5 Best Locations for Sleeping in Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport is one of Germany’s busiest airports but lags in providing superior and comfortable sleep amenities like sleeping pods. Unlike its counterparts such as Frankfurt Airport with NapCabs, Hamburg lacks designated rest areas and has limited sleep options. You should, however, feel at ease knowing that we have done some good background research and have put together info on free spots within the airport’s airside and landside areas to sleep.

For travelers with layovers, alternatives include nearby hotels participating in Park, Sleep and Fly programs, and the Sleep2Fly Hotel, offering convenient accommodations to consider for rest and comfort.

Sleeping at Hamburg Airport (HAM) – Overview

Hamburg Airport (HAM) presents a challenging environment for overnight sleepers due to its operational hours and limited sleeping accommodations. The airport closes most of its facilities, including security checkpoints and terminals, around midnight and reopens them around 4:00 AM.

During this time, passengers are directed to landside areas, primarily the arrivals hall in Terminal 1. While there are some comfortable seating options near 24-hour cafés, these areas often close for cleaning between 2:00 and 4:00 AM, forcing travelers to relocate.

The seating generally includes armrests, which can make lying down difficult. Additionally, the airport can be quite cold at night, necessitating warm clothing or blankets. Safety and security are maintained, though the presence of homeless individuals can sometimes cause discomfort.

Overall, travelers should come prepared with sleep accessories like earplugs, eye masks, and a sleeping mat or blanket to improve their overnight experience.

Here are HAM Airport Hours to Help you Prepare:

Hamburg Airport (HAM) operates with specific hours and guidelines that travelers need to be aware of, especially when planning to stay overnight or access airside areas.

Airport Hours

  • Operational Hours: Hamburg Airport is not a 24-hour airport. Most of its facilities, including terminals and shops, close late at night and reopen early in the morning.
  • Terminal Closures: Terminals generally close around midnight, with specific closing times depending on daily schedules and flight operations. Terminal 2 closes at midnight, while Terminal 1 also shuts down around this time.

Security Checkpoints

  • Closing Times: Security checkpoints at Hamburg Airport close at night. Typically, they shut down around midnight to 1 m, aligning with terminal closures.
  • Reopening Times: Security checkpoints reopen early in the morning, around 4:00 AM. This is when the airport starts to come back to life, and passengers can begin checking in for early morning flights.

Accessing Airside

  • Nighttime Restrictions: During the night, passengers are often restricted to landside areas (arrivals and check-in halls) as the airside areas (beyond security) are closed.
  • Overnight Stay Guidance: If you arrive late at night or have a long layover, be prepared to stay in the landside areas. Security personnel may direct all overnight passengers to specific areas where staying overnight is allowed.
  • Comfort and Safety: The arrivals area, especially in Terminal 1, is where most overnight passengers gather. There are some comfortable seating options near 24-hour cafés, but it can get cold and noisy. Bringing warm clothing and travel accessories for comfort is advisable.
  • Homeless Individuals: Be aware that some homeless individuals may also be present in the arrivals area, so keep your belongings secure and stay alert.

Tips for Overnight Stays

  • Warm Clothing: The airport can get very cold at night, so having a sweater, jacket, or travel blanket is essential.
  • Sleep Essentials: Earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, and an eye mask can help block out noise and light for a more restful sleep.
  • Alternative Sleeping Spots: Look for quieter corners, such as under stairs or near closed cafés, where you might find a bit more peace and comfort.

By understanding the operational hours and security checkpoint schedules, you can better prepare for your time at Hamburg Airport, ensuring a more comfortable and stress-free experience.

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5 Best Landside Locations for Sleep in Hamburg Airport when Airside is not Accessible Overnight:

Terminal 1 – Comfy Couches Near Scoom Cafe

Pros: Comfortable couches, proximity to 24/7 Scoom Cafe. Cons: Area closes for cleaning around 2 AM, at which point you can move to another area. Details: Located next to the Scoom coffee, pastry, and sandwich shop. This area is well-lit and feels safe, though it gets closed for cleaning from 2 AM to 4 AM. It’s suggested to find an alternative spot during this time.

Terminal 1 – Ground Floor Gathering Area

Pros: Open bar, power sockets, clean environment. Cons: Grouped together with other overnight guests, chairs have armrests making it uncomfortable for sleeping. Details: After 1 AM, all passengers are directed to this area. It’s relatively quiet and clean, with a bar open all night, though the WiFi connection might be unreliable.

Terminal 1 – Near the Café in Arrivals

Pros: Access to a 24-hour snack shop, comfy chairs available. Cons: Cold temperature, limited sleeping benches. Details: Passengers can stay in the arrivals area after being directed there by security around midnight. Comfortable chairs are available near the café, but it might get noisy and cold.

Terminal 1 – Under the Stairs

Pros: Quiet, relatively secluded. Cons: Cold floor, no armrest-free chairs. Details: Passengers have reported sleeping under the stairs to stay out of the way. It’s a good spot if you have a sleeping bag or mat, as the floor can be cold.

Terminal 2 – Arrivals Area

Pros: Open space with some seating. Cons: Terminal 2 itself closes, so only the arrivals area remains open. Details: Once Terminal 2 closes at midnight, the arrivals area becomes the only option. There are some seats, but they often have armrests, and the area can get quite cold.

Additional Tips

  • Warm Clothing: The airport can get very cold at night, so bring a sweater or travel blanket.
  • Security: The arrivals area can attract some homeless individuals, so keep an eye on your belongings.
  • Noise: The airport can get noisy early in the morning when people start arriving for early flights. Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones might help.

Does Hamburg Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Despite being a significant international hub ranking 5th as the busiest airport in Germany behind Dusseldorf and others, Hamburg Airport has not yet adopted modern sleep pod technologies like NapCabs available at other major German airports such as Berlin Brandenburg, Frankfurt, and Munich.

These airports have integrated NapCabs sleep pods into their terminals, offering travelers compact, private spaces equipped with comfortable beds, workstations, WiFi, and charging ports. These amenities provide a quiet retreat for passengers to rest or work during layovers, significantly enhancing the travel experience.

Currently, Hamburg Airport lacks these innovative sleep solutions. Passengers looking for a place to rest at Hamburg Airport must rely on available seating areas and makeshift sleeping arrangements in the arrivals hall or near 24-hour cafés. While these options can be sufficient for short stays, they do not offer the privacy and comfort of sleep pods. As of now, there is no information on whether Hamburg Airport plans to introduce sleep pods or similar amenities soon.

How about GoSleep Pods Installed in Hamburg Airport Terminal 1 in 2017?

Hamburg Airport introduced 3 GoSleep Pods in 2017 on a trial basis. During this trial period, the pods were located in Terminal 1, specifically in the “Pier South” area, designed to provide a comfortable and private resting space for passengers.

There are online reports including a YouTube video showing the pods from six years ago, but no recent details confirm whether the pods were permanently installed following the end of the trial period.

I searched various sources, including Hamburg Airport’s official website with details on relaxation options and GoSleep’s official website, but could not find any information indicating the presence of GoSleep Recovery Pods in Hamburg’s Terminal 1.

GoSleep lists airports such as Warsaw Chopin, Helsinki-Vantaa, Perth International Airport, and Amsterdam Airport as having GoSleep Pods but does not include Hamburg Airport. If you have any more recent details on this, kindly share, and I’ll update this post.

Benefits of Sleep Pods Hamburg Airport is Missing

  1. Privacy: Enclosed spaces provide personal, undisturbed rest areas.
  2. Comfort: Equipped with comfortable beds for better sleep quality.
  3. Convenience: Integrated workstations for productivity between flights.
  4. Connectivity: High-speed WiFi for seamless online access.
  5. Security: Lockable pods ensure safety of personal belongings.
  6. Charging Ports: Multiple outlets to recharge electronic devices.
  7. Soundproofing: Noise reduction features for a quieter environment.
  8. Climate Control: Adjustable temperature settings for personal comfort.
  9. Availability: On-demand booking for flexibility during layovers.
  10. Hygiene: Regularly cleaned spaces for a sanitary sleeping environment.

Drawbacks of Sleep Pods Hamburg Airport is Missing

  1. Cost: Additional expense compared to free seating areas.
  2. Availability: Limited number of pods may not meet demand.
  3. Space: Small, confined spaces might not suit everyone.
  4. Accessibility: Not always available to all passengers, may require membership or booking.
  5. Isolation: Lack of interaction with other travelers.
  6. Location: May be located far from desired gates or amenities.
  7. Maintenance: Potential for cleanliness issues if not regularly maintained.
  8. Regulations: Possible restrictions on use time, limiting extended stays.
  9. Noise: Despite soundproofing, some external noise may still penetrate.
  10. Reservations: Need for advance booking could limit spontaneous use.

Before the Airport Closes at Midnight, these are spots to sleep in the airside:

Terminal 1 – Near Gate A17

Pros: Seats without armrests, quieter at night.
Cons: Limited availability.
Details: The seating area near Gate A17 has rows of seats without armrests, making it more comfortable for lying down. This area is relatively quiet, especially late at night, so it’s a good spot to rest.

Terminal 2 – Near Gate B20

Pros: Proximity to amenities, quieter environment.
Cons: Can get busier during peak hours.
Details: The gate area near B20 is less trafficked during the night and has some comfortable seating options. It’s also close to amenities like restrooms and vending machines.

Terminal 1 – Between Gates A4 and A5

Pros: Quieter environment, less foot traffic.
Cons: Fewer amenities nearby.
Details: The area between Gates A4 and A5 tends to be quieter with fewer passengers passing through. This makes it a good spot to rest without being disturbed by constant foot traffic.

Terminal 2 – Near Gate B31

Pros: Quieter area, comfortable seating.
Cons: Limited seating.
Details: The seating area near Gate B31 is usually quieter and has more comfortable seats, making it suitable for catching some sleep. It’s also relatively close to the restrooms and water fountains.

General Tips for Sleeping Airside at Hamburg Airport

  • Warm Clothing: Even airside areas can get cold, so bring a sweater or travel blanket.
  • Sleep Accessories: Carry earplugs, an eye mask, and possibly a travel pillow to make your rest more comfortable.
  • Security: Always keep your belongings close and secure, even in airside areas.

By identifying these more comfortable and quieter spots, you can make your time at Hamburg Airport more restful, especially during long layovers or delays.

Expert Recommendations on Locations for Sleeping at Hamburg Airport

For Quiet:

  • Terminal 1 – Between Gates A4 and A5: Quieter environment with less foot traffic.
  • Terminal 2 – Near Gate B31: Usually quieter with comfortable seating options.

For Comfort:

  • Terminal 1 – Near Gate A17: Seats without armrests for lying down.
  • Terminal 2 – Near Gate B20: Comfortable seating options close to amenities.

For Safety:

  • Near 24-Hour Cafés: Areas near Scoom Cafe in Terminal 1 are well-lit and monitored.
  • Designated Rest Zones (if available): Check for any designated rest areas within the terminals for added security.

For Temperature Control:

  • Warm Clothing Required: The airport can get cold at night; bring a sweater or travel blanket.
  • Near Active Areas: Areas with more people and activity, such as near 24-hour cafés, tend to be warmer.

For Accessibility to Amenities:

  • Terminal 2 – Near Gate B20: Close to restrooms and vending machines.
  • Terminal 1 – Ground Floor Gathering Area: Near an open bar and plenty of power sockets.

For Connectivity:

  • Near Power Sockets: Terminal 1 ground floor gathering area has multiple power outlets.
  • Close to WiFi Hotspots: Areas near cafes and lounges usually offer better WiFi connectivity.

By considering these specific locations and conditions, you can choose the best spot to rest and ensure a more comfortable experience at Hamburg Airport.

Review of HAM Airport Sleep Quality:


  1. 24-Hour Cafés: Access to food and drinks anytime, but limited comfortable seating and occasional closures for cleaning.
  2. Comfortable Seating Options: Seats without armrests near Gates A17 and B20, but high demand makes them hard to secure.
  3. Security: Generally safe with regular patrols, but the presence of homeless individuals can cause discomfort.
  4. Quiet Areas: Quieter spots like between Gates A4 and A5 allow better rest, but can still be noisy due to cleaning and early flights.
  5. Accessibility to Amenities: Areas near Gate B20 have restrooms and vending machines, but WiFi can be unreliable.


  1. Temperature: Very cold at night, requiring warm clothing or blankets.
  2. Limited Sleeping Spaces: No dedicated sleep pods or rest areas, only regular seating.
  3. Noise: Cleaning operations and early morning announcements cause disturbances.
  4. Seat Design: Many seats have armrests, making it hard to lie down and sleep comfortably.
  5. Terminal Closures: Terminals close around midnight, confining passengers to less comfortable, more crowded arrivals area.
  6. WiFi and Connectivity: WiFi is often patchy and unreliable.

What to Expect Sleeping in this Airport:

Noise Levels

Arrivals Area (Terminal 1): Noise from cleaning operations and early morning announcements can be disruptive. It’s busiest around 3:30 AM when passengers gather for early flights.
Tip: Bring earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to block out noise.

Bright Lighting

Throughout Terminals: Bright lighting is common, especially in the arrivals hall and near gate areas.
Tip: Use an eye mask to help block out light for better sleep.

Temperature Levels

Entire Airport: The airport can get very cold at night, especially in the arrivals area and near gate seating.
Tip: Bring a warm sweater, jacket, or travel blanket to stay warm.

Seating Comfort

Near Gate A17 (Terminal 1): Some seats without armrests are more comfortable for lying down, but availability is limited.
Near Gate B20 (Terminal 2): Comfortable seating options close to amenities, but can get busy.
Tip: Arrive early to secure a spot, and consider bringing a travel pillow or mat for added comfort.


Arrivals Hall (Terminal 1): Generally safe with regular security patrols, but presence of homeless individuals can cause discomfort.
Tip: Keep your belongings secure and stay alert.

WiFi and Connectivity

Ground Floor Gathering Area (Terminal 1): Multiple power outlets but unreliable WiFi.
Tip: Be prepared for patchy internet access and use offline activities to pass the time.

Limited Sleeping Spaces

General: Lack of dedicated sleep pods or rest areas; passengers must use regular seating or floor space.
Tip: Explore quieter spots, such as between Gates A4 and A5 (Terminal 1) or near Gate B31 (Terminal 2).

By considering these conditions and tips, travelers can better prepare for an overnight stay at Hamburg Airport, ensuring a more comfortable and secure experience.

Locations to Avoid Sleeping at Hamburg Airport (HAM)

  • Near Main Entrances of Terminals 1 and 2: High foot traffic throughout the night and early morning.
  • In Front of Check-In Counters (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2): Continuous activity and early morning crowds.
  • By the Escalators in Arrivals Hall (Terminal 1): Gathering point for early morning passengers, especially around 3:30 AM.
  • Near Cleaning Operations (Throughout Terminals): Frequent cleaning and maintenance work during the night causing noise and disruptions.
  • Near Vending Machines or Food Stalls (Terminal 1, Near Gates A3 and A7): Constant movement of passengers buying snacks and drinks, leading to noise.
  • Near Security Checkpoints (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2): High activity levels and noise from security protocols and early openings.
  • Areas with Armrest-Fitted Seats (Throughout Terminals): Uncomfortable for lying down and poor sleep quality.
  • Public Areas of Terminal 2: Terminal 2 closes at midnight, making it unsuitable for overnight stays.

By avoiding these specific locations, travelers can reduce disturbances and increase their chances of finding a more restful spot at Hamburg Airport.

Sleep Challenges at Hamburg Airport that NapCabs Sleep Pods Would Solve

  • High Foot Traffic Near Main Entrances in Terminals 1 and 2: Sleeping in NapCabs sleep pods provides private spaces, eliminating disturbances from high foot traffic throughout the night and early morning.
  • Continuous Activity Near Check-In Counters in Terminals 1 and 2: NapCabs offer a secluded environment away from the busy check-in counters and early morning crowds.
  • Gathering Point Noise By Escalators in Arrivals Hall (Terminal 1): Using NapCabs ensures a quiet space, unaffected by the noise from passengers gathering around the escalators, especially early in the morning.
  • Frequent Cleaning Operations Throughout Terminals: Sleeping in NapCabs’ enclosed spaces protects from noise and disruptions caused by nighttime cleaning and maintenance.
  • Constant Movement Near Vending Machines or Food Stalls (Terminal 1, Near Gates A3 and A7): NapCabs provide a peaceful retreat away from the noise and commotion near vending machines and food stalls.
  • High Activity Levels Near Security Checkpoints in Terminals 1 and 2: NapCabs offer a calm, isolated area far from the high activity and noise of security checkpoints.
  • Uncomfortable Armrest-Fitted Seats Throughout Terminals: NapCabs provide comfortable beds, ensuring better sleep quality than armrest-fitted seats.
  • Terminal Closures at Night in Terminal 2: NapCabs offer a secure place to sleep even when terminals close, providing a consistent option for overnight stays.

All Sleep and Rest Amenities at Hamburg Airport (HAM)

Hamburg Airport offers several amenities for passengers looking to rest or sleep during their layovers or overnight stays. However, the options are somewhat limited compared to other major international airports. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the available sleep and rest amenities:

General Seating Areas

  • Locations: Throughout both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
  • Description: There are various seating areas scattered around the airport. Some of these have seats without armrests, which can be more comfortable for lying down. Notable spots include near Gate A17 in Terminal 1 and Gate B20 in Terminal 2.
  • Pros: Readily available and free.
  • Cons: Limited comfort, lack of privacy, and may be noisy and cold.


  • Locations: Multiple lounges in both terminals, including the Lufthansa Lounge and the Airport Lounge.
  • Description: Lounges offer a more comfortable environment with better seating, quieter surroundings, and additional amenities like snacks, beverages, and showers.
  • Pros: Comfortable seating, quiet environment, access to food and drinks.
  • Cons: Access typically requires a membership, a day pass, or flying with a certain airline.

Quiet Zones

  • Locations: Limited, but some quieter spots can be found between Gates A4 and A5 in Terminal 1 and near Gate B31 in Terminal 2.
  • Description: These areas are less trafficked and can offer a more peaceful environment for rest.
  • Pros: Quieter than main thoroughfares, potentially more comfortable for rest.
  • Cons: Still part of the general terminal, so not completely private or quiet.

Nearby Hotels

  • Locations: Hotels near the airport include Radisson Blu Hotel, Leonardo Hotel, and Courtyard by Marriott.
  • Description: These hotels offer comfortable rooms and are within a short distance from the airport, providing a good option for longer layovers or overnight stays.
  • Pros: Comfortable beds, private rooms, additional amenities (e.g., fitness center, dining).
  • Cons: Requires leaving the airport, additional cost.

24-Hour Cafés and Restaurants

  • Locations: Throughout the terminals, notably Scoom Cafe in Terminal 1.
  • Description: These places offer seating and a place to get food and beverages at any hour.
  • Pros: Access to food and drinks, relatively safe and monitored areas.
  • Cons: Seating is not designed for sleeping, areas may close for cleaning.

Lack of Dedicated Sleep Pods

  • Current Status: Hamburg Airport does not have dedicated sleep pods like NapCabs, which are available at other major German airports.
  • Description: Sleep pods offer a private, enclosed space with a bed, workstation, WiFi, and charging ports.
  • Pros: Provides privacy, comfort, and convenience for rest and work.
  • Cons: Not available at Hamburg Airport, so travelers must use other less ideal options.

Tips for Sleeping at Hamburg Airport

  • Warm Clothing: The airport can be cold, so bring a sweater, jacket, or travel blanket.
  • Earplugs and Eye Mask: Useful for blocking out noise and light, making it easier to sleep in public areas.
  • Security: Keep your belongings secure and be aware of your surroundings, especially in busier areas.

While Hamburg Airport offers some basic amenities for resting, such as seating areas and lounges, it lacks specialized facilities like sleep pods that would significantly enhance the sleeping experience. For those needing to rest, exploring the quieter areas of the terminals, utilizing the lounges, or considering nearby hotels are the best options.

Does HAm Airport have Designated Rest Areas?

Hamburg Airport (HAM) does not have officially designated rest areas equipped specifically for sleeping. While there are various spots where passengers can find relative comfort and quiet, such as benches without armrests and quieter corners, these areas are not formally equipped or designated as rest zones.

Passengers often make use of available seating and quieter locations like the area between Gates A4 and A5 in Terminal 1 or near Gate B31 in Terminal 2, but these lack the amenities and privacy found in dedicated rest areas available at some other major airports. Lounges, such as the Lufthansa Lounge and the Airport Lounge, offer more comfort and amenities but require access through memberships, day passes, or eligibility based on airline tickets.

Additionally, 24-hour cafés like Scoom Cafe in Terminal 1 provide some seating, but these areas are not designed for sleeping and may close for cleaning between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM. For more comfort, nearby hotels such as Radisson Blu, Leonardo Hotel, and Courtyard by Marriott offer a better option for longer layovers or overnight stays, though they require leaving the airport and incurring additional costs.

Sleep2Fly Hamburg Airport

Sleep2Fly Hamburg Airport offers travelers a convenient and comfortable accommodation option directly within the Hamburg Airport vicinity. Designed for those with early morning flights, long layovers, or unexpected delays, Sleep2Fly provides easy access to the airport’s terminals and essential amenities.


  • Proximity: Conveniently situated within walking distance of Hamburg Airport terminals, Sleep2Fly allows guests to reach their accommodations quickly without needing additional transportation.
  • Accessibility: The hotel’s location ensures easy access to public transportation, including the Fuhlsbüttel Nord Subway Station, which is only 570 meters away.


  • Private Rooms: Offers a variety of room types, including Deluxe Double/Twin Rooms and Economy Single and Triple Rooms, ensuring options for solo travelers, couples, and families.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and public areas, allowing guests to stay connected throughout their stay.
  • Air Conditioning: All rooms are equipped with air conditioning to provide a comfortable environment regardless of the season.
  • Game Room: A game room equipped with billiards, foosball, and table tennis is available for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Express Check-in/Check-out: Efficient check-in and check-out processes help guests save time.

Additional Facilities

  • Airport Transfer and Shuttle Service: Regular shuttle services to and from the airport terminals ensure seamless travel for guests.
  • Car Park: Complimentary parking is available, making it convenient for those traveling by car.
  • Room Service: Guests can enjoy in-room dining with a variety of meal options delivered directly to their rooms.
  • Luggage Storage: Secure luggage storage is provided for guests who need to store their belongings before or after their stay.
  • Grocery Delivery: Convenient grocery delivery service allows guests to stock up on essentials without leaving the hotel.

Dining Options

  • On-site Coffee Shop: Offers freshly brewed coffee and light snacks, perfect for a quick bite before heading out.
  • Shared Kitchen: A shared kitchen facility is available for guests who prefer to prepare their own meals.

Nearby Attractions and Services

  • Medical Services: Close proximity to healthcare facilities such as Michael Stumpe and Dr. Carsten Bahr ensures access to medical care if needed.
  • Recreational Spaces: Nearby Spielplatz Zylberbergstraße provides a playground area for families with children.

Booking and Pricing

Park Sleep and Fly Hamburg Airpot

When I searched on the Park, Sleep and Fly website, I wasn’t able to find deals from hotels that offer parking and sleeping packages. However, I found the following hotels with their pricing but only offering sleep packages. You’ll need to call specific hotel to get details of their parking info;

Hotels Participating in Park Sleep and Fly at Hamburg Airport

Hotel NameRatingAddressOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Holiday Inn Hamburg – City Nord, an IHG HotelExcellent (4.4, 949 Reviews)Kapstadtring 2a, Hamburg$189$162
Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg AirportExcellent (4.4, 978 Reviews)Flughafenstrasse 1-3, Hamburg$238$199
IntercityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-MesseGreat (4.2, 863 Reviews)St. Petersburger Straße 1, Hamburg$207$123
The FontenayExcellent (4.7, 191 Reviews)Fontenay 10, Hamburg$452$390
Grand Elysee HamburgExcellent (4.7, 923 Reviews)Rothenbaumchaussee 10, Hamburg$283$243
Dorint Hotel Hamburg-EppendorfExcellent (4.5, 887 Reviews)Martinistr. 72, Hamburg$178$168
Boston Hotel HamburgExcellent (4.5, 418 Reviews)Missundestrasse 2, Hamburg$156$156
Heikotel – Hotel Am StadtparkExcellent (4.5, 138 Reviews)Flueggestr. 5, Hamburg$175$137
Mövenpick Hotel HamburgExcellent (4.4, 976 Reviews)Sternschanze 6, Hamburg$248$201
Best Western Premier Alsterkrug HotelGreat (4.2, 225 Reviews)Alsterkrugchaussee 277, Hamburg$221$158
relexa hotel BellevueGreat (4.2, 977 Reviews)An der Alster 14, Hamburg$132$132
Boutique Hotel Poppenbütteler HofGreat (4.1, 89 Reviews)Poppenbutteler Weg 236, Hamburg$169$137
NH Hamburg MitteExcellent (4.3, 368 Reviews)Schaeferkampsallee 49, Hamburg$200$135
ibis Styles Hamburg Alster CityGreat (4.1, 292 Reviews)Holsteinischer Kamp 59, Hamburg$159$122
These hotels offer packages combining sleep and parking, providing convenience for travelers looking to park their car and rest before their flights

Other 10 Closest Hotels to Hamburg Airport

Hotel NameDistance from AirportAverage Review RatingReview Highlights
Motel One Hamburg Airport0.9 milesExcellent (4.4, 559 Reviews)“Extremely close to the airport great destination would certainly stay here again 😀”
Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport0.7 milesExcellent (4.4, 1,763 Reviews)“Dino and Rayen are true assets to the hotel and are a testament to the exceptional level of service.”
Best Western Premier Alsterkrug Hotel1.2 milesExcellent (4.4, 488 Reviews)“Close to the airport, easy taxi ride or bus across the street.”
B&B Hotel Hamburg-Airport1.0 milesExcellent (4.5, 1,339 Reviews)“Perfect location, a short walking distance from Hamburg airport terminal.”
Courtyard by Marriott Hamburg Airport1.1 milesExcellent (4.5, 46 Reviews)“I chose the Courtyard by Marriott Hamburg Airport based on family recommendations and its location.”
Dorint Hotel Hamburg-Eppendorf3.0 milesExcellent (4.5, 442 Reviews)“Very nice, modern Hotel in Eppendorf, a nice part of Hamburg. Very clean rooms, excellent breakfast.”
Best Western Plaza Hotel Hamburg1.9 milesGreat (4.2, 441 Reviews)“In fact a business hotel, but nicely decorated and furnished with plenty of space and comfortable beds.”
Holiday Inn Hamburg – City Nord2.5 milesGreat (4.2, 245 Reviews)“Reasonably close to the airport, perfect for a next day flight.”
Leonardo Hotel Hamburg Airport1.5 milesExcellent (4.4, 631 Reviews)“A great one-night stay at this nice hotel convenient for Hamburg Airport.”
Leonardo Hotel Hamburg City Nord2.4 milesGreat (4.2, 509 Reviews)“Besides being an ugly looking hotel, the rooms are ok. But the drilling and hammering at 9AM was just unacceptable.”
These hotels offer convenient accommodations near Hamburg Airport, ideal for travelers looking for proximity and comfort.

7 Cheapest Hotels Near Hamburg Airport

Hotel NameDistance from AirportAverage Review RatingReview HighlightsPrice
relexa hotel Bellevue2.4 milesGreat (4.2, 977 Reviews)Rooms are spacious and quiet with high quality furniture.$132
Motel One Hamburg Airport0.9 milesExcellent (4.4, 559 Reviews)Extremely close to the airport, great destination.$156
B&B Hotel Hamburg-Airport1.0 milesExcellent (4.5, 1,339 Reviews)Perfect location, short walking distance from airport.$156
Best Western Plaza Hotel Hamburg1.9 milesGreat (4.2, 441 Reviews)Nicely decorated with plenty of space and comfortable beds.$137
Heikotel – Hotel Am Stadtpark3.5 milesExcellent (4.5, 138 Reviews)Nice hotel in a quiet part of Hamburg.$137
NH Hamburg Mitte2.7 milesExcellent (4.3, 368 Reviews)Modern and comfortable rooms, very friendly staff.$135
ibis Styles Hamburg Alster City3.4 milesGreat (4.1, 292 Reviews)Friendly staff, clean rooms, convenient location.$122
These hotels offer affordable accommodations near Hamburg Airport, providing convenience and comfort for travelers on a budget. ​​ Note that the prices are estimations with 30 days to the day of stay at each of the hotels but are subject to change.


Where can I shower at Hamburg Airport?

You can shower at Hamburg Airport in the following locations:

  • Airport Plaza, Arrivals Level
  • Terminal 2, Arrivals Level

The shower fee is €5.00, which includes shampoo. If you need a towel, there is an additional fee of €10.00. This service allows travelers to freshen up and feel refreshed after a long flight.

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Nathan helps travelers find the most comfortable sleep setups during layovers, from cozy airport hotels to futuristic sleep pods. His insights aim to transform layovers into rejuvenating sleepcations, offering travelers an alternative to costly hotels and uncomfortable benches.