Guide to Sleep at San Juan Airport Pods Free

San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) has undergone significant expansions and upgrades to accommodate increasing passenger volumes, yet it still lacks innovative modern sleep pod facilities for layover travelers.

This guide provides alternative solutions, highlighting free spots within the terminals where fliers can catch some rest, as well as nearby hotel options for those seeking additional comfort and amenities. Whether you prefer to stay within the airport or book a nearby hotel, there are viable options to ensure a restful experience during your travels.

Does San Juan Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Unfortunately, San Juan Airport has not installed any innovative sleep technologies such as sleeping pods similar to those designed by GoSleep, and neither has Minute Suites expanded its airport sleep suites to this location.

As I researched SJU’s operations and strategic plan, there isn’t any indication of plans to introduce rest areas or pay-per-use sleep facilities at this airport. Several enhancements were done at SJU in recent years, including improvements to the terminals and upgrades to passenger amenities. For instance, recent enhancements have focused on modernizing the infrastructure, adding new seating areas, and improving dining and shopping options. However, none of these improvements have included dedicated sleeping areas or pods.

San Juan Airport continues to focus on enhancing the overall passenger experience through infrastructure improvements and better amenities, but dedicated sleeping facilities are not yet part of their development plans.

San Juan Airport’s Terminals B and C now feature high-end retail stores, new restaurants, improved seating, and advanced automated baggage scanners. Terminal C, housing gates C2 through C10, serves airlines like American, Avianca, and JetBlue, and includes an Avianca VIP lounge. Terminal D, reopened on March 14, 2023, supports small and regional aircraft with five gates for regional flights and three for high-capacity or charter flights. Despite these upgrades and plans for future renovations, the airport still lacks sleeping pods or dedicated sleep facilities.

So Where Can I Sleep at SJU Airport?

Concourse B (Terminal B)

Location: Near gate B2.


  • Pros: Secure area, with a coffee shop outside B2 that stays open all night offering snacks and sandwiches.
  • Cons: Noisy and some traffic near the coffee shop. Chairs are hard and uncomfortable, making the floor a better option for sleeping. The area is chilly, so it’s essential to bring blankets or warm clothing.
  • Review Highlight: “It’s best to sleep on the floor. Bring blankets, it’s chilly.”

Arrivals Area (Terminal B+C)

Location: Downstairs in arrivals, towards both ends of the baggage claim.


  • Pros: Quiet areas with outlets and bathrooms, minimal foot traffic at night.
  • Cons: Don’t wander outside as the doors lock behind you.
  • Review Highlight: “Quiet areas with outlets and bathrooms… very little foot traffic.”

Terminal D Gates

Location: Near the D gates.


  • Pros: Fairly quiet with few announcements throughout the night. Feels safe and has a good temperature.
  • Cons: Bright lights and limited seating options, so floor sleeping is necessary.
  • Review Highlight: “Fairly quiet with only a few announcements through the night.”

Walkway Between A and B Terminals

Location: Connecting area between Terminal A and Terminal B.


  • Pros: Less footfall and fewer announcement speakers.
  • Cons: Loud blaring JetBlue announcements can still be heard in the distance.
  • Review Highlight: “Seemed to be the only spot without announcement speakers and less footfall than other areas.”

Under Escalator (Terminal D)

Location: Under the escalator leading up from baggage claim in Terminal D.


  • Pros: Secluded alcove with a nearby charging outlet.
  • Cons: Hard tile floor, echoes of voices from above, and a bright street light shining in at night.
  • Review Highlight: “Secluded alcove, sleeping with ear plugs and sleep mask is best.”

Near Gate 22 (Terminal C)

Location: Waiting area near gate C22 (serving WestJet, Southwest, United, etc.).


  • Pros: Rare benches without armrests, allowing for lying flat.
  • Cons: Old, cracked upholstery, and crowded during weekends.
  • Review Highlight: “Hidden among the usual airside benches with armrests are a few 4-seat benches without armrests.”

Old Terminal Near Airport Hotel

Location: In front of the airport hotel, in the old terminal under renovation.


  • Pros: Spacious and quiet, with minimal noise due to ongoing renovations.
  • Cons: Limited amenities and no people around.
  • Review Highlight: “Old terminal is under renovation, no people and no noise could give you the opportunity to spend a good night.”

General Terminal Areas (All Terminals)

Location: Various concourses, including Concourse E.


  • Pros: Dimmed lights in less busy concourses, padded seats without separators in Concourse E.
  • Cons: Freezing cold, frequent loud announcements, and bright lights. Floor sleeping or sleeping on padded seats is necessary.
  • Review Highlight: “Lights dimmed in the less busy concourses… padded seats without separators in Concourse E.”

These detailed spots offer a variety of options from secure areas with some amenities to more secluded spots for a quieter sleep. Most areas are noted for being cold, so bringing warm clothing or blankets is highly recommended.

What to Expect Sleeping at SJU Airport:

Noise Levels

  • Terminal B Near Gate B2: Noisy due to the 24-hour coffee shop and flight announcements. Use earplugs.
  • Terminal C Gates C2-C10: Frequent announcements and occasional late-night flights. Noise-canceling headphones recommended.
  • Terminal D Concourse: Generally quieter, but occasional security announcements can still be heard.

Bright Lighting

  • Terminal B and C Seating Areas: Bright lights throughout. Bring eye masks.
  • Terminal D Under Escalator: Bright street and overhead lights. Some shadows, but well-lit.

Temperature Levels

  • General Terminal Areas: The entire airport is chilly. Dress warmly or bring blankets.
  • Walkway Between Terminals A and B: Particularly cold. Ensure you have warm clothing.

Seating Comfort

  • Terminal B Near Gate B2: Hard chairs; floor sleeping is better. Bring a sleeping pad or blanket.
  • Terminal C Near Gate 22: Some benches without armrests for lying flat, but with cracked upholstery.
  • Terminal D Concourse: Most seating has armrests, so floor sleeping or bringing a sleeping pad is necessary.


  • General Airport: Generally safe with a good security presence. Keep belongings close.
  • Arrivals Area Terminal B+C: Quiet, safe, minimal foot traffic. Avoid wandering outside as doors lock behind you.

Overall Tips: Prepare for a chilly environment, bring items to block noise and light, and secure your belongings for a safe and relatively comfortable sleep experience at San Juan Airport.

Reviews of Sleeping in San Juan Airport (SJU)


  1. Convenience: The airport operates 24 hours a day, making it accessible for travelers with early morning or late-night flights.
  2. Safety: The airport is generally safe with a good security presence, allowing travelers to sleep without significant concerns about safety.
  3. Amenities: Various amenities such as free Wi-Fi, charging outlets, and open food outlets (like the 24-hour coffee shop near Gate B2) are available to make your stay more comfortable.
  4. Quiet Areas: Certain spots, such as the arrivals area in Terminal B+C and under the escalator in Terminal D, offer quieter environments for sleeping.
  5. Available Seating: Some areas, like near Gate 22 in Terminal C, have benches without armrests that allow for lying flat.


  1. Noise Levels: Frequent announcements and the presence of 24-hour facilities can create a noisy environment, especially near Gate B2 and in Terminals C and D.
  2. Bright Lighting: The airport is well-lit throughout, which can make sleeping difficult without an eye mask.
  3. Temperature: The airport is known to be chilly, so travelers should dress warmly or bring blankets.
  4. Seating Comfort: Most seating has armrests, making it uncomfortable for lying down. Some areas may require sleeping on the floor, necessitating a sleeping pad or blanket for comfort.
  5. Limited Sleep Facilities: There are no dedicated sleeping pods or rest areas, which means finding a comfortable spot can be challenging, especially during busy times.

Overall Tips: Travelers should bring earplugs or noise-canceling headphones, eye masks, warm clothing, and sleeping pads or blankets to enhance their comfort while sleeping at San Juan Airport.

Is there a hotel inside SJU Airport?

Yes, there is a hotel inside San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU).

The San Juan Airport Hotel, conveniently located in Terminal D of Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU), offers travelers a comfortable and accessible place to rest before, after, or between flights. This hotel is a popular choice for those looking for convenience, especially during long layovers or early morning departures. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of staying at the San Juan Airport Hotel.


  • Convenience: The hotel’s location within Terminal D allows for easy access to the airport, making it an ideal choice for travelers with tight schedules or early flights.
  • Comfort: The hotel offers comfortable rooms with essential amenities, ensuring a good night’s sleep or a restful break between flights.
  • Amenities: Guests can enjoy a range of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and complimentary breakfast, enhancing the overall stay experience.
  • Luggage Storage: The hotel provides a luggage storage service for a fee, which is particularly useful for travelers who need to explore the city without carrying their bags.
  • Quiet Environment: Despite being located within the airport, the hotel maintains a relatively quiet environment, allowing guests to relax and unwind.


  • Price: The convenience and amenities come at a premium price, which might be higher compared to other nearby hotels not located within the airport.
  • Limited Dining Options: While the hotel offers breakfast, the dining options within the hotel are limited, though the terminal does provide some food outlets.
  • Noise Levels: Although generally quiet, occasional airport noise can still be heard, which might disturb light sleepers.
  • Room Availability: Due to its convenient location, the hotel often has high occupancy rates, making it difficult to book a room on short notice.
  • Older Facilities: Some guests have noted that certain parts of the hotel could benefit from modernization and updates to maintain its appeal.

Overall, the San Juan Airport Hotel in Terminal D provides a convenient and comfortable stay for travelers, with a few minor drawbacks to consider. Its prime location and range of amenities make it a suitable choice for those prioritizing convenience and accessibility.

Final Word on SJU Airport Sleep:

Despite the lack of dedicated sleep pods at San Juan Airport (SJU), travelers have several options for getting some rest. Fliers can choose from in-terminal locations for a quick nap or overnight stay, or they can opt for nearby hotels that offer convenience and additional amenities. Whether staying inside the airport or in a nearby hotel, there are suitable options to ensure a comfortable sleep experience.

Best In-Airport Sleep Spots:

  1. Under the Escalator (Terminal D): A secluded spot offering some privacy, though it can be bright and echoey.
  2. Walkway Between Terminals A and B: A quieter area with fewer announcements and foot traffic, but very cold.
  3. Arrivals Area (Terminal B+C): Quiet with minimal foot traffic at night, outlets, and nearby bathrooms. Avoid wandering outside as the doors lock.
  4. Near Gate 22 (Terminal C): Benches without armrests allow for lying flat, though they have cracked upholstery and can get crowded on weekends.
  5. Terminal B Near Gate B2: Close to a 24-hour coffee shop, but noisy and chilly. Floor sleeping with a sleeping pad or blanket is recommended.

Best Nearby Hotels with Free Shuttles:

  1. San Juan Airport Hotel: Located inside Terminal D, this hotel offers convenience, comfort, and amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and a fitness center. Ideal for those who prefer not to leave the airport.
  2. Hampton Inn & Suites San Juan: Just a short drive from the airport, this hotel provides a free shuttle service, comfortable rooms, free breakfast, and a pool.
  3. Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort: Offers a free shuttle service and is located near the beach. It features comfortable rooms, dining options, and recreational facilities.
  4. Fairmont El San Juan Hotel: A luxurious option with a free shuttle service, comfortable rooms, multiple dining options, and a pool, located a short distance from the airport.

By considering these options, travelers can find a suitable place to rest, whether within the airport itself or at a nearby hotel with convenient shuttle services.

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