12 Spots for Sleeping in Calgary Airport + Pod Alternatives

Navigating overnight stays in airports can often be a daunting experience, but Calgary Airport (YYC) offers several options that cater to the weary traveler in need of rest. While the airport doesn’t feature sleep pods, it compensates with various spots that provide a semblance of comfort for those looking to catch some sleep between flights.

This guide delves into the sleep experience at YYC, highlighting strategic locations within the airport where travelers can find the best spots to rest.

From quiet zones near escalators to comfy sofa-style benches at specific gates, we provide detailed descriptions of where to go, what amenities are nearby, and practical tips to enhance your sleeping experience at Calgary Airport.

Whether you’re facing a long layover or an unexpected delay, this guide aims to ensure your waiting time is as comfortable as possible.

Can I sleep overnight at Calgary Airport?

Calgary Airport (YYC) is relatively accommodating for travelers needing to sleep overnight. Reviews indicate that while overnight sleep is allowed, the experience varies significantly depending on the location within the airport.

Several travelers have reported finding comfortable spots, particularly under escalators near International Arrivals and on the quieter third floor near the main lifts. These areas offer benches without armrests and minimal disturbances, making them suitable for rest.

Amenities like nearby bathrooms, electrical outlets for charging devices, and proximity to 24-hour food options enhance the sleeping experience. Although some areas can be chilly and occasionally noisy due to cleaning activities, with proper preparation (such as bringing a blanket or wearing extra layers), sleeping in Calgary Airport can be quite bearable. Security presence is noted to be polite and unobtrusive, adding a sense of safety for those spending the night. Overall, while not perfect, YYC provides several decent options for resting or sleeping during extended layovers or delays.

Does Calgary Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Calgary Airport (YYC) does not have sleeping pods. The airport offers sleep options in the Aspire Lounge, which features sleep booths that are not enclosed and lack the amenities typically found in true sleeping pods, such as personal lighting, charging ports, and soundproofing. These booths are only available during daytime hours.

Despite YYC’s significant role in Alberta’s economy as a connector of people and goods, supporting Alberta’s flourishing business and tourism industries, and contributing an estimated $8 billion to the regional GDP, and having seen record passenger volumes in 2023, it appears there are no plans to introduce or install sleep pod technologies at this airport. YYC’s recent expansion and master plan focus on enhancing passenger experience and operational efficiency but do not include the introduction of sleep pods.

Aspire Lounge Sleep Booths Aren’t ‘true’ Sleeping Pods:

Calgary Airport (YYC) enhances the travel experience by offering comfortable sleep options in its Aspire Lounge, located in the International Terminal and specifically designed for US transborder travelers.

Situated on Level 3, Concourse E, near the entry to E gates and after security, the lounge operates with varying hours throughout the week to accommodate early risers and late departures. However, the Aspire Lounge Sleep Booths are not ‘true’ sleeping pods as they are only open during daytime hours and are located out in the open with no additional amenities other than the sleep surface.

The lounge is accessible to travelers who meet certain entry requirements, including possession of an international boarding pass, American Express Platinum or Centurion cards, business or first-class flight statuses, or memberships such as DragonPass, Lounge Key, or Priority Pass. Additionally, an entry fee is applicable for those without memberships or premium credit cards, making the lounge accessible to a broader audience.


One of the standout features of the Aspire Lounge is its complimentary sleeping booths, providing a private and tranquil space for travelers to rest. The lounge also offers a host of other amenities to enhance the comfort and convenience of your stay, including all-day à la carte dining, complimentary newspapers, magazines, live television broadcasts, self-serve food and beverages, and shower facilities. Additionally, the lounge is equipped with Wi-Fi and charging stations, ensuring travelers can stay connected and powered up.

For a seamless experience, booking your space online is recommended, especially during peak travel times. The Aspire Lounge’s elegant ambiance, combined with its comprehensive range of facilities, makes it an excellent option for those seeking rest at Calgary Airport.

These Aspire Lounge Sleep Booths are Suited for Daytime Use or by Early-departing Passengers:

The Calgary Airport Sleep Pods provided by Aspire Lounges in the US Transborder Lounge are an excellent daytime napping solution, ideal for travelers with morning flights. Located in the International Terminal on Level 3, Concourse E, near the entry to the E gates and past security, these sleep pods offer a convenient resting option for those already through security.

The lounge is open from 4:30 AM to 7:00 PM on Monday, Thursday through Sunday, and from 4:30 AM to 6:00 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday, making it unavailable for overnight stays but perfect for daytime use. Travelers with early departures can take advantage of the lounge’s amenities, which include complimentary self-serve food and beverages, à la carte dining, showers, Wi-Fi, charging stations, and sleeping booths.

Entry to the lounge requires an international boarding pass and can be accessed through various memberships or eligible credit cards, or by paying an entry fee. This setup ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment to relax and refresh before a flight, enhancing the overall travel experience.

What Sleeping in Calgary Airport is Like:

A typical sleep experience at Calgary Airport, as recounted by flyers in their reviews, seems to largely depend on the traveler’s preparedness and the specific location within the airport where they choose to rest. Here’s a detailed description based on these traveler reviews:

Location Choices: Travelers often gravitate towards quieter, less trafficked areas for sleep, such as under the escalators near International Arrivals or the third floor landing near the main lifts. These areas offer a relatively peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the main thoroughfares.

Seating Arrangements: In terms of sleeping arrangements, the options vary. Some flyers make use of benches without armrests, which allow for a flatter sleeping surface. Others find solace in larger, sofa-style benches that provide more comfort and resemble a more traditional sleeping experience.

Amenities and Proximity: The proximity to amenities plays a significant role in the sleep experience at YYC. Many sleep spots are near essential facilities such as bathrooms and food outlets. Vending machines near the chosen sleep area allow travelers to stay hydrated and snack without having to leave their makeshift beds, thus not risking losing their spot. Locations near coffee shops like Starbucks are particularly prized for the easy access to caffeine for early risers or those arriving on night flights.

Safety and Security: Security checks are a common mention, with guards typically conducting polite and unobtrusive checks. This presence is comforting to many and adds a layer of safety to the sleeping experience.

Environmental Factors: Flyers often mention the airport’s temperature, which can be quite cold, suggesting the need for warm clothing or blankets. Noise from cleaning crews or other travelers can be a disturbance, so many prepared travelers bring earplugs and eye masks to mitigate these issues.

Connectivity: Free WiFi and accessible power outlets are crucial for those who wish to stay connected or need to charge devices before their next flight. These facilities are appreciated and utilized by many sleepers.

In summary, while the sleep experience at Calgary Airport can be reasonably comfortable and is enhanced by thoughtful amenities and safety measures, it still requires a bit of preparation in terms of selecting the right spot and bringing along items that aid in comfort and warmth.

Where to Sleep in Calgary Airport:

If you find yourself with a long layover or a delayed flight at Calgary Airport, knowing the best places to catch some sleep can make your wait much more comfortable. Based on detailed reviews from travelers who’ve spent hours or even overnight at YYC, here’s a curated list of spots where you can relax or enjoy some quiet sleep.

Under the Escalators near International Arrivals (Doors 16 and 17)

This area, located near Doors 16 and 17 at the International Arrivals, is a quiet and somewhat hidden spot perfect for sleeping. It features small couches and is away from the main traffic areas, providing a sense of seclusion. The proximity to restrooms and vending machines adds to its convenience, making it a prime choice for overnight stays.

  • Location: International Arrivals, near Doors 16 and 17
  • Pros: Quiet, somewhat hidden, small couches, close to restrooms and vending machines.
  • Cons: Far from domestic connections and other essential services.

Main Foyer behind Departure Check-in Gates (Hotel Starbucks)

Often referred to as “Hotel Starbuck’s,” this area is situated behind the departure check-in gates overlooking the runways. It boasts comfortable leather chairs with armrests that can be rearranged to create a more conducive sleeping environment. The space is relatively quiet and free from constant disruptions, with 24-hour food options like Tim Horton’s nearby.

  • Pros: Comfortable leather chairs, relatively quiet, 24-hour food options nearby.
  • Cons: Very public and exposed, less privacy.

First Floor Arrivals Area

The first floor arrivals area is equipped with benches without armrests, making it possible to lie down comfortably. This area is spacious and typically quieter during the night, offering a decent place to rest while waiting for early morning flights or connections.

  • Pros: Benches without armrests, spacious, quieter at night.
  • Cons: Can be busy during early morning arrivals.

Third Floor near Main Lifts

The third floor, particularly the space near the main lifts, is another excellent sleeping location. It is full of benches, has minimal noise, and sees little foot traffic during the night. Additionally, there are a few electrical outlets available for charging devices, making it a practical spot for overnight stays.

  • Pros: Full of benches, minimal noise, few electrical outlets available.
  • Cons: Can be difficult to find a spot during peak times.

Kananaskis Hall

Kananaskis Hall offers circular tables with built-in plug sockets and comfortable seating. This area is ideal for those who need to charge their devices while resting. It is relatively quiet and provides a comfortable environment for sleeping.

  • Pros: Circular tables with plug sockets, comfortable seating, relatively quiet.
  • Cons: Bright lights, limited seating.

Tim Horton’s Area on Arrivals Level

The area around Tim Horton‘s on the arrivals level is convenient for its 24-hour food access. While it can be busier and noisier than other spots, it offers comfortable seating and the benefit of being close to food and drinks throughout the night. This area is ideal for those who prefer to stay close to amenities.

  • Location: Arrivals level, near Tim Horton’s
  • Pros: 24-hour food access, comfortable seating.
  • Cons: Busier and noisier, less privacy.

Quiet Space Lounge Areas in Terminal A

  • Location: Terminal A, Domestic Terminal, Beside Gate A24, Post Security
  • Pros: Recliners, electrical outlets, quiet, 24 hours.
  • Cons: Limited space, can fill up quickly.

Terminal A has a lounge area with recliners and electrical outlets for charging devices. These recliners are comfortable for sleeping and the area remains quiet throughout the night. This location is ideal for travelers looking for a peaceful and comfortable spot to rest.

Image from a flier at the YYC Quiet Space Lounge in Terminal A
Image from a flier at the YYC Quiet Space Lounge in Terminal A. Credit:Sleepinginairports.net

Below is a snapshot with details of this lounge area details on YYC’s website;

Snapshot showing YYC Quiet Lounge Area in Terminal A Suitable for Sleep.jpg
Snapshot showing YYC Quiet Lounge Area in Terminal A Suitable for Sleep.Credit: YYC Lounge Details on YYC’s Website

Below is a snapshot showing location of the quiet area;

Snapshot showing location of Quiet Lounge Space at YYC's Terminal A.jpg
Snapshot showing the location of Quiet Lounge Space at YYC’s Terminal A. You can find the location on this Interactive YYC Map.

Near the Fountain in the Main Foyer

The main foyer area by the fountain offers a serene environment with the sound of running water, which some travelers find soothing. There are comfortable chairs nearby, and it tends to be quieter at night, making it a suitable spot for catching some sleep.

  • Location: Main foyer, near the fountain
  • Pros: Soothing sound of running water, comfortable chairs, quieter at night.
  • Cons: Somewhat public, can get busy early in the morning.

Second Floor Overlooking Starbucks

This secluded area on the second floor overlooks the Starbucks in the main foyer. It features cushioned chairs and benches, providing a comfortable and quiet environment for overnight rest. The area is relatively private and is less frequented by other travelers.

  • Location: Second floor, overlooking Starbucks
  • Pros: Cushioned chairs and benches, quiet, relatively private.
  • Cons: Limited seating, can be difficult to find.

Landside Seating Areas Near Security Checkpoints

The seating areas near the security checkpoints are less busy overnight and offer comfortable seating options. Although these areas can get busier early in the morning, they provide a good place to rest during the quieter hours.

  • Location: Landside, near security checkpoints
  • Pros: Comfortable seating, less busy overnight.
  • Cons: Gets busier early in the morning, less privacy.

Children’s Play Area (Late Night)

While primarily designed for families, the children’s play area can be a quiet spot late at night. The area features padded flooring and seating, offering a comfortable place to lie down. Be aware that families might start to arrive early in the morning.

  • Location: Near children’s play area
  • Pros: Padded flooring and seating, quiet late at night.
  • Cons: Families might arrive early in the morning.

Areas Near Domestic Baggage Claim

The domestic baggage claim area has benches without armrests that can be used for lying down. This area tends to be quieter at night once flights have stopped arriving, providing a decent space for resting until the early morning.

  • Location: Domestic baggage claim area
  • Pros: Benches without armrests, quieter at night.
  • Cons: Busy during flight arrival times.

These locations at Calgary Airport (YYC) offer various options for comfortable and quiet resting spots, catering to different preferences and needs of travelers looking to sleep landside.

6 Landside Sleeping Spots:

Here are some of the best locations to sleep landside at Calgary Airport (YYC) when the airside is not accessible:

  1. Under the Escalators near International Arrivals (Doors 16 and 17): This area is quiet, somewhat hidden, and has small couches.
  2. Main Foyer behind Departure Check-in Gates (Hotel Starbuck’s): Comfortable leather chairs with armrests, some of which can be moved around to create a sleeping area.
  3. First Floor Arrivals Area: Benches without armrests offer a decent place to lie down.
  4. Third Floor near Main Lifts: Quiet area with plenty of benches and some electrical outlets.
  5. Kananaskis Hall: Circular tables with plug sockets and comfortable seating.
  6. Tim Horton’s Area on Arrivals Level: Offers 24-hour food access and seating, though it can be busier and noisier.

These areas provide a mix of comfort, quiet, and accessibility to amenities like restrooms and food outlets.

Review of YYC’s Sleep Quality:

Sleeping at Calgary Airport offers a mixed bag of experiences, shaped by various factors that influence comfort and convenience. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of sleeping at this airport:


  1. Multiple Sleep Areas: The airport provides multiple areas conducive to sleeping, including under escalators in the international arrivals area and quieter upper floors.
  2. Amenities: Several locations near food outlets, bathrooms, and Starbucks, ensuring necessities are within easy reach. Free WiFi and charging stations are also available, enhancing the convenience for travelers.
  3. Safety and Security: The presence of polite and non-intrusive security staff throughout the night offers a sense of safety for travelers sleeping in the airport.
  4. Comfortable Seating: There are numerous spots with benches without armrests and large sofa-style benches that can be comfortable enough for a good sleep.


  1. Temperature: The airport can be quite cold, especially at night, which can make sleeping uncomfortable unless you’re well-prepared with suitable clothing or a blanket.
  2. Noise: Despite some quiet areas, noise from cleaning activities or other travelers can be disruptive, particularly in more open or popular sleeping areas.
  3. Location Specificity: Some of the best spots for sleeping are located far from domestic connections, which might not be convenient for travelers with connecting flights in different terminals.
  4. Lighting: Many areas in the airport are well-lit, which can interfere with sleep unless you have an eye mask or find a darker spot.

12 Key Challenges to Getting Good Sleep in Calgary Airport:

Here is a detailed list of sleep challenges faced by fliers at Calgary Airport (YYC), with brief sentences specifying affected locations for each challenge:

  1. Cold Temperature:
    • Domestic and International Terminals: Many travelers report feeling very cold throughout the night, requiring extra layers, blankets, or frequent movement to stay warm.
  2. Bright Lights:
    • Banff Hall and Various Areas: The lights remain bright overnight, making it difficult to sleep without an eye mask or some form of eye covering.
  3. Noise:
    • Banff Hall and Domestic Terminal: Cleaning staff and floor cleaners operate throughout the night, causing frequent disruptions with noise from vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment.
  4. Uncomfortable Seating:
    • Main Foyer and Departure Gates: Many chairs have armrests, making it hard to lie down. Some seating areas are less comfortable, requiring makeshift arrangements with available chairs.
  5. Security Restrictions:
    • International Terminal: Travelers are often not allowed to stay in the International Terminal overnight, limiting access to potentially more comfortable sleeping spots.
  6. Limited Sleeping Spots:
    • Concourse E and Various Areas: Finding spots without armrests or more comfortable seating can be challenging, especially during peak travel times when more travelers are looking for places to rest.
  7. Proximity to Facilities:
    • Under the Escalators near International Arrivals: Although this area is quiet and somewhat secluded, it’s far from domestic connections and other essential airport services.
  8. Frequent Checks by Security:
    • Gate D (International Terminal): Security personnel may check on sleeping travelers, although they are usually polite, these interruptions can disrupt sleep.
  9. Lack of Privacy:
    • Kananaskis Hall and Various Areas: Public sleeping spots offer little to no privacy, with travelers having to be cautious about their belongings and personal space.
  10. Availability of Power Outlets:
    • Third Floor and Gate D: While some areas have outlets, finding a spot with both comfortable seating and power sources can be a challenge.
  11. Limited 24-Hour Food Options:
    • Various Areas: Despite some 24-hour options like Tim Horton’s, the availability of food and drink options can be limited, affecting those needing refreshments during the night.
  12. Restricted Access During Late Hours:
    • Electric Train Operations: The small electric train connecting parts of the airport stops running between 2 am and 4 am, making it more challenging to move between terminals during these hours.

These challenges reflect the various experiences of travelers trying to get some rest while waiting for their flights at Calgary Airport.

What these sleep challenges tell you:

  1. Cold Temperature: Bring extra layers, a travel blanket, and warm accessories like wool socks and a scarf.
  2. Bright Lights: Pack an eye mask to block out the light for better sleep.
  3. Noise: Use earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to minimize disruptions from cleaning staff and other noises.
  4. Uncomfortable Seating: Look for areas with benches without armrests or move chairs together to create a more comfortable sleeping arrangement.
  5. Security Restrictions: Verify overnight access policies for the International Terminal to avoid being restricted to less comfortable areas.
  6. Limited Sleeping Spots: Arrive early to claim a good spot, especially in areas like Concourse E where unoccupied benches can be hard to find.
  7. Proximity to Facilities: Plan your sleeping area near essential services like restrooms and food outlets to minimize inconvenience.
  8. Frequent Checks by Security: Keep your travel documents and boarding pass accessible to quickly respond to security checks.
  9. Lack of Privacy: Use your luggage to create a makeshift barrier for a bit more privacy and security for your belongings.
  10. Availability of Power Outlets: Scout for power outlets early, especially in areas like the third floor, to ensure you can charge your devices.
  11. Limited 24-Hour Food Options: Identify and note the location of 24-hour food outlets like Tim Horton’s in advance.
  12. Restricted Access During Late Hours: Plan movements between terminals before the electric train stops running at 2 am to avoid being stranded.

Avoid sleeping in these 8 locations:

  1. Near Busy Gates (e.g., Domestic Terminal): High foot traffic areas where noise and activity are constant.
  2. Under Bright Lights (e.g., Banff Hall): Areas with bright overhead lighting that stays on all night.
  3. Near Cleaning Zones (e.g., Main Foyer): Locations frequently cleaned at night, causing loud noises.
  4. Security-Restricted Areas (e.g., International Terminal): Places where overnight access is restricted, leading to possible relocation.
  5. Close to High-Traffic Restrooms (e.g., Concourse E): Spots near restrooms with constant movement and noise.
  6. Open Public Areas (e.g., Main Foyer by Departure Check-in): Very public and exposed areas lacking privacy and security.
  7. Near Food Courts (e.g., Main Food Court Area): Areas with continuous noise and activity due to late-night or early-morning food services.
  8. Near Airport Entrances/Exits (e.g., Arrivals Door 16): Locations with constant flow of incoming and outgoing travelers.

Is there a hotel inside YYC?

Yes, Calgary International Airport (YYC) has two hotels directly connected to the terminal, offering convenient accommodation for travelers. The presence of in-airport hotel partly makes up for the lack of sleeping pod amenities. However, the features and amenities of these hotels, combined with their pricing, may make them less accessible for budget-conscious travelers with rates of the 2 hotels below being over $400.

  1. Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel: This hotel is connected to the terminal via an indoor walkway, making it easily accessible for passengers. The Marriott offers a range of amenities including comfortable rooms, dining options, a fitness center, and meeting spaces. Day rooms may be available upon request, providing a flexible option for travelers needing rest between flights. The convenience and services provided by this hotel come at a cost, which might not be affordable for all travelers. Check Rates
  2. Delta Hotels Calgary Airport In-Terminal: Connected via a skywalk on the Mezzanine level of the terminal, this hotel offers another convenient lodging option within the airport. During good weather, it can also be accessed by crossing the street from the Arrivals Level, door 10, next to the Air Canada check-in area. The Delta Hotel provides amenities such as dining, fitness facilities, and meeting rooms, catering to both leisure and business travelers. Similar to the Marriott, the Delta Hotel’s features and pricing may limit accessibility for those looking for more economical options. Check Rates

While these hotels enhance the convenience for passengers at YYC by providing comfortable and accessible accommodation directly within the airport, their affordability remains a concern for many travelers.

6 Alternatives to YYC Nap Pods: Budget Hotels Near YYC:

Here are three budget-friendly hotels near Calgary International Airport (YYC) with average nightly rates under $100:

Sandman Hotel Calgary Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle service available.
  • Suitability: Ideal for travelers looking for convenience and comfort at a budget-friendly price. Perfect for short stays and early morning flights.
  • Additional Features: The hotel offers free parking, a fitness center, and an on-site restaurant. Guests appreciate the friendly staff and quick shuttle service.
  • Average Nightly Rate: Less than $100
  • Check Rates

Holiday Inn Calgary-Airport, an IHG Hotel

  • Shuttle Service: Complimentary airport shuttle available.
  • Suitability: Suitable for travelers seeking an affordable stay with essential amenities. Great for both business and leisure travelers needing close proximity to the airport.
  • Additional Features: Offers clean and comfortable rooms, a fitness center, and an on-site restaurant. The staff is known for being helpful and friendly.
  • Average Nightly Rate: Less than $70
  • Check Rates

Comfort Inn & Suites Calgary Airport South

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle service available.
  • Suitability: Ideal for budget-conscious travelers looking for a comfortable stay with easy airport access. Great for overnight stays and early departures.
  • Additional Features: Provides clean rooms, complimentary breakfast, and a fitness center. Guests appreciate the courteous staff and efficient shuttle service.
  • Average Nightly Rate: Around $100
  • Check Rates

Super 8 by Wyndham Calgary/Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Complimentary airport shuttle service available.
  • Suitability: Great for travelers needing a budget-friendly option for an overnight stay near the airport. Ideal for quick stays and those with early flights.
  • Additional Features: Offers clean and comfortable rooms, free breakfast, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel is known for its friendly staff and convenient shuttle service.
  • Average Nightly Rate: Less than $120
  • Check Rates

Days Inn by Wyndham Calgary Airport

  • Shuttle Service: Free airport shuttle service available.
  • Suitability: Suitable for travelers looking for a comfortable and affordable stay near the airport. Good for families and business travelers alike.
  • Additional Features: Provides complimentary breakfast, an indoor pool, and free Wi-Fi. Guests appreciate the clean rooms and helpful staff.
  • Average Nightly Rate: Around $100
  • Check Rates

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites University

  • Shuttle Service: No airport shuttle service available, but conveniently located near public transportation options.
  • Suitability: Ideal for budget-conscious travelers who do not mind using public transportation. Great for extended stays and those visiting the nearby university.
  • Additional Features: Offers free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and an indoor pool. Known for its affordability and clean, comfortable rooms.
  • Average Nightly Rate: Less than $100
  • Check Rates

These hotels offer convenient, budget-friendly options for travelers needing accommodations near Calgary International Airport, ensuring a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

Concluding Summary of YYC Sleep Accommodation Options

Calgary Airport (YYC) offers several sleeping options for travelers, from free resting spots within the terminals to nearby budget-friendly hotels with shuttle services.

Although YYC does not feature sleep pods or capsule hotels, it compensates with a variety of other accommodations to ensure a restful experience for travelers.

Below are tables with detailed overviews of the available options.

Terminal Sleep Options:

Sleep OptionAvailabilityDescription
Sleep Pods/Capsule HotelsNoYYC does not have sleep pods or capsule hotels.
Designated Rest AreasYesEquipped sleep/quiet zones within terminals. Located in Domestic Terminal, airside, near Gates A24
Non-Designated Rest SpotsYesHidden spots identified by travelers, including benches near baggage claim and children’s play area late at night.
Transit HotelNoYYC does not have a designated transit hotel within the airport.
These tables provide a clear overview of the available and unavailable sleeping options for travelers at Calgary International Airport (YYC), helping them plan their stay more effectively.

In-Airport Hotels

HotelAverage Nightly RateShuttle ServiceKey Features
Calgary Airport Marriott$400+NoConnected via indoor walkway, day rooms available, fitness center, dining options.
Delta Hotels Calgary Airport$400+NoConnected via skywalk, dining, fitness facilities, meeting rooms.

Budget Hotels Near YYC with Shuttle:

HotelAverage Nightly RateShuttle ServiceKey Features
Sandman Hotel Calgary Airport$95YesFree parking, fitness center, on-site restaurant.
Holiday Inn Calgary-Airport$65YesClean rooms, fitness center, on-site restaurant.
Comfort Inn & Suites$100YesComplimentary breakfast, clean rooms, fitness center.
Super 8 by Wyndham Calgary$115YesFree breakfast, clean rooms, free Wi-Fi, friendly staff.

FAQs on YYC Sleep

What are Calgary Airport Hours?

Calgary Airport (YYC) remains open 24 hours, but the airside (post-security) areas typically become inaccessible after the last departing flight of the day, which is usually around midnight. Security checkpoints generally reopen around 4:00 AM, allowing access to the airside areas once again.

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