9 Spots for Sleeping at Orly Airport – No Nap Pods Needed

So, you’ve found yourself in Paris Orly Airport (ORY) with no innovative sleeping pods in sight and you’re super tired. Bummer, right? But don’t fret just yet! While ORY might not have those futuristic pods with flexible pay-per-use models, we’ve scouted out nine awesome spots perfect for catching some zzz’s.

Whether you’re on a layover, have an early morning flight, or dealing with an unexpected cancellation, these cozy corners will have you snoozing like a pro in no time. Ready to discover your new favorite nap nook? Let’s dive in!

Does Orly Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Orly Airport, serving Paris, lacks sleeping pods, which significantly impacts its sleep score rating. Despite being the busiest French airport for domestic traffic and the second busiest overall with 33 million passengers, Orly hasn’t invested in innovative sleep amenities like sleep pods, unlike its peer Charles de Gaulle Airport with YotelAir Sleep Pod Cabins. This is disappointing given Orly’s role as a critical international hub with flights across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and North America.

This oversight presents challenges for travelers, particularly during overnight stays or long layovers, where the lack of comfortable sleeping options is evident. Most seating has armrests, and while floor areas are quieter, they do not offer comfort or privacy.

The addition of sleep pods could solve these issues by providing a secure, private, and comfortable resting environment. This would not only reduce the stress of sleeping in public spaces but also improve the overall transit experience in an airport that serves as a major gateway to and from France.

So Where Can I Sleep in Orly Airport: 9 Spots for Good Night Sleep:

Here are the top recommended locations for sleeping at Orly Airport, along with brief descriptions:

Terminal Sud (South Terminal)

Near Check-in Counters 15-17 (Landside)

A quieter spot with some access to power outlets. Though you’ll need to sleep on the floor, it offers a bit of privacy and security. Tip: Bring a blanket or sleeping pad for added comfort.

Second Floor (Landside)

Quieter and less crowded than the arrivals area. It’s a good place to lay down if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor. Tip: Arrive early to secure a spot and avoid the busiest areas.

Near Gates A20 to A25 (Airside)

These gates are in a less busy section, providing a quieter environment. The chairs here are more comfortable and sometimes without armrests. Tip: Head to these gates once you pass through security for a more restful sleep.

Terminal Ouest (West Terminal)

Near Gate A22 (Landside)

This area can get crowded but offers some peace and quiet. Power outlets are available, making it convenient for charging devices. Tip: Arrive early to find a good spot near an outlet.

Near Gates B15 to B20 (Airside)

A quieter part of the terminal with comfortable seating options and access to essential amenities like bathrooms and charging points. Tip: These areas are less frequented, making them ideal for a restful sleep.

Terminal 1

Around Paul Bar (Landside)

This area features couches and comfortable chairs, making it one of the best spots for sleeping. It’s generally quieter and less disturbed by security. Tip: Check if the chairs and couches are available, as they fill up quickly.

Behind the Waiting Room Area in Departures (Landside)

A secluded area with some power outlets and less foot traffic, providing a more undisturbed sleeping experience. Tip: This area tends to be less monitored by security, making it a good spot for uninterrupted rest.

General Recommendations

Prayer Rooms (if available and open)

Often quieter and less frequented by travelers, providing a peaceful environment for rest. Tip: Ensure it’s permissible to sleep here, and respect the space.

Near Multi-Faith Centre (Ground Floor, Landside)

A roped-off area with limited seating, located between the elevators, escalators, and Multi-Faith Centre. It’s relatively quiet but can get crowded. Tip: Arrive early to secure one of the limited seats, or be prepared to sit on the floor.

By choosing one of these recommended spots and following the tips, you can improve your chances of getting a restful sleep while waiting at Orly Airport.

6 things fliers like about sleeping in this airport:

Sleeping at Orly Airport, despite its limitations, offers a few aspects that fliers appreciate:

  1. Quiet Areas: Many travelers find certain zones within the airport, especially on the upper floors of Terminal SUD and quieter nooks around Terminal 3, relatively peaceful for an airport setting. These areas tend to be away from the main traffic and noise, allowing for more undisturbed rest periods.
  2. 24-Hour Accessibility: Some areas, like the couches near Paul Bar in Terminal 1, are accessible throughout the night, providing continuous availability for passengers who arrive at odd hours or have extended layovers.
  3. Security Presence: The presence of security throughout the night in various parts of the airport is reassuring for many travelers. It enhances the feeling of safety while sleeping in public areas, which is a significant concern for those unfamiliar with the airport environment.
  4. Access to Power Outlets: Although not widely available, there are spots where travelers can find power outlets to charge their devices overnight, such as near certain check-in counters and hidden corners behind waiting areas. These spots are highly valued by passengers needing to stay connected.
  5. Floor Space: For travelers prepared with sleeping bags or mats, there are ample floor areas where one can lay down to sleep, especially when chairs with armrests do not permit comfortable sleeping. This flexibility is appreciated by those who are well-equipped for airport overnight stays.
  6. Clean Bathrooms: Clean facilities are available, and their proximity to quieter sleeping areas is appreciated for comfort and convenience during overnight stays.

While Orly Airport does not offer luxury sleeping accommodations like sleep pods, these features provide some level of comfort to travelers making the best of their situation.

7 Main Complaints About Sleep in Orly Airport:

Sleeping at Orly Airport comes with several challenges and drawbacks that travelers frequently complain about:

  1. Uncomfortable Seating: Many chairs in the airport have armrests, preventing passengers from lying across them to sleep. This makes finding a comfortable sleeping position difficult, leading to discomfort and restlessness.
  2. Limited Access to Power Outlets: Travelers often struggle to find available power outlets, which are crucial for charging electronic devices, especially during long layovers or overnight stays. This scarcity can add stress to an already uncomfortable situation.
  3. Cold Temperatures: The airport tends to be quite cold, particularly at night, which can be uncomfortable for sleeping, especially for those who do not have adequate warm clothing or blankets.
  4. Noise and Light: Despite some quiet areas, the general environment of the airport can be noisy and brightly lit, which are significant disturbances for those trying to sleep. The noise from maintenance, announcements, or other passengers, combined with the constant lighting, makes it hard to get restful sleep.
  5. Floor Sleeping: Due to the lack of comfortable seating options, many travelers resort to sleeping on the floor, which is far from ideal in terms of comfort and cleanliness. Even when areas are quieter and less trafficked, the hard floor offers little in terms of comfort.
  6. Security and Staff Interruptions: Although the presence of security is reassuring, it can also lead to interruptions. Security personnel may wake passengers to check tickets or move them during the night, particularly in areas where sleeping might be restricted.
  7. Lack of Privacy: Sleeping in public areas of an airport inherently lacks privacy, which can make passengers feel vulnerable and unable to relax fully.

These factors contribute to a challenging sleeping environment at Orly Airport, highlighting the need for improved facilities and amenities to accommodate overnight travelers better.

Avoid Sleeping in these spots:

Sleeping at Orly Airport can present some challenges due to the various uncomfortable and less secure areas. Here are some locations you should generally avoid when looking to sleep at this airport:

  1. Terminal Seating Areas with Armrests: Many of the chairs in the waiting areas across all terminals are designed with armrests. These are not ideal for sleeping as they prevent passengers from lying down across multiple seats. These areas are typically well-lit and busy, further disrupting sleep.
  2. High-Traffic Zones Near Check-In and Security: Areas near check-in counters and security checkpoints are usually bustling with activity around the clock. The noise and foot traffic make these spots less than ideal for rest. Additionally, these areas are often brightly lit, adding another layer of discomfort for someone trying to sleep.
  3. Arrivals Halls: These are typically very active, especially with incoming flights and greeting parties. The continual movement and noise levels in arrivals halls are not conducive to sleep.
  4. Near Bathrooms and Main Walkways: Sleeping near bathrooms and main walkways can lead to frequent disturbances from people passing by and the noise from bathroom doors and facilities being used.
  5. Close to Vending Machines or Food Courts: These areas tend to be noisy with frequent visitor traffic and the sound of machines or announcements. The lights in these zones often remain on throughout the night, which can interfere with sleep.
  6. Drafty Areas Near Doors: Areas close to external doors or poorly insulated windows can be particularly uncomfortable due to drafts, especially during colder months. These spots can also be noisier due to the opening and closing of doors.

For a more restful night at Orly Airport, it’s recommended to find quieter, more secluded areas, possibly on upper floors or designated rest zones that are less trafficked and away from the main activity hubs of the airport.

9 Expert Flier Tips About Overnight Layover in Orly Airport:

Here are some tips extracted from fliers’ experiences at Orly Airport:

Tip #1: Most seating in Orly Airport has armrests, making it difficult to stretch out and sleep comfortably. If you must stay overnight, consider bringing a blanket or a sleeping mat to use on the floor for better comfort.

Tip #2: Power outlets are scarce in many areas of the airport. For those needing to charge electronic devices, scout out locations near check-in counters and quieter corners where outlets might be available. Arriving early can help secure these prime spots.

Tip #3: The airport can get very cold, especially at night. Packing a warm sweater or a travel blanket can make your stay considerably more comfortable.

Tip #4: For quieter and darker spots conducive to sleeping, head to the upper floors of Terminal SUD or the areas near the Paul Bar in Terminal 1, which leaves couches and chairs out overnight.

Tip #5: Clean bathrooms are a plus at Orly Airport. Locating these near your chosen sleeping area can provide convenience and a bit of comfort during your stay.

Tip #6: Food concessions at Orly Airport do not operate around the clock. Most dining options open as early as 3:30 AM and close by 10:30 PM. Plan your meals accordingly as there are no 24-hour dining facilities available at the airport.

Tip #7: For secure and hands-free charging, use the ChargeBox service available in various terminals. These stations offer lockable charging lockers with leads for most phones, allowing you to charge your device safely while you explore other airport amenities. This service is free of charge and can be found in Terminal 1-2 on the Departures Level and in Terminal 4 at multiple gates.

Tip #8: Orly Airport offers unlimited free WiFi for all passengers. For a faster or stronger connection, premium WiFi services are available at €2.90 for 20 minutes or €5.90 for an hour, and an even stronger option at €9.90 for 24 hours, which allows connection of up to five devices.

Tip #9: Consider using the Bag Wrap service for securing your luggage, available for €13 per bag. You can find this service at Terminal 1, landside, Level 1 Entrance 12D; Terminal 3, landside, Level 1, Entrance 2D; and Terminal 4, Level 0, Entrance 45D.

Hotels at or Near Orly Airport for More Comfortable Sleep:

Here is a table summarizing the proximity and access details of three hotels near Orly Airport:

Hotel NameProximity to Airport TerminalsAccess Methods
Ibis Paris Coeur D’Orly Airport HotelConnected to Terminal 4 via a covered walkwayAccessible from T1, T2, and T3 using the airport’s automatic train to T4
Novotel Paris Coeur d’Orly AirportA 5-minute walk to Terminal 4Accessible from T1, T2, and T3 by using the airport’s automatic train to T4
ibis Budget Paris Coeur d’Orly AirportOnly 300 metres from Terminal 4Accessible by trams, shuttles, OrlyBus, OrlyVal, RER C, bus, and Noctilien night buses (12.30 to 5.30am)
Mercure Paris Orly Rungis Airport Hotel2.2 Miles frm AirportProvides free bus shuttle
Hôtel Orly SupériorFree Shuttle
Hotel Best Western Paris Orly Airport
Free shutle
These details can help travelers choose the most convenient accommodation based on their transit plans and needs at Orly Airport.

Sleeping at Paris Orly Airport – Summary Overiew:

Sleeping at Orly Airport, specifically in the landside but semi-secure zones, is a unique experience, often described as challenging yet passable for the seasoned traveler. Over the years, guest reviews have highlighted areas within the airport that are more conducive to catching some sleep, such as Terminal Sud due to early flights and the absence of comfortable sleeping arrangements.

The terminal enforces a closure period from 00h30 to 3h30, where, despite announcements suggesting otherwise, travelers inside are not forced to leave. The primary struggle includes finding a spot away from foot traffic, near power outlets, and in a location where the bright lights and sporadic announcements do little to disturb.

The lack of luggage storage and limited seating with arm rests further complicates the situation, pushing some to resort to the floor with a mat or blanket for comfort. Security presence is noted to be reassuring, albeit without much interference, allowing travelers to rest uninterrupted in whatever space they can claim.

Bathrooms are mentioned to be clean, adding a slight comfort to the overall trying condition. The general consensus leans towards a night at Orly being far from luxurious but manageable for those who come prepared and with adjusted expectations.

Map of Paris Orly Airport.jpg
Map of Paris Orly Airport. See more maps of Orly

Unlike some airports that have invested in modern sleep pods or rest areas catering to transit passengers, Orly maintains a traditional approach, operating mainly from 3:30 am until 12:30 am. The airport’s infrastructure and policies subtly discourage overnight stays.

Final Remarks on ORY Sleep:

The absence of sleeping pods at Paris-Orly Airport reduces ORY’s sleep score rating but layover passengers can still find sleep using amenities within the terminals or in the nearby hotels.

Some travelers find quiet corners and experience minimal disturbance from security, while others encounter forced relocations, a lack of comfortable sleeping areas, and an unwelcoming environment for overnight stays. The limited availability of armrest-free chairs and electrical outlets complicates the possibility of a restful night.

The airport’s overnight closure further limits movement and access to amenities, emphasizing the importance of arriving early to secure a better spot in the terminals. Despite these challenges, some passengers manage to get some sleep, especially those who come prepared with blankets and sleeping bags.

The intermittent presence of security personnel provides a sense of safety, albeit inconsistently. Overall, while ORY can accommodate overnight stays, the experience is generally uncomfortable and requires considerable preparation and resilience from travelers.

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