Barcelona El-Prat Airport Sleeping Guide

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN), located in Barcelona, Spain, is one of Europe’s fastest-growing airports. In 2023, BCN handled over 49 million passengers, reflecting a significant 19.9% growth despite a slight drop in its overall ranking. The strategic location in Europe and the city’s appeal as a major tourist destination contribute to its high passenger traffic, making it a bustling hub for international travel.

Navigating such a busy airport can be daunting, especially when looking for a place to rest. However, Barcelona El Prat has partnered with Sleep & Fly to offer in-airport sleep pod accommodations.

This Guide to Sleeping in Barcelona El Prat Airport provides detailed info on Sleep n Fly location, pricing, and locations. You will also find 10 other free alternative spots to catch some Zs within the airport terminals. There is also a review of this airport sleep quality to give you an idea of what to expect and have shared few nearby hotel recommendations to consider.

Sleeping in Barcleona El Prat Airport – Overview:

Sleeping overnight at Barcelona El Prat Airport can be a mixed experience depending on which terminal you are in and your personal preferences for comfort. Terminal 1 is generally quieter and cleaner, but most seats have armrests, making it difficult to lie down.

However, there are some cushioned seats and a 24-hour McDonald’s that can provide a spot to rest. Security checks happen regularly, and staff may wake you up early in the morning. Bringing a sleeping bag or air mattress can help mitigate the cold tile floors and lack of comfortable seating.

Terminal 2, particularly near Gate U, is often recommended by travelers for overnight stays. This area has long, padded benches without armrests where you can stretch out. The ambiance is generally quieter, with fewer announcements and dimmer lights, although it can still be chilly.

The terminal has 24-hour food options and vending machines, making it convenient for long layovers. Despite some reports of theft in public areas, many travelers have felt safe and undisturbed, especially on the airside after passing security. It’s advisable to bring earplugs, an eye mask, and warm clothing to ensure a more comfortable sleep.

Key Sleep Challenges at this Barcelona Airport

Armrests on Seats

  • Locations: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
  • Description: Most seating areas in both terminals have metal chairs with armrests, which makes it difficult to lie down and sleep comfortably. Travelers often resort to sleeping on the floor or looking for rare benches without armrests.

Cold Temperatures

  • Locations: Throughout both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
  • Description: The airport can get quite cold, particularly at night. Floors, especially those made of tile, are reported to be chilly and uncomfortable for sleeping. It’s advisable to bring warm clothing, a blanket, or a sleeping bag to stay warm.

Security Wake-Ups

  • Locations: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
  • Description: Security personnel perform routine checks around midnight and begin waking up sleepers around 4:00 AM as the airport becomes busier. This disrupts sleep and forces travelers to get up and prepare for the day ahead.

Noise Levels

  • Locations: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, especially near the main walkways and cleaning areas
  • Description: Ambient noise from cleaning crews, announcements, and other travelers can make it difficult to get uninterrupted sleep. Bringing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can help mitigate this issue.

Limited Sleeping Areas

  • Locations: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
  • Description: There are few designated sleeping areas within the airport. Travelers often seek out quieter spots such as closed cafes, children’s play areas, or specific gates with less traffic. However, these spots can fill up quickly, and finding a comfortable place to sleep can be challenging​

Safety Concerns

  • Locations: Public areas of Terminal 2
  • Description: Reports of theft and non-travelers wandering the public areas have raised safety concerns. It’s recommended to sleep in more secure areas, preferably airside after passing security, and to keep a close watch on personal belongings.

By being aware of these challenges and preparing accordingly, travelers can improve their chances of getting some rest while staying at Barcelona El Prat Airport.

Luckily El Prat Airport Has Sleep Pods:

Barcelona El Prat Airport offers Sleep & Fly sleeping pods located in Terminal 1, providing a similar experience to the sleep pods available at Dubai and Doha airports.

These compact, modern rooms are designed for short-term or overnight stays and are equipped with amenities such as a double bed, private bathroom with shower, flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi. They also offer day-use options for 3 to 6 hours, ideal for travelers nee.ding a quick rest between flights​. More details on Sleep n’ Fly below.

How Sleep & Fly Capsules Solve Sleep Challenges at Barcelona El Prat Airport

1. Armrests on Seats

  • Solution: Sleep & Fly capsules provide comfortable beds without armrests, allowing travelers to lie down fully and sleep soundly. These modern sleeping pods come equipped with double beds, eliminating the discomfort caused by armrest-separated seating in the terminals​

2. Cold Temperatures

  • Solution: The capsules are climate-controlled with air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable sleeping temperature regardless of the external conditions in the terminal. This helps travelers avoid the cold tile floors and chilly terminal environments.

3. Security Wake-Ups

  • Solution: Staying in Sleep & Fly capsules offers privacy and protection from the routine security checks that typically wake up sleeping travelers around 4:00 AM. With a secure, private room, guests can rest undisturbed until their next flight.

4. Noise Levels

  • Solution: The capsules provide a quiet and private space, significantly reducing exposure to ambient noise from cleaning crews, announcements, and other travelers. This controlled environment helps ensure a more restful sleep, free from the usual airport noise​.

5. Limited Sleeping Areas

  • Solution: Sleep & Fly capsules are specifically designed for resting, offering a dedicated sleeping area with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. This contrasts with the limited and often uncomfortable sleeping spots available throughout the terminals​.

6. Safety Concerns

  • Solution: The secure, lockable rooms of the Sleep & Fly capsules provide a safe environment for travelers and their belongings. This is particularly beneficial given the reports of theft and non-travelers in the public areas of the airport. Guests can sleep with peace of mind, knowing they are in a protected space.

By addressing these common sleep challenges, Sleep & Fly capsules enhance the overall travel experience at Barcelona El Prat Airport, providing a reliable solution for travelers in need of rest and rejuvenation between flights.

Where to Sleep in El Prat Airport – The 11 Best Locations:

Terminal 1: Behind Café Central

This area offers very comfortable armchairs and a quieter environment, with the lights dimmed at night. It’s a popular spot for travelers seeking rest.

Terminal 1: Gate B29 – Tapa Tapa Café

The café has cushioned benches where travelers can sleep from midnight until 5:15 am. The lights are dimmed between 1:00 am and 4:00 am, providing a more conducive sleeping environment.

Terminal 2: Gate U35 – Camden Food Co.

Located airside, this 24-hour bar has long, cushioned benches perfect for sleeping. The nearby bathroom and water fountain add to the convenience.

Terminal 2: Near Gates U37-U38

This area features long benches without armrests, providing ample space for stretching out. It’s relatively quiet, with minimal announcements and enough charging spots for devices.

Terminal 2: Playground Area Between Gates U and S

Though unconventional, this area provides a soft, rubbery floor and is a popular spot among travelers needing to rest. The surrounding area is relatively quiet at night.

Terminal 1: Near Gate C – Smoking Area

Some benches without armrests are available here, making it possible to lie down. The area is less crowded, and lights are off, adding to the comfort.

Terminal 2: Go Natural Café

After the restaurant closes at midnight, travelers can use its comfortable seats and benches to sleep until 4 am. The café is situated between Gates S20 and S24.

Terminal 1: B Gates – Children’s Play Area

This small structure offers a patch of soft rubber flooring, making it one of the few spots to lie down comfortably. However, it is still quite exposed and can be noisy.

Terminal 2: Jamaica Bar (Zone B)

This area has free-arm chairs, tables, and electric outlets. While it can be a bit noisy due to its proximity to the arrivals zone, it remains a comfortable spot to rest or stay awake using a laptop.

Terminal 1: Arrival Area – Self-Service Restaurant

Leather couches are available here, and staff are generally accommodating. It’s a good option for those without enough funds for a hotel, providing a relatively safe and undisturbed spot to sleep.

Terminal 1: Sleep & Fly Sleeping Pods

  • Located in the business center area of Terminal 1, these modern sleeping pods are ideal for short-term or overnight stays. They are equipped with a double bed, private bathroom with shower, flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi. Day-use options for 3 to 6 hours are also available, making them perfect for travelers needing a quick rest between flights

Review of Sleep Quality at Barcelona El Prat Airport:

These reviews provide a mix of pros and cons, highlighting that while some areas of El Prat Airport offer decent conditions for sleeping, others may not be as comfortable or safe. The experiences largely depend on the specific terminal and the facilities available in each area.


Here’s a list of aspects that fliers appreciated about El Prat Airport in Barcelona, according to their reviews:

  1. Friendly Staff and Helpful Bus Drivers
    • Travelers appreciated the helpfulness of the airport staff and bus drivers, particularly for assisting with directions and understanding the layout of the airport, enhancing the overall travel experience.
  2. Safety and Quietness During COVID-19
    • During the COVID-19 pandemic, passengers felt safe due to the quiet environment and the measures taken to ensure social distancing and mask-wearing, which contributed to a more secure overnight stay.
  3. Availability of Comfortable Seating
    • Terminal 2 was praised for its plentiful padded, armrest-free seating, allowing many people to sleep comfortably without being overcrowded.
  4. Convenience Features
    • Many passengers noted the availability of water fountains for refilling bottles, numerous charging stations, and 24-hour facilities including bars and vending machines, which enhanced convenience for travelers.
  5. Clean and Quiet Areas for Sleeping
    • Certain areas in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 were highlighted for being clean and quiet, making them ideal for resting or sleeping during layovers.
  6. Efficient Security and 24-Hour Operations
    • The 24/7 operation of the security checks and some of the airport amenities was highly appreciated, allowing flexibility for travelers with early morning or late-night flights.
  7. Specific Recommendations for Sleeping Areas
    • Certain gates and modules, such as near Gate C in Terminal 1 and Gates U38 in Terminal 2, were recommended for their quieter and more comfortable environments, suitable for resting.
  8. General Appreciation for the Airport Website
    • Travelers expressed gratitude for the airport’s website, which provided useful information and contributed to better travel planning.

These positive aspects highlighted by travelers suggest that despite some areas for improvement, El Prat Airport offers several amenities and features that enhance the passenger experience, particularly for those needing to stay overnight or navigate the airport efficiently.


Here’s a list of aspects that fliers did not appreciate about El Prat Airport in Barcelona, according to their reviews:

  1. Hard to Sleep Comfortably (Multiple Reviews)
    • Many travelers complained about the difficulty of finding comfortable sleeping spots due to chairs with armrests and cold, hard floors, particularly in Terminal 2. The lack of armrest-free benches was frequently mentioned as a significant discomfort.
  2. Cold Temperatures (Multiple Reviews)
    • Several reviews highlighted the cold temperatures within the terminals, which made it uncomfortable to sleep or even wait for flights during the night.
  3. Poor Organization and Facilities on Earth Side (September 2018)
    • The airport was criticized for being poorly organized, particularly on the earth side (before security), where there are limited facilities and amenities like supermarkets.
  4. Safety Concerns (December 2019)
    • Some travelers expressed concerns about safety, especially during the night when the risk of theft appeared to increase, as evidenced by personal experiences of stolen belongings.
  5. Noise and Bright Lights (Multiple Reviews)
    • Noise from PA announcements and bright lights throughout the night were common grievances that disrupted sleep for many passengers.
  6. Inconvenience of Security and Info Points (August 2021)
    • In some cases, the security processes and the positioning of information points were found to be inconvenient, causing delays and confusion among travelers.
  7. Limited Food and Drink Options During Night Hours (Multiple Reviews)
    • The availability of food and beverages during late hours was limited, affecting passengers who needed to stay overnight.
  8. Insufficient Electrical Outlets (October 2018)
    • A lack of sufficient electrical outlets for charging electronic devices was a notable inconvenience, particularly in areas designated for sleeping.
  9. Customer Service Issues (July 2021)
    • Poor customer service and unhelpful staff at times were mentioned, which negatively affected the overall experience at the airport.
  10. Overcrowding in Certain Areas (Multiple Reviews)
    • Certain parts of the airport, especially on the earth side, were reported to be crowded at night, making it unsafe and uncomfortable for passengers trying to rest.

These negative aspects show that while El Prat Airport provides some commendable services and amenities, there are significant areas of discomfort and inconvenience that affect travelers, particularly those who need to spend extended periods at the airport.

What to expect Sleeping in El Prat Airport:

Based on various traveler reviews, here’s what fliers can expect in terms of noise, lighting, and temperatures at El Prat Airport in Barcelona:

  1. Noise Levels:
    • PA Announcements: Many travelers reported frequent public address announcements throughout the airport, which can be disruptive, especially at night. While some areas like Terminal 2 Module U noted reduced announcements (only one per hour), other areas continue to have regular announcements even during late hours.
    • General Airport Noise: The general hustle of the airport, including sounds from other travelers and airport operations, can be expected, although this varies by terminal and time of day.
  2. Bright Lighting:
    • Persistent Lighting: The airport tends to keep its lights on throughout the night, which can make it difficult for some passengers to sleep comfortably. The lights are not typically dimmed, and in some areas, they are reported to be quite bright.
    • Variation by Area: Some parts of the airport may have slightly dimmer lighting depending on their location and the time. Travelers looking for darker areas may need to scout locations in advance or use eye masks.
  3. Temperature Conditions:
    • Generally Cold: Many reviewers commented on the airport being cold, especially during the night and even in summer months. This seems to be a common issue across different terminals.
    • Preparation Suggested: It is advisable for travelers to bring appropriate clothing, such as a jacket or a blanket, to stay warm if they plan to rest or sleep at the airport during their layover.
  4. Security Tolerance and Midnight Wake-Ups:
    • Airport security guards at Barcelona El Prat are generally tolerant of travelers sleeping overnight. However, expect a wake-up call around midnight when guards check passports and tickets to ensure that only legitimate travelers are staying in the terminal.
  5. Early Morning Wake-Up Calls:
    • Security personnel at Barcelona El Prat Airport are known to wake up sleeping travelers early in the morning, typically around 4:00 AM, as the airport transitions to a busier state with the opening of businesses and the arrival of more passengers. This early wake-up is a routine measure to ensure that only legitimate travelers remain in the terminal. Additionally, security checks, including passport and boarding pass verification, often occur around midnight. As a result, it’s important to be prepared for these interruptions and adjust your rest plans accordingly, perhaps by grabbing a coffee and organizing your belongings in preparation for your flight.
  6. Security and Safety Concerns:
    • A recent review mentioned concerns about security and theft at Barcelona El Prat Airport, particularly in the public areas of Terminal 2. The reviewer highlighted that there were gangs stealing bags, with reports of six bags being stolen. The reviewer emphasized the importance of protecting your luggage and suggested that travelers should avoid sleeping in the public areas due to these security concerns.
  7. Precautionary Measures:
    • To ensure a safer and more comfortable experience, consider bringing a sleeping bag or an air mattress, especially as the floors can be cold and uncomfortable. Earplugs and an eye mask can help mitigate noise and light disruptions. Always keep your important belongings close to you, ideally within your sleeping bag or securely attached to your person.

Overall, travelers should be prepared for a fairly typical airport environment that may not be entirely conducive to rest without some personal adjustments. Earplugs and eye masks are highly recommended for those needing to sleep, and warm clothing is essential to combat the cooler temperatures typically found inside the terminal areas.

Tips for Good Sleep in this Spanish Airport:

From the various reviews of El Prat Airport, several practical tips emerge that have helped fliers get good sleep during their layovers. Here are some effective strategies:

  1. Choose the Right Location:
    • Seek out specific areas known for being quieter and more comfortable. For instance, Terminal 2’s Module U and near Gate U35 at the Camden Food Co. are recommended for their cushioned benches and less frequent announcements.
    • Avoid crowded and noisy areas, especially on the earth side of the airport where there are fewer amenities and more foot traffic.
  2. Use Comfort Aids:
    • Bring a travel pillow, eye mask, and earplugs. These items can significantly improve the quality of sleep by blocking out unwanted light and noise.
    • Consider a blanket or extra layers of clothing, as the airport is often described as cold, regardless of the season.
  3. Arrive Prepared:
    • Have a plan for where to go upon arriving at the airport. Knowing the layout and where the quieter spots are located can save time and reduce stress.
    • Check the airport amenities and facilities in advance through their website or reviews to find out where essentials like water fountains and charging stations are located.
  4. Security and Safety:
    • Keep your belongings secure while sleeping. Use your luggage as a makeshift pillow or keep it in a position that prevents easy theft.
    • Stay in well-lit and somewhat populated areas if concerned about safety, but not so crowded as to impede sleep.
  5. Timing Your Sleep:
    • If possible, align your sleep schedule with the quieter hours at the airport. Late night to early morning tends to have fewer announcements and less foot traffic.
    • Consider the airport’s operational hours for food and beverage services. Some travelers plan their sleep around these hours to ensure they have access to meals before and after resting.
  6. Hydration and Nutrition:
    • Stay hydrated and have snacks ready, especially if arriving late when fewer services may be available. Knowing the location of vending machines and water fountains can be very helpful.

By combining these strategies, travelers can enhance their chances of getting a decent rest at El Prat Airport, despite the inherent challenges of sleeping in a public and busy environment.

Sleep & Fly in El Prata Airport, Barcelona:

Sleep & Fly at Barcelona El Prat Airport provides travelers with comfortable and convenient accommodation options within Terminal 1.

Offering both Standard Rooms and Junior Suites, these modern and elegant spaces are equipped with amenities such as double beds, private bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi.

Additional services include free breakfast, gym access, and private parking for an extra fee. Both day-use and overnight stays are available, catering to travelers needing rest during layovers or before early flights, ensuring a restful experience right within the airport​

  • Sleep & Fly Barcelona offers 9 rooms and 1 suite located inside Terminal 1 on the 1st floor.
  • Rooms feature a double bed, private bathroom, flat screen TV, telephone, robe and slippers, and additional amenities.
  • Rooms are available for day use (3-6 hours) between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM, or overnight.
  • Showers are available for 25€.
  • Located in the landside area at the Business Centre, next to the Barcelona-Madrid corridor.
  • Rooms have large windows for natural light, plasma-screen satellite TV, free wired internet access, and air conditioning.
  • Each room includes a free minibar and coffee machine.
  • Part of Meetings Business Centre’s rest area, offering fully equipped office spaces and meeting rooms with videoconferencing and audiovisual equipment.
  • Corporate catering service available for events, along with services like couriers and car leasing.
  • Conveniently situated next to the access to the Barcelona-Madrid shuttle connection within Terminal 1.
  • Barcelona city center is less than 30 minutes away by train, bus, or taxi.

Standard Room:

The Standard Room at Sleep & Fly in Barcelona El Prat Airport offers a comfortable and modern space for travelers. Priced at €230 per night, this elegant room features large windows that provide ample natural light. The room is equipped with a double bed, tea/coffee maker, air conditioning, a safe, heating, a desk, telephone, flat-screen TV, and a plug near the bed.

Additionally, an extra bed is available for a supplement of €30, and a cot is provided for free if needed. The room includes breakfast and free cancellation up to 72 hours before the stay, with private parking available for an additional €35 per night. This option ensures a restful and convenient stay within the airport, ideal for travelers on long layovers or early morning flights.

Junior Suite:

The Junior Suite at Sleep & Fly in Barcelona El Prat Airport, priced at €290 per night, offers a spacious 31 m² room with modern decor and large windows. It accommodates 1-3 people, with an extra bed available for a €30 supplement.

Amenities include a double bed, coffee maker, air conditioning, private bathroom with marble finishes, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and views of a place of interest. Additional perks are free breakfast, gym access, and optional private parking for €35 per night. The suite provides a luxurious and comfortable stay within the airport, ideal for travelers with layovers or early flights.

Review of Sleep n’ Fly:


  • Convenient location inside Terminal 1 of Barcelona Airport.
  • Easy check-in process.
  • Rooms equipped with essential amenities, including a comfortable bed, coffee/tea, and toiletries.
  • Free breakfast available for early departures.
  • Friendly and helpful staff.


  • Difficulty finding the hotel due to poor signage in the airport.
  • Some rooms may be small or have limited space for luggage.
  • Inconsistent room quality, with reports of run-down conditions and maintenance issues.
  • High prices compared to the quality of the accommodations.
  • Lack of privacy in some rooms, particularly regarding bathroom areas.
  • Noise disturbance from other guests or external factors.
  • Occasional issues with cleanliness and maintenance, such as sewer gas odors and malfunctioning facilities.

While Barcelona Airport may not be known for its comfort or convenience, its unique features and amenities contribute to an enhanced sleep experience for travelers.

Despite the lack of frills or comforts in the terminal, the airport’s modern infrastructure ensures a clean and well-maintained environment, providing a suitable space for rest. Travelers can also take advantage of the airport’s sustainability initiatives, which promote a more tranquil atmosphere conducive to sleep.

Pricing for Sleep & Fly Day Use Rooms at BCN

Day Use Rooms:

  • Standard Room: €90 for 3 hours and €135 for 6 hours. Features include a double bed, tea/coffee maker, air conditioning, safe, desk, flat-screen TV, and wake-up service. Additional services: private parking (€35/night) and 24-hour reception.
  • Junior Suite: €105 for 3 hours and €155 for 6 hours. This 31 m² room includes a premium triple setup, private bathroom, flat-screen TV, coffee maker, and free Wi-Fi. Additional amenities: toiletries, towels, and parking (extra fee).

Below is a table with day-use pricing of the sleep pods at BCN Airport:

Room TypePrice (3-hour Day Use)Price (6-hour Day Use)DescriptionEquipmentAdditional Services
Standard Room€90€135Elegant and modern room with large windows and natural light.Double bed, Tea/Coffee maker, Air conditioning, Safe, Heating, Desk, Telephone, Flat screen TV, Plug near the bed, Wake up/alarm service, Extra bed (with supplement)Private parking (€35 per night), 24-hour reception
Junior Suite€105€155Very spacious room (31 m²) with large windows and natural light. Elegant, modern, and functional decor with a large private bathroom with marble finishes.Premium Triple Room, 31 m², Views of a place of interest, Air conditioning, Private bathroom, Flat screen TV, Coffee maker, Free Wi-Fi, Parking (with supplement)Free toiletries, Towels, Hair dryer, Toilet paper

Sleep & Fly Overnight Rates

Overnight Rates:

  • Standard Room: €230 per night. Offers a double bed, tea/coffee maker, air conditioning, safe, desk, flat-screen TV, and wake-up service. Extras include private parking (€35/night), 24-hour reception, free breakfast, and free cancellation up to 72 hours before stay.
  • Junior Suite: €290 per night. Spacious 31 m² room with premium triple setup, private bathroom, flat-screen TV, coffee maker, and free Wi-Fi. Additional services: free breakfast, gym access, toiletries, towels, parking (extra fee), and free cancellation up to 72 hours before stay.

Below is a table with overnight pricing of the nap pods at BCN Airport:

Room TypePrice (1 Night)DescriptionEquipmentAdditional Services
Standard Room€230Elegant and modern room with large windows and natural light.Double bed, Tea/Coffee maker, Air conditioning, Safe, Heating, Desk, Telephone, Flat screen TV, Plug near the bed, Wake up/alarm service, Extra bed (with supplement)Private parking (€35 per night), 24-hour reception, Free breakfast, Free cancellation up to 72 hours before stay
Junior Suite€290Spacious 31 m² room with large windows and natural light. Elegant, modern decor with marble-finished private bathroom.Premium Triple Room, 31 m², Views of a place of interest, Air conditioning, Private bathroom, Flat screen TV, Coffee maker, Free Wi-Fi, Parking (with supplement)Free toiletries, Towels, Hair dryer, Toilet paper, Free breakfast, Free gym access, Reprographic service (extra cost), 24-hour reception, Free cancellation up to 72 hours before stay​

Shower Service at Sleep & Fly, El Prat Airport

Shower Service (Landside)

  • Price: €25 per person
  • Description: The shower service at Sleep & Fly is a functional option within the airport, available for use before or after flights. This service provides travelers with a convenient way to freshen up during their layovers or after long flights.

Additionally, the availability of art installations and cultural exhibitions throughout the terminals adds to the overall ambiance, creating a calming environment for weary travelers.

Furthermore, the airport’s connectivity and accessibility make it easier for passengers to find accommodations, such as nearby hotels or sleep pods, if they prefer a more comfortable rest during layovers. Overall, while Barcelona Airport may not offer the most luxurious sleeping conditions, its unique features and amenities contribute to a more pleasant and restful experience for travelers seeking a good night’s sleep amidst their journey.

Sleep n Fly Rooms in this Airport are significantly bigger:

Sleep & Fly at Barcelona El Prat Airport offers significantly more spacious accommodations compared to similar services at other airports. The Junior Suites at Sleep & Fly measure up to 31 square meters, providing a substantial area for comfort and amenities.

In contrast, Sleep & Fly units at Dubai Airport can be as small as 4 square meters, and Minute Suites in some U.S. airports about 5.2 square meters. This means the Barcelona suites are roughly six times larger than these compact alternatives.

Despite their generous size, the Sleep & Fly units in Barcelona maintain the flexible hourly pricing model characteristic of sleep pods, making them versatile for both short rests and overnight stays. These rooms include features typically found in hotel accommodations, such as private bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and air conditioning, blending the best of both worlds for travelers seeking comfort and convenience during layovers or before early flights.

BCN Airport Hours to Help you Plan:

Yes, Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN) is open 24 hours a day, making it possible for travelers to sleep overnight in the airport. However, sleeping conditions can vary depending on whether you are landside (before security) or airside (after security).

Landside Conditions:

Landside areas remain open throughout the night, but they can be crowded and noisy, with limited comfortable seating options. Most chairs have armrests, making it difficult to lie down.

Additionally, security personnel perform routine checks, often waking travelers around midnight and again around 4:00 AM. There have been reports of non-travelers and homeless individuals in these areas, raising some safety concerns. It is advisable to stay vigilant and keep personal belongings secure.

Airside Conditions:

Access to airside areas (beyond security) is typically not available overnight unless you have a boarding pass for a flight departing the next morning. The airside areas tend to be quieter and more comfortable for sleeping, with some zones offering better seating arrangements and fewer interruptions from security checks. However, if you cannot access the airside area overnight, you will need to stay landside until security reopens in the early morning hours.

Hotels Near Barcelona El Prat to Consider for Sleep

Hotel NameShuttle AvailabilityDistance From AirportRatingPrice
Hotel Barcelona Aeropuerto24/7Closest to Airport3.5/5 by 2,000+ customersCheck Rates
BAH Barcelona Airport Hotel24/73.5/5 from 142 reviewsCheck rates
Salles Hotel Ciutat del PratMon – Fri: 4:30 AM – 11:45 PM; Sat – Sun: 4:30 AM – 1:30 AM4.5/5 from 43 reviewsCheck rates
Best Western Hotel Alfa Aeropuerto5:00 AM – 10:30 AM; 6:15 PM – 12:30 AM2.6 miles4/5 from 1500 reviewsCheck rates
Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower
N Airport shuttle3.6 miles4.5/5 from 3,600+ reviewsCheck rates
Hotel Porta FiraPublic bus shuttle available – 100 meters walk4.5 miles4.5/5 from 1800 reviewsCheck rates
You can also review all hotels near Barcelona Airport on Tripadvisor here
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