No Athens Airport Sleeping Pods – Alternatives

Athens International Airport, bustling with activity, offers travelers makeshift resting areas in the absence of modern sleeping pods. As you’ll find in this Athens Airport Sleeping Guide, we have captured many flier reviews that talk highly of airport’s chairs without armrests for easier reclining and quiet corners near check-in areas.

This guide is crafted to be thorough, providing valuable information for both newcomers and seasoned travelers navigating a layover at this relatively new Greece Airport, constructed just 23 years ago in preparation for the 2004 Summer Olympics. For more detailed information about this airport’s history, you can read further on Wikipedia. Being a UNESCO historical City Airport, I also expected it to be at least a Century old.

Does Athens Airport Have Sleep Pods? No

Athens Airport currently does not have sleep pods available for travelers with no mention by the Airport Authority or Sleep Pod operators on plans to introduce them in this airport in the near future. Facilities like Yotel, which specialize in providing compact, cabin-style accommodations within airport terminals, have not expanded to Athens Airport.

As a result, passengers seeking to rest or sleep during layovers or overnight stays typically rely on traditional seating areas, benches, and other less specialized accommodations throughout the airport. For those in need of more comfortable sleeping arrangements, it may be worthwhile to explore nearby airport hotels or consider access to airport lounges, which often provide more conducive environments for rest with quieter and more comfortable seating options.

Check out European Airports such as Vienna Airport with sleep pods.

Can You Still Sleep at Athens Airport without Pods? Yes

The ability to find a spot for overnight rest in Athens Airport, as gleaned from numerous flyer experiences, highlights the facility’s underlying adaptability and somewhat hospitable environment for transient guests.

With strategically located benches without armrests, quiet zones near gates, and the presence of amenities such as power stations close to seating areas, travelers can secure somewhat comfortable resting spots. However, the setting isn’t without its challenges; the airport’s ambient conditions—namely, the persistent overhead lights and the sporadic playing of music—can disrupt rest.

Despite this, the overall consensus suggests Athens Airport presents a fine option for an overnight stay, especially for those prepared with items like earplugs and eye masks to mitigate the ambient disturbances. Security personnel, while vigilant, generally allow travelers to rest, provided they do not obstruct traffic flows or critical areas.

This blend of leniency and structure ensures that, while perhaps not ideal, Athens Airport can accommodate those in need of rest during extended stopovers or untimely flight schedules.

Why You’ll Love Sleeping at this Greece Airport:

  • Accessibility and Comfort: Flyers found a fine blend of accessibility and comfort in areas like Gate B22 and the baggage claim area, where they could stretch out across multiple armrest-free chairs or find semi-comfortable benches.
  • Charging Facilities: Proximity to power stations was a noted benefit, allowing travelers to easily charge their electronic devices.
  • Indoor Environment: The indoor temperature was described as cool but manageable, contributing to a more comfortable sleep environment.
  • Nighttime Quiet: The airport’s atmosphere was quieter during the night hours, with background music turned off, enhancing the possibility for undisturbed sleep.
  • Security: The presence of security patrols throughout the night provided an added layer of safety, particularly appreciated by solo female travelers.
  • Overall Experience: These factors combined to offer a surprisingly decent sleep option at the airport, underscoring its unexpected hospitality towards stranded or budget-conscious travelers.

So Where Can You Sleep in Athens Airport: 8 Prime Spots

Based on the reviews from different fliers, here are some locations within Athens Airport where travelers found good spots for an overnight stay:

Gate 22 area:

Described as having lots of space, a power station, and nearby toilets. Shops in this area are closed at night which reduces noise and disturbances.

Baggage Claim Area:

Recommended for its semi-comfortable benches without armrests and proximity to power plugs. This area allows for relatively peaceful sleep, and after waking up, it’s easy to move to the main terminal.

Around Gate B22 in the Transit Area:

This spot offers a row of seats where one can lie down. Although the area gets a bit cold, it provides security patrols which add a sense of safety, especially for solo female travelers.

Lower floor of Terminal B (near Gate B17):

Noted for having many benches without armrests, suitable for lying down.

Arrival Area:

Favored by some travelers due to the availability of benches for sleeping and a general tolerance of overnight stayers by the airport staff. Some visitors even spent the night next to the baggage claim conveyor belts.

Around Gate B8 and nearby gates in Terminal B:

Offers plenty of room with benches that lack armrests and have basic cushioning. However, be prepared for continuous light and music.

E-lounge in the Arrival Area:

Has several corners to sleep in and charge devices, providing a cozy environment for an overnight stay.

Gate B22-25 area in Terminal B:

Known for quiet and peaceful benches without armrests.

These locations were highlighted for various reasons, including availability of power outlets, proximity to toilets, and the general comfort of the seating arrangements. However, most reviews also suggest being prepared for the cold, occasional noise disturbances, and light, emphasizing the need for earplugs and warm clothing.

What Fliers Like About Sleeping in this Airport:

Travelers appreciate several aspects of Athens Airport, based on various reviews:

  1. 24-Hour Facilities: Many reviewers appreciate the availability of 24-hour food options and other amenities. This is particularly valued by those who have late arrivals or early departures.
  2. Cleanliness: The airport is frequently noted for its cleanliness, which enhances the comfort of the travelers’ experience.
  3. Security Presence: The frequent patrols by security staff provide a sense of safety for travelers, especially those traveling alone or sleeping overnight at the airport.
  4. Availability of Charging Stations: Many travelers have noted the presence of charging stations, which is crucial for those needing to recharge devices during layovers or overnight stays.
  5. Proximity of Amenities: Essentials such as toilets, water fountains, and seating areas are generally well-maintained and conveniently located throughout the airport.
  6. Friendly Staff: Some travelers have noted that the staff at the airport are helpful and friendly, which can make a significant difference in the travel experience.
  7. Good Food Options: There are multiple positive comments about the variety and quality of food available at the airport, both landside and airside.
  8. Ease of Navigation: The layout of the airport is often described as easy to navigate, which reduces stress for travelers.
  9. Lounge Areas: There are mentions of lounge areas with comfortable seating, which provide a more relaxed environment for waiting passengers.

These features contribute to a more positive transit experience, helping mitigate the typical stress associated with air travel.

What’s Not So Good About Sleeping in ATH

Travelers have expressed several complaints about Athens Airport, highlighting areas that could detract from a comfortable experience:

  1. Noise: Numerous reviews mention that the airport can be quite noisy, especially during the night. This includes loud music and frequent announcements, which can disrupt sleep for those staying overnight.
  2. Cold Temperatures: The airport is often described as being very cold, which can be uncomfortable, particularly for those who are not prepared with adequate clothing.
  3. Hard Seating and Limited Sleeping Areas: Many travelers have noted the lack of comfortable seating and sleeping options. Benches often have armrests that prevent lying down, and where there are armrest-free benches, they can be hard and uncomfortable.
  4. Bright Lighting: The airport is well-lit, which is generally a positive feature for safety and visibility, but it can make sleeping difficult for travelers trying to rest at night.
  5. Strict Policies on Sleeping: There are complaints about airport policies that discourage or even prohibit sleeping, with security staff sometimes waking people who are trying to rest.
  6. Limited Charging Stations: While some areas have adequate charging options, other parts of the airport lack sufficient charging stations, which can be a significant inconvenience in today’s connected world.
  7. Customer Service Issues: Some travelers have reported rude or unhelpful behavior from information desk attendants and other staff members.
  8. Overpriced Food and Beverages: As with many airports, the prices for food and drinks are often higher than outside, which can be a frustration for travelers, especially those on a budget.
  9. Cleanliness Issues in Specific Areas: Although the airport is generally praised for its cleanliness, some areas, particularly the bathrooms, have been noted to be less clean or even smelly.

These points of dissatisfaction can impact the overall travel experience, especially for those spending extended periods at the airport or requiring overnight stays.

What to Expect Sleeping in Athens Airport:

If you’re planning to sleep at Athens Airport, here are several key considerations to keep in mind based on traveler feedback:

  1. Prepare for Noise: The airport can be noisy, with frequent announcements and music often playing throughout the night. Consider bringing noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs to help block out disruptive sounds.
  2. Expect Cold Temperatures: Many travelers report that the airport can be quite cold, especially during the night. It’s advisable to bring warm clothing, such as a sweater or travel blanket, to stay comfortable.
  3. Limited Comfortable Seating: Sleeping options can be limited as many benches have armrests that prevent lying down. Where there are flat benches, they might be hard and uncomfortable. If possible, bring something soft to lie on, like a padded travel mat or a thick scarf.
  4. Bright Lighting: The airport is well-lit, which can make it difficult to sleep. A sleep mask might be essential to block out the light and help you rest better.
  5. Charging Stations: Although there are some charging points, they may not be readily available in all sleeping areas. Ensure your devices are charged beforehand or have a portable charger handy.
  6. Strict Sleeping Policies: Be aware of the airport’s policy on sleeping. Security may wake you if you are found sleeping in certain areas, especially outside designated sleeping spots.
  7. Security and Safety: While the airport is generally considered safe, with security patrols providing an added sense of security, always keep your belongings secure and within sight, especially when sleeping.
  8. Food and Beverage Costs: Prepare for higher prices for food and beverages inside the airport. If you’re on a budget, consider bringing snacks or a refillable water bottle to use at water fountains.
  9. Hygiene Facilities: Some travelers have noted issues with cleanliness in bathrooms and other public areas. Having a small hygiene kit with hand sanitizer and wipes can be useful.

By being prepared with these insights, travelers can better manage their expectations and enhance their comfort during overnight stays or long layovers at Athens Airport.

Is Athen Airport Open 24 Hours?

Based on the reviews and feedback from travelers, it appears that Athens Airport operates 24 hours a day. This includes availability of facilities such as food and beverage outlets and essential services, which cater to passengers during both daytime and nighttime hours. This 24-hour operation is particularly beneficial for those with late arrivals, early departures, or overnight layovers, allowing them access to various amenities regardless of the time. However, specific shops and services within the airport might have varying operating hours, so it’s always a good idea to check in advance for anything specific you might need during your stay.

Challenges Sleep Pods Would Solve and Enhance Sleep Quality in Athens Airport:

Installing sleep pods at Athens Airport could address several challenges faced by travelers, significantly enhancing their comfort and overall experience during layovers or overnight stays. Here are the key benefits that sleep pods could offer:

  1. Enhanced Comfort for Sleeping: Sleep pods provide a private, enclosed space for resting, which is a significant improvement over trying to sleep on benches or chairs. They often come with features like a bed, controlled lighting, and sometimes even climate control, which would greatly alleviate discomfort related to noise, bright lights, and cold temperatures.
  2. Privacy and Security: Sleep pods offer a secure environment where travelers can rest without worrying about the safety of their luggage or personal belongings. This enclosed space provides privacy, allowing passengers to relax away from the public eye.
  3. Convenience: Having sleep pods directly in the airport would provide convenience for passengers with early morning flights or late arrivals. This eliminates the need to book a nearby hotel for short stays, saving both time and the hassle of additional transportation.
  4. Reduced Noise Disturbance: The design of sleep pods typically includes soundproofing. This feature would be particularly beneficial in Athens Airport, where noise from announcements, conversations, and other activities can disrupt sleep.
  5. Cost-Effective Short-Term Resting Option: Sleep pods can be rented by the hour, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution for travelers who need a few hours of rest. This is especially advantageous compared to the higher costs of booking a hotel room.
  6. Improved Passenger Satisfaction: Offering sleep pods can significantly improve the travel experience, potentially increasing passenger satisfaction and positioning the airport as a more traveler-friendly hub. This can be especially appealing to business travelers and those on long-haul flights.
  7. Support for Health and Well-being: Adequate rest is crucial for maintaining health, especially when traveling. Sleep pods can help mitigate the physical stress of travel by providing a space to recover and rejuvenate before continuing a journey.

By addressing these challenges, sleep pods would not only enhance the comfort and experience of travelers at Athens Airport but also improve overall passenger flow and satisfaction, making the airport a more appealing choice for both current and potential future travelers.

Athens Airport Hotels as Sleep Pod Alternatives:

  1. Sofitel Athens Airport
    • Location: This hotel is conveniently situated just 50 meters from the airport’s main terminal, offering the ultimate in accessibility with just a 2-minute walk. Ideal for travelers looking for luxury accommodations close to the airport.
    • Amenities: The Sofitel features upscale rooms equipped with soundproof windows, minibars, and free WiFi. It also hosts a restaurant, two bars, a fitness center, and a spa, providing a full range of services for relaxation and comfort.
    • Additional Services: Meeting and conference facilities are available, making it a suitable choice for business travelers. The hotel also provides room service and has a 24-hour front desk.
  2. Comfort Stay Airport Boutique Hotel
    • Location: This boutique hotel offers a cozy stay with a shuttle service available to and from the airport upon request, which is typically chargeable.
    • Amenities: The rooms are modern and well-appointed, featuring essential amenities like free WiFi, air conditioning, and flat-screen TVs. A garden and terrace provide a tranquil setting for guests to unwind.
    • Additional Services: The hotel offers a continental breakfast, adding convenience for guests. It is also known for personalized service due to its boutique nature.
  3. Peri’s Hotel
    • Location: This hotel also offers a 24-hour airport shuttle service upon request, catering to guests round the clock. The service is chargeable and provides flexibility for travelers with varying arrival and departure times.
    • Amenities: Peri’s Hotel features comfortable rooms that include free WiFi, air conditioning, and a private bathroom. It offers a more intimate and personalized lodging experience.
    • Additional Services: Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast, enhancing the value of their stay. The hotel’s staff is noted for their friendly and accommodating service.
  4. Holiday Inn Athens Airport
    • Location: Known for its reliability and quality service, this hotel offers a free airport shuttle, making transportation to and from the airport convenient and stress-free.
    • Amenities: The Holiday Inn features contemporary rooms with standard amenities such as free WiFi, coffee makers, and work areas. It also has a restaurant, bar, and a fitness center.
    • Additional Services: Day rooms are available, providing flexibility for travelers who need a room for a shorter duration during layovers or early check-outs. This is particularly useful for business travelers and those on short transits.

Each of these hotels offers distinct advantages and services, catering to a variety of preferences and requirements, from luxury to more budget-conscious options.

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.