Guide to Sleeping in Copenhagen Airport – 5 Pod Alternatives

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup(CPH) is among the busiest airports in Europe serving more than 26 million passengers in 2023. This illustrates its need to prepare adequately to handle growing international layover traffic with innovative rest and sleep solutions using space-efficient sleep pod solutions.

Our Copenhagen Airport Sleeping Guide has details on the best spots to catch some ZZZs within the terminals, a review of sleep quality at this airport, and some hotel recommendations in the absence of sleeping pods.

Overview of Sleep at Copenhagen Airport:

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) presents a mixed bag for travelers seeking a spot to rest or spend the night. Reviews suggest a variety of experiences, running the gamut from comfortable and undisturbed lounging areas to interactions with security personnel that may disturb your sleep.

While some travelers have found secluded spots perfect for a good night’s sleep, complete with comfortable seating and low lighting, others have encountered challenges such as being woken by security in the early hours, or struggling to find a comfortable spot due to the design of the seating.

The airport does offer amenities like 24-hour markets and free Wi-Fi, enhancing the stay for overnight guests. However, the availability of comfortable, undisturbed sleeping areas seems to largely depend on one’s ability to scout out the right spot within the airport’s various terminals.

Unfortunately, Copenhagen Airport Doesn’t Have Sleep Pods

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH) has not installed sleep pods. In its expansion plans which started with Terminal 2 and now in Terminal 3, CPH’s plans mention plans to have an in-airport 500-room hotel to occupy 3,000 M2 but does not specify that the in-airport hotel space will welcome sleep pod operators such as Yotel.

Below is a snapshot showing a map showing the location of the future hotel location as per CPH’s future expansion plans.

CPH Expansion Plans
CPH Expansion Plans. See PDF here.

Travelers looking for private spaces to rest must rely on the general seating areas, quiet zones, or consider booking a room at the airport hotel for more privacy and comfort. Despite this, the airport’s existing facilities still provide several comfortable spots conducive to rest, as highlighted in the amenities section.

Here is a bit more info on CPH’s expansion.

Are there plans to Install Sleep Pods with the current expansion?

Copenhagen Airport expansion that started a decade ago in 2014 almost doubled the size of the airport from 220,000 m2 to 380,000 m2. Terminal 2 and Pier E saw the biggest expansion in the first phase. New plans underway are focussed on adding 91,000 square meters to Terminal 3 and is expected to launch in 2028.

More on CPH Expansion

The expansion of Copenhagen Airport (CPH) aims to bolster its role as the Gateway of Northern Europe by accommodating more passengers and enhancing operational efficiency. Key features of the expansion that are relevant to making the airport more sleep-friendly include:

  1. One-Roof Terminal Design: The consolidation into a single-terminal structure facilitates smoother passenger movement and provides a more unified and comfortable setting. This layout is beneficial for sleepers as it can offer centralized areas that are quiet and conducive to resting, away from the hustle and bustle of multiple separate terminals.
  2. Adaptable Infrastructure: The airport’s design includes flexibility to adapt to future demands and trends. This adaptability can extend to creating more comfortable and sleep-friendly environments as passenger needs evolve, potentially including dedicated quiet zones or improved lounge facilities.
  3. Extension of Existing Terminal and Piers: By expanding the terminal and piers, CPH is increasing its capacity not only for flights but also for amenities. This likely includes more seating areas and rest zones that can be used by passengers to rest or sleep, especially during long layovers.
  4. New Pier E: The addition of Pier E, designed for Schengen and long-haul flights, increases the airport’s ability to handle more passengers while potentially offering modern amenities that enhance comfort, such as more spacious waiting areas and improved lounging facilities.
  5. Enhanced Landside and Airside Facilities: The expansions both landside and airside include a variety of facilities that improve the overall experience for passengers. For instance, the Landside Forecourt West is envisioned as an urban plaza that may offer a relaxed setting for passengers outside the terminal.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any concrete plans from the airport authority or from the sleep pod operators such as Yotel or Aerotel to install sleeping pods in this Airport.

But You Can Still Sleep in these 5 Great Spots

Based on the reviews, travelers have found a few good spots for sleeping at Copenhagen Airport:

  1. Terminal 3, SAS Lounge Area: Described by a traveler as having comfortable sofas and low lighting, this area was highlighted for its quiet environment, making it ideal for undisturbed sleep until departure time.
  2. Silent Lounge near Terminal A4: This lounge is accessible by stairs beside a hotdog shop around A4. While the sofas are somewhat short, it offers a quiet space for rest.
  3. Terminal 1, Gate C70: This location has armless chairs and an area that is partially enclosed, providing a good environment for sleeping, especially when past security.
  4. Terminal 2, Various Locations:
    • Airside at Terminal 2 has been noted for having more comfortable facilities compared to landside, with padded benches, although not all are long enough for total comfort.
    • Near gates C2 and C3, following the sign that says “transfer area,” leads to a quieter area with blue sofas and low light, great for an undisturbed night’s sleep.
    • Another good spot in Terminal 2 is near gate A18-34, offering quiet areas with black padded, movable leather “trays” close to bed size.
  5. Various Charging Station Locations: For those needing to charge devices, charging stations with USB and standard plugs are available in several areas, including T2 landside at Restaurant 42Raw, T2 airside at gates A8, A10, and A14, and T3 airside at Restaurant Paté Paté and the Tax Refund office Global Blue.

What Fliers Like About Sleeping in Copenhagen Airport:

Travelers have highlighted several positive aspects of Copenhagen Airport, appreciating various features and amenities that enhance their airport experience. Here’s a summary of what fliers particularly like about this airport:

  1. Comfortable Sleeping Areas: Many travelers appreciate the numerous comfortable spots throughout the airport that are conducive to sleeping, especially on the airside. There are designated quiet lounges, such as the one near gate A4, and secluded spaces with bed-like seats, offering a restful experience for overnight stayers.
  2. Efficient Security: Reviews often commend the efficiency and professionalism of the security process at Copenhagen Airport, which contributes to a smoother and quicker transit through the necessary checks.
  3. Cleanliness and Hygiene: The airport is consistently described as clean and well-maintained, which travelers find reassuring and pleasant.
  4. Friendly and Helpful Staff: The staff at Copenhagen Airport are noted for their friendliness and helpfulness, aiding travelers with their queries and making their time at the airport more comfortable.
  5. Amenities and Services: The airport offers a variety of services, including free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and clean bathrooms, which greatly enhance the travel experience.
  6. Variety of Shops and Dining Options: Copenhagen Airport is home to a wide array of shops and dining options, providing travelers with plenty of choices for shopping and eating.
  7. Good Signage and Navigation: The airport is easy to navigate, with clear signage and directions, making it easy for travelers to find their way around without confusion.
  8. Child-Friendly Facilities: The airport offers various facilities for children, including play areas, which make it easier for families traveling with young ones.

What Fliers Dislike About Sleep in this Airport:

Travelers have also shared several aspects of Copenhagen Airport that they find less satisfactory. Here are some common complaints noted by fliers:

  1. Costliness: Copenhagen Airport is often described as expensive, both in terms of dining options and shopping. Travelers frequently mention high prices compared to other locations, which can be a significant drawback, especially for those on a budget.
  2. Uncomfortable Seating: While there are some comfortable sleeping areas, other parts of the airport have seating equipped with armrests or are made from hard materials, making it difficult to rest or sleep comfortably, especially for longer layovers.
  3. Cold Temperatures: Many reviews note that the airport can be quite cold, particularly at night. This can make staying overnight less comfortable, despite the availability of some cozy spots.
  4. Lack of Charging Ports: Despite some areas having good facilities for charging electronic devices, several travelers have pointed out a scarcity of charging ports in certain terminals or gates, which can be inconvenient in today’s digitally connected world.
  5. Noise Levels: Some areas of the airport are described as noisy, which can disrupt travelers looking to rest or sleep. This includes announcements, the movement of cleaning carts, and the general buzz of a busy airport.
  6. Early Morning Disturbances: Security or cleaning staff may wake sleeping travelers early in the morning as the airport begins to prepare for the day, which has been a point of contention for those who need to stay overnight.
  7. Hard-to-Access Comfortable Areas: Some of the more comfortable areas for resting or sleeping are reported to be hard to access or already occupied, which can be frustrating for travelers in need of a good rest spot.

What to Expect Sleeping in Copenhagen Airport:

Travelers at Copenhagen Airport should be prepared for a few environmental factors that could affect their comfort, particularly when planning to spend extended periods or overnight stays. Here’s what to expect regarding noise levels, lighting, and temperatures:

  1. Noise Levels:
    • The airport can be noisy, typical of major international airports. This includes announcements over the PA system, the movement of passengers and staff, and operations like cleaning and maintenance, which often continue throughout the night.
    • Some areas, especially near busy gates or during the early hours as the airport prepares for the first flights, can be particularly loud. Travelers looking for quieter spots might need to explore less frequented areas or use noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.
  2. Bright Lighting:
    • Many parts of the airport are well-lit throughout the night, which is standard for safety and operational reasons. This can make it challenging for some travelers to sleep comfortably.
    • Travelers sensitive to light when sleeping might consider finding areas where lighting is dimmer, such as designated quiet lounges or nooks further away from the main thoroughfares. Eye masks are also a practical solution to mitigate the discomfort caused by bright lights.
  3. Temperatures:
    • The airport is often described as being cold, particularly during the night. This can be attributed to the large open spaces and the constant operation of air conditioning systems.
    • It’s advisable to bring along a sweater, travel blanket, or even a sleeping bag if you plan to sleep at the airport to ensure comfort during colder conditions.

By being aware of these environmental factors, travelers can better prepare and adjust their expectations, ensuring a more comfortable stay at Copenhagen Airport, whether they’re passing through quickly or spending the night.

Practical Tips for Good Sleep at CPH Terminals

Travelers looking for good sleep at Copenhagen Airport have shared various practical tips based on their experiences. Here are some specific details on what has worked well for them:

  1. Choose the Right Location:
    • Silent Lounge Near Gate A4: Located upstairs beside a hotdog shop, this lounge offers a quieter environment, though the sofas are a bit short.
    • Terminal 3 Bed-like Seats: These seats are described as comfortable and conducive to sleeping.
    • Secluded Areas: Spots between gates A18 – A34 offer secluded space with padded, leather bed-like structures, providing a bed-like sleeping experience.
  2. Timing is Crucial:
    • Secure a spot early, preferably before 11:00 PM. Overnight spots can become occupied quickly, especially in comfortable areas.
    • For less disruption, opt for times when the airport is naturally quieter, typically between late evening and early morning hours before the first flights start.
  3. Prepare for Environmental Conditions:
    • Cold Temperatures: Carry a travel blanket, sweater, or sleeping bag to stay warm as the airport can get cold at night.
    • Bright Lights: Bring an eye mask to block out the airport’s bright lights, making it easier to sleep.
  4. Use Noise-Reducing Accessories:
    • Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can be invaluable in minimizing the impact of constant airport noise, including announcements and the general buzz of airport activity.
  5. Luggage Security:
    • Keep your belongings safe while sleeping by using a luggage lock or securing your luggage to your body or a stationary object. This prevents theft and allows for more restful sleep without worrying about your possessions.
  6. Hydration and Snacks:
    • Have water and some snacks handy, as options might be limited during late hours. Staying hydrated and having a light snack can help you sleep better and feel more refreshed upon waking.
  7. Charging Devices:
    • Identify areas with charging stations beforehand, especially if you rely on your phone for alarm or need it charged for the next day. Places like the transfer area near gates C2 and C3 offer spots with access to power outlets.

By following these practical tips, fliers can significantly enhance their chances of getting good sleep at Copenhagen Airport, making their travel experience more pleasant and restful.

Flier Feedback on Seating Amenities at CPH

Travelers have mixed reviews about the seating and comfort at Copenhagen Airport, varying based on location and individual needs. Here’s a summary of their opinions:

  1. Positive Aspects:
    • Comfortable Spots: Certain areas of the airport, such as the silent lounge near gate A4, bed-like seats in Terminal 3, and the secluded spaces between gates A18 – A34, are highly praised for comfort. These areas offer padded, bed-like structures or sofas that are conducive to sleeping or resting.
    • Availability of Quiet Zones: Some travelers appreciate the designated quiet zones and lounges, which provide a more comfortable and tranquil environment for resting compared to the general seating areas.
  2. Negative Aspects:
    • General Seating Discomfort: Many seating areas throughout the airport have chairs with armrests or are made of hard materials, which are not conducive to lying down or extended periods of rest. This setup is a common complaint among travelers looking to relax or sleep during layovers.
    • Crowded Areas: During peak hours, the airport can become quite busy, making it difficult to find a comfortable spot. Overcrowding also leads to increased noise levels, which can diminish the overall comfort.

Understanding CPH Airport:

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH) serves as a major gateway to both Denmark and Northern Europe. It comprises two main terminals, Terminals 2 and 3, which are interconnected and share a common airside passenger concourse, making navigation between them relatively seamless. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Terminals and Layout:

  • Terminals 2 and 3: These terminals function effectively as a single large terminal due to their shared airside area. Terminal 3 houses the arrivals section. Both terminals are well-signed, aiding easy movement and reducing confusion for travelers.
  • Airside Concourse: This area is accessible to passengers from both terminals and hosts the majority of the airport’s shops and services.

Shopping and Dining:

  • Shops: Copenhagen Airport offers a diverse range of shopping options, predominantly located airside. These include luxury brands, local Danish design stores, and duty-free shops, providing ample opportunities for last-minute gifts or travel necessities.
  • Eateries: The airport provides a variety of dining options, ranging from fast food and cafes to sit-down restaurants serving both international cuisine and Danish specialties. However, be prepared for potentially high prices typical of Copenhagen.

Comfort and Facilities:

  • Seating Areas: While the airport offers some specially designed comfortable seating areas and quiet zones conducive to rest or sleep (like the silent lounge near gate A4 and bed-like seats in Terminal 3), general seating often comes with armrests and can be less comfortable for longer stays or overnight sleeping.
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout, and there are several spots with charging stations, although their availability can vary by location within the terminals. Bathrooms are generally clean and well-maintained.

Sleeping in the Airport:

  • Overnight Stay: For those needing to stay overnight, the airport is somewhat accommodating. There are several comfortable areas for sleeping, particularly on the airside. However, it’s advisable to arrive early to claim a good spot, bring warm clothing or a blanket due to the airport’s tendency to be cold, and consider using an eye mask and earplugs due to the bright lights and ongoing noise.

Security and Accessibility:

  • The airport is known for efficient security procedures, but as with any major hub, peak times can lead to longer waits. Accessibility features are in place to assist travelers with disabilities or special needs.

Overall, Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is a modern and efficient airport with good facilities but comes with a few challenges typical of major international hubs, such as potential for high costs and environmental factors affecting comfort during extended stays.

Hotel Inside CPH as Sleep Pods Alternative:

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport:

Directly linked to Terminal 3 via a covered walkway, eliminating the need for an airport shuttle. Day rooms are offered based on availability. Situated merely a two-minute stroll from the Terminal 3 arrival hall, Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport offers convenient proximity to Copenhagen Airport.

This contemporary hotel places guests just 12 minutes from the city center, with easy train and Metro access. Explore popular attractions like Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn, the iconic Little Mermaid statue, and the National Aquarium – The Blue Planet – all within easy walking distance.

Additionally, the hotel provides straightforward access to the Copenhagen Cruise Port, only 25 minutes away. Committed to environmental sustainability, the hotel boasts ISO 14005 certification alongside the prestigious Organic Cuisine Label in bronze.

Here are the pros and cons from the reviews of the Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport:


  1. Location: The hotel’s proximity to the airport is highly appreciated, making it convenient for early flights or late arrivals.
  2. Comfortable Rooms: Guests often mention the cleanliness, spaciousness, and comfort of the rooms.
  3. Amenities: Facilities such as a 24-hour gym, spa, and good breakfast options are noted positively.
  4. Quiet Environment: Despite being close to the airport, the rooms are well insulated from noise.
  5. Service: Many reviewers highlight the friendly and helpful service from the hotel staff.
  6. Food Quality: The breakfast is frequently praised for its variety and quality, including freshly made omelets.
  7. Access to Public Transport: The hotel offers easy access to metro/train/bus services, which can get guests to the city center in about 15 minutes.


  1. Vegan Options: Some guests noted a lack of substantial vegan options at breakfast and for room catering.
  2. Check-in/Check-out Issues: A few reviews mentioned problems with room allocation and check-out times that were not flexible.
  3. Room Details: Some guests were dissatisfied with the bedding configuration (e.g., two single duvets on a double bed) and minor issues like missing amenities or inadequate lighting for work.
  4. Price: Some reviews mentioned that the hotel is pricey, particularly the food and additional services.
  5. Maintenance: A few reviews noted that some parts of the hotel, especially the bathrooms, need updating or repairs.
  6. Limited Dinner Service: The restaurant’s limited hours and the necessity for dinner reservations were inconveniences for some guests.

Check rates here

Hotels Close to CPH as Alternatives for Sleep:

Here is a table summarizing the top 15 hotels near Copenhagen Airport (CPH) including their name, address, distance from the airport, and price per night:

No.Hotel NameAddressDistance from AirportPrice (USD) – Subject to Change
1Clarion Hotel Copenhagen AirportEllehammersvej 20, Kastrup 2770, DenmarkLinked to Airport$194
2Crowne Plaza Copenhagen TowersOerestads Boulevard 114-118, Copenhagen 2300, Denmark2.8 miles$186
3Go Hotel CityLergravsvej 53, Copenhagen 2300, Denmark3.6 miles$237
4Comfort Hotel Copenhagen AirportEllehammersvej 18, Kastrup 2770, Denmark1.2 miles$174
5Zoku CopenhagenAmagerfaelledvej 108, Copenhagen 2300, Denmark3.6 miles$218
6Go Hotel CopenhagenGemmas Alle 203, Kastrup 2770, Denmark1.8 miles$103
7AC Hotel Bella Sky CopenhagenCenter Boulevard 5, Copenhagen 2300, Denmark3.1 miles$229
8ibis Styles Copenhagen OrestadØrestads Boulevard 47, Copenhagen 2300, Denmark2.9 miles$319
9Best Western Plus Airport Hotel CopenhagenKastruplundgade 15, Kastrup 2770, Denmark1.6 miles$226
10Zleep Hotel Copenhagen AirportLoejtegaardsvej 97A, Kastrup 2770, Denmark1.3 miles$146
11Wakeup Copenhagen BernstorffsgadeBernstorffsgade 35, Copenhagen 1577, Denmark4.7 miles$187
12Wakeup Copenhagen Carsten Niebuhrs GadeCarsten Niebuhrs Gade 11, Copenhagen 1577, Denmark4.8 miles$193
13The Huxley CopenhagenPeder Skrams Gade 24, Copenhagen 1054, Denmark4.9 miles$349
14Zleep Hotel Copenhagen ArenaØrestads Boulevard 124 København S, Copenhagen 2300, Denmark2.7 miles$149
15Scandic SluseholmenMolestien 11, Copenhagen 2450, Denmark4.4 miles$181
These hotels offer a range of amenities and services, and their proximity to the airport makes them convenient choices for travelers with early flights or those who prefer to stay close to the airport. Prices are approximate and can vary depending on the booking site and date of stay.
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