ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods Guide

This Guide on ZZZleepandGo Sleep Pods explores this Italian-based sleep pod designer and manufacturer, its innovation, history, expansion, key features, pricing, and current airport locations.

What is ZZZleepandGo?

ZZZleepandGo is a sleep pod technology company that launched in 2015 at Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport in Italy. Specializing in automated sleep pods, ZZZleepandGo offers a convenient and secure solution for travelers seeking rest in bustling transport hubs.

These soundproof pods are equipped with essential amenities and strategically located within airports. Since its inception, ZZZleepandGo has expanded to seven airports and established a separate brand, Ostelzzz, which focuses on providing low-cost, hostel-like accommodations.

History and Origin of ZZZleepandGo

Founders and Inception

Established in 2015, ZZZleepandGo started as a university student’s project and quickly evolved into a significant player in the hospitality industry.

ZZZleepandGo was founded by three young innovators from Varese, Italy: Alberto Porzio, Matteo Destantini, and Nicolas Montonati.

The idea for ZZZleepandGo was born out of a frustrating travel experience. During a trip to Berlin, Alberto and Matteo faced a significant flight delay, forcing them to spend the night in a crowded airport waiting room.

This uncomfortable experience sparked the idea to create a solution for travelers needing privacy and comfort during long waits.

Development and Early Prototypes

Driven by their personal experience, the founders conceptualized ZZZleepandGo. The initial idea materialized into a project aimed at providing travelers with private, comfortable spaces to rest in airports.

Within a few weeks, they developed the concept further, designing modular units equipped with essential amenities such as power sockets, internal tablets, and Wi-Fi connections. These 3-square-meter bedrooms offered total privacy, catering specifically to the needs of weary travelers.

In the summer following their Berlin trip, the team built their first homemade prototype. This prototype was showcased to potential investors and gained significant appreciation. The team received their first funding from Univa, which enabled them to enter the start-up incubator at Liuc.

Early Achievements and Expansion

The first batch of 12 units was quickly prepared for production. Despite bureaucratic challenges, the affordable pricing (maximum 8 Euros per hour) made the concept highly attractive. The founders aimed to install their first modular units at Malpensa Airport and other locations, with plans to launch during the Expo.

Key Milestones

  • September 2015: The first three fully automated sleep pods were installed at Orio al Serio International Airport in Bergamo, Italy.
  • 2017: The number of units increased to six, achieving a 100% night occupancy rate.
  • 2018: Introduction of OstelZZZ, a revolutionary hostel concept with over 100 sleeping pods in the city center of Milan.
  • April 2018: A strategic investor acquired a significant stake in ZZZleepandGo, facilitating the company’s expansion.
  • 2019: The company scaled up its operations significantly.
  • 2020: ZZZleepandGo planned to be operational in at least six countries, with activities in 25 international airports.

ZZZleepandGo’s sleep pods offer a fully automated, convenient, and innovative solution for travelers needing a private, comfortable resting space within busy airport environments.

Smart Sleeping Modules: Key Features

State-of-the-Art Technology:

The sleeping pods are equipped with advanced technology, including Foreign and Missed Object Detection (FMOD) sensors that identify any misplaced or foreign objects left inside the cabin in real-time. All devices within the pods are monitored remotely by responsive 24/7 customer service staff.

Automated Systems:

Check-in and check-out procedures are managed by a virtual reception system. This system registers and forwards customer identification and access control details to local authorities, ensuring compliance with GDPR laws.

High-Quality and Safe Materials:

The cabins are CE certified and built with high-quality materials, ensuring top-level fire regulation, eco-sustainability, and safety control. The cabins are compatible with industry-leading fire detection and reporting systems.

Quick Installation:

The pre-modelled pods can be installed in a few hours without disturbing airport operations. Each cabin occupies a 3m² area and is designed to be self-sufficient, allowing installations to be profitable even with a limited number of units.

Amenities to Expect at ZZZleepandGo Pods:

ZZZleepandGo’s pods offer a range of amenities to enhance the traveler experience:

  • Foldout Desk with USB Ports and Reading Light: Ideal for working while waiting for flights.
  • Comfortable Bed and Multimedia TV Screen: Provides entertainment and relaxation.
  • Soundproof Rooms with Wi-Fi and 220V Power Outlets: Ensures a quiet and connected environment.
  • Automatic Bed Linen Change and Sanitization: Maintains hygiene and freshness for each new guest.

Additionally, ZZZleepandGo has developed an accompanying app for managing accounts, making bookings, and viewing billing history, enhancing user convenience.

ZZZleepandGo Cabin Locations

LocationNumber of CabinsDetailsLaunched Year
Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport9Arrivals area2015
Milano Malpensa Airport Terminal 14Second floor, departures area, next to the Respighi’s lounge2017
Verona Valerio Catullo International Airport3Arrivals area2018
Torino Caselle Airport5Departures area2019
Venezia Marco Polo International Airport4Departures area2019
Warsaw Modlin International Airport6Second floor2020
Vienna Airport16Terminal 32022

All the cabins are located in the landside area (before security filters), which is the only area of the airport open 24/7. This area is typically where people spend the night waiting for an early flight.

ZZZleepandGo Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel a Reservation:

  • Standard Reservation: You can cancel a standard reservation at any time, but you will not receive a refund.
  • Free Cancellation Option: If you opt for the free cancellation option by marking ‘YES’ during booking, you can cancel your reservation and request a refund for the amount paid and any additional time slots.
  • Cancellation Request: To request a cancellation and refund, you must send an email to info@zzzleepandgo.com at least 24 hours before your check-in time.
  • Management Fee: A €5 fee will be deducted to cover the management of your reservation and transaction costs related to the refund.
  • Refund Process: Refunds are processed through PayPal or bank transfer. Therefore, include your PayPal address or bank details in the cancellation request to expedite the refund process.

Comparison of ZZZleepandGo, Minute Suites, Yotel, GoSleep, NapCabs, and Capsule Hotels

FeatureZZZleepandGoMinute SuitesYotelGoSleepNapCabsCapsule Hotels
Launch Year201520092007201120101979 (first capsule hotel in Japan)
LocationsPrimarily in Italian airportsMajor US airports and select international hubsMajor airports and city centers worldwideMajor airports worldwideMajor European airportsMajor airports and urban centers worldwide
Pod Size4 sq meters5.2 sq meters9 sq metersReclining seats with privacy cover8 sq meters2.4 sq meters
AmenitiesWiFi, USB charging ports, small desk, soundproofWiFi, desk, daybed sofa, pillows, blanketsWiFi, en-suite bathroom, TV, deskUSB charging ports, adjustable privacy shadeWiFi, bed, desk, climate control, multimediaWiFi, TV, small desk, shared bathrooms
Booking OptionsHourly or overnightHourly or overnightHourly, day rates, and overnightHourlyHourly or overnightHourly, day rates, and overnight
Price Range€15-€76 (approx. $16-$83)$42-$58 per hour, $155 overnight$50-$100 per hour, $150-$250 overnight$10-$20 per hour€10-€15 per hour, €50-€60 overnight$20-$50 per night
Check-In ProcessAutomated kiosk or onlineReception desk or onlineReception desk or onlineOnline or airport kioskAutomated kiosk or onlineReception desk or automated
Target UsersBudget-conscious travelers with short layoversTravelers needing privacy and work spaceTravelers seeking comfort and additional servicesBudget travelers needing a quick restBusiness and leisure travelersBudget travelers seeking a basic private space
Notable FeaturesFully automated, soundproof, located in terminalsPrivacy, comfort amenities, in-suite entertainmentHigh-tech amenities, luxury feel, en-suite bathroomsCompact, cost-effective, privacy coversSpacious, well-equipped, climate-controlledExtremely compact, basic, often in city centers
DrawbacksLimited space, basic amenitiesHigher cost, limited locationsHigher cost, limited to larger airports and citiesLimited amenities, not fully enclosedHigher cost, limited availabilityVery small space, minimal amenities
This table provides a comprehensive comparison of ZZZleepandGo, Minute Suites, Yotel, GoSleep, NapCabs, and Capsule Hotels, highlighting their key features, amenities, booking options, price ranges, target users, and notable characteristics, helping travelers make informed decisions based on their needs and preferences.

ZZZleepandGo Launches OstelZZZ:

In 2019, ZZZleepandGo launched Ostelzzz, Italy’s first capsule hotel, in Milan, aiming to provide a budget-friendly and private lodging option amidst the city’s growing tourist numbers.

Each capsule measures 4.2 cubic meters and includes essential amenities such as a mattress, duvet, pillows, two charging plugs, a lockable cupboard, and a bedside table.

With eight capsules fitting into the space of a standard hotel room, Ostelzzz offers a cost-effective alternative at 19 euros per night, with prices rising during Milan’s Design Week.

Key Features:

  • Capsule Design: Eight capsules per standard hotel room space, each with privacy features and essential amenities.
  • Pricing: Starts at 19 euros per night, including breakfast, with price variations during peak events.
  • Facilities: Enclosed toilet space in the room, shared showers down the corridor.
  • Privacy: Enhanced privacy compared to similarly priced youth hostels.

Bed Options at Ostelzzz:

  1. Single Bed Standard:
    • Shared bathroom in the room
    • Storage inside the pod
    • Privacy curtain
    • Charging stations
  2. Single Bed Economy:
    • Shared bathroom in the corridor
    • Same comfort as standard pods
    • Privacy curtain
    • Charging stations
  3. Single Bed Deluxe:
    • Shared bathroom in the bedroom
    • Extra comfort
    • Security door for privacy
    • Communicating pods for traveling friends
  4. Double Deluxe:
    • Shared bathroom inside the room
    • Super comfortable double bed
    • Security door for privacy
    • Suitable for couples

Additional Services:

  • Free Breakfast: Available from 7:00 to 10:30.
  • Bed Linen and Towels: Provided and managed by the hotel.
  • 24/7 Reception: Continuous assistance available.
  • Welcome Drink: Offered to all guests upon arrival.

Ostelzzz targets younger travelers, emphasizing digital connectivity and a social atmosphere, embodying the philosophy of “being together” and customizing travel experiences.

Differences Between Ostelzzz and ZZZleepandGo

1. Concept and Target Market:

  • Ostelzzz: Focuses on providing a budget-friendly, private, and social lodging experience, primarily targeting younger travelers and tourists. It offers a communal atmosphere while ensuring privacy through individual pods.
  • ZZZleepandGo: Specializes in offering high-tech, fully automated sleeping pods mainly located in airports, providing a convenient and private resting place for travelers waiting for their flights.

2. Location and Installation:

  • Ostelzzz: Located in city centers like Milan, catering to tourists looking for affordable accommodations in urban areas. It is designed as a capsule hotel with a hostel-like social setting.
  • ZZZleepandGo: Primarily installed in airports across various international locations, focusing on offering short-term rest solutions for travelers in transit.

3. Accommodation Features:

  • Ostelzzz: Provides different types of pods, such as Single Bed Standard, Single Bed Economy, Single Bed Deluxe, and Double Deluxe, with shared bathrooms either in the room or the corridor. Each pod includes essentials like a mattress, duvet, pillows, and charging stations, emphasizing comfort and privacy.
  • ZZZleepandGo: Offers smart sleeping lounges with advanced technology like foreign and missed object detection (FMOD) sensors, remote monitoring, and automated check-in/check-out procedures. The pods are compact and efficient, designed to meet high safety and regulatory standards.

4. Amenities and Services:

  • Ostelzzz: Includes free breakfast, bed linen, towels, 24/7 reception, and a welcome drink. The focus is on providing a comfortable and social stay with additional amenities like security doors and storage inside the pods.
  • ZZZleepandGo: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including Wi-Fi, power outlets, foldout desks, and multimedia television screens. The pods are soundproofed, ensuring a quiet and private space for travelers to rest, work, or sleep.

5. Booking and Pricing:

  • Ostelzzz: Offers budget-friendly rates starting at 53 euros per night, with prices increasing during peak events like Milan’s Design Week. When it launched it offered rates as low as 19 euros per night. It provides various booking options for different types of pods.
  • ZZZleepandGo: Charges nightly rates from 67 euros, making it ideal for short-term stays. The pricing structure is designed to cater to travelers needing a quick rest during layovers or delays.

6. Innovation and Development:

  • Ostelzzz: Launched as a capsule hotel brand by ZZZleepandGo to offer an innovative and social lodging experience in urban centers.
  • ZZZleepandGo: Continues to innovate by improving and updating its smart lounges to comply with international airport regulations, ensuring the highest quality standards and security measures.

In summary, while both Ostelzzz and ZZZleepandGo offer innovative sleeping solutions, Ostelzzz is designed as a budget-friendly capsule hotel with a social atmosphere for city tourists, whereas ZZZleepandGo provides high-tech, automated sleeping pods primarily for airport travelers.

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