls various functions such as lighting, blinds, and sometimes even an alarm. However, many users reported that these screens are often malfunctioning or unresponsive.
Enclosed Private SpacePrivacy and Security: The pods offer a private, enclosed space with locking doors, which is an appreciated feature for those seeking privacy and security within the busy airport environment.
Room Ventilation with ACVentilation: There is some form of ventilation system in each pod, but numerous complaints highlight that it is inadequate, leading to stuffy and overly warm conditions inside the pods.
Soundproof Sleep PodsNoise Control: Although not effectively soundproofed, the intent is for the pods to offer a quieter environment compared to the open airport. The effectiveness of noise reduction varies widely in user reviews with majority recmmending that future users of these pods carry essential airport sleep items.
Charging Ports with Standard outlets as well as USB PortConnectivity: Fliers appreciated the electrical outlets and USB ports for charging devices
Digital Check-in: The pods are accessed via a digital check-in process. Upon booking, guests are supposed to receive a code and cabin number via email or message. They then use this information on a touchscreen outside the pod to gain entry.Customers found 4 key issues with the digital check-in process explained in the reviews below.


Below is an image showing the location of ZZZleepandGo pods in Terminal 3, Upper Level(second floor);

image showing location of ZZZleepandgo sleep pods in vienna airport

Review of ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods in Vienna Airport:


Based on various reviews we reviewed, travelers have had mixed experiences with ZZZleepandGo Sleep pods at Vienna Airport.

Here are some aspects that fliers liked:

  1. Location Convenience: Many reviewers appreciated the proximity of the pods to security checkpoints and terminals, making them ideal for passengers with early flights or long layovers who prefer not to leave the airport.
  2. Privacy and Security: Despite some negative feedback on other aspects, a few users liked the concept of having a private, secure space to rest, away from the general airport hustle.
  3. Ease of Access: Some travelers were satisfied with the check-in process which is managed digitally, reducing the need for physical interaction and making it theoretically quicker and smoother, although this point also saw a significant number of criticisms.
  4. Nice Gestures: A few users mentioned that the pods were equipped with basic necessities and appreciated the inclusion of a candy as a small welcoming gesture, even though some expected amenities like earplugs and sleeping masks were missing.
  5. Safe Storage of Belongings: The ability to lock up personal belongings securely while resting or stepping out briefly is another aspect that was highlighted. In the context of an airport, where security is a concern, having a locked, private space provides peace of mind.
  6. Niche Appeal: Some users who had positive experiences noted that they had set their expectations accordingly. They recognized the pods as a basic option for rest rather than a luxurious accommodation. This aligns with the needs of certain travelers who might prioritize location and privacy over comfort and amenities.
  7. Avoiding the Need for Hotel Transfers: For those with shorter layovers or who are wary of the hassle involved in transferring to a hotel outside the airport, the sleep pods offer a straightforward alternative. This can save time and reduce the stress associated with additional transportation.
  8. Self-Service Convenience: The digital check-in process, despite its flaws, appeals to tech-savvy travelers who prefer a quick, minimal-contact entry and exit. When functioning correctly, this system allows guests to manage their stay without the need to interact with staff, which is a plus during unsociable hours.
Direct Quotes from Positive Customer Reviews:
  1. Convenience of Location: “The only good thing about these pods is the location, right next to security check and ideal if you have an early flight.”
  2. Privacy: “It was absolutely lovely to know that my belongings were safely locked up if I wanted to run to the bathroom or to grab some water. No hauling everything around with me! Yay!”
  3. Security: “And it was absolutely lovely to know that my belongings were safely locked up if I wanted to run to the bathroom or to grab some water. No hauling everything around with me! Yay!”
  4. Simplicity and Efficiency: “For what I paid and what I expected, this experience was outstanding. If you’ve ever had a sleeping car on an Eastern European train, you’ll be just fine in a Zzzleepandgo pod.”


Customers expressed several concerns and issues with the ZZZleepandGo Sleep pods at Vienna Airport, as highlighted in various reviews. Here’s a summary of the primary complaints:

  1. Malfunctioning Technology: Many travelers reported that the touchscreens used for check-in and control of pod functions such as lights and blinds often did not work. This led to difficulties in accessing the pods and utilizing the features intended to provide comfort.
  2. Poor Ventilation and Overheating: The pods frequently had inadequate ventilation, making them uncomfortably hot. Reviewers mentioned the lack of effective air conditioning or any form of air flow, which significantly detracted from the ability to rest comfortably.
  3. Noise Issues: Sound insulation appears to be minimal, as numerous users commented on being able to hear noises from the airport and adjacent pods clearly. This included the sounds of people talking, walking, and other disturbances that disrupted sleep.
  4. Uncomfortable Bedding: The beds were described as hard, with some only having a thin, hygienic paper-like covering rather than proper bedding. The lack of pillows and the small size of the beds were also noted as issues, particularly for taller individuals.
  5. Security Concerns: Some users reported security issues, including instances where others were able to access their pods mistakenly or without authorization. This raised concerns about the safety and privacy of the sleeping arrangements.
  6. Value for Money: Many reviewers felt that the pods were overpriced given the array of issues and the level of discomfort experienced. The service was frequently compared unfavorably to simply resting in airport seating areas or even the floor.
  7. Lack of Basic Amenities: Customers noted the lack of bathrooms and showers to be a significant drawback.
  8. Customer Service Issues: Responses to problems were often slow or unsatisfactory, and many users reported difficulties in obtaining refunds or meaningful assistance when issues arose.
  9. Problems with Digital Check-in Process: Many customers reported significant issues with the digital check-in process for the ZZZleepandGo Sleep pods at Vienna Airport. Here are the main problems highlighted in their feedback:
    • Receiving Access Codes: Some users mentioned difficulties in receiving the access codes needed to check into the pods. These codes are supposed to be sent via email or message, but delays or failures in delivery have left guests unable to access their pods.
    • Customer Service Issues: When encountering problems with the touchscreen or not receiving codes, travelers frequently needed to contact customer service for assistance. However, reaching customer support can be challenging, especially late at night or early in the morning. Some travelers had to make international calls, adding to the inconvenience.
    • Confusing Process: First-time users often found the check-in process confusing due to a lack of clear instructions or signs. This was compounded by the touchscreen issues, making it difficult for travelers to understand what steps they needed to take.
    • Touchscreen Malfunctions: A common complaint is that the touchscreens used for check-in often do not work properly. Travelers have reported screens being unresponsive, which prevents them from entering their access codes and gaining entry to their booked pods.
Direct Quotes from Negative Customer Reviews:
  1. Technological Issues: “The check-in screens straight up do not work and there is no attendant. No one answers the ’emergency’ contact number they provide.”
  2. Comfort Concerns: “The bed is small, I’m 1.65 and even then I can’t imagine a full adult taller than me fitting and being comfortable because I was barely fitting there.”
  3. Noise Issues: “The area of the pods isn’t controlled in any way so you get people walking by who haven’t booked trying doors to see if they are open and generally making noise.” Another customer noted “The roof is ‘open’ in that no noise insulation so you hear noise from all the way down the corridor.”
  4. Ventilation Problems: “Literal scam. They will take your money to reserve one of these pods but you will not be able to get into it. It was hot and stuffy and the ventilation broke in the middle of the night.”
  5. Uncomfortable Facilities: “The mattress is covered with one of those hygienic single use towels physios would put on their benches making you feel as if you were about to get a treatment. The mattress makes loud sounds when moving slightly, which you can hear to and from the other pods around you.”

These points suggest that while the concept of a private, secure pod near airport terminals is appealing, the execution at Vienna Airport has significant room for improvement to meet travelers’ expectations for comfort, reliability, and value.

It is important to note that while I have included a summary of positive reviews, majority of the reviews are negative with common complaints about malfunctioning technology, poor ventilation, discomfort, noise levels, and a check-in process that often does not work as intended. These factors significantly impacted the overall experience for many users.

Overall, while the facility provides a necessary respite for weary travelers, improvements in maintenance, customer service, and amenities could enhance the overall experience significantly.

ZZZleepandGo Prices in VIE:

The cost of booking ZZZleepandGO Sleep Pods in Vienna Airport is 71.50 Euros (or $76.51) per night if you book on its website and this is inclusive of 10% VAT (Mehrwertsteuer). The pods is designed to fit a single person but if you include 2 adults in your booking, you won’t be charged extra. They, however, recommend on its website that if you are more than 2 adults, you should consider booking more than one pod.

You can make a booking on its website here.

If you book with, the nightly rate is the same coming to $76 per night for a single pod equipped with a single bed and amenities above.

$76.51/night Price of ZZZleepandGO when using
Price of ZZZleepandGO when using

The day rate to use the ZZZleepandGo anytime between 9 AM to 5 PM is 9 Euros per hour although this figure seems to have not changed since its launch. It is possible that this price has gone up and will update the day-rate pricing once I get confirmation of price change.

Who are Suited to Use ZZZleepandGo?

The ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods at Vienna Airport, despite their limitations and varied reviews, are suitable for specific types of travelers under certain circumstances. Here are some groups who might find these pods beneficial:

  1. Solo Travelers: These pods are designed primarily for individual use, making them a convenient option for solo travelers who need a private and secure place to rest without the complexities of booking a hotel room.
  2. Business Travelers with Short Layovers: Business travelers who are in transit for a few hours and need a quick nap or a private space to refresh and recharge might find these pods suitable. The proximity to terminal gates is particularly advantageous for those with tight schedules.
  3. Tech-Savvy Travelers: For those who are comfortable with digital interactions and do not get easily frustrated by potential technical glitches, the self-service nature of the pod’s check-in and control systems can be appealing.
  4. Early Flight Passengers: Travelers with very early flights might appreciate the convenience of staying within the airport, reducing the stress of early morning travel and ensuring they are close to check-in and departure gates.
  5. Transit Passengers Avoiding Airport Exits: Those who prefer or need to stay airside due to visa restrictions or other reasons will find the sleep pods a practical choice. Staying within the airport eliminates the need to pass through customs and immigration for a hotel stay outside.
  6. Budget-Conscious Travelers: While not necessarily cheap, when compared to hotel costs, especially in cities like Vienna, these pods can offer a more budget-friendly option for those looking to save on accommodations without leaving the airport.
  7. Adventurous Travelers: Travelers who are less concerned about comfort and more interested in a unique accommodation experience might enjoy the novelty of staying in a sleep pod.

While the ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods may not provide the comfort and amenities of a traditional hotel, they do offer an alternative lodging option that caters to the needs of travelers who prioritize convenience, location, and privacy over luxury or traditional accommodation experiences.

Who Should Avoid ZZZleepandGo in Vienna Airport:

Certain travelers might find that the ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods at Vienna Airport do not meet their needs, and they should consider avoiding them based on specific factors and preferences:

  1. Taller or Larger Individuals: Due to the small size and limitations of the beds in the pods, taller or larger individuals might find them uncomfortable or too cramped for a good night’s rest.
  2. Those Seeking Quiet: Travelers who are light sleepers or particularly sensitive to noise may want to avoid the sleep pods. Despite being private, the pods are not soundproof, and noises from the airport and adjacent pods can be clearly heard, which could disrupt sleep.
  3. Value-Conscious Travelers: Given the cost associated with booking a pod, which some users have reported to be not in line with the quality or comfort provided, budget-conscious travelers or those who expect a high level of service and amenities for their money might be disappointed.
  4. Those Prone to Claustrophobia: The enclosed nature of the pods can be uncomfortable for individuals who feel claustrophobic in tight, confined spaces.
  5. Families Traveling with Children: The pods are designed for individual use and may not accommodate the needs of families, especially those with small children, who would require more space and flexibility.
  6. Tech-Dependent Travelers: Given the frequent technical issues reported with the digital check-in system and in-pod controls, travelers who prefer seamless, tech-dependent accommodations might find the sleep pods frustrating.
  7. Travelers with Specific Health Concerns: Those who have particular health needs, especially related to temperature and air quality, might find the pods unsuitable due to reported issues with ventilation and temperature control.

For these groups, considering other accommodations, such as airport lounges, nearby hotels, or even traditional airport seating areas might prove more satisfactory. It’s crucial for travelers to weigh these aspects according to their personal comfort preferences and practical needs.

Concluding thoughts on ZZZleepandGo at Vienna Wien Airport

The ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods at Vienna Airport offer a unique and potentially valuable service for travelers seeking rest between flights. Positioned conveniently within the airport premises, these pods are designed to provide privacy and security in a location accessible shortly after or before a flight. However, the actual user experience often falls short of expectations due to a range of operational challenges.

Key Issues Highlighted by Users:

  • Technological Failures: The most significant drawback is the frequent malfunction of the digital check-in systems and in-pod touchscreens, causing inconvenience and access issues.
  • Comfort and Environmental Concerns: The pods are reported to be uncomfortable, with inadequate bedding and poor ventilation, leading to overheated and stuffy conditions. Noise insulation is minimal, further affecting the quality of rest.
  • Customer Service and Security: Accessing customer support can be problematic, especially outside regular business hours. Security concerns have also been raised due to instances of unauthorized pod access.
  • Cost vs. Value: Many users feel that the cost of renting a pod is not justified given the quality of the service and amenities provided. The value proposition is weakened by the practical issues encountered during the stay.

Final Thoughts: While the concept of ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods addresses a clear need for transit accommodation solutions at airports, the execution at Vienna Airport requires significant improvement.

Prospective users should be prepared for potential challenges and weigh the convenience of location against the issues of comfort, reliability, and overall service quality. The current state of the service suggests a cautious approach, recommending that travelers consider other options or be well-prepared with backup plans if choosing to use these facilities.

Best Alternatives to Nap Pods for Sleep in Vienna Airport :

Fliers have found good sleep at several locations within the airport, and each spot has its own set of pros and cons:

Sleep at Designated Rest Areas:

Here’s a table summarizing the seating and relaxation options available at different terminals and gates within the airport:

TerminalLocationSeating Options
Terminal 1B GatesComfortable deck chairs
C and D GatesLong benches; Relaxation area at D Gates
Terminal 3F and G GatesComfortable couches; Relaxation Room at G Gates
This table provides a quick reference for travelers seeking places to rest or take a nap during their transit through the airport, highlighting specific areas equipped with comfortable seating options.

Terminal 3, Gates F:

Highly praised for its comfy couches and quiet environment. It has ample charging stations and is inside the security area, making it convenient for travelers with early flights. It’s also noted for being clean, having available power outlets, and vending machines

Area between Terminal 1 and 3:

Offers seats without armrests and sofa-like seating. The area is usually quiet enough that even the noise from a cleaning car is not too bothersome.

Concourse C, Gates C37-C41:

Known for having big comfy couches and good Wi-Fi, though it can get noisy due to security announcements and the open location. The couches are also located in front of large windows which can be a problem during sunrise in the summer.

Terminal 3 Gate F30 :

Recommended for its total silence and comfortable couches, making it an ideal spot for sleeping. This location is especially quiet with almost no announcements or distractions.

Terminal 3 Gates F32 and F33:

Feature big sofa-like seats and are quiet from midnight to 5 am, making them suitable for uninterrupted sleep. They are equipped with smoking booths and vending machines, adding to the convenience.

These locations are generally appreciated for their comfort, accessibility, and amenities, making them popular among overnight travelers looking for a good rest at the airport.

Reviews of Sleep in Vienna Airport:


Fliers appreciate several aspects of the Vienna International Airport, based on the reviews:

  1. Comfortable Sleeping Areas: Many travelers highlighted the availability of comfortable couches and benches, particularly in Terminal 3 and Gate F areas, which are conducive to sleeping overnight. The seats often do not have armrests, making it easier to lie down.
  2. Quiet Zones: Certain areas of the airport are appreciated for their quietness, making them ideal for resting or sleeping without disturbance from frequent announcements or heavy foot traffic.
  3. Cleanliness: The airport is generally noted for its cleanliness, which enhances the comfort of staying overnight or spending long layovers.
  4. Amenities: Availability of power outlets, free Wi-Fi, and vending machines are frequently mentioned conveniences that make the stay more comfortable for passengers.
  5. Friendly and Helpful Staff: The staff at the airport are often described as friendly and accommodating, helping to create a welcoming atmosphere for travelers.
  6. Good Facilities: Some reviews mention the availability of good facilities like supermarkets, clean toilets, and sufficient charging stations, which add to the convenience of the airport.
  7. Efficient Security: Passengers have noted efficient security processes that help in reducing stress and waiting times.

Overall, the combination of these features contributes to a positive experience for travelers, particularly those needing to stay at the airport for extended periods.


Fliers have expressed several concerns and dislikes about Vienna International Airport, based on their reviews:

  1. Noise Levels: Despite some quiet zones, noise is a recurring complaint. This includes frequent security announcements and the general hustle and bustle in certain areas, which can disrupt sleep or relaxation.
  2. Temperature Control: Some travelers have mentioned that it can be cold, especially at night. This has led to recommendations to bring blankets or warm clothing.
  3. Seating Discomfort: While some areas have comfortable seating, others have hard benches or chairs with armrests that make it difficult to lie down or sleep comfortably.
  4. Limited Food Options Late at Night: There are complaints about the lack of food options during late hours, which can be inconvenient for travelers with late arrivals or early departures.
  5. Overpriced Amenities: Some users find the food and other amenities overpriced, which is a common concern at many airports.
  6. Complex Navigation: The airport’s layout has been described as confusing by some, making it difficult to navigate between terminals or find specific gates, which can be stressful, especially for first-time visitors.
  7. Inadequate Seating in Some Areas: During peak times, there can be a shortage of seating, forcing some passengers to wait for their flights standing up or sitting on the floor.
  8. Limited Night-Time Services: Several reviews mentioned a lack of services available during the night, such as closed shops and limited staff availability, which reduces the convenience for those spending the night.
  9. Cleaning Disturbances: The cleaning crews, while maintaining cleanliness, can sometimes be disruptive to those trying to rest or sleep, especially with the noise from cleaning vehicles.

These points of dissatisfaction highlight areas where the airport could potentially improve to enhance the overall passenger experience.

Tips to Get Good Sleep in Vienna International Airport

To secure a good night’s sleep at Vienna International Airport, fliers have shared several practical tips based on their experiences:

  1. Choose the Right Location: Selecting a quieter part of the airport, such as Terminal 3 or specific gates known for comfortable seating and fewer disturbances (like Gate F areas), can significantly improve sleep quality. Look for couches without armrests for more comfortable lying down.
  2. Arrive Early: To claim a good sleeping spot, especially in popular areas, arriving early is recommended. This ensures you find a comfortable place before they are taken by other travelers.
  3. Bring Warm Clothes or a Blanket: The airport can get cold, particularly at night. Having a travel blanket or a warm sweater can make sleeping more comfortable.
  4. Use Earplugs and an Eye Mask: To block out ambient noise and light, which can be disruptive, packing earplugs and an eye mask is highly advisable.
  5. Secure Your Belongings: Keeping your luggage and personal items secure while you sleep is crucial. Consider using a luggage lock and keeping valuables in a secure place close to you.
  6. Plan Around Flight and Airport Schedules: Be aware of your flight times and the airport’s busier periods. If possible, avoid sleeping near major walkways or areas that might become busy during early morning hours.
  7. Utilize Amenities: Take advantage of amenities like power outlets for charging your devices, vending machines for snacks, and restrooms before settling down for the night.
  8. Stay Inside Security: If your ticket permits, staying inside the security zone can offer more and better sleeping spots and generally quieter areas compared to the landside parts of the airport.
  9. Use Furniture Creatively: If available, arrange chairs or sofas (if they do not have armrests) to create a more bed-like setup, enhancing comfort.

By following these tips, travelers can improve their chances of getting restful sleep even in the bustling environment of an international airport.

Is Vienna Airport Open 24 Hours?

Vienna International Airport operates 24/7, allowing passengers to stay inside the airport overnight regardless of their flight schedules. This continuous operation is especially beneficial for those with early morning flights or late arrivals, as it provides a safe and relatively comfortable environment for resting or sleeping. The availability of facilities and amenities might vary during the night, with some services being limited or closed, but the airport itself remains open.

Here’s a table summarizing the 24-hour food concessions available at the airport, both Landside and Airside:

Landside– Cafe + Co Bar vending machines (Office Park 3) <br> – McDonald’s / McCafe (Arrivals)
Airside– Cafe + Co Bar vending machines (three locations – at Gates C, F, and G)
This table helps to easily locate options for food and drinks at any hour, ensuring that passengers know where they can find refreshments whether they are arriving, departing, or transferring through the airport.

Other Sleep options in VIE: Hotels

NH Vienna Airport Conference Center: Inside the Airport

Situated just opposite the Arrivals Hall, NH Vienna Airport Conference Center offers a convenient 2-minute walk from the terminal. It boasts proximity to both Vienna Airport terminals and the Austrian Railways station. Guests can indulge in an extensive breakfast buffet with a wide array of options. While there’s no airport shuttle, day rooms are available from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Check Rates.

Moxy Vienna Airport: Nearby Hotel:

Within a six-minute walk from the terminal, Moxy Vienna Airport offers a trendy accommodation option. Guests enjoy a stylish stay with breakfast not included. However, wake-up calls are not available due to the absence of phones in the room. Although there’s no airport shuttle, the hotel offers modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Check Rates.

What to Expect Sleeping in Vienna Airport

Fliers at Vienna International Airport should prepare for a few common environmental factors that might affect their comfort:

  1. Noise: One of the most frequently mentioned issues is the noise level. This includes regular security announcements, the sounds of cleaning vehicles, and general passenger and staff activity. Noise can vary by location within the airport, with some areas quieter than others. Using earplugs can help mitigate this issue.
  2. Bright Lighting: Many areas within the airport are well-lit throughout the night, which can make it difficult to sleep. Areas in front of large windows also face issues with early morning sunlight, particularly in the summer. An eye mask is recommended to help block out unwanted light.
  3. Temperatures: The airport can be quite cold, especially during the night. Many reviewers have suggested that the air conditioning can make certain areas uncomfortably chilly. It’s advisable to bring a blanket, a warm sweater, or a travel blanket to stay comfortable.

Being prepared with these items and scouting out the right spot based on these environmental factors can significantly improve the comfort of any stay at the airport, particularly for those planning to sleep there.

Other Resources:

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