Brisbane Airport Sleep Pods + Alternatives

Navigating an overnight stay at Brisbane Airport(BNE) without the luxury of sleep pods or advanced sleeping solutions requires a bit of preparation and adaptability. Despite lacking innovative pay-per-sleep amenities like those in Perth and Sydney, the airport still offers opportunities for reasonably comfortable rest.

This Brisbane Airport Sleeping Guide shares essential tips for transforming the airport into a makeshift resting spot, from finding quiet corners to utilizing amenities and preparing for environmental conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler seeking budget-friendly options or facing an unexpected layover, this guide will help you secure much-needed rest.

Is Overnight Sleep Possible at Brisbane Airport?

From the collective insights provided by travelers, it’s evident that Brisbane Airport does not close at night, making overnight stays a viable option for those with early departures or late arrivals.

The availability of amenities such as 24-hour McDonald’s near the International Terminal, comfortable seating areas, and free amenities like Wi-Fi and showers contribute positively to the overnight experience.

However, potential sleepers should be prepared for challenges such as inadequate lighting on paths to external facilities like the BNE Service Centre, cold temperatures due to air conditioning, and limited food options during late hours.

Fliers have shared mixed experiences regarding the convenience and comfort of overnight stays. While some found the airport to offer safe and sound sleeping spots with helpful staff guiding them to the best areas for rest, others voiced concerns about the environment, including brightness, noise, and the cold, which could affect sleep quality.

It seems that your experience may vary depending on your preparedness (e.g., bringing a blanket for warmth) and tolerance for airport conditions.

Unfortunately Brisbane Airport Doesn’t Have Sleep Pods:

Unfortunately, there are no sleep pods at Brisbane Airport as all leading sleep pods brands such as GoSleep, RestWorks and Yotel have not expanded to this airport. On Brisbane’s website, they recommend 3 in-airport hotels located within the airport as alternatives for missing sleep pods.

However, there is a sleep pod operator located close to Brisbane Airport called Lylo. More details below.

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Benefits of Sleep Pods:

While Brisbane Airport may not have sleep pods available, there are still alternative sleep solutions that can provide similar benefits. Some of the benefits of using sleep pods or other sleeping options at an airport include:

  1. Convenience: Sleep pods and other sleeping options at airports offer convenience for travelers who have long layovers, early morning flights or flight delays.
  2. Privacy: With individual pods or sleeping spaces, travelers can have a private and quiet place to rest without being disturbed by other passengers.
  3. Comfort: Sleep pods are designed with comfort in mind, providing a comfortable mattress and bedding for a good night’s sleep.
  4. Cost-effective: Compared to staying at an off-site hotel, sleep pods can be a more cost-effective option for travelers on a budget.
FeatureSleep PodsHotel Sleep
PrivacyLimited privacy with partial enclosuresFull privacy in individual rooms
ComfortBasic comfort with reclining chairs or bedsHigh comfort with full beds and linens
CostTypically lower cost per hourHigher cost per night but more amenities
BookingHourly rates availableNightly rates, often with minimum stay required
FacilitiesBasic facilities (charging ports, lights)Extensive facilities (TV, bathroom, room service)
LocationInside terminal areas, airside or landsideMay be inside terminal or require short commute
Noise LevelsCan be noisy depending on locationGenerally quieter with better sound insulation
AvailabilityOften available for short durationsRequires booking ahead, especially during peak times
Suitability for LayoversIdeal for short layoversBetter for long layovers or overnight stays
AmenitiesMinimal amenitiesComprehensive amenities (gym, pool, restaurant)
Ease of AccessQuick access, no need to leave the airportMay involve transit to hotel zone or outside the airport

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Brisbane isn’t the only big Aussie Airport lacking sleep pods. Melbourne and Adelaide Airports do not have sleeping pods too. Check out 48+ airports with nap pods.

Lylo Sleep Pods Near Brisbane Airport:

If you don’t mind leaving the airport, you can access Lylo’s Sleeping Pods located about 13 minutes away from BNE, about 13 mins taxi ride.

LyLo introduced an innovative accommodation option in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, marking its first-ever pod accommodation in Brisbane. Below are some helpful details for LyLo Sleep Pods, tailored for layover passengers seeking a blend of affordability, comfort, and modern amenities near Brisbane Airport.


  • Location: 142 Constance St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
  • Distance from BNA: 13 kilometers.


Lylo Sleep pods near Brisbane Airport
Lylo Sleep pods near Brisbane Airport. Check rates on

Types of Lylo Sleeping Pods to Consider:

1. Single Pods

  • Price: From AU$62 per night
  • Details: Ideal for solo travelers, these self-contained and secure pods offer a private and comfortable space. Each pod is equipped with adjustable lights, a fan, power outlets, and USB slots.

2. Female-Only Pods

  • Price: From AU$62 per night
  • Description: Exclusively for female travelers, these pods provide a secure and private space within a female-only room, ensuring comfort and safety.

3. Pod Rooms

  • Price: From AU$248 per night
  • Description: Designed for groups, these rooms contain multiple pods. Options include:
    • 4-Pod Female Room: AU$248 per night
    • 6-Pod Room: AU$342 per night

4. Private Rooms

  • King Ensuite: From AU$189 per night
  • Queen + Pods Ensuite: From AU$225 per night
  • Queen + Pods Courtyard: From AU$270 per night
  • King Ensuite with Courtyard: From AU$234 per night


1. Communal Areas

  • Rooftop Bar: A vibrant space for socializing and enjoying rooftop views.
  • Self-Catering Kitchen: Fully equipped for guests to prepare their meals.
  • Quiet Co-Working Space and Boardroom: Ideal for business travelers, providing a conducive environment for work.

2. Additional Services

  • 24/7 Reception: Available to assist guests at any time.
  • Self-Check-In: Streamlined process for convenience.
  • Free WiFi: Strong connectivity throughout the premises.
  • Group Bookings: Options to book entire pod rooms for groups, with discounts available using promo codes.

Brisbane Airport Sleeping Pod Rates:

LyLo Brisbane offers a variety of sleep pod options tailored to different needs, with rates designed to be affordable for solo travelers and groups alike. Single pods start at AU$62 per night, providing a secure and private space perfect for individual guests. Female-only pods are also available at the same rate, ensuring safety and comfort for female travelers.

For groups, pod rooms can be booked, with prices starting from AU$248 per night for a 4-pod female room and AU$342 per night for a 6-pod room, making them ideal for friends or colleagues traveling together.

Private room options, such as the King Ensuite and Queen + Pods Ensuite, range from AU$189 to AU$270 per night, offering added comfort and privacy. Discounts are available for group bookings with the promo code ‘SQUAD,’ making LyLo an economical choice for both short and extended stays.

Check rates of Lylo Sleep Pods in today here.

Brisbane’s Lylo Sleep Pod Rates vs Perth’s GoSleep Rates:

LyLo Brisbane offers sleep pods starting at AU$62 per night, with options for solo travelers and groups, making it affordable for extended stays. In contrast, Perth’s GoSleep Sleep Pods cost AU$84.36 for an 8-hour rental, ideal for short-term rests. While LyLo is economical for longer stays, GoSleep pods cater to those needing a quick nap during layovers.

But International Terminal Has Plenty of Sleeping Spots:

The International Terminal at the airport offers a more sleep-friendly environment compared to the Domestic Terminal, boasting several comfortable spots for resting both landside and airside. While Brisbane Airport lacks designated rest zones, the couches in the international terminal are free from intrusive metal armrests, enabling individuals larger than a child to fully stretch out comfortably from head to toe.

Spots to Sleep in the International Terminal:

For those at the International Terminal, here are some of the best places to catch some sleep as reported by travelers:

  1. International Terminal, Level 4 past the food places near the prayer room: This area features long couches and abundant power points. It’s soothing and not very busy, making it suitable for sleep. There are also comfortable couches available for a good stretched-out sleep in Level 4 Departures area. Some guests reported sleeping from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am without issues.
  2. Exit Area of Departures – After exiting the departure areas and turning right, you’ll find a few 2-seater leather lounge chairs. These aren’t perfect but are preferable over other seating options.
  3. Near Gates 75-76 – This area offers booths where travelers can sleep comfortably. It’s private, less bright, and popular among overnight guests.
  4. Level 3 Departures – If you’re through security and passport control, the sun lounges here offer a peaceful spot before heading to Gates 82 – 87.
  5. Level 2 – Known for being the best level for a comfortable sleeping experience, closely followed by Level 4, it’s recommended for those needing to recharge during their layover.

Domestic Terminal Sleep Spot:

  • Domestic Terminal, Bench seats near baggage collection in Terminal D: Although less ideal due to TVs and cold air-con, some guests have found these seats suitable for sleeping.

If you are in the Domestic Terminal, you need to use the free airport shuttle which connects the terminals during the day but the shuttle service may be unavailable at night. If you’re confined to the Domestic Terminal after hours, you might need to make do with what’s available there.

You Can also Rest at Brisbane Airport Lounges

At Perth Airport, travelers seeking a place to relax will find a variety of lounges that provide comfortable seating, although none offer sleeping facilities like beds or bedding. Each of these lounges closes at night, limiting their availability for overnight rest.

  1. Plaza Premium Lounge: Situated in the International Terminal, airside on Level 3 near Gate 82, this lounge is accessible by paying at the door or through various lounge membership programs. It offers showers, enhancing comfort for travelers who wish to freshen up during their stay.
  2. Air New Zealand Lounge: Located airside on Level 4 of the International Terminal near Gate 82, this lounge is accessible to travelers through lounge membership programs. It also includes shower facilities, providing a refreshing break for passengers between flights.
  3. Aspire Lounge: This lounge is found airside on Level 3 near Gate 77 and provides access either by paying at the door or via lounge membership programs. Showers are available here as well, offering convenience for those looking to unwind and rejuvenate.
  4. Qantas Club: Available in both the Domestic Terminal, landside on Level 2 near Gate 22, and the International Terminal, airside on Level 3, the Qantas Club is accessible through lounge membership programs. While this lounge also provides a relaxing environment with its array of amenities, it does not feature overnight accommodations.

All lounges mentioned above are equipped with comfortable seating areas and showers but do not facilitate overnight sleeping with beds or other sleep-specific amenities. They serve as excellent spots for short-term relaxation and refreshment during airport

Or Sleep in Brisbane Airport Hotels:

At Brisbane Airport, there are three main hotel options for travelers seeking the convenience of staying close to the terminals: the Ibis Brisbane Airport, Pullman Brisbane Airport, and Novotel Brisbane Airport.

Ibis Brisbane Airport:

  • Location: A five-minute walk from the Domestic Terminal and a short drive from the International Terminal.
  • Rooms: Offers 243 queen and twin rooms, all soundproofed with blackout curtains.
  • Facilities: Includes the Cribb Island Beach Club restaurant, offering meals from 5.30 AM to 9.45 PM.
  • Services: Provides day rates (9 AM to 5 PM) and shuttle bus service every 40 minutes from 4 AM to 10 AM.
  • Contact: Reservations can be made at 07 3139 8100 or online.
  • Rates: View Deal

Pullman Brisbane Airport:

  • Location: Within a five-minute walk from the Domestic Terminal and a short drive from the International Terminal.
  • Accommodations: Features 132 rooms ranging from suites to superior queen rooms.
  • Amenities: Includes a rooftop resort-style pool and the Apron Restaurant and Bar, open from 6 AM to 9 PM.
  • Services: Offers day rates with access to the hotel’s facilities, including a fitness center.
  • Contact: For bookings, call 07 3188 7300 or reserve online.
  • Rates: View Deal

Novotel Brisbane Airport:

  • Location: Situated in the Skygate precinct near DFO, less than five kilometers from the Domestic Terminal.
  • Rooms: Various room types from standard to executive are available.
  • Facilities: Features a rooftop pool terrace and 24-hour room service.
  • Services: Close to a 24-hour Woolworths for additional conveniences.
  • Contact: Bookings can be made at 07 3175 3100 or online.
  • Rates: View Deal
NameDistance from Perth AirportRoom TypesAdditional Services
Ibis Brisbane Airport5-minute walk to Domestic TerminalQueen and TwinOnsite restaurant, Day rates, Shuttle service
Pullman Brisbane AirportLess than 5-minute driveSuites to Superior Queen RoomsRooftop pool, Restaurant, Day rates
Novotel Brisbane AirportShort drive/transferStandard to ExecutiveRooftop pool, 24-hour room service, Near shopping

These hotels provide a range of options for passengers, whether looking for basic accommodations at the Ibis, a more luxurious stay at the Pullman, or a convenient shopping trip combined with a stay at the Novotel. All hotels offer day stay packages, ideal for travelers needing a short rest or refresh during lengthy layovers or before meetings.

Best Western Airport 85 Motel

  • Location: 40 Lamington Avenue Ascot, Brisbane, Queensland 4007 Australia
  • Distance from Brisbane Intl Airport: Approximately 3.3 miles
  • Price: Starting from AUD 95 ( to AUD 108 (
  • Features: Offers breakfast, recognized for its convenient location and comfort. Special offers available.
  • Contact: Reservations can be made via phone or online booking platforms.
  • Price Deal: Check Price Deal

Airport Clayfield Motel

  • Location: 772 Sandgate Rd Clayfield, Brisbane, Queensland 4011 Australia
  • Distance from Brisbane Intl Airport: Approximately 3.7 miles
  • Price: AUD 98 >Check Deal Today
  • Features: Known for its cleanliness and service, ideal for travelers looking for a close stay near the airport without needing luxurious amenities.
  1. Quest Cannon Hill
    • Price: $143>Check Deal Today
    • Distance: 5.1 miles from Brisbane Intl Airport
    • Details: Located slightly further, offering modern apartment-style accommodations.
  2. Comfort Inn & Apartments Northgate Airport
    • Price: $116 >Check Deal Today
    • Distance: 2.6 miles from Brisbane Intl Airport
    • Details: Convenient location with comfortable rooms and easy access to the airport.

Review of Brisbane Airport Sleep Quality:


  • Convenience and Accessibility: Many reviews highlight the convenience of sleeping areas within Brisbane Airport, particularly near the International Terminal. Comfortable couches and charging facilities are frequently mentioned, catering to passengers in need of a rest.
  • Cost-Effective: Sleeping at the airport is seen as a cost-effective alternative to booking a hotel for a short stay, especially for those with early departures or late arrivals.
  • Amenities and Security: Positive mentions include the availability of free showers, Wi-Fi, and the presence of airport staff and security, which contributes to a sense of safety.
  • Helpful Airport Staff: Several passengers appreciated the guidance and tips provided by the airport staff regarding the best spots for a good night’s sleep.


  • Comfort and Environment: Common complaints include the cold temperature due to air conditioning, bright lights, and continuous noise from music, announcements, or other passengers, making it hard to have a restful night.
  • Limited Food Options Overnight: Some passengers expressed dissatisfaction with the availability of food options during the night, especially within the airport premises.
  • Seating and Layout: While some found the couches comfortable, others mentioned that seats were not long enough to lie flat or that dividers on benches made it challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position.
  • Safety and Lighting: A few reviews raised concerns about walking to the airport at night due to inadequate lighting, suggesting it may feel unsafe for solo travelers or at later hours.

Overall, while Brisbane Airport offers several amenities that can make overnight stays viable, including comfortable seating and free amenities, passengers might face challenges such as maintaining comfort due to environmental factors and limited overnight services.

24-Hour Amenities:

At Brisbane Airport, most concessions operate from 4 AM until late, aligning with the flight schedules. However, 24-hour options are limited. If you need food overnight, vending machines are available at both the International (Levels 1-4) and Domestic (Levels 1 & 2) Terminals, and there are water dispensers throughout.

For late-night snacks, it’s advisable to bring your own or use the vending machines, as the nearest 24-hour McDonald’s involves a potentially unsafe walk along a busy road. Additionally, the airport offers charging points and Watt Bikes in the international terminal for charging devices while exercising.

Both terminals at the airport offer free shower facilities, although they are quite basic—you’ll need to bring your own towels and toiletries. You can find these showers at several locations: on Level 2 of the International Terminal’s Arrivals and Landside areas, as well as on Level 2 in the Central Area of the Domestic Terminal near Gate 36 and in the Central Area Satellite near Gate 26. Additionally, some airport lounges also provide shower facilities.

Check out Brisbane Airport Guide for details on other amenities such as showers and smoke areas.

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