No Fort Lauderdale Airport Sleep Pods – Try These

I was actually pretty surprised to find out that Fort Lauderdale Airport is one of the top 20 busiest airports in the US! It’s ranked 17th and classified as a Large Hub by the FAA.

According to its Wikipedia page, this airport manages over 700 daily flights. This might give you an idea that the 15 million+ passengers passing through this airport probably need some sleep solutions during layovers. Miami Airport is ranked 9th.

If you are looking for spots or locations including details of whether this Broward-county-managed airport has installed the latest sleep technologies such as sleep pods, suites, capsule hotels or hotel cabins, you’ll find it all here. I have also provided a review of the sleep quality at this airport and offered some alternatives such as hotels to consider in the absence of innovative sleep technologies.

Does Fort Lauderdale Have Sleep Pods?

Unfortunately Fort Lauderdale Airport has not installed any innovative sleep technologies such as sleeping pods similar or those designed by GoSleep and niether has Minute Suites expanded its airport sleep suites to this airport.

As I researched FLL’s operations and its stratetic plan as captured in some of its annual reports, there isn’t any plan to introduce rest areas or pay-per-use sleep facilities at this airport.

Several enhancements were done at FLL’s Terminal 1 in 2019 including Concourse B/C Connector walkway and the introduction of Centralized Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening checkpoint. In 2022, FLL’s Terminal 2 got a new gate-area seating and gave two new Concourse D concessions to EVOLVE by Hudson and 3Sixty Duty Free.

None of FLL’s recent airport enhancements had anything substantial in terms of airport sleep.

Read the 2022 Annual Report here (PDF).

FLL hasn’t always been sleep friendly airport:

FLL has come out to discourage fliers sleeping on the airport and put out the statement emphasizing that you only stay in a pre-security waiting area outside the concourses overnight.

It indicated that most available chairs are attached chairs with armrests and that overnight cleaning makes sleep difficult. Other reasons it gave to discourage FLL sleep overnight include limited food at night and cold temperatures in the terminals.

Enhancements since 2019, such as the addition of a new Terminal, have led to the airport offering larger seating areas, some of which are armrest-free. Despite the lack of Minute Suites or Sleeping pods, complimentary sleep options remain the preferred choice for travelers like me who cringe at the high prices of airport hotels.

Although the airport operates around the clock, FLL specifies that passengers with overnight layovers can stay in the terminals overnight, but only in the waiting areas before security checks.

So where can I sleep at Fort Lauderdale Airport?

Fort Lauderdale Airport offers a range of sleeping spots across its terminals, from quiet corners in car rental buildings to benches in public areas. While the airport does not have dedicated sleeping areas, travelers have found various spots to catch some rest. The main challenges include noise from announcements and music, bright lights, and varying temperatures.

Preparation with earplugs, eye masks, and warm clothing can significantly improve the sleep experience at FLL. The presence of cleaning staff and security patrols across the airport enhances safety for sleeping passengers.

Below are detailed sleep recommendations based on other fliers that have sleep here during the day or overnight.

Terminal G (Mainly Secure Zone)

  • Spot: Around the gate areas on the floor or in chairs.
  • Review: Many passengers choose to sleep here due to convenience for early flights. It’s common to see others sleeping, offering a sense of safety in numbers. However, it’s busy with cleaning activities and security patrols.

Car Rental Building (Level 2 Opposite National Counters and Level 3)

  • Spot: Level 2 offers dimmer corners with long benches, power sockets, and a place to secure bags. Level 3 has carpeted areas but brighter lights. Check out the car rental center upstairs in front of the Avis desk with comfy sofas.
  • Review: Quieter with fewer disturbances, except for security announcements. Level 2 is preferable for the dimmer lighting and amenities like power sockets. Has comfortable temperatures, no announcements, and clean facilities. Feels secure due to the presence of overnight staff and fellow travelers.

Terminal 1 – Concourse A

  • Spot: Auditorium area with center countertops and wireless charging plates.
  • Review: Well-lit, with many seating options and quiet areas. However, repeated announcements and cleanliness can be an issue.

Terminal 4

  • Spot: Airside with plenty of room to relax.
  • Review: Convenient for short overnight stays with no security disturbances, although it can be chilly and noisy from announcements.

Terminal 2 and 3

  • Spot: Baggage claim floor in Terminal 3 for quiet and solitude; upstairs area before security in Terminal 2 for quieter, more comfortable benches.
  • Review: Terminal 3’s baggage claim can be cold and noisy. Terminal 2 offers slightly better conditions with benches.

Miscellaneous Spots

  • Outdoor Benches: Available outside baggage claim for those preferring warmer conditions or when the indoor area is too cold.
  • Family Bathroom in Terminal 1: Offers a locking door, couch, plugs, and cell signal, but only suitable for very short stays due to the nature of the space.

Review of FLL Sleep Quality:

Sleeping at Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) has its share of advantages and disadvantages, largely dependent on the terminal, time of night, and what travelers bring to enhance their comfort. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons based on various traveler experiences:

Pros of Sleeping at FLL

  1. Multiple Locations: FLL offers a variety of locations for sleeping, including benches without armrests, carpeted areas, and quieter corners in terminals and the car rental building.
  2. Stay Inside Security: In many cases, travelers can stay within the secure zone, avoiding the need to go through TSA checks again in the morning.
  3. Amenities: Access to power sockets for charging devices, free WiFi, and clean bathrooms enhance the overnight stay experience.
  4. Safety in Numbers: Many travelers choose to sleep at FLL, providing a sense of safety through numbers. Additionally, regular patrols by security personnel can make sleepers feel more secure.
  5. Cost-Efficient: For those looking to save money, sleeping at the airport eliminates the need for a hotel room, especially during short layovers or unexpected delays.

Cons of Sleeping at FLL

  1. Noise: Regular announcements, music, and the sounds of cleaning operations can disrupt sleep. This is a common issue across most parts of the airport.
  2. Brightness: The airport is well-lit, which can make it difficult to sleep comfortably without an eye mask.
  3. Comfort: The lack of dedicated sleeping areas means that travelers often resort to sleeping on floors or benches, which can be uncomfortable without a travel pillow or blanket.
  4. Temperature Variability: Some areas of the airport can be very cold, especially at night, requiring extra layers or blankets to stay warm.
  5. Privacy: Sleeping in public areas comes with a lack of privacy, which might not be comfortable for every traveler.
  6. Hygiene: While restrooms are available, the inability to shower or freshen up properly can be a drawback for some, especially after a long flight or during extended layovers.
  7. Limited Food Options Overnight: Depending on the terminal and time, food options can be scarce or non-existent overnight, requiring travelers to plan ahead.

What to expect about sleep at Fort Lauderdale Airport Sleep:

Sleeping at Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) offers a distinctive experience shaped by the airport’s layout, facilities, and the adaptability of travelers. Reviews from flyers provide unique insights into how to navigate overnight stays at FLL, highlighting specific examples that underscore the creativity and resilience of travelers. Here are some unique aspects of sleeping at FLL, based on the reviews shared:

Unique Sleeping Spots

  • Car Rental Building: A slightly unconventional yet popular choice for sleepers, the car rental building offers “comfy sofas you can sleep on” as noted in a 2015 review by Kimono. This spot is unique because it combines comfort with quietness, away from the main terminal buzz. The presence of overnight staff and amenities like power sockets and clean bathrooms adds to its appeal.
  • Behind Restaurants: A 2023 review mentioned finding a great spot behind ‘Casa Noble Tequila’ in Terminal 4, highlighting how passengers scout for hidden gems within the airport that offer privacy and dim lights, making it conducive to sleep. This example showcases the creativity of travelers in finding new niches within public spaces.

Adaptations for Comfort

  • Using Chairs Creatively: A 2022 review from CanadianKid highlighted a group of armless chairs in Terminal G that could be rearranged to sleep comfortably, demonstrating the adaptability of travelers in creating makeshift beds from airport furniture.
  • Preparation for Noise and Light: Multiple reviews stressed the importance of earplugs and eye masks to mitigate the airport’s constant announcements and bright lighting. For instance, a review from 2022 described how loud Christmas music and repetitive announcements could disrupt sleep, underlining the necessity of coming prepared.

Temperature Challenges

  • A recurring theme in the reviews is the battle against the airport’s temperature settings. A 2022 review specifically mentioned “freezing” conditions, advising travelers to “run and buy sweatshirts.” This feedback emphasizes the need for warm clothing or blankets, as the indoor temperature can significantly differ from the warm Floridian climate outside.

Security and Safety

  • Feeling of Security: Despite the discomforts, a sense of security is provided by the presence of other sleepers and regular patrols by security personnel, as mentioned in a 2023 review from Terminal G. This communal aspect of overnight stays adds a unique layer of reassurance for solo travelers.

The Cost-Efficiency of Airport Sleepovers

  • Avoiding Hotel Costs: A common thread among the reviews is the cost-saving aspect of sleeping at FLL. For instance, a 2023 Terminal G review mentioned the reluctance to get a hotel due to the early morning flight, highlighting how sleeping at the airport can be a budget-friendly alternative for travelers with early departures or long layovers.

5 Alternatives to Sleep Pods at FLL: Hotels near FLL:

Here’s a summary of each hotel close to Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL), highlighting their key features to help you decide which might be most suitable for your needs during a layover.

Comfort Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle available from 5:30 AM to 11:00 PM.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers looking for a comfortable stay with convenient shuttle times. Perfect for those with flights or cruise departures in the morning to late evening.
  • Additional Features: Offers spacious suite accommodations, which could be particularly appealing to families or groups needing extra space.
  • Check Rates

Residence Inn By Marriott Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport transportation available at any time.
  • Suitability: Best for travelers seeking flexibility with their shuttle service, regardless of their flight times. Suitable for extended stays given its residential-style amenities, including full kitchens in every suite.
  • Additional Features: Targets long-term travelers or those desiring a more homelike hotel experience.
  • Check Rates

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport South

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle service is provided.
  • Suitability: Good for short stays and business travelers who need reliable service with the added value of a well-known hotel brand. Also suits those who appreciate straightforward, no-fuss accommodation.
  • Additional Features: Offers complimentary breakfast, appealing to all travelers, especially families and budget-conscious individuals.
  • Check Rates

Wyndham Garden Fort Lauderdale Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Complimentary airport shuttle service is available.
  • Suitability: Suitable for both leisure and business travelers looking for a comfortable stay with the reliable standards of the Wyndham brand. Good for those needing a quick and easy stopover.
  • Additional Features: It’s close to various dining and leisure options, making it a good choice for those wanting to explore the area during their layover.
  • Check Rates

Crowne Plaza Ft Lauderdale Airport/Cruise

  • Shuttle Service: Free 24-hour airport shuttle service is offered.
  • Suitability: Perfect for travelers who require flexible shuttle service outside of standard hours, including late-night arrivals or early-morning departures. Appeals to business travelers and those seeking a more upscale stay.
  • Additional Features: With more premium services and amenities, it caters to guests looking for comfort and convenience with a touch of luxury.
  • Check Rates

Closest Hotels to Consider(Table):

Here is a table displaying the 10 closest hotels to Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, including details such as hotel name, address, distance from the airport, price from, and rating:

Hotel NameAddressDistance from AirportPrice (Price Quoted 30 Days to Arrival – Subject to Change*)Rating
Candlewood Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport/Cruise1120 W State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315-24361.3 miles$1294/5
Residence Inn By Marriott Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port[Currently the best-seller and top-rated]4801 Anglers Ave, Dania Beach, FL 33312-47081.4 miles$1644.5/5
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport/Cruise[Breakfast included, free shuttle]1150 State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 333151.3 miles$1704.2/5
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport South, an IHG Hotel[Breakfast included, free shuttle]205 N. Federal Hwy., Dania Beach, FL 33004-28051.2 miles$1394.0/5
Hampton Inn Ft. Lauderdale Airport North Cruise Port[Breakfast included, free shuttle]2301 SW 12th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315-24001.4 miles$1834.1/5
Le Méridien Dania Beach at Fort Lauderdale Airport1825 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, FL 33004-22131.1 miles$2064.2/5
Wyndham Garden Ft Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port129 N Federal Hwy, Dania Beach, FL 33004-28031.3 miles$1183.8/5
Fairfield Inn & Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port2081 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, FL 33312-59121.3 miles$1174.0/5
Crowne Plaza Ft. Lauderdale Airport/Cruise, an IHG hotel455 State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 333161.6 miles$1704.1/5
Best Western Plus Fort Lauderdale Airport/Cruise Port1221 W State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 333151.4 miles$993.9/5
This table provides a comprehensive overview of the nearest hotels to Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, which could be helpful for travelers looking for accommodation close to the airport.

Is there hotel inside Fort Lauderdale Airport?

No, despite various enhancements to FLL over the past five years, there isn’t a hotel licensed or operating within the airport. However, there are numerous hotels listed above in close proximity to the airport, many of which offer shuttle services for easy access to and from the airport terminals. These nearby options provide a range of accommodations to suit different needs and budgets, ensuring travelers can find a comfortable place to stay near the airport.

Final Word on Sleeping at FLL Airport:

In the absence of sleeping pods at Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL), travelers still have various viable options for catching some rest, either within the airport or at nearby hotels.

Inside FLL, some of the top-recommended spots for sleeping include the quieter corners of Terminal G, where armless chairs can be rearranged for comfort, and the car rental building, particularly on Level 2 opposite the National counters, which offers long benches and a slightly dimmer environment conducive to sleep.

These areas, along with selected spots behind restaurants or near gates in other terminals, have been highlighted by fellow travelers for their relative peace and availability of amenities like power sockets and close proximity to restrooms.

For those seeking more comfort and privacy, nearby hotels such as Comfort Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port and Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port offer convenient, complimentary shuttle services and are highly suitable for varying travel schedules. The Crowne Plaza Ft Lauderdale Airport/Cruise, with its 24-hour airport shuttle, caters excellently to travelers with late-night arrivals or early-morning departures.


1. Is there free Wi-Fi available at FLL Airport? Yes, FLL Airport provides free Wi-Fi throughout the terminals. To connect, select the network named “​Airport-Wifi-Terminal_1” and follow the prompts. Read more on FLL amenities on Broward’s website here.

2. Are there charging stations for electronics at FLL Airport? Yes, charging stations and power outlets are available throughout the airport. You can find them in seating areas, waiting areas, and near some gates.

3. Can I sleep overnight at FLL Airport? Yes, passengers are allowed to sleep at FLL Airport but only in locations before security. However, it’s advisable to have a travel blanket, pillow, and earplugs for comfort, as the airport can be bright and noisy.

4. Is there a lost and found service at FLL Airport? Yes, FLL Airport has a Lost and Found office. If you’ve lost an item, contact the airport’s Lost and Found service or visit their office in person.

5. Are there any lounges at FLL Airport? FLL Airport has several lounges, some of which are accessible to passengers regardless of travel class. Access may be purchased at the door, depending on availability, or through various lounge membership programs.

6. What transportation options are available from FLL Airport? FLL Airport offers a range of transportation options including taxis, rideshare services (like Uber and Lyft), public buses, and shuttle services to hotels and the cruise port. Rental car services are also available.

7. Can I leave the airport during a layover at FLL? Yes, passengers can leave the airport during layovers. Just ensure you have enough time to return, go through security again, and board your connecting flight.

8. Are there any shower facilities at FLL Airport? FLL Airport does not currently offer shower facilities for general use. Passengers looking for this service might consider lounge access or nearby hotel day rooms.

9. Is there a place to store luggage at FLL Airport? Yes, luggage storage services are available at FLL Airport. The service is located in Terminal 2, and it’s a convenient option for travelers with long layovers or who wish to explore the area luggage-free.

10. What are the food options at FLL Airport? FLL Airport offers a wide range of dining options, from fast food and cafes to sit-down restaurants. However, most of them are not open 24/7.

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